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  1. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment, but it also generates sales.
  2. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    Understood. It's a valid point, but if we are looking at the things about AoS that bothered people, it's not really fair to say that GW made it so that players "have to" re-base their collections. While tournaments are fun, they are hardly the setting in which most AoS games are played.
  3. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    I agree with the general tone of much of your post, but in fairness to GW, this was not, and still actually is not, required. My most recent game used 80 skeletons and 40 zombies on square bases, and my opponent was not bothered in the slightest.
  4. Sleboda

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Curse dudes.
  5. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    Or from the sky down, perhaps.
  6. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    I've never bought into the idea that certain armies somehow counter other armies in the overall game, thus leading to a sort of balance. If you play a shooting army and your usual mates play anti-shooting armies but nobody plays the thing that supposedly balances it all out, then all you have a a bummer of an experience for the shooting army. In other words, each game you play is against one thing, not against the combined balanced effect of all armies that you might play. This is also related to why I think two ideas are either myths or misused terms: power creep and 'meta.' Battletomes are made as works on their own merits, not as ways to change how people play the game or to smack down previous books.
  7. Sleboda

    Carrion Empire Gone Already?

    NMM and Counts-as. There are other Evils in other areas (like using the wrong words for things), but in terms of the actual hobby part of this ... hobby ... those are my Three Great Evils.
  8. Sleboda

    Carrion Empire Gone Already?

    Dipping is one of the Three Great Evils of the Hobby. IMO. 🙂
  9. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    I have the large glass aluminum prints of Legions of Nagash and Mortarion hanging in my AoS and 40K rooms respectively. I can vouch for the fantastic quality of their work.
  10. Sleboda

    New ban/restricted list for UW

    I do agree that the Thorns are best equipped to try scoring Objectives, but being the best at a horridly difficult thing that even the best only make work one in s blue moon still leaves you in a bad spot. They still need: - Varklav alive (btw, I think he's the most important fighter in the group) - Nobody occupying the Objectives you want - Those Objectives within push range - Your activation to be the final one in the round - Your opponent to not hold ploys that push fighters off in the Power Step (Varklav cannot help you get back on at that point) I dunno, folks, that's a lot of things that need to go right to make it work. Not trying to be a Negative Nelly, honestly, just trying to discuss the issue as I see and experience it.
  11. Sleboda

    New ban/restricted list for UW

    Queen aggression makes sense to me. Objectives don't. First, you're trading out one of the 12 (limited resource) Objective cards that could be under your control for ones that are much less in your control. Second, as soon as your opponent sees you going for multiple objectives, at least in my experience (and it's also what I do to others), they use any number of options to deny you, often with just the flick of a card. I'm genuinely interested in hearing how people have made objective style play a viable option. I loved playing that way when the game first came out, but have not seen it work since just after the Chosen Axes hit.
  12. Sleboda

    New ban/restricted list for UW

    I can't imagine taking objectives is a thing. I load up my Queen, for sure, but for me they plan is to score a boat load of those easy/ immediates. Get guys next to an enemy, move through enemies, leader alive, be inspired, keep them guessing, that sort of thing. I'm curious to see how they can be aggressive and even more curious about how anyone lets objectives (the tiles) matter at all.
  13. Sleboda

    Carrion Empire Gone Already?

    No, it was a failure. They have no idea how many sales they lost.
  14. Sleboda

    New ban/restricted list for UW

    Bummer. Superior Tactician is pretty much how I won with Thorns. Plus, I was just rebuilding my deck to include Deathly Fortitude. Back to the drawing board.