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  1. EccentricCircle

    Azyrite Townscape

    Well, my Friendly Local Gaming Store have just given me the replacement which they received from GW. Unsurprisingly, it contains the exact same thing as the one I returned to them on Monday. Given what other people have heard back I guess there's not much else to be done at this point. I wasn't going to make a fuss to the shop keeper, since its not their fault, and I'm not keen to try to sue games workshop for false advertising over a £30 kit! That said, I am really disappointed by the way this has turned out, and GW's apparent handling of the situation. I've been quite pro GW over the last year or so, but my attitudes to them are definitely swinging back to neutral after this. Ironically, prior to this all, I'd been considering getting the Blasted Hallowheart set in order to get the longer wall section. That assuredly isn't going to be happening now.
  2. I believe that there was an initial wave of 40K ones. I remember seeing one of Eldar models, but wasn't paying too much attention, since it wasn't a force that I cared about. They did a blood bowl one, which included some Chaos Dwarves, so that was cool (and the first one I ordered anything from). I think all of the recent ones have been for AoS though. In theory there is sufficient spread of factions across their ranges that I wouldn't think anyone will be wanting to get everything they rerelease, but I could see it being frustrating if they time a large scale one, for a faction I love, at a time when I can't afford to go for it. If they told you the month before what was coming you'd be able to save up, but so far its always been a bit of a surprise, beyond what can be inferred from other releases.
  3. EccentricCircle

    What is in the ultimate hobby room?

    Wow! That is amazing!
  4. While I don't play many of the spin off games, I think we may be getting to a point where Made for Order could start to be more of an annoyance than a boon. So far I've picked up quite a few models I wanted, but if they are going to continue to release a set every month, then its going to eat up most of my gaming budget, and I can't see myself buying much if any non time sensitive stuff. It really depends on what themes they decide to bring back of course, some factions I just don't care about at all. However, when they release a lot of stuff for one which I do with little to no warning its going to be tricky. For example, the beastmen stuff they've announced for this month looks as though it could be quite pricey, and since its all for one faction people who collect that army are going to be incentivized to get the whole set, rather than a couple of pieces. I think it was better when it was a mix, and you could say: I'll get the dwarves, but I'm not fussed about the Empire models, and I already have the Lizardmen. (For example, actually I already had the dwarves too, so didn't order anything that time around!)
  5. EccentricCircle

    Proxy models in Matched Play

    I agree with what others have said. If you are planning to add chains and paint them up as ghosts then that is a conversion, not a proxy. It sounds like a really cool hobby project, and you should definitely post up the results to show off your work and inspire others! That said, I've never had a problem with proxies so long as it is clear what they are supposed to be, or both players can easily agree on it. For example; if someone has an entire army of warriors of Rohan from Lord of the Rings, then it would be ridiculous to force them to buy an entire freeguild army in order to try out that set of rules. Just assign the units on a "best match" basis. The riders are knights, the footmen are Freeguild archers or guards, King Theoden is the general on horseback, and Gandalf is a Battlemage. I have vague plans to do something similar with my crusades era army, to use as a more middle eastern themed freeguild force. Some GW forces are harder to do this for than others, as the unit types get very specific, but Nighthaunt have plenty of units which are logical to represent by different sorts of ghosts. (I'm not going to be leaving my old metal wraiths in the box when my Nighthaunt go to war for example. They can be Grimghast Reapers!) That said, I'm definitely on the "fluffier" end of the hobby. I have genuinely played Warhammer using Lego Knights in the past. I play a lot of games like D&D and Frostgrave where there is no stipulation that you have to have the correct models, or even models from the same manufacturer, so I kind of find GW's more draconian policies to be a bit silly. Thus my opinions are likely to not be representative of the competitive crowd.
  6. EccentricCircle

    Gotrek in AoS

    Just finished it this evening and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought that possibly the most interesting part was the implication of Gotrek wandering the Realm of Chaos for thousands of years. He suggests that after a while the Chaos Gods grew tired of tormenting him, and turned their eye to other things. This makes perfect sense as the Ruinous Powers have always been fickle, and easily distracted. However, given that Gotrek's modus operandi consists of seeking out the toughest monsters he can, and picking fights with them in the hopes of being killed it raises an interesting question, and perhaps confirms something which many have long suspected... Did Khorne the Blood God, lord of War and Violence, ultimately discover that he wasn't 'ard enough to take Gotrek in a fight, and got bored of trying?
  7. EccentricCircle

    Azyrite Townscape

    Wow, that's really bad. If it was just the booklet that would be one thing, but declaring all of the promotional materials to just be wrong is shameful. It is rather telling that the sprue they are leaving out is the one that had hitherto only been available in the expensive Hallowheart set (and now looks to be in the big Christmas bundle.) I'd hazard a guess that they decided they didn't want to give people a more affordable way to buy that element, and chose to keep it exclusive to the bigger sets. It will be interesting to see how my indy store handles this (they told me to come back on friday, by which time they'd have the correct kit from GW). If GW will be turning around and telling them that there is nothing wrong with it, they might be in a tricky position.
  8. EccentricCircle

    What is in the ultimate hobby room?

    My ideal gaming room would cater to RPGs as well as wargaming, so while it will have most of what is described above, it will also need to seat up to ten people around the table, and have space for my Fantasy Reference Library. My ideal set up would be alternating tall and half height book shelves around as much of the wall as possible. RPG books, Codices, and reference books can fill the upper shelves of the tall units, while the lower shelves can hold novels and storage boxes. Then above each half height unit will be a glass display cabinet containing painted minis and LEGO models. The only exception will be the space immediately behind the GMs chair, which will of course have a mounted magnetic whiteboard. If there were space it would be good to the desk from my study at one end, so that I have at least some of the shelves within arms reach when I'm sat at my computer. At present my books are split between study and living room. I'd need to actually have a house to be able to fit all that in though... so it won't be any time soon!
  9. EccentricCircle

    Azyrite Townscape

    So they've saying that its the box art and instruction book that are incorrect, not the contents? That's quite a stretch. The long wall section can be seen in almost every picture on the box, and is clearly there in many of the marketing pictures! It was clearly advertised that that would be part of the set. Its not just that they've put the wrong leaflet in the box! I wonder if someone changed their mind as to what pieces would be included late in the process, and they didn't get around to changing all of the pictures and such. Either way, its clearly been advertised to include that piece, so i'd think they are on shaky ground trying to say that they never intended to include it.
  10. "We control the machine-checkers now yes-yes! All man-things shall type nothing but Skaven soon-soon!" -Clan Skyre Warlock Engineer
  11. EccentricCircle

    What really counts as "real" GW miniatures

    Yeah, the thing about Warhammer is that the models and rules are very strongly coupled. If you have a certain model it always has a very specific profile, which it "has" to use. If you want to use a profile you are required to field the "correct" model. This is true for a few different game systems, but certainly not all. I play frostgrave, and although they do sell models there just isn't the same culture of specificity about what you use. Most people I know haven't bought the official ones, and have no desire to. For D&D its even more the case that anything goes. Sometimes it fun to have the official model of a specific monster, but I only know one person, out of fifty or so I game with who try to stick to the WotC minis in exclusion of all else. I think part of it is that GW's marketing strategy is very much tied to the "product identity" of their models. They increasingly try to avoid genericity, so that a dwarf isn't just a dwarf warrior, it is a very specific and complex type of dwarf warrior, which they and only they sell.
  12. EccentricCircle

    Azyrite Townscape

    Similar at my end; I took it back to the indy game store where I bought it, and the clerk rang up the GW official who handles their stock. It was apparently the first that official had heard about the problem. We sent him photos of the sprues and the shop will be getting a replacement copy for me with their next order, while they send back the original. I'll be certain to check the box before I take it home though, as I've yet to see any evidence that complete kits actually exist!
  13. EccentricCircle

    Azyrite Townscape

    OK, thanks. I didn't know that they did that! That potentially makes things much simpler.
  14. EccentricCircle

    Azyrite Townscape

    I guess the next question is: Has anyone actually received the full kit? If its just a few faulty units that's one thing, but if everyone is missing a piece it could be somewhat more awkward to get replacements. I bought mine from a 3rd party retailer, rather than GW themselves, so I'm sure they'll refund me, but unless there is a product recall it might be tricky to get the full thing.
  15. EccentricCircle

    Azyrite Townscape

    Glad its not just me. From examining the sprues, it looks as though it can make most of what's in the instruction book, just not the long wall (which I think is the one which has only been available in the £50 box up till now.)