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  1. FWIW, based on my actual, multi-year experience with having actually run the sales data numbers (I installed the POS systems, harvested the polling data, and ran the reports at GW USA for a number of years), I can verify this. It's been a long time since that was my role, so I don't recall the specific numbers, but yes, by far the largest chunk of sales of an item (in the overwhelming numbers of cases) comes in the very early days of its release. Going back and tweaking an item may result in a small, temporary boost in sales for that item, but that boost is nowhere near the sales of a totally new item. It makes little business sense to tweak the old when you can put your resources into something new and get a comparative avalanche of sales on the new item.
  2. Yep. A year ago, GW stock was $40. Today it's $160. Pretty good to quadruple shareholder value in roughly a year. I'm happy, anyway. Just wish it would drop back to $90 on a dip so I could feel good about dumping a pile o' cash back in. But yeah, GW is doing great.
  3. I'm not familiar with him. Is he undead? If so, how can he rebel when Nagash has absolute control over all undead?
  4. Dear Sigmar, no, not as SCE! There is a reference in one of the early AoS books (main rules or campaign 1-4 series?) to crimson chariot legions or some such. I want full on actual TK. So many of the models in that range were already newer, bigger, AoS-like. I mean, my goodness, people fussed about how over the top the knights looked at the time, but that sort of creative and bizarre over-the-topness fits right in with the current aesthetic philosophy of AoS and also avoids being just "Egyptian skeletons." There is no reason most of that range couldn't still be used. That said, I know they would want to update, and I'd welcome that. I just really miss them, and as much as I enjoy Bonereapers (bought 10,000 points of them on Day 1), they really, really just aren't Tomb Kings. So, not SCE, not really reimagined. Just freakin' Tomb Kings.
  5. I have two that I'd like, one serious and one humorous/grumbley. 1. (Serious) Tomb Kings. 2. Khorne Demons that can win now and then.
  6. As they should, in my opinion. I'm all for flexibility and variety, but I'm strongly in favor of having some sort of rules-based guidance as to what the "standard" or typical army for a faction was envisioned by the designers to look like. I sincerely miss the days of 3rd ed. Warhammer Fantasy Battle with actual compulsory troops you *had* to have in an army.
  7. They would have to retcon a bit though (which they can do, of course, but I'd prefer they didn't). At the moment, Nagash has 100% unbreakable authority over, and control of, all undead, even vampires (including powerful ones like the Mortarchs). The new vampires would have no ability to betray him, and thus there would be no need to have minders, so to speak. Now, if he wanted to test loyalty but still have control/failsafes, I suppose he could keep his order of vampire vampire-hunters secret, tell certain vampires that they have proven their loyalty and earned free will. Then, he has his secret hunters (who are still 100% enthralled) watch over the free vampire. If he continues to be loyal, then that sort of innovation that comes from free will can be used as an asset. If he gets ideas, well, here comes the hunter.
  8. I wouldn't mind prepainted models IF they marketed the game to a different demographic. If it draws in things of new players who could get exposed to the hobby sort of "something else you can do it you want" then cool. You can always paint over prepainted models. We used to do that with old Monsterpocalypse models before they redid the game to be played with hobby models instead of collectable ones.
  9. It will take a very, very long time for that to happen. The original rhino kit, one of the most popular kits for the most popular model range in GW history, lasted for-freakin-ever. When I worked there, we used to joke that we wished the darn mold would break already so they can make a new rhino kit. Steel injection molds last for a reeeeeally long time.
  10. It can be the most amazing scale ever (6mm) and not be the rules catastrophe of the worst GW game ever (Warmaster). They are not linked. Gimme Epic Warhammer!!!
  11. Agreed. For example, me! If this isn't 6-10mm scale Epic armies in mass combat, but rather just a second 32mm scale game, I can't see getting in.
  12. Not to get too far down the Power Level hole, but I'm massively in favor of playing that way. It's incredibly unlikely I'll ever play in a 40K tournament (I'm 30+ years into my tournament gaming experience, and so far not a single 40K tournament played, so I can't see starting now), so playing against @TwiceIfILikeIt, her son, our friends, etc. totally works for me. We're on the same page, and while we do of course try to win when we play each other, we're not butts about it. PL is great. That said, even using PL, the app makes me nervous that I'm building my lists incorrectly.
  13. Perhaps, but oddly enough, the digital tool has now made me question if I've been getting it right on paper. In other words, I may have been blissfully unaware of errors I was making -- or at the very least unaware of how many/overwhelming my options were. I still prefer paper in 99% of cases, even if I'm limiting myself.
  14. As part of the GW promotion to give away armies we build in Battle Forge, I have come to appreciate the AoS process of making army lists. Don't get me wrong, I find making an AoS list to be needlessly complicated and tedious, but trying to make a legal list for 40K is a darned nightmare. The new app really highlights how crazy-complex it is. Sheesh! Be thankful, AoS players, that AoS list building is only a 7 out of 10 on complexity. 40K goes to 11.
  15. Thank you for using the correct form of "dual."
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