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  1. LotR is a largish 25 mm scale, so is much smaller than modern warhammer which is officially "heroic 28mm" but in practice is more like 32 mm in many cases. Warhammer is also a lot more "cartoony" with very exagerated proportions, while LotR is made to be a close match to the look of the films. Some bits can work if used cleverly, but they are deliberately distinct.
  2. First of all remove the Slayer Crest, and replace it with the most elaborate hat you can find. Ironically I'd actually recommend waiting until the Elves with the giant bull headed helmets come out and seeing if you can co-opt one of those! If Dawi Zharr kept Books of Grudges then the fact that the elves with giant warhammers are walking around with icons of our Chaos God on their head would be right up there with the fact that the Beasts of Chaos got the massive metal bull that's on fire endless spell! Then again, maybe the fact that the Elves are walking around with icons of our Chaos God on their head is actually all part of the plan, and shows that they are slowly being corrupted from within despite, or perhaps because of, their supposed enlightenment. Who knows? (Apart from the Father of Darkness obviously...) Secondly he needs back banners! It used to be possible to source second hand ones fairly cheaply, but I've not tried for a while, so don't know if that it still true. If not then it shouldn't be too hard to make some. He then needs to be standing on something other than a pile of skaven, Maybe flames, maybe bodies of a different sort, perhaps the back of one of those giant flaming bulls the Beasts of Chaos got! So long as its on fire Hashut should approve.
  3. It is shocking that AoS has a unit of Chaos thugs named after Golems, but no models for Golems themselves. Shocking I say! Its like the sinking feeling when you try to search for some mythical creature like salamanders or chimera, and have to wade through pages upon pages of Space Marines or tanks before you get to the actual monster those things are named after!
  4. Part of the problem with taking pictures is that its rare to have a pile of future joy that is all stacked up neatly in one corner of a room. I think its far more usual to live surrounded by boxes and shelves, and tables, and trays of models. If I was to share all my work in progress I think I'd basically need to upload a 360 degree photo of my house and annotate it with arrows pointing to the various unfinished bits. A lot of my unpainted or party painted models are stored neatly in the same hobby cases as the painted ones, so its somewhat hard to judge how much is finished and how much isn't.
  5. I added dwarven shields to my steamtank, to cover the imperial iconography a bit. I mounted a dwarven standard on top too to make it the grudgebearer. Its not an especially inspired conversion, but it wa a long time ago, back in 7e days when it wasn't even a legal option in the game.
  6. I really hope that both the goblin hewer and the slayer pirates will one day get a made to order. They are such awesome models its a shame they are so hard to get these days.
  7. Sure! always happy to show them off. The Chaos Dwarves are a mix of old 2nd hand models and forgeworld resin ones, rather than conversions. It took quite a while to assemble the force, but I was patient and got a few very good deals on some of the old metal models. Dawi Zharr Regular Dawi And Kharadron Overlords, although I've got the Aetherwar models still to add, so will need to post an updated pic once they are done!
  8. I've been building and painting scenery kits, with the aim that when the lockdown is finally lifted I'll be able to invite everyone around, and do a warcry campaign on a packed table of ruins and fortifications. Luckily I stocked up on supplies before everything shut down, so have plenty to be getting on with. Not had much free time though, between work and D&D stuff its been non stop.
  9. My Chaos Dwarves and Dispossessed Dwarves are all completely painted. Thus the only dwarven project I've got on the table at present is adding the relevant half of an Aetherwar box to my Kharadron skyfleet. I keep eyeing Fyreslayers, but have yet to branch out beyond the Forge and Magmadroth. The forge presently goes with my two anvils of doom, and the magmadroth tends to be ridden by Chaos Dwarves as a stand in for a K'daii destroyer. Once i've finished a few more projects their time will come and I'll actually buy some troops to make a proper fyreslayers army.
  10. There is a concept in 3rd edition D&D called the encounter trap, which doesn't come up very much in more recent versions, but which adapts well to skirmish gaming type concepts. Essentially it is a trap which rather than just triggering and then being over, plays out as a small skirmish. The concept works along the same principles that Khaedhras described above, but as a more general template which can be modified and adapted. Most involve either being trapped in a room with hazards, or having to cross or evade that sort of space. The trap has an attack action of some sort, which acts as a combatant in the fight. Points of attack can be broken to reduce the damage, or the number or effectiveness of attacks. The trap then has some sort of mechanism which has to be located, disabled, destroyed etc. It can get worse the longer it takes the players to find the trigger, such as the classic room filling with sand. Many magical and mechanical traps in D&D are precisely the sort of thing that the skaven would build to defend their dungeons, so can easily fit the theme of what you are thinking. Clearly some adaptation is needed to convert to warhammer mechanics, but the general principles are the same. Here is a whole list of basic traps from D&D https://www.d20srd.org/indexes/traps.htm. Encounter traps specifically aren't in the free open source material, but are detailed in the Dungeonscape book for 3.5 ed primarily, with a few showing up in other places.
  11. I tend to build quite quickly after getting things, but then take years over actually painting them. So I don't have a vast pile of unopened boxes, but do have many cases of minis that are gradually being painted. At present I have more kits to build than I usually do, since I grabbed quite a lot of stuff that I wanted before the games shops closed, and have been pretty busy since. Its only equivalent to one stack in your picture though. I also don't think feeling ashamed is a useful response. Its a pile of future joy!
  12. I reckon they'll have to be a little careful what they promote. We don't know for sure when they will reopen at all, so chances are the entire release schedule is going to be delayed at this point. They want to show us enough to keep everyone enthused, but not let us get impatient. Even in normality that is a hard balance to strike, as threads here frequently demonstrate!
  13. The main reason I don't expect new Chaos Dwarves any time soon is that their forgeworld range survived the purge largely unscathed. As we've seen with lumineth, the advent of new high elves came after them scrapping most of the existing range. I'd expect that to happen i f the GW studio were to take over the Dawi Zharr. I'd be delighted to be proven wrong though.
  14. bit of both? Its a warhammer novel, so it is obviously a backdrop for fights, but they do have weird traps and hazards which highlights the primal corruption of the mountain. There are impossible, non Euclidean rooms and things like that.
  15. I'm half way through the audio book. Its a fun Sylvaneth vs Beastmen story at its heart. Why they went with Sylvaneth rather than the Kurnothi units in the actual game I'm not sure, but I like the characters. It gives you some good insight into the self destructive nature of chaos, and the psychology of the different beastmen. It contrasts their duplicitousness and savagery with the loyalty and sacrifice of the Sylvaneth quite well I think. Not got to the end yet, but so far its mostly been wilderness crawl, and is switching to more of a dungeon crawl. I'm guessing most of this seasons warbands are going to show up somewhere in the dungeon. Overall I'd recommend it about as much as any other AoS novel.
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