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  1. Vigilors sit in a weird spot because they're a mixed combat unit that have abilities which make you want to leave them out of melee. Technically, they're only operating at full combat effectiveness if you can shoot a unit (or units) and then charge them into melee. The problem with that is that - for Stormcast - they're rather fragile and moving them into melee means you risk loosing out on their best ability, which is generating +1 to hit against enemy units that they damage in shooting. Vanquishers are just a disappointingly designed unit that doesn't really synergize well with it's own abilities. You can only take the musician in a unit of 10, which sounds fine until you realize that they only have 1" range on their swords, meaning half of the unit is dead weight, and being able to rally models on a 5+ does you no favors. Also, while their bonus attacks aren't terrible - you're going to run into plenty of 5-10 model units, even a minimum sizes - there's a whole lot of units out there with less than 5 models in their ranks. If you run Vanquishers into a 4-man ogor unit, the Vanquishers just become inferior Vindictors - 2 attacks each but without mortal wound potential and a worse save characteristic. If they had a base of 3 attacks instead of 2 they'd be more interesting, because even at they're worst they'd offer a decent number of attacks for less, but without a 2" range on their weapons I can't see a compelling reason to ever run them above 5.
  2. Chaos Dwarves are the new Vampirates. When we finally do get them, I have every confidence that this fine community will find some other far-fetched faction to obsess over (though Chaos Dwarves are actually looking quite probable at the moment.) Wheeling back into the rumor lane . . . The spider motif is an interesting one for Warcry. I think the most obvious connection are Spiderfang Goblins, but if not that, what else in AoS has strong ties to spiders?
  3. I'm not sure if Bless Weapons works on ranged attacks anyway. If it does though, it's really good on Judicators and Vanguard-Raptors with crossbows, where every hit counts as 2 hits instead of 1.
  4. The Lord Relictor can only chant one prayer. He gets a +1 bonus to his prayer roll, making his prayers more reliable. You could give him the Translocate prayer as an enhancement, meaning that he would have 3 different prayers to choose from, though still could only chant one.
  5. My initial reaction to the Battletomes was that I was a little disappointed by how bland/simplistic they seemed at a glance, but on reflection, I actually think that's good design. Not necessarily exciting design, but good. If most armies are drawing their power and intricacies from the same source (core rules), then the game will be far easier to balance over all, with point values becoming the main make-or-break element. I was overall more impressed with the design elements on display in the Orruk Warclans BT than the Stormcast, but to be honest, the raw stats present in the Stormcast are much better. I love the way they redesigned the Mawkrusha's destructive bulk to work as an add-on to the Stomp action, and the new ability added to Brutes for controlling objectives is sublime. The rules are a lot less populated than they used to be, which feels a lot less flavorful, but should ultimately be for the better.
  6. I'll be very surprised if that model is Stormcast. The scabbard doesn't match anything used by the stormy boiz, and the handle and pommel of the blade are too normal by half. No braided look on the handle, and the pommel is neither a spike nor done comet/starburst design. The design leans much more into the classic/gothic motifs used for soulblight. Others have already compared the design on the scabbard to batwings, and if that hair doesn't scream GW's new design principles for vampires, U don't know what does. The only other thing I can think of would be a certain dark elf faction, but honestly the design seems a little too down-to-earth for what I would expect (which is such a strange thing to say in AOS.)
  7. Starting to think they should have been called the Decimators . . .
  8. I am genuinely, but pleasantly surprised that the books are going on preorder next week! The limited number of models being released alongside it is a little surprising (I thought there'd be at least a few more) but I'm ok with that. We knew the releases were going to be spread out anyway, and as others have said, seeing the stats will aid greatly in informing model purchases.
  9. Great catch! Well, that clears 2 rumor engines! The vulture and the spear head! Obviously, there's still a little left or the Kruel Boyz, though just how much remains to be seen. Looks like there's still hope for that "wolf" cavalry! My money's on this lad being a support hero. Perhaps a priest? Hopefully, he appears in the battletome and is released alongside or after the books come out.
  10. I think the thing to watch for will be if we have a week of increased articles on the two principle factions (3 articles at least). That'll be a pretty clear sign that they're hyping up again, which will probably be our best indicator. Anything less probably means we should defer our hopes for later.
  11. Knowing that Griff-chargers can be made into battleline under the right circumstances, we could legitimately build a list that is all gryph-critters (chargers, hounds, chariot, Lord-Aquilor, Lord-Arcanum.) It might not be any good, but it'll sure be fun! (I've got an entirely unreasonable number of gryph-hounds on standby, just waiting for an excuse to flood the game-board!)
  12. I always try to be patient and gracious when things don't turn out the way I want. Things happen, stuff gets delayed, these are only plastic toys. It costs me nothing to be a good sport about it. But that does still come with a certain degree of expectation. Communication being the key. I don't need details, I don't need GW to unpack the intricacies of the struggles they're facing, I just need them to have the stones to tell me up front that things have changed. Sure, they're going to catch heat over the delays no matter what. That's what happens when you create expectations and then have to alter course, even if your reasons are legitimate. But dragging out our expectations to the breaking point and then stealth editing their articles from behind to make it look like they never created those expectations is definitely the worst way to approach something like this, especially when we all know and can easily prove that they're doing it. It literally adds insult to injury, making something that many would be able to come to terms with if GW had just been frank with us utterly intolerable now.
  13. I'd much rather the shields just boost a unit's save by 1, but they might go the -1 rend rout because it's easier to make that work with save bonuses, and to balance it with paired weapon options and such. I'd be very happy if drakes got the -1 Damage bonus. It wouldn't be a huge buff, there's plenty of units or models that only deal 1 damage, but it would still give them a respectable boost, especially against heroes or other monsters.
  14. Personally, I'm not really buying this part of the rumor. A scale encrusted Strardrake toting sigmarite armor has got to be a 3+ save minimum. I don't know if GW would go all the way to a 2+ save, but I can't imagine them dropping it to 4+.
  15. My wishlist for OBR would be the archers most of us assume are in the works, a 5-man unit of heavy hitters that bridge the gap between Mortek Guard and Stalkers/Morghast, one hero akin to the big guy from Underworlds, and one or two proper big monsters (the specifics of which I'm not too worried about.) I've a hunch that the lore bit from BR: Teclis where the OBR collected the Lumineth bones may tie in to the archers. But we'll just have to wait and see.
  16. I kept saying to myself that I should just go ahead and start up the Strormcast 3.0 thread, but kept putting it off because I knew somebody else would probably do a better job of it (I never would have come up with such a good title ). In answer to @Sleepa's question, I suspect that Liberator and Sequitur weapon profiles will be merged together, just like Vanguard-Hunters. I imagine Evocators will keep the two separate profiles, but I suspect the profiles will have some changes That said, I also wouldn't be shocked if Evo-kitties got simplified to a single profile for both weapons. Images of the new Dracothian Guard booklets indicate that they're keeping their unique profiles while also getting some boosts, so I'm confident that our Paladins will follow suit. It's still too early for me to speculate on anything else, but what they've shown so far has really stoked my confidence that we're going to like what we see with the rest of the units.
  17. I'm just over here living for the release of the Stormcast and Warclans Battletomes (and models, though I imagine they'll be spread out.) While I assume warscroll cards will be released alongside the Battletomes, I don't think anything has actually been said one way or the other with regards to that. Also, what are the odds Warclans actually get some endless spells, and both factions get a terrain piece? There's a lot of stuff still yet to be confirmed or denied about what's coming.
  18. Coffee stains for me. It's funny, I was actually feeling this way until yesterday's article on some of the new options available for Stormcast. It touched on some things I've been wanting to be able to do with them for ages and pulled me back out of the lethargy caused by waiting so long for the release (at least for the moment.) Warclans are supposed to get a similar article today, which I'm looking forward to as well. Regardless, the long wait would definitely strain the enthusiasm of even the most patient fan, and I'm sure we're all feeling it. The only good thing to come of it is I've now saved up a bunch of money to spend on the new models. They just, you know, need to actually be released first . . .
  19. At the bottom of the article it says 76 warscrolls. Additionally - but not related to your question - the images in the article show show several units of Annihilators, either all carrying shields or all carrying hammers. Looks like it's one or the other rather than mixed.
  20. A point of interest. In one of the early KruelBoyz articles (I can't recall which) they mentioned that the 6's to hit becoming mortal wounds was an ability they had regardless of whether or not they were run under their own allegiance abilities. Now, it's entirely possible that what they actually meant was that this ability is one of the things unlocked in Big WAAAGH! once you've accrued enough point. That said, it's also possible that each of the warclans have one or two dedicated rules that apply to them regardless of which allegiance abilities your army uses. It would certainly be an interesting way to design a battletome, and making mixed armies that don't use Big WAAAGH! much more appealing. It might get complicated if they overdo it, but if KruelBoyz get mortal wounds, Ironjawz get Smashin', and Bashin', and Bonesplittas get Tattoo ward saves, that could make for some very fun lists.
  21. I hate to be that guy, but isn't it possible that the new model reveal will be for 40k?
  22. I wouldn't be surprised if we see some wounds increases across the board for SCE Cavalry and monsters. Gryph-chargers might make sense at 5 wounds, but the massive, scaly Dracothian Guard just feel wrong at 5. 6-7 at least. Ignore or reduce 1 rend might well become a trait for all dragon units to account for their scales. Alternatively, the damage value for attacks made against them may be reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 1), just like the Drake-scale armor artifact used to do. It's a little hard to gauge with the previewed models, but a wounds characteristic of 8 or 9 doesn't seem too out of the question. If they come in units of 2, that gives one unit about as much health as a Stardrake, which would be intense. I strongly suspect that GW is going to go the bloodknights route and use the same profile for the swords and lances, but you never know. Doubtless the dragons themselves will have very strong melee profiles, and I assume their ranged attack will mirror the Dracothian one. Speed is an open question for me. Dracothian guard currently sit at 10" move (which could certainly change come the new battletome.) Part of me thinks that the new mounts would need to be at least 14" speed to keep the two units different, but even a 10"-12" speed would still prove to be a big deal, given that these models fly. I'm extremely excited. The fact that GW has given us the means to build an all-dragon army is simply thrilling, and I can't wait to get my hands on these models and try them out!
  23. Welcome to the game! Fair warning, Lumineth are one of the most complex armies to command in the game right now. They can be very rewarding to run, but there's going to be a lot to remember. EDIT: Before you make any model purchases, it might be a good idea to buy just the Battletome and read through the rules. This'll give you a good sense for what you'll be dealing with as far as rules and abilities that you'll need to remember, and help you make a much more informed decision before you purchase any models. This hobby isn't cheap, after all. With that said, here are my recommendations for a starter list. For now, I recommend that you either stay away from the temple units (The cows and foxes, and units attached to them) or commit to them exclusively. These can be very fun units that bring different tools into the army, but each also brings along an additional set of rules that you'll have to remember on top of everything else, and the temples are very much a separate entity from the rest of the army. If you choose not to invest in one of the temples, you'll want to buy some Wardens. These guys are your basic Battleline troops, and are one of your most all-around useful units. If you're trying to be economical, you only need to buy 1 unit of Wardens to play a rules-legal 1000 point game (so long as you also have a unit of Sentinels or Dawnriders in your army.) My recommendation, however, is that you buy at least 2, and either run them as 2 separate 10-man units, or one big 20-man unit. Next you'll want to purchase some Sentinels. These are your archers, and you can choose to make one unit of Sentinels count as Battleline for every unit of Wardens in you're army, meaning that with one unit of Wardens and one unit of Sentinels, you have enough Battleline units to build a rules-legal 1000 point list. Sentinels are an excellent unit that can put reliable pressure on your enemy and help make up for how slow the Lumineth can sometimes be. A word of warning, however. Sentinels can be a contentious unit for some players, as their rules around shooting have ruffled a lot of feathers. If you're going for a more competitive build, 2 boxes of Sentinels will do some good work for you - particularly in a 1000 point game. Most of your other troop choices after these have far more niche uses, meaning that anything else you choose to use will come down to personal preference. Dawnriders are fast and very good against most infantry units, but do poorly when facing monsters, heroes, or other cavalry. Bladelords are also good against infantry, and can server as a wound-buffer for some of your more fragile heroes, but don't necessarily contribute as much as you would hope. The Starshard Ballista is a decent and far less contentious alternative to the Sentinels, but it's very slow and can't really hold objectives against enemy units. When in doubt, just stick with Wardens and Sentinels. For heroes, the Vanari Lord Regent is an excellent choice, as his spell can buff several of your units, and free up their spell for other uses. He's also fast and not terrible in combat if it comes to that. The Loreseeker and Cathallar are also good choices. The Loreseeker is a great way to capture objectives early and can be surprisingly durable, though he's designed to be a solo-act and won't necessarily synergize with the rest of the army. The Cathallar helps to mitigate the penalty from using Aetherquartz, and can damage enemy morale, but she's also very fragile and needs to be kept safe from enemy attack. The other heroes are still decent choices, but they're better as support heroes than as your general. If the temple units are actually what interest you, there are ways to run a fully temple-based army, but it's generally agreed that they're some of the weaker builds overall. (That doesn't mean they aren't still fun to run or that you can't win with them, however.) For my part, the temple units are actually my favorites, and if the rules seem overwhelming, they can actually be easier to run. My personal favorite is the Alarith temple. They're very slow, but they're fairly tanky, and that Spirit of the Mountain can hit like a freight-train when it gets into combat.
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