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  1. It's a command ability, bring back a destroyed unit on a grave site, they do not have another way to do it. GMG goes over everything (and everything is surprisingly little for legion of grief) in the video. I have to say though that the optimal builds for this don't look like they involves much nighthaunt, You'll choose cheap battle line (which is not chainrasp), take a few nighthaunt units that punch people in the bravery, maybe some grimghast reapers, and then go nuts with allies and other factions.
  2. So got a killer deal on ebay and grabbed two start collecting boxes of beastclaw raiders. I know BCR are not in a great place competitively (mostly due to lack of objective sitters and magic), but they are the army that interested me the most and have a pretty low cost to entry. I'm also pretty hopeful for the future, since every faction will get endless spells, and we currently don't have anyone to cast them, so we'll have to get some kind of "priest" of the everwinter/Gorkamorka. Barring a new model, the caster role will probably be filled by thunder tusks. From suggestions in post here I was planning on magnetizing the heads, and building one as a huskar with bird, and the other as a frost lord. The mournfangs will be built with full command and gargant hackers. Then grabbing another stonehorn box and building it as beast riders. From there I'm kind of open, I was thinking maybe an Icebrow hunter with some frost sabers, or getting the obligatory gobbos to sit on objectives and be test models for contrast. What do you guys think should be the few purchases?
  3. Some combination of DoK, FEC, bonesplitterz, and Deepkin seem like a forgone conclusion, the lion image we saw hints at something besides those, but without context it could be anything. Ogors would be a hard warband, since they should be bigger and badder than stormcast, maybe the first two person warband. Soul blight would be fun, a vampire with a zombie horde and maybe a thrall seems like a cool warband. If I were to take a guess at the obligatory stormcast list maybe prosecutors, they are still some of the coolest stormcast models.
  4. So, been doing some mathhammer to try and figure out a list, I've mostly been focused on hexwraiths, bladegheist, grimghast, and chainrasp. My goal was to see if there are any other units that make sense to take instead of just spamming grimghast like I see so many list doing. I've broken it down into cost per wound inflicted, and cost per effective wound. Glaive Wraith stalkers: 36 points per wound inflicted, 7.5 points per effective wound. To get this I took the value for both charging and not charging and averaged them out since they can fall back and charge, so should get charges at least half of the time. Grimghast reapers: 21 points per wound inflicted, 7 points per effective wound. I just assumed they would always be attacking units larger than 5. Chainrasp horde: 21 points per wound inflicted, 5.3 points per effective wound. I assumed a unit of 11 or more, and there are non-trivial challenges to getting them all into range to attack, so while they seem quite good on paper, their returns in most games will not hit this level of efficiency. Hexwraiths: 40 points per wound inflicted, and 8 points per effective wound. No assumptions, kind of inefficient. Bladeghiest revenants (unbuffed): 30 points per wound inflicted, and 9 points per effective wound. Bladeghiest revenants (buffed): 15 points per wound inflicted, and 9 points per effective wound, or 5.4 points per effective wound with formation. This assumes chaingiest or spirit torment, and a charge (which gets them an extra attack). If we make the same assumption we did for the glaive wraith stalkers (charges half of the time) they end up with 18 points per wound inflicted. To no one's surprise grimghast are our best battleline, they have solid output, don't require babysitting, and are tougher than just about any unit except for chainrasps. Hexwraiths are over cost, but not by as much as you would think. A minor reduction of 20 points per five, brings them into line toughness wise with grimghasts, and while their offence would be nothing to write home about (35 points per wound inflicted, more than half again what grimghast pay), they have to pay for speed, and fairly reliable mortal wounds in the movement phase. Bladeghiest are really interesting, set up properly they are the strongest offensive unit we have, and by a fair margin at that. However, they require a lot of babysitting, and many things can go wrong for them. A list I'm kicking around after doing the math,
  5. Just spent a bit of time going over the last twelve pages (getting ready for a tournament in a month or so), and as one of the first battle tomes of the edition I think we are a long way out from getting a reworked battle tome. GW seems to be pretty cautious when it comes to rules changes, first they'll try point changes, then probably add a new battalion or two in a white dwarf article, and then much later revise the battle tome. The obvious problem with relying on the generals handbook is that it has a six plus month ramp time, and if you think of what the meta was like six months ago, things were a little better for nighthaunt. Still if the last Chapter approved is any indication, it will include mostly points reductions for underperforming units and maybe a few nerfs for very underpriced units.
  6. I also like the thru interpretation because it means you can't die doing it and still score it.
  7. Just got in two game with them, and it was fun. First was against mollogs, Mollog was dead first activation of round three, which was the last of his fighters, but he managed a sneaky win with "He was there the whole time" on stalgsquig, which got him a couple of clutch VP, and the final score was 10 - 9 in his favor. Second match was against the briar queen, and there was a lot of back and forth, he had two left at the end, score was 10-10 and I won on tie breaker. Things I noticed, don't underestimate the damage, mollog went from full health to a point away from death in a single round, that was with only three of my guys shooting at him. knockback 1 on a guy who gets to shoot twice is hilarious, if the dice hadn't betrayed me I would have pushed someone clean off of my board from the second row. So much cleave which helped against mollog, but did nothing against the ghosts. I didn't really notice the short movement, since they have great threat ranges the two move never really bothered me. The inspiration is easy enough that "heroes all" almost seems reasonable in the deck, in both games I had everyone inspired by the end of turn two. Headshot is basically free glory and inspiration. I'll post More thoughts as they come up.
  8. They say that on the internet, often the best way to get the correct answer, is to post the wrong one. So with that in mind, Here is my undoubtedly in need of work list: The idea is a hammer and anvil style, with a solid core and a fast flanking force. The main block of my army will be the two chainrasp blobs, which are pretty killy with the condemned and the guardian of souls (4+ w/rerolls to hit and 3+ reroll ones to wound). This will be supplemented by the mobile arm of the shroud guard plus the hexwraiths, who are extra mobile with a +3" to move. The final piece to the puzzle is the grimghast reapers who will start in the underworld, and pop out where needed. I tossed in a vampire lord for an extra dispel, and his deathly invocation, he isn't fast enough to hang out with the hexwratih crew so he will probably just hang out with the chainrasps. Also as a side question, I assume he doesn't get a lore of vampires spell since that's not called out on his data sheet, and he can't benefit from the NH allegiance, but just in case I was wrong I thought I'd double check. Spells were a last consideration, I went with shademist on the GoS to toughen up the chainrasp hordes a bit, and Soul cage on the warlord to prevent retreat from the hexwratihs and debuff their target. So what massive newbie mistakes have I made and what suggestions do you guys have?
  9. So bumping up from 1k points to 2k points, which battalions should I be aiming for. I was thinking of the condemned, because that makes chain rasp hordes pretty killy, and I was tempted by the deathriders because the idea of the battalion is super cool. Also what allies should I think of including?
  10. Well my thought is start with a base of khorne daemons, then expand a bit into both games with some other units. Like mortal Khorne and some world eaters (painted in the pre-heresy color scheme because it's much better than post heresy). Maybe add the bloodbound SCB, since I imagine khorne is a bit more competitive in AoS than 40k. A follow up question though, is the blood throne bad? Without the blood throne I'd need to buy a seperate herald of some sort (probably the skull taker) to get the murder host, so I definitely want to get that nailed down before I start assembly. Thanks for the feedback
  11. So I was thinking about getting started with Khorne daemons, since I can play them in 40k and AoS, would the Khorne half of wrath and rapture and a start collecting be a good starting point, or is mortal khorne just heads and shoulders better than Khorne daemons?
  12. Back again, got a store tournament coming up this weekend. Last I played (my first thru third games) I got third overall with steel hearts liberators (out of eight). Since then I've added a few warbands, but don't have the full collection yet. So I was wondering which warband I should get next, and which of the warbands I have/can get do you think has the best odds of doing well with my limited card pool. I have Steelhearts liberators, Garreks reavers, The far striders, The commanders pack, Thorns of the briar queen, and Stormsire's curse breakers. I'm planning on grabbing whatever box you guys recommend for me next. I have a slight preference towards the stormcast (any of the three really), but that's mostly based on them looking cool. I don't think I've played enough games to say I have a preferred playstyle, but so far I've enjoyed elite warbands as opposed to larger ones, and I tend more towards aggression than objectives. I'd lean towards grabbing magores fiends or Ironskullz boyz, based on how I perceive them playing. I'm a little hesitant about the larger warbands like the gitz, the guard, and the swarm, who all seem to have a very high skill cap, which might be a little too much for my noobiness. With that said, I'll grab whatever box you guys think add the most valuable cards to my collection. Thanks in advance for all of the help
  13. Just won the starter box at a recent tournament, and started painting steel hearts companions, Aside from steelhearts face looking like it was sculpted by someone with only a passing knowledge of human anatomy it's been pretty fun to paint. Since they are so few I can really go all out on each model, which is a pretty delightful change up from army painting. Anyway, I'm so new I'm not even sure what to ask, but with it being a deckbuilding game, I imagine the first question would be which expansions should i grab. My personal taste run towards the chosen axes (love dwarfs, and powering up from objective grabbing seems more controllable than most) and thorns of the briar queen (since she is helpful in normal AoS games). However I don't know what generic cards are desirable, and thus don't know if certain expansions are bad from a collection standpoint. Plus any generic advice would be much appreciated.
  14. Ok just got back won second place, had a blast. Round 1 Me and Flesh eater courts vs idoneth deepkin and sacrosanct chamber Mission: Better part of valor Certified spicy, lost this one on a last turn priority roll, when we had win ties. My favorite battle of the night, because it went down to the wire. idoneth burns their right most objective objective first turn so they have 2 on their side. My initial plan was to hold three, burn them on the last round. The FEC have one objective and I'm holding two, things were looking good, and then High tide comes and the idoneth player brings in their entire army to hit the FEC, he drops three CP on god only knows what and gives three units +3 attacks, and makes every charge. He then proceeds to almost table the FEC with eels while the sacroscant chamber camps on their two objectives. He burns the objective the FEC had. He gets chewed in the process, leaving me and the sacrosanct chamber to fight over the last four. Backed by my leaders, My spirit host proceed to beat the snot out of the 10 sequiturs guarding their middle objective, and finish the tabling of the Idoneth. I continue to hold our left with the chainwrasp horde and What's left of the FEC move to the middle to hold it so I can take on the stormcast. I finish the sequeitors, but am not in range to burn the objective, and he has his HQ on it. So the game literally hinges on who gets priority and gets to burn objectives first. Priority roll goes out, and I roll a 2 and he gets a four. We lose by two points. Two ways I could have pulled this out had I thought of them at the time, I could have burned the objective on the left, gotten three tuns worth of babysitting points, and pulled the chainwrasp horde to the middle with a CP on the next turn to contest their objective. Shakier but still possible I could have retreated the spirit hosts thru the sequitors onto the objective, and fought them on the objective so when they lost I could have burned it immediately. that would have given up a turn of my attacks, so I might not have finished them. Round 2 me and glotkin w/ GUO and a few chaos warriors vs tomb kings and Tzangors. Mission: Reloaction orb. Not much to say about this one, we got first turn, camped the middle and played a mean game of keep away, while the orb stayed near the middle. Saltiest moment was when they threw everything at the spirit hosts, killed four bases, and then I returned three the next round, and then three the round after that to bring them to full strength. Most amazing moment was my knight of shrouds, surrounded on all sides and down to two wounds, got away with some help from the GUO, healed from a failed morale check and spirit tether and then killed their last leader with an artifact on a 3" consolidation a turn later. We couldn't lose priority roles for some reason, and they sneaked the orb once, so final score was 4 v3, with 11 models out of their 87 left on the board. The Tzangor caster did steal fleshy abundance, which was used with much amusement on the tomb kings skeletons. With lots of units and second turn throughout the whole game this was their game to lose, and a combination of bad rolls and how weak the tomb kings are snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Round 3 me and Blades of khorne vs 2 x seraphon mission: shifting objectives. Even less to say here, The plan was dead simple from the word go, advance forward, sit on all three objectives and take all comers, which is exactly what happened. We got first turn took the middle, they tried several times to get us off the objectives, got rebuked all but one of them (a tide of skinks ran from blood warriors onto the objective), final score was 14 to 4. They were focused on summoning and teleportation, neither of which really helped them. I think they would have been better off casting spells and inflicting more mortal wounds, because by the time they got enough summon points to summon some threats, it didn't matter. The only time they could have gotten us was when a 40 man unit of blow pipe skinks got teleported behind us, but a quick charge with the skull cannon and a next turn summon the the chainwrasp horde kept them out of scoring distance. MVP: spirit hosts, I could have built a salt mine with these guys, their damage was ok, but their staying power was beyond phenomenal. These guys could camp an objective like they were a park ranger. Worst unit: Myrmourn banshees, failed to even dispel a single spell with a +2 and six attempts. An opponent barely got off an arcane armor, I literally had to roll a five on two dice to dispel it, and yep they failed it. They literally lost a fight against a stormcast HQ they were supposed to be assassinating, despite having more wounds, more attacks, better rend, and multi damage. My luck with them was terrible, and the only thing they did was pull units from the front lines to come roflstomp them. More thoughts as they come.
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