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  1. The most prominent of reviewers could possibly make a career of being someone who stood against the shady tactics and use that to push themselves as the honest reviewer. An... honest wargamer if you will ( ). But this will be a minority of people who can do this. Smaller then the video game companies that managed this (And, well, giantbomb ain't looking so hot any more anyways. Least Jim's still doing his wierd wonderful thing) since the hobby is also smaller. It might be why there would be two kinds of NDAs, the thumbscrews to the little people, and a less draconian one to channels with some clout.
  2. Piracy is and always will be largely an access issue. The people who will always pirate are a small percentage of pirates if you make purchasing your product a giant hassle (and, like, are unreachable anyways. Even if piracy is entirely impossible, they simply won't partake). GW making the product harder to purchase WILL promote piracy. Also illegal is not immoral, and it is actually quite disturbing conflating legal with moral considering what has been and often still is legal. So pirating is not wrong, nor is it right intrinsically. Unless you are basing our ethical system on kantian ethics. Which I hope you wouldn't because kantian ethics is terrible. Under a better ethical system (like, say, variations of utilitarian ehtics) the morality of any action, including piracy, is what kind of suffering or pleasure it creates. And that often only has passing relation with what is and is not legal. Not allowing advocating for piracy is a good policy to have on a forum to protect it from legal action and preserve official relationships. Decrying piracy as always wrong is a moral stance that is... misguided. As in all things, context matters I mean they gone even crazier and done away with accessing digital rules entirely without a physical purchase. This is legitimately insane to me. You have to buy both the hard copy AND the app to access your rules digitally, in a format that strips out half the neat things I want the book for. I can't tell you the last time I bought a physical book (well I bought House of Shadows physical copy cause I am a necromunda fanatic, so I can actually tell you, but I am gonna be using a digital copy for 90 percent of any games I play with Delaque), and I purchase virtually all my books, from fiction to rules, to scholarly works online (usually through the monster that is amazon, to my slight shame). And this is quite common. It is a mind boggling move of GW's to force you to buy a hard copy and then pay a monthly fee for their app to access their rules online. And then they don't even have the decency of making a quality online product to force you to work through. If I pay 60 dollars for a book, give me the PDF please. Like I can't see this as anything but shrinking their sales. I know it has shrunk my purchases. I don't know what i'm going to do when GW finally gets around to updating the armies i actually play, for both 40k and AoS (they still offer digital copies of necromunda and SBG products funnily enough). The answer might be to simply stop playing. Or... continue not playing at this point, thank you delta variant and antivaxxers. luckily no amount of piracy can cause GW to fail. They're not a book retailer (and to be clear, piracy has done a number on many publishing industries). They're a miniature retailer, they make their bucks on models and a little on paints, and very very little on rules sales. I have to wonder, legally, what is getting a copy of the rules from a friend? That legal or not? How about borrowing their rulebook? I've seen big brained thinkers (on dakkadakka) saying borrowing a rulebook is tantamount to piracy. Is it piracy to transcribe paused minutes into image files? How about to take the information and transcribe it in plain text? People on this very forum do that all the time There's a lot of murky areas about IP laws that no lay person is going to know. This is... weirdly naïve. Plenty of actual existing companies in the same market as GW DO in fact produce rules for free. And aren't all going out of business because of it. Or, uh, writing rules that are worse than GW's to put it lightly. And, like, as we've established, they pay their writing staff peanuts anyways. Can't hardly pay them less. They'd all starve I think governments really REALLY need to step in to restrain the modern excesses of capitalism so we can enjoy the benefits of it without the horrible drawbacks, but that modern capitalism also makes it nearly impossible for governments to restrain via coopting the state bodies supposed to restrain and regulate it. And that this will continue to build societal tension until things snap (especially with how climate change is shaping up) and everything is then up in the air and could come down in some very dark ways. GW is just another company that should have its, admittedly far less serious than many companies, excesses reined in. Here's an alternative to saying elite. Old white men. I desperately don't want a hobby that caters to middle aged and older white dudes over everyone else. I'd rather they cater to excitable 12 year olds. Seriously the demographics of warhammer get real distressing if you price or otherwise block out anyone but the upper middle class and above. And the politics of a plurality of these dudes makes a community ultra toxic (this is certainly true in my local community) to people like me (you know, lgbt people. But also minorities and cis women, which is why its old white dudes and no old white ladies.) So even those non old white men who COULD participate leave because enough of the old white men are just too hateful to be around. The less accessible a game, the smaller and worse the community gets. It benefits most of us to have a broader more inclusive community, and only a scant handful to gate out everyone who is different.
  3. This is very neat :D. Real armors and AoS has only the loosest of connections though
  4. Being a mod isn't conducive to low stress. A normal poster has the option to simply disengage from a topic when it goes bad (or in a direction they dislike), a mod kind of doesn't. The issue is that if GW was to get real gnarly they could start slamming anyone who doesn't sign a contract with them with copyright claims and strikes, Nintendo style (though even nintendo has eased up a little). Then you gotta get into the weeds of "Is a battle report a copyright violation?" And find the answer is "Actually it doesn't matter, the tools are slanted super in favor of the corporate entity over the individual or small business" But now you are cursed with 7 years bad youtube recommends. My condolences. Some people desperately don't want a hobby they like to be associated with anything bad and kneejerk against any bad news. Some people don't care as long as they get theirs and are grumpy that people are talking about things they don't care about. And some people think businesses are morally right in literally anything they do. Largely not spuriously insult the people who do have a problem with GW's bad business practices. I mean if all they said was "Doesn't effect me, don't care" Sure, whatever. But they go to lengths to defend why this sort of stuff is okay actually and it's the little people that are the wrong and bad ones and really deserve it. This of course eventually becomes "I mean, you should just starve to death homeless in the streets if you don't like the practices of businesses" when you take your positions to the logical endpoint. It's a huge advantage, enough so that it can make or break a business, to get early access to content. It is not okay for a business to use this as a tool to bludgeon criticism or, like... bizarrely tell them to not sell sandwiches to GW customers Less corporate influence on reviews is nothing but a benefit for both the reviewer and the consumer. I don't know how you could think otherwise honestly. There's no question that other companies do much much worse things than GW. But they are usually problems of degrees rather then kind. GW does shady things to a lesser degree than amazon, but they are still similarly shady? And this is a forum about GW and not the monster that is amazon. Is it because raising a stink would cost her money and even if it isn't legally binding ever trying to fight it would risk her (and you by extension I suppose) suffering under legal fees even if you won? Which, on the thin margins of being a content creator, can make or break a channel. This is a bad thing, GW is using access as a tool to get people to sign what is a very shady contract. This ain't cool. How passionate about making miniatures do you think Rountree is? The people passionate about making miniatures in GW are.... largely making miniatures. They're not making business decisions on what NDAs to send to influencers, or how much miniature makers and rules writers should be paid (cause they'd certainly pay themselves more then GW does). Like, the people making miniatures and writing rules are mostly wonderful folks making fun products and are only very rarely the same people going "And now we raise the prices by 20 percent". Associating the people making miniatures and the people writing and sending NDAs is a bad one cause they are very rarely the same people, and a person that crosses from miniature making to deciding who to send NDAs has ceased making miniatures in any case. And, at this point, who left in the top of the GW corporate structure has ever worked in rules writing or miniature design or done anything but be a manager or executive or investor all their life? The guys who created the company and built the rules and crafted the models and still have some ownership sold the company and left decades ago. That's the issue when we talk about GW. By and large the corporate executives of midsized and up companies exist in a space where they have always been executives or managers, never having done the grunt work the company specializes in. And they largely often don't understand what it is to work these jobs.
  5. KO is not as good as it used to be and a lot of the top KO players are busy in testing mode to try and find the new thing A lot of seraphon players likely haven't adapted into the new seraphon meta and away from skink spam But you're looking too much at winrate and not the twip.
  6. He's trying to avoid a CnD to preserve the channel. Removing all the content would defeat the purpose and he may as well forge forward until GW tells youtube to burn it all down. He's defending what he's already created by promising to not make any more. GW could still go at him, and youtube would comply. I think they'd lose in court because it is parody and GW would have to prove harm, but TTS didn't compete with any products GW made, until WH+. That's actually the crux of what people are missing is that GW before WH+ didn't have a legal argument about a product they produce being harmed by animations, because they didn't create animations or other television. Now they do (well soon), so they can make this argument. I have little hope for WH plus because of how much a trashfire their 40k app is and what I know of the internal chaos revolving around that mess. I hope Brandt can figure it out, but GW is trying to cut paying for quality here and rely on, uh, "passion". Again. Not sure that will fly with programmers. GW might have to buck up and offer real money to get a real product and not a trashfire I suspect they are offering the animators they brought on board peanuts and relying on their passion for the hobby too. Because that is just... what GW seems to do. They're like most entertainment companies in this.
  7. I think people are overvaluing gotrek again just like they did when he first appeared. He is a 4 inch moving ****** kicker. But 4 inches with limited tricks to increase that isn't enough. He also is super vulnerable to mass damage one shooting which is still quite popular.
  8. Did you just not pay attention to the whole discussion of utilitarianism. I mean, I get most people don't really think about ethical frameworks to approach actions and go with their inbuilt gut socialized into them by their community. But, like, strive to rise above it mate. If you want to argue on my level you have to do one of two things. 1. Try and convince me that Utilitarianism is a bad ethical system and an alternative is a better one 2/ Try and convince me that on a balance, GW is producing more happiness, pleasure, good, than suffering, sadness, or harm. The first is nearly impossible, you'd have to probably have a degree in philosophy to even approach the argument. I have put a lot of thought in ethical frameworks. The second is far more possible, though if you don't think utilitarianism is a proper ethical framework, then it probably becomes fruitless to try in argue in a framework you don't believe. Most people kind of reflectively fall back onto some level of egoistic utilitarianism, where they seek the most good for themselves and their immediate community, albeit often they are very very wrong what is good even for their community. I am using a easily recognizable ethical framework here. This isn't hard. Corporations are evil is not the axiom of utilitarianism. Corporations causing more suffering then benefits is just my perception of the facts for an entity like GW. If you have facts supporting you, by all means, counter them. Heck I'd love to hear that most GW employees are in fact paid much better then Hewitt and several others I am aware of. I'd love to know that the animators now working for GW will be looking at paychecks in excess of what they could make independently, with the passion and creativity they brought to the IP. Also, I attacked you because you are using a far right source that does things like, and I quote from its website, say "Biden Nominee’s Eco-Terrorism Problem Isn’t Going Away". It is an utterly unreliable source and your use of it indicates either ignorance of it and unwillingness to do about 5 minutes worth of googling (seriously, just follow the sources back. It's easy and you should always do it), or a belief they are a valid source and an attempt to stealth in what would likely be an extremely unpopular ideology here. This is the egg on your face mate, don't use these kinds of sources. Make sure the sources you are using are reliable before you use them. People probably wouldn't get it if I started using the words pleasure and pain seriously in discussions of ethics (which is what utilitarianism defines itself on). And might think it has something to do with sex even, which would be funny, but it doesn't.
  9. You could always kill a monster hero before if the opponent misplayed, or you outmaneuvered them. Only a handful of armies could accomplish that kill without any, well, skill involved. Now these heroes are unpunishable, you can be as reckless and play utterly poorly and it doesn't matter, most armies just can't kill your hero monster. Except for a slightly smaller group of mindless point and click armies that are unaffected. What cranking the defensiveness of heroes to the moon does is reward being bad at the game in the same way giving a shooting army teleports and mortal wound shooting does.
  10. I mean, the only things that can be evil are like, three of the biggest mass murders in human history? Not very much raises to the level of the holocaust or the GLF mate. If that's the metric for evil, then there's not much that is evil huh? I don't think you understand utilitarianism though. It's a difficult philosophy to follow and people often use it to justify evil under the idea that it will be good eventually, if you ignore the externalities. But that's the thing, utilitarianism is abou thte externalities, not just intended effects. Intentions don't matter, results do, all the results. An individual's happiness can outbalance a group provided the satisfaction outways a collective suffering or sadness (this is dramatically difficult to measure). But there's also no such thing as an atomized individual. Every action taken will ripple through a community. A happy individual will make their loved ones happy as well. But also, the group DOES usually outweigh an individual, because satisfying one individual and one individual only usually comes at the cost of a group, and, like, you tell me why that is Moral? Utilitarianism is about doing good and minimizing harm. And companies are about maximizing profit and ignoring everything else. It's why people are literally dying in fires on the west cost. No hyperbole, corporations have literally killed people in a fire. People are burning to death because of the results of global warming right now. And this is because of the profit motive. People dying in a fire makes more money then changing oil infrastructure for oil companies. So they lobby for more people dying in a fire. GW's evil is of course less, but, well, they have the same motivation and press a smaller suffering onto their employees (and fans) economically. And this is evil.
  11. they didn't though. Only certain armies could frontload all that damage, and several of them can STILL do that. It kicked, like, KO down. But the snek lists and tzeentch don't care.
  12. Okay, I keep seeing this as a defense. Do people not know how youtube works? Alfabusa has to take a proactive step because if GW DO CnD him, the entire channel gets torched and everything is gone. The whole channel. Taking a proactive stance is the only chance he has to the rest of the channel unless you people think he can afford a years long legal battle with a billion dollar corporation. GW knows what a chilling effect is. These comparisons always fall apart because a company is not one man making art in their garage. Kantian ethics is a bad system to base your ethics around and is just used to justify making things worse for the have nots and protecting the haves. Hmmm, Sarouan trying to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the tools to petition for change using a website created by a non profit created by a sleazy corporate frontman? The irony. Do some digging and you'll find that your website is created by dudes funded by the tabacco industry to petition for deregulation in America's food industry. The whole group exists to advocate for deregulation of business. EG, it's right wing corporatists BS, so not a huge shock it would be your source. I welcome anyone to look up Richard Berman, the man behind CORE (which is behind the so called activism facts.com) So, two things. First, Alfabusa isn't in the UK Second, the patreon system can be used as a vendor, but often isn't. He's making money, but not selling. Not sure if this would be a meaningful distinction GW is evil in the same way most corporations are incentivized to do evil. Evil as defined in a utilitarian sense of doing more harm then good. What GW does to its employees is evil. But it's a common evil we as a society look away from because we are so used to it. But that doesn't make it not evil
  13. The problem iz that the balance is such a mess that unleash hell is the only thing buoying shooting against the spate of three plus save hero monsters that are rocking the edition. Any melee unit with less then a three plus save is almost not viable now. This is very true. But it is also super discouraging to build and paint and army and do nothing but lose. New players will just stop. It's only us whales that will stick with it the year or three before our stuff is good again, or invest in another army entirely.
  14. Maybe they all play idk and think everyone is waiting for the asf tide to kick in
  15. Everyone remembers the crimes of communism. No one attributes the crimes of capitalism to it. there's several famines in India on the feet of the HEIC and the Raj for example.
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