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  1. What sorts of point reductions would you guys see as needed to make StD work better? Some things I would say by guts: Chaos Knights from 180 to 160 Choosen to 120 Soul Grinder to 200 Slaughterbrute 140 Chaos Lord on Manticore 210 Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore 210 Daemon Prince 200 Gaunt Summoner 220
  2. Hi Guys, I recently got an FEC Army that I want to paint up soon. I love the Lore and like the models, yet I couldn´t find a color sheme that I could get along well. So I tought I may ask you for some pictures of some nice color shemes as inspiration 😮
  3. Like this? could be even used in Lumineth
  4. Short question: I currently concider to use leftover bits and 5 unbuilt Bloodwarriors to turn thoose into either Wrathmongers or Skullreapers. I currently own 5 Mongers and 10 Reapers and I´m not sure what is the better option to build. Or should I go for another 5 Bloodwarriors to have 15 instead of my current 10`?
  5. Acrylic Paint (the cheapest one around you can find) and fine sand. You could even utilise paint that is meant for painting walls. Main criteria here is low price and a color you are happy with. Fine Sand means some fine beach sand (or "playing sand" for children/hamsters with 0-1mm diameter). You should be able to buy this cheaply in any pet store or, if possible, in any bigger hardware store if there is any open around. I know that people use sodium instead of sand too but I for my own prefer the uneven size of sand grains. How to use? Just mix both together and stir it until you have a homogeanous paste. Don´t be shy with the sand, as long as the sand is covered with paint the paste will work fine and won´t go off. Meanwhile, having too much paint with not enough sand leads to some parts of the base not beeing covered with basing material but instead only paint which looks thin.
  6. I´ve been at this point, too, once, in a battle pre battletome, where I accidentially left my Sorcerer Killsteal with an Arcane Bolt. The Eye of the Gods wording should then be rather changed into "Whenever a SLAVES TO DARKNESS Hero with the EYE OF THE GODS Keyword destroys an enemy HERO or MONSTER unit within the meele *or hero phase*, ...". This wording should provide less issues with people missunderstanding the rules. The Call to Glory effect sounds quite fluffy. Yet, I belive not many people would utilise this. You usually want to upgrade your meele beatsticks with the table rolls as the effects are mostly tailored for them. Also, you don´t want to unneccessary loose your supportive/utility spellcaster, even a trade off against a Daemon Prince is not that viable when loosing access to Mask of Darkness until end of battle. Nevertheless the idea for narrative Battles sounds nice and I wouldn´t be against my opponent playing this in a B&B match
  7. There are actually a few Ideas around. Right now I am waiting for more input on Sonst of Behemat as I belive there will be a load of options for conversions like Chaos Gargants. I also just obtained some FEC Models and I am tinkering about what cool conversions I could do with them. Using some Sylvaneth Branches and Arms for a Force that is warped into something more than just Ghouls seems quite tempting. Also I´ve concidered a Chaos taint here, having an army that once prayed to a certain God of Chaos but was forsaken by their gods and turned into ghouls, with remeins of Chaos Heraldry. Khorne seems fitting as Khorne culture also includes Canibalism. Showing that noone is save from the Delusional Curse of the FEC that way seems quite cool to me. The Sword of the Soul Grinder is also a great bit for a Sword-Wielding Bloodthirster, especially the Blade looks nasty. Corpse Carts can be easily converted to have a Ghoul Rider aton to make them look better as allies. Similar for Mortis Engines.
  8. I noticed today that if I was about to change a single rule, it would be Realm Magic Lore. Instead of giving access to all wizzards to the spells of the lore the battle takes place in, I would give this Lore to any Army that is from the selected Realm and allow any wizzard to pick an additional spell from this lore. Really, this bugs me more than any single bad warscroll around.
  9. Hi @Overread! Great Idea to gather some ideas here. Are others also allow to contribute so people may exchange some cool Ideas or is this meant to be a personal collection of toughts?
  10. Hi all, it´s been a long time since the last update so I tought I may share some pictures of my baddies. Currently only the husskard is really concidered to be finished as I´ve put some time and effort into him to make him ready for our great painting competition here at TGA. The Stonehorn Riders (Tentacles-Mount) needs some touch ups all over, the Frostlord still lacks the reins and I struggle to come up with how to improve the Thundertusk. Nevertheless, I already love the models. I hope you enjoy them, too!
  11. I belive that GW HQ has already concidered the option of closing production and logistic due to corona even before Adepticon was canceled. Therefore I would assume them that the previews are planed nevertheless to happen.
  12. I belive there might be quite a load of yet unexpected stuff.
  13. Hi all, first of all, thank you very much for the contest and this great opportunity for painting motivation! I hope this entry fits the Theme of Blood and Glory, if not please contact me and I will retract the submission. Unfornunately I wasn´t able to Basecoat my Chaos Models for this due to Corona. I hope you enjoy my model as much as I enjoyed the other submissions around!
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