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  1. Sleboda

    Let's Chat Zarbag's Gits

    If that's how it's phrased, then yes. It still gives an advantage in that you may get your opponent to take a different action than he wanted.
  2. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    Nothing evil about it. Just a different perspective on a myth.
  3. Sleboda

    The resurrection selection...

    Having attempted to put together a Legions army last night and thrown my hands up in confusion and frustration, I would say that the complexity and difficultly of 3rd is alive and well in 2018. Grr. In all honesty, though, I loved 3rd. It was the first version I played and it set a tone for me. I loved the formations, the size of games, and just about everything else. Interestingly, it was suuuuuper simple to make an army list. (Base sizes were even mandated!) Hmm, thinking about it, things have swapped: Easy list building for complex main rules compared to ridiculously complex army list building and very simple main rules.
  4. In no particular order: 1. Proxies & Models That Will Never Be Painted. If you can't bother to participate in the hobby, play Magic. 2. Hard-to-Read Dice. This could be color combos that are low contrast, dice that are very small, or dice with too many symbols instead of proper numbers or pips (as in most recent GW themed dice). Related to this is picking up your rolls before I've had a chance to see the results. The dice are a big part of the game, so please make it clear what they are showing. 3. The Gamer's Inch. Even in casual games, there are rules. If you need a 4+ to hit, you would not say your 3's are "close enough." If your Move is 6", you shouldn't expect your opponent to allow you to move 7" and call it "close enough." Look, I get it, in this game models are moved a bunch and may inadvertently get bumped or misplaced, but that does not mean it's ok to assume I'm ok with you competing a charge that can be demonstrated to be short when you measure at the time of the charge.
  5. Sleboda

    Shadespire community FAQ

    There woukd be better ways to phrase it. Example : "Counts as having a supporting fighter. If he already has one or more supporting fighters, he counts as having one more."
  6. Sleboda

    A Few Nightvault Rules Questions

    I hear you on that, but it's just such an annoyance. GW positions Underworlds as their genuine attempt at a tight, competitive rules set, going so far as to include a glossary of game terms, capitalize certain terms for distinction, and even point out how otherwise confusing things like Actions and activations are not the same things. Certain parts of the Nightvault book show, when compared to the same sections in the Shadespire book, that they are making deliberate choices in their word selection and rules layouts. So, with that as the backdrop, if they are going to define Push* as they have, and then have cards that refer to moving models** (not taking a Move action), it would be a major blow to my confidence in anything I would read in the book that I might try to use to support my position on a rule. I get that in Warhammer, and indeed all their previous games, they have taken, um, loose (to be generous) approaches to crafting rules and their interactions. Frankly, there is very little in any of their other games that I have the faith to believe is written to work "as they intended." Underworlds is, supposedly, demonstrably and deliberately different. If they change words or (worse yet) rule without a wording change that a movement (lower case) from a Push is not really a movement, then it makes it tough to believe that anything in the book can be taken as accurate. * Per the definition clearly given in the Nightvault book: "Push: When a rule tells you that you can push a fighter, simply move their miniature the number of hexes specified by the rule ..." ** (pt 1) Varclav: "Push all fiendly Chainrasps up to 2^ hexes." ** (pt 2) Swarming Spirits: "Score this immediately if two^ or more friendly fighters moved through a hex occupied ..." ** (pt 3) Compare to Creeping Terror: "After this fighter makes a Move action, roll an attack dice (sic) for the first enemy fighter they moved through ..." This is an example of how they use "Move action" specifically to make a distinction between that and other ways, such as pushes, to move models. ^ Another thing they need to tidy up. Number below a certain threshold are spelled out. Two, not 2. Five, not 5. I would say they are simply not following a style guide that has this rule and that using the numeral is fine, but then they are not consistent. Is this picky? Heck yes, but in a game where they are really trying to show attention to detail so that the rules can be competitive (like other successful card-based tournament games), any lack of consistency undermines player confidence that the authors were paying close enough attention to achieve the goal.
  7. Sleboda

    A Few Nightvault Rules Questions

    If that's how they rule it, then it needs more than a FAQ for the card. It needs to have the definition of Push reworded or a new card issued as a replacement for this one. As it stands, there is no debate that Varclav can use guys ability to Push two fighters through models to score the card. None. @BaldoBeardo To be clear, I'm not claiming that one fighter moving through two models at one go would do it, just that per the Sepulchral Guard precedent it might be allowable that one fighter moving through two enemies would qualify. @Skyeline Your thoughts matched mine, including that there is nothing definitive to support the stances ... thus my post. 😋
  8. Hi all, Over the past few days I've played 8 games of Underworlds involving the Thorns of the Briar Queen (2 against, 6 with) and they have done well. The games have, however, popped up a few rules questions. I thought I would post them here to get input from the masses. So, here we go: Nighthaunts "can" move through other models and blocked hexes. Great. The rules for Push make it clear that this means they can be pushed in such a way as well. But ... what about an enemy with Knockback? If they smack a Nighthaunt model, is that model driven back (a special Push) through models and blocked hexes as well? Whose choice is it? Swarming SomethingOrOther. Can the same fighter that is moved through a model twice count? I would have said no if not for the precedent of the Guard card FAQ that lets the same fighter count twice. If a Ploy moves a fighter into a lethal hex, did the ploy itself cause the damage? There are cards that trigger on an Attack action or Ploy that damages a model. You could easily argue that the Ploy did not cause the damage. That's it. I sorta have a feeling that the ethereal nature of Nighthaunts will bring up some interesting rules situations.
  9. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    In terms of marketing, though, it can't be. AoS doesn't have Orks.
  10. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    Grand alliance chaos.
  11. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm excited for new Slaanesh stuff because it means I'll finally be able to combine it with all the cool recent Nurgle stuff to do a proper STD army.
  12. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    I experienced no such drop off around me.
  13. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    I would give GW direct access to my bank account if they did. One of my top 2 favorite games ever.
  14. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    I agree. More than that, though, for me, is the ability to experiment with paint schemes and techniques on a small set of models before I apply my learnings to a full AoS army. I have several thousand points of Nighthaunt sitting on a shelf, not even primed. Now that I've got the Thorns, I can try things small first. Also, since I get all the warbands, I am learning that I like painting things I had not considered before. The two Khorne warbands we so much fun to paint! Now I want to paint the Khorne stuff from the AoS 1.0 box that had previously just been set aside. I think Underworlds is a really, really great game on its own merits and needs no gaming connection to AoS. I enjoy the heck out of it. It's cross over to AoS for me has nothing to do with rules for my armies. It's about the hobby crossover.
  15. Sleboda

    Let's Chat: Stormsire's Cursebreakers

    We played 2 games last night (best of three, I won first two, so no third) and enjoyed both new warbands a lot. We used the pre-built decks. I think both will be great fun, and look forward to seeing where the season goes. Spells add a nice option for GW to put out new cards that are not just renamed versions of other cards, and they also will keep things fresh. So far, this Stormcast warband is the only one of the three that interests me enough to play them more than a game here and there.