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  1. I think their recent stock performance had proven their resiliency in this time to themselves. They probably realize they don't need to jam things in or double up on releases. Heck, they may even appreciate the breathing room in production and marketing, again, given how well they are doing on the exchange. At this point, I'm assuming they will just move ahead at the same pace as before, just pushed out a few months.
  2. In that one bit you reinforce the ugliness, while also misrepresenting my opinion. Bravo.
  3. Not a single cuss, but probably one of the ugliest posts I've seen here in years.
  4. First, as a shareholder, I am happy to see the success GW is enjoying, part of which translates into share price. But, both as a shareholder and observer, I know that this success/share price is linked to people liking what GW is selling them, and that takes into account price. So, it's not that shareholder value is more important than the hobbyist - it's that the two are intimately connected. I am a happy hobbyist and that is increasing the value of my holdings. Win/win. Second, it would be really great if people accepted that we, as hobbyist, are not one voice. Boycotting tickets for sports teams never works because sports fans do not act as one or speak with one voice. Same for fans of the hobby. We should drop the pipe dream of organized movements/boycotts against our favorite hobby-makers. It will never, ever work.
  5. Even if it's not, please don't. It's morally bankrupt to steal art (or any other product). Let's not encourage awful behavior.
  6. I just finished the first of three Boneshapers. Now I have 850 pts ready to go. Getting close to my first game. I experimented with this guy, and the remaining characters will benefit. He's got issues, but that's ok. Anyone got some Lamenters Yellow they want to sell/trade?
  7. Powercreep is what intractable players call the thing that makes them have to learn new tactics, adjust to new threats, and overall become better players when all they really want to do is field their same tired old units and expect to win 90% of their games. 🙄
  8. In my opinion, Warmaster was both a horrible rules system and the scale was too big, but yes, in a general sense, you have friends out there who want Epic Warhammer.
  9. I hear you, but really all that matters from GW's perspective is that a game makes "GW levels" of money. Right? I mean, sure, there is Kings of War basically doing their take on the format, but (all due respect to them) they are hardly crushing it, and I believe they are the top rank 'n flank game out there are the moment. In other words, if the best r 'n f game out there is still not doing GW level biz, I'm not sure that would encourage GW to re-enter that market. Maybe I'll be surprised. If so, great! Tomb Kings live again! I would just rather they get on the board again in a format that does enough biz for GW to keep it around. Plus, I really want to field 100+ chariots, 10 colossi, and 1000 spear skeletons, and that's not happening at 32mm scale.
  10. I am a big WFB fan. "Fans" of anything do not speak with a single voice. I loved and missed old WFB. I just think that with a second Warhammer in the same scale as AoS is, I dunno, not as compelling as a totally different scale. WFB was a big wargame with big armies in big blocks. It failed. It got cancelled. A general consensus is that needing hundreds of models for an average sized game held it back. AoS came out and scratched similar itches without the investment of time, models, and cash that WFB needed. It's doing great! To bring back an old game with old models just to have another go at a failed style doesn't seem like a money making move for GW. They need to sell models, not just rules, and giving us rules for our old models doesn't sell the veteran WFB players much in the way of new armies. That's why I'm thinking it won't be rules for our old models. So, as much as I'd love to have my TK back in the table, I'm anticipating that not happening, and I'm looking forward to something new and epic.
  11. I still have my fingers crossed that the game will be Epic-scaled. Sure, it would mean no cross pollination of games, but wouldn't 1/4 inch tall bears be awesome?
  12. I just wrapped up the first cavalry unit. Several nights were spent in a mental state not conducive to detail work, but oh well. 🙂 I just need to finish two more Mortek Guard and a hero to get them on the table (though some already were in a winning game of Warcry). This is getting exciting!
  13. Mark my words, people are going to use that mindset and this battletome as an excuse to start putting action figures on their Warhammer tables.
  14. I think we're going to see a lot of themed giants. I know I'm planning on making a custom Bonereapers version that is pretty much a giant skeleton. I don't really want a Sons army, but I'm excited to see them on tables and to see what they inspire.
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