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  1. That's always been a favorite go-to quote for me when describing why I like 40K and why I think AoS is more just general bombastic fun than WFB was. I really enjoy being able to use Mortarion and Nagash in my games with them dominating. The reason I can use them is that everyone has a super awesome big thing (and battleplans that reward more than just straight up killing).
  2. FWIW, based on info I have this is not a new tactic, just a genuine "well, crud, this didn't go as planned." I think The New GW (tm) has earned some goodwill.
  3. I have 10 already (bought them in the End Times) and did 5 of each weapon type (there was no flexibility with charge vs. save in combo with swords vs. halberds). I have just two things is like to see in their update: 1. 30 point per model reduction 2. Ability to add one at a time to units so that I can use all 10 of mine.
  4. That's great news! Dunno about others, but I had not seen that post. Where was it? (Don't say Facebook Don't say Facebook Don't say Facebook)
  5. A key difference: These children (us!) don't get to just invent the better stuff. The teachers or parents hand us the stuff. We can say X is gonna kick Y's rear end, but we still have rules to follow to resolve that boast. On the main topic, I like super hero action figure high fantasy. Heck, I still watch Mummies Alive reruns, have a Purgatory action figure on my desk, and complain that Thor is not being given his proper due in the MCU! In the old world we never could have seen (demi?)gods on our tables, or if we did, they became the entire focus of the game. Now, in AoS, we see these guys on the table regularly, and it's both awesome and fair. Put me firmly in the first camp (and this is from an old Empire player who still has what used to be over 10,000 points of that army).
  6. The problem, @Pickle The Hutt, is that the 'add to each hit and crit' is actual more strict than what the literal rules say. Read the rules for applying damage. You apply damage one point (not one roll or one result) at a time. This means that the only actual RAW application is to give the bonus damage to each individual point of damage. Ouch. Now, clearly this is crazy, but it is the rule. If we opt to ignore the actual rule and apply one of the two popular modified versions, we have to choose which. It's tough to tell a player that not only must they ignore the rules in the book (which GW themselves have told us to use as the primary way to resolve a rules dispute), but they must use the least favorable alteration to the rule. That's a tough sell. This is why not including it in the FAQ (despite the question being posted here and sent to their FAQ team) is so disappointing. It leaves it to the players to decide how to change the rule while one player is well within their rights to insist that no change is made.
  7. I started a thread for it. I sent the whole thread to their faq email. It was ignored.
  8. When a single squig hopper can do 37 damage to a model after starting 8 inches away with regularity and a highly grey area of rules does not get the FAQ treatment, it makes for a somewhat disappointing FAQ. Very glad to have it, but it missed some big ones.
  9. Glad I see it, but a bit disappointed by some of the things they open to ignore. Still, cold pizza is better 'n no pizza.
  10. My khorne army is red. My Orruk army is red. Yeah. So? 😉
  11. I was already wavering between red/black and purple/green. Rob's image makes the choice point toward red, fer sher.
  12. @Panzer Even though I'll not make the same modifications, I gotta say that your idea looks really nifty. Nice work.
  13. Works fer me! So, I take umbrage with you calling them thieves. These are the righteous collectors of the tithes owed to the God of Death/Undeath. Sigmar is the thief. (That said, I have a Steelers jersey and book bag with "Sigmar" on each as a name-identifier, so yeah, loves me some Sigmar.)
  14. 🤷‍♂️ I suppose I'm just not bothered if children playing with toys don't learn the right terms for medieval bits of metal that were stuck on sticks of one length compared to medieval bits of metal that were stuck on sticks of a different length, each used to kill a guy in a disagreement. Are we really concerned about using Warhammer to teach children real history? @panzer Not sure how to remove you from the quote above. Sorry.
  15. For the record, @JackStreicher, I also believe words have meaning. For sure. If you tell me to drive in a circle when the road is a straight line, that's going to cause an issue. My point is that in a game, where everything is simply a series of definitions that apply within the game, it doesn't matter which words are assigned to a lore item. Yes, if the rule itself says to roll two dice, the number and the object matter. On the other hand, if the lore/description says that the Scarfkarg is equipped with a Vorpan, it is essentially and functionally no different from saying the Skeleton is armed with a halberd or the Morghast is armed with a sword.
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