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  1. Thundercake

    Order Draconis and phoenix temple lists 2000 pt

    Pretty sure you need another unit of dragonblades in list one if you want to run two battalions. The battalion calls for a dragonlord and 2-3 units of dragonblades.
  2. Thundercake

    Help ID this miniature

    dont think its GW
  3. If anyone is playing the mobile game Realm War, I started a clan/group on there. It is simply called The Grand Alliance. Feel free to join if you would like.
  4. At one time they put out some $65 boxes of minis. The deathrattle barrow lords is one of them. A wight king, 10 grave guard, 5 black knights or hexwraiths. I think they put other other factions but this is the one I remember and found ont he GW website. It is touted as a way to add 400 points of allies but i think it also fits the skirmish format rather well. Harbrigners of Ruin was another one for Chaos.
  5. Change is good. $500 will get you atleast 2000 point of Tzeentch or Nurgle. Still Chaos and now you can run a dual god army, or if you find someone that wants to play with you but doesn't have the models you can give them the other 2k points and have a go.
  6. I missed out on the Tzeentch Arcanite and Darkroot Wargrove battleforce boxes and would love for them to do something of comparable size but that is either two competing warbands or two allies.
  7. Thundercake

    Suneater Tribes: Player Companion Book (Finished)

    This is quite good. I think you should use pictures of your own models in it.
  8. Thundercake

    looking for plastic swordmasters

    @Ragnar Alpaca paypal or I have most a of deathrattle barrow lords box (used a black knight and some heads) or a taurox prime for 40k on sprue. I've also got some silver tower tzanagors laying around.
  9. need twenty. I'm in the US.
  10. Thundercake

    What does levelling cards do?

    i believe you get one gold for each card that levels up, so at the end of the game if it says 11 cards leveled up, you get 11 gold. I believe all copies of a card level up if it was in the deck you used for that last game and it reached its xp level (whatever that is).
  11. Thundercake

    Hey all - Ft Wayne, Indiana

    There is a small facebook group in indy, that might be too far though. I'm on the north side of indy but dont have an army built up yet.
  12. Thundercake

    AOS- Order - Swifthawk/Mixed Aelf /Order

    @Cerlin, ah, my bad. misbrained "army" as "list"
  13. Thundercake

    Painting Crystal/ Prisms etc

    this might work.
  14. Thundercake

    AOS- Order - Swifthawk/Mixed Aelf /Order

    @Cerlin, aren't you already at 2.5k points? with only the reavers for battle line?