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  1. Nice idea! I'll be back with my contribution, but while I'm working on that, a suggestion: I think it would be neat if we each had one single post in the thread where we make our updates. Just keep editing your own post. That might help present all our stuff more cohesively and make viewing all the neat things easier. Just a thought. Update 01 Attached photos of our Area of Challenge (no shame for us!). Just the basement/hobby room area. There are others in other rooms of the house. Also, a photo of a Flesh Eater group for Warcry that I have done while in isolation. Our plan is to work on our main armies (Gitz and Bonereapers) and then tackle bunches of scenery.
  2. Thanks! No. Generally I have an opinion of bases that they are not part of the model, but instead just a method of conveyance. So, they are not something I usually factor in to my paint jobs.
  3. I took a quick break from Bonereapers. In a few hours per night over four or so days, I got these done. Mostly Contrast and drybrushing, with a very tiny amount of spot detailing, so, really, not well painted at all, but done! #warcry
  4. Agreed. I sold half of mine juuuuust before the fall (so, at about $90/share). That more than covered the cost to buy initially (at about $40/share). So, even if it goes to zero, I came out ahead. That said, absolutely plan to buy back in heavily as we start to come out of this or if the price dips to under $15. You've definitely got the right idea.
  5. I'm working on flesheaters as a break from Bonereapers. Here's where I'm at.
  6. So, yeah, several drinks into the night and I'm gonna recommend a thing: Find 10 peeps you like, mixed genders. Have them all buy water, soup, and paint. Invite them to your home with a rule that stay when they enter, and cannot leave until the virus is over. Paint. Drink. Game. Have a super sexy time. Just saying. Quarantine can be fun.
  7. The problem with this is that the folks in some random gaming group cannot be counted upon to not attend dinner with Grandma, or to get a coffee on the way home and infect some retail worker who then infects Grandma, or ... It's beyond irresponsible to think "hey, I don't feel sick at all, so I'll just do my thing." I know it's hard to wrap our heads around, but right now, no matter how healthy you feel or how few deaths you have in your locality, you need to react properly and get the heck out of public life. In other words, if you wait until the jaws of the Mawkrusha are open around your neck, it's too late. Avoid the battlefield to begin with so that the beast has zero chance to eat you (or your Grandma).
  8. They are both fictional, so there's that.
  9. I think "All I see is an Atreides that I want to kill." Except an elf instead of an Atreides.
  10. So far, as much as I acknowledge the craftsmanship of the new elves, they have not drawn me in. But. That mage! Hellz yeah. Getting a few just to paint.
  11. Thanks! The base is painted on its own first, then the model is attached. The model is glued to a card on a paint handle for the priming, initial wash, and bone drybrushing. Then it's popped off and glued to the base for the rest. Other than the base, the rest is all assembled at one go. This is a touch different from the spear guys where the shield gets basecoated and glued on after the main model is done.
  12. All elves look feminine. That's not a knock on femininity, just saying that elves are not exactly the most rugged and masculine warriors. They don't really have armies. More like college hippie sit-ins.
  13. I'm thinking the same. Gonna need three. One to add to my 40k orks, one for @TwiceIfILikeIt to use as spare parts in one of her bonkers conversions, and one to turn into an Ironjawz boss.
  14. Introducing our 5th gaming table, um, I mean, our new coffee table. It's 80" x 50" so it definitely holds a 6' x 4' playing surface. Now the only question is which game gets played on it first?
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