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Found 32 results

  1. Hey FEC-Players out there, first of all my English is not that good and I hope you wont be angry if I do some mistakes ;) I am new to this Forum and I wanted to Report about our Path to Glory Campaign starting next Week. Therefore I started my new Army: The Flesh-eater Courts. We are four guys starting the Campaign with following armys: Blades of Khorne, Gloomspite Gitz, Beasts of Chaos (or) Stormcast Eternals and me with FEC. Now i want to optimize my starting list with the your Help. My first thought was something like that: 1 Abhorrant Archregent 1 Crypt Infernal Courtier 3 Crypt Flayers With that list I got some serious output for the first game and the Archregent Spell for the Campaign. I try to send a Battlereport for every Battle made. :) Thanks for your Help
  2. Hi guys, I've got a question in a german forum in for the case of summoning. I know that it is more of a narrative play question, so the players have more free room for house ruling, and because of that I write it into Diskussion (if it would fit better in Narrative and Open Play move it there). The question in translation is. The point is, when Path to Glory came out (summer 2017), Summoning was handled with the spells on the Warscrolls itself. So the only mentioning of Summoning in Path to Glory is on Page 18 of the PtG Rules, where those spells are mentioned. The mainproblem is, since AoS 2.0 the summoning is mostly done with Allegiance Abilities, and Summoning Spells aren't used that often any more (most units lost there Summoning Spell). Are Allegiance Abilities even a thing in Path to Glory? They are not mentioned in the Path to Glory rules (not like in Skirmish where only the Abilities shown in the Skirmish rules are usable) and the Path to Glory rules itself only referring to the Allegiance at best in case of Listbuilding. (Page 17, Point 1). Where you choose an Allegiance with the Allegiance Table and write the Grand Alliance on the Roster. So, is summoning still a thing in AoS 2.0 with Path to Glory or is it mostly gone (or do you house-rule, that the Summoning Tables and ways to create the summonpoints are still in use even if not using Allegiance Abilities)?
  3. Welcome to Dice Dojo's Path to glory campaign. If your starting out in AOS or if your a returning veteran, this slow grow campaign will allow all of us to get into the moral realms and duke it out for glory!Age of Sigmars official day will be shared with Warhammer 40,000's day of Wednesday after 5:00 PM, however don't be afraid to play games outside our night at any location that your comfortable with. Just make sure you log your games with the game master.We strongly recommend getting the Age of Sigmar main rule book, the battletome for your selected army, for Path to glory the General's handbook isn't required but is recommended.Our Path to Glory campign will last for 3 months with new scenarios and missions each week.The first couple of weeks will focus on learning Age of Sigmar in basic open play scenerios with just the bare rules, but as the campaign grows and peoples collections increase, more rules, scenarios and and fun will be added.Another focus that this campaign will be the hobby aspect. I (Tyler LaRiviere) will personally invest into an interesting and worthwhile prize for the winner of the hobby. Link to the event can be found here.
  4. Inspired by both all these talks about narrative gaming and 40k kill team, should GW take more steps to showcase the alternative ways to play AoS? I know there was that topic a while ago about new game system or tweaking the current systems within AoS, but this is purely from a marketing/packaging standpoint. Granted I do understand there is nothing stopping the Start Collecting or the smaller starter set boxes from being used for Path to Glory or Skirmish, but would it help those systems (as a bit flawed as they are from a balance standpoint) if GW specifically made a box with "Path To Glory/Skirmish" printed on them? I do realize the current smaller rules in AoS are nowhere near the Kill Team rules (they are far more Narrative in style), but maybe if more players saw specific items related to them then they would express more interest and in turn GW would flesh them out more. Especially since I have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that the majority of players who buy battletomes...skip the PTG section of the book. Or is the main reason for the lack of official support due to GW not wanting to compete with themselves on Shadespire? Kill Team vs Necromunda are 2 very different themes (outside of chaos cults and genestealer cults), however Skirmish vs Shadespire are very similar in theme. So if they tried to promote the smaller AoS games, then Shadespire popularity might slip. I do apologize if this topic has been discussed to death. I tried searching topic titles with PTG and haven't really seen any recent discussions in the past few months.
  5. Hello, This year my FLGS is having a "Year of War" slow-grow Path to Glory campaign and painting/modeling contest for each month that culminates in a top-prize for the year in December 2018. Each unit has to be purchased/ordered from there, and is graded on originality, conversions, paintjob, uniformity, and basing. For the first month, we have to pick our General and paint it up, and I have chosen Darkling Covens. I'm going to update this over time.
  6. Hi so new to AOS normally play 40k. I recently moved back to my home town for various reasons. Contacted the local games workshop nice store, seems like nice people. No 40k tournaments or campaigns and they don't tend to do late evenings as due to their location inside a shopping centre. Either way manager is nice told me there is an aos path to glory campaign about to begin. More narrative RP. So I thought hey I'd give it a ago. So just looking for some general advice as I had 2 X spire of dawn / island of blood I picked up for cheap and bought a copy of anvilguard as hydra i have learned to love in twwh2, so decided to go with order aelfs. Plus the fact they seem to be one big faction now thought cool can rp some malekeith loyalists mixture. Well what's happened to the aelfs lost all the love from GW? I know it is most likely down to IP issues but half their warscrolls seem to be missing.... Anyway I rolled picked an archmage, rolled a loremaster, phoenix guard and x2 units of dreadspears. Stormcasts seem to be the popular choice for the store was wondering if anyone had any advise I feel like I need some archers but is there a way for me to change up my warband now I've rolled? Downloaded the book on the AOS app but seems to focus on an orks story doesn't give much in the way of being able to change composition.
  7. So I have re-connected with an old friend who is a fan of AOS like me and we are starting a Path to Glory campaign. I am going to run Khorne for this one. Can't wait. Will post updates soon.
  8. Is there a fan-made Path to Glory table for "Wood Elves" in the internet realm ? Couldn't find one... Thanks!
  9. My play group is beginning a Path to Glory campaign this weekend, and I am hearing the siren call of Death. I've made a post about the project on our Porchhammer blog, but also wanted to share it here. I'll link to the blog, but also put pictures here in my post so that I do not become that guy who is looking for blog hits. https://porchhammer.blogspot.com/b/post-preview?token=r3QkVmEBAAA.-UtnYeoW-kU6cFQWBuje2WIQgfj9OwAQMO1s00COfYewA5mc2kMMm1M1l3_KlkS_p9T2R_0-wUK6UEZprrgJ3A._EzrvGjaakZyv6ihWH9SVg&postId=8207328113694609694&type=POST I also made a recent post on learning to fall in love with AoS, and I would like to take a moment to thank this lovely community for helping me to do so. This is one of the most vibrant, friendly, and insightful GW related communities on the web, and I would not be having so much fun with this project were it not for you guys. Our campaign takes place in the Realm of Death, and I have painted up some scenery for the campaign along with some help from my wife. I was going for a spooky, Haunted landscape while using GW plastic kits, And here is the warband, the Haunted Host of the Tower of Souls, led by Aristion, a vampire lord. Special thanks to Old Woden for the kit ash inspiration. I bet that his vampire has been one of the most inspirational conversions of late in the AoS community. I opted for a hooded head from the wood elf kit and Manfred's ghostly sword when making mine. I have my doubts about how effective a warband this will be, but they were the models I was digging at the time, and for me this hobby is all about the aesthetics of my toys, so I went with it. More to come; my intention is to use the campaign as a way to motivate myself to painting a whole army a bit at a time, just as the GW corporate overlords intend! All praise, brutal criticism, and hobby ideas are always welcome!
  10. Perhaps a quick one and already answered (I did try searching!) - do you take the command traits and artefacts in a Path to Glory campaign? Cheers!
  11. The second part of our AoS narrative campaign is now up! In this entry, we outline how our armies have begun, and begin with our first battle reports https://medium.com/@growthdecay/the-stakes-are-high-battle-is-imminent-month-1-part-2-433f2db7a4f5
  12. Hi all, Hopefully I've put this in the right place. My friend and I have recently started afresh with AOS, with skirmish and PTG being great entry level stuff. I've bought the Nurgle 'Start collecting set' and he the Beastclaw raiders. We're aiming to do a Path to Glory style campaign. The initial issue is of course the warband make up of the two forces. (instantly rules Skirmish out!) For starting warbands in PTG, his Frostlord of Stonehorn is a single model, wheras my warband has between 3/4 units. Does anyone have good suggestions for some initial battleplans for our first few games? I want the games to be as fun as possible and I think some objective based ones may be a struggle to start. Any ideas at all would be great. Thanks,
  13. Event Title: NOVA Open Event Author: Bostian Calendar: Events USA Event Date: 08/31/2017 01:00 PM to 09/03/2017 06:00 PM Six linked but separate narrative events across all 4 days of the convention, a doubles team tournament on Friday, and a 5-round GT Saturday-Sunday. Also a KidsHammer event featuring paint & play and a friendly tournament for young players aged 10-15. http://www.novaopen.com/age-of-sigmar/ "Since the release of the General's Handbook and more, Age of Sigmar is taking the gaming world by storm. Last year's event rapidly sold out at nearly triple its 2015 size, and we expect a similar increase this year. Based on conversations with the GW Community Team members attending NOVA this year and feedback from other conventions, we're increasing the size cap of our GT to 100 and planning awesome terrain, tables, and more accordingly! Furthermore, we still have the awesome Sigmar Narrative event that laced through the weekend last year, enhanced further by the passionate development and brainstorming of our fantastic Age of Sigmar leads. We fully expect these events to sell out once again, so make sure you take time to study the primers and event schedules, and be ready to register on Feb 1!" NOVA Open
  14. Hi. I'm having a bit of trouble with the new Path to Glory book, I have searched and searched to no avail and I am now suspecting an error/misprint in the book. --- On page 17 - Point 4.Your followers need to be organised into units. The follower table tells you how many models the unit has. On page 18 - Units can either be fielded at their full roster strength, or broken down into smaller units, as long as no unit is smaller than the minimum size shown on its warscroll Now on page 70 Ironjawz Warband Tables, under the 'retinue followers table' it says: (4-6) 5 Orruk Ardboys --- Now reading that, the Table tells me the Orruk Ardboys unit has 5 models in it, but on the Orruk Ardboys Warscroll it tells me the minimum size is 10 models. In the generals Hand book (1) Path to Glory Table it tells me that the Ardboys have 10 models in it, so this is why I suspect the 5 models must be a error in the new book. Am i missing something, is this an error, am I going crazy... can anyone clear this up for me? -- Also while I'm on the subject of the new Path to Glory book, for the Nurgle army where do I find the table/word that represents 'Bloab Rotspawned riding the pox maggoth' so I can add him to a nurgle warband? Thanks all for your time.
  15. Hi all, I read through the rules of Path to Glory just now and a couple of things stood out. I wanted to share them with you and would love to hear your first impressions. So in general: - The story (no spoilers): I love the fact that the story reads like someone has played the campaign and wrote out how all the additions came to be and how the protagonist rose to power. - Lovely art and warband pictures Set-up: - Although not much has changed in the basic structure you can now also win from having a big enough warband. Which I like very much as we used to roll for either additions and upgrades thus preventing one player getting a massive army before the deciding battle. This ruling helps the armies keeping 'the warband feel'. - Summoning is allowed. As this is not matched play as far as I can tell this can lead to a lot of shenanigans but will have to see how that goes. Maybe it's fine as the units disappear after battle and wizards tend to start with a smaller warband. - It looks like adding new follower addition will always mean a new unit. 'Your followers need to be organised in to units. the follower tabel tells you how many models the unit has. Follower units cannot include additional models, but they can otherwise take any options listed on their warscroll....' . Which makes sense with triggering the deciding battle on unit count but size bonuses will be a rare occurrence. -The battleplans look fun, the monolith and lair of the beast make a return. But more on that after I've played some. The armies: (I only looked at the factions that were relevant to me ) - You choose your army from a allegiance. If that means you can switch your rolls between warbands within that allegiance... I don't know. Won't be playing it that way myself anyway but the story suggests it could. - You roll for hero's, followers and Elite/behemoths as normal but certain tables cost Glory points or multiple rolls. Which is great and simple way to limit elite units in a small game. - Slaves to darkness offers no option of staying undicided. 'Your champion must worship one of the chaos gods'. - The follower reward tables are very cool. From a teleportation move once a battle to 'Cornered rat' doing a mortal wounds if a rat flees on a 4+. - If playing an order warband you can choose to roll on Aelfs, human or Duardin and mix and match. Very cool system and it allows you to choose a 'type' of aelf. For example on a 3 you choose between 10 Dreadspears or 10 Glade Guard. The Path to Glory supplement looks Ace! Can't wait to try it. Great set up, great content and it finally looks to be made for inter-faction battle instead of just the same factions against each other. And much more complete than the Skirmish supplement. Well done GW! The one thing I have a problem with is the extra glory points table for some of the battleplans. In essence the table offers extra glory points if you win as order vs chaos etc. So every match-up is shown in that table. But.. if you are playing Destruction, you get +1 glory point against other allegiances but if you lose.. they don't get any bonus. Might be great for club play with multiple tables but if playing one on one it just doesn't make sense. Playing order vs chaos for example just means you get double the glory points and halve your play time. Feels weird to me outside of club play. Thanks for reading and would love to hear your first thoughts!
  16. My gaming group are starting up a Path to Glory campaign, and we wanted to change the rules from how they are listed in the Generals Handbook. Mainly to adresse two problems - The Followers table in the GH makes for some very unbalanced Warbands, and the size of the Warbands are way bigger than what we wanted. Plus we wanted to mix it up with some additional rules from Matched Play. So these are the rules modifications we are planning to use: Do any of the above modifications seem to be unbalanced or easily lead to snowball effects of one Warband running away from the others and getting way more powerful? Are there any other aspects of the rules, that we should look into modifying or some adding to the above? In general I'd also just like to hear what your general thoughts on it? :-)
  17. Hi all! I bought the Path to Glory book last weekend and I love it. I want to play a PtG campaign with my friends very soon. However the Tomb Kings are missing from the book (as well as Brettonia) for obvious reasons. So I decided to cook them some houserule tables. Champions Table: Royal warsphinx: 2 followers Tomb king in royal chariot: 3 followers Tomb King: 4 followers Retinue Followers Table: 1-2. 10 skeleton warriors 3. 10 skeleton archers 4. 5 tomb guards 5. 3 sepulchral stalkers 6. 3 ushabtis Cavalry Followers Table: 1-2. 5 skeleton horsemen 3-4. 5 skeleton horsemen archers 5-6. 3 skeleton chariots Auxiliary Followers Table: 1-2. 3 carrions 3-4. 2 tomb swarms 5-6. 1 tomb scorpion Elite Retinue Table: Uses 2 rolls, or 1 roll and 1 glory point 1-6. 3 necropolis knights Hero Followers Table: 1-2. liche priest 3-4. necrotect 5-6. tomb herald Behemoths Table: Uses 2 rolls, or 1 roll and 1 glory point 1-3. khemrian warsphinx 4-6. bone giant Powerful Behemoth Table: Uses 3 rolls, or 1 roll and 2 glory points 1-6. necrosphinx Champion rewards/Followers rewards: Same as the Death warbands from the Path to Glory book (p83). I don't think it's necessary to tailor new ones for the tomb kings. And that's it. Of course, it's probably not perfect but it should be good enough. Let me know what you think.
  18. Hi all, I'm hoping to bounce a few ideas with you fine internet peepz. I'm looking to drag a mate of mine kicking and screaming into the hobby. So a cool summer campaign should do the trick. I first wanted to do the skirmish campaign, but having played it I found the upgrade system a bit lacking. At least it didn't make me love my hero. So then I thought what about Path to glory? Very cool.. except only fun if you play the same faction (the current version can be so insanely unbalanced between factions). Hinterlands? Even cooler but ends up with a lot of paperwork after 3 or 4 games for a new player. (Personally like the depth that it adds but... also know my boy ) And both skirmish and Hinterlands don't build up to a full game experience. So I threw everything I liked together into a blender and I love to hear your thoughts! (this is my concept in a nut shell and if other people like the concept i'll write it out in depth). I had some extra thoughts marked with an asterix. Not sure if it's too much or a fun extra. First three games! Hinterlands... - Both players start with 10 Clanrats that are numbered and the goal is to discover what clan your hero belongs to. Hidden in an envelope their is a list which number corresponds with the different clans. (2 Moulder/Skryre/Eshin/Master/Verminus). - The first scenario is to learn the rules, second and third offer you the chance to discover the clan of a couple of rats. Level the rats through the Hinterlands level system and you can recycle every rat but it then loses it's experience) - After the third game you choose a rat to be your hero, reveal the clan and turn the rat into the hero of that clan. All skills or injuries are carried over. * Maybe choose two lieutenants, reveal their clan and note their level. Next three to six games! Skirmish... - Both players start with their hero and 10 Renown/*the two lieutenants turn into a clans unit champion. - All upgrades for the leader are carried over until the next phase. - The winner of the campaign gets a small advantage for the next campaign and all upgrades are carried over. ( i'm thinking in the theme of the rats that the winner can trade a lieutenant as he betrays his master) * The lieutenants can add to their levels in some way. note them down. Path to glory! - Just a regular campaign with the following exceptions - Both players start with their Path to Glory with their hero including all magic items and upgrades. (extra command abilities become a roll on the chaos command table) - Maybe ending the final game as the old chaos PtG with the champion turning into a Verminlord. * The lieutenants get their very own unit to run. Every level (or two) turns into a roll on the unit table to represent their champions skill. I'm a planning to play every set of games before fully fleshing out the details of the next set of games. Depending on the enthousiasme, speed of play and our time limits we may add more games, more points and the like. The backstory will develop from play but in essence it's two rivaling litters of 10 rats with all the bloodshed and treachery involved in that. Sorry for the wall of text and love your dedication for reading this far
  19. Hey everyone; I made up a Path to Glory rule-set for playing a series of Round Robin games with three players to go through with a couple of my buds who wanted to put together a PoE warband, but were worried that with the odd number someone could "win" as a result of getting an extra game in on the other players or that kind of thing. Basically there's a series of battle-rounds where everyone gets one games against everyone, and you can't win until the end of a battle round. Then there's a championship round (or potentially a series of them) once one or more players gets up the the required number of glory points to win. We're just starting to play but I feel pretty good about the rules and I thought I might share them here for anyone else looking to do a three player PoG campaign. I think the rules could be modified to work well with any reasonably small group with an odd number of players too. Anyway, here is the rule-set: Generate warbands via the Path to Glory rules, randomly assign the warbands to be either Player number 1, 2, or 3. The Game Proceeds in a series of Round Robin games. In each Round Robin round there will be a series of games; Player 1 vs. Player 3 Player 2 vs. Player 3 Player 1 vs. Player 2 The orders of these games do not matter within rounds, but each round must include one and only one of each of the above games to be completed. Glory Points will be accumulated with each game as normal, but the path to glory cannot be “won” during a standard round robin round. Warband rewards are not rolled for after each game, instead they are rolled after each round. By default there would be 2 reward rolls for each round to represent the 2 games played, but a path to glory could be organized with just 1 roll a turn game with less/slower growth. Additionally, after each round the players will check to see if anyone has accumulated 10 or more (or whatever number of points the players agree to play to) glory points. If one or more players have accumulated 10 or more points, the game enters a championship round. During a championship round one or more players are able to win the Path to glory campaign. The specific rules of the championship round depend on how many players are over 10 (or whatever goal is established) glory points; If one player is at or over ten glory points: The remaining two players who are under 10 glory points have a non-pointed game where no path to glory points are awarded. The winner of that game challenges the player with 10 or more glory points. If the player with ten or more glory points wins that game, they win the league and are the champion of the path to glory campaign. If the player with fewer than ten glory points wins the game, then glory points are awarded as normal for the game. Additionally, the player who did not participate in the final game receives 1 glory point. The game proceeds to another championship round, the rules for which will depend on how many players are now over 10 glory points with the additional points awarded from this round. If two players are at or over ten glory points: The two players play a championship game, the winner of which wins the path to glory campaign. The players with the higher glory total receives a triumph from the triumph table for the battle, to reward them for the superior performance during the campaign. If three players are at or over ten glory points: The Players enter a two round tournament where the two players with the lower point totals play against each other in the first round, and the player with the highest overall glory gets a buy round (roll a dice to break ties). In the second round the winner of the first round game will play the player with the highest overall glory score for ultimate victory in the path to glory campaign.
  20. Hey so my Warhammer store is doing an Age of Sigmar path to glory and I have been interested in getting into Age of Sigmar for a while now (I got into 40k, about a year ago, I wanted to do Warhammer Fantasy and they dragged me over to 40k) So I'm building a team to do path to glory although I've run into a few key problems... 1.) I spent most of my Warhammer money to create my Grotesques/Vargheists (I play Dark Eldar) so I currently have 2 units of Vargheists, and a Vampire Lord with wings 2.) I don't have a rulebook and have no experience with Age of Sigmar (Working on it but Path to Glory is next Fri) 3.) I have no idea how to make a list in AoS (Typing this I feel as if I'm completely hopeless ) So tactics, recommendations and any other tips and help would be appreciated. (Or do you recommend I drop out)
  21. South London Legion - Narrative 2017 ─ Background Gael moved along the walkway, being mindful of the slippery wood. A fall from this height may not be deadly, but he would be hard pushed to escape the swamp waters below. During the dry seasons, the forest floor would be covered in foliage, fruits and grazing animals, but the wet season saw the area for leagues around flooded. The tribe’s Elders had said this was the longest Rain Season in a Generation, it was not uncommon for the area to have Rain that lasted a few months, but the this Rain had been going for 900 days now. Gael had almost forgotten what it was like to feel grass between his toes. If it wasn’t for the Sky Folk the tribe would be forced to migrate away from the area, but an agreement made generations before had made it possible for the tribe to survive these long Rain Seasons, and this one was no different. In return for food and supplies, the tribe would harvest the algae from the swamps below. The Duardin paid well for the algae, Gael had been told it was used as a lubricant in the Endrins of the sky ships. This Rain Season had been good business for the Tribe, and now Gael had something else to sell, information. Two days before there had been a landslide to the North of Horn Mountain. Not unusual for the area, but this one had been so large it took a large portion of the forest with it, including some of the Tribe’s stores. When help had finally reached the area, it wasn’t just the cleanup operation that greeted them. Staring out from the mountain side was an eye of something absolutely monumental in size, something that had remained hidden for so long had now been uncovered. But what was it? Scene The Stories of this Hinterland campaign take place in the Realm of Ghur (Beasts), around the body of a Godbeast. Nothing is known about the beast, where it came from, how long it had been there, but it is many hundreds of km tall and has infused the area with unknown magical power. Unknown riches await those brave enough to stake a claim. Rules All the rules and battleplans from Hinterlands are being used, you can find them on the TGA Forums, here. Any unpainted MODELS do not receive XP. If no fluff is written for your Warband, you do not receive any of the ‘Campaign Outcomes’ from the battleplans. Each week, a small amount of fluff should be written to continue your Warband’s Story. You must see 50% or more of the model to be able to target a model with shooting or a spell. Conclusion At the conclusion of the Hinterlands campaign, the club will be moving to a Path to Glory campaign. Your General, will continue with the Stats it has gained during the Hinterland Campaign. If you have 3 models from the same unit, you may take a full unit of these in your Path to Glory. For Example, if your Hinterlands Warband has 3 Bloodreavers, this will translate into a Squad of 10 for Path to Glory. If you have 6 Bloodreavers, you can take one Squad of 20 Bloodreavers.
  22. We have a budding new Age of Sigmar community in Indianapolis and I am looking to throw together a Path to Glory Campaign. I figure this will give us something cool to actively work towards and remain small and build to something greater as time goes by. I had a few questions for those who have tried them before. 1. Does it feel akin to a typical escalation style league such as those in 40k? 2. Is there a points buy system in place (maybe fan made) as the tables seem imbalanced and shoe horn players into buying certain models if they don’t own them. 3. Any general recommendations? Thanks everyone!
  23. Hi all, I'm about the start a Path to Glory campaign against a mate who is about to pick up the hobby but just needs that final push. We will be playing Skaven vs Dispossessed (I edited the follower rolls etc to be roughly fair and where in doubt to give him the advantage). But it's my first Path to Glory campaign so all advice is welcome. I would prefer to give it a bit of a narrative spin but i'll work that out but still looking for that little piece of inspiration. Maybe a new scenario will do just that. 1. Do you have any general advice running a two player path to glory campaign that you would like to share? 2. What scenario's do you think a characterful or fun? Currently I have: The monolith Beast’s lair Altars of Chaos A skirmish battle (take a pick up to 150 coins/points, just to change it up) The Nagash scenario Battle of Valaya's gate. Thank you all!
  24. Bostian

    NOVA Open

    Six linked but separate narrative events across all 4 days of the convention, a doubles team tournament on Friday, and a 5-round GT Saturday-Sunday. Also a KidsHammer event featuring paint & play and a friendly tournament for young players aged 10-15. http://www.novaopen.com/age-of-sigmar/ "Since the release of the General's Handbook and more, Age of Sigmar is taking the gaming world by storm. Last year's event rapidly sold out at nearly triple its 2015 size, and we expect a similar increase this year. Based on conversations with the GW Community Team members attending NOVA this year and feedback from other conventions, we're increasing the size cap of our GT to 100 and planning awesome terrain, tables, and more accordingly! Furthermore, we still have the awesome Sigmar Narrative event that laced through the weekend last year, enhanced further by the passionate development and brainstorming of our fantastic Age of Sigmar leads. We fully expect these events to sell out once again, so make sure you take time to study the primers and event schedules, and be ready to register on Feb 1!"
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