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  1. Cool. looks like I've got the models to assemble about six warbands, across order, death and gloomspite. Should be good.
  2. If you are not too fussed about it literally folding, then some of Ikea's tables with ****** on legs can be quite good. I have four tables which usually go flat under my bed, with the legs beside them. Then they ****** on in about two minutes, to create a fully stable gaming surface of whatever size you have room for. Maybe a little more bulky to store than some options, but much less so that many of the folding tables i've seen.
  3. That was the idea! Ultimately the line would expand to have specific undead counters to each of the Chaos Gods, so a sterilizer, which eradicates Nurgles rot, but other life in the process; and an anti magic unit to take down Tzeetchian horrors etc. Not quite figured out what each thing should be, but I'm going to keep tinkering with it!
  4. The other week my friend and I came up with an idea for a new Death faction, largely at random. We were speculating on what the next death army might be, now that they've battletomed all the current ones. I pointed out that it would likely be something based around an existing aspect of the death range, since the grand alliance didn't have much space for ideas that weren't routed in halloween iconography and universal horror tropes. I randomly suggested an idea for a new faction not based on that kind of lore, which would be unique to warhammer, sugesting that it wouldn't resonate in the same way that nighthaunt of ghouls do. However after about five minutes of brainstorming we thought that the concept might actually be cool: So I present: The Dreaded Barogoths A Shrieking wail echoes through the Shyishan night. There is a clattering of bone and a gnashing of uncounted teeth. Blood warriors grip their axes tighter, and try not to show any fear in the sight of their fellows, but it is no use, for they know that not even the blessings of their gods can save them now. The Barogoths come. Nagash is a jealous god, and can abide no stealer of souls. His wars against Sigmar and the Aelven soul thieves are justly famous, but few in the free cities know of the terrible powers which he has set against his oldest and direst of foes; the Ruinous Powers themselves. The Barogoths are terrible spirits, spawned at the height of the age of chaos to steal back those souls which are bound for the Skull Throne of Khorne. From a distance they resemble massive floating skulls, with blazing eyes of amethyst fire, and gnashing teeth. Those few who have passed close to one and survived report that each giant skull is made up of a swarm of normal sized skulls, all wailing and gnashing as they fly across the skies of the realms in grisly murmurations. The countless eyes of a Barogoth are ever on the look out for the followers of the Blood God, and descend upon the warriors and daemons of Khorne with brutal savagery. Blood Warriors are torn limb from limb, while the largest Barogoth titans are able to send a bloodthirster back to the realm of chaos. When the dust settles every skull and bone is swept up in the tide of amethyst energy, and becomes a part of the Barogoth swarm, swelling its size as it seeks out the next foolish band to have sold their souls to Khorne. Units: Barogoths: Giant skulls made of skulls which fly around in packs of three. Barogoth Titan: Huge centrepiece model Bone Swarms: Smaller undead elementals with razor sharp shards to tear their enemies limb from limb. Howling Skulls: Have some sort of ranged attack or scream. Bone Bailiffs: Collect the souls and someone strip the mark of Khorne from them before sending them back to Nagash's jailers.
  5. Yeah, in and of itself its fine. But there is a difference between building up an army over several years in £30 installments, with maybe a battleforce or centre piece with christmas money, and shelling out lots in one go for a new game you don't know whether you'll like yet or not. I intend to wait until a few people around here are playing it, and ideally try it out first, or at the very least just get one warband to try it out before deciding whether to save up for the core set. I'd love that terrain, but until I know more its too much of a big investment.
  6. Can't speak for the other poster, but often how good value something is in absolute terms is irrelevant. If you can't afford to spend 100 quid all in one go then its too pricey!
  7. Therein, I believe, lies the satire!
  8. There is a canonical chaos god of atheism. Necoho only popped up a few times in old world lore but has been mentioned at least once to my knowledge in AoS during the auction short story where one of the other lots is the(un)holy text of his (anti)cult.
  9. Cypher lords are definitely my favourite. I like elements from several other, the Chaos Dwarf, the Snake Priest, and some of the corvus assassins, but am less keen on other figures from those warbands.
  10. We need a new Dragon. I'm sure I'll think of more stuff momentarily, but that's the first thing that springs to mind!
  11. Having now tried them out on an actual project I'm less convinced than I was. I still think that the idea is great, and that if you're a good painter then you can probably get great results for it. Unfortunately I don't think I'm really good enough to get it to work, and certainly wouldn't recommend it to beginners. Unfortunately I ended up having to touch up the contrasted areas so much after painting everything else that there wasn't much of it left in the end. I know most people will have better brush control than me, but it was still frustrating to see what was initially quite a cool effect gradually disappear.
  12. I'm the proud owner of a Legion of Azgorh army, and also have Elspeth, so relatively speaking i've invested quite heavily into forgeworld stuff. It helps that I'm not really fussed on the rules at all. If I use them its only going to be in friendly or narrative games. I think the big problem for me is the cost. Its not something I can get with any regularity, and some of the bigger beasties are just too big. I'd love to get a dread saurian, and in fact its pretty much the only Lizardmen model I don't own. However the price tag has always put me off. Things like the Dread Maw, Mournghul and Magma Dragon are really cool and if I recall correctly, a bit more affordable, but not something I can just buy on a whim. I'm a little skeptical of their Middle Earth stuff as well. That is one of my favourite GW games, but some of the models they've put out are just really too steep a price increase on the older metal equivalents.
  13. This is one of those wishlists so awesome, that I'll be kind of disapointed if it isn't what ultimately happens!
  14. Yeah, I noticed that too. My grand plan is to get two woods for each season, which i can then mix and match to make huge forests as needed. the project stalled a bit, since painting four woods at once for spring and summer gave me plenty to be getting in with. Now I've quickly come back to it, I've just painted up my winter trees last week, while they are still available. Still got autumn to do, but that can probably wait for the new tree set, since it does look more secure than the old ones.
  15. Tough choice! I really like quite a few of them. The Realm of Chaos is obviously a classic, but it maybe is a bit too dangerous to have proper adventuring potential. I picked Ulgu as the top one, as I really like the idea of swirling shadows, and mist shrouded lands. However I'd rank Ghyran and Aqshay almost as highly, since fiery volcanic mountains and burnign deserts are awesome, and I love jungle shrouded lands, and the idea of nature being in the ascendant. I'm less fussed about the others. Ghur seems cool, and I think Chamon has interesting potential, although I don't feel as though I quite have a handle on it. I'm less fussed about Azyr, since its the most civlised and sigmarite of the realms, which isn't that interesting really. I'm not so keen on Shyish either, since I've never quite got the way its afterlife pocket planes work. How are they connected? How do they get from one to another? Can you just set up shop in any underworld, or are only the oldest ones, where fewer new souls are heading habitable? etc.
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