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  1. Indeed. I think this will be big. Teclis is creating them anew. So they will have a resembles with the "Elves" of the old world, but probably with a twist. Maybe even more magical attuned. Personally I hope that somewhere there is flair of old Bretonnia in it. A mix of the High Elves (Dragon Princes) with Bretonnian Grail knights would be fantastic! Also please a proper big plastic dragon.
  2. Goh, I recently bought the Slaves to Darkness Battletome and I really don't think it needed more rules or abilities. Hopefully the supplement will be accompanied by seperate boxes of Warriors and knights. Love the start collecting box, but more variaty / options for those new warriors would be great.
  3. We will see the new Underworlds warband, maybe the last warcry warband and hopefully a vague trailer for a new army, but hopefully clear enough that we have a rough idea what direction the new army will take. I would be suprised if we will see more than the above for the Fantasy side of the hobby.
  4. The sword scabbard looks beautiful. I am happy if it belongs to: A humanesque knight. A light Aelf. A vampire (preferable something linked to Abhorash) While I also have a small range of Blood Angels and other space marines, I really hope that it has nothing to do with 40K.
  5. I don't think so, otherwise they would have said it. It will be interesting to see if Seraphon gets more. I am very curious what 2020 will bring with now almost all the current battletomes updated.
  6. It would be nice if cheaper, as while in cost per unit it is a high value box, it feels quite light on content. Anyway as I always I hoped on a bigger reveal than this. A tease of a new army or atleast a new unit for an existing army. The 40K reveal is really worse. The video they made that "all will be revealed the 25..." made it look wat bigger than another Primaris captain.
  7. I agree. The only problem I have with the cultists is that it will be difficult to avoid clones. The exact same dwarf, iron golem and etc... . The only other negative is no new marauders.
  8. After the small disappointment aesthetic wise with Ossiarch Bonereapers I love everthing previewed this time. Warcry keeps delivering beautiful and unique mini's and those new Chaos mini's are just perfect. Fantastic work from GW!
  9. This was posted at the War of Sigmar site in the commens about CoS, It makes a little bit of sense, as CoS is the first battletome in 2.0 that didn't receive something new. Terrain / single character or unit.
  10. I really like the warbands for Warcry, but I don't agree with your statement that they are the basis for a new StD army. Maybe if you want an army of clones. From the moment you need more than 10, which certainly is needed as their AoS rules are not elite. You run in many duplicates, I would agree with you if i.e there would be for Iron Golems an Iron Legionaries box, but alas it is not. It's a box with a drillmaster, Ogor breacher and etc.. . This is also repeated for all the other new Chaos warbands. If their would be anything for StD. I would prefer the Space Marine route. A generic StD battletome and than small tomes for the different warbands that add a couple of characters and a set that provides the basic troop (i.e 10x Iron legionaries) that each warband has. Ideally you would have than a smaller supplement that allows you thave units of Iron Legionaries, more elite units of Ogor Breachers and etc.. .
  11. A CoS seems unlikely. Why release a new battletome without any new miniature / scenery wise and than after it release a CoS warband. Orruk Warclan warband makes much more sense as they have specific AoS miniatures (Brutes and etc... .) I think it will be a preview of Malerion Aelves. Little twisted draconic Aelfish warriors. Which would be extremely cool. It's time for more Dragon / Dragonesque creatures in AoS. A Blood Dragon Vampiresque warband would be cool, but that would be probably a one man warband. ;-) Although I don't believe it will be a CoS / Bretonnianesque warband. I would love to see a humanesque non Stormcast heavly armoured warband.
  12. Sadly no archers. Currently without any info the unit roster seems a bit like Blades of Khorne. I really hoped that there would be achers. The mini's look great.
  13. I like what I see, but currently we saw sword / spear infantry, stronger bigger infantry, heavy cavalry, a catapult and some heroes. As playstyle if feels to limited with almost everything close combat, except the huge catapult. What would make this army perfect would be somekind of medium range infantry. I want to start a new army, as I want to take a break from playing Blades of Khorne, So i hope this new army is more an allrounder than only very good close combat troops.
  14. I like it, but I did hope for an infantry ranged (preferable bow).
  15. That looks incredible. Hopefully the release will be soon. 🙂
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