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  1. Ok boy, now you have me triggered! So, considering armies that can be build at a lower budget we should maybe have a first glance at thoose who bring a SC! box: Seraphon have access to SC! Skins and SC! Seraphon. Both are valid, bring together around 900-1000 points with some valid units but also some that are more meh (Warriors and Knights). Solid for the price point Gloomspite bring some Trogs and Squigs. Well, not the powerpicks but if you play GSG for power you are doing it wrong anyway. Comes at 380pts for a SC! Price. Considering GSG need tons of models and have rather pricey kits I suggest we stop talking about thoose lovely fun and great models at this point Daughters of Khaine...well, hard to say. The boy brings whopping 720pts when build the recommended way, but it does so with only 1 battleline. You still could go 3 SC! Boxes and play 3x5 sneks withs 3 Shrines and some support heroes but this would be really mediocre and you want to play Morathi anyway which brings you +100€. DoK are and will remain one of the more expensive forces. S2D: Great box, neat start as it brings 2 Battlelines and a hero. You can easily expand from here and even consider a second box. If you want to go for the meta you propably will have some Varanguards and Archaon in the shopping cart which kills the "Cheap and solid army" deal. Upside is that Deamon Princes can be converted from anything which makes them cheap for a spammy despoilers list. Hedonites: Many different and new kits, also only deamons in the SC! Box. This puts them in a rather higher entry cost, especially as you can count a great deamon in for sure as it is just an awesome sculpt, rising costs again. Meanwhile you can start Slaanesh for cheap considering 2nd market (I've seen really a lot of Slaanesh models offered there the last years, although this is very anechdotial) Beastclaws: Great SC! Box with whooping 650-750 for a single box. Getting 2-3 will give you a 2000pts army which is ok to play casually but will become lackluster in meta games as mournfangs are...well, the name fits their position in the meta. At least with AOA they became better in 3.0. I highly recommend to build the rather unfavored Husskard on Stonehorn as his buff for Mournfangs makes sense when you are about to play 8-12 of them Flesheater: Beside BCR they are the other great "Just buy 2-3 SC! Boxes Dude" army. which is mainly due to their lackluster pool of units. You can build almost each.possible.model.the.army.has.access.to. Yes it is depressing but who cares when you have 3 giant bats that will eat the face off your opponents face Turn 1? Skaven: Well, Similar to GSG you will end up in an army focused around horde, with many different options that you will desire to play on the long term. At least heir great Deamon units are not so obligator as the 4 gods ones. SC! brings you solid 575 pts points of clan pestilence or 705 points when you go for the warp cannon and the bell. So theoretically you could start an Pestilence army with 1375 pts for 2 SC boxes which isn't so far away from BCR Kharadron: The SCE was trash until the Battletome update which made it ok. I cannot say much about it as I am not into Dwarfs SC! Greywater Fastness: I SAID I AM NOT INTO DWARFS! SC! Fyreslayers: GOD DAMMIT! SC! Sylvaneth: Well, the boy is okay but nothing to buy too often, although big trees are okay and bushes are nice for summoning. Still I have heard about a load of people really enjoying the Sylvaneth as modeling project because of their beautiful models Khorne Bloodbound: Well, it contains most of Khornes good buff heroes and some chaff reavers. Keep in mind you can't use 5 Bloodwarriors for matched play any longer but I can only recommend to use them with the bits of a Wrathmonger kit to build some Skullreapers for cheap. Considering how depressing it is to play Khorne right now I do not recommend to start the army right now. If masochism is your king feel free to visit the Slaanesh Thread....aehm I meant Khorne Thread! SC Stormcast was once with the Khorne part the AoS 1.0 Starterset. It comes at solid 675 points including Vandus Hammerhang who you can easily use as Celestial Lord on Dracoth. And this prior to the Battletome which will rise the points further up. The box also includes a awkward unit of understrength 3 retributors I didn't sum into the point value of the box. It is a solid start for a Redeemer/Palladin list but consider that you could just but more draconis knights instead. Khorne Deamon SC is nothing to write home about. 2/3s are dead picks and the remaining 1/3 are bloodletters who are not really a lovechild of the Khorne battletome. If you want to play Deamons you have to buy into 1-3 or more Bloodthirsters which are about 100€ for ~300pts. So no price for value here. But as Khorne does not mind where the blood comes from you could also play another army. He will be ok! IDK: Well, the Box is really okay but to be honest you could buy 2 boxes of Eels for the same price tag and Eels will be propably the thing you want to play anyway. Nurgle: I like this one actually. Both, Mortals and Deamons, look like solid picks. Of course you have the urge to get a Great Deamon to buff your little fellas but it is an awesome centerpiece and opposing to khorne you do not have to spam them. The Rotbringers Kits are great, have a lot of details and can be painted quite nice even by beginners. Beasts of Chaos: While the army is not really high power it has many fans due to the Warhammer Fantasy feel. The SC! is a solid deal with ~450 pts and can be bought 2-3 times without many issues. SC! Ironjaws: Well, the main selling point for the box is that it is cheaper than buying the pigs on their own. SC! Anvilgard: Beside the Hydra Kit the Box is rather a dead pick. The Pirates do not see many play in Cities beside some fun narrative play or in combination with Anvilgards/HarKurons AcidSpray Spell. It brings you very few points and I really see many players want to replace thoose models in their lists fast. I cannot find the Tzeentch Box on GW's store but I imagine it could be a solid starting point as well. Well, beside the BCR and FEC SC! Box there are not really Armies that can be built from the box only. The general advice is to hop in if you find a faction you like to be included in one of the two-army deals. Also GW's Christmas Boxes are always a good deal and worth checking out, although they are limited. For other armies than can be build fast/with few kits I can recommend checking out Phoenix Temple in CoS (3 Phoenixes and 3 Units of Phoenix Guard should be a solid core) and also a Vampire-Centric SBGL List.
  2. I belive that currently there is no better deal money-to-points-wise than the SCE part of Dominion. Even when you pay the full price for it it is whooping 1400 pts for ~150€ including a full rulebook and some Orruks you can sell off or use as basing material. We talk about solid 1400 points, not dead picks.
  3. You perfectly describe the main issues of S2D right now: Issues with internal balance and some discrepancy between lore and warscrolls. S2D can be competetive minded but this mostly due to Archaon beeing a big god model, Belakor beeing a good controll piece and the ammount of buffs we have. For some weird reasons Marauders were also the most hitting unit ever. Meanwhile the other units are lackluster, especially when compared to other factions. Due to this the overall haptic of the book suffers. It feels like each choice in listbuilding could be a potential trap. There is little to no incent to try new units outside of thoose which are working fine. Having marauders hit harder than warriors feel unintuitive and bad as well. Also the buffs feel sometime like a minefield of potential traps: Some units are not affected by some buffs because they lack this or that keyword, in other cases potential synnergies turn into downsides. Also during listbuilding our hosts are quite limiting. But I really look forward to the 3.0 tome because the SCE and Cruleboyz one already showed that gw is about fixing thoose weird restrictions.
  4. Streamlining old overdesigned units is actually fine as long as there is some balance to the new stuff. Actually the internal balance of the book would be ok if Dragons wouldn't be so damn cheap. You could get 3 Longstrikes or for 50 pts more 2 dragons. You could get a big dragon but you could also get 4 small ones in a unit that could rally, could be used for move+shoot in the hero phase before moving and shooting again with some CA's. Thoose are hard hitters who are durable, fast, resistant to magic, can autoslay models surpassing their durability, have bonus actions and if you ask them nicely they will do your tax refund for you. As yourself: Would you play that unit of 2 if it was 100pts more expensive? Yes, most people still would. Edit: With 2.0 and Sancrosanct Sequitors and Evocators were also just strictly better picks. This is something normal for gw. But actually from the new units I feel like people ignore most new stuff beside the Dragon Knights and Vindictors. The new Sword Guys and new Bow guys see little to no mention anywhere, the new Knight Judicator seems also not viable beside beeing a solid ranged unit.
  5. I just noticed that 2 of 3 SCE Start Collecting Boxes are gone. Also I wonder a bit why hunters are Angelos and not Redeemer as they fill the "Basic troop" trope for Vanguard Chambers.
  6. Yeah I got confused with the SCE Thread, please don't mind that
  7. Seeing the new Battletomes for SCE and Orruks I belive that we propably will see a major overhaul of alligience abilities and bloodtithe going away
  8. From my first impression the book is nice. I really like the option to choose either Stormkeep or Scions of the Storm. Basically it is a new Alligience Ability to pick from. I like also that we have less Enchancements compared to 2.0 book. They removed all the cloggy useless stuff noone picked anyway. As for Warscrolls: I agree on many heroes beeing pointess picks due to internal balance suffering too many choices. Still I see them played outside of competetive minded groups. In general it feels like most Warscrolls bring something usefull or even unique. I like how versatile the army is and how mixed it can be played. I think I will go for some sort of shooty list with the new bow guys (markerlights), some longstrikes and maybe Paladors.
  9. But I could imagine squeezing customers with more draconic design works well, too. I am quite sure there are some experienced economists/management guys at GW who know how to alter between free candy and some greedy choices so the community remains interested enough into buying the product while increasing margins. Until there is no competition big enough they have nothing to be afraid of. And in worst case, they still can buy up their competitors.
  10. I wonder reading Powercreep here. We are in a new edition and these are the first new tomes to drop which will finally give an insight into what the devs want the new edition to play right now. Current Meta is a semi stable snapshot (as always btw) and this is now the start of a transition to what 3.0 is supposed to be played like. Seeing a lot of Rend and Damage makes sense considering how they pushed 3+ saves with AOD and Mystic Shield. Looks like 3.0 is more loaded and this will for sure cause trouble during transition, as always. Seeing -1 rend beeing used way more often around and also seeing a broad range of -2 looks fine to me. I felt like GW was afraid to put Rend on anything in the 2.0 tomes. Factions with new tomes will propably have two ways of pushing through that 2+ armor which right now is kinda invincible. Having more units to cause Mortals and -2 Rend D2 hits really helps.
  11. This is rough. I hope it won't come true. Currently the tomes are already heavily overpriced. We are far above the 30€ mark already, which would be okayish if the quality of the product was worth it. But we talk about a book that was not even touched by an professional proofreader, not to start talking about the quality of their ruleswriting and the day-1-FAQ's required. I'd really prefer old WHFB style tomes without a hardback back at this point. The overall composition just felt smoother, with unit lore on the same page as the warscroll/profiles and instead of a advertising type of faction description we had some short stories that made the tome worth reading.
  12. The general amount of products released seem quite big for me: 2 Battletomes, 2 sets of Warscroll Cards, 4 new kits, 1old kit repacked (Lord Arcanum), 6 Set of Dice + Supplemental stuff for Blood Bowl. It is quite a loaded release here. If I recall correctly we will see for SCE: Knight Relictor New Bow Guys New Sword Guys Dragon Knights New Named Dude we got the rules revealed today Named Dragon Kit And keep in mind this all comes while there will be also some stuff for Orruks left, as well as a Black Templar release that appears to bring some new kits along when the rumour-mills are true.
  13. Do we know anything about SCE rules beside some of the new stuff? I am considering building a small force based on dominion + vanguard SC! (I love palladors) and go the Dragon Route once the new kits hit store in 2025
  14. Hej guys, one of the reason I do not like playing my Khorne army right now is the fact that it was one of my very early AoS armies and the paintjob is neither finished, nor good. Threfore I consider repainting it. All at once. Best case in a solid batch. Unlike Sylvaneth or Nighthaunts Khorne has the little downside of brokats, different textures and materials (Flesh/Armour) within models which makes a 24h-let-me-paint-and-airbrush-that paintjob quite hard to achive. I want to try it anyway and hope some of you have maybe some cool ideas and inspirations (if possible with pictures). So tl;dr: How would you speedpaint a Khorne army?
  15. While we all agree here, I am afraid this wont happen as many people already own knights so buffing them won't boost sales that much
  16. I'd expect rather some completly new Suballigiences rather than updates. We have one for Marauders/Cabalists/Mortal Heroes, one for DP's, one for Sorcerer and one for the Everchosen. Varanguard and Belakor have their own cherry on their cake in campaign books. The Priest-Mechanic as well as cultists are also added in Idolators in a campaign book. We lack a Legion centered around Knights, Warriors and Chosen. So I hope we get exactly this: A Legion that rewards Warriors, Knights and Chosen. While Warriors are okay as Anvils they lack Damage. Meanwhile Knights lack something (enscrolled weapons are too weak to matter due to save stacking now and lances are way too risky to use. I could imagine this to be paired with some mechanic centered around Aura of Chaos or the Eye of the Gods table. Maybe allow unit Champs to roll for Eye of the Gods. Or provide Chaos Heroes unique CA's dependend on their mark. Having one that allows your units to charge in the opponents charge phase would be awesome and provide lances a solid boost.
  17. As always it is a matter of taste. Legion provides you with a truckload of different Warscrolls for different ocasions, provides you quite some resistance with armywide 6+ and resummoning. Khorne allows you to take some nice mortals as buffers (Bloodsecrator and Priest), gives you a Summon mechanic and also additional tactical options (countercharged in herophases, fight during hero phase, auto unbind. while all are expensive in terms of ressources, all can turn the game when placed well)
  18. Nah they would have quickfixed it in the FAQ instead, along the other changes. Also, if they forgot to do so, they would have just update the FAQ this week. They didn't, I assume because Mark of Tzeentch is in a sweet spot right now that is a good buff without beeing too gamebreaking compared to other factions (althrough internal balance got shifted a bit, from Khorne/Nurgle/Unmarked towards Tzeentch, althrough Undivided may come back with the return of Ward-stacking.) Keep in mind that WD Articles have also some redactory time required so I assume this were written likely 3-4 months ago already.
  19. Btw was the weird Horror Banner wording discussed? It only works with Tzeentch Alligience now.
  20. I don't get the Archaon nerf to be honest. Was Eye of Sherian so oppressing that it needed to be addressed? Isn't "reroll saves of 1" in StD Alligiance more of an issue? Khorne Judgements now stay on the field until the "roll a 6" trigger occurs. Noice! Ward design backdrop is really unnecessary. It was one of the outstanding improvements of AoS 3.0 and they simply reversed it for no reason? They had the mess fixed up only to return it to a messed up state so they can nerf it in the new tomes again? Returning Legends and Monstrous Arcanum rules are nice. Maybe I will print some Chaos Dwarf Proxies. In general the back and forth with rules is just silly. Morathis Heartrender beeing back at -2 is another example of the weird switcheroo that occured at every single rules document. How messed up can GW rule design be? I guess the project to write my own tabletop ruleset is back on the table again.
  21. I'm afraid I messed this up a bit by posting the faq link here which is basically like asking for a discussion, instead of linking the thread. Old Rumour-thread Habits die hard.
  22. https://www.warhammer-community.com/faqs/ A place to talk about the new changes.
  23. https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/OxxwznfmQqsp7Kdo.pdf Judgements are now confirmed usefull as they now only disappear when their 6-effect is triggered.
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