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Found 8 results

  1. Introduction In the primordial times before the Age of Myth and the coming of Sigmar, the mortal realms were forged, bound and molded by the magics they embodied. But in the aetheric void, the ash and embers of the reforging of the world-that-was came together to form the Shard Realms, a multitude of fragmentary worlds rendered into curious aspects by the debris that formed their mass, realmstone scoria and crystal fused into the essence of the shard realms creating strange fusions of magic that permeate the lands and infuse the environment, spawning creatures both fantastic and fel. The permutations of these fusions are endless, realms of fire and death burn in the void with a baleful glow, plains stalked by beasts of molten metal spawned of Chamon and Ghyran magic, cavernous deeps inhabited by shadowy beasts. These realms are only as limited as the realmstone that makes up their form, some only fusing a handful of types, to some riddled with debris from each of the realms creating a Shard Realm of infinite variety. The Shard Realm of Yss is such a place…... The Shard Realm of Yss Yss is a shard realm filled with a myriad of environments, from the mundane to the reality defying. A realm of ancient kingdoms and fresh frontiers, treacherous oceans and unfathomable subterranean expanses. As such, its inhabitants are as varied and colourful as the places they inhabit. In the Grunvale and its surrounding regions the Free People settled, building great cities and forging vast nations. In the distant west on the Al’Arkan peninsula, explorers led intrepid colonists from beyond Yss to settle the coastal regions, with powerful city states blossoming on the fringes of the great deserts, the vast savannahs, and primordial jungles. Amongst the alpine peaks of the Reach lies the great elven province of Ahmarha, its citizens hardy and pragmatic. In times of war, hunters, woodsmen, and pathfinders answer the call to protect their secluded alpine realm. In the north lies the the Uilebheist Plateau, a nest for all manner of primal horrors too terrifying to describe. And beyond that is the Sundered Veil, a vast stretch of lands tainted and misshapen by fel magics during the Age of Chaos, a realm of unnatural horrors. Gibbering men cavorting amongst the ruins of lost kingdoms seeking eldritch power and the patronage of abyssal beings. To the east of the Uilebheist Plateau is the Isle of Elthuin. An ash choked volcanic landscape with vast tunnels that lead deep into the under realms below. Few travel there, the stories of the Ashen keeps sane folks away. These are just a small number of the many realms, wild regions and savage hinterlands of Yss, there are many more to be explored and revealed. An endeavor I hope you will join me in…… ~Jhez Al’Waide, Explorer and Scholar at the University of Fyrdhathen, Professor of Psariology, Amphiviology, and Yssian History. Author of the “The Fulminous Kings: The Concise Lineage of Esel’s Royalty” and “The Spined Merwyrm: The Fisherman's Bounty”.
  2. Recently I've been trying to chase the meta with a Stormcast Evocators list, before that I had mixed order filth and a variety of other attempts at top tier lists. To little success, and even less enjoyment. In an attempt to bring myself more hobby joy I scoured the battletomes, spent hours on Warscroll Builder and Azyr. Finally came across the Thunderscorn in Beasts of Chaos and their Warscroll batallion. Going back about 15 years or so I used to have a couple of metal shaggoth and 6 metal dogres in my old Beastmen army and they were and are some of my favourite models and background in Warhammer. Eventually decided upon the list attached, and today a big pile of boxes arrived, (attachment 2) along with 30 square bases. So I've now ordered 30 ovals from GW along with a bunch of basing material. I plan to have the army ready for BOBO in May. So three months or so to build and paint 30 models. And a herdstone. And options for primordial call points expenditure. Should be doable I hope. I was also inspired to write a wee bit of fluff at work the other day, which I will flesh out over time. (3rd attachment) First proper update likely to be shaggoths.
  3. So if Khorngor* = dogs, Tzaangor = birds, Pestigor = (diseased) goats then what are Slaangor based on? I can't say I've ever seen any artwork for them or even mentions of them in the fluff (AoS or WHFB), even googling them shows nothing or redirects to beastmen. Assuming there is no design precedent for them anywhere, then what do you think they should** be based on; or even better, if anyone is making some marked Beastmen which angle are you taking? * I know the miniatures for these were 6th edition Bestigor with a bunch of Khorne symbols, they're mentioned in the fluff a few times as being based on dogs. ** Should in a fluff sense, I'm guessing short of a Slaanesh blood bowl team we won't see them released in the short or medium term.
  4. Hi guys, So found some time and made myself some Beasts of chaos cards in the MTG style for some in game gaming aids and thought i would share them. Can take no credit for any of the art as its all either GW or Google images. Let me know what you guys think or if anything is missing. Cheers Beasts of chaos command, artifact and spell cards.pdf
  5. Visited FLGS last night and a friend challenged me to a mini pickup game of 500 points of AoS. (I had my BoC army still at store from last weekend's 1000 event). Matched Play: 500 points Mission: Starfall (played on 2x2 board so edited mission so that objective would drop in center of either board rather than 3 locations). Lists: BoC: Greatfrey: Allherd - 1 x Beastlord (General, Command Trait: Dominator, Artefact: Blade of Desecrator) - 1x 10 Ungor (mace and shields) - 1 x 10 Bestigors - 1 x 3 Bullgors (Greataxes) - 1 x Chaos Spawn Total points: 480 KO: Skyport: Barak-Urbaz, The Market City (Footnote: Where there's war, there's gold) - 1 x Aether-Khemist (General, Command Trait: Khemists Supreme , Artefact: Breath of Morgrim ) - 2 x 10 Arkanaut Company (7x Pistols, 3x Light Skyhook) - 1 x 5 Grundstok Thunderers ( 5x Aethershot Rifle) Total Points: 500 Deployment: KO won deployment, and deployed in a line (left to right) Grundstock, arknaut company #1, aether-khemist, arkanaut company #2 On the opposite side: Herdstone right at center of BoC territory Bullgors, chaos spawn, ungor (near herdstone), Beastlord (on herdstone), Bestigors Round 1: KO finished deploying first and decided to go second. BoC: Gained 3 primordial points sacrificing ungors to the beast gods! For a total of 4 points to start. Bullgors and chaos spawn ran up the left side of the board, staying 22 inches away from Grundstocks (18" shooting + 4" move) Bestigors ran up right side of board to 17" away from enemy (original plan was to stay outside pistol range of 12" shot + 4" move) KO: Aether-khemist buffs both arkanaut company's skyhooks (+1 to attacks) KO army inches forward 4" with their stubby legs Both arkanaut companies shoot skyhooks into bestigors (24" shot range, forgot about those @_@), killing 8 bestigors (remaining 2 run off in battleshock phase). Round 2: To my dismay, objective drops down to the right side of the board (where my almost-decimated bestigors are at!) KO win initiative (yea... rolled 4x 1's for initiatives throughout this match) and decides to go first. KO Turn: Aether-khemist buffs himself and arkanaut company #2 (right side). Arkanaut Company #2 and Aether-khemist run with their short stubby legs run to capture the objective. Arkanaut Company #1 remains in place, while Grundstuk move up to prepare for shooting. Shooting: Grunstuk shoot into bulls, doing a grand total of 2 dmg, arkanaut company #1 deal 1 dmg to my chaos spawn. KO gain control of the point and gain 2 points. BoC Turn: Hero: Sacrifice 3 more ungors to the gods! (gain 1 (hero phase) + 3 more summon points for a total of 8). Two command points are converted into summon points (10 total) Movement: Bullgors move up towards Grundstuks, readying to charge. Chaos spawn starts heading towards Arkanaut Company #1 to prevent them from assisting to capture points. A unit of ungor raiders are summoned near Arkanaut Company #1 (far side edge), while a unit of bestigors are summoned on right side of the fight (near Arkanaut Company #2). (10 summon points used). Shooting: ungor raiders make 1 shot into the Aether-Khemist! Charge: miraculously, everyone makes their charges (bullgors into grundstuks, chaos spawn and ungor raiders into arkanaut company #1, bestigors into arkanaut company #2) . Close Combat: I chose bestigors to go first (with +1 attacks on charge, rerolling 1s to hit against order, +1 to hit against unit of 10 models), and deleted the arkanaut company #2. KO chose grundstuks to go next, and..... they retreated!!!! (didn't know they could do that, so was a misplay on my part). Chaos spawn attacked next, dealing a grand total of 1 dmg. Arkanaut company splits attacks into chaos spawn and ungor raiders, dealing 2 wounds to chaos spawn (3/5), and 2 wound to ungor raiders. Ungor raiders whiff all their attacks into arkanaut. Battleshock: Just when you don't want to see that magical 6, it appears! resulting in an additional 4 ungor raiders running (2 dead + 6 roll = 8 - 4 battleshock = 4 run). BoC recapture the point and gain 2 points for objective. Round 2 score: BoC 2: KO 2 Round 3: KO objective drops on the right side of the map to my horror. BoC objective drops on the left side of the map (meh). Initiative: (Guess who rolls a 1 again!) KO wins and decides to take the turn. KO Turn: Aether-khemist buffs himself and Arkanaut Company #2, and decides to use the "Where There's War, There's Gold" this turn on arkanaut company #2. Arkanaut Company #2 shoot, killing off the ungor raiders, but only getting one wound off on the chaos spawn (YAY!). Movement Phase: Aether-khemist move towards my bestigors, and triggers Breath of Morgrim, dealing 3 MW. Grundstuks inch towards the edge away from bullgors. Shooting: Arkanaut Company #2 is stuck shooting into chaos spawn (very very dead this time). Aether-khemist and his ungodly 3d6+1 shots (ending up in 15 to my horror), lands 7 wounds on my bestigors and kills them off (those dice...). Grundstuks shoot at bullgors, dealing 3 damage total and killing one off (one at 3/4 wounds remaining). Battleshock: none Victory points: Aether-khemist captures point in KO territory, gaining a total of 3 +2 = 5 points. BOC Turn: Hero: 2 more ungors are sacrificed! (1+2 = 3 total summon points). (I could have used an additional point to summon ungor raiders, but didn't really want another unit of raiders at this point). Movement: bullgors decide to move towards arkanaut company #2 (ignoring grundstuks). Ungors run and make it to capture BoC objective. Charge: Bullgors pull off a 10" charge, making it into the arkanaut company #2. Close Combat: .... and bullgors score mvp by missing ALL attacks. Luckily arkanaut company isn't very good at melee either, dealing 1 wound to the bulls (2/4) remaining. Victory points: BoC only capture one point, for 3 points this round = 5 points total Round 3 end score: BoC 5 : KO 5 Round 4: Initiative roll: for once, BoC go first! (double turn, yay) BoC turn: Hero: beastlord decides to sacrifice himself to the gods, and get smited for an ungodly 3 MW (1+3=4 + 3(from last round) = 7). Movement: ungors run toward the center (6!) to try and help capture points in round 5. Beastlord decides its time to move off the herdstone or everything will be lost!, moving towards aether khemist. 10 bestigors are summoned (again!) to the right edge of the map, 9" away from the khemist. Charge: Decided to attempt bestigor charge first (forgot about command trait allowing charge rerolls if beastlord made it first), and fails to charge. Beastlord, on the other hand, makes a 10" charge. Close Combat: With beastlord down to two wounds and potentially contesting the center point, beastlord goes first, making all 5 attacks! but..... Aether-khemist saves 1, and survives the onslaught. Arkanaut company #2 decide to go next, whiffing everything. Bullgors land 4 wounds onto the arkanauts in retaliation! Aether-khemist only succeeds to deal 1 damage to my Beastlord, hence both generals survive the turn. Battleshock: KO uses a command point to prevent battleshock test, bullgors prevent battleshock (6+ 3 units within 12"). Points: unable to kill off the khemist, BoC only gain 4 points for the previously captured objective in BoC territory. KO turn: Hero: Aether-khemist buffs himself and arkanaut company #2. Movement: Grundstuks move toward their own point. Shooting: Arkanaut Company #2 shoot at bullgors, and succeed to do 2 damage, killing off one bull and putting 1 wound on the last bull. Grundstuks all whiff! Aether-khemist gets another ungodly 15 shots at the Beastlord, landing 6. Yea... that's one super dead Beastlord. Close combat: Arkanaut Company #2 go first, managing to deal 0 wounds to the bullgor. Bullgor swings and a grand total of 1 damage to the company. Points: KO keep the center objective for 4 points. Round 4 points: BoC 9: KO 9 Round 5: Initiative: BoC gain initiative and go first. BoC Turn: Movement: Ungors run and make it into within 3" of the center point, bestigors run and make it into the KO objective point. Combat: My single lonely bullgor champion decides it finally wants to make a splash, landing all three greataxe hits for a total of 9 damage (rend 2, dwarves couldn't save it). Since I've captured all three points, we decide to call it after the combat (yay bullgor!) Conclusion: My friend has been very disappointed in KO after its nerfs, so I tried to come up with a more friendly list (I also had chimera (which i was super tempted to summon), enlightened, ghorgon, bray shaman, etc. at hand. It was also either I play my beasts or I play sacrosanct stormcast (LA on gryph, 2x5 sequitors) which isn't very fun). I misplayed one combat phase (though those grundstuks ended up not doing much damage throughout the game *shrugs*). Skyhooks are super deadly, and aetherkhemist hurt as well (especially with that rend 2). Overall it was a fun mini practice match on a weeknight (he's relatively new to AoS). Note to self: take more pictures @_@. Trying to get beasts painted but have a super long hobby list (Kill team season about to start which includes judging of painting so have to work on that first... as well as blood bowl mini-event, hence why BoC are all black right now. Also can't decide if I want to do a grey-scheme beasts or a blue-scheme beasts army).
  6. Hey everyone, first post here. I recently switched back to AoS after collecting 40k for a while. I picked up a box of gors and I'm really looking forward to painting them. But I'm really stuck on finding a good colour scheme. I'm also not sure on which goes they should worship, and how the colours should portray this. I understand the battletome could explain some of this but I can't quite afford it right now! Just looking for a bit of guidance from you all, thanks!
  7. Hi all, This will be my magical place for posting updates of my current painting mumbo jumbo. Hope this will motivate me to paint in more regular fashion Main subjects of my brush strokes are going to be those blood Khorne Bloodbound guys. So this week I have been mostly doing bases and undercoating on: - 20 Bloodreavers, - Bloodstoker - Slaughterpriest - Aspiring Deathbringer And this one big fella for a friend of mine: His base is already modeled and everything is undercoated. Goal for today is to paint the entire base and start off with wing or hopefully two We will see how it will pan out in couple of hours Will follow GW painting guide by https://twitter.com/ICantThinkEm not to the letter, as I have few alternatives in mind Regards Malin
  8. Ok so I made that topic about GHB armies and BoC awhile back about it not being the kiss of death for armies which sparked much debate, and with the BoC book looming around the pre orders I kept on thinking. Is BoC GW's way of experimenting with releasing a big compilation book without releasing new models for old armies? Now I can see the argument now, "but BoC is clearly the 2nd Legions of Nagash Book!" ? But there are some key differences that makes me think BoC is a leap of faith on GWs part and the first truly "oldhammer" book update versus LoN. 1. LoN is IMPORTANT to the lore of AoS. Nagash being a god has much power and weight through the new fluff and his Mortarchs are also quite characterful. BoC, lets be real here, probably aren't. Sure the book will have "important battle X" and there is a new fluff change that Dragon Ogors used to rule Azyr before Sigmar kicked them out, but Beasts are marauding generic bad guys. They have no special characters in AoS and everything they can do could easily be replicated with Mortals or Daemons. That is not to say they don't have flavor, other characterless armies still do, but a big huge book with no characters is a pretty stark difference to LoN. This kind of somewhat generic fluff seems it would also fit many other armies like Free Peoples/Free Cities. 2. LoN was 70-80% of the Vampire Count line, and technically once they squatted TK, 70-80% the entirety of Death until Night Haunt update. Even if you removed Skaven from chaos, BoC only represent 1/3 of Chaos (other 2 being Mortals and Daemons), or even less if you count each God being their own thing so that'd be 1/5 of Chaos (and 1/6 if counting chaos dwarfs). LoN represented an entire overhaul of Death itself (minus FEC) whereas BoC are just a slice of chaos pie. It's almost like LoN was Grand Alliance Death 2.0. They could have skipped BoC update for Skaven or something and people wouldn't have been surprised imo. 3. Vampire Counts were very popular in warhammer, which was boosted to an all time high with their OP 7th edition book and further boosted with the End Times. A big huge "VC compilation" update makes sense monetary wise by attracting a large fanbase. Beasts of Chaos/Beastmen were not. The Chaos Split Up in 7th really hampered them and gaining one of the worst 7th edition books didn't help. I think it was safe to say that Beastmen were in the bottom 50% (if not bottom 33%) of "popular armies" in old warhammer. Sure we have our fanatics, but player base wise it was probably smaller across the world vs most other armies. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if Bretonnia had a similar number concurrent players despite being dropped post 6th. 4. BoC represent basically an entire Generic (as in no special character) oldhammer army line, with the entire Beastmen Book+Thunderscorn and a few monsters (minus any discontinued models like harpies or chaos troggoths). No other "no new model" book has done this scale of an update like Flesh Eater Courts or Beastclaw Raiders. Not to mention Beasts of Chaos is the name of the old book, no other army has used the old army names (well thats an IP thing but still interesting. They could have easily done something like "The Wyldherds of Chaos", "Chaos Doombeasts", or something). 5. Beasts of Chaos came out of nowhere. Many other projects are either well known in previews (Orktober, Sisters of Battle) or heavily hinted months in advance (Darkoath and Moonclan via Malign Portents). Without needing to advertise and tool up new models, it seems that whipping up a book can be done (relatively) quickly and quietly. In conclusion I think the Success (or failure, hopefully not though) of BoC will do 2 things 1. Signal whether or not theres enough demand to finally move some finecast models into plastic such as Centigors or Tuskgor Chariots. Yes one could argue BCR should have prompted this (I hate you so much finecast yhetees) but BCR is a small update and came out as an early 1.0 book. GW was still trying to put out the fires of the launch. 2. Signal whether to speed up or slow down compilation books of other sorts. While I am very sure GHB armies will get updated eventually in one way or another, BoC could be testing the waters if there should be more speed in releasing these kinds of books. If it flops though, they may want to delay those kinds of books in favor of AoS factions. But this is my tinfoil hat conspiracy, feel free to poke holes in my logic.
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