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  1. My point was all about how gw may enroll their new 40k system. AoS would likely follow in 2 Years with the 3rd edition.
  2. Sounds nasty but: Just add a program to all gw vendor pc´s that generate a serial code when selling a book. Could be easy used to force people to buy at least the books from gw stores
  3. Well, when restarting 40k and making my first steps into AoS I´ve bought quite a bunch of stuff at GW. From time to times I ordered some units together with friends from UK shops as theese were the cheapest ones around, but yet it was rare as "support the lgs" seemed important back then. Well, the manager changed some times, while in the past we could easily have some evenings with later closing times to finish some games, these days were past. In the same time there was a price increase if I recall correctly. Afterwards I´ve bought almost exclusively online for the 20-25% discount, picking up some colors and codices/battletomes at another lgs in our town. Then, after the last price increase, I actually turned much more into used market and trading models. We created our own local monthly playgroup which has around 20 players which come to paint, play and hangout. As we are not tied to a store, second market is flourishing, which allowed me to get more stuff than ever for less money than before. I also became quite averted from buying battletomes and campaign books as thoose overpriced books loose value so fast that it really hurts, althrough it seems more a 40k issue to me. The current price hike actually made me think again. I have currently too many armies (Necrons and Marines with Knight Support in 40k, Beastclaws, Slaves to Darkness, Khorne and Flesh Eaters in AoS, in addition also Savage Orruks for Warcry and Nids for Killteam) so I really feel overwhelmed by my projects and can´t focus on playing one army and feel like loosing often to the fact that I simply never took the time to learn a single faction well. Therefore I am really concidering to sell some armies off, especially as Khorne and Slaves seem quite similar on the battlefield. Following an minimalist approach, I would really prefer to focus on less factions. Also, I actually only did 3 games with my Nids Killteam, none with my Orruks in Warcry and therefore concider just to get rid of them and to accept that I am not that kind of player for specialist games. Edit: Also, I recently got to use the 3D printer of a friend for some terrain features and concider to print some terrain and maybe Lord of War Proxies for 40k. In general, putting money aside for a 3d printer became so much more desireble than buying a gw kit because the long term payoff is so much higher. Currently trying to learn how to make propper sculpts in blender
  4. Wait, what Soul Grinder Battalion?! Please tell me more!
  5. I´m toying around with what I want to try on the first games after the break soon. I finally want to utilise some Kavallery List. Played a similar one, but centered around Nurgle, via TTS and it was a desaster as it was a Nurgle vs Coalescend Seraphon with Dread Saurian Matchup (it´s hard to win when you play scissors and your opponent plays rock). Nevertheless, this is the list I came up with recently, althrough the Bloodcrushers are really in a weak spot and I concider to cut them. Allegiance: Slaves to Darkness - Damned Legion: Despoilers Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount (170) - Artefact: Diabolic Mantle - Mark of Chaos: Khorne Slaves to Darkness Daemon Prince (210) - General - Sword - Command Trait: Radiance of Dark Glory - Artefact: Crown of Hellish Adoration - Mark of Chaos: Khorne Bloodstoker (80) - Allies Bloodsecrator (120) - Allies 5 x Chaos Knights (180) - Ensorcelled Weapons 5 x Chaos Knights (180) - Ensorcelled Weapons 5 x Chaos Marauder Horsemen (90) - Axes & Shield 1 x Chaos Chariots (120) - Greatblades 3 x Mighty Skullcrushers (160) - Ensorcelled Axes - Allies Soul Grinder (210) Chaos Warshrine (170) Slaughterbrute (170) - Mark of Chaos: Khorne Ruinbringer Warband (140) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 360 / 400 Wounds: 128 The general Idea is to have a high mobility army that can bite out chunks of the enemy force out, especially on the charge. Heal, Marauder as Chaff, distraction Carnifexes shall ensure that it is still able to compete in the objective game. Meanwhile Mark of Khorne stabilises the damage Output of out Knights
  6. Aos Unit Costs are a meme on it´s own so I don´t wonder about Lumineth to be bonkers.
  7. I wouldn´t mind it to be something nice for FEC, but I really would love to see some new Soulblight Models
  8. I have only read Warqueen so far but have to say that I really enjoyed the book! It was a nice read that really dragged me into the story giving quite a nice view on the rather "unspoiled" followers of Chaos
  9. I would assume GW still has some irons in the fire left. After Preview 2 they said they are just halfways through. They will just keep the last load for a later point as they seem less confident on when they will be able to pick up business again. Thus is why I understand why there won´t be another Preview this month. I have to admit that I don´t like the Gargants, the proportions look somehow weird and goofy to me. Nevertheless I like the high details and am eager to play against them! Meanwhile also the Warcry Warband looks fabolous. Looks like a big DoK overhaul may be possible in futute as the video clearly marks them a DoK Band, nevertheless the design is completly new. Notice also the role of male models in this faction. Maybe the Malekith/Malerion Ealfs will be merged with DoK?
  10. On the topic of Chariots: I actually liked them quite a lot pre-BT because they were fast Objective Grabbers and a great way to fill a Battleline for cheap points. Now, after the Price bump, I don´t use them despite a theme Kavalery list. Impact damage can be nice but isn´t as reliable as it should be. Also the huge base is a huge disadvantage as the enemy will get a ton of units into the fight. MAke them 90-100pts and they are great again.
  11. It was a lot of fun and a quite amazing motivation! Thanks for organization!
  12. I was toying around with different color Shemes and concider a Wood-Ealv Inspired Theme as quite fancy. As Kurnothi may never appear, and I also dislike the Satyr-Features, I belive that Lumineth with an less fancy color sheme could be exactly what I was dreaming of for a long time
  13. Woah that is incredible! Thanks for Sharing!
  14. Yeah, I also think that in AoS a "big boys" faction won´t show as much impact as Knights, especially as we already have several Faction that can be played with just a hand full of big monsters. Beside this, rulewise AoS barely differs between Monsters and smaller Units of Multiple Models as it is mechanicaly quite even (Damage Tables, wounds spilling over, always wounding on the same value regardless of enemy. Nevertheless, I expect another cool factions and some lovely models.
  15. As posted by in the Rumourthread. I belive this is rather to be discussed here
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