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  1. Sleboda

    Wrath and Rapture

    Yep, funny ... and immature and disrespectful and lazy and childish and ...
  2. Sleboda

    Wrath and Rapture

    Bib Dogs. Bib Hounds. Why, oh why, do we, as a community, feel the need to insult and/or disregard the creative efforts of the designers whose work we ostensibly enjoy? Is it really that hard to call them by their actual name? I mean, I know Hearthstone players are notorious for being uberlazy ego-nerds, but aren't we a better group than they are? (For the record, I play Hearthstone, but refuse to call, for example, a Warlock deck that focuses on achieving the Nether Portal quest something as lazy and dumb as 'Questlock.') Also, get off my lawn.
  3. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    Perfectly put. The sense of entitlement from some customers of some businesses has always been perplexing to me. What a company "owes" you for your purchase is the item that you are purchasing.
  4. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    Not saying I disagree with the conclusion that redone elves are better than rehashed ones, but I don't agree with the premise. No, older lines do not have to die.
  5. Sleboda

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    Before in list this month's goals, here is how last month ended up: Assemble the full Speed Freeks set - nope, only got the buggies Assemble black coach - nope, still in box Take Cursebreakers from 'table top' to 'respectable' - nope Finish Gits - nope Paint three Endless Spells - nope Paint a minimum of 10 assorted Nighthaunt models - Yes! Got 19 done! Reach rank 14 in Hearthstone - Yes! Reached 13! 😁 On to this month: 3 endless spells 12 chainrasps Rank 15 That's it. More modest.
  6. Sleboda

    Shadespire vs. Nightvault warbands

    It's all very much nicely balanced. Newer is not better, just newer, and it can take time to figure out the stuff the newer items do, which can give the (false) impression that the new stuff is better. Enjoy both together with confidence.
  7. Sleboda

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    When I started painting Warhammer stuff in the mid-80s, I used gloss varnish followed by Testors Dull Coat. That worked great. For the last 20 years, though, I simply don't varnish and just take care with my models. The paint jobs don't get changed by the varnish, and I'm not suffering from chips (plastic is much less likely to chip than old metal models).
  8. Sleboda

    Wrath and Rapture

    There was a draft Chaos Dwarf book back in the Perinen (sp?) days. It had golems animated by different precious rocks. Too bad it never got into production.
  9. Sleboda

    The Scattering of AoS's Ruleset

    They don't want to. Their entire existence is based on selling a hobby. They took a stab at making pure game-only books a while back in 40K and it was a disaster. They realize that they would be a much less successful business if they didn't the the whole hobby together and tried to just sell rules with nothing creating investment/attachment through the models/hobby.
  10. Sleboda

    The Scattering of AoS's Ruleset

    And more distinct terms. Like I mentioned in my Flowchart thread, we have Commands Traits, Battle Traits, Command Abilities, Abilities, Allegiance Abilities, and two different used for Allegiance. (Not to mention Wounds and Mortal Wounds where one is not subsumed by the other.) There had to be more sensible terms to use to keep these concepts distinct.
  11. Sleboda

    The Scattering of AoS's Ruleset

    The GW approach to rules and gaming all summed up nicely. It's what lets GW 'get away with' their fairly shoddy rules production. I loves me some GW, but rules (writing, organization, presentation, consistency) have always been their weakest point.
  12. Sleboda

    Army Selection Flowchart

    That really might be the best Step 1. Pick a few kits that look cool to you. Once you have a box, a blister, or both ... then what? Start there and then let the flowchart guide you in a journey of exploration.
  13. Sleboda

    Army Selection Flowchart

    Thanks for the thoughts so far. Even the ones that don't match the objective are useful for spurring ideas. I think I need to clarify/focus a bit. Yes, it's sort of easy to compile a simple list of resources that influence your building of an army list. I think we've done that here, but just to be sure, I'll list them here: Core Rules Grand Alliance books Battletomes Compendium Current GHB (any need for previous ones?) Errata Designer's Commentaries Malign Sorcery book Firestorm supplement * Rules on assembly instructions inside certain model kits Online site (where?) that has the rules for the Underworlds warbands to be used in AoS Others? (Where is the updated Thunderers warscroll printed?) I think that is the straightforward, lengthy, and complete list of all places where you could find current, legal rules that are or can be used in the building of an army list. That's one part of the quest, such as this seems it may be. The other part is really a two-part thing in my mind, but the distinction is less important that the overall goal. Or that was my thinking, anyway. What folks have said about helpful teachers, new people learning on a curve, and so on is true, but I'm trying to avoid applying a (likely personalized) motivation for there being a flow chart. That can be distracting, as it has been with the focus of some posts (again, thankful for them!) looking past the goal and addressing a particular person's perceived need (as in the case of new gamers). If the tool is done without a focus on a motivation or a specific player type, and instead is done with the goal in mind, I think it becomes pretty clear that building an army list that is both legal and nigh-perfectly informed is not a simple task as all, and even for those who do find it to be simple, such a tool could help catch the occasional slip up or missed opportunity. Look, I have my own reasons for wanting this tool. Not gonna lie. I, personally, feel so confused when making a list. I feel like I've missed out on something or, worse, inadvertently cheated. I just want to get it right, not miss anything, and know I've put together a list that was well-considered and legal. Frankly, as helpful as people in stores and so on can be, I don't trust them to get it right. Even store managers. Heck, back in the day, we (when I worked for GW) used to train store managers in the Three Fs and the Rule of 4. Games were to be Fast, Fun, and Furious, and everything hit and wounded on 4+. We were intentionally teaching the wrong rules to get new kids into the game, figuring they would get it right down the line. I don't want to derail this effort, but that example teaches me that I can't really rely on supposed SMEs to teach me the right stuff. I want and need a source I can reference to walk me through all the options. A glossary is also very important. We have Command Traits, Battle Traits, Command Abilities, Abilities, Allegiance Abilities, etc. We have Allegiance that matters when selecting your army, but then means something else when playing your army. Same term, different applications. Wading through all of that is confusing! And I'm (braggin' a bit I suppose - sorry) really well educated on words 'n stuff. Sure, I can figure it out, but 4 months to 6 months later when I play my next game, I have zero confidence that I will remember everything correctly, so I need to go back and take a refresher course. Honestly, it puts me off playing, so I paint and maybe play Underworlds or Arcadia Quest instead. It just shouldn't be this complicated to make a legal, well-informed list. * Edit: Added this one as we were looking at the Adepticon Team Tournament rules and it pointed out that this will be in use, reminding us of its existence.
  14. Sleboda

    Army Selection Flowchart

    But it should be doable, right? It would not need to be faction specific. Start here (pick GA maybe?). Select next thingie. Consult FAQ. If your thingie had option X, modify selection to match. And so on. If there truly is no programmatic way to select any and all armies, then that's a problem. You have to learn different ways to make armies, not just different armies themselves? Yuck. As to using Azyr and dismissing the allegiance or battalion stuff and still being legal, that misses the objective here again. It's not just that the army is legal, it's also knowing that you've availed yourself of all possible options. Nothing stinks quite like talking a knife to a gun fight only to be told "Oh, well you also could have had a gun too if you had checked the FAQ, read Malign Sorcery, and brought in the right allies that have rules only in a corner of one website."
  15. Sleboda

    Army Selection Flowchart

    I get ya, but that's not the point of the exercise - that a beginner shouldn't need the extra stuff. Why should we tell any gamer what they should it shouldn't need? The premise of the post is to find a tool for that gamer to know, with certainly, that they've had access to all available resources and built a legal list. Also, in case it's not obvious, I need this help too, and I'm not a beginner by any stretch! I just think it would be a useful reference for any AoS gamer, new and bright, or old and confused. 🙂