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  1. Wouldn't it be more plausible to release the Sons after the "actuel" release of Lumineth? August will have two teams for Underworld, probably a 40K follow up release of Nercrons (big release) or Primaris. Next Sunday they will preview even more 40K mini's and maybe all the seperate Lumineth sets? I hope I am wrong, but I don't really see a release slot for the Sons in august.
  2. @Ogregut It was a mount option for a lord in the old world.
  3. Vampire! 😀 Altough I would prefer a vampire in full plate instead of those bare arms that they all have.
  4. I hoped for a couple more kits. The mini's look fine. I did expect more from it, because of how it was hyped by GW compared to other army releases. Hopefully the army is fun / diverse to play without using special characters.
  5. I do hope there is more. Even if it is not in units, we certainly need a couple more characters to have some variaty in our generals..
  6. I do hope for a new battletome and new mini's. 😉
  7. Here is hoping that that Dragon Helmet will indeed feature on a new mini! It looks great. Give me somekind of unit with that kind of helmet and the Lumineth release is even more of a succes.
  8. I can't say I am hyped, but it isn't GWs fault that they can't show more. Hopefully in a couple of months when everything is more or less stabilized in the world GW can start with a bang. Edit: It seems that those giants will be huge!
  9. I think this weekend was more AoS heavy, so next weekend will go full on 40K. I expect a couple of new primaris kits.
  10. What can we still expect for the Lumineth? Another mage / hero is already seen, so what is still possible? I hope for somekind of bolthrower, heavy cavalry and a dragon. Although it seems that somekind of dragonesque creature is very unlikely.
  11. Those fire guys are exceptional models! Well done. The cows / goats are certainly interesting and will be bought, but I do hope that there will be some kind of dragons. Tyrion mounted on a huge dragon would be nice. 🙂
  12. Lol, I don't know what to think about it. I think I preferred dragons... instead of cows...
  13. Indeed. I think this will be big. Teclis is creating them anew. So they will have a resembles with the "Elves" of the old world, but probably with a twist. Maybe even more magical attuned. Personally I hope that somewhere there is flair of old Bretonnia in it. A mix of the High Elves (Dragon Princes) with Bretonnian Grail knights would be fantastic! Also please a proper big plastic dragon.
  14. Goh, I recently bought the Slaves to Darkness Battletome and I really don't think it needed more rules or abilities. Hopefully the supplement will be accompanied by seperate boxes of Warriors and knights. Love the start collecting box, but more variaty / options for those new warriors would be great.
  15. We will see the new Underworlds warband, maybe the last warcry warband and hopefully a vague trailer for a new army, but hopefully clear enough that we have a rough idea what direction the new army will take. I would be suprised if we will see more than the above for the Fantasy side of the hobby.
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