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  1. That does seem like a really weird way to publish the comic, but I guess if they knew that it wasn't going to be an ongoing thing its better than running it for seven weeks, and us all wondering where it went after that. I guess 90% of the time webcomics are read as archive binges anyway!
  2. Wow, that scenery is amazing! Quite the modular system!
  3. I believe they did a big box of plastic space marines va few months back.
  4. That would be great, an d we have now seen them do a plastic made to order, so it might actually be possible. Personally I'd like to get my hands on a few more ushabti, as I have enough of the plastic kits, but anything for tomb kings would be great. Maybe with the Desert of the Dead Kickstarter doing well GW will see that there is still demand. I agree that made for order dogs of war would also be great, ahile while we 're at it lets have some more chaos dwarfs!
  5. Nothing wrong with Made to Order weeks. I'm not fussed about this one, since its just imperial guard, but they've done some great fantasy and Lord of the Rings runs over the last year or so. We'll get the seraphon book soon enough. Its just a matter of time.
  6. This sounds like an awesome conversion idea and one I might need to consider at some point. I've been tempted to start a Tzeentch army pretty much since thier first battletome, but resisted for years. Then I had to get Aether War for dwarven purposes, so I guess my path towards the changer of ways has now begun! I'd better finish off a few projects before I get anything more for them though...
  7. For actual polystyrene plastic you are probably looking for spare bits from sprues for other things. I know that the citadel battle mage kit has a few hand held book options, as do both frostgrave wizard kits. Both can easily be built with other options, leaving the books free. Bits seller's might also have some spare. Older dwarf battle standards also feature a book of grudges, but I'm not sure to what extent the bits still circulate now that the kit is out of production.
  8. I've still not gotten the campaign off the ground, as my gaming group pretty much only plays 40K now. Every time I've shown this to people the response has been "That sounds so cool" but no one is actually willing to play it. That has not though dissuaded me from keeping going with the project, so I did write up the campaign rules: https://www.dropbox.com/s/23epjcdjdlnk555/Hexenwold%20Campaign%20Guide.pdf?dl=0 It has yet to be playtested, but is otherwise ready to go, and I think it should work ok. I'll be very interested to how you get on if you use any of it. My plan is to host the map on a Roll20 page, and allow the players to curate and manage their kingdoms through that. We're trying something similar out for our 40K campaign at my suggestion, so how that works may inform how I modify this going forwards.
  9. Yeah, unfortunately for those of us hoping to have a "complete" game for a while, it's only a matter of time before they start the update cycle again . Codices sell, when theg run out of factions that need a new army book, that tends to be their cue to drop a new edition ( if they even get all the factions updated, which is a variety)
  10. I for one welcome any potential Dawi Zharr ovdrlords. Especially if anything else is dropped from the forge world range. Some fyreslayers convert quite well, but a full plastic chaos dwarf army would be the best case scenario!
  11. Cool, that's about what I thought. I might need some crossbowmen!
  12. Here's a question when did the Empire first develope black powder weapons? I feel like the Dwarfs had them first (and it would make sense if Cathay did too). Either way, if the historical eras they explore end up being set before guns become widespread then an empire army could look very different to what we're familiar with.
  13. True, nothing in this hobby is truly popular in the way other genres can be.
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