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  1. Well, back to rumours then I guess? This is actually really hard as we don´t have any~ I could imagine that GW wanted to show us a new AoS Faction on the Warhammer Fest but that management decided to stop that announcement as the current release pipeline is already stuck and they don´t know how long it may last. On the other hand it could be also possible that Sylvaneth were supposed to be the last faction before a Tome-Release-Break for the FP Expansion.
  2. Hi, welcome to the Slavs! Slaves! Do yo already know about the Alligiences? It might be something you want to know before starting an army, especially when you concider mixing in some Beasts of Chaos like Bulls. Also there is a new Battletome coming soontm. In general, StD are a quite defensive army. Chaos Warriors are great at tanking damage, especially with shields. They can be used as a nice anvil. Meanwhile our heroes are the ones with the great offensive potential. A Lord of Chaos has two weapons which one has a nice magical skill to make 2D6 Damage once a game. A Lord on Manticore can also wreck nice havoc. Also Deamonprinces are pretty mean things which have access to some nice god-depending abilities. This fits quite well to our Alligience which rewards you heroes for killing things in meele. Beside of this core, we also have some nice buffs from the Shrine and the Sorcerer Lord. The latter one goes especially well with our Chaos Knights as it makes them tankier and also hit more reliable. You can use Knights either as a tarpit, especially good with swords, or a hammer unit to charge enemies down with their glaives and to wreck some serious havoc. A Lord on Daemonic Mount is a great substitute to them as it gives them a better chance for a charge and also improves their hit rolls. You can use some Gorebeast-Chariots for this tactic too, there is also a battatlion for this if I remember correctly. Meanwhile the Pony-Powered Chariots are great units to go for objectives on the board! They are cheap, fast and have also enough defensive potential to survive some shooting Althrough StD aren´t a top tier class right now, they still make a lot of fun.
  3. The undead Pirate Faction from Total War Warhammer 2 got a lot of positive feedback and I could imagine GW is aware of this. Therefore I guess it is at least something the designers might concider one day, althrough I don´t know how soon. The quoted piece you pasted really looks like a hint, especially as WarCom Articles really like to do so in exactly this way: Drop a bit of Lore-Rumours for a time before teasing anything. I would yet be carefull if it is related to a GA Death Faction. Could be also a Stand Alone Kit like the Bugthing for 40k/Blackstone, a completely new faction for one of the other GA´s, an endless Spell, Vol II of Forbidden Power etc.
  4. Please don´t forgett to mention the unwritten rule, that Khorne himself inflicts D6 Mortal wounds to each player who does this😉
  5. Well, the paints are great. Althrough I don´t know at what project to apply them, one will come for sure. Despite of having a new tool to utilize while painting, I also really really like the tough about seeing more painted armies at out LGS. Also beginner may feel much faster driven in as the bareer for painting models up got much smaller now. I mean this is such a great way to get rid of grey models fast. I wish I had this at hand some month´s ago. I´d could imagine using this just to delete my backlog faster
  6. Althrough it´s a pitty that we don´t know the next BT, I think that this is not a bad thing. Time goes by so fast that the next announcement will come like in 2 weeks anyway. It still feels like just a week ago that we´ve heard first time about Fyreslayers, and now we have them on boards and even the new Sylvaneth Box released. Yeah, I would´ve loved to hear about the new Darkoath Book, but yet we´ve seen so much cool stuff today. The new paints are a great addition that will hopefully reduce the grey-plastic-issue a lot of us have. This will benefit the community in general. The 40k releases were great,too. Althrough I feel a little pinch of envy as the new Chaos Knights have way cooler legs than the loyal ones. Obligatory Primaris Release seems also like a great way to overcompensate certain things by adding a new gun to them. I really like the design of the Serpent Ghyran Chaos Warriors for Warcry. Althrough I am still confused about how this will work with the new Darkoath/Slaves-Tome, I am relieft that there is finally a subgroup of them which I don´t dislike from their design. I mean, that two-snake-dude is awesome!
  7. About the two GHB, I habe a wild speculation. I do not wan´t to creaty any wrong expectations, but: The Point Values is one of the thin Handouts/Pamphlets. I could imagine we can get theese for free at out local GW just like the Rules for 40k or AoS (at least as it was in the last edition). This would let the GHB be not necessary to get the updates, and therefore it would allow GW to put more content in it to make the book of a higher value for players. Also Point Values could be therefore changed in a higher pace than once a year. The fact, that it would mean higher costs for GW, is the main argument against my crazy theory
  8. As they dropped thge first Forbidden Power Short, I am quite sure we will get more on this topic. I also expect that the hinted 40k stuff, the Chaos Knights and Admech Transports, will be introduced. For AoS I guess the next book(s) after Sylvaneth may be announced. So far on the List remain: -Ogors (BCR and Gutbusters + Subfactions. Merge into one maybe? Or several books) -Savage Orruks -Ironjaws -Tzeentch -StD (Big Release to be expected, althrough the relation to Warcry is unknown) -Free People / Aelf Tomes (no one knows what to be expected and when, but at gw´s current release politic we can get them either soon or never or anything in between) -Vanilla Dwarfs -Kharadrons maybe, too? I don´t know how much 2.0 the current tome is -Seraphon We also do not know if, and which, new factions are to be expected. Despite of Aelves, which are rumoured since ages, we do not have any clue what may be a new next faction. If any, as GW seemed a bit underwhelmed by Idoneth Deepkin Sales from what I understood
  9. I wonder if the Tree is an endless Spell or Scenery. If Scenery, I really would like to know what will happen with the current one. Also: Whats with the other Endless Spells? Or are there maybe only two because of the sheer size? As Overread stated: Another new Battletomes would be nice to be hinted this weekend. Althrough I am so far mixed on expectations on the Slaves to Darkness as I really do not like that "Overly Man Man-Barbarians. In my taste every second sculpt just looks silly which is weird as the Bloodbound Berserker don´t look silly at all to me but thats taste. I hope for some less weird ****** hairdresses and more heavy plated warriors as StD should actually be 😮 But as this whole "Last Harbringer" thing is currently well hidden by gw we will have to wait
  10. Well, after a few of the 2.0 Battletomes already toyed too much with certain core rules and made the whole balance thing a bit more whacky in my eyes, I don´t know what to expect from mercenaries. When it´s all about having a rule back up for some cool medling of armies for fluff sake, it´s great, but I already know some people who will use this to find some broken synnergies if possible. If I remember back the days when Endless Spells were announced I sensed also several people were afraid from possible balance issues. Right now a lot of people got used to them and an Endless Spell apearing in a list is nothing unusual anymore. I guess we will get used to it one or another way
  11. Small little question: Has there been someone who tried to max out spells that give us a wound reflection with SCE? Like Azyrite Halo + Shield of Thorns of allied Sisters of the Thorn? This together with Staunch Defender, Save Reroll on Sequitors and a Lord Castellant sounds pretty interesting to me. A Staff of Azyr could be used to improve the longlivity of our caster. The big issue so far is the dependance on good casting rolls to keep the trick working.
  12. 40mm yes, but it is really a good bit bigger than the normal herald.
  13. Seems right to me so far :)Only thing I would like to point out is, that you can have only one general command trait in general. While Battalions give you command points and artifacts, no further general traits are added.
  14. Do actually Evocators on Dracoline count for the Cleansing Phalanx?
  15. I will use it as a DP for my Slaves to Darkness. Doing it already with my old Nurgle GUO
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