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  1. This thread is making me realise another factor in why I'm so bad at playing the game. I'd never even considered that some players can tell which weapon options something has at a glance from across the table, let alone how many models are in a unit and which are the champions etc. Being partially sighted I struggle to keep track of who's where at all, without trying to work out the capabilities of my opponents models! Can't think of a way around it except larger scale models though...
  2. This post is a masterpiece, you should feel very proud!
  3. I'm the exact opposite of a tournament player, so can't really offer any advice, however its interesting to read the discussion. When I first started using my DoK army I accidentally used the Hag queen model as the Slaughter Queen. It didn't make a difference in the battle, but when I next wanted to play them I had a tricky decision to make, because my Slaughter Queen had performed a lot of heroic feats in that battle, despite her army loosing over all. She'd taken command when her general was killed, and endured round after round despite everything thrown at her. By the end of the game she had a name, and the start of a backstory. I thus really didn't want to switch models for that character, since it felt a bit wrong. My solution was to find a nice dark-elven sword which would fit in place of her chalice and convert the model to have the correct weapon load out. I repainted her to fit her new status as the general of the army going forwards, and have been using her as a slaughter queen ever since. I'm curious though as to whether this wouldn't be allowed, since while its an effective conversion, which I'm please with the results of it isn't a particularly dramatic one. The model still has the same basic pose it always did. (Note that this question is entirely academic, since I'm never going to attend a tournament, I'd be interested to hear people's views though!)
  4. Well, you can never have enough squigs... that's just not possible! I think I now have thirty once I add these to my older ones, but I kind of want to get another of the new plastic sets just to be able to build all of the herders, they are awesome designs! I was quite keen on the Sylvaneth side of the box too though truth be told. Until they released this and the shadespire band I had everything except Alarielle (who I now won't be getting for a while...). I'm keen to build up the last few weapon options on the revanants, and try out that side of the box as well. I definitely didn't need another big army project, and won't be getting any more warhammer for a while, but it should be an entertaining next few months of painting!
  5. Yeah, building that many at once was very entertaining! I've got the old Mangler Squigs, and Squig hoppers already, among some other gobliny bits, which I reckon I can now make a 2000 point army out of!
  6. I'd argue that this is more about social considerations than gaming related ones. It might not usually be worth your time to play a casual game, but if doing so will help your friend have a better experience for once then its worth stepping out of your comfort zone every so often.
  7. There is always something to be said for compromise though. Maybe you don't enjoy competitive games, and your opponent won't enjoy more story driven ones. One option would be to not play against each other, but a more amicable solution might be to agree to split the difference and alternate play styles. You still wouldn't get the most out of every game, but at least you'd both get to do the play style you prefer some of the time, rather than one person always being at a disadvantage.
  8. This is a really well thought out way to do it. I would love to see this happen!
  9. You could try doing games which go much further towards the narrative end of the spectrum, where the traditional concepts of victory and competitiveness don't apply so much. Maybe get another of your group to GM a game, where each player has different and asymmetric objectives, which might not be obvious at the start of the scenario. The GM can introduce wild cards of wandering monsters to level the playing field if and when the balance seems to be off.
  10. Tricky, I have at least a small force for everything in Death and Order, except Fyreslayers. However, I don't consider all of them equal. For example I am not too fussed about stormcast, I've just acquired them by accident through duel boxes. Likewise my free peoples army is mainly made up of Empire and Brett models I've picked up in job lots second hand while buying other stuff! They get used a fair bit though, despite being accidental! I aim to have a Grand Army for each alliance. At present these are Lizardmen/ Seraphon, Tomb Kings, and Chaos Dwarves/ Legion of Azgorh.(I like to be awkward.) My destruction army will be Gloomspite\ Night Goblins, but that is still very much a work in progress. I also have the skaven from spire of dawn, and the start of a beasts of chaos force. So my chaotic forces are slowly expanding. Most st of these are barely at 1000 pts though, only the grand armies are comprehensive.
  11. I just grabbed a copy at my local GW, it was their last though, and the flgs was already sold out,so couldn't get a discounted copy. Still happ to have many squigs though!
  12. Page 1066! anyone got any rumours pertaining to historical wargaming to commemorate the event? I agree that the runes look like the azyrite text on the various scenery kits. The chaos runes have a much more angular look, with a few exceptions.
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