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  1. EccentricCircle

    Traveling with models

    In some cases the postal service might actually be a better bet than putting delicate stuff in the hold of an aeroplane. They may not always take as much note of "fragile" notices as you'd like, but are probably not quite as rough as the airport machines. I've never tried either though, so can't talk from experience.
  2. EccentricCircle

    The Rumour Thread

    The interviews were last summer. I was one of the people who reported on it, but someone else corroborated my account. In theory whoever got the job has now had plenty of time to work up their gutbusters allegiance, assuming that they actually got on and did that, rather than being put on to other jobs. However if they are actually changing the models then it could take far longer for that to see light of day. I think that if we are getting a new tome and spells to go with the existing range it could be soon-ish, but equally I wouldn't hold out too much hope. We only know what we were told when discussing our work at the interview, so no inside knowledge like a regular rumour monger. We have no way of knowing why gutbusters was picked as the interview task (beyond the fact that it wasn't something they had specific plans for at the time). We thus can't be sure what they were planning to do with it after hiring someone.
  3. EccentricCircle

    Map campaign input wanted

    I've been preparing a map campaign, which will include resources tied to specific areas. We've not playtested it yet, so don't know how well it will work, but the idea is that on a strategic level you are playing something like Settlers of Catan, where you have to secure different resource locations, and use or trade those resources to build, maintain and expand settlements. Securing those resources involves winning battles, either against another player's army, or against an NPC faction played by whoever is available or can supply the models. Different factions get different amounts of resources from farmining, foraging, pillaging etc depending on what grand alliance they are in, and need a different suite of resources (the undead don't eat for example). Thus different regions of the map will be more or less valuable to different armies. Finally larger settlements let you garrison more troops in that part of the map. A players army will quickly grow to be very large, but will never all be on the table at a given time. Rather in each battle they can decide what units to field from those who are stationed near by. This should allow for a lot of flexibility in match ups, and make it less drastic is one player falls behind. They might have fewer troops than the others overall, but if they are all in the same castle they might actually outnumber someone who just attacks them with a small raiding party. Most importantly there will be several different metrics for gauging success, rather than definitive win conditions. One player might have the most towns, others the best developed kingdom. Others might secure strategic locations like realmgates and be able to tax those using them. Others might find arcane ruins and defend those against all comers. We'll be starting the campaign fairly soon, so I fully intend to report on its progress in the narrative section, and share my player handout once we get underway.
  4. Most people I know have such a motley assortment of different dice that it shouldn't be a problem at all. I often try to colour code a little so that I know what I'm doing, and sometimes use a much larger d6 to track turns. I also possess a couple of actual d3, which are always quite entertaining. I wouldn't advise using d8s though. That might annoy your opponent!
  5. EccentricCircle

    I finally did it I finished painting an army

    Lets see some pictures then! More seriously, well done and may you paint many more!
  6. EccentricCircle

    What if warhammer was real life?

    I don't know actually, if they became human sized i would probably want to redo all my paint work!
  7. EccentricCircle

    What if warhammer was real life?

    As it happens the ancient Egyptians were buried with small painted figures called shabti. These would come to life in the underworld and serve the person they were made for. So, i think there is a reasonable chance that when a war gamer dies they are attended in the next life by all the little people they accumulated in life! i think the more savage of my armies will be useful for securing the edges of my domain in the after life, while a core of elves and dwarves will be useful for actually serving me, and keeping things running. I'll have plenty of model houses at my disposal, and plenty of chariots ( and space ships for that matter.) I should probably stock up on more mundane things like furniture and cooking utensils though!
  8. EccentricCircle

    Your favorite unit model kit

    My absolute favourite are now out of production. I really love the old Tomb Guard models, both the multi part plastic kit and the earliest metal ones. i also really like night haunt, so they are a close second for Death. for order its tough, since there are so many awesome models, i love Melusi, but the customisable battle wizards are also great. for destruction it has to be squigs. not really sure for chaos, but maybe the classic bull centaurs.
  9. EccentricCircle

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    Seconded, it should definitely have its own section.
  10. EccentricCircle

    The 5000+ Owners Club

    Getting every miniature since AoS came out might be doable, getting all the fantasy ones would be much, much harder. I'm not sure how long it would take to get everything from every system. I managed to collect what I think is all of the post Slann lizardmen, so more or less everything from 4e onwards. It took a while to put together the vintage army, but was a fun project. The further you go back the harder it gets to track down all the minis though.
  11. I think that's kind of what we're afraid of actually.
  12. I think its a tricky one, and can kind of see both sides of the argument. I have always loved the Tomb Kings, have a vast army of them, and have Settra sat on my shelf as I speak. I'm not massively fond of stormcast, but I certainly don't hate them, and I have a few kicking around. As tomb kings fans, we have a certain understanding of the lore, and what it means to us. We know that before the curse Nehekhara was the greatest human empire of the Old World, and Settra was its most powerful king. He was an emperor who made Sigmar look like an upstart barbarian. Sigmar's accomplishments pale in comparison to the civilization that was built around Khemri. Thus it feels a bit galling to think of Settra bending the knee to Sigmar, especially given his memetic dislike for compromising with others. As the world burned around him he stood up to the Chaos Gods, and told them to take a walk, Why would he serve some upstart god? The thing is, I don't think that is how the writers see it at all. The way the old world was set up, every faction was the hero of its own story. Thus as a Tomb Kings player I view the history of the old world quite differently to someone who is first and foremost a fan of the Empire. The army books were written with that intention, and the way the lore is "taught" was geared towards giving fans of each faction a slightly different view of what the world was really like. This is something which I don't think really carries over into Age of Sigmar. I think that the lore writers who came up with this idea are coming at it from a very different perspective. From their point of view Sigmar is the one true god of Order, and the stormcast are the greatest champions of Order, regardless of what time or culture they originate from. They don't have to have been Sigmar worshipers in life, they just have to have gone out in style. I think that if you look at it that way, Settra was one of the greatest champions of order who ever lived, and continued to be long after becoming undead. As the world burned around him he stood up to the Chaos Gods, and told them to take a walk. It would almost be insulting if Sigmar didn't reforge him as a champion of order. Willingly serving Azyr is definitely preferable to being a slave of the hated Nagash after all. Sure I would much rather see the Tomb Kings return as a fully fleshed out faction of neutral undead, but since that's not likely to happen I guess its better to serve in heaven than in hell.
  13. EccentricCircle

    The 5000+ Owners Club

    Given that you are a Duke, and appear to have ten thousand men, have you ever marched them up to the top of a hill and then back down again? Its an awesome collection, a really impressive set of models. Getting everything for one faction is challenging, I can't imagine how long it would take to get all of them.
  14. EccentricCircle

    Skavens... Old or new models?!

    I think that each material is better for a different type of model. Plastic works best for the massively complicated multi part kits, where you can include hundreds of options. Its massively customisable, since its so easy to cut, and can be glued so trivially with poly cement. Increasingly its also great for large monsters, since its so much easier to assemble an "air-fix" style creature than a large metal or resin one. Metal is best for hero figures, its more solid than plastic, and gives the models a lot more heft when you move them around. However its harder to assemble, so its not great if you want to do more than glue and arm or head in place. Resin is great for older, large models. After years to struggling to build metal dragons it was a dream to get them in finecast. The fact that the material is so much lighter makes it massively easier to work with. However its so fragile and awkward that smaller models can be a real pain. If a narrow piece breaks it can be really hard to repair. Now that more and more large creatures are being made from polystyrene plastic the "niche" for resin products is getting smaller all the time.
  15. EccentricCircle

    Skavens... Old or new models?!

    Given how frequently they change their mind about the "official" base size there are a lot of people who just don't care about keeping up. That looks like a great collection of oldish models! I'd go for it for sure.