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  1. I don't know. The judgements are a little straight random, but if they hit, it is pretty ok. The dogs are imo the most worthy battleline we got for their 100 points. But your strategy with chaffing and hammering by Skull Reapers works out pretty good. Experience I have with it is, that chaffing the enemy in waves makes sense. So like sending in a group of Warriors / dogs and a group of Skull Reapers. It often makes the job. If they would be slain, send in another wave in the same way.
  2. Good thing I didn't buy it. Are Slaughterpriests that reliable then again? I don't think so, tbh. Is someone having flashbacks too, when our old book came out and almost everything, that was actually good went to sh*t during the rules erratas & GH's since then?
  3. A thing I don't like is, that Khorgies have no valid keyword except Khorne. So not all buffs can be applied on them.
  4. Could we agree, that different people have different experience, and just because someone might have a use of stuf, others don't see any benefit in, it doesn't mean, that because of that one the others are all wrong? Can we also agree, that pying money is no authorization at all, to judge any opinion and experience?
  5. I have used 3 of them, but each model as a single "unit". Why though? I have mostyl chaffed up important enemy unit(s) with all of them. It forced the enemy to split his hits to them and with 8 wounds they are pretty resiliant for 100 points each. In each game at least 1 of them stayed until turn 5, since each one of them heals up that 1 wound, when they inflicted damage. In a unit otherwise, they have a bravery that is not that great. Having one running away due to BS is pretty harsh though with their 100 points.
  6. Most of those terrian features ( herdstone & several other models ) are 3D printed in China, and that's conformed. I can see each single casting line the 3D Printer did on my Herdstone. #Competetive: I wanted to report about the Khorgoraths & stuff at the tournament today, and here we go. First of all, each player had really nasty lists. I would summarize my impressions like this: 1. Khorgoraths are ridiculously good! Play then in single unit models and chaff them up single enemy units. They are very resiliant! They are really nice at screening & chaffing AND they can kill the chaffed enemy unit! Take them and use them! 2. Blood Warriors bite like toothless dogs, but that's what we already know wich leads to the next pojnt... 3. Take the actual dogs as battleline! They are surprisingly good and worth their point cost. 4. Might Lord of Khorne is a lack luster. Really, I think he is not worth taking him. 5. Skullgrinder is good, but buff him with A, so he deals more damage! 6. Chaos Marauder Horsemen are super nice. Best unit to take objectives in our army, since they can retreat, fire and then charge again. Play them in a group of 10 but be keen of their bravery, wich is 5! 7. Skull Reapers are our core unit, really! The most players don't know the potential of the Khorgoraths, that's to out advantage. Skull Reapers are incredibly scary and do good damage, where you need it. Really avoid anything with random damage value! The Mighty Lord did just nothin in all games. He was in the fight and stayed there due to his save, but the dmaage he did was just laughable. Let us better not talk about his Axe abilty. I managed to gain 8 BT to summon in a BT of IR. And he did...almost nothing. The Skullgrinder did more damage in a single combat phase, than the BT did in the same phase. Rely on good saves, straight damage values and some speed. Then you will have a good army. Units, that are good therefore are: Mighty Skullcrushers Khorgoraths Skullgrinder Exaled DB Flesh hounds Chaos Marauder Horsemen Gorebeast Chariot Some people might see a simple fact, that I pointed at the release of the new book: Those units are good, what gained new models & new warscrolls for this realease. GW certainly had in mind to sell them, so we gotta buy them, because they are good now: Mighty Skullcrushers Flesh Hounds Skull Altar Bloodmaster & Skulltaker Skullreapers Wrathmongers That's it. Use those units and you will certainly have a good win rate. Blood Thirster where remade, but here GW had the same issue as with other units: they are not so easy to balance, so they just made them random. BAM. Sry for that clear words, but I hope you can understand me there. And hopefully it helps people to build their lists!
  7. Welcome to the game If you wanna play a mainly demon army, you should use the Bloodcrushers, since they got the demon keyword and would benefit from any buff ta demon can get. With the Skullcrushers it is the other way around, but when it comes to raw statistics, the Skullcrushers are just the better choice. So it depends on the army type you wanna play.
  8. Surprisingly Archaon is IMO absolutely lousy for his point value. Look at his stats. We had him being used in our local tournaments and he is just laughably ******, tbh. As a supporter he might be ok, but he can't fight. +++ MOD EDIT +++ A little less negativity in your comments please...
  9. Did pretty much the same thing, wich worked out very nice in one game. I had the BT IR in my 1250 points army. In turn 3 he piled in and obliterated 40% of the enemie's army within one melle blow. Then due to Reapers of Vengeance he piled in again and did literally 2 damage and not a single MW. Even my opponent was asking me: "Was that it right now? What happened?" BTs are good bombs, but really reliant on lucky dice rolls. I don't want to rely on stuff, that is not reliable, at least to a certain degree. That's why I am looking to replace the BT with other, more reliable options.
  10. Gonna report it at Saturday evening, when the tourney is done
  11. Exactly what I was thinking. The Demon Prince just has the random damage value too, but the point cost is pretty much 50% of a BT. His 12" movement is absolutely nice and imagining to have 2 of them instead of 1 BT makes him more interesting. So you're absolutely right here. Valkya rocks. She will pretty much do all the jobs better than an actual BT. There where over and over again points in the games, where I again had the feeling the BoK book being "just" a supplement. The army itself, just the stuff in the book, will not be the deal for us. But the stuff, that can gain the Khorne keyword outside the book makes it viable. Just look at these units: Chaos Marauder Horsemen: Fast. Have shooting. Abilities are just great. For 80 points for 5 ( GH19 ). Totally party poopers. Great objective takers. Demon Prince: Beatstick. Fast as fu**. Valkya: Even better beatstick. Snipes heroes. Fast. Reliable. Gorebeast Chariot: Fast. Great chaff unit. Takes attention from the enemy. Chaos Sorcerer Lord: Fu** magic, but YES. Chaos Lord on Manticore: Good in charge. Snipes heroes easily. So my experience so far, regarding the IMO most effective units in our book: 1. Skullgrinder, when buffed 2. Khorgoraths in single model units ( each of them is healing and enemy seperates his hits to them ), try to slay all of them 3. Bloodstoker 4. Bloodsecrator 5. Flesh Hounds ( really the best Battleline for chaos IMO ) 6. Skarr Bloodwrath 7. Skullreapers 8. Wrathmongers 9. Exalted DB My experience is based on mostly non daemon unkts. But I see, that the SKullmaster and SKulltaker demon heroes are pretty good, too.
  12. Gonna try it out and report the result soon The tournament is at saturday and the point limit is 1250, wich is not really optimal, but ok. I couldn't take the SKulltake battalion thoough and have to rely on Skullreapers too, so the only support for the Khorgies would be the ability to reroll all the hits and wounds. Otherwise I have the stoker with me. But he can't effect the Khorgies, since they don't have the keyword ( why ever they don't have ).
  13. I am having issues using the BT of IR atm. It is such a gambling, he just does nothing and his 280 points feel totally wasted. So therefore I was switching to 3 Khorgoraths instead of him, usinf the Skullfiend Slaughterhost to have them buffed. Should be more reliable. Even though it was already saied, those radnom damage values really fu** up the game experience. I was wondering why GW descided to use stuff like that and came to the conclusion, that they agve a lot of D3 & D6 damage values to models and units, that are and where not easy to balance. Sounds just lazy imo.
  14. I would have another question. The Reapers of Vengeance ( is it command ability ) allows a demon unit to pile in once more. The rules says: "You can use this command ability at the start of the combat phase. If you do so, pick 1 friendly REAPERS OF VENGEANCE DAEMON unit wholly within 8" of a friendly DAEMON model with this command ability. After that unit has fought in the combat phase for the first time, if it is within 3" of an enemy unit it can immediately make a pile-in move and then attack with all of the melee weapons it is armed with for a second time." Does that mean, it can only be used once? Or cna I stack it, until I have emptied my command points?
  15. We could already need some adjustments at the actual warscrolls. If they would adjust point values only, I don't know if that would make the turn. Juggerlord would still suck, but less at 120 points, or maybe even 100 points. I would see Bloodletters at 80, maybe 90 points, since they became a pure spam unit. Reavers at 60 would be just ok I guess, so would be on pare with ungors then. Blood Warriors, IMO, I see at 80 for 5 of them. They are just cahff units and hit like feathers. Skullreapers at 150 or 160 would be kind of ok. Khorgorath back to 80 would be nice, 90 would be okeyish. Even some of the heroes would be more valuable at 60, such as Skullgrinder. He isn't buffing units when he gained kills anymore, so I see him at 60. Flesh Hounds are kind of ok for 100, but 90 would do. Due to the most profiles our army became a spam army, that isn't reliably playable with elites. So points will have to show that IMO. BT points and not being spent at once would fix a lot of issues. Would also be ok to have them limited at 8 points then. Due to the BT table I would really say it would be more fluffy and rulewise fitting, if they would count the slain models. therefore adjust the point values, not make it limited and not make it spent at once. So model count would IMO be the better way to go. Because Khorne wants skulls and therefore every single one counts!
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