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  1. Plus side of using the bull heads as the stone guard heads means you have the elven looking half of their helmet for another headswap
  2. I finally finished my Verminlord (Skreech Verminking)! I decided to make a custom head by mixing because I didnt think the Verminking head option really conveyed the "all aspects in one" ness of him.
  3. You know, I wasn't spamming them but anecdotally I had 20 clanrats survive the charge of 10 chaos warriors, 5 chaos knights, and Archaon. Not because my opponent rolled poorly but because once the knights killed 13 of them I pulled so that Archaon and the warriors couldnt even swing. So I guess what I'm saying is that the trick to being "survivable" is to spread out and not be there when it comes time for your opponent to swing.
  4. Having seen someone make a basic helmet and realize that just the padding alone put your head off balance and strained your neck... those helmets would be the most impractical thing to wear into combat ever. Worse than boob plate and almost on bar with combat heels. The above head swap is still fantastical but at least it isnt all the unwieldyness of the horns BALANCED 5 feet above your head!
  5. I'm always on the lookout for alternative shoulders for stormcast because I might want to stick like 10 in my cities army but not with those big bulky pauldrons and stupid faces lol
  6. Samurai dude with the flaming sword is going to be bought if for no other reason than LOOK AT HIM!
  7. As is the elves will forever be known for having the strongest necks in the mortal realms lol.
  8. Can't tell on the riders but that's definitely the veiled woman there behind the archers. Can anyone do a photoshop on those hammer elves to move the bullhead down to replace their heads?
  9. Looks like an easy fix. Clip off the bull head and put it where the helmet goes. Maybe a little blob of greenstuff for the neck and boom.
  10. Those helmets are ridiculous lol. One bullhead on the banner would have been enough I think. Still my roommate will be happy to have something to use his old swordmasters as.
  11. I mean they look decent but they're more expensive than bestigors who aren't that great and at max size are more expensive than Mortek Guard and not a single soul would compare the two. I love stormvermin but they need more love.
  12. My personal gut feeling is that the priest can be dropped, lower the arch warlock (as much as I love him) to a regular warlock if you want to keep 2 for redundancy and mobility and that gives you exactly enough points to bring the jezzails up to 9 models which is the recommended size by someone on here with a lot more first hand experience than I. I also feel like the 40 monks could be a hellpit abomination which would leave you 40 points for an endless spell. Or combined with the above change you could get a 2nd WLC for consistency. Or you could drop the priest and trade monks for an HPA leaving you 120 points to fiddle around with endless spells or the like (possibly 2 rattling guns but I'm sure there are better options) I absolutely love how viable it is to build skaven with so many different puzzle pieces.
  13. I think when it comes to Seraphon it's going to be WLC over Jezzails for me simply because everyone in my area likes the coalesced and as I read it their "reduce the damage of attacks targeting them by 1" won't reduce the WLC because it doesn't have a damage characteristic and instead causes MW. So it's equally useful no matter which choice they bring. I could be wrong though.
  14. I understand that AoS is a better system but any set of rules can be over tuned to encourage sales and that was the problem with knights in my mind. It wasn't that 40k as a rule set couldn't handle IK it was that the suits at the top wouldn't allow the designers to keep the game healthy because they wanted that money. Money they'll be hurting to recoup after major losses with the global pandemic. Big business long ago made a cynic out of me. I still hope for the best though.
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