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  1. I believe there was one person who set fire to a dark elf army in a video on Youtube, so at least one real case. I think it was blown out of all proportion though. I know a lot of people who stopped playing fantasy after that, but none who actually got rid of the armies, or swore they'd never touch the hobby again. Most just ended up only playing 40K.
  2. Wow, this is really cool. I could honestly see this going on a couple of ways. They could absolutely roll the clock back and release WHFB 9th edition, building on the older rank and flank style, and mass combat stuff. Or they could build on their versatile AoS system, but release rules for using it to represent the armies of the old world. In some ways I think both would be cool in different ways. I guess ideally I'd like both games to remain playable with either square or round bases, since I don't plan on rebasing anything. My few circular armies might feel a bit left out if they can't be used in the old world due to needing to be square! I would love for them to bring back older factions such as my beloved Tomb Kings, but I suspect that might be too much to hope for. I could absolutely see forge world doing a line if really expensive hero miniatures which can be combined with extant models in order to make your army be led by one of the heroes of old. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  3. Balthas Aurum, the stormcast mage from the soul wars novel is very strongly implied to be a resurrected Balthasar Gelt, former patriarch of the Colleges of Magic in Altdorf. I believe that the other stormcast lord arcanum whom he is friends with in that book is speculated to by Thyrus Gormann, but he gets less screen time so there isn't as much evidence to be sure. Nothing is confirmed, but that seems to imply that Sigmar does have access to some very ancient souls from before the current world. A later book introduced a Stormcast commander who may possibly be Settra the Imperishable, the greatest Pharaoh of Khemri, this was met with mixed enthusiasm from Tomb Kings fans. I don't know of any others off the top of my head, but its certainly looking as though its possible.
  4. Interesting! Thanks! Magnus the Pious would be an awesome leader for the Stormcast. I think that's going to be my new headcanon.
  5. I've done that in the past (usually with a display book rather than a ring binder), but what I'm envisioning is more that you can have six - nine warscrolls laid out in a grid on a big bit of card, so that you don't have to flick between pages to find the right one. You might need to turn the page over occasionally, if you make it double sided. Then that can just sit on the clear end of the table, and you are good to go!
  6. The one I've never been able to successfully parse is "Collegiate Arcane"! Its a faction I am very fond of, but the name always just seems odd because, you know, both those words are adjectives! So there sort of needs to be a noun in there somewhere. Probably "Arcane" in this context is supposed to be read as a noun, as in "they are The Arcane" but even knowing that it still seems kind of weird. I'm not sure "collegiate" can be interpreted as a noun, but perhaps in the mortal realms it can? They are both the Colleges who are Arcane, and the Arcanists who are Collegiate, so the name almost seems recursive and tautological! Actually now I come to complain about it I guess that is kind of wizardly when you think about it. Two adjectives, both being used as nouns, but both still describing each other. Its like a gramatical Ouroboros, a serpent describing its tail! And suddenly I may have just convinced myself that I like it after all... Though Arcane Colleges, or Collegiate Arcanists would still have been clearer...
  7. Did other Emperors not wield it before Karl Franz? I thought it was passed down as an heirloom, but I may have been misunderstanding, since I'm not very up on my Empire Lore. Or do you just mean that they were the only "hammer bearers" to be alive at the end times?
  8. Having the rules be free on the internet is great, but I always want physical copies of things. I love the feel of just sitting and reading a proper book, I just can't enjoy reading stuff on the computer as much, and trying to read from my phone is pretty much impossible with my eyesight. You'd think being able to zoom in would be a nice feature, but in practice you loose so much of the page when you do that it is massively impractical. What I'd like to do at some point is print out sets of warscrolls for commonly used combinations of troops on big sheets of A3 card though. That way my army stats can all be laid out in front of me in several columns, rather than having to flick between pages or shufflecardds in order to find the right unit. I'd be able to make each scroll bigger than an official warscroll card too, which would be handy!
  9. Appologies, the context of my original post got lost a little, i had a discussion with my gaming group where several people ended up at cross purposes, with some of us talking about the new warhammer army, while other's thought we meant the latest Reaper Kickstarter. Hopefully such confusion doesn't happen often for others, but it highlighted an odd naming choice by GW, which I figured it would be worth highlighting. Clearly it won't be confusing for diehard warhammer fans, but for those on the edge of both hobbies it demonstrably can be. This makes me wonder if GW picked that name deliberately to try to get some of Reaper's google hits.
  10. "Astrolithic" is a very Seraphon type word. If they are coming as soon as suggested then that could be their terrain.
  11. That's fair enough, and I'm not saying that its grammatically correct. Many faction names in many fantasy settings aren't. Reaper is a pretty massive miniatures range, and their Bones line of plastic minis has proved really successful, particularly among RPG circles. https://www.reapermini.com/ I'm sure not everyone who plays warhammer is aware of it, but you can be pretty certain that Games Workshop's marketing people know who their competition is!
  12. I certainly don't dislike "Bonereapers" (apart from my previous comment that its too easily confused with "reaper bones"!) I do, though, think that "the Tithe" would have been a more evocative name for them! Maybe too generic, but its certainly awesome sounding. If I ever get any, its certainly what I'll be calling them.
  13. Well, so long as I can still play my older armies on squares, and newer ones on rounds I'll be happy. I have yet to rebase anything, and have no plans to. Life is too short to worry about what shape my toy soldiers stand on! The main problem I've got these days is keeping armies consistent. For the most part its easy enough to keep with a base style within a collection, but there are an increasing number of cases where I've ended up with a few models on contrasting bases, which can be a little annoying. Deciding which to choose for a newer army can also be a challenge. At the moment I'm working on gloomspite, and decided to go with rounds, because I would run out of bases if I tried to use my stock of squares for that many goblins, but it does make the army slightly less versatile, since it would be tricky to use them in retrogames. Maybe they'll have found some sort of solution, which lets you freely convert between the two, but I can't think of a good way to do that in practice!
  14. Yeah there's no surprise that Sisters are popular given that they are one of the classic armies, which have been neglected for aeons. It really puts the situation with S2D into perspective. One edition without an update suddenly doesn't seem so bad!
  15. My approach, would be that the size of territory doesn't affect the game on the level of specific matchups or battles. Rather it has some other, non mechanical, benefit related to the actual arc of the campaign. Thus if you reclaim the Falls of Fire, it doesn't make you better at using fire, or give you more troops, but it means that you have the eternal gratitude of the Fyreslayers who can now return to their ancestral home etc. There doesn't need to even be a specific win/loose condition, rather the outcomes of the various battles spin out into the shared history of that region of the mortal realms, and gradually you build up more and more of a story. As for contesting regions a long way from your territory, it could be that there is a certain resource, or strategic position at that location, which you need to get to for some story reason. Perhaps your reinforcements are going to come through a realmgate there, or you must replenish your store of magitek by capturing the Endless spells that roam the Sorceric wastes. the player who's territory is in that area has a strategic advantage, but other factions will still need to send expeditions there every so often, and thus come into contact with the faction which controls it.
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