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  1. I don't know that I'd use the term "scum" (maybe bottom-feeder or ghoul), and, just being honest here, I really rather enjoy the pinup style of art they use, but I'm with you on the idea that they pretty much have their business model as "Hey, what that over there? Something popular that was developed over years of product evolution at a large expense and with great risk but that is now selling well? I guess we should just copy them and ride their coat tails all the way to the bank." Their stuff looks great, but they would not exist if they had to do their own thing rather than being a parasite.
  2. Implying that now you do. It's not about me, personally, being insecure. I'm content. I'm happy. I just thought your casual disregard for mental health and social awkwardness was off-putting and potentially damaging to those who genuinely do suffer from these difficulties. We try hard to be friendly and inclusive here, and your flippant remarks fly in the face of that.
  3. Maybe show something close to a little respect for people who are not the same as you. Calling people you've never met "absolutely mad" and implying they are socially inept is really uncalled for.
  4. That's a matter of opinion. While I do enjoy the "therapy" of painting the same guy 70 times, the main thing I like about single-pose, one-part models is how it makes an army look like an army and not just a loose band of like-minded fighters. I respect that you find it boring, but for some of us, the loss of the option to get 50-200 of the same exact guy and paint them all is a real bummer in an otherwise exciting hobby.
  5. 1. Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment. 2. (From the TV show Community) Hope is pouting in advance. Hope is faith's richer, bitchier sister. Hope is the deformed addict bound incest monster offspring of entitlement and fear.
  6. Will they though? I'm a bigbonkerswowie TK fan. Thousands upon thousands of points in the last army of them I painted, not to mention the several TK armies I had painted before that one. To say they were my favorite part of the Games Workshop Hobby (tm) is downplaying it massively. I was livid when they went away. Seeing the silly BS rules for Settra (if your knee touches the floor, you lose) felt like an insult aimed straight at my heart and my wallet. I stopped buying WD for the first time since issue 102. I stopped playing and painting entirely. I was out. But. Here I am. Happy as a pig in poo. Buying army after army in sizes of at least 5000 points each. Getting every Warcry, Blood Bowl, and Underworlds model - sometimes in multiples up to four (I'm looking at you, snotling team, when you come out). Enjoying Kill Team and 40K (3 sets of Indomitus and I have no intention of doing a marine army). And so on. Heck, I own stock and will add more to my holdings if they ever dip under $100/share again. At this point, I really don't know what they could do to drive people away short of going to each player's house and taking their models. Removing a faction would be out of the question? Ha! Not even remotely true.
  7. Thanks! I know some people stay away from red/green because of Xmas, but it's never bugged me.
  8. @TwiceIfILikeIt and I got out goodie box two days so. Same stuff, and I can say that yeah, the books are nice. I sorta feel sorry for GW. The New 40K Necron/Marine combo sprue had to be designed to get major WOWs at the event. It's very cool that they sent this to all who registered even after the fact.
  9. Just a minor update. I've added another five Deathriders to the army, bringing the total to 10. I acted on the earlier suggestion to create a greater dark to light range in the reds and am pleased. I'm still not using great lighting for photos, but in person I can tell this batch is better. Up next, Stalkers and a new hero.
  10. You um, you did see the smiley, right?
  11. My factions are all free of elves, Brettonians, and Gotrek. That makes them the best.
  12. It's a little disingenuous to call these loot boxes. The reason video game loot boxes are bad is because, among other things, they mirror gambling (like, actual $ gambling) too much. As in, pay money to get a chance at a thing that will help you beat other players, often with things only available in the gamble. When you have the possibility of getting prize money playing those video games ... well, yeah, it's an issue. You shouldn't be able to drop $10 in the hopes of winning $1000. These are more like the sort of things lots of stores do with mystery grab bags. You are not spending as a gamble toward a larger payoff. You are just getting some hobby stuff cheaper. These really are different from loot boxes. Will I get one? Nah. Even 50% off with almost no knowledge of what I may get is too much. 75% off would tempt me, but probably not even then. Edit: It's not like GW isn't already dabbling in this general idea. The Space Marine Heroes series has blind buy with chase models. I bought I case of the Plague Marine ones in Japanese and will buy another if they come to the US in English.
  13. Ha! In fairness, I've always felt that way. Heck, I've done Tomb Kings armies 3 or 4 times, each with multiple units of 60 skeletons, just so I could have them in different color schemes. Back in old 40K days, I had something like a dozen metal chaos dreadnought models just so I could play whichever weapon combos I wanted. This was before I owned stock. But yes, now that I do own stock, I would be in favor of banning magnets from the hobby entirely. 😉
  14. Good for you! That's cheating. If you want options, get more toys.
  15. What if they were a single mortarch with a Ladyhawk curse vibe? Each appears under different in-game circumstances, but only one at a time, the two never to reunite. Done sort of punishment from Nagash for perceived slights or failures. Call them the Mortarch of Emo.
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