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  1. No Southlands? No Luther Harkon then :(? Otherwise suuuuuuuper hyped!
  2. Gloomspite Gitz Against gunlines, hand of mork is your friend. I would drop the squigs (they will die very fast against shooting in small units) and possibly the moon and cauldron. You might want to consider dropping one or more of the spider fang wizards, as they tend to work better alongside other spider fang units. With these points, perhaps get some fanatics and the cogs for a fanatic bomb, and maybe get some sporesplattas for more grot attacks. I would take another FCS for the extra command points for inspiring presence and hand of mork. For your final battleline, either bring the squigs up to 12 models or get another 40 grots. I haven't added the points for this, but I still hope that anything I have said might be of help From a fellow GG player, may you dices always roll sixes
  3. I'm thinking more eldar 40k. It looks like it has the 'eternity' rune that features on wraiths and ynnari. But I could be wrong.
  4. Actually, the warscroll lists them as 'war steeds' (for some reason), But they are about as close to horses we will ever get :D. Oh, gw, why can't you just say it as it is
  5. Not sure about Teclis, but otherwise In other news, the first horses in AoS!?!? 😮 *gasp*
  6. So, with a potential storming of the allpoints by Katakros, who do you think would win in a Katakros/Archaon showdown? The (n)Everchosen vs. the (mostly) Undefeated? Who's the better tactitian? How far will Katakros get? I mean, he probably won't conquer the Allpoints, but will he be able to establish a foothold in what could be the single most tactically important location in the realms? Find out next on...hang on, wait a minute, what? Anyway-Katakros or Archaon?
  7. Spiders. Mucho mortal woundo + deepstrike spiders to tie up harvesters and crawlers. Perhaps add squig hoppers for character assassination by moving over them, and a blob of gobs (with fanatics and/or snufflers?) to tarpit them whilst you line up those MWs. Take as much strike first/last as you can eg/ boggleye, fanatics, itchy nuisance etc. Unless they have Arkhan or Naggy, you can probably rely on magical supremacy if you have 2+ casters. (Are boneshapers casters? ). You can't rely on your heroes to last too long as long as the crawlers are at large, so perhaps put dodgy character on the wizard with itchy nuisance or hand of gork, since those spells are likely integral to your plan. This is all theoretical, but I for one look forward to trying it out. If you try something like this, tell me how it goes! I'm looking forward to seeing how it works myself!
  8. I'm kind of hoping for this to be an alternative timeline OR AoS to become an alternative timeline, simply because I don't think I could handle playing games of WHFB knowing that everyone in my army will soon be dead, and all of their achievements will be for nought. Heck, maybe if we got an alternative timeline, we could see some of those cool Blanchecast Eternals as Gelt's reinforcements, as I think it was rumoured they were originally intended to be? MAYBE.
  9. Spiders could be an interesting counter. High number of MWs plus skitters to tie up catapults and harvesters. I want to see how a list built around little spiders and skitters would fair against them
  10. @Gecktron Thanks for the answer😸 That clears up a lot of confusion 😸
  11. 😫😗😗(For some reason I can't delete these emotes) Concepts😸 
  12. Can you take units with mixed weapons? Eg. Night goblins half stabba half spear. I asked a bunch of people but answers varied. I'd appreciate any help. 😸
  13. Honestly, 9 attacks per model is not fun. Even with good ranged, it's a mess to deal with- Especially with their low points cost. X(
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