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  1. I had my first session a couple weeks ago. I found it quite fun. It's relatively rules light, which was a nice refresher since I had been playing shadowrun 5e before that. And like... oh boy shadowrun you guys. I'm playing out of 7 different books! But Soulbound, it just all worked easy, understandable. I liked it. Also, deadlier than I thought it would be. I give the system a thumbs up
  2. I wish GW found a way to make named characters worthwhile as generals. It always hurts my SoD to see morathi not leading the army she's in. Like, Morathi of all the people in the setting, would not let anyone one else take command of a force she's present in.
  3. Playing KO.... you get bummed that no one's modeled most of your army into TTS. I still haven't actually played any games through it, but I have done some prep
  4. The right thing to do rarely, if ever, factors into the business strategy of any large corporation. What is the profitable thing to do is what the decision making process is based on, and so, if relying on laziness is profitable, then they have no incentive to change anything. Companies are also, usually, rather conservative in changes they make and if they are sure of less profit, they will usually take that over the possibility of maybe more profit with a bit of risk.
  5. A programmer calling GW out on poor programming is entirely valid. I have no restraint calling out badly researched or revised history, heck badly enough researched history is actively dangerous.
  6. GW is making more money than ever in spite of the CV. There is no actual excuse for poor service.
  7. Many of the top table armies are built around winning the game in their first move. A double turn doesn't matter if your army was crippled turn one, and the rest is stuck fighting a tarpit in your own deployment zone. A few top table armies (*cough* OBR *cough*) are based around being unkillable in an actual fight. But that's all kind of a mess of battle tome power. There's just a lot of hardcore alpha potential in... HoS, DoT, KO, Seraphon, Dok... et cetera. And this isn't really a great thing. It isn't fun to have your army smashed off the board in one turn (usually the first one). But if you aren't building for this, you are putting yourself at the mercy of the double turn.
  8. I don't play Lumineth. I'm just noting it's a kerfluffle in the rules. And it's never entirely certain GW is gonna fix it. 1+ bastillidons are a thing after all. GW confirmed that is was totally intentional that a bastilladon is immune to rend. They could also confirm this is also intentional.
  9. Why people still play? They own an army. They like the community. They have fun with the game even when parts annoy people. And literally every battletome that comes out has narrative scenarios. This is something unique to AoS. 40k doesn't do this. A good chunk of AoS books are given over to path to glory. Something 40k also doesn't do. Every GHB contains narrative scenarios. Every campaign or special release had a narrative part of it. GW has never neglected narrative. In either of their main systems really. But you know what you can still do in a narrative game? Win. You can still win. So even narrative players aren't ignoring list building and optimum choices.
  10. I mean, right now you take teclis because they borked one of his rules and he can put up a cog or lifeswarm and then bounce mortal wounds onto the enemy. Cluster an MSU army around him, put up a cog or lifeswarm, and suddenly you are putting out like 5d3 mortal wounds.
  11. Most people also play matched play. Like, unquestionably. Matched play is what you play pick up. Not a grand narrative or a campaign or something. When you've got three hours to spare and want to throw down, you matched play. Which is why GW spends time on it. But they hardly ignore all narrative gaming. They're continually putting out campaigns, narrative scenarios, et cetera. But not many people pay attention to them. I think you're letting a bias color your perception of the content GW puts out. I can tell you that a lot of tournament players, flatly, just don't like a lot of AoS rules. They're not balanced. They're not even exploitable for those players that get off on winning by any means.
  12. Very few AoS tourny players think any of the rules cater to them or to tournament play in the least.
  13. Witch elves carry all the buffs of their faction more than they're incredible in isolation.
  14. The answer is... probably.
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