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Found 34 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm a first-time poster and am recently getting back into the hobby after a few years so I am relearning everything. This forum has been an awesome source of inspiration so thank you to everyone who has posted their projects! Have to say that the GW shop in Epsom were incredibly helpful too with getting me back into things so shout out to those guys. I have always been a fan of Slaanesh and conversions in general - I'm a fan of the 'Slaves to Darkness' feel of wild chaos mutations and am finding the plastic kits (yes it's been a while!) really easy to chop around and work with. So I decided to go for a small Slaaneshi beastmen / Slaangor warband. I imagine them rampaging through Hysh on the hunt for Slaanesh, becoming ever more warped as they do, with their leader, a dragon ogre shaggoth having growing designs taking Slaanesh's place as his band becomes more and more powerful. This was my first time painting in a while so it was a bit rough and ready! But as a unit I think they are neat enough to hold together. This was my first test model, using a Gor torso with the claw and leg from a daemonette. And these are my takes on centigors, using the upper torsos of gors, the lower bodies and spears from melusai and claws again taken from daemonettes. I tried to hide the join with a bit of Greenstuff fashioned into fur. And lastly some works in progress. The dragon ogre shaggoth leader of the warban,made with a combination of the shaggoth and an Idoneth deepmare torsos, pinned together with some greenstuff to fill the (big!) gaps. Lastly, another WIP - a beastman shaman, who I imagine as some kind of prophet or vizier to the dragon ogre. He is put together with the shaman model and part of the discarded tail-part of the dragon ogre model. Lastly I added the rock base from the shaggoth kit and the standard from the gors, just to make the model a bit more interesting and to possibly represent a shamanic totem. (I also should have spent the time to get the banner straight as I have noticed it comes down at an unnatural angle!) Thanks for looking guys. I will keep this thread updated as I (hopefully!) make progress. Mick
  2. An eerie stillness hung in the crisp autumn air, that made both men and beast feel uneasy. The proverbial calm before the storm, that feeling which had everyone unconsciously glancing towards the old forest, hoping that this time they wouldn't come. This year, they would surely get the harvests in. But like the other years, the silence was broken by the sounds that everyone feared. It started deep, deep within the primeval woods, but came closer quickly. The war drums were heard first, but they were soon joined by the bellowing sound of hornblowers. They were coming. --- Hello everyone! This thread will document my project to build and paint a Brayherd army, with some conversions in between as I see fit. I was recently abroad in a country that, unlike my own, has Games Workshop stores, so I used the opportunity and bought a whole bunch of models to start me off - see picture! That's 20 gors, 20 ungors, 10 bestigors, 3 bullgors, a ghorgon, 2 beastlords (the GW one, and the Avatars of War one), a great bray shaman and a goblin shaman which will be turned into an ungor shaman. Yikes. What have I gotten myself into...? A little about me and my hobby background: I started playing WHFB when I was twelve, back in 5th edition. I had roughly 2300p of orcs&goblins in various states of painting by the time I eventually fell out of it around age seventeen. Many years pass, and I slowly start getting the urge to paint again. I bought a model for one of my D&D characters (the GW dwarf runelord), but it sat unassembled in my drawer for months before I finally bit the bullet in August last year and got the paint and tools needed to start the hobby again. I was initially just planning to buy a few individual models to paint, but that plan obviously didn't last long. I had some friends who are into wargaming, and they got me into Battlefleet Gothic. Since I can't seem to do anything like this in moderation, I now have two half-painted fleets (Slaanesh and Tau, if you're curious - not all ships pictured). In between I've also been painting various AoS miniatures (mostly various flavours of Chaos, most recently the Silver Tower Tzeentch cult which I put the finishing touches on earlier tonight) and board game minis (Banner Saga Warbands - two varls, one human and all the dredge left in case you're familiar with it), but now I'm taking the plunge and building a proper army, and here we are. I'm still in this because I enjoy painting, so I'm not rushing to have an army I can play with or anything like that. I'll be taking my time to do this properly, and I'll hold myself to as high a standard as I can manage with every model, down to the last ungor. I also have great plans for basing, my most ambitious yet. More on that later. I've already started some assembly work on the great bray shaman and the first batch of gors, expect the first progress pictures of that here tomorrow!
  3. Hello, I want to make a list of army of beasts of chaos with some of the formations that come out in the battletome dedicated to the gods of chaos. My question is: which of these 2 battletome of chaos (Blades of khorne, maggothkin of nurgle) makes more synergy with the beasts of chaos? I am open to debate, I really like maggothkin models but they are very outdated in rules. Also if you want to leave lists of guides, I would be very grateful. Thanks for your opinions.
  4. So I have 20 gors and 10 ungor raiders that I have assembled a few years ago but shelved. I am thinking about actually building a brayherd/warherd army. I'm not really a tournament player so I don't want a cheese list, and I would expect that beastmen aren't really a cheesy army anyway. I was thinking something like this for 1500 pts: Allegiance: ChaosBeastlord (80)- Man-ripper Axe & Brayshield20 x Gors (160)- Gor-Blades & Beastshields20 x Gors (160)- Gor-Blades & Beastshields20 x Gors (160)- Gor-Blades & Beastshields20 x Ungor Raiders (200)20 x Bestigors (280)3 x Bullgors (180)- Great Axes5 x Centigors (80)Ghorgon (200)Total: 1500 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 141
  5. Got a brand new in box sealed Beastman Chariot, metal photo below Also the Bretonnian Character the Morgana le Fey, metal, without steed think it should be a Unicorn. UK based, DM me if interested looking for £40 £25 or so (or nearest offer) for chariot and about a £12 £5 for the Fey Enchantress
  6. Hi I'm running a goat posse 2000pts deep and was wondering if Brayherd alliegence or Grand Alliance Chaos was the better bet? I'm leaning toward Chaos with the Wildstalker battalion. This seems to give me enough bodies, some very useful buffs and Ambush with access to more toys. Is it worth giving up Herdstones and forgoing the Brayherd traits & warfare for?
  7. Bueno


    Brayherd Beastlord
  8. Sometimes I can't help but think that GW missed an opportunity by not moving Beastmen over to Destruction at the dawn of AOS. I feel they have more in line with that faction aesthetically/gameplay wise, and they would be much more useful in Destruction. While it would be a lore change, it is possible. Perhaps after generations the Beastmen lose their chaos tain and become a normal (albeit highly destructive) race, with those Beastmen still attuned to Chaos becoming Tzaangors/Pestigors etc. I know this is of course not for everyone, just looking for some discussion on the topic
  9. Bueno

    Great Bray Shaman

    Great Bray Shaman
  10. As per the title, if anyone has a spare Gor lying around (or the bits needed to make one) I'm interested. Would be prepared to buy a few of them if selling a single one isn't worth your while. Thanks in advance.
  11. My hobby group and I have recently started up AoS after years of not playing Fantasy anymore. I drafted up an army list based on a 150 Wound game (we play by wound count, not point value). I would love some feedback on it. I'm trying to make it fast and deadly. Let me know what you think! Wildstalker Brayherd Batallion: Beast Lord: 5 Wounds Great Bray-Shaman: 5 Wounds Great Bray-Shaman: 5 Wounds 10 Gores: 10 Wounds 10 Gores: 10 Wounds 10 Gores: 10 Wounds 10 Bestigors: 10 Wounds 5 Bestigors: 5 Wounds 10 Ungor Raiders: 10 Wounds 10 Ungor Raiders: 10 Wounds 10 Ungor Raiders: 10 Wounds 10 Ungor Raiders: 10 Wounds Non-Batallion Units: 1 Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch: 4 Wounds Sayl the Faithless: 6 Wounds 5 Skin Wolves: 20 Wounds 3 Stormfiends: 18 Wounds 2 Chaos Familiars: 2 Wounds The strategy I'm working off of is that with the Wildstalker Brayherd, I can setup all units within that battalion in an ambush behind the enemy force. Since the beastmen units can run and charge in the same turn, chances of getting into melee turn 1 are high. All while that batallion does its thing, I'll try to roll and see if the 3 Stormfiends enter the battlefield. If I'm successful, I'll set them up close to the batallion and unload 3 Ratling Cannons (each shooting 3d6 attacks). That's shooting support for the batallion. Then from my side of the table, I'll have one of the Bray Shamans, Sayl, the 5 Skin Wolves, an Exalted Flamer, and 2 Familiars, who I'll keep right next to the shaman and Sayl for +2 to casting. Turn 1, the shaman will try to summon a monster to come and support the batallion in the ambush (I'm thinking of pulling a ****** move and using a Chaos Mammoth lol). Also on turn 1, I'd have Sayl cast Traitor's Mist on the Skin Wolves, giving them a flying movement of 18 inches, which will make them fast melee reinforcements for the batallion. The Exalted Flamer will fly around shooting ****** up, and in later hero phases after the shaman summons something big and Sayl makes the werewolves fly, they'll focus on summoning more Exalted Flanders to crank up the firepower. With those strategies in mind, what do you guys think? Does this force work? Is there anything you'd do differently or have me consider? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys! -Gnarvock
  12. So I know previously there was discussion on here about this battalion being illegal and I agree that it seemed that way. It seemed even more that way with the FAQ stating that compendium battalions that have units that no longer exist cannot be used. Recently at the GW grand tournament though there was a bullgor stampede. Does this mean we misinterpreted the FAQ and instead of losing access to battalions where the units got a name change it only means ones where the units no longer have points or anything? I am curious to see where you all stand on this.
  13. Hello, I am getting ready to re-base my Beastmen and was wondering what I should use in terms of base sizes. From what I was able to figure out it seems like Ungors best on 25mm round while everything else that was previously on a 25mm square is now best on 32mm round. So characters, Gors, & Bestigors. So mostly wondering now what the Doombull and Bullgors should be based on? 40mm or 50mm round? Also would it be a Oval 120mm x 92mm for the Ghorgon and Jabbersythe? As I assume this is the most common base to re-base anything that was previously on the square chariot base? Any guidance would be great; thanks! -Wes
  14. Shoe

    Warherd Army Review

    If you have been wondering about what it's like to actually play a Warherd, this thread is for you. I ran my Warherd for the entire summer campaign. I played 15 games at 1,000 points. ...and I only won about 3 of them. But! That's mostly because I'm terrible at AOS and constantly forget stuff. I did learn quite a bit and now I'm winning probably 40% of the games I play, unless someone tailors a list for me. I think this changed because I'm getting better at learning how to use the army effectively. This is my analysis! Pros: Minimum requirements for the army & formation are exactly 1k. Eats Stormcast, Ogor and Beastclaw alive and laughs about it so hard, milk comes out their nose. Low model count gives you plenty of opportunity to paint them creatively. Burst damage can be insane if you roll well, I wiped a unit of 40 zombies in a single round. Properly buffed, they hit on 3+, wound on 2+ and get 2 extra swings on 4+ to wound. Best matched against Ironjawz - my best fight left us with 2 Brutes and 1 minotaur at the end of the game competing for an objective at turn 6. Clearly the most fun match of the summer by far. Cons: Pathetic armor saves. Even with shields, it only gives you 4+ in the combat phase, not against shooting. Wood elves tie humiliating notes to their arrows as your cows turn into fat pincushions. Weak against any shooting army. The Ghorgon is a pussycat. It's only job is to look scary and draw fire away from the minotaurs and it works. 3 minotaurs will get more work done than the Ghorgon every single time, so swing him around blindly and paint it vibrantly. The Ghorgon's "Slavering maw" ability has never hit in the history of warhammer. People will tell you it has, but they are lying. I think it's a joke among the GW designers. They sit at bugman's and announce they will drink from their "huge slavering maw" and then while everyone watches, they pour their entire pint in their lap and then everyone laughs and laughs If you have to split up your forces, you will lose. If you fight khorne bloodbound, you will probably lose. Tactics: Stay in a 16" bubble. Don't accept charges. Always take advantage of pre measuring to hedge your bets against being charged. A strong wind will damage your fragile minotaurs and losing even one out of the group of 3 before it can do it's 6 wounds (average) is huge. Only send in one unit at a time if you can. Even if you are able to charge everything in at once. Avoid giving your opponent a free swing at your bulls. Unless you are trying to force your opponent to make a tough tactical choice. If you have to sacrifice something, sacrifice the Ghorgon. Remember all the little bonuses. Like how your banner gives you +1 bravery for every enemy unit within 12" - this saves you from bravery based mortal wound generators like Drycha and Flesh Eater Courts. Always remember to roll unpredictable destruction. Get your Doombull into combat in turn 2. His damage is incredible and he's fairly tanky with 8 wounds. Applying wound order is always Musician, Banner, Bloodkine. Try to force your opponent into scenery bottlenecks, like the door to the ophidian archway, or some other tight squeeze. This will help when fighting armies that can pile in and attack when they die. If there's no reach, there's no damage. General Advice: I run my army with the Runeblade(?) (don't have the book on me at the moment) on the Doombull (4 damage!) and Lord of War giving him the ability to grant +1 to hit to another unit, which has a surprisingly huge impact in controlling the tide of the battle. Get used to winning embarrassingly easily or losing with grace and a smile. Some of your games might not be much fun for you or your opponent unless you bring a ton of banter and keep a good attitude. I painted cow jokes to the bottom of all my bases, so whenever one gets pulled off the table: I tell a terrible cow joke. The saddest win I earned was against gutbusters. I lost one minotaur. My opponent was a prince about it. The saddest loss I suffered was against Flesh Eaters, who beat me by one model on the objective. Super close game though! If you are playing 1000 point games, play on a 4x4 table. It's recommended in the book for a good reason. The main reason being that it makes armies like this viable in about half of the scenarios. For most scenarios you will rely on a tabling victory. Stampede in other armies: 1000 points for a single Bullgor Stampede means that, to fit it into a 2k list, you have to be super clever with "fixing" their shortcomings with 1k worth of chaos units, and your doombull still has to be your general - or get access to his command ability from another buff like from the Archaeon on steed's "Warlord without Equal" or similar ability. I wouldn't recommend having more than 1000 points of bulls on the table because they have to be within 16" of the Doombull to get their synergy and if he gets iced, your house of cards falls pretty hard. Is it fun? YES. It's my favorite army to play. Even if I lose, I am peeling enemy models off the table in droves and most people who beat me feel like they really had to work for it. It's usually when they total up the victory points and say "Wait... I won?" In my experience, the best games are the ones we almost win, or almost lose. I'm probably forgetting something. I had a ton of fun painting mine, I snagged a silver in my first AOP with them! Here are some photos!
  15. Hello All, Im an oldtime wargamer who has been playing wargames with WHFB starting 6th edition (not really that old to some people i guessed). Stopped playing around mid of 8th edition because of work and playing other game system. I have a huge collection of Tomb Kings (that i found out recently AXED!), medium collection of Dwarfs, and quite small collection of Beastmen. Lets ignore the other two as this is Chaos forum. So i have been reintroduced to fantasy or Age of Sigmar from a friend and gladly took the plunge again. I love beastmen models so this is why I decided to start AoS with Beastmen. I did my homework with the rules, youtube bat reps, and rebased all of my beastmen. Eager to play some fantasy battle again. So my first game was against the said friend with horde of skaven (1000 pts). His list is all about rats (100 of them actually) and BSBs so he had inspiring presence to all of the units. I never planned to win the game, in fact fully expecting a lost as it was my first game of AoS. Learned some stuff like never forget command abilities and grinded through about 60 clanrats, I found AoS is in fact quite balanced. Although I received minor defeat, it was still a fun game which i didnt care losing. The opposite was what i found with my second game. Against 1000 pts tomb king list below : Tomb King Liche Priest 10 Skellies X 2 unit 5 Tomb Guard 3 Sepulcher Necrosphinx Mine was : Doombull Malagor, dark omen 30 Gors 20 Bestigors 20 Ungor Raiders Tuskgor Chariot So he won the roll and gave me first turn. I ran everyone forward. His turn, all he did is move skellies slowly and full speed ahead with sphinx. Charged with sphinx to Bestigors (easy with the two highest dice from three rolled) and DECIMATED the unit (total 11 wounds). Retaliated with 7 bestigors and only did 1 wound (halving wounds rules from sphinx). The unit vanished because battleshock test (i rolled 6). Ok, this devastated me even more rather than the bestigor unit... Ok, as wargamer expert, I tried to get a hold of myself and continue with what i had. I planned to shoot all arrows at sphinx with ungor raiders and roll two more direct damage spells from malagor. Should do a few more wounds that would weaken the sphinx. Rolled the initiative round and he won so double turn for him. Sphinx flew to malagor, charged, and decapitated him..... Third turn, Sphinx helped skellies in combat with gors. Thats it... Im devastated and found the game was not fun... Okay i learned that AoS is so much monsterhammer and herohammer the hard way. In WHFB, you get ranks and combat resolution. AoS only battleshock from wounds. You either bring your own monster/artilleries or be in the receiving end of a monster. Okay im better after telling my devastating defeat and would like some suggestion for good monsters of chaos / anti monsters unit. Ghorgons may be the best but would like to have other opinions too. What do you think is best to grow my beastmen army? P.S. Last experience really encouraged me to play tomb kings again with two necrosphinxes because not a lot who really have two sphinx as they are no longer available from GW. At least my last opponent dont have two. <evil grin>
  16. Just finished my first Gor and am looking for ways to improve/C+C. Thanks!
  17. I've been toying for a while now with a Grand Congregation of Nurgle matched play list based on the fluff and illustrations from Quest for Ghal Maraz - that is an army that combines Pestilens, Nurgle Daemons and Beastmen - sorry no room for rot bringers in this one. To be honest my prime concern is a great looking army - I'm no tactical genius, but I'm not going to pass up on Plague Drones. I'm interested in getting a flavour of that insanity and variety but within the confines of 2000 points. Anyway it's Pestilens at its core and the other units, though possibly making up the numbers in the case of the Gors, are there for mostly aesthetic reasons. That said, any suggestions on uses of units or relevant alternatives would be appreciated. The Disciples of the Yellow Stench Leaders Plague priest Herald of Nurgle Leader/Behemoths Verminlord Corruptor - general Plague Furnace Behemoths Jabberslyth Battleline 10 Gors 10 Gors 10 Plague Bearers Artillery Plagueclaw Catapult Other 20 Plague Monks 20 Plague Monks 3 Dragon Ogres 3 Plague Drones 5 Plague Censer Bearers Battalion Congregation of Filth total 2000 Simple tactical justification - Corruptor - magic and buffs, Plague Furnace, mortal wounds, resilience and buffs, Herald of Nurgle- Daemon synergy. Gors - relatively resilent numbers, Plague Bearers - resilience, Plagueclaw ranged rend wounds, Monks - numbers and stacked attacks, Drones - all rounders. Jabberslythe - bargain kamikaze monster( that looks really ill and deranged for theme) 3 Dragon ogres with crushers - bit of a wild card but I love the models and would add to the look of chaotic variety- thinking of modelling them with greenstuff hoods to look leperous.
  18. It's Saturday morning and while waiting for my 40 Plague monks, freshly undercoated, to dry I thought I'd get all my Chaos Grand Alliance out for a small photo session... My painted Bloodbound were done by my good friend Ross Howard - http://twitter.com/rossymagic - These photos really do them no justice! Objective Markers
  19. Hey hey, The last of my Beastmen monsters! I've been steadily working on a Warherd army until the internet told me the Warherd is kind of bad, so now I don't know what the hell to do. I'm trying to keep motivated to finish off the last two 3bull bullgor units, but its kind of hard. When I made the army I was like "zomg im gonna win so many games," and now I'm like "I want Beastclaw Raiders." I always pick the wrong team! Anyway, here he is! If you saw my cygor, I was pretty unhappy with him. This dude I'm pretty happy with. My favorite part is his cute hooves. I think I did those well. I tried doing the horns similarly, but they kind of look not as good. Ah well, he's done. -.-
  20. Hey all! I'm working on a list and building the models that I need to round it out. It's designed as a mostly objective stealing list with some punch. It's centered around beastmen as the anvil/ tar pit with skaven providing the ranged punch they don't have, as well as augmenting any fighting force. I'm new to skaven, in particular to Storm Friends (yes, friends) and wanted to know how they perform or any well versed tactics. Here's the list: Leaders: Beast Lord (axe & shield) Arch warlock Skaven warlord (tbd) Units: Gors x 20 (beastshields) Ungors x 30 (spears & shields) Gors x 10 (shields) Bestigors x 20 Warpfire thrower weapon team Warpfire thrower weapon team Storm Vermin x 30 Storm Fiends x 3 (weapon assortment??) Warplock Jezzails x 3 So, there's no giant monster that I'm used to, but there are a TON of wounds. My thought is that the beasts move forward, claim objectives and tie up any threats. Bestigors and Storm vermin can hammer on the units I choose. W so many warp fire throwers, I can assure that I'll outnumber people with the storm vermin. I would like to fit in giant rats or warhounds , (rats are cheaper) but not sure what to drop or if they're redundant due to beastmen's speed. I can toss 10 gors under a stonehorn bus and not blink. Not sure if Storm Friends are frontline once the shooting is done or if i should protect them at all. Obviously not tossing them into a meat grinder. any skaven advice or what have you is appreciated. Thanks! (ps: i REALLY miss having monsters. doh)
  21. Stomping, squirming and fluttering, from the deep dark corners of the oldest forests, madness arrives! Pretty happy with this guy. I think I could have done the scales and horns better. I am happy with the skin and wings though! While I was going to do up the Bloodscorch Bullgors next, I unearthed 10 more Gor. While the Warherd is a bit out of my reach right now (I'd need one more ghorgon and nine more bullgor), the Brayherd is alive and well. I can easily run a Wildstalker Brayherd or Furious Brayherd though! Also, because so much of it is Battleline anyway, I can add in some monsters where I want and I'll still be swell. At least until we see a bad ass Allegiance bonus for Brayherd. Wildstalker Brayherd lets me ambush any unit from the battalion, and gives +1 Attack to all Melee Weapons for units within 16" of the Beastlord, and Reroll 1s to Wound if also within 16" of a Great Bray Shaman. Its like double and a bit of the points of the Furious Brayherd. And the Furious Brayherd lets me get the attack bonus from either the Beastlord or the Great Bray. May do this depending on points limit. The "amush" has to happen turn 1. But throwing a unit onto the table from a different table edge Turn 1 could be nasty. This could be anything from a 10gor Ungor unit to a 20gor Bestigor unit or 3gor Tuskgor Chariot unit. I'll still mainly run Gorthor the Beastlord as my general. His +1 to Hit, Run, and Charge CA is just so pretty.
  22. While Shartok Dragonchewer continues his journey of bringing the Shard of the Herdstone to Beastlord Kaamagruul tribe, reinforcements arrive. Fooves pound across the plains, and drunken yowls piercing the treeline. The Sons of the Warhoof arrive - united in devotion to their father and a love of good drink. Ghorros Warhoof - here to drink, fight, and rut. The Centigor Herd - Born from regions across the Realm of Life, willing to defend their father with their life! Pretty happy with how these guys turned out. I really enjoy tinkering with skin tones lately. I still struggle with highlighting though. All of the gor-kin were done with drybrushing like two years ago but I'm trying to evolve! I'm also not confident enough to do anything with banners yet. All of my banners look way too clean for Beastmen and are bare for now. Maybe once I finish the rest of the Herd off I'll give it a shot. Next up - Moghur and three more Bullgor. I was really inspired by the Tauri BloodscorcherWhateverCan'tRememberTheirFullNameNow Bullgors from the Godsbeast book. I really like the idea of the Herd absorbing members as they march around. I'm not done it, but since they were fighting the Stormcast I'm sure they lose! So these can be some refugees or something. I'll be using the guide in the book. I usually don't like using guides either, but I think it'll add an interesting bit to the Warherd. I glued them with double hand weapons (all axes) as it seemed more Khorney - I realize its probably not as strong, but my first set of six have magnetized hands so I can do what I want with them. Has anyone tried running them with shields? Do they lose some effectiveness for not much protection? In the longrun I was thinking three units of six, each one equipped differently for looks as well as utility.
  23. (Pictures below!) Shartor Dragonchewer snorted, sending steam cutting through the evening frost. They had marched far with their quarry and the air even this far from the Jotenburg was chill and harsh. Still, they had escape the daemons of blood that had sought the precious Shard of the Herdstone. First, escaping from the wailing bloodthirsty creatures through an land of haunting ruins continued to trouble the dreams of some of his tribe. Then, as the daemons closed in, his monstrous tribe was able to destroy the ice-bridge that surrounded the deceased Jotenburg over the sea. Sealing the daemons on the mainland and leaving the tribe free to continue their travel. This was not without its costs though as the daemons, in their own desperation, shattered part of the ground themselves and sent many a bullgor to their icy death. The hardest part of the entire endeavor was resisting the Bloodgreed. There was much blood and gore to be had, but the Doombull needed to maintain his focus. To fall to the Bloodgreed, to enter into open conflict with these daemons would be to forfeit the Herdstone and risk shackling his, and Beastlord Kaamagruul's tribes to servitude. Still, what was arrayed before him was no better sight for it carried with it two risks. One, the Bloodgreed, and two, the two armies arrayed before him. Clearly, stopping to devour the nearby town was a necessary but costly ordeal. He licked the frozen remnants of gore from his tusks and narrowed his eyes. The tribesbull closest to him were already losing themselves, huffing, grunting and snorting, tearing at the ground with their hooves and paws. For across this valley a column of the shimmering warriors of Azyr and their Fyreslayer dwarf allies were amassing. Worse, from behind, he could make out the skittering shapes and disgusting sent of the Skaven. These creatures, like the daemons, had sought to capture the Herdstone, and he had little doubt that the forces aligned against him were brought on by those most treacherous of beasts. He needed to pass them. He let the Bloodgreed take over. Vak the Manflayer charged forward as well. The Wargor's own blood had risen to the occasion and he howled a warcry to his fellow Brayherd. When, out of the frost-mists came an unexpected sight. The howls of fury and bloodgreed were met by daemonic shrieks. The air became coppery. As droplets of sleet and moisture turned red, and then stuck to eachother - out of the newly reddened mists came dozens of Bloodletters. The Daemons of Khorne had arrived, but were charging not at the Warherd, but with them. A Blood-flurry tore across the valley. My first game for the Season of War. This was awesome! Three friends challenged my previous enemy and I to a 2v3 game. Stormcast, Fyreslayers and Skaven vs Beastmen and Khorne Daemons. We played this weeks Battleplan. My main highlight came when the Bullgor and Doombull charged Retributors and Vandus, with a Jabberslythe nearby having JUST made the Retributors unable to do ANYTHING (including attacking). The carnage was much, and the Retributors blazed back to Azyr. The doombull fell, but the bullgor send Vandus back as well. The armies of Blood achieved victory, seizing the store for Chaos. In my head, I saw this as an awesome continuation to a mini-campaign my companion and I were playing, which was Khorne Daemons vs Beastmen. Here are the culprits for my side! The Bullgor Hargum Stone Watcher Pictures of Shartor Dragonchewer will come later! He was shy and apparently I don't have any pictures of him. The rest of the warherd will hopefully be done painting soon! Cygor and Ghorgon, as well as some new Bullgor I ordered that I will be painting Khornate since the Tauroi stuff in Godbeasts has me inspired! Oh, there is Shartor on the bottom picture. He was made with a handful of Ogre Kingdoms bitz. The joy of having too many armies. You can always cannibalize them each time. First picture shows what the Stormcast were facing. Second picture shows the battle lines, and the Daemon Prince of Khorne going Ratslaying. Those treacherous creatures! For their treachery, the Clan Skryre shooting did badly, very poor rolls for pretty much all of their shooting! Poor guy. Third picture shows the big fight on my side of the table.
  24. We played this scenario using the SCGT comp (100 points). We went for more of a 'ruined city wall' setting, rather than the chaos dreadhold from the book. However we applied the scenery rules for dreadhold to our walls. 3 objectives on or behind the walls to be captured before the end of turn 6. Khorne Bloodbound allied with Skaven Pestilens, led by Bel'Akor vs Warherds allied with Thunderscorn led by a Bull centaur. So a mixed bag. Bloodbound kicked off with an epic first turn. Boosted by the command ability from the scenario, the blood secretor's banner and also by a piece of mystical terrain, they were able to push through the first line(chimera, ghorgon, bull centaur, chariot) and were quickly at the base of the walls. Pestilens sneaking up the left flank, through the woods, heading for the left-hand city gate. Bullgors, boosted by being in a battalion formation, put out some heavy damage on the counter attack, obliterating the 6 skullcrushers. Blood warrior units absorbing a lot of damage, but giving it back in the process. Assaulting the wall slowed the advance quite a bit, but Bel'Akor was able to fly up there to lead the advance, supported by artillery fire from the skaven weapon teams.. Gradually the Dragon Ogres were overwhelmed and the walls were stormed. Victory to Khorne!
  25. The First Steps The tower seemed to glisten on the horizon. Was it possible Old Mags had never ventured this far south and the group had stumbled across a new landmark? There had certainly been no mention of it in the tales he used to tell once too much fire-wine had been drunk back at the clan. There was a rising murmur from the group at his back as they too saw the broken-topped citadel, silhouetted against the monotonous horizon of the southlands, like the hand of a drowning man reaching towards the sky as he slips beneath the waters, never to surface again. The murmur spoke of hope, of a chance for survival. Stot thanked Sen, the Protector God, for answering their prayers and turned to his bedraggled group. He surveyed the wretched gang of survivors, all that was left of his clan. They wearily rested on the hafts of spears, or slumped on the ground and shared what little water remained amongst themselves. It had been a long day, fighting and latterly running for their lives. The last few stragglers caught up with the group, chivvied along by Cathis, one of the women who had fought their way out of the chaos last night alongside him and was quickly becoming the one person in the group Stot knew he could rely on. “Cathis, look! We might find shelter there. If we can out-pace the Orruks before Tah consumes the sun, casting the world into darkness, we might be able to hide.” She approached, the weariness he felt showing in her face. Cathis peered into the distance as she stood next to him. “Is it… shining?” she asked, her expression of hope turning to confusion and concern. Stot looked over his shoulder at the group of his blood-kin and their first-chosen. How the best warriors amongst his clan could be reduced to such a sorry state was almost unimaginable. More than half carried wounds of a sort, some which would likely be fatal over the weeks to come. If they could survive that long. Truly they had lost Sen’s blessing. But perhaps He had given them once last chance - a chance to survive and prove themselves to Him again. “Clan-kin! We must not rest for long, the Orruks will reach us soon. We must seek shelter before Tah takes the light from us and the darkness comes.” He drew a deep breath and summoned the courage for the last stretch across the barren southlands. “We must reach the silver tower!” A Rough Draft I painted up a very rough colour scheme test for my Tzeentch army last night, as well as a test base. It’s only single colour and wash, with no additional highlights, as I was just testing the colour scheme rather than completing a “test model”. The model itself is an old Ungor I received in an eBay lot. It’s got horrendous mould lines on its legs, but I’ll be sure to clean the rest of them up before painting next time. I used Scale 75 Adriatic Blue for the skin, followed by a Army Painter Dark Tone ink wash, mixed up with a bit of Vallejo Glaze Medium so the wash didn’t overpower the blue. Metallics are purely Retributor Gold followed by a black wash, but I’ll look to try and change some of the colour of these by adding a purple glaze, hopefully that’ll make the armour look a bit more “Tzeentchy”. The base is the piece I’m not sure about. Whilst the guide for black marble by @MengelMiniatures is excellent, I’m not 100% sure I want to spend all that time on 100 bases. My other option is to go for something a bit lighter, to make it look like sandstone flagstones rather than black marble. Less exciting, but certainly more conducive to me remaining sane. Does that base look any good? What else could I do to improve them? Let me know what you think! Stay tuned to find out what happens to the motley gang of humans as they venture towards the Silver Tower! DM
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