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  1. No, you're not totally nuts. The only reason my pile doesn't look this big is because I've built a metric spit-ton of models over the last few months.
  2. "Da Lite Red Boyz!" High in the snowy mountains of Ghur roam one of the fiercest and most bloodthirsty Ironjawz clans that has ever terrorized civilization, renowned for their merciless brutality in battle. It is said that the tribe found their iconic name by merging the two things that best defined them as orruks: blood and snow. Believing that sprinkling streaks of red into the white paint for their armor, they could mimic the iconic and beloved image of blood in the snow, they discovered that the two colors merged into something new, and they took it as a sign of Gorkamorka's favor. Now, these pink and white clad juggernauts reign violence and death across the mortal realms, absorbing more and more of their orruk kin into their clan. Their goal: to build a Mighty WAAAGH! that will rival Gordrak himself, and take their rightful place as leaders of the baddest, toughest Ironjawz of them all!
  3. I'm wondering if the elemental spirits they keep referencing will take the form of Lumineth Endless Spells. Since GW has started moving in the direction of bound spells recently, it would be a solid way of including them on the battlefield.
  4. I don't have a reference to confirm it, but I've heard it said that when Warhammer was first conceived, they wanted to use percentile dice (2d10, representing the numerical range from 1-100) to determine combat success. The d10 wasn't widely used at the time and so an alternative was devised using the far more commonplace D6 to approximate the results. Thus the 3 tiered hit/wound/save mechanic was born. Since then GW has discovered the breadth of tactical options inherent in the 3tiered system and the rest, as they say, is history.
  5. That sounds about right to me, especially given the timeframe for current releases. I've been hoping for a Destruction Ascendant story arch, but in all honesty Slaanesh would be a bigger shakeup and makes more sense as an event overshadowing Nagash's recent skullduggery. (If you will )
  6. They have no one fighting method, with different Chambers favoring different styles. The second more exaggerated individuality within the Stormhost is meant to result in internal friction, with different groups butting heads over the direction they should take as a whole. Internal conflict is something lacking amongst the Stormcast, and to my mind it always makes better stories. I really like the lore for yours, you've certainly given them a lot of history! That's really cool man! I can just imagine the conversions! They all sound good though! Sometimes you've got to leave a thing vague until inspiration strikes. It's worked well for me in the past.
  7. Veering slightly from the current conversation track, but what if all the imminent and rumored Aelven releases are because the next big lore event is going to be Slaanesh escaping captivity? Wrath of the Everchosen hung a lantern on the Dark Prince, who hasn't gotten a lot of lore publicity since the HoS release. Not really conclusive proof, but coupled with the Aelves, it might be leading in that direction?
  8. A place to discuss and/or update your personal lore for any and all of the armies you play, and to exchange ideas on the matter. It can be simple or in-depth. There's usually a lot of discussion around this, but I didn't see a Thread dedicated to it. I'll get the ball rolling (I own several armies, so most of my lore is more generic/bare bones at the moment. As I play/paint more of them, I intend to flesh them out more.) Like many players, I started with Stormcast. The Starforged Templars are comprised of mortal warriors who were reforged AFTER the armies of Sigmar began their campaign to liberate the mortal realms. Specifically, those who learned of Sigmar's immortal warriors and - for reasons both selfish and selfless - swore their souls to the God-King in the hopes of being reforged upon their deaths. Whatever memories are kept or lost, each member of the Stormhost vividly recalls the moment they dedicated themselves to Sigmar, and this speck of identity helps to anchor the Stormcast through whatever they face. However, it also carries with it traces of their former personality - for better or for worse. Unlike many of the other Stormhost, there can be considerable friction between this one's members, as their superhuman personalities clash. As of yet, nothing has come of it, but some of the other Stormcast secretly wonder if perhaps the God-King was not quite so discriminating with the members of this newer host as he had been with his others.
  9. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if GW released something that adds a whole bunch of Battalions to CoS at some point. That said, this would be a solid fix for now, and honestly a great option to have going forward. Might change the battleline requirement to 2-3 though, as that would scale better with smaller point games.
  10. That's . . . a REALLY good idea. Staggeringly simple, but all the better for it!
  11. So, I've had Wanderers for a little while now. I love the models and started collecting them before CoS became a thing. I thought that they were a shoe-in for the Living City, but I was overall disappointed with how they synergized in that city (granted, I've only built a little and haven't played them much.) However, I started looking at their synergies with other cities and Tempest Eye looks like it could really compliment their play style. Has anybody had more experience with either of the cities? What was your takeaway?
  12. Lol, completely true. I meant more in person, I know there's no helping the internet 😛
  13. Personally, I prefer having the room to fill in the blanks and make the army lore my own. Granted, you can do that even if the lore is more fleshed out, but there's often a lot more push-back from others who think its wrong to change the official lore. When they leave things a bit vague, you can discard or change whatever you like, and the reaction is frequently a lot more positive.
  14. I've found that 40%-65% is a pretty decent range. I've sprayed in both and never had any issues.
  15. I definitely enjoy the convenience of digital rules and support apps when done right - and I have several of them for the sake of convenience - but I've always preferred hard copies myself. Yes, they can go out of date quickly, but if I read the erratas once or twice, I'm usually good to remember them. I don't like relying on tech for my hobbies and games for several reasons, though the primary one is that a computer issue or dropping/loosing my phone could deprive me of my gaming tools. If I drop a book, I just pick it up again. Maybe dust it off.
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