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  1. Gotrek look like, in a KO army, best utilized as a way to scare the enemy from approaching your companies. With him as a sort of countering force, you may need less screening. Sadly he really eats into what you can budget for mobility, so your army is gonna have trouble getting from point A to point B
  2. Here's a secret, a game isn't competitive if it isn't balanced. Feeling good you can lean entirely on lists is bad for being a competitive gamer. 40K isn't though. Its outliers get wacked way faster than AoS. The last too good list was forgeworld custodes. It lasted for a couple months. And then was nerfed. The game has increasingly implemented rules to make the first turn is no longer the dominating position. Extra saves, deep striking, scoring at the bottom of 2 have all helped. It will always, of course, have the problem that I go you go has where getting the opportunity to kill the enemy before they can act. But, like, AoS has that issue EVEN more. Every issue in 40k is magnified in the current AoS balance. And then there's the addition of things like free summoning being a further spanner in the works of balance that, let's be frank, GW has not gotten remotely right. And then there's the double turn which takes all the balance issues and obfuscates them with just a random roll that has such an overwhelming effect on the game so that when things fall apart is it cause a double turn happened, or because something like skaven are just a ridiculous book? AoS needs an overall balance pass. And it needs to get rid of the double turn to facilitate the ability to even do balance. You're one of those people. I don't begrudge someone using all the tools in the game to win, but I do begrudge the rules writers for allowing them abusive tools. You're not going to restrain your play, and why should you? It is in the rules. But GW should write a ruleset that helps emphasize skill and positioning and not whether your wombo combo went off first or not.
  3. Yes, I in fact did say that GW needs to tighten up their rules set. The game should NOT be allowed to be played like this. That GW allows it makes the game worse. It is less fun. AoS has dropped off to nearly nothing in my local shop, and my shop is one of the busiest in America. A little over a year ago, we had a dozen people competing in the NOVA open AoS GT. This year we had... two I think. Maybe three. And for all of them, one of the biggest factors was... the game's balance fell apart. And these are quite competitive people. We've all largely jumped ship to Middle Earth SBG because the systems are tighter. And it would be a hard road to get AoS to be as well written as SBG, but it can at least be as well written as 40k.
  4. That isn’t how the game should be played. Not on a prosaic self restraint level, but on a gw writing a tighter ruleset level. Gw has given us a ruleset ripe with some hilarious abuses at the most competitive level. I literally can’t look as a skaven army now and not roll my eyes The double turn is a part of this, but it bothers me that gw manages to tighten up 40k each pass while aos is like the Wild West where you put your three keepers on the field and end the game a thousand points up on your opponent.
  5. Your first line is literally “ash should have made an army that would allow him to win in the first turn”. Like this is sort of illustrating the point winning the game in one super combo is kind of a bummer for both balance and fun
  6. The fundamental question is not actually one of high or low fantasy. It is a question of world building and verisimilitude. “Low” fantasy often has the benefit of being able to shoulder a lot of those issues into real world assumptions. How does a gyro copter fly? It’s a helicopter run by basic combustion. How does an Arkanaut ironclad fly? It’s powered by magic floating gold. As modern humans we instinctively grasp that helicopter and combustion engines work, even if we individually don’t know how. Magic floating gold requires more effort to make it seem real. This combines with the issue that AoS is a setting and not a narrative. In a novel, world building can function being limited to the view points of the protagonists and the compelling story will see us through without having to worry so much about what people on the other side of the world eat AoS has a harder time creating verisimilitude. But the amount of that a person cares about varies
  7. Super hero stories spend a significant amount of time focusing on the plight and struggles of the common man. Remember that scene in avangers when the old man stood up to loki and told him off. It was a great scene. Comics and movies are full of scenes like this. If you lack this you start to lose touch with the setting. You need pathos to make a good story
  8. Pfffft, I’m the only ko player allowed in this community!
  9. The idea that the likes of khorne or goramorka, or even the ever petulant and entitled Nagash, could actually have the self control to restrain themselves from fighting for any reason is a bit silly. Khorne isn’t gonna sit on his throne going “I better not take my big ass axe and hit dudes with it cause I don’t want to throw down with Sigmar” on the contrary, if he could, he’d probly bust his way into azyr and throw down right then and there
  10. Your blightkings are gonna have their buffs up though. How does the math shift when your plus to hit and wound and all that Jazz, because you have the strategic initiative, and your kings have several buffs that are not hard for you to get them?
  11. The double turn also incentivizes across the board in one turn murder armies. You don’t have to plan for the double if you win in one battle round, but if your army isn’t fast and can’t bring overwhelming damage in that first turn, going first is strictly worse than going second. Which helps feed feed into one of the biggest issues aos faces, the first turn murder armies
  12. I mean, there’s a trend I notice in all threads talking about rules which is “but then you have skaven who....”
  13. But then the Slaanesh player summons 6 more keepers, so really you’ve done him a favor i haven’t matched it out yet, but I’m fairly sure your big unit of blight Kings can one round him if they get the drop on him 48 wounds isn’t a big ask in aos. Skeletons, skaven infantry, a bunch of chaos units, gobbos, and more can easily mass 48 wounds gotrek ruins the day of people whose army plan was “I’m going to shove my big gribblies down your throat turn one.” And Gotrek is a good solution to that issue mechanically skaven are barely going to care though, and I’m not sure Slaanesh realistically will either. This is the final nail in gristle gore. I can’t imagine another undead army having much issue with Gotrek though. Or either of the nova top 10 tzeentch lists. I dunno, maybe daughters of khaine will have a problem? But, man, they’ve been top tier for like a year so many armies revolve around dumping their entire army in your face in a couple turns with units that do as much or more damage than Gotrek will and ruining your day, and I think that is particularly unfun interactions for the game, so more reasons to not do that is pretty solid
  14. It doesn't sound very fun. "You have to play perfectly, but even if you do, hope you get a double turn". I dunno, competitive AoS seems like it has gone off the rails with slaanesh adding like, what, 500, 600 more points a game, Skaven with the ability to do literally everything well with no downsides, and the activation wars.
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