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  1. My only fear for 3rd is that GW starts that weird wording sheningans like they did for 40k.
  2. I also noticed that the stuff of the Lord of Pain is a bit off center. I assume it was just glued in a weird way by the studio. Nevertheless it bugs me somehow. I am curious about the Narrative. My bet would be: Slaanesh is about to get loose soon after Archaons intervention. Moriathi wants to drain Slaanesh of it´s powers. Other Aelve-Deities are against it. Aelven War happen over who decides how to proceed with Slaanesh before it get´s loose War empowers Slaanesh until the cage breaks. Moriathi takes the chance and drains as much of Slaanesh as possible Slaanesh escapes, weaker then before, but finally free. Moriathi Ascends. Meanwhile, Sigar is Distracted as Godrak attacks Azyr. Rest of Chaos and Nagash won´t propably be a big spotlight after the last releases. Maybe some sideplots around.
  3. The Moriathi book looks like the start of a Psychic Awakening Like Book Series for AoS. Would match the expected next edition to come next year so there will be plently of time for some more Broken Realms books
  4. Several Rumour engines solved. Mace and boot of the Lord of Pain and the Melusai Ironscale staff is another one. The box feels a bit weird. 2x5 Snakes and 2x5 Mortal Slaaneshi Riders feels like they really hod no idea what to put inside. I wonder what the price will be. As the content is above the usual boxes, I would asume the same price as the 40k Box of Aeldari vs Aeldari
  5. LUMINEETH WAVE 2 ?!-...oh no, just an underworlds warband. Fine
  6. I am not sure if this isn´t a bit hard of a judgement. Actually Knights with Lances work as quite nice as a hammer if you manage to use them right. Althrough I have to admit that they need a ton of support. My usual support package is: Lord on Mount/Karkadrak for Charge Reroll and +1 to Hit Khorne General Aura+Mark for 1 to hit reroll and +1 to wound. optional: DP of Khorne with CA to prevent countercharges. optional: Bloodsecrator/Bloodstroker Buffed this way they have a solid 2 Hits 3+/2+/-2/2 with a reroll to hit of 1. In addition Ponies also hit better.
  7. Haha yeah, my Seraphon buddy still tries to convince me that Chaos Warriors are the best unit of the game Well, you can alter from game to game as you like it. If you want a decent caster, Belakor does actually more with his 2 casts
  8. This is a thing that really mades me mad at any single game against Seraphon. They have all of the mentioned at a reasonable point cost, have access to flat D5 Weapons on their lizzards, have shooting, chaff, mobility, morale sheningans. Short said: They are a jack of all trades, having no downside. StD are quite narrow in what they can do (mostly you are tied to a gameplan due to the sublegion you choose) and it feels like many units were paing a premium for...what exactly? Nevertheless, it is great that you picked up the game and made the best out of it! Your army looks fabulous and the rep was a goof read! I don´t get the point here. You can use the Puppeteer-Ability when he is not you general, so what would be the difference in making him a general? But yes, the Ability is awesome!
  9. Had yesterday a 1000pts game against warclans. I´ve learnt that Mawkrushas are really a paintrain, having a double movement + chage + High Damage Output. The Krusha deleted my Sorcerer on Manticore and a half unit of Knights turn one. But then I got a sweet charge with another full squad of Khorne Lance Knights with LoCoDM Buff and I have to say that this is quite of a nice hammer unit. Havin a 3+/2+/-2/2 Profile with rr 1 to hit is damn satisfying, especially with like 11 attacks. I was a bit sad that there was no Bloodsecrator around for +1 Attack, or LoC for Double-Combat. Also guys, you won´t belive it, I rolled on the Eye of Chaos table! Yeah, it really happened! First time since the book dropped. And it was a great feeling I got a useless protection against spells but hey, I got something from the gods! Next game it will be ascension!
  10. I like the changes, many as I´ve expected. Knights back at 160pts are good news, Karkadrak at 230 is now a must have, althrough I guess the bigger points decrease already concidered the missing ulgu shadowblade for matched play.
  11. Well, Chaos Warriors go toe to toe with Liberators, offering even more deffensive capabilities and can be easily buffed. Also, Warriors have more weapon options to offer. All on a base with a smaller footprint. I guess they lack that one special weapon per unit but are still a unit in an overall okay shape. Knights meanwhile offer an mix of anvil and hammer. While on their own their damage seems rather small, 3 of 4 gods- auras improve them to formidable damage dealers. Also, we have two dedicated CA´s to bring them in form. Nurgle Knights with the Warshrine Buff and with Enscrolled Weapons, Khorne Knights with Lances and the Karkadrak Buff, Slaaneshi-Knights with the Aura. Althrough I have to admit, that I would like to see Knights drop 10 pts and I also miss the super cheap Chariots that we had before and tend to call some of our Heroes (like the Lord on Manticore) a bit overpriced.
  12. Made to Order of Skaven vs High Elves Box would be even cooler...but never going to hppen due to High Aelves beeing officialy cut out from existence
  13. Some issues I see with a Bretonnia rerelease: Dated Sculpts would require full range rework Strong Historic Theme of the Army means only few unique aspects that could be turned into protectable intelectual propery High Contrast of Low-Fantasy-Bretonians in Ultra-High-AoS could lead to Bretons feel alien in the Setting. Old Bretonia Range sold bad. So risk that redesigned Bretons sell also badly The closest imaginable thing is a full redesign of Bretons like Lumineth were redesigned High Elves or Tomb Kings turned into OBR. Or a "Made to Order: WHFB Classics"
  14. In general, I love the open lore, the quite unique design of the factions, the sculpts and the possibilities offered for conversions. Meanwhile, when playing the game, I often find myself in a spot in which I really find many issues with balancing and gameplay that bug me. I find initiative is really a harming design as by a single dice roll the whole game can be turned around, leaving often a player to wait for a very long period of time doing not much more than taking losses away. Also, with the upgrade of the tomes from 1.0 to 2.0 gw left many factions without access to several mechanics, while other factions were provided a superior unit archetypes for thoose mechanics. In general it seems like there were two writers making the battletomes, both approaching a different powerlevel of the game. Magic. You either have it or you don´t. I somehow miss a "Risk/Reward" approach like 40k has with Perils of the Warp. Meanwhile currently you need a "Magical Supermacy" as the player having more casts/unbinds tends to simply dominate the magic in the game.
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