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  1. I am entirely certain you can. GW has never not once ever held a teleport to count as a normal move in AoS or 40k. An FAQ confirms that a teleport move does not count as a normal move when you do it. Thus fly high is not a retreat or disengage move
  2. You can, in fact, shoot regardless of what kind of enemy unit is near you
  3. So, just for fun, I am gonna predict the dominant way to play KO will be urbaz with a large number of gunhaulers and balloon boy shooting squads, maybe organized in a escort wing. Arkanauts will be used as screens. the other competitor is an other dwarf thryng army, but if that becomes the best way to play, I’ll just be sad
  4. Really? Wow. GW really was conservative with KO. I just don't get it considering all they gave to other armies.
  5. If you are dedicating 1000 points to shoting something, that something really should get deleted. But your strike force is legit 1000 points of stuff. If all it kills is, like, a 300 point monster before the enemy army slams your into your face, you kinda got the raw end of that trade The thing is, like, everyone's a big boy now. KO is a rarity in the new AoS Battletomes of not being drastically stronger than its previous iteration or breaking some part of the game. KO's kinda stuck in the same pit as ogres, but to me it feels even worse since my alternative is like, even a not optimized CoS list feeling just much better a choice. I mean, some good players kept assuring me that KO made good anti meta lists, though I never saw KO actually winning against the real tournament meta lists, so I always took that with a grain of salt. The main issue is the gulf between the best armies and the rest armies is so vast it is hard to really make a tier list that isn't essentially "Slaanesh, skaven, that one build of FEC before they nerfed it too many times, OBR probably, CoS maybe, Hey look greenskins too, DoK. And then everyone else". Also StD have a really dumb set of interactions that annihilate anything attacking one of their units, but I imagine that's an FAQ target shortly. But maybe not, Slaanesh lived a while not getting touched. The quality of the new battletomes have constantly got me thinking that GW's approach to balance is to Syndrome it. "If everything is broken, then nothing is" but then a mawtribes or sylvaneth or, now, KO come out and they feel in line with the older pre 2.0 faction releases. Which means they just get stomped by the people who have the broken nonsense. And it is like "Well I guess I have another two or three years before I can hope to beat someone playing slaanesh. Or skaven. Or....." you get it? It really isn't Middle earth SBG is a well balanced game that does have a faction beating all others 80 percent of the time and remains very very fun. You don't have to be chess to be better balanced than AoS. A lot of games manage better balance than AoS, and are quite fun. People trying to rationalize how slaanesh became a thing.
  6. The problem is that it really isn't that hard to bring melee to bear. Almost every army in AoS is a first turn charge threat. Like, OBR are one of the few that don't have that just casually sprinkled in. Every other remotely good army in the game almost trivially ignores distance with their speed and has the hitting power to clear most screens in a turn (OBR are good in that they can't be cleared in a turn without invest too much in defense.) So you get one turn of shooting before your shooting is compromised, and likely dead. And KO's ability to move doesn't seem to compensate for that as most armies will still catch them, or you move too far (with the fly high) to have an effect either shooting or on objectives and thus still lose. Like, CoS Shoot better, have mobile assets, and teleport cheese too with the empowered bridge. What recommends KO over this? Other than enjoying the models more? That's my truest quandry. The heck is KO's place in the game? GW is just too scared of shooting. Unless it's a new hotness they want to sell models for. CoS almost feels like them making a mistake for actually being good at shooting. Like actually able to win games with shooting good. And they also still get good melee fighters (Though, since they don't effectively cheat with recursion, bounce back damage, or breaking the priority system, they're not really good enough, alas.) And good (the best even) magic. And good tough units too. I feel the best way is an urbaz escort wing. And I want to say ironclad, but the frigate is probably better. Everyone has stars in their eyes about 6 damage. But at 510 points, a quarter of your army is a heavy investment for only 18 wounds. It's just too big a target and pure point efficiency, is actually worse shooting than the other two ships. You can print all the weapons you want on something, but if it is too many points, it isn't actually a good shooter. GW just feels really timid with KO. They give them one strong ability but compensate by nerfing all the way they used to be played into the dirt and not really giving a replacement. Boats are better, but not better than arkanaut spam was.
  7. Honestly I feel like gw decided that the way to get people to play ships is to make everything not a ship bad. Considering all the ways gw has been adding extra attacks, fighting twice, mortal wound recursions, and other thing that sort of break the game, the loss of those same mechanics in KO, that was already weak, feels kinda bad an army of 10 gunhaulers isn’t particularly more compelling than like 100 arkanauts were
  8. With older warrior kits, it is practically impossible, but I don’t have experience with newer ironbreaker kit
  9. So! Looking over the rules! KO are weak. Sorry, they just are. They aren't particularly much stronger than they were under the old battletome. KO's offensive options all got slashed. And this wouldn't be a problem in a game where the power levels of other armies hadn't gone wildly out of control, but compared to 2/3 of the other armies out there, KO is just straight worse. How are KO going to deal with.... OBR? Or Slaanesh? Or Greenskins? Or DoK? Or CoS? Or StD? Or even moonclans? Can an ironclad one shot a keeper? Cause I bet you a keeper can one shot an ironclad. KO seem to be hanging roughly around the Sylvaneth, Mawtribes level. Which is disappointing for someone who the only players in town are hardcore competitive. Means I still won't be getting any AoS games in. But ME SBG is amazing still.
  10. They playtest, but I know way less about AoS playtesting than I do 40k playtesting, and there's no real front group involved in it the way FLG is for 40k. And I don't know any of the AoS playtesters. The 40k playtesters I know grouse about the process on occasion, but they seem fairly happy with how GW takes their feedback.
  11. It isn’t that hard to get people into houses. We just aren’t willing to do it without giving the banks a huge cut. Bringing up the mortgage crisis is not a particularly great way to make any points, except maybe about corporate greed
  12. Not all the writers are the same on every product. The people writing the AoS battletomes are more interested it what they think is cool and less what they think is balanced. And, like, that's fine. Necromunda has the same ideal, and I adore playing necromunda. KO also were not done right in their first book, that's why they'd get a second. And GW's a business and business interests dictate rotating battletomes every few years even when there isn't a writer that has passion for a project (Not aying this is the case for KO, I haven't heard anything about passion or lack there of about KO). The people writing the rules for AoS want the game to be more narrative and cool and zany. And, well, I don't think it's working for AoS, but it isn't an invalid approach to game design. They're not bad writers or bad designers for wanting to focus on cool interactions and thematic powers before considering how it tips the power scale of a unit or battletome.
  13. Honestly, the dudes writing AoS don't.... uh... care that overmuch about balancing things. They simply don't. But a large portion, I'd dare say the majority, of people playing AoS do care about balance and want to see armies able to play with each other without one side having a dramatic advantage.
  14. Eeeeeh. GW has been writing some real... uh.... overpowered rules. But they haven't been entirely consistent every single book, so KO might end up a miss like mawtribes did. Like, better, but not better enough to matter in a world where everything else is going bonkers.
  15. I’d actually want to see a rend on the pistol like every other gun in the game. And then they can shoot Their pistols the turn they charge and also buff the skypike. Do that and arkanauts are solid
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