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  1. Idk. A "runty" singular named man crusher who also happened to be a wizard or priest could make a great addition to a range that lacks granularity.
  2. Literally the most dissapointing rendtion of a piece of art I've seen in a while. Like I saw the pic and was like "oh I might actually want those guys" and instead we get a bunch of weirdly static "dynamic poses". Very dissapointing and I even LIKE the new stormcast look mostly. I'd legitimately quit the game. No hyperbole. So if you're actively trolling I have nothing to say to you per forum rules about civility.
  3. I'd be super happy for even a proper tease of the incoming chaos battletome. Actually on that note if we're assuming that white dwarf updates mean "no battletome soon" then the chaos book is either not beasts or they're not getting souped with slaves like I half feared.
  4. No you're right. The open beta is a good idea. I think I'm just bitter because I know I'm not going to be getting this particular product if it does end up with half of it locked behind warhammer+ to artificially drive subscriptions.
  5. The warscrolls aren't free if they're locked behind a subscription. Looks like you'll have to buy the books to unlock the rules portion (that's fine but it's not as good as the old app where we could just buy a full digital version of the battletome with all the fluff and everything instead of getting it for "free" if you buy a 50 dollar physical book you may or may not want). And the warscrolls will be locked behind a subscription fo W+ which is exclusively a downgrade from the old app. In unsure whether you have to subscribe to see the warscrolls from your book if you have the digital code to unlock the rules but I mean. I doubt it right?
  6. Can you clarify what you mean by (abilities not included). You mean like army rules and spells and stuff yeah? Can you subscribe to the app separately from subscribing to W+ and if so do you know if that has changed since the launch of W+ If they make the warscrolls free and lock the book rules behind purchase of books and the army builder behind a subscription that would be fine with me. Still a step backwards since the battletome rules aren't really equal to a digital battletome but it's also "free" if you buy the 50 dollar book that just went up in cost... this got less fine as I typed. All at what I assume (no proof one way or the other) will be an increased cost.
  7. I think its saying you DONT have to have a subscription to access the rules to the battletome you already paid for. A good thing but we'll see how much of the app stays locked even when you buy the books. It could easily be enough to make it not worth it if you don't pay. Built in inconvenience to market convenience is a well known strategy.
  8. Imagine your HoA put a gate up to block off the road you were using to get into your neighborhood and then happily announced that access to this awesome gate is included with one purchase of a pool pass (for a pool that has like 3 feet of water in it but dont worry we're gonna fill it up later!) Oh and you can't buy it any other way so 'included' may not be the BEST term.
  9. Well Azyr had a free part of the app (warscrolls, core rules) and then the things you paid for (list builder, battletomes). The fact that this app also has all of the FAQ in one easy to access place would make paywalling the whole thing a really silly move. So yeah GW will probably do that. On the topic of the actual app, though I'm loathe to provide them free feedback so they can sell it back to me, coalition units in a Blades of Khorne army dont have any way to select a mark leaving them ineligible for artifacts. Also the app thinks 3 beast units is somehow more than (1 in 4) of 13. Not sure what the error there is.
  10. Ninjad by my own qoute XD lol But yeah there is a chance they paywall everything else and leave the warscrolls available (so just like Azyr) so I guess that's fine if we don't expect any increase in product for their increased profits, but I refuse to buy W+ for more than I paid for the azyr app just because they couldn't be bothered to actually make their subscription service appealing to customers.
  11. From the accompanying email. This all-new app is completely free while it's in beta, so you can use it to its fullest and help us make it even better. Once the beta period comes to an end, the app will become another awesome part of Warhammer+ along with Warhammer 40,000: The App, and loads more – another fantastic reason to subscribe to the ultimate Warhammer service. I for one don't intend to cross my picketline on W+ just because they paywall something that used to be free. In fact, they're basically ALLOWING us to be unpaid beta testers before they take it away and give it to the paying customers.
  12. It could be vampires but the last thing they need is another named single character vampire lord. My first thought was stormcast, but it does lack a lot of design queues. It actually kind of makes me think of dark souls and if it's the middle ground between Vampires and Stormcast (grim gothic human knights akin to Emelda from Cursed City) I would be very very interested.
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