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  1. Hi folks. I just wrapped up my first half dozen test color schemes for my Bonereapers. They are simple, quick jobs just to test composition and colors. I have a feeling on which one I'll use for the army, but I'd be interested in opinions from you guys. If you have a moment and a thought, please let me know. Note: The actual models for the army will be much, much better painted, so try just to focus on colors and composition, not quality. ๐Ÿ˜ Thanks!
  2. Don't get me wrong, I want Epic-scaled fantasy. I just don't want Warmaster. Any game where a single roll can mean you don't get to play with any of your toys in a given turn ... well ... that's just misery on the table top.
  3. I wouldn't want Warmaster back anyway. That game had serious design flaws that often made it no fun at all to play.
  4. Oh man! I guess Bonereapers stink and ogors are broken.
  5. After one game. Got it. What was the battleplan? Did you play to the objectives, or just try to kill? I played with my Ironjawz vs. Seraphon last night. In turn one I got both mawkrushas to charge and killed a bunch of stuff. Before my opponent even had a turn, he said "Man! How do you ever lose with this army? That's OP!" But we kept going. It turned out to be a nail biter that went to turn 5 with a single passed armor save being the only reason I ended up winning. Turned out that playing the objectives mattered more than just killing.
  6. I have no idea what this post is saying. No offense, but man, the shorthand!
  7. We're what, a week in to Bonereapers? I think the overreaction here is nuts. I mean, can't we at least wait for the initial FAQ before we start the raging?
  8. To add to that, because you're right, I'll say that people also complain about The New Thing all the time because it's new and they've not learned how to counter it yet. It makes things seem far better than they are. Then folks play against The New Thing, gain experience (you know, actual on-table, in-game experience ), and everything turns out to be ok.
  9. If they announce that it's going to be a 6mm "Epic" system, then I'll agree with the above.
  10. This needs to be pointed out over and over. It's not even limited to this discussion. People always gripe about a best case as if it's always in effect.
  11. When I play it's "I shoot these guys at your goblins and then charge your troll. Now, let's get a beer."
  12. I haven't compared yet, but has the name of Nagash's warscroll changed with the Bonereapers? If not, it's the most current version of his scroll and must be used (baring opponent permission, of course).
  13. Not morghasts. They look so darn cool, but really, really fail hard for the points.
  14. I think the discussion comes from it saying to not use the attack sequence and also to pick a model. I think it requires line of sight, but I can entertain the argument for the other position.
  15. I've probably assembled at least 1000 of them, going all the way back to the box shown here. Back then it was worse. You could count on at least two bad bones per box. I still have about 300 of those models sitting unassembled in a box. I use them as decoration now.
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