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  1. The mechanic is very unforgiving. If it works out is just unbelievebale reliant on the army, that is played. As @Xaszmentioned, we Khorne players just can't take a double turn. In most of the cases we will be shred to pieces, just ebcause the army concept itself is not working good. That circumstances give us a clear point, where we lost a game due to a double turn of the opponent. People, who do have mechanics to outcome those ( Stormcast resiliance, Nightuant / LoN uprisign of units for 1CP, etc. ) might not have this issues with the double turns, ut certain armies do. And therefore we got to be very anxious about this. If all armies where balanced, then it wouldn't be an issue, but they are not. That makes the IGOUGO mechanic a problem for the entire gameplay balance itself. Many other games got rid of that IGOUGO aspect and have other options to interact. And those are the way for the future. Just as I saied, Bolt Action does have a really good system, where each player can interact with the opponent while playing the game turn. That's the way to go. And to balance the armies.
  2. Alright, fair enough. I would summarize the double turn problem is reliant on: a) no option to interact with the opponent, while it is his / her turn b) army design / balance
  3. The core of the problem is not particularly the random turn design. It is more the fact, that whoever doesn't get the turn, is helplessly standing beside, and that maybe for 2 turns in a row. The game just needs any option to interact with the oponent players, while it is his turn. That could for example be, not to activate the entire army at the turn, but a single unit. There is for sure more of an option. @XReNI'd suggest you play Stormcasts on your tournaments, sont you? Who is punished by double turns is also dependent on the army a players has. Stormcasts are well known for the fact, that they are resiliant, and no matter what you try to destroy from them, they destroy you first most of the times. So you could potentially rely on the resiliance of that army. But what with other armies? I'd suggest that might be an issue, too.
  4. I guess I am gonna playtest the initiative based on Warlord's Bolt Action sytsem: Each players puts a dice of each unit he has into a bag. Then the bag is shaken and there is always one dice to be dragged form there. The player, whom belongs that dice to, activates ONE SINGLE unit to go. If we would maybe try this out, we would have nothing to change otherwise due to abse rules, endless spells etc. . BUT It would give the players, who's turn it is not, a possibility to interact with the enemy, once it is his turn. Of course somene could drag more than 1 of his dice form the bag, but he / she then knows, that the opponent will have it the same way. To even concider the backblast of the own actions should give the game much more concidering in actual tactics. Gonna try that out soon I guess.
  5. I absolutely dislike that mechanic. it leads to a feeling of being helpless, when the opponent gets that turn. And it is really just due to one single dice roll, that will in most cases determine the entire game, as often core units are just taken out of any oppotunity to do their job. That being saied, it is like rolling a dice turn one and determining, who the winner is. Important decisions are often not predictable due to that roll, wich gives the game a really big "beer and brezel" feeling, wich I absolutely dislike. When there is the entire army to be activated, that mechanic should really be abandoned. If it would be alternating activations of one single unit each time, it would be fine. In other game systems the initiative rolls work much better, and even 40k doesn't have it. So why do we have?
  6. Well, for the first thing I try to avoid playing against them, tbh. Just as I do avoid playing against several other factions. We kind of have to go into the forests, because they will kind of control the map with those anyway. That's what is the deal for that army, so kind of their core element. We just can't do anything against it, since the rule designer wants it to be that way, no matter what we do.
  7. What? Why? It was one of the good and viable options for us... . Don't wanna get ranty, so I spare on a commend I would like to do right now.
  8. But is it actually awesome? I'd like to ask those, who do now own it for some days and had time to play it. Is it good? Might it be a long term game? What is your experience until now? As you told correct, it might take some time to catch flame. But hopefully it won't be a dumbster fire. In my local area, really nobody plays it out of 25 AoS players. No interest at all, as it looks like. We have a promo pack for play testing, that is just not used.
  9. My personal thoughts on your list: 1. I would not take the Blood Thirster for 1k games, as he takes likely 25% of your amry value and is just unreliable. If you're looking for buffs provided I would go for minor heroes to compensate a little. If the BT willget slain, you have lost 25% of your army for only 1 BP. 2.Not sure about your Battleline choice, but I guess nothing beside what's in the Khorne Boook can be Battleline. So no Chaos Warriors, since they are technically Battleline for Grand Alliance Chaos. Or can they then be Battleline in any Chaos Army? ( would need verification ) The Sorcerer Lord seems good value for ranged control. What I would personally take for 1k games, using your collection as basis: 1 Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore 1 Skulltaker as General 10 Bloodletters 5 Chaos Warriors 5 Chaos Knights 1 Chariot of Khorne ( it is the Tuskgor one, right? ) otherwise the Gorebeast Chariot 1 Skullcanon Brings you to 960 points. Please don't expect to really win, your collection is a good start, but when i see what your enemies will be, I'd suggest you will get steamrolled. Sorry for being that honest, but I wouldn't like to lie to you in any way. But if you can avid the enemy as long as possible, to control objectives, then you could have a good chance. So try to never face any enemy on the board. Avoid them if possible, go for free objectives. Try to not take fight for objectives, that the enemy controls. Go for those objectives, that are not claimed or have enemies, you're sure you can win against. I wish you all the luck someone could wich you!
  10. With the List you mentioned above? Bloodthirster of Fury Chaos Lord on Mount Chaos Sorcerer allied Skulltaker x10 Bloodletters x5 Chaos Warriors x5 Chaos Warriors x5 Chaos Knights x3 Bloodcrushers x1 Chariot x1 Skull Cannon
  11. I really like that mission cards to create a game. Brilliant approach, and whoever designed that really knows, what a skirmish game needs. They seem to be overall balanced for both factions, and as a competetive mind, I consider that actually great design. What I don't like atm, is that we can't take all of our armies. Having Blades of Khorne models sitting on the shelf I'd like to use them too. Maybe there will be a possiblity to use some of them in the future. Until then, they'll hug the shelf pretty much. Personally I hope, that Warcry would achieve more complexibility in actual choices, that can be made. Unique init rules could be gret and maybe some customisation due to the actual army design like spells, artifakt, etc. could reach out some more. I am not sure what to think about the game mechanic itself. It just seems a little too simple for my expectations. Limitation to move and hit is basically good, because it eliminates some really random factors. But I don't know if that benefits the game itself.
  12. If you want mobile units, that can move fast from objective to objective, then take the Chaos Marauder Horsemen witht the Javelins! They're just really nice for their points and can gain the Khorne keyword. So you don't need to spend any allied point to them
  13. @TheArborealWalrusHow did your local tournament turn out for you?
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