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  1. For some conversions, I’d source middle earth sbg models. There’s a strong diversity of humans there that can be plugged into a bit more of a generic high fantasy than renaissance landshnecks
  2. My apoc rulebook fell apart less then a week after I bought it. And warcry looks to be the same type of book (and indeed Ash on GMG already noted his fresh copy looks to be coming unglued). It is real frustrating.
  3. Fyreslayers would need more than three units for this to really work out honestly.
  4. You can mitigate the cannons somewhat in deployment sadly. Particularly with how fast or teleporty armies are there’s no reason to set up where the frigates can target you while maintaining the ordination buff, the ordination being a fair bit slower than the frigates
  5. Yes you do it is uncomfortable to acknowledge it, but there are flatly a noticeable number of people in this hobby that are misogynist. As gamers we should openly acknowledge this problem and work to address it and not tiptoe around the subject
  6. There’s an issue I find in this view in that a person can buy an Army, but then find a change shortly making them bad for years. And then the answer becomes, buy a new army or don’t play. But that is essentially “be upper middle class or don’t play”, and I am deeply ambivalent to even more economic gatekeeping in my hobby
  7. This is a strange question to ask on a forum dedicated to the aos fandom. Most people aren’t going to say “nah, it’s awful” for my part, at a fundamental core level, I go, you go, is an inherently unbalanced way to play a game, and aos only exacerbates the problem with priority rolls. Your enjoyment (which is the purpose of the game) is contingent on how much you wish to curate the game verse chasing the meta. Open play is a short hand way of curating out the sometimes extremely unbalanced matched play meta.
  8. Skaven are at the top for a reason. This is the reason. Clan rats in combat effective hordes meatshielding for all their supremely powerful characters and specialist tools
  9. You could make it the.... uh... the magmadroths lodge for a significant buff to the aurics
  10. Endrinriggers are indeed horseshit if they are forced to attack last, which is increasingly being a thing in a very frustrating way in the same way every army was getting negatives to hit after while, but it isn’t the most common thing, and you usually get the activation advantage in the turn you charge and most thing thusly die
  11. I feel the escort wing is getting closer and closer to being good. Almost there
  12. Gw also isn’t just about balancing. There are a lot of things that go into making models, and often balance is put to the side in favor of production targets, sales, or coolness
  13. Chain jay claire to a desk and make him write all the rules, and not just sbg
  14. It also takes several months for an army to be “solved” as it were, so I suspect skaven, gobbos, and flaming dwarves are not fully accurate to the quality of their books quite yet. It takes time to both learn how to play and how to play against a new book
  15. I hear some rumbling that Fyreslayers and Kharadrons really compliment each other in a strong way.
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