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  1. Lol! That passes the filter, but door opening device and knee rapid movement do not? Ha!
  2. Why? The rules don't indicate any particular part is needed. It's not even like the head makes sense. Not all heads have eyes. Not all models are facing toward the target. If anything, shouldn't you need to use the point of the weapon and the eyes of the shooter? (Not serious on that.) Also, why the bulk of the target? I'm not saying your way isn't friendly, just that it's in no way, at all, what the rules say.
  3. Yeah, I'm not sure I'd want to see a formalized system for line of sight. I like the concept of model's eye view in a 1:1 game using models. It just sort of makes sense. That said, it really does feel strange that you can have several models from multiple units between your model and a shooting model, but as long as you can connect one 'pixel' on the toe of the shooter to one 'pixel' on the elbow of the target through all those models, it's fair game to take a clean shot.
  4. I'd suggest going even further. Use an old think brush and actually stir them with the brush smooshed into the bottom of the pot. I'm seeing some colors where shaking still leaves sediment.
  5. If it was just a few pennies per book, and if the shipping costs were too much, they would not be doing it this way. They must be realizing significant profit increases by using China or they wouldn't be doing it. BTW, speaking of business stuff - To all my fellow GW stock owners, a toast! Here's to contrast paints! 😁
  6. The ones in question at the time most certainly were. Don't know the current crop.
  7. The players in question are all excellent. There very well could be an issue with the design team. An anecdote: When I was a tester, I (and others as well) would get a set of the newest rules, test them (2000 pts, Pitched Battle, 4 x 6 table was the requirement, though we could test other ways as long as we focused on the 'standard' game), and report the results. Sometimes we would offer suggestions on clarifications to wording. We didn't tell them they stunk at words or anything, just pointed out where things could be more clear. Eventually we were told to stop since they couldn't fix everything "and make rules so long the book would be twice the size." When we then offered reworded options that actually were the same length or shorter, we were yelled at and basically told to stop trying to tell them how to do their jobs, that they were the rules writers, not us. Dunno if that's still the case in the studio, but it was a real thing back then and it was always sad to see a rule that had known issues that could have been fixed make it to the published books.
  8. This has been a difficult thing for Warhammer players to understand for as long as there have been Warhammer players. Anyone remember the old Watchtower scenario and its interaction with Empire detachments? That's really the classic. You can't 'force' a rule break when the option to follow them all is available.
  9. I can say with 100% certainty that this is untrue. I personally know 3 of their testers (and used to be one for old Warhammer myself). All three people have their own focus, but all three very much represent the wider player base.
  10. Just a thought for you and @prochuvi Getting a book is not the miracle cure some folks think. Khorne is on its third (I think) and it's still a joke. I think the book vs. non-book gap is overblown. It's really about well designed vs. steaming pile, regardless of where you find the rules.
  11. Really? I agree with the built of what you're saying, but not this. They are better, by a mile, at fighting and stopping magic than the book for the god of fighting and stopping magic. Something went very wrong there.
  12. Against Khorne demons: Get drunk so your opponent has a chance, otherwise he'll rage quit in short order and pick an army that might beat you.
  13. Both of these are good for a game that appears to be 40K scaled Epic. Not so good for AoS. I cross my fingers that we never see these in the game.
  14. Try Goregrunta for that as well if you have not. It's the equivalent of Mournfang but in contrast format. It's very good.
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