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  1. anyone put any thought towards running units of 2 gyrocopters since they are elite now, they can issue unleash hell, all out attack, or redeploy to themselves?
  2. loved that art for a while now, glad someone is finally doing something based off of it.
  3. Added a counts as KO admiral and thunderers. Currently working on a big ole crane walker but trying to figure out whether to use dunecrawler or defiler legs as the servohauler crane is huge.
  4. It has taken me.............years. but I finally have something to show. A steam tank, unit of handgunners, and a general for my cogfort force.
  5. I'm picking up with ur putting down but i doubt GW has gone back to connect it this far.
  6. thanks, thats what I thought.
  7. can these guys use their astral compass rule to set up on a board edge if they are allied in to another order army.?
  8. The tree-throne dude and the stormcast without the helm crest thingies are my favorite. It is all amazing.
  9. Can anybody tell me what the text for devoted of sigmar says, i can't quite make it out.
  10. meant it more as a question for the larger community, your stuff looks great.
  11. Took a look through your blog and all your stuff looks great. I wonder if and when a shift will come where GW will allow self produced/designed parts in their tournaments/events. As of now they allow greenstuff and self-sculpted if I am not mistaken. When will that digital jump happen as there isn't much difference between what you are doing and someone that sculpts out of greenstuff.
  12. Was reading some of the warscrolls. The cannon seems a little overpowered. D6 mortal wounds on a 4+, per turn, if an engineer is present? Plus regen if the right unit is close by? I think 160 points is too cheap for that. I would either make the mortal wounds once per game or make the to hit roll harder each time till it acn't be completed anymore.
  13. @Elmir, dont you sell it! I mean, they aren't wrong BUT its a hell of a nice kit and I'm sure youll find a great use for it (like what you have above).
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