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Found 45 results

  1. Looking to sell my Stormcast army in order to fund new conversion and painting projects, I understand people like to haggle but the listed price is all I'm willing to part with it for. The army is also on ebay so if it sell there first I will remove this post, thank you. £350 plus £12.50 tracked postage (or collection from Nottingham) Containing: One Templar on Stardrake conversion (ruined wall basing needs painting) One Lord Relictor Conversion 3 x Prosecutors with Javalins (Prime has a trident) 3 x Vanguard Raptors with Longstrike Bows 3 x Vanguard Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows 2 x Fulminators converted to ride Gryph Chargers 2 x Concussors converted to ride Gryph Chargers 1 x Lord Aquillor 2 x 5 Vanguard Hunters (Prime and Astral compass in each unit) 10 x Liberators (Hammer and Shield, Prime with grand hammer, second model with grand hammer) 10 x Liberators (Sword and Shield, Prime with Grand Blade, second model with grand blade) 15 x Protectors (Including one prime, converted helmets) All models provided as photographed.
  2. Hello, on this blog I am sharing my WIP concerning my Slaves to Darkness Army. 16 Marauders done, another 24 to go! —————————————————————— The shields arrived from Shapeways, I am not satisfied with the print quality (usually the quality is superb), but they‘ll do.
  3. Hey guys! I'm new on this forum (I've been on Lustria Online alot) and I'm looking for some help with making a KO list. I need more models but I want to try and see what models I need before I start buying some. I'm looking for a 1k, 1.5k and 2k list if possible. Preferably one that uses more gunships. Please post any builds you guys think might help me out. Ty for time!
  4. Melcavuk

    The Midnight City so far

    After over a year on the project here is what the Midnight City looks like to date.
  5. Hey guys I so far have a Slaves to Darkness/Khorne army, and it looks like this. Khorne Daemons and Mortals Leaders 3/5 Bloodthirster of Unfretted Fury 300 General with Command Trait Rage Unchained and Artefact Khartoth the Bloodhunger Chaos Sorcerer Lord 160 Allied Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne 80 Battlelines 3/2 x5 Chaos Warriors 90 x5 Chaos Warriors 90 x10 Bloodletters 110 Units/Artillery x5 Chaos Knights 160 x3 Bloodcrushers 140 x1 Skull Cannon 140 x1 Chaos Chariot 80 (And I am buying a Chaos Lord on Daemonic mount 140) 1490/1500 What order should I buy the stuff below next? (This is the army lists) (No opinions of what to buy next or army list e.t.c., but the order to buy stuff) (The only boxes sets I will buy next is a second daemons of khorne start collecting and the slaves Battleforce) Khorne Daemons Leaders 6/8 Skarbrand 400 Bloodthirster of Unfretted Fury 300 with Khartoth the Bloodhunger Bloodthirster of Insanate Rage 280 with A’grath the King of Blades Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne 120 General with Rage Unchanged Herald of Khorne on Blood Throne 120 Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne 80 Battlelines 4/4 x30 Bloodletters 300 x6 Bloodcrushers 280 x5 Flesh Hounds 100 x5 Flesh Hounds 100 Units/Artillery (Artillery 1/5) x2 Skull Cannons 280 Battalions Tyrants of Blood 140 All three Bloodthirsters attack at once 2500/2500 Slaves to Darkness Leaders 6/8 Chaos Lord on Manticore 250 with Helm of the Oppressors Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Steed 160 Chaos Sorcerer Lord 160 Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount 140 General with Master of Deception Exalted Hero of Chaos 80 Battlelines 10/4 x10 Chaos Knights 320 Enscrolled Weapon x10 Marauder Horsemen 160 Javelins x5 Chaos Knights 160 Chaos Glave x20 Chaos Marauders 120 Flails and Shields x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Axe and Sword x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Two Swords x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Two Axes x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Axe and Shield x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Sword and Shield x1 Chaos Chariot 80 Greatblade x1 Chaos Chariot 80 Flail Units x1 Chaos Warshrine 160 x5 Chaos Chosen 140 Endless spells Soulsnare Shackles 40 (Chaos Sorcerer Lord without Steed) 2500/2500
  6. Hello again! One if my friends wants to start an Aelf Army, and likes Idoneth Deepkin. He is has been playing for the same time as me, just doesn’t have an army. Any suggestions for a high tier matched play army? (He probably will get either a Battleforce or {more likely} a start collecting.)
  7. Whilst i putter away on fun side projects to distract myself I finally have the funds to start a new army, as with all of my older projects this will be conversion centric and something I can put unique flair and effort into. The issue is with the way my mind works I'm awash with potential concepts but finding it hard to settle on a fixed one to develop further. To give some context here are my past projects Fire Aelves - Born of the realm of fire these defiant aelves were in hiding (before morathis lot got announced) led by their demi goddess phoenix queen. The army was flame centric in paint scheme and came from scrolls all across the order faction. Stormcast (Anvils) - One of the few stock army concepts admittedly with alot of model conversions thrown in, again flame centric as it was built for the narrative campaign to go with the above. Trees of Shyish - A planned tournament army that got scrapped due to work commitments. The acolytes of Morghur reborn these skeletal trees were unlike other Sylvaneth Watery Ogres - Based around the toad dragon this beastclaw force led a great storm (as opposed to a blizzard) ravaging the coastlines to pillage and plunder As you can see there's a fair variety but i tend to lean toward forces of order, and with the Idoneth announcement as much as I'd love to do them I suspect they will become one of the most seen armies on the table and thus their appeal is massively tarnished to me. So I'm open to suggestions of themes or units to build and create an army around, aslong as its GW model centric I'll consider almost anything but searching for that specific spark. Any help welcome!
  8. Hey guys, I am entering a 1k tournament, and I will be versing Skaven, Stormcast, Beastclaw Raiders, and more. Here is a list of everything I own/I can borrow. Please tell me an army list I can use for tomorrow. I will be there in 12 hours, so any suggestions will be appreciated. Chaos Sorcerer Lord Chaos Chariot Chaos Knights x5 Chaos Warriors x10 Bloodthirster of Unfretted Fury Bloodletters x10 Skull Cannon Bloodcrushers x3 Bloodmaster Chaos Gargants x2 Khorgus Kull/Mighty Lord of Khorne Bloodsecrator Slaughterpriest Blood Warriors x5 Bloodreavers x10
  9. Hey guys, I am entering a 1k tournament, and I will be versing Skaven, Stormcast, Beastclaw Raiders, and more. Here is a list of everything I own/I can borrow. Please tell me an army list I can use for tomorrow. I will be there in 12 hours, so any suggestions will be appreciated. Chaos Sorcerer Lord Chaos Chariot Chaos Knights x5 Chaos Warriors x10 Bloodthirster of Unfretted Fury Bloodletters x10 Skull Cannon Bloodcrushers x3 Bloodmaster Chaos Gargants x2 Khorgus Kull/Mighty Lord of Khorne Bloodsecrator Slaughterpriest Blood Warriors x5 Bloodreavers x10
  10. Hey fellow Maggotkin! I (almost entirely) finished painting my first model! This Putrid Blightking is lacking a base banner color and a satin varnish, but beyond that he's basically done! I think I'll go back and touch up his apron when I paint the other PBKs, though. Feel free to ask any questions about the paint job or basing. I learned a great technique from my local GW manager: to get cork board edges to firm up and look less jagged, apply PVA glue to the edges. For the list, this one utilizes a Beastmen battalion: Leaders: Great Unclean One: General, Tome of a Thousand Poxes, Grandfather's Blessing, Favoured Poxes, Blade and Bell configuration Lord of Blights: Rustfang Festus the Leechlord: Blades of Putrefaction Great Bray-Shaman Battlelines: Ungors x10 Ungors x10 Ungors x10 Putrid Blightkings x10 Other Units: Centigors x20 5x Tuskgor Chariots x1 Endless Spells: Soulsnare Shackles Battalions: Pestilent Throng The strategy this list employs involves sending the Centigors and chariots flying across the battlefield on turn 1, pinning the opponent in his or her deployment zone while your army takes up advantageous positions. When near the GUO and GB-S, the beastmen units get +6" to their movement, meaning the chariots will move 16" and the Centigors will move 20". The latter can run and charge natively, and the former can use the Feculent Gnarlmaw, since the battalion gives them the Nurgle keyword. The other gift it provides is that, upon death, all the beastmen in this list will "explode" on a 2+, dealing one mortal wound to all enemy units within 7". So after pinning the opponent in place early, the chariots will splatter a MW over hopefully a few units. The Centigors have an ability that gives them +1 to hit in exchange for being +1 to hit for opponents. The downside of that can be addressed by the Lord of Blight's command ability. If BoP goes off, they do MWs on 5+ with 4 attacks each, for a total of 81 attacks that reroll wounds on a turn in which they charged, likely wiping out whatever they hit. The Ungors are 60 pts for a unit of 10 and are needed for the battalion; they just try to screen and be annoying.  The GB-S can use his Devolve spell to move enemy units out of cover and into combat, if desired. The Blight Kings and LoB move into the thick of things and contest for central objectives. Let me know what you think of the list and the painted up PBK! Next time I'll offer up another competitive list and hopefully some more pictures of the rest of the unit.
  11. Hello fellow Maggotkin! It's New Year's Day, so ... new year, new army. Nurgle caught my eye largely due to its fantastic models and its strategic diversity. I started painting my first Warhammer miniature in years yesterday, a Putrid Blight King that has been a blast so far, despite that I forgot how to set up my wet palette properly and struggled to keep the right amount of paint on my brush. Regarding Putrid Blight Kings: in reading the Nurgle battletome, it struck me, as it seems to have struck most, that PBKs are key units for the army. It was the first unit I reached for at the store, with a Lord of Blights coming soon after for support. From there, I picked up a Start Collecting! box and Horticulous Slimux, with the aim of putting together a list like this: Leaders: Poxbringer: Favoured Poxes Festus the Leechlord: Blades of Putrefaction Horticulous Slimux Lord of Blights: General, Rustfang Battlelines: Plaguebearers x30 Putrid Blight Kings x10 Chaos Warriors x5 Other Units: Nurglings x3 Plague Drones x6 Hellstriders of Slaanesh x5 This is not the most competitive list, but it allows me to paint different miniatures and get a feel for how different units function before taking more advantage of the synergies and combos in the army. The strategy for this list will be for the Plaguebearers to advance and take on the bulk of the opponent's main force, with the LoB using his command ability on them to make them -4 to hit in shooting and -2 to hit in combat and the Poxbringer activating their daemon focus and attempting to cast Favoured Poxes on the unit that most needs to be killed. The PBKs follow and try to set up on a central objective or line up an advantageous charge, with Festus keeping them healthy and casting Blades of Putrefaction on them while the LoB gives them a shooting attack and uses Rustfang on their target. Meanwhile, the Plague Drones and Horticulous head off to a far objective, with the latter dropping a Feculent Gnarlmaw to ensure they can run and charge, along with turning on the Plague Drones' daemon focus. The Nurglings deep strike (if possible) and either go for an enemy ranged or support unit or head for the least threatening objective. The Hellstriders of Slaanesh, with their banner that provides -1 to hit in an area around them, look to support either the main force or the mobile wing of Horticulous and the drones. The Chaos Warriors sit at home on an objective or screen for a more important unit. Next time I'll post an image of what I've managed to paint and take a stab at some more competitive lists for the future. But until then, any ideas on tweaking my starting list, or tips for a starting Nurgle/AoS player?
  12. Hi all! Recently I have joined the world of Warhammer AoS and chose to start a Nighthaunt collection. I own 1770p worth of army, but decided to start playing with 500p to practice the rules. Tonight I played 3 matches against friends and lost all of them. What I noticed is that being completely new to the AoS rules made me kind of drown in them. I had a hard time making decisions, choosing tactics and even thinking about all the rules that are within my grasp. Therefore I would like to ask all of you what my best pick&play would be to practice NH's playstyle, considering 500p play. My enemies are mainly Daughters of Khaine, Idoneth Deepkin and Karadron. My current collection exists of the Soul wars box half and previous purchases : - Leaders : Olynder, Kurdoss, mKoS, GoS, Lord Exe, 3 Spirit Torment, Vampire Lord (ally) Units: 30 chainrasp, 4 chainghasts, 8 glavewraith stalkers, 5 grimghast (which are not playable in official play?) Looking forward to all your tips and tricks! Buying a lot of different units is not preferred but I'm okay with expanding with a unit of Spirit Hosts for example! That's a relatively cheap one Grtngs, Knighthound (yes, pun intended)
  13. A small, 500 points (AoS second edition) army of Legions of Nagash. A Vampire Lord and a Necromancer lead a horde of Skeleton Warriors with a support of the former bodyguards of the Vampire, now serving him even in the undeath.

    © Assembled and painted by Axebringer

  14. Is there anything stopping you from having more than one stormhost in your army/force ? I painted my Starter set as Hammers of Sigmar but I fancy painting the Soulwars guys in a different scheme. I'm asking from a gaming point of view, rules, abilities etc.
  15. I am working on a 1000 point destruction list, and i have 300 points to use. I am wondering what to do with these points.
  16. Hi, I’m trying to make a good 1500p/2000p list for a tournament as well gameplay with some friends. And I would love to get some help/tips from experienced Death players! The picture in this topic is all the miniatures I own. I’ve made two lists I think would work fine, so some review on those lists would be appriciated! (NOTE: Mannfred is the General and has the vile transference and Arkhan has the amaranthine orb!)
  17. Greetings, I sell the following army lot on ebay: - 6 x 10 Witch elves (I provide round bases for 30) - 2 x Daughters of Khaine Blood Coven - 2 x 5 Doomfire Warlocks (I provide oval bases for them) - 2 x Dice packs https://www.ebay.es/itm/273130979232
  18. Ok guys I need some help making a 1000pt death list which MUST include Arkhan. I do already have a simple 1000pt death list but I have a game coming up in a week which I need to include Arkhan for reasons. I'm stuck making a list that'll actually work so maybe one of you amazing people have some awesome ideas Thanks for the help!
  19. Hey guys, I’m getting into Age of Sigmar and I need some help moving forward. So far I’ve purchased the Skeleton Horde start collecting box and need guidance. I’m thinking of building Mannfred and want to have a majorly vampire based army with some skeletons (Not worries about allegiance). Any tips for my next purchases?
  20. Thought on the Maggotkin of Nurgle As a preface, this blog post isn't how I feel about Maggotkin as a whole, that's been done god knows hw many times already by smarter men than me. Want i want to talk about is how Maggotkin of Nurgle relates to Skaven Pestilens, as both armies entirely share the Nurgle keyword. Initially, I was quite excited. My faith was low with the Corruptor, and like all wargamers the allure of new shinys was indeed a potent lure. I weighed up dusting off my 30 Plaguebearers and using them as a generic battleline while stuffing the rest of the list with Pestilens under the Maggotkin alleigance. I liked the idea of the terrain, being able to run and charge, and having the benefits of the random effect clock thing they get. However time eroded my concerns and restored my faith. Alleigance abilities often exist to shore up the weaknesses armies have, and there's no denying Maggotkin helps Nurgle with theirs. However, Pestilens absolutely do not share the Nurgle weaknesses, and have their own to deal with. Pestilens are much more mobile than nurgle, they'll easily engage the eney army turn 1/2 circumstance depending, not 2/3 like Nurgle. The cycle heals all Nurgle models and that's cool because the army is jam packed with multi-wound models like blightkings etc, again something Pestilens lacks mostly. Finally, if you've read my Pestilens Battle Traits overview you'll know I am very fond of Strength in Numbers. Can I live without the Great Plagues? Probably. Can I live with my army getting sneezed on by a Dracoth and deciding to abandon the ship? Absolutely not. If Strength in Numbers was an inate effect shared across all Pestilens warscrolls I'd probably be cutting the cover off my battletome and pasting the Maggotkin one inside. But the battleshock phase is a thing and I play skaven so no can do. Interestingly however, there is a point of interest that people haven't noticed. You know all those Maggotkin spells that do horrible amounts of mortal wounds but if the victim is nurgle it does nothing or straight up heals them, desiged as a multipurpose spell for them to heal themselves or smack the enemy? Pestilens has army wide Nurgle keyword, so not happening Maggotkin. You know the Maggotkin wheel of fortune they have for a battle trait? Doesn't specify allied nurgle, just nurgle in general. Pestilens has army wide Nurgle keyword. If you, a hardworking, blue collar Pestilens player gets matched against one of these high and mighty, has-an-actual-battletome Maggotkin preeners, they're in for a smacking. Their strengths are our strengths too, and their multipurpose utility spells are worse than useless against us. That lovely terrain feature that let's Nurgle models run and charge? Those blightkings just took a turn 1, fully buffed Plague Monk charge and exploded. In the end if asked whether Maggotkin changes Pestilens, not at all. They might take the odd Pestilens unit as a damage bomb, but as we all know a single bit of damage splashed on that will see it cut and run. Maggotkin has a lot of strengths, but all Pestilens need to succeed is grit, a dice bucket and some good old fashioned strength in numbers.
  21. An "as is" WIP shot of my Ironjawz army. It's not finished, but it's a good view of how things are looking. With the exception of the Megaboss on foot, everyone of the models in the picture were either primed black or bare plastic just a month ago.
  22. Greetings fellow generals! I'm 27 years old, danish but currently living in Malmö, Sweden. I used to play Warhammer fantasy back in 5th and 6th edition i think (99-03?ish). When I got a little older (15-16yrs) I stopped completely and I didn't touch a mini for the next 10 years. But then on a spring day in 2015 - I don't know exactly why - call of chaos perhaps?? - I felt the need to start a new army. This was only a couple of months prior to the release of Age of Sigmar. To my pleasure - I would read about the glory of Archaon and the End Times. But now a new era was upon us... Age of Sigmar was of course a perfect opportunity for me to re-enter the hobby and start once again from scratch. Now I've spent the last two years on building my Khorne army which now is around 1200 points painted. It's been a bumpy road - I definitely underestimated the amount of work a nicely painted army requires - but this last year I've really found a good rhythm with my painting. Now my army is really starting to take form and I'm going to show it of soon here on TGA. I'm a faithful viewer/listener of Warhammer Weekly - which really helped my a lot in my battle against the grey You'll hear more from me in the future I salute you all Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!
  23. Hi guys, I'm just starting age of sigmar and i don't know what to choose : I like slaves to darkness and beastclaw raiders, because i don't know which one is more expansive to collect. I know beastclaw raiders starting box is around 800 points, so if anyone knows the points of slaves to darkness box please tell me. Also if anyone here has an army could (if it's not too much) show me a picture of the size of the models, because i don't know that as well Thank you for reading
  24. Hey guys my first time list building and buying models. I really like the empire and free people but I would like to know what's competitive before I go out there buying whatever I feel like. Here's the current list I was thinking about running with. I am currently just looking to build a 1k list to get into the game but that may be a subject to change. Order: Heroes: Freeguild General (100) Battleline: 30 Handgunners (300) 10 Guards (80) Units: 10 Guards (80) 5 Pistoliers (140) Artillery: Cannon (180) Battalion: State Troop Detachment (120) 1000/1000 points The basic Idea: so it's my first list so I'm not quite sure what I'm doing but my basic Idea was to use my battalion and general bonuses in order to buff my handgunners to be total beasts. The cannon is there in case the enemy is trying to out range me staying away from the handgunners. The pistoliers are only there for the battalion but the mobility is probably very useful. Alright so a few questions I have: 1. I was thinking of getting a Hurricanum would this unit be useful for a 1000pt army or not? 2. Is my battalion really that much of a bonus for me or would it be best to replace it with 2 Witch Hunters, maybe a warrior priest? 3. People say guards are a nice defense for a frontline but how about using Demigryph Knights? Thank you very much guys I am really looking forward to some feedback
  25. Hi so I am new to playing warhammer and it seems like something really cool that I want to get into. I want to start off playing a 1k army (2k is a bit too expensive for me rn) and was wondering if the list I was considering is competative. Death Allegiance. 1 Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist (400pts) 30 Crypt Ghouls (300pts) 1 Vampire Lord (140pts) 1 Necromancer (120pts) For a total of 960 points. No battalion. Was just wondering if there are any important details I'm missing or if this would be a good investment to start playing and hopefully even do tournaments using general rulebook. Thanks! Ps: Also wondering if there are any good list building guides out there that somebody could give me a link for
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