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  1. My theory is they reveal Soulblight officially as part of a two-faction battlebox. Realm-lords versus Gravelords. I would love it. My wallet would not.
  2. Definitely inspired by Tomb Kings with the Ossiarchs, yeah!
  3. That was my thought as well. Nice bonus on an already great model.
  4. Ooh, I love the shark, especially the red stripes and the base!
  5. There's also more to roles than damage. We've seen the beginnings of GW really feeling this out with stuff like the Sons of Behemat objective manipulation, but even elements like mobility, battlefield roles for different battleplan purposes, etc. Bringing up Lumineth as an example of design goals again, the Wardens demonstrate tools like threat range (3" spears combined with decent movement), reactivity to enemy actions (increased effectiveness when charged), and the ability to operate in other phases of the game (the unit wizard--a controversial element, I know, but still something worth noting). And while they are a potent unit, they have weaknesses that some other warscrolls in the same army do not, let alone warscrolls in other armies. For example, the reactive bonuses they get for receiving a charge are a cool design tool, but not one the Wardens have much control over, which makes it a double-edged sword. You're incentivized to place them in harm's way to maximize their power, which is interesting risk/reward play. Similarly, it has already been noted that the Stoneguard's additional wound changes how they interact with damage. Sure, the lack of toughness and damage carry-over mitigate that, but they don't eliminate it entirely. Not by a long shot. More wounds=less bodies for objectives, but also more wounds=incoming damage does less to reduce fighting strength. Again, specialization! Adding in damage negate effects like Protection of Hysh/Protection of Teclis is another axis that can muck with damage as well.
  6. Took a bit of a break from my Deathriders and painted this guy:
  7. Looks super cool! I do have one minor nitpick with the description, though. How is "Think of the Seelie Court of the Fae, only way more sinister," not just the Unseelie Court? That's gonna bug me all day if I don't get an explanation.
  8. Fair! It's definitely a subjective thing. I would put the deadwalker kit down as a contender for the worst kit GW still produces, so naturally I want to see it gone, but I admit some of the ones you mention are fairly bad. Some I think are merely simplistic or lower detail, though. Salamanders are fine, gorgers are actually kinda cool, the chaos spawn is iffy but was iffy from the moment it replaced the old metal spawn (which was much cooler).
  9. I disagree as to most of those kits being anywhere near as dated something like the Deadwalker zombie plastics or as hokey as the Wight King on Skeletal Steed finecast. They could just purge the worst kits from Legions, but then they lose a large number of units, and zombies seem a good bet for something that will be included. Now, I will admit I'm a bit of an outlier in terms of quality judgments, as I still like a number of widely-reviled kits like the Seraphon Cold One Knights and the Dragon Ogor Shaggoth (dated in size, but still badass looking). And I do agree that people shouldn't get their hopes up too far. I just don't quite agree on where "too far" is. I think seeing a couple heroes and a couple unit kits is not an unreasonable expectation, and more than that isn't yet in the realm of pie-in-the-sky. I'd wager on updated zombies coming alongside the new Vampire Lord as a minimum, honestly.
  10. Strongly disagree with the "if everything is good, nothing is," line of thought. The iconic use of that kind of thinking in The Incredibles was never meant to be taken as a serious, credible argument. There is very little derived from it that works well either. If everything is good, it can still be good in different ways, with different specializations or parts of a toollkit. You can also have something be good but not perfect, and therefore open to rock-paper-scissors counters by other good units that have different strengths and weaknesses. And you can have things that are kinda good, but benefit from synergies to become stronger than the sum of their parts. These are all valid and possible design strategies. Many games achieve them, and Age of Sigmar could get there eventually.
  11. I voted 15-20, but for me, it's more like 15 being the average would be good. 20 is a lot, and not needed in most circumstances. But I would like to see more than 10-15 implies. IMO, 10 warscrolls should be what they should be aiming for as a floor, and that for tightly-themed and narrowly-focused armies. I can think of several types of units I would like to see for any faction at or near that amount. I acknowledge that the more warscrolls there are, the higher amount of "chaff" warscrolls there would be from a competitive perspective. But while I am sympathetic to the competitive perspective, it's definitely not the only one that matters. Cool themed or oddball list ideas benefit from more warscrolls. Modelers and other hobbyists benefit from more kits, which is a likely consequence of more warscrolls. Lore enthusiasts benefit from more types of units and characters being covered. As long as we avoid the "chaff" warscrolls being ones that are essential to the army's functioning or core aesthetic (I am thinking of Liberators and Chaos Warriors here), no one's going to feel obligated to take a bad warscroll. But those warscrolls (and kits) existing is still of benefit to the fandom and hobby.
  12. Same. If it weren't for the Soulblight tease, I'd have 100% locked in my next army. As it is, I'm waiting for more info to choose between the two.
  13. Finished the first model of the Deathrider unit I've been working on this month, and figured I'd show it off, with more to come!
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