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  1. Charleston

    Traveling with models

    I currently concider buying some of these babies here. Just sewer a softbag around it and voila. Saw a similar one in kickstarter for 100$-200$~ https://www.ikea.com/de/de/catalog/products/70198031/ edit: The case/box is concidered to be used with magnetized models!
  2. Charleston

    Adepticon Predictions

    I will just drop my quote from the Rumour Thread
  3. Charleston

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Have we gained any neat bonuses that a Soul Grinder or Slaves to Darkness Army could make use from?
  4. Charleston

    The Rumour Thread

    Do we have some hints on the size of the Adepticon-Releases? Last year it was pretty amazing with all the Idoneth Deepkin stuff. I would guess on the following ones: Gutbuster Battletome (maybe merged with BCR) Darkoath Info (we currently have...none...really...we know they are coming but don´t even have vague information) Seraphon Battletome + Usual stuff Maybe another Forbidden Power Trailer Something 40ki-sh, maybe first bigger swing of Sororitas? New Skirmish game New Specialist game stuff But honestly....It could be anything. GW is pretty solid on the matter of leaks. I wouldn´t wonder about anything that hasn´t been mentioned yet on an rumour thread.
  5. Charleston

    The Rumour Thread

    I guess the fact that all factions of dwarf players are somehow discouraged about their army or actually the ruleset is also the reason, why the rumour of a combined book was a hot topic here a month ago. While I understand criticism about it, merging 3 different factions back into one, it would allow smoother army building. In my opinion it would require a bigger merge, like the Gloomspite one, adding a load of new units to "forge" the new alliance into one factions. Btw I really wonder why GW didn´t release any new post whfb chaos dwarfes. The bare concept of evil dwarfes is cool and rather rare in broad fantasy worlds. There is a wagon load full of design possibilities for evil dwarves who are alligned with Chaos.
  6. Charleston

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    They buffed the Bloadsoaked Banner for Bloodletters. Flat Charge Reroll without any conditions. Thats actually quite awesome. In general: Most mechanics that were simply confusing people were cut and replaced by something new. Also so "Tricks" the Community found in the old book were simply fixed. Yet I wouldn´t call that book weak. Yet I still dislike two things: Judgements beeing bound to Priests and not to Bloodtithe, forcing Slaughterpriests and Warshrines, with the first one beeing actually really an autoinclude. This also alters Khorne Lorewise again from the God of War, Fight and Bloodshed who doesn´t care for whorship into a rather cult/religious thing. Not sure how much I like it. Deamons lack acess to the new Judgement-Stuff. Therefore a mono-daemon-army is rather punished than enforced. Mixed Army is the way to go I guess
  7. Hi all, after I got some neat options from you on the topic of frustration and how to deal with it, I would love to discuss another topic: What point sizes do you enjoy the most? What restrictions (min Battlelines and so on) do you use? What do you like/dislike about certain game sizes? This poll is not restricted in any way, I would simply love to see some numbers. And even better: To read your opinion why you like some game sizes or not. So feel free to comment and give the others some in depth view! It doen´t even have to be your own games, maybe you noticed that you like big/small battlereports the most. Thanks for contributing! Charleston
  8. Thank you all for your input! I enjoy to read all your viewpoints and found a lot of good advice here! As I am currently not able to play for some weeks due to exams so I have a short break from the game. I guess with 40k and Shadowspear maybe a longer one. I will for sure check the gw store out again as I miss to play against some of the dudes from the store and their awesome armies. For the last game before the break I adapted the "Play as the dice fell"-Mindset which helped me to snap out from expectations a little bit back into joyfull game so will keep it.
  9. Charleston

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    A mixed unit of Beasts and Beastmasters would be an awesome flair unit for Darkoath, too. From now on: Theorycrafting on Units we don´t even know we may get one day: Due to AoS Rulesetting it would be easy to include having the same profile for the master and beasts and creating diversity by weapon loadout and rules. It would be important to keep in mind that we currently have spells to sniper out single models so the survival of the packmaster shouldn´t decide about how usefull this unit may be. Or, if, it should be a theme similar to the Slaughterbrute were loosing the master means switching modes for the unit. What would be really a tricky point is morale tied to the packmaster. Loosing him leading to a drop down to 3-4 Bravery would be deadly for such a unit. On the other hand it would be a more rewarding target for such sniping-spells and abilities and could improve the feeling and usage of such spells (improving battletomes by creating valid enemies and so on) as long as it doesn´t punish the fielding player too much. Therefore a mechanic like on the slaughterbrute which shuts down normal damage for potential, but more unreliable, mortal wounds. Like "If this Unit doesn´t contain a Beastmaster do not make any attacks with it´s meele weapons during the Combat Step . Instead roll a dice for each enemy model within 1" of this unit. On a roll of X+ this models unit suffers a Mortal Wound". As Downside the Beastmaster could allow rerolls and wield a potent weapon which would be lost after being slain. This would give such a hypothetical unit an interesting touch in gameplay as the controlling player as the opponent could trigger some neat decisions. Do I wan´t to dish out better normal damage? Or do i require rather Mortal Wounds? How can I sacrifice my Beastmaster when needed? Do I want as an enemy to kill the beastmaster to tune down the offensive potential of the unit but risk it to surpass my defense as mortal wound? Do I want to hurt this unit and risk the beastmaster to die? This would be potential to some preatty amazing game design here.
  10. Charleston

    The Rumour Thread

    On Warcry: My guess would be a Chaos Only 1vs1 (in terms of models) Skirmish for Chaos Heroes fightning each others. I don´t think any other factions will be added as even the alone place warcry takes place is a high security chaos area. On Chambers: It could be anything. And althrough Stormcasty in first appeareance I doubt it to be Order/SCE Only. I Would rather guess it is really a new addon-concept like endless spells are.
  11. Charleston

    The Rumour Thread

    Uff, this topic again....yeah, I´ve seen it a few times here so I hope I can handle it in one post without triggering a discussion and a mod hat: Some people like me like to use the term of "knowing" stuff on topics that seem to follow patterns or just seem to be the only reasonable outcome for future. Only because it was not confirmed by gw it doesn´t mean we can´t don´t know that gw is going to follow an expected pattern. We know that GW is about to optimize profit. Therefore we know that repackaging models would lead to a financial loss in case of squating the faction and is therefore not an option. This could be even expanded to the statement that we know that gw will only risk the cost of a repackaging if they are sure to regain it with an additional financial win over time.
  12. Charleston

    The Rumour Thread

    Well, against a 6+ Save against Mortal Wounds Model it still deals on average 6.7 MW on normal trigger and 13.4 MW with the 16MW trigger. Against 5+ Save it would be "still" 5.4 MW on avg and 10.7 on the 16 Wound Trigger. So actually still a buff I guess?
  13. Charleston

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Althrough thats only a 13.8% chance (5/36) for the D6 damage on unbind with that new general trait, it is still another way to get unbinds. I just recently noticed how powerfull magical supermacy may be in a game and beeing able to contest that to an enemy without even using mages is quite awesome. For usual two armies having wizzards compete in terms of cast/unbind rolls. It´s like "You can stop me from using my magic as dps source, but I can stop yours too". Kind of a unwritten deal within the rules. Khorne is totaly able to shut it down for a comparable low cost. This Trait is another option to do so as we get another new option for unbinding that is not tied to a unit, a prayer nor an artifact. I like it
  14. Charleston

    The Rumour Thread

    Well, actually we know one thing (as mentioned before): 2 Units were repackaged and are therefore save from beeing squatted
  15. Charleston

    The Rumour Thread

    I would rather doubt the last part due to repacked Ogors and Cannon which ain´t even webstore only. But the idea of an "Knight"-Counterpart in form of Ogors/Gargants for AoS would be amazing, especially as AoS wouldn´t be messed up by such a faction like 40k is due to a different ruling (like: Anything can reliable wound anything )