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  1. I'm going spears on the first 120 Guard I do and the first 30 Riders, then I'll add a unit of 20 sword Guard and maybe 10 sword riders. Why? Two reasons. 1. Spears look cooler and sword damage output is not that much higher to where it makes them a no-brainer. 1. Often overlooked in this game is max output. The spears (and swords on Stalkers vs. Falchion) have the potential to kill more things total in some instances. To put it another way, if you absolutely positively must kill 11 models and your swords cap out at 10, it doesn't matter how much more likely the swords are to kill 10 models, because they can't kill the 11th.
  2. I don't follow their work. Can you elaborate a bit?
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Three of them use the same basic idea. I primed them Wraithbone, painted the darkest color, then successively drybrushed lighter colors in a circular motion over the bases. The brown one was slightly different in that I primed with Zandri Dust, washed with Seraphim Sepia, then did the drybrushing thing as above. I've experimented more since then and will now be priming black instead, and heading straight to the drybrushing. The key is to use less and less paint and a lighter and lighter touch with each lighter color as you go. Which bases did you pick for yours?
  4. If be interested to see a trend line for the win rate for the first three months of an army after it gets a new book, especially for armies that are essentially completely new. I would imagine that new armies come out on fire and then normalize as time passes. I really do think that the biggest factor in early success is people not knowing how to handle The New Thing.
  5. Ok, so, like, it's half of them, but geeze. They are awesome. Thanks to Dragon Forge for the awesome work. So cool! I'm still experimenting with options and would love to hear opinions from all of you. What do you like?
  6. Woot!!! We will endeavour to return! BTW, response incoming to your other reply. Brace yourself.
  7. Don't let my experiences (in over 25 years of attending and judging at tournaments) discourage you! Yes, you will meet some cheating so-and-sos, but you'll also have great fun and make new friends.
  8. I agree. I'm just saying that tournaments should spell that out as the solution and not leave it up to individual players to decide.
  9. Generally speaking, yeah. Don't get me wrong. There are many, many great people at tournaments. Most of them would not cheat. Most. That said, the fires of competition can have a strongly negative effect on people, especially when prizes (products or cash) are on the line. If you think you might be able to walk away with significant winnings, the temptation to cheat goes way up. Then there are the people who may be awkward, or who don't win often, or who just plain don't think of cheating as a bad thing. Various mindsets can influence the chances someone will cheat. Heck, in various American (and other?) sports there's an adage "If you're not cheating, you're not trying." So, it's ingrained in our competitive culture here. I love tournaments. I'm just a realist and expect there to be cheating.
  10. Nah, but some things stand out more than others. I can't think of a single other example in AoS where a player is allowed (instructed!) to keep information secret like this. It seems to be a unique opportunity for abuse, and in a tournament people are at their worst.
  11. True. This is why I believe it's important for the TO to have a pre-game announcement covering key rules. I totally get that there is a big weight on the back of the TO, but, not to sound like an insensitive ******, that's part of what one signs up for when one becomes a TO. It is incumbent upon them to ensure the games are fairly adjudicated and the rules are followed.
  12. I have, unfortunately, witnessed far too many seemingly friendly/good/nice guys at events who seem trustworthy but in fact are putting on an act. I have also known genuinely good people who, under the pressure of competition, felt tempted to fudge things. Most, not all, resisted. I think the only fair thing to do, both in order to catch bad actors and to remove pressure and temptation from mostly good people, is to insist on the cup covering solution. It's simple and removes all doubt. TOs should not be unclear or allow a grey area ("come up with what you think works" or "apply this suggestion"). It should be absolute. Oddly, it feels like painting rules. If your event required painted models and and disallows those that are not painted, it should not be up to any player to feel the negativity of having to tell an opponent he can't use his models. Likewise, a charismatic person should not be afforded to opportunity to, um, 'convince' a sheepish opponent to allow the unpainted stuff on the table. Keep it 100% on the TO. Rule: Place the die in a cup. Place hand over cup. Shake. Slam cup face down on table. Rolling player tips cup up to privately see number. Do not touch with other hand. Put cup back down. Leave it alone. When the time comes, reveal it. Move on.
  13. I agree with you on the side note. I've never understood why people play Warhammer with the game itself as the biggest draw. The setting and models are far ahead of the game in terms of quality. A point of distinction on the other, though. I also, like you, want really great models. I just don't think that great and monopose are mutually exclusive. I never, ever, want to play with tokens or cruddy models. I just find cutting, cleaning, and assembling the models a tedious, frustrating, labors laborious activity that is getting in the way of what I enjoy most (the painting).
  14. Not saying that's bad advice, just chiming in FWIW - I have 3 (4 with skarbrand) bloodthirsters. I use Tyrants and Murderhost. They don't help against Seraphon.
  15. Two other factors as well. 1. Some folks place extra value on models that require less work to be put in prior to painting & gaming. Count me among those. I would actually pay more to return to a time when models had 2 or 3 parts - the model, the base, and maybe a shield. 1a. Side note. I actually like all models in my regiments to be identical. 2. Plastic. Metal. Monopose. Multi-part. No matter what material or how many parts, a hangunner is still a hangunner. That's what I'm being sold - a model that serves a role on the table, in the game. It should cost me $X regardless.
  16. That's not pessimistic. That's just realizing that being monopose is not an element of price determination, which is as it should be.
  17. Most people I know will say that to make a Khorne army work, you need to focus on mortals, do that may help. Still, you'll be having mostly demons, and the demons are bad.
  18. I feel your pain. Seraphon are a top army. Demons of Khorne are really, really bad. You are going to struggle to win that game most of the time. Ironjawz, though, should do well. Two mawkrushas will be hard to stop. If say just stick with it and wait for Seraphon to get brought back to reality when they eventually get a book. Question though - Does your opponent have all the actual models for the things he summons, and are they painted?
  19. I agree, Rob, but I think it's the influence of a newer generation of gamers entering the GW studio. We never used to hear terms like "faction" or "meta" or other nu-game things like that. We're old. We prefer the old ways. You know, when precision in language was a thing. (Get off my lawn, nu-gamers.)
  20. Those goblin spearmen models were a sadistic assault on gamers by GW. 😉 So much blood on my palms and underside of my forearm.
  21. At present, I have 18 models to build as either Stalkers or Immortis Guard. Currently, I've done 9 as Stalkers and 3 as Guard. That leaves 6 models. Yes, yes, yes, I plan to get more down the road, but until then, what do folks think about the last 6 models? Build all 6 as Guard, or go 3 and 3? I have an opinion, but I'd like to hear yours.
  22. Really nice work! Care to do another version with a dot under it, ala the GW symbol? FYI to all- Based on the feedback so far, I am planning to order 100-200 each of 2 or 3 of the colors shown. Preferences? I will order probably 500 dice, keeping 200 for me and taking care of others with the rest. I plan to put the order in some time in December, Please speak now.
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