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  1. Sounds quite good to me. Bloodthirsters seem never to be a wrong choice currently Sounds like a great project The ones who start StD althrough they know they will be doomed are the best ones A) Gore Pilgrims Provide you only a Range Increase to the Banner. As it can run in the current Edition, it is not entirely necessary. The +1CP and Artifact are fine nevertheless. If you are on a Budget, the "cheap" SC!-Box delivers you almost anything required for this battion. In this case: Go for it. B)What exactly do you expect from a dumpster fire? C) Well, as you plan to use a Lord on Manticore, playing Gorepilgrims is an Idea. It can be used with a Gorecleaver to do some really evil damage on your oponent. Lance and Blade is quite a Glasscannon-Build you should be aware of. I had a lot of bad luck with mine due to a lot of failed rolls, yet I think it is a quite fun choice. Chaos Knights are great fans of the Bloodsecrator Buff. I would recommend to play them with a Lord on Daemonic Mount. This would be even more important than the Juggerlord, althrough you could also just use the model with both profiles because...well, it is technically a Lord on Daemonic Mount, huh? Together with a Secrator, Glaives, a Bloodstroker and 2x the Command Ability from the Lord on d. Mount you get 3 Attacks on 2+,3+ Rerollable, -1 Rend and 2 Dmg on the Charge, with +3" for the Charge. D) Yeah, see abote in my answer to Darrin: Bloodthirsters are always worth concidering.
  2. Well, the mentioned Gorepilgrims are just neat for the range bubble of the Secrator but not necessary. You could also use Reapers of Vengence for this one, with an battatlion so you can take an additional Artifct, and take the "On 4+-Halo-Of-Blood" that you can combine with the Reapers of Vengence "Fight Twice" Ability. Double the Fun for the Bloodletters, but also only 50% Reliability on Fightning first
  3. Did anyone made some games with Slaves in the Last time? I would love to see a BatRep again
  4. Well, a merge would be great for my Ghostclaws, but in general I am still quite carefull about that whole merge thing. We didn´t had any signs from gw that this could happen. The Pictures/Trailer do not include BCR´s, they are still separated on the shop and have, if I remember correctly, different introductions on the AoS-Page.
  5. Had yesterday a game with Khorne against Sylvaneth. I was quite nervous because my opponent took Allarielle in a 1250pts game, together with a Durthu, that Wych-Hero that can summon Dryads and 10 Revenants. I played Reapers of Vengence with 2x10 Bloodletters, 5 Wrathmongers, 5 Skullreapers, Bloodsecrator, 2 Slaughterpriests, MLoK and a Skulltaker. Also Hexgorgers and the Axe. We played with only faction terrain and the mission was "Falling Stars" From GHB18. Well, while I usualy see 660pts models dominate the whole game from early on, this time it wasn´t the case. I was able to shut down all his magic from turn 2 and 3 as he moved his casters quite into hexgorger skull range and right into the Altar which I placed as far in the middle as possible. -3 to Cast is something even Allarielle has to learn to deal with. The Game ended with me killing his last Units in early turn 4. Up to this point he had only Allarielle with 2 Wounds, a Branchwych which was about to duell the Skulltaker and a single Dryad against 4 Angry Wrathmongers (ok, thoose guys are always angry, so nevermind!). All in all I won due to the fact that my opponent relied too heavy on magic and didn´t use Allarielle offensive enough to get me into trouble. The Kurnoth Hunters he summoned were slayed by the Skulltaker through the Reapers-Double-Combar-CA and beside of this Allarielle really did not much this game. Meanwhile I was also happy that the Hexgorgers didn´t disappear once in the game after beeing summoned once. Allarielle had one critical spell that gave her +2 to cast, so she could resist the Hexgorgers, but with the auto-unbind for 2 Bloodtithe this could be also handled quite nice. The Wyldwoods were a bigger issue for my enemy than for me. The MW from the on-cast-awakening didn´t appear as no spells were casted and also the MW through the Charge Phase didn´t go off once. Instead he placed the woods in a weird way thaqt he couldn´t set up Allarielle to charge my weak side as her base couldn´t fit between the woods. I noticed how much more potential the Reapers of Vengence bring. The Command Ability is just sick, while the Mage-Hate-General Trait allows to field a Slaughterpriest less to get on the right ammount of unbinds.
  6. Welcome on Board!
  7. Charleston

    Is SCE OP?

    Oops, sorry :'D
  8. Charleston

    Is SCE OP?

    Nevermind, failed to notice this is Warcry
  9. Btw, some nice wishlisting thing from my side, if BCR and Ogors are going to be put together again: -Dual Plastic Kit to build either Yheetees or Gorgers This could allow to keep both around and jump from failcast to plastic. Both units would share the dynamic base pose. Box size of 3 which would be backed into the new warscroll, which would allow gw to move people to buy the kit who already have like 1-2 Gorgers.
  10. Yeah, the link is /tg/ and me calling it "a serious" source was pure sarcasm But nevertheless, Rumours that were nice to read
  11. I would almost bet on a serious one like this for example
  12. Hey Kurrilino, it is okay to be eager for a StD Release, and it is okay to be a frustrated about the bad rules we have in each single GHB. I would love to see a soon StD Release as much as you would, but yet we have to keep some things low profile here as StD are only one of several factions around. Also calling Archaon the main bad guy and telling people that GW chopped the antagonist is just wrong. The current narrative focuses on Nagash as Villain. The first big Story Arc, including the Gatewars, the War against Chaos, the Quest for Ghal Maraz etc., in which Archaon was the main Antagonist, is simply over and Archaon is not a big player in the current arc so far. Which is totaly okay, as people who love Death Factions also have the right to get Spotlight Time. We really have several hints that GW works on StD/Darkoath and I really belive that the odds are high that GW wants this release to be good. It is just not our time yet. It will be. One Day we will be back and we will bring the Glory of Chaos back. Also, NArratively, Warcry is the first active mention of Chaos in the big narrative Arc. Archaon is Calling, Tribes are answering. Armies will gather.
  13. How do you guys actually play against Sylvaneth? I am always somehow scarred of running into the woods as there seem to be so many weird mortal wound effects in any single phase of the game that I really can´t grasp my head around it. It it eve worth bothering, as we cannot counter them? I really hate terrain that deals damage and can be placed like directly in my face~
  14. Ouh, sorry, I´d ve better clarified this: I look for alternate uses, not 'count as'. Cities of Sigmar is Dead for me now, therefore I really look how to (mis?)use the minis in another way if I don´t find anyone to buy them
  15. I look forward for the "Sylvaneth killed the Radio Star Greywater Fastness" Lore. Btw, I have 2 Boxes full of "Assault on Skull Pass" Dworfs. Any Idea how to use them now? Terrain? Basing Material? Tought about some Stoned Dworfs, like in Guild Wars Lore, that are statues now.
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