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  1. This is great. Give us more.
  2. Added a counts as KO admiral and thunderers. Currently working on a big ole crane walker but trying to figure out whether to use dunecrawler or defiler legs as the servohauler crane is huge.
  3. It has taken me.............years. but I finally have something to show. A steam tank, unit of handgunners, and a general for my cogfort force.
  4. I'm picking up with ur putting down but i doubt GW has gone back to connect it this far.
  5. thanks, thats what I thought.
  6. can these guys use their astral compass rule to set up on a board edge if they are allied in to another order army.?
  7. Ran the list below today. War Altar Excelsior Warrior Priest Waywatcher Knight-Azyros Knight-Incantor Celestant Prime Witch Hunter 30 Flagellants 5 Swifthawk Reavers 5 Swifthawk Reavers 5 Liberators 6 Prosecutors Everblaze Comet Ran the witch hunter because I had the points and didn't have 40 flagellants built. Played a skaventide list with a bell, warpstone verminlord(? or something like this?), 40 plague monks, 40 clan rats, 20 clan rats, 20 clan rats, 3 sets of 3 jezzails, a bombadier, warp lighting endless spell, and a hellpit. I think that was it. Battleplan was shifting engagements. It was my first game since early early early AOS 1. Things I was unimpressed with, Liberators and Prosecutors. Couldn't seem to get my prosectuors into good base to base with clan rats to get a good number of attacks and felt both took wounds too easy. Some fun "story moments" that happened in game. Jezzails picking off the liberators and eventually the prosecutors throughout the game. The waywatcher slowly picking off a group of clanrats and making them flee off an objective. My liberator prime charging a group of clanrats and dying without doing a wound (lone guy left in unit). His verminlord coming through a gnawhole and punking a unit of reavers. The warpriest doing 3 mortal wounds to the verminlord after that using his book thing. The war altar getting 3 attacks, 3 hits, 3 wounds from light of banishment onto the verminlord, him saving one, resulting in 12 wounds going onto it at one time, bye bye. My prime coming down turn 3, having his sceptre do a bunch of wounds, killing the bombadier, failing his charge, getting charged by 40 plague monks, taking 6 of 8 wounds, then causing 25 casualties to the plague monks and finally taking 2 more wounds to them dying. 30 flagellants charging through a wood, and doing 60 attacks with rerolling hits for two rounds due to their crazy rules, knocking out a big block of clanrats, then them and the remaining plague monks basically killing each other. I definitely deployed my reavers wrong, blocked up my flagellants for a while, and probably brought my prime into the wrong spot, also shouldve dropped me comet on an objective. He shouldve moved his screaming bell more and thrown his hell pit through the gnawhole instead of the verminlord. The warpriest is there to heal stormcast but it really is hard to keep him with them since they move so fast. I ended up losing 12-14 on objective points but all he had left was a screaming bell with 6 wounds on it and a hellpit. I had the war altar, 9 flagellants, a unit of reavers, the warpriest, waywatcher, knight incantor. If I had gotten a double turn somewhere I think I would've won it. Also his screaming bell and verminlord keeping things (particually his jezzails) from taking battleshock tests slowed me down and sniped out a lot of my stormcast units.
  8. Apologies if this has been asked before, when I search celestant prime, I get a million list results. Can the prime charge the same turn he strikes from the heavens? Does the comestrike sceptre do wounds to all units within D6 inches of the point I pick? Reading the warscroll both of these seem to be yes to me but I wanted to check.
  10. @XReN, yea I know the mortal wounds gets messed with by the war altar.... , maybe ill move it outta the way after the hero phase/battle prayer so they'll do the mortal wounds (if I think they will lose combat). First game with the list is this weekend so I'll have a better feel for them after that.
  11. Got most of my war altar built and a kitbashed warrior priest. Trying to decide if the dominion of sigmar statue will fit on the back of the war altar or not. 30 flagellants mostly done but no head or picture as a I i figured they are kind of boring.
  12. Does anyone know the dimensions of the sigmar statue in this kit? I know the base the statue sits on is a separate piece. If anyone has it, could you measure the footprint of the actual statue so I can see if it will fit on a war altar?
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