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Found 18 results

  1. New year, new me, new attempt to keep updating this blog regularly! Last weekend I attended Heat 1 in Warhammer World as part of the Grand Tournament for Age of Sigmar. I thought I'd note down a few observations from the weekend. First off I'd like to compliment all 5 of my opponenets - Rob Symes, Sam Wilson, Matt Lyons, Simon Froley and Stu Orman. Each one was a pleasure to play against, and each game came right down to the wire. The game against Simon's Ironjawz was a real nailbiter, coming down to the final throw of the dice. Secondly, it never ceases to amaze at the sheer breath of hobby and skill on show in the armies. I was pleasantly surprised to find such a wide field of armies at the event - everything from grots and a gutbuster gunline, to stormcast and tzeentch and everything in between! The difference in the level of hobby on show compared to that I'm usually exposed to was truly inspiring, and I came away from the event possessed of a drive to push my army painting skills, and try for something truly spectacular as my next army. As of now I have no idea what shape that will take but I'll keep you all updated (or at least I'll try to!) The list I took was a Flesh Eater Court force I'd been working on since the book was released. I'd brought it to the 6 nations event last year and had some sucess with it. I had a fairly good idea of what the list could and couldn't do, but mostly I was happy with how it had turned out from a painting standpoint so I decided to bring it on that basis. Allegiance: Flesh Eater Courts - Delusion: The Grand Tournament Leaders Crypt Infernal Courtier (140) - General - Command Trait : Dark Wizardry Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist (400) Abhorrant Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon (440) Crypt Ghast Courtier (80) Units 9 x Crypt Flayers (480) 10 x Crypt Ghouls (100) 30 x Crypt Ghouls (300) Reinforcement Points (60) The reinforcement points would be used to summon either 5 wolves or a cairn wraith to grab an objective late game (something I forgot in 4 of the 5 games!) But enough of that, moving onto the meat of the event, the games themselves. I wont go through the games blow by blow, but here are a few highlights: Game 1: Total conquest. Rob Symes and Seraphon First game was against Mr Honest Wargamer himself, Rob Symes. Rob was bringing a seraphon army, revolving around an engine of the gods, two bastilodons and a large block of Kroxigor. Having never played against Seraphon, I was completely unprepared for the speed and sheer bonkers tricks they could pull out. I misdeployed leaving my terrorgheist exposed on one flank, with only a unit of horrors in support. As a result, he was promptly machine gunned off the board by a teleporting pack of razordons before he got to get his claws wet! On the opposite flank, Rob's kroxigor exploded into my lines, wiping out my unit of 9 flayers and making short work of my zombie dragon. The army crumbled shortly after, and Rob walked away with a well deserved major win. Highlight of the game: By the end of the game, Rob had managed to activate the engine of the gods in each of his 3 turns, giving him a total of 6 turns by the games end. Conversly, i'd only managed 3 Game 2: Scorched Earth. Sam Wilson's Beastclaw Raiders this game was another first, as I'd never actually fought a pure beastclaw raiders army. Sam's army was absolutely gorgeous to look at, and had all the big monsters you'd expect to see - a pair of thundertusks flanking a stonehorn. Straight away this put me at a disadvantage as my main source of damage for heavy armour - my flayers mortal wounds - was turned off by the thundertusk's cold aura effect. As a result I had to rely on my own monsters to take down his, while my flayers adopted the role of objective claimers. I learned from the previous game, and carefully deployed my ghouls to screen my own objectives as best I could. Having my courtier hidden at the back allowed me to keep my lines intact, and as a result I was able to secure my objectives while attacking Sam's flank with the flayers. As a result they managed to punch through his lines while my terrorgheist and zombie dragon slugged it out with his larger beasts. My terrorgheist was probably the man of the match here, tanking the damage from two thundertusks and a unit of yhetees, before healing himself back up and charging the last corner of the board to secure the final objective. I managed to pull off a win at the end, but it was a great game against a gorgeous army and really nice guy. Highlight of the game: The entire game was a feast for the eyes, but having Sam's hunter sprinting back and forth across his backline, javellining any beasts that came close enough, was particularly memorable Game 3: Knife to the Heart. Matt Lyons with Stormcast Eternals The final game was against Matt Lyons of Pro Painted Podcast and Black Sun fame. Matt was using a striking stormcast army in a gorgeous yellow and black colour scheme, with a unit of Kharadron endrinriggers as allies. From the start I knew I was at a disadvantage, as one major weakness of my force is that it does not compete in the shooting phase. As a result i could either play for the minor, play defensively and hope to eke out a win. Or I could go agressive, throw everything I had at the opposing army and hope for a win. Given I wanted to give my opponent a game and I'm never one to play against theme, I went for the latter. My wave of screaming flesh eaters swarmed across the board, crashed into Matt's lines in the centre of the board, and subsequently was routed by the stormcast. The endrinriggers were particularly impressive, using the grapnel launcher to get to places I thought safe. Matt knew exactly how to counter my army, removing the courtiers to stop the army coming back, then whittling the remaining characters down until all that remained were a few lowly ghouls, who were no doubt left wondering where their bigger more imposing friends had gone to! Matt was a pleasure to play against, and we had a great chat about the projects we were working on and future projects we were planning. Matt took a well deserved major win from the game and the first day drew to a close with a Major Win and 2 Major losses under my belt. I'll cover the second day and overall results in a subsequent post, along with my final thoughts on the event overall, as well as my plans for future events. As always, any comments or observations are welcome and appreciated!
  2. Noggab

    Need help on my 2000 pts FEC amy

    I'm trying to make competitive 2000 points FEC army and I don't know what I need more. I played couple games with FEC but I haven't won a single game This is what I have atm, and I'm willing to buy more. Heroes: Ghoul King on Terrorghiest x1 Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon x1 Ghoul King on Foot x1 Varghulf Courtier x1 Crypt Ghast Courtier x1 Units: Crypt Horrors x3 (Crypt Flayers x3)... Since I only play with my friends we don't go by the rule "What you see is what you get". Crypt Ghouls x40 Behemoth: Terrorgheist x1 Zombie Dragon x1 Please help me fellow royal mordants. Also, I don't know what's better to use flayers or horrors.
  3. Hey everyone, I am a new to wargames and I don't have store nearby so I am wondering about the size of some of the models.(height,lenght) Any models are helpful but i mostly wondering about: Carnosaur normal saurus warrior Stonehorn Thundertusk Terrorgheist
  4. Hi, can you help me create competitive lists for 1000 1250 1500 points of FEC? I currently have: 3 Abhorrant Ghoul King 1 Varghulf Courtier 1 Crypt Haunter Courtier 1 Crypt Infernal Courtier 12 Crypt Horrors 30 Crypt Ghouls 6 Crypt Flayers 1 Zombie Dragon (I can put on the king) 2 Terrorgheist (I can put on the king) I was thinking of buying 20 Ghoul + 1 Crypt Ghast Courtier.
  5. Hello Here is a weird idea I came up with for a fluffy crypt horror list. It focus on Crypt horrors and the reg rules of the Courtier. The two twelve horror units are part of the battalions, as is the general. The six man squad is for object(2 units of three is better for that?), while the rest go forward. The army is extremely hard to keep down with 4+ save, 5+ deathless minions, and With the four courtier, I will on average get eight horrors back per turn. Thoughts for a fun list? Allegiance: Death Heroes Crypt Haunter Courtier (120) - General - Trait: Ruler of the Night - Artifact: Cursed Book Crypt Haunter Courtier (120) - Artifact: Cursed Book Crypt Haunter Courtier (120) Crypt Haunter Courtier (120) Battleline 12 x Crypt Horrors (560) - Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Haunter Courtier General) 12 x Crypt Horrors (560) - Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Haunter Courtier General) 6 x Crypt Horrors (280) - Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Haunter Courtier General) Battalions Attendants at Court (100) Total: 1980/2000
  6. Cagos

    Upcomming 2.000 pts tounement

    Hi Guys(and Girls) I finally decided on a list I will play for an upcoming tournament. But before that I would like to just hear what you think Leaders: Ghoul King on Terrorgheist - General - Red Fury - Cursed Book Varghulf - Tomb Blade Ghast - Ghoul Patrol Ghast Units: 20 Ghouls - Ghoul Patrol 20 Ghouls - Ghoul Patrol 10 Ghouls - Ghoul Patrol 6 Horrors Behemoths Mourngul There will be 3 battleplans, all with a lot of objectivs. The plan is tha the Mourngul and Ghoul King on Terrorgheist teams up for a -2 to -3 to hit booble and they will hunt hard hitting units. Horrors and Varghulf tries to team find soem weak enemys or support my ghouls Pleas com with any advice
  7. Hey Everyone First time posting a list up. I'm a Sylvaneth Player, built up a solid list out of them and doing quite well. Now it's time to start up a new army (Still working on bits and pieces of Sylvaneth). However just wanted to get another style of army going. So i thought i start a Death army around the Terrorghiest as it's one my favorite behemoth models in GW range. So here is my list, i wrote this list around My Sylvaneth list, a list where my own army would crumble and probably loose against. especially double turn 2. I have been following this forum for a little while and Haven't seen anyone run a list that i'm building so i'm curious to get some feedback (Also link me to threads that are similar builds). This list is also build around all 6 CURRENT scenarios in the GHB i understand we may get new scenarios in 2.0, but i find this will be a good all rounder. LeadersCrypt Infernal Courtier (140)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Night- Artefact: Tomb BladeAbhorrant Ghoul King (100)Varghulf Courtier (160)- Artefact: Cursed BookBattleline6 x Crypt Flayers (320)6 x Crypt Flayers (320)3 x Crypt Flayers (160)BehemothsTerrorgheist (320)Terrorgheist (320)BattalionsDeadwatch (160) 2000 points on the Dot. Why do I think this can crumble my sylvaneth list or similar lists? Due to the Flayers piling in in the hero phase even after being regenerated and gaining some extra attacks of the GK, Units like Kurnoth Hunters will grumble as they can't re-roll saves as it's only for the Combat Phase. The Chances of high mortal wound output is good. Also Everything here flys so moving over terrain to score objectives is fine and having two of my favourite models on the table looking similar to the battline will just aesthetically please me. The Courtiers both bringing models back is helpful so the chances of a unit loosing 2 models before hand and get them back and pile in, i find to good to be true. I understand high rend is an issue in this list however with the death save + death save buff and terrorgheist healing due to the GK i find it quite durable theoretically. Just wanting peoples thoughts? Should i look at using different artefacts? Should i try and make all the flayers 6 man unit? I'm not use to the standard artefacts choice you get in the GHB compared to Sylvaneths wide range. Ps. I don't like the look of Crypt Horrors and Ghouls. Unless i convert them up to look cool. Also the GK on a Terrorghiest is tempting however i find him and the way he stands he ruins the aesthetic of the model also for 400 points i would most likely lose a hero which means for three places of power I will struggle.
  8. Beast

    Help me understand

    Hello, So I put together a FEC army that utilises minimal Ghoul units, Ghast Courtiers and the Ghoul Patrol Battalion. Am I right in understanding that I can't use the Courtier ability or the Drawn to Battle special rule to add more Ghouls to my units, only to replenish models that have already died? If this is the case then I need to rethink my army and would like some advice. Original list; AGKoZD Ghoul Courtier x 2 10 Ghouls x 3 Terrorgheist x 2 Zombie Dragon x 1 Ghoul Patrol and Royal Menagerie. This all came up to 2000. If my Ghoul Patrol, Command Ability and Courtiers are all unable to add additional models then I don't see this list working, what changes would you make to keep this up to scratch? Regards, Beast.
  9. Okami

    FEC Modeling Crypt Flayers

    Hey Everyone Been a reader on the forum and first time posting. I'm have been looking at FEC and thinking about to start collecting them and build a solid competitive army out of them (List will be posted another time), however i like the rules of the flayers yet the models exposed bones are not my favourite thing just a tad to much at times (Love the Terrorghiests exposed bones don't get me wrong!). Wondering if people have thought about mixing them with the instructions of the Vargheists (since they come out of the same box). Also asking for a competitive view if they have the heads of the crypt flayers and other key features besides the actual main body. Are they still What You See Is What You Get for tourneys? So the final result will be Crypt Flayers with just no exposed bones. Cheers for the help. Ps. If anyone has done this please share images if you can
  10. Ashtyn

    1500 FEC v stormcast

    Hi guys Since my model count has been rising in the UK (I caved and bought more minis) I've been able to play some games. I've got a game against stormcast coming up. It will be at the 1500 point level. I believe my opponent has a large selection of minis ( I know he's got a stardrake and the celestant prime amongst other foot soldiers and dracoths). I'm thinking of taking the following list. Bear in mind that I'm limited by my current models ( ZD, TG, 60 Ghouls, 6 crypt horrors and a necro). Army list: Characters: Abhorrent ghoul King on ZD cursed book ruler of the night Abhorrent ghoul King on TG cursed book Crypt Ghast courtier Units: 30 ghouls 10 ghouls 10 ghouls Battalions: Ghoul patrol Total: 1480 points Please let me know what you think of the list. The goal is to use the large block of ghouls and the two beasts as my hammers. Whichever target looks likely to get hit will recieve the defensive buff (unholy vitality) from the TG. If I can get rerolls to wound off I feel that I can cause a large amount of pain through sheer volume of attacks on the ghouls. Any feedback would be great!
  11. Considering selling my FEC army for something else, would consider trades for Daemons only but would have to be same Value or with money either way. Quite a large lot and mostly painted Points wise, over 5k and value wise £841 retail from GW. I would be looking for around £350 for everything posted (recorded of course and postage inclusive would be UK) Complete army list on scroll builder http://bit.ly/2gVVdhd Books, FEC and Death grand alliance 3 Terrorghiests, one painted one part one plastic 1 Zombie Dragon, painted 4 Morghasts painted 60 Crypt Ghouls, 10 plastic, 10 part 40 painted 18 Crypt Horrors, one undercoated, two built as Courtiers, 3 plastic rest painted 40 Zombies, 20 built 20 NOS neferata Undercoated Zandri dust and washed with Serphim sepia Konrad Von Carstien painted Henrich kimlier painted Wight King undercoated Ghoul king on foot painted 10 Hexwraiths undercoated Vargulf Painted
  12. Hi Guys First time poster but long time reader! I've been thinking of getting into FEC for AoS. I used to play 8th edition VC with a focus on Strigoi/Ghouls/Horrors. After getting myself the battletome, and having a read the book I've fallen in love with the new fluff. I love the idea of fielding a deranged set of flesh eating psychos. After looking at some of the tough lists that can be fielded by the enemy factions (Thundertusk spam, impenetrable treelords, mass shooting armies, and deep-striking stormcasts), I thought about a tough, fast and regenerating FEC list that can pack in a decent amount of rend, mortal wounds and friendly models to hold down objectives. Characters - Abhorrent Ghoul King on ZD (General) 400 Command Trait - Ruler of the Night Artifact - Ring of Immortality -Abhorrent Ghoul King on Terrorgheist 400 Artifact - Cursed Book - Abhorrent Ghoul King on Terrorgheist 400 Artifact - Ring of Immortality - Crypt Ghast Courtier 80 Battleline - 30 Ghouls 300 - 10 Ghouls 100 - 10 Ghouls 100 Battalions Royal Menagerie 60 Ghoul Patrol 100 Total 1940 The plan is to have the big beasties do most of the hurt and intimidation. Their free hero phase move allows me to disengage from tricky situations and get a solid first turn move into my opponents lines. While the extra regen is helpful since I'm sure they'll be getting focused. Between 2 screams and a pestilent breath I can give myself some form of a shooting phase. The high rend from TG and ZD will give me options to hurt high armor targets, not forgetting the possibility of mortal wounds on the TG's maws. 3 Abhorrent's will also give me options for defensive buffs (Mystic Shield and Unholy Vitality) while the Abhorrent on the ZD can provide a nice damage aura (re-rolling failed wounds). The ghoul patrol will also give me decent sustain on my foot troops. The 30 man group will engage enemy objectives (with 3 attacks each, re-rolling 1's to hit and re-rolling wounds if the ZD gets his spell off) while the small 10 man groups will try to hold my own objectives. I don't feel like they (or the courtier) will be the main focus of enemy fire considering I'll have 3 beasties roaming up the board, this means they should stay fresh and will keep regenerating any small losses they may receive. Anyhow that's the plan (I'm sure it wont work out that way). If you guys have any advice I'd be happy to hear it!
  13. NiallJC1984

    My Flesh Eater Courts

    Hi folks, Bit of a lurker on TGA, don't get much time to access the site as unfortunately it's banned by my IT Department at work, probably a good thing! I've been meaning to set up a painting log for a while here showing my progress with the Flesh-Eater Courts which I have been painting and playing since early September. I am thoroughly enjoying the army. A lot of fun for a surprisingly low scroll count army! Like a lot of players my list at the moment tends to work around Ghoul Patrol, Horrors and Characters on Beasties. I've had a play with Royal Menagerie and am working on lists for both Attendants at Court and a mixed Death list, potentially working in Neferata as a general. Anyway some of you may have seen my Flesh-Eater Courts via Twitter but thought I'd share them here too. I'm always looking for constructive criticism and would appreciate any tips! If anyone wants a break down on the bases let me know as I've taken photos stage by stage. I'm currently working on Neferata. Proving to be a bit of a chore! I'm trying freehand and NMM techniques on her and I'm having mixed results. I'll persevere! Again any tips hugely appreciate! ?
  14. Tasman

    Starting new army....or maybe not.

    I've been playing chaos extensively for over 25 yrs. I've obviously amassed a large collection in this amount of time.(30k+ pts worth). I've been thinking of either: A. expanding my chaos forces with skaven. Pros- Works with what I already have. Adds LOTS of ranged attacks to an army that sadly lacks it. Lots of really cool monsters/characters. Cons- Horde army. LOTS of rats to paint. Or: B. FEC. Pros- From the little I've seen, a pretty hard to kill army with a lot of attack output. Lots of cool monsters/characters. Good synergy. Easy to paint. Cons- Not sure here, hence the posting. Here's your chance to convert me to death.
  15. Hi all, I photographed some of my FEC today. This is the fastest and simplest painting I've ever done. I needed a mental break from some of the more detailed projects. This was pretty much a total zone out, relaxation project. I hope they came out good enough for tabletop, but this is about as simple as painting could get. Thanks for looking.
  16. Grimnaud

    Ghoul Patrol and Escalation

    How would you play the Ghoul Patrol war scroll battalion in the Escalation Pitched Battle? The rules for the Ghoul Patrol says that they are not deployed normally, but must set them up 6" from any table edge. Most of the time that's not an issue. However, the Escalation pitched battle only lets you deploy a third of your units, then a third come on second hero phase, and the remaining come on in the third hero phase. You must deploy all your battle line units before deploying anything else. So what takes priority here? My interpretation is that in my deployment, I would only be able to deploy any other battle line units I had. Then in my first movement phase the Ghoul Patrol would appear, as per their rules. Then in my second hero phase I would deploy a third of my units, and the remainder in my third hero phase. In other words, I would assume that the battalion deployment overrides the pitch battle deployment, yet the pitched battle rules prohibit me from deploying anything else until I have deployed all my battle line units (which I can't do in deployment do to the Ghoul Patrol rule). Does that make sense, or has someone slipped something in my coffee this morning?
  17. boots468

    Flesh-eater Roles

    Soooo, I haven't played AoS since last October, due to real life getting in the way, and apparently a lot has changed! I'm going to the Facehammer tournament this weekend (though will be tight getting painting done in time!) and don't have time for any practice games. Below are my thoughts on the models I'll be taking (based purely on theory-hammer rather than experience, sadly) - any further comments or thoughts would be much appreciated. 1) Ghoul King on big flying murderbeast The coolest model in the range, and the fluffy choice of general too, he seems to be the lynchpin of the army. Not cheap at 1/5th of your overall 2k points just by himself, but can cast, can fight and is super tough with the Ring of Immortality and 5+ ward from the army trait. (Does the trait stay at 5+ even if the general dies?). Neither command trait looks that good with the General's Handbook rules, and overall the Zombie Dragon seems to beat the Terrorgheist for effectiveness. Planning on running one of each, just to test them, but looks like just taking would normally be best. 2) Ghoul King on foot A lot cheaper, but slower, more fragile and less killy too. I'm not thinking of using any, as seems to be beaten out by the troops for combat effectiveness and objective grabbing, though if no flying Kings were around, would want a couple for spells and the bubble of improved trait saves. 3) Courtiers Similar to the pedestrian Kings, they all look worse in a fight point-for-point than the units, but offer summoning back models and the trait bubble. Got to be careful not to get them far away from the specific troop they can replenish, apart from the Varghulf, who doesn't look great on paper apart from the summons. What unit / courtier ratios are people liking? I'm planning 3 to 1, but taking courtiers does seem to influence which units you then take. 4) Ghouls The bread and butter unit, they look not great in 10's but quite tasty in 20's or 30's, though as our only Battleline choice that's a lot of ghouls. Fragile and not that murderous, at least they have a good Bravery and can speed bump some units if you're not willing to invest in bringing a tonne of them? 5) Horrors Probably the most efficient point-for-point comabt unit we have? Low model count helps bravery tests too, though not sure how often their healing will come into play - although all the wounds caused by a unit have to go on the same horror until dead, when allocating damage from a later unit do you have to start with the injured one again? Even if the healing never happens though, they still look solid. 6) Flayers A cool use of the old sprue, though costing more points than Horrors, they look a bit fragile. Having access to rend is lovely, but their shooting attack is surely useless against most armies - I guess their speed and flying maneuverability are their selling points? 7) Unridden flying monsters Okay, but not as cool as Kings riding them? Once you buy the beast, adding spells and better healing on top seems to be the best option unless maxed out on Leader slots or points already? 8) Formations Hmmm. Ghoul Patrol looks ace for big Ghoul units (though hard fitting them all on the flanks I guess), but otherwise quite situational. Some very cheap ones though, for a cheeky second artifact? Thanks for reading, and any pointers where I've mis-read a role or rule would be much appreciated!