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  1. @KasperApparently, you don't want to understand it. Certain amries prevent people from doin mistakes due to design = not a lot of skill needed. Other armies are cursed by design and are NOT in the top played armies, since even "good" players won't use them. Ergo: Even a "bad" player has a better chance with a good armie. A "good" player will not have a good chance with a bad army. If you want to show, that it is different, please show me events, that use the vanilla AoS rules, where BoK, BoC, NH, GsG won. In addition show me the matchups, since certain amthups are just not possible to win.
  2. Certainly not false. If people come to the conclusion, that they want something to be different, you can't just dismiss it like that. Their opinion is valid, but maybe it differs from your own experience / expectations.
  3. What evens the field even more, is alternating activations via unit per unit. That in combination with no DT makes the game certainly more balanced ( as far as I call it balanced ).
  4. Ever thought about the circumstances, the "negativity" took over certain aspects of the hobby? Spoiler: It is not, because those people are only haters.
  5. 1. The current meta is "Monster & Hero Hammer" playstyle. That was intended by GW before releasing AoS 3.0, so people would change their lists and buy into new models / entire armies. ( It would be fine ok, if the game rules where better and the prices where adequate ) 2. A rules of thumb can be use to increase the chance of winning: "If a model is new and expensive tu buy, then the chance of winning increases." 3. The fact, that people won't try to win an uphill battle by figuring the opponent's weakness has nothing to do with the players themselves, but with the army designs, made by GW. There are armies, that have no weak point to be exploited, since they might have none, ot that point is amssively outnumbered by the armie's strength. 4. Also the fact, that the same 5 armies dominate the meta ebfore, and also after A0S 3.0 is a testament to the point above.
  6. Warhammer became an exclusive niche hobby. Exclusive meaning, that people, who are not able to pay the ridiculous prices, are being excluded. "Warhammer is for everyone" refers clearly to the political context, but not to the personal.
  7. GW is only releasing miniatures after those limited FOMO runs, when they see the situation fitting of people spending money instandly for those models. Otherwise they won't release anything. ( Even since the release of AoS there are models never being released individually. ) Also, they make the new rules that way, those exclusive models are a must have for the army. Refers to: Aborrhant Archregent Druanti the Arch Revenant Khorgorath Blood Stoker Blood Secrator Mighty Lord of Khorne and some more... .
  8. Unpopular opinion: A0S 3.0 didn't make the game better, it just gave more tools to be be bad. The list building isn't straight forward anymore and controlling lists for an event is a mess. The rules book is written in a dreadful way, since the definition of actions and rules is often all over the place. Rules bloat began with the first AoS 3.0 GH and is still a mess.
  9. Definetly saw that coming. Talked to some AoS friends 2 weeks ago, and the prediction of this move was already there. My personal summary of the developed situation: 1. GW and their WH+ BS, a wholesome story of profit via desire compression 2. Price increases, also with old kits, just got new package, almost 10% 3. Stores with no playing tables at all 4. The splitting of the community actively further into critics & defenders, while both sides tear up each other, via business practice 5. FOMO in almost all new publications, when it comes to models and new rules 6. new rules, causing a massive power creep 7. FAQ the FAQ to the FAQ, there seems no real interest in game design and reliable product design anymore 8. WH community, just being advertisement only 9. White dwarf, a catalogue, that need to be bought ( relict from the 80s I guess ) When AoS 3.0 came out, I already saw a slight, but noticable stagnation in the local player base. With those moves keepiing on, it will not get better anymore. Personally, I waited for the Battle Tome of BoK to come out, before I drop my army. Now I doubt my decision. I'd suggest to leave the sinking ship, before it tears people down with it ( financially in this case ). Cheers/// PS: Oathmark, OnePageRules (!!! very nice rules !!!) provide better alternatives, than GW will ever be willing to make in the future.
  10. And that's your opinion, because you didn't read it.
  11. If you really think, that GW didn't think it would be sold out very very fast, you should watch their Annual Report 2021: https://investor.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/2020-21-accounts-full-report-cover.pdf Strategy: 1. Bring a new product & hype it on the "community" ( advertisement ) website 2. Release it in limited numbers, so the cost of production stays low 3. watch it being sold out within minutes, becasue the loyal fanbase will buy it regardless of anything 4. make $, because the production was cheap, but now the profit is huge 5. Don't support this product further, switch to another one 6. Bring a new product and put all the ressources in this...again 7. rinse and repeat Why? Make absolutely sure, that the product sales, even when the prices are raised by average 10% ( also for the old kits, see Ork released products for 40k ). The loyal fans will buy anything, because they will lie to themselves about the business strategy, because they don't want to have a bad conscience, so they excuse their buing decisions with "a company has to make money". And therefore they will write nasty stuff under your statements, to invalidate your points, so they can feel good about bad stuff. Often enoug, they don't see, that GW alienates the community and turns them into consumption zombies to milk all the money from them. Those are then the "loyal" fans.
  12. To be honest, what AoS 3.0 changed in my local community: The predictable outcome of the games shifted partially to other armies. Most of us can still tell, who is gonna win with a 90% rate of being right with the predictions, after seeing the lists being played.
  13. Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, a new player in my community had some questions. I answered, by using the actual AoS 3.0 rules, but one question was a thing I had to think about. Maybe you can 100% verify how to deal with it. Questions: 1. Do I have to take any alliance, or can I just play as I wish, if I don't want any alliance abilites? Therfore I quotes from the rules: "1.1 FACTIONS, BATTLETOMES AND BATTLEPACKS To play a game of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, first you must pick the factions you wish to include in your army (see 1.4). Each faction has its own battletome, which contains the warscrolls (see 1.3.1), Pitched Battle profiles (see 25.0) and allegiance abilities (see 27.0) for that faction. Then, you and your opponent must agree upon a battlepack to use (see 28.0). The battlepack contains instructions on how to pick your army, set up the battlefield (see 2.0), and what you need to do in order to win the battle." 2. So I can't play Grant Allaince? As the rules state, that each faction has their battle tome? Grant Alliance does not have any. Then the player told, if the old battle tomes where viable ( to take Grant Alliance ), then he would argue, that he can in fact play with no allaince, as an older AoS iteration made tht possible. What do think about it?
  14. What really surprises me is, how surprised people seem to be about the state of the rules writing. After all these years, people are still willing to clutch for every straw, that GW gives them. Even a Sam Pearson will change nothing, if the management doesn't want to. Just look at what they keep doing...the rules are not a main point...they are just the justification to sell you overpriced plastic models. As a customer, some of you should really concider to get in the mindset of a customer . None of you is a friend or a petitioner of GW. My personal conclusion is: The rules they write are an inferior product. The mniatures are a really good product, but the price is not justifiable. As the MOD told, let GW know, what doesn't work!
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