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  1. What about a giant hat in the form of a cage / iron maiden inside of which an upstart elgi is imprisoned? The sorcerer prophet will mostly be stone anyway, so can cope with the weight!
  2. Agreed. If they were really desperate to do it there is precedent for big companies buying out the divided rights from estranged creators (or their heirs). WoTC did that when they got D&D, and basically wrote Gygax and Arneson a check for all the material where the rights were unclear. I believe Marvel has eaten whole companies to get divided IP back under its umbrella etc. I feel as though Malal is too niche for that to be an important consideration though. He has a cult following (appropriate for a chaos god) but isn't exactly the X-Men.
  3. I'm fond of Necoho the god of atheism. there is also Zuvassin god of anarchy though he's not been mentioned in AoS as much. Neither has real popular awareness though like Hashut does, so I'd say unless they some how bring back Malal there is no one else waiting in the wings. (My S2D army is a rival to the Everchosen, empowered by all the other gods of chaos so I've read up on them a lot!)
  4. Ha ha yeah, you pretty much recommended precisely what I've been doing! I'm thinking of trying Silver Bayonet soon too. That should be fun. If anyone knows a good ancients ruleset which is quick and fun for doing Bronze age type stuff then that would be appreciated. This is probably the wrong forum to ask, but I've got a bit of research ahead of me there I think!
  5. Great advice. Yeah, warcry is the main game I've been playing this year. I'm more of a skirmish player than a mass battle one, and like narratives rather than competitive. So it's nice to be able to do lots of quick games in a session, and really tell a story. i keep meaning to post the battle report from my last warcry campaign actually. I haven't even scratched the surface of the warbands I can build from my models, so lots of potetial there without spending any money. We got really into x-grave games a couple of years ago and played most of them, but it's been a while since I dusted off the book. As you say the warband options there are even more varied than warcry. We're also planning a full tilt tournament later in the summer and busy painting knights for that so no shortage of options even ignoring the GW hype cycle!
  6. Hmm, getting back into historical wargaming sure is looking tempting. I never played 3e AoS, i figured I'd wait for 4e and see how i felt then. Still been collecting my armies, but at this point I've pretty much finished my AoS collection for now. I just want a few more of the new Seraphon and then I've pretty much got multiple full armies in various states of building and painting to be going on with. So no need to start a new warhammer project just for the sake of it. I've been eying some ancient Egyptians from Perry miniatures for a while, so I might dive back i to that for the next year or two and see what GW is doing when I check in again!
  7. I got into the hobby through the Battle games in middle earth magazine instead so while I read my friends' white dwarf magazines when they brought them into school, I actually never bought one until a couple of years ago when Cursed City came out and they had some extra character profiles for the game!
  8. Agreed, the Conan stories aee essentially set in the Cthulhu mythos (Howard and Lovecraft were friends). So while terribly "evil" gods exist, they are the uncaring cosmic horror sort. Cults to them exist, but Howard's idolised barbarians have no truck with them. He was all about the idea of some sort of macho primitive ideal, which his heroes are atavistic paragons of. They are pure and uncorrupted in his view because they reject civilisation. Chaos as alway borrowed some of the look of Frazetta and Brundage's conan covers. However it's ideology owes more to Michael Moorcock. The idea of bartering with mostly uncaring gods of darkness is right out of the Eternal Champion.
  9. Not really a secret, but when the AoS interest among my friends dried up I started playing solo games against myself. I got really into the narrative and had way more fun than playing against my more competitive minded opponents.
  10. I misread that as "40 miniatures" for a moment then and my mind boggled. 40 minutes seems a very manageable goal though.
  11. The White Dwarf is everything I hoped he would be. Definitely getting him to lead all my Dawi hosts in every time and setting!
  12. Great advice here. The hobby isn't a job, you are not under any obligation. You also don't have to be either 100% committed or 100% quit. I remember two times when I just stopped having any motivation, and had no idea whether I'd pick it all up again or not, but both times it turned out that I just needed to wait for my circumstances to change and then I suddenly found myself dusting off the models from a few years earlier and getting really into it all again. ( far more so in fact than before the lull!) The first lull was when I was a student. I had no proper painting space, nowhere locally to buy models etc (no ordering online in those days, or it was in its infancy at least!) Not to mention not having the most time or money. I ended up basically just painting during Christmas holidays when I got models as gifts and was back home at my old hobby desk. However I then moved to a town with game shops, into a larger student house with more space, and like minded flatmates and we basically turned the lounge into a hobby and gaming room. Suddenly I had all the motivation and finished two whole armies in the space of a year. But that burst of productivity then fizzled out as I got towards the middle of my PhD project. I had no bandwidth for anything else, and was so burned out that I just abandoned my half painted projects for a couple of years. Again I thought, "maybe this is it", but actually after finishing my thesis write up I ended up with some free time and picked up the paint brush again. I was sort of still burned out on everything verbal or left brain related, but found it really therapeutic to sit and paint, do arty stuff for a bit. So don't feel bad about putting your models in a draw and not worrying about them. Sooner or later you might find that things have changed and you are motivated again.
  13. I think citadel have the advantage of inertia and sunk cost. I'm not opposed to tryung other brands and use army painter and colour forge spray paints a lot. For regular paint though, I have a large box of citadel pots from the last twenty years, and when one runs out in the middle of a project it's easier to just replace it rather than try something else which won't quite match, or which I'll need to use differently and experiment with to get the same look. I'm thus a bit looked in to using citadel. I certainly can't afford to just replace my pots wholesale, even if it would then be cheaper to replace them in the long run.
  14. Ooh cool. How do you find out which sculptors worked on which of the newer models? I didn't know we had that information, but I'd love to know who the artists behind my favourite models were.
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