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  1. There are plenty of gamers I don't want touching my dice. Eww.
  2. Back when we first got the US GTs going, we provided all the dice, tape measures, and templates. That lasted for a few years.
  3. I have attended as player and judge major and minor events all across the US. Also Canada and UK a few times. I've seen cheating in all three countries.
  4. Just a note on that. I recently learned that that one is not a best practice, but an actual rule! I had no idea.
  5. Now you don't even write it down. No room to cheat. This is the first die roll that I think you keep secret in AoS. Also, imagine this: You do the cup thing and check the result. It's not the result you want. You play things out for a little bit and then *oops* you bump the cup. The die goes floppy. In the spirit of "generosity" you offer to reroll it, even commenting that "gee, it may not go right for me again, but gosh it was my fault for bumping it." Your opponent agrees, and even though it's only a 50/50 shot of getting the result you want, that's better than the 100% chance of not having it with the roll you had before the "accidental" bump. This rule, while neat, opens up a new avenue for cheating.
  6. Whelp, I spoze just disagree. Which is fine!
  7. I think you're missing a bit I said previously. I agree with the cup method. I also think TOs should force that method without allowing players to opt for another so that cheating, which will happen otherwise, is reduced. In other words, people are bad. Enforce good behavior.
  8. Yes. While you can make the decision to ignore the cards, I, personally, believe that doing so comes with great risk to fairness. At the very minimum, you should endeavour to follow the layout of the terrain on the card, including rough shape and size of all pieces. That said, you should be fine using a different specific piece of terrain. As an example of what I'm talking about, think about the spiked walls. They have rules that allow a player to toss models onto them from above, which helps lesser models harm better ones. If you don't position those near elevated terrain as shown on many cards, you remove a tactical option the rules otherwise would have given the players.
  9. Actually, @Dead Scribe is right. We like to think of it community as a friendly pool of awesome people, but the key word there is people. People are, ultimately, self serving in all actions (baring misfiring neurons). Gamers are still people, and human nature is tough to beat. We don't want to think about this. We want to believe we are somehow the exception to how all humans ever have behaved, but we're not. It's a bummer to think about, so we try to drown out those thoughts with visions of sugar plum fairies and wishful thinking. It doesn't change the reality, it just masks it and makes us feel better. As a rules judge and player in events for decades, I can say I've personally witnessed dozens of instances of cheating and even some of the practiced rules lawyering Dead Scribe mentioned. It is real and happens regularly.
  10. This used to be the case, and resulted in pages of rules and clarifications to handle some the possibilities. I am not saying I didn't like the option, but the trade off for a single profile model is worth it for me. For many years at the end of WFB there were players (me included) looking at the trend of combined profiles and wanting it to come for mounted heroes (like King on Chariot or Sphinx) as well. Then it happened! I don't want to go back.
  11. I definitely understand your feelings on this, but I'll offer a counter or two. 1. Most (all?) armies still offer heroes on foot, so you have the option to skip the bigger guys and stick to the smaller ones. 2. AoS is a big shift from WFB. In the old Warhammer days, many gamers I knew really wanted huge monsters and heroes, but not only did the setting and rules not encourage them as much, but the technology and materials of the time didn't allow for them. That's all different now and I think GW is just letting decades of wishful thinking be fulfilled - and I, for one, am very happy for this.
  12. I'm going spears on the first 120 Guard I do and the first 30 Riders, then I'll add a unit of 20 sword Guard and maybe 10 sword riders. Why? Two reasons. 1. Spears look cooler and sword damage output is not that much higher to where it makes them a no-brainer. 1. Often overlooked in this game is max output. The spears (and swords on Stalkers vs. Falchion) have the potential to kill more things total in some instances. To put it another way, if you absolutely positively must kill 11 models and your swords cap out at 10, it doesn't matter how much more likely the swords are to kill 10 models, because they can't kill the 11th.
  13. I don't follow their work. Can you elaborate a bit?
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