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  1. The result is pretty terrible... Alcohol + painting + lack of patience = waaaaaay too many layers of paint. But, I should probably recognize that it won't get better than this at this point, so I'm calling it done. I present the potentially but not quite adorable... The Child, v1. (Baby Nurgling Yoda) "Optimism leads to Delusion. Delusion leads to Hope. Hope leads to Disappointment." -- Baby Nurgling Yoda
  2. Pretty sure my next unit of nurglings will look like this.
  3. At long last, I am proud to present the first 1000 points of the glorious Gloomspite Nurgling Squig army.... Skragott, our revered leader... Second in command, Loonboss on Cave Squig... Next, Loonboss on Manglers... Some bounderz... ... Hungry Squig Herd... ... And Old School Squig Herd.. ... under the light of the Bad Moon...
  4. I'm in favor of number 2, because of the logical reasoning of... Me like Stab Stab!!! 🙂
  5. Collecting all the squigs together to begin building a Gloomspite army, but with Nurglings in lieu of Gobbos. It seems natural to me.
  6. Just finished this (Idoneth Deepkin) Octopus scene. Hoping it doesn't get banned 'cause of the naughty bits, but... there is only war, and these things happen in war. ? Comments welcome. ?? Thanks!
  7. TwiceIfILikeIt

    Octopus V1

    The Octopus from Idoneth Deepkin is awesome on his own. Bottom half of scene hidden because it's NSFW. ;-) Work in progress.
  8. Haven't gotten much painting in lately, but did a little and wanted to share the red red theater curtains. I think it's starting to come together.
  9. It's still an awful mess, but at least it has some color now.
  10. I don't know what came over me, but when I saw that adorable little Singing Nurgling, I felt compelled to create this monstrosity. Primed, more to come.
  11. My pledge this month: - Finish the display board and bases for Adepticon Skaven Kharadron army, like I meant to last month Progress so far: Distracted by Spiteclaw's Swarm
  12. @Kugane - It's a regular Skaven army in terms of rules - modded using parts from Adeptus Mechanicus and Kharadron Overlords (and random other bits). It's one half of an Adepticon Team Tournament army... rats teaming up with the Kharadron Overlords of @Sleboda, FOR SCIENCE!! With 31 days to go, I hope to have an update on the display board soon! Below are links to what's been done so far. Here are the most recent pics of the display board from earlier in this thread: Here's part of the Kharadron army: Here's the finished Skaven army:
  13. This month, with 47 days remaining until Adepticon, I just have one thing to do. I need to finish the display board for our Team Kharadron Skaven army. Here's the work-in-progress of the underground level. Dwarven Forge: Skaven Laboratory: Skaven Battleline barracks: Next up... the top level with Dwarven Brewery and Skyport... Wish me luck! :-)
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