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  1. Agreed! I'll be contented with either, but I would love to see sphyranxes slotted in as a part of the Lumineth range! Actually, they'd be a pretty great mount for a "generic" mounted combat hero. Just sayin' GW . . .
  2. Thanks for the lore text! I'm of the mind that if they were originally human, the GW writers would have made a point of mentioning that they were transformed into their current form to really emphasize how much they were altered by Tzeentch's corruption, as opposed to merely mentioning the third eye. It's hardly conclusive though; as you said the text isn't clear one way or the other.
  3. Yes, I'm referring to Avalenor and the Spirit of the Mountains
  4. I did a little looking into it and none of the online resources clarify whether or not they were originally human. It talks about their corruption by Tzeentch, which honestly doesn't help beause change is one of Tzeentch's shticks. There's apparently a lore-blurb on them in the STD Battletome (pg. 46-47?) but I don't own that one so I can't confirm anything. I feel like I read somewhere that they were originally "noble creatures" from Hysh, but perhaps I was just inferring more than was actually written.
  5. It's really just a theory, but based on the shape and design of the mount's neck, it appears to be some sort of dromedary or llama/alpaca-type creature (assuming it correlates to any kind of real-world creature at all.) The overall shape and design doesn't seem to line up with the Sphiranx (they have a very built fore-body and long, thick, shaggy neck) but that isn't necessarily conclusive as the Mindstealer Sphiranx is supposed to have been corrupted by the power of Chaos, and may have mutated from its base form. My personal preference would be that the mount is an uncorrupted Sphiranx, as it's a preexisting part of the lore that we haven't seen and is a natural tie-in for the army. It's also an intelligent creature that could have a unique bond with it's rider/companion (echoing the relationship between Teclis and Celenar, even if this one lets people ride it into battle.) Unfortunately, I feel this is the least likely based on what I can make of its design. The camel theory is based largely on the swoop of the neck and the fact that you can just make out the shape of its head around the 19 second mark on the trailer, coupled with the fact that there's a lore snippet in the LRL battletome featuring a desert-base Wind Temple that discusses the cloud riders and long-limbed mounts. It's hardly conclusive, and even if it's nearest the truth I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the AoS design team used a camel as the base design and then Aosified the ever-loving heck out of it (which is ultimately what I personally suspect we're dealing with.) The llama/alpaca theory is based largely on the swoop of the neck (again) and the Lumineth's unique design aesthetic choices thus far (see yak mountain-cows.) If this is the route they went, then they again likely modified the original creature into something truly unique.
  6. I remain hopeful that they'll appear in one of the other chambers! Same. It could be poetic licence, or they might have been trying for a grounded Prosecutor (the shield looks right), though the lack of wings says otherwise. Still, maybe . . .
  7. @Dreadmund Oh my gosh those are gorgeous!
  8. The moment the Celestant Prime went down back at the beginning of Soul Wars, I told myself that they did that so they could do a complete overhaul on his warscroll and explain it away as a result of being reforged (and possibly being the wielder of Ghal Moraz.)
  9. Man, any Stormcast infantry with spear and shield would make my day, I've been hoping for that from the beginning!
  10. I actually considered that myself, but in the end I don't think so. While we didn't see much of the model, the overall design and aesthetic was simple, practical; almost commonplace (at least, for AoS). I can't imagine any servant of Nagash or self-respecting vampire to be anything but flamboyant and/or over the top.
  11. I apologise for the photo-dump below. Just finished the Stonemage and Cow-Mountain, and since I've loved all of the armies shared by everybody else I figured I'd toss my hat into the mix.
  12. I've got a lot of armies already, so I don't want to start another unless it meets specific criteria: Skaven Clan Eshin gets an update and expanded release (ninja rats, what's not to love?) They release a human army following the aesthetics of the teased vampire-slayer model. Depending on a athletics, if they release a new melee-focused Dwarven faction. If Tyrion aelves are released as a separate faction (unlikely in my opinion.) Presently, I plan to continue to finish painting up my existing collections and try to get my armies to 2000/2500 points of finished units. That said, I have a bunch of Bonesplitterz I picked up that could technically count as my new army for the year.
  13. I was extremely interested by the initial release, wavered a bit when the alarith system-shock hit, but ultimately still collected them and am very grateful that I did. The bull-helmets on the stoneguard remained a bridge too far for me (I love the design of the helmet itself, and I love the design of the bull ornamentation, I just don't care for them together.) Still, I got the models and made them work (and really like them.) The Alarith Mountain Spirit was a solid win, and the lore really helped sell the look for me. I was initially disappointed with the uniformity of the model poses, but really came to appreciate that design choice once I started assembling and painting them. I found the sense of discipline and synchronization amongst the basic troops to be extremely pleasing, while the more unique and individual poses of the alarith definitely set them apart as something unique within the army (not that they needed all that much help :P). Teclis's pose was definitely a letdown, especially after his amazing artwork, but nowhere near enough of a letdown to turn me against the model. Not perfect, but I'm more interested in Tyrion anyway, so Teclis having a less-than-stellar pose is fine by me. It's still a cool model, and Celenar looks amazing. I have three Eltharions, and might still pick up a fourth. One for my army and the rest just so I can paint them differently. Enough said there. The price . . . the price was rough. But I just looked at the army, determined what I really wanted, set limits, and then started collecting slowly from there. Final analysis: I haven't played the army and worry that they may prove too much of an NPE for my friends (I only play casually), but I've found the models incredibly gratifying to collect and paint, even if - or perhaps because - they can present quite a challenge. When I saw the tease of two move models/units for the range, I was thrilled. This faction's a keeper for me.
  14. For my part I'm more inclined to believe that the BR Lumineth release will only be a few models (and probably generic heroes) just to fill in the gaps a little, and the next wave will come later. That said, I'll be happy to be proven wrong.
  15. I'm curious as to whether or not the Slaanesh expansion is going to prove indicative of their "battletome update" strategy going forward. Most folks aren't thrilled about the idea of a rapid turnover with an existing battletome, but seem to be far more inclined to go along with it if that update is accompanied by a big release for their faction. I haven't followed the 40k releases very closely, so I have no idea if they can shed any light on the plausibility of the theory, but it's certainly something to keep an eye on.
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