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  1. So I'm trying to workout which Bloodtoofs list would be better to run for a few upcoming games - any input here? List 1 List 1 Points: Fast 'un mount trait for my Krusha with the hacka and choppa will basically let me ensure that I can get him where I need to him to be turn 1 with the extra move action. Additionally, with the range MBoMKs have for Mighty Destroyers since they have the Totem keyword, I could, in theory, use Fast 'un to move him closer an opponent's squad (ideally within charge range) then MD and still be in range of 2 GG squads to move them up as well while being able to charge the boss. The extra Warchanter gets me an additional VF to either put on my frontline MBoMK or a 2nd GG squad. And, much as I hate a 60 point float, it pretty much locks me in to get Bloodthirsty every game. List 2 List 2 Points Weirdnob - hi Mystic Shield! Ardboys for some backline defense.
  2. So far the app crashes on me every time I attempt to make an army. Uninstalled and reinstalled and everything. Looks like it's the old fashioned way for me.
  3. My current idea for a list is a 2-drop Alpha list looking something like this...
  4. This is pretty much the list I had in mind. Do we know which weapon is the better option for GGs? I assume Hackas for the 6-mans and Choppas for the 3s? Or with the new Hacka rules, are those the go-to default now?
  5. Looks like you can view the pre-orders on the AU version of GW's site, which shows the sprues. It looks both the SCE and OWC models are mono-pose and push fit? Not sure how I feel about that...
  6. I agree with this. If the Killbow is between 100 - 120 points, I'll definitely be picking up a few for my Big Yellers list. Keep in mind, the bow hits on a 2+ with Aimed Shot and Yellers allows you to reroll a hit roll of 1 with a unit making a shooting attack. My only gripe with it is the max 27" range rather than a 30" range.
  7. Probably not any time soon. As the last poster said, though it would likely be what's in the Dominion box.
  8. I feel this big time - I love Grots and Orruks but it feels like they just get slapped down all the time. I think Gloomspite is the best looking model range in AoS and 40k and love the army but they just play so horribly. I enjoy my Ironjaws and they're what I've been playing recently since they are slightly more competitive than GSG but it would be nice if each army gets some good rules in the new tomes. The only other army that appeals to me in AoS is Cities, specifically the Duarden. So I might give them a look if they get souped in with KO and FS.
  9. Having taken Boltaboyz as allies in my IJ for a recent 2k tournament, can verify they added a much needed element in the army and were easily MVPs in at least 2 of my games. Just made sure to set them up properly to drop an Unleash Hell if I didn't get to go first to soften up charging units. I think they will be a staple in my IJ lists going forward.
  10. We don't know at this point. Other than that we are getting "a Beta" of the app "sometime in September", we know nothing else about it at the moment.
  11. Tough to say since prior to that I had only played about 4 games over the last 1.5 years and the majority of my games were against armies I'm not familiar with (Dominion SCE, Seraphon, OBR and SBGL). That said, my 2nd edition list for Ironjaws (the army I played for this tournament) was 45 models (9 units) while the list I used for this tournament was 36 models (10 units). So in my case, less models but not by much.
  12. This past weekend I played at a 100 person event - 5 games over 2 days, each round was 3 hours. I finished all except for my last game with at least 45 minutes left, so 2:15:00 games in general. One of them even started 15 minutes late because my opponent showed up late. The only reason my one game took longer was because it turned out my opponent and I had met previously and hadn't seen each other in a bit. It was the last game and neither of us was in contention for anything, so we spent the majority of it catching up and drinking beers. I don't think there's a time problem with 3rd and any slowness is due to people still learning the rules.
  13. This would be incredibly disappointing and would definitely keep me from subscribing to WH+. Would be interested to see a source though or I'll just keep that in my salt grain pile.
  14. Actually, this brings up a question I didn't consider until now. If I went with the HoH battaltion, can I take more than 1 of the same CB? For example, could I do... HoH 1 - Gruntas, Grunts, Brutes HoH 2 - Brutes, Ardboys, Boltboyz Warlord - Everything else from my list. Slightly unrelated - this has been bugging me since 3rd dropped and I don't think I've seen anything saying I can't do it, but I'd like to be sure before this tournament - can I buff two different units with Violent Fury since I have 2 Warchanters in 3rd?
  15. So I've got a 2-day tournament coming up in two weeks and I'm currently between 2 lists...any input? List 1 List 2 List 1 pros: ELS Potential extra command points Not as much point float List 2 pros: MEGABOSS WIZARD 1 extra wound I dare someone to come to my backline for my Boltboyz
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