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  1. Thundercake

    What does levelling cards do?

    i believe you get one gold for each card that levels up, so at the end of the game if it says 11 cards leveled up, you get 11 gold. I believe all copies of a card level up if it was in the deck you used for that last game and it reached its xp level (whatever that is).
  2. Thundercake

    Hey all - Ft Wayne, Indiana

    There is a small facebook group in indy, that might be too far though. I'm on the north side of indy but dont have an army built up yet.
  3. Thundercake

    AOS- Order - Swifthawk/Mixed Aelf /Order

    @Cerlin, ah, my bad. misbrained "army" as "list"
  4. Thundercake

    Painting Crystal/ Prisms etc

    this might work.
  5. Thundercake

    AOS- Order - Swifthawk/Mixed Aelf /Order

    @Cerlin, aren't you already at 2.5k points? with only the reavers for battle line?
  6. Thundercake

    share your booster cards

    one more!
  7. very very cool, though having a ethereal shark pulling the thing would have been awesome as well.
  8. Thundercake

    AOS- Order - Swifthawk/Mixed Aelf /Order

    Right now you only have 2 battlline units. At 2000 points you would need 3. Luckily you have that covered in your Reavers. I would split them into 3 groups of 5. Makes it easier for them to harass an grab objectives while filling your battleline. I also agree with @chord, get a phoenix!
  9. Thundercake

    Ulf's Painting

    This looks great!
  10. Thundercake

    Mandzak-Miniatures Projects

    I agree with @Kramer. Some sort of flying carpet or disc!
  11. Thundercake

    Mandzak-Miniatures Projects

    yes! an update!
  12. Thundercake

    Knights of the Hunter Moon

    nice idea with the backstory !
  13. Thundercake

    Sunset Templars. A plog

    way to get them painted!