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  1. If I can submit a model I should have already finished than I have my half complete "forest zombie dragon" mounted by a wood elf waystalker. It's my take on a wood elf style "dreadlord on black dragon" for my Living City army.
  2. Agreed on the second part. As for the first I assume it's just the assumption that there's something there that doesn't have to be represented physically but its cooler if it is.
  3. To be fair yeah shadow warriors do their thing in any list. Sisters of the watch are easy to use in living cities since they dont count as having moved when they teleport in from the hidden paths but any list can also run them effectively as long as you bring a bridge of souls to teleport them though that can also be dispelled/unbound. Tempest eye is a good list for running those units as the warlord can get the +1 wound for all ranged units nearby trait and the greatswords would benefit from +3 inches to their move and +1 to their save on turn 1 for getting into position or surviving.
  4. Feels like the closest comparison would be the Sylvaneth "places of power" rule. So the most direct translation would be something like "pick 3 pieces of terrain (1 in your territory, 1 in your opponents territory and 1 anywhere outside of either player's territory). These terrain pieces become waystones and gain the mystical and commanding terrain features for WANDERERS units only." Then something something about the bonus for owning multiple. I wonder if the +1 to the dice roll applying to the commanding AND the mystical saves would be too much? I mean realistically how often are you gonna control 3 points on the map at the same time spread over the entire map? I imagine the prime strategy would be to select some out of the way piece of terrain on your opponents board edge but then it creates a flavorful question of whether they can keep you from activating the waystones and furthermore that's then one or two units who are gonna be pretty far from the main battle just so that you can more securely hold one other piece of terrain. It's actually a pretty fitting playstyle reminiscent of Athel Loren of old. Outsider forces that only go out to secure the world roots while the majority of your army sits in the "castle" which in this case is kind of a forest and they defend it very well if and only if they are fighting in their forest.
  5. 1. Yes if they are taken as part of the (1 in 4 sylvaneth units) that Living city let's you bring than for all game purposes they are Living cities. Note you can only bring 1 in 4 sylvaneth units. Living city can't ally Sylvaneth. 2. If you have 4 wizards than two of them are gonna get the same spell. Giving the spell to one caster doesnt take it off the list. Note you can still only try to cast any given spell one time a turn so if you have to double up put it on someone who's warscroll spell you probably want to cast regularly. 3. Sylvaneth wizards can cast sylvaneth endless spells yes. ONLY the sylvaneth wizards can try to cast sylvaneth endless spells though so keep that in mind.
  6. Update on my "Dreadlord on Black Dragon" for my swamp dwelling living cities army. The base colors are all on. The next step will be to wash everything down to dull it out so it's not so bright. The wings are blank and brown right now cause I plan on attempting some butterfly-esque freehand on it. Wish me luck as it's my first real effort.
  7. I don't know if its necessarily related but I would actually prefer if I could get a box of only the female sequitors just because I find male stormcast just a little comically over proportioned wheras the female stormcast fit right into the range of super human that I'm looking for.
  8. This "Dreadlord on black dragon" is currently on my painting table. A forest dragon and its rider who's souls inhabit the plants that animate the body. The current rider is an old finecast waystalker who will be molded onto the neck (just in front of the sword)
  9. My current project is converting a "plant zombie dragon" (think golgari) to match my plant skeletons for my living city. Gonna run him with a wood elf waystrider on top as a dreadlord on black dragon. Wanted to share some WIP pics cause he's just coming along so well!
  10. Is it allowed for me to post a link to my post on the selling forums? I'm off loading a DoK army that never saw play because I make impulse purchases T_T it's a great deal on witch aelves if anyone is looking to get started.
  11. https://imgur.com/a/Bx7V5Qj I am located in the Southeastern United States and am looking to offload my DoK army. I picked them up when I first got into AoS because I had a lot of them I had used for my Dark Eldar, but as time went on I never actually played them or got into them and I moved onto other armies. I love their look but I can't justify holding onto 3 armies when I never get to play so here we are. Some of the witch aelves as you can see were converted from the attendants on the shrine and some that I got second hand have some damaged weapons but I will send all the sprues I have along with the purchase in the hopes you'll have more than enough weapons spare to fix that how you'd like. The above pictures are from when I posted the lot to R/Miniswap. The Cauldron and Khinerai have already sold The full list is: Doomfire warlock ×10 $50 Blood stalkers ×10 $80 Witch elves ×57 $250 I'll also throw in 5 of the Raging Heroes snake women archers unbuilt as a freebie. I won't need them if the army sells after all. Asking $400 shipped to anywhere in the Continental US, outside of that we'd have to discuss the shipping depending on how much it will cost but usually I am willing to split it 50/50.
  12. After I updated the app it kept crashing so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Worked but deleted my lists (oh well) AND ALL OF MY PURCHASED CONTENT! (Yes I have tried "restore purchases" multiple times.) Contacted customer support but it said there's up to a 15 day delay for email responses...
  13. Hey everyone this is a bit of a longshot but I'm looking to do a conversion reminiscent of Malekith and was hoping I could get ahold of the Dreadlord head with the double curling horns and possibly also the helmet itself with the spikes on it. The bits sites fail me
  14. Are there more archetypes than just those listed? I mean I assume so but I wanted to know.
  15. The Punga ones. And I admit I wasnt sure if I was gonna get them because my bank wouldn't let me charge my card to their site directly and the rep had me paypal it and didn't ask for my address so I felt like I may never see them and just forgot about it since I had no tracking number or anything but then one day they just showed up and they're beautiful.
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