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  1. Quickest and easiest? Catapult. Safest for the models? That's somewhat more tricky? I quite like the Really Useful Boxes brand. They do very solid plastic boxes, and you can get divider trays to go inside them. If you have any foam or bubblewrap then you can line the compartments of the trays. I find that they are a better fit for modern models than the traditional foam slot carry cases. You can basically have one box for all of your big stuff, with foam or other packing material to space them out and stop them clattering together, and then a second box with deep or shallow trays (as needed) to store and organise the infantry. They also do boxes with extra tall lids which can be handy if stuff in your top tray sticks up. They do though take up a lot of space though, so if you're using public transport then nothing quite beats a proper foam carry case.
  2. What if there are only three of them, but when they get inspired they turn into far more powerful Brettonian style knights? That would be a warband the likes of which we've never seen before... (Note: I don't actually think they'd do that, but its cool to dream...)
  3. I thought they were a new army announcement for a moment there! Very cool conversions.
  4. That looks great! I've just been painting some snake people for D&D purposes (mainly reaper and frostgrave models) so its presently a topic quite close to my heart!
  5. Plus a book (with or without spells) is always going to have less of a marketing push than a full model release. They still consider themselves to be first and foremost a miniatures company, even if they are doing more rules releases this edition.
  6. A Naga faction would be really cool. There have always been rumours of Snake headed beastmen, but I'd kind of figured that the Daughters of Khaine had taken the snakeyness hat for themselves at this point.
  7. Nice! that's precisely what I was looking for. Thank you!
  8. Has anyone updated the chart of unsolved rumour engines recently? I've completely lost track of whats been revealed now and what hasn't, since I've not been paying very close attention to all of the Space Marine news...
  9. Apologies, what I meant by "casual" was the folks who don't follow all of the rumours and announcements, rather than any side of the Casual-Competitive dichotomy. Clearly any one who was actively collecitng one or more of those armies will very keenly feel the loss (I know I do! I've got Dwarves, and all three of the original elf factions!) If you don't obsessively keep up with the rumours and the hype train like we do, and are not actively collecting one of those factions, then you might not even realise that stuff has been discontinued yet. I think that was the main reason they didn't announce it. If they did so then it would draw attention to it, and get even more people annoyed. This way, a lot of the casual fans might not know that anything is going on, until the new book turns up in their store. At that point they will see the range for what it is there and then, and won't know what was discontinued a month ago, what's been lost since the start of AoS. Newer players might not even know that some of the older stuff ever existed in the first place! They then come into the faction fresh, and don't have to immediately be made aware that some stuff is vanishing from the store while trying to figure out what's in their army.
  10. The old WFRP books posit that Humans, Mutants, Beastmen, and Daemons don't actually fall into nice neat categories as most people would like. Instead they are a continuum. Humans are the mostly un-mutated end of the spectrum. Mutants have some mutation, but can mostly pass as more or less human. They are arguably the largest category. Beastmen are the more bestial mutants, which kind of breed true, and so form distinct abhuman races. Daemons are everything that has gone too far, and is no longer really a living being, but has been subsumed into a facet of a chaos god's will. Anything can slip from one category into the next, if it gets close enough to warp energies, but going back is not nearly so easy...
  11. Maybe they wanted the bad reaction to the cull to blow over by the time the actual book is released. I'm not sure that's happened for folks on here, but I could see them hopping that at least the casual fans (which is most of their market) will have forgotten about the cull by now, and will just see it as a new thing. Whereas if it all happens at once then the removals kind of overshadow the release.
  12. There is a positive to take from this. GWs communication used to be bad all the time, now it has improved to the level where people get cross about a lack of previews, since we've come to expect that they'll try to hype things up. A few years back this would have been business as usual. I'll admit I wasn't impressed with how they handled the squatting. I'd have rather those kits had stayed, and advanced notice would have been better. The book though will come when it comes. They likely have their plans worked out far in advance, and a book that's coming this month will have been finished and at the printers since long before they announced it to us. Complaining here can and will accomplish nothing I'm afraid.
  13. It may well be a mistake, but chaos elves would still be pretty cool...
  14. What happens if your general dies, and the best pick to take command is an allied unit? I once had a situation where a Darkling Sorceress had to take command of a Daughters of Khaine army, since she was the only hero left. At the time we had no idea whether it was allowed, but I was losing so badly that we didn't worry too much...
  15. Its a little hard to see what's going on in that beastgrave card, but it definitely looks like a female fighter in the traditional attire of the Daughters of Khaine. It would be very cool to get some new models for them. The Kharadron warband could be an interesting example of what can be done. I've just been painting it up, and its kind of cool that it basically has a representative of every troop type in the army. Two little guys, two heavy guys, and a hero effectively. I could see a similar Daughters warband with Two Witches, or a Witch and a sister, a Snake girl, a Khinerai, and then either a Hag Queen or a Medusa to lead them. It would cover almost all the bases, and still fit into the model could in a similar way to the Kharadron band. Equally they could go more along the Sylvaneth line, with one very unique variant hero, and a handful of supporters who are new takes on one of the existing units. I've not painted enough of the other warbands to know which sort are more common, but I feel like the former would be a better choice, unless the power level of Khinerai and Melusai is too high for them to both be in there.
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