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  1. My experience: Bigger games are not really a solution. It would put the game more in the spot in which whfb lost many beginners: When the entry point of an army is too high, people won´t jump as easy into the hobby. What helps to really shake up the meta is playing smaller games instead. On 1k you really can´t assemble many deathstars. It does not allow you to play a list that can take it up against all opponents and forces you to play more reactive to your opponent. Playing 2-3 small 1k games in a match-setup can be really a nice refreshing experience that I like to repeat from time to time
  2. For me it somehow evolved over time: On first glance I tought the models look odd. Cow-Helmets, Sauna-Hat-Archers, Giant-Cow-on-Spider-legs and so on. With time, I got used to most of these and found conversions for the worst offenders. And Lumineth also provide all that I desire in an army: Units With Bows, nice Cavallery, big monsters, outstanding heroes, base troop infantery that seemingly matters and looks awesome (wardens). Right now I really concider Lumineth as next Army-Project.
  3. Ok, I guess I am not enough around Lumineth Groups yet because I really didn´t hit on many of the hammer boy conversions. I actually didn´t knew they don´t see much play, tought they are quite decent unit.
  4. It is really hard to judge and I would love to know this as well. I guess when Pandemy is gone, we will see more. There are so many factors here: The bundle Box releasing a shard of the army could be either a good way to establish them in some sort of teaser-release, or as well be a reason why some people stepped away from the release until wave 2 hit. The Alarith-Guys and big Spirits were controversial, yes, but to be honest, many people that complained were never about to start the army anyway. I assumed to see a load of conversions on these Models, but have not seen many to be honest. Rulewise the faction is already a quite interesting and distinct faction.
  5. GW noticed that thay can milk the cash cow better when they force multiple book releases on each faction. Thus, releasing half factions and forcing players to buy two books to have full access is a logical consequence. Hedonites are the other approach: Release two waves with two battletomes. Later one has the advantage of less stuff to be carried around for the player. PA and Broken Realms are also just a way to lure people into buying rulebooks, which meanwhile loose value so fast that more and more people start using online resources, mostly "free" ones that are not provided by GW. In general, GW is always experimenting on how to sell stuff in an efficient way. Thats what the company is for: Making money. It´s an important thing to keep in mind. That´s btw also why new units are mostly stronger than older ones, to keep them attractive in sales. Also, as stated in the powercreep: GW creates rulewise frustration/imbalance on purpose. It´s something that defines 40k since ages already: Unit A is good, Unit B is trash. Both can even be sold in a single box. People build Unit A, then the next edition/faq/addon nerfs Unit A and makes Unit B incredibly good. People who are into competetive mindsets see Unit A now as worthless and buy the kit again to assemble as Unit B now, increasing sales...This does not only has to be right about internal balance of units within a faction, it can also be about factions. Many players who play sub-tier-factions know the temptation of buying into a new army that gameplaywise is more attractive... I should write a blog post about this actually. Talking about experiments, another one that defined many AoS factions was keeping neccessary Battlelines in quite expensive boxes with inclusion in as few bundle boxes as possible. Witch Aelves and Kharadron Arkanaut Companies are an example, Lumineth are also quite dependable on wardens so far. Althrough bonereapers break the pattern here due to the heavy discount in the dual box during introduction.
  6. I just noticed that this Vampire Hunter could be the first designated CoS Unit Release
  7. Thats what my post was about to point out: We do not know much about the game. Will it be rank and file? Or a Skirmish? Will it be 28mm heroic scale? Will it be bigger, as AoS and 40k models tend toward in recent design? Or will it be a smaller scale like LotR, which improves the rank and file feeling due to smaller miniatures at cost of single model detail? Will it be square or round bases? Regiment bases? Will it be a new 4th main-system? Or a specialist game? Will heroes have a great role? Or a smaller one? How about magic? Will Skaven and Lizzardmen return? And what about Chaos? Will there be some sort of cross-compatibility of models? Or none at all? * Currently there is a lot of room for desires to flourish. Some may be inspired by old WHFB and golden memories. Others may be inspired by the awesome feel of Total War:Warhammer 1+2. And it is great to have some room for wishes and desires, especially in such cursed times as the current. But from experience I would fear that many of thoose wishes will turn into frustration when not fulfilled by GW. That´s why I really hope that GW keeps us up to date with what to expect. * Propably some of thoose questions were already answered by gw. If so, I am always eager to hear!
  8. I´m afraid that the project is already doomed to frustration by the community from day one. People currently hype it and create expectations. There is no way GW will satisfy everyone. The more GW heats the hype train, the more frustration we will see day one. All could be stopped/prevented with a simple design manifesto, telling us what the heck we are actually about to expect
  9. The Lord on Manticore is not bad, althrough his CA is a waste of potential. Currently some Khorne Players use him with their Alligience, as you can buff him into a sick blender with the Goretide-Hew-the-Foe-Generals-Trait (+1 Damage on all of his profiles). Adding a Gorecleaver Artifact (which requires to be a little more into Khorne as you need a battalion to unlock the second artifact beside the mandatory goretide one) gives him the chance on doubling the damage on one of his weapons when wounding on 6's. Then Khorne has some other buffs to make him even more dangerous! Despite this, the Lord on Manticore is still a good blender with many weapon profiles. His mount is adding a lot of fun, too since the buff in the battletome. He is a Mortal and a Monster, which has some upsides looking at StD Buffs. He is great in a Despoilers List, where he profits from the Regeneration of the Alligience. Also the Crown of Many Eyes is a great Artifact to make him more dangerous, letting him Fight first after the charge. His downsides are all rather small critique points: He only has a 4+ save and no inherited 5++ against mortals (which can be still obtained by the shield option) and also he has a quite useless command ability, which still may come handy at ocasions. If you want a strong mortal lord he competes for the slot with the new one on Karkadrak, which is also a good blender and who offers synnergy with Knights. Also since the new book I prefer the Sorcerer option: It is always wise to have at least one dispell around. Especially as the Manticore itself is blendy enough and the utility from the oracular visions is great! The meanest list I can imagine outright outright would look somewhat like this: Hitting with your 3-4 fast Monsters allows you to blend his army piece by piece. You will have so much manipulation of combat order that noone really can hold you up. The Sorcerer Lord on Manticore provides you some magic to blend hordes. He also increases your durability with his Oracular Visions. Downside: This list is terrible at the objective game, providing only 2 squishy althrough fast units to focus on objectives. You could sacrifice the cat to upgrade the marauders into chaos knights. Or you downsize them into Chaos Warriors and use the additional 20 pts to use the Lord on Manticore instead of the Sorcerer Option. As for Marks of Chaos: Decide on what matches your playstyle. I like Khorne on Despoilers as the CA on the Prince is really nasty and the Generals Aura is a great buff for the whole Army. On the Sorcerer I run Slaanesh or Nurgle.
  10. My issue when reading into CoS with them was the low ammount of attacks and no way to increase them. Althrough 5 attacks with the -2 D2 Lance are nice, they are quite a small punch. Althrough I have to admit that I am spoiled from the output of the 30 pts more expensive Chaos Knights
  11. A big issue in my eyes is how the "good stuff" makes the worse units obsolete. This lack of internal balance is even amplified when concidering the balance between the books. While GW adjusts stuff, the mainframe still is so distorted that things ain´t funny. Let´s take the Leviadon-Buff as example: From Deepkin Perspective, the buff was necessary and a good step to make the Leviadon worth concidering again, as it was always the worse choice compared to eels. This buff also improved other units like Reavers or Thralls and so improved internal balance of the faction. Looking from another factions perspective that is already lower tier than IDK one can only wonder what gw was thinking by buffing even more units in a faction that could be already oppressive as hell. As Mortal Khorne player, I really ask myself what the ****** justifies buffing that hell-turtle, especially as the eel-riders were already better and more point efficient than any available unit in my faction and thus from this perspective should rather be nerfed hard. New releases follow a similar sheme: Good/Broken units and combos of the book will be identified quickly "Bad" units don´t see much play and get dropped Factions and armies which are already suboptiomal feel even worse now as there is another faction that one can barely compete against. In my opinion that leaves the sorrow taste of power creep, even if the new stuff may be not much worse than anything that is already out there. The worst part about it is that a broad part of the community has the feeling that this lack of balance is by design and tied to selling kits. By frustrating players who use one product, they create salvation by selling another "better" product. Due to the constant change in rules the better product becomes the frustration one at another point of the products life cycle. This became a strategy that can be also observed in trading card games like MTG and that none can expect to go away on it´s own, as GW, WotC and many others have to use any tool available to maximize profit (that´s the rules). A simple way out is playing mixed lists, not focusing on "good" or "bad" units but taking a happy mix. But this in the end will only work in a non-competetive environment and will also suffer to the basic rules of games theory (like people taking more good units to improve their odds in the game and thus restoring the status quo)
  12. Big thank you and shoutout to @Predien for sending me the Pic! I guess I will post the project once I have the kits and start bashing them together
  13. Hi all! I am concidering a conversion of a Verminlord into Skarbrand. But before ordering the kits I would like to be sure that the scale matches. Can anyone who has both Models, of a bloodthirster and a Verminlord, please share a side by side picture for me? Thanks in advance!
  14. I somehow belive that GW wants FW to be unattractive. They could have moved a lot of stuff from main-gw into fw-area, but they never did. FW could be a company centered around Specialist Games or Resin Casting. They could expand and improve their process, maybe using 3D Prints for a Made-to-Order service. But instead it remained the "Luxury model line" that became more and more unattractive due to quality beeing contested by other shops/china, rules design and publication beeing a mess and so on. There is lot of wasted potential on FW products. But meanwhile I also belive they don´t want to move necessary ressources from GW to FW as they don´t want a decrease in GW´s value. So they accept FW stagnation as they avoid investment.
  15. Thanks! That slipped by. We actually reread the rules on this, but only found the "Each Wizzard may attempt to cast a single ES each turn" and we both forgott about the "No Spell may be attempted twice" Rule! As for the Marauders, also thanks! I wasn´t sure as the german wording sounds much like "Choose when building your army only", leaving "adding models during the game" quite open ended
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