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  1. Hi folks ! What do you think about the rumored limitation of only 3 endless spells per army for a 2000 point game ? Do you think it will improve the game ?
  2. I don't know it just seems interesting that they included new or updated warscrolls
  3. Does someone recognize the images of the warscrolls at the bottom right corner ?? (Sorry for the poor quality )
  4. I guess mortal wounds for sure and being able to displace models to gain control of objectives, to pick off targets like a mortek hekatos (entomb spell of the stone mage)... But basically anything that has mobility can shoot or Deal mortal wounds is an hard counter to ossiarch bonereapers
  5. Hi folks ! So glad that the lumineth are finally up for pre-order ! Since the 3 inch range on the warden's spears is just confirmed, I have an actual rule question : If I were to place my spearmen in a line with their spears in front of them preventing an enemy mini to be placed there, (as the spears wouldn't let sufficient room to place a base) would the ennemy unit be unable to attack with a 1 inch range ?? Thank you in advance for your answers !!
  6. Hi guys, Given the last preview of the lumineth realm-lords in the upcoming white dwarf I was wondering what was the rule in order to pile-in closer to a model with such a long pike? If I position my lumineth unit with their pikes down in front of them and a unit charges them and wants to pile in 3 inches like normal.... What happens if they can't get any closer because the pikes are in the way and there isn't any space in which the unit that wants to pile-in can place its models closer to the lumineth models?? Are they considered out of reach if their weapons have only 1 inch of range and they can't get closer than 2 inches because of the pikes in the way?? Thank you in advance!!
  7. It looks like a rider mounted on a horse with his sword up! Maybe a captain or a mounted leader!
  8. https://www.belloflostsouls.net/2020/04/age-of-sigmar-white-dwarf-ossiarch-bonereapers-battalions-spotted.html Here are the 3 spotted batalions for OBR 1 super not playable battalion for 4000 points games that includes nighthaunt as allies 1 battalion offering + 1 to wound for the ghotizar harvester if you take 2 kavalos death rider units alongside And maybe the only one actually playable a battalion allowing you to resurrect 1 model per turn if within 8 inches of vokmortian (all of those batalions need to be played in mortis praetorian and need vokmortian in the army as a general (except for the last one)) I wish so hard that vokmortian wasn't the stupidest and most poorly written warscroll of the army..
  9. Well the Tithe legion isn't an existing subfaction in the ossiarch battletome it seems to be Vokmortian's legion
  10. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/04/07/white-dwarf-preview-issue-453gw-homepage-post-3fw-homepage-post-3/ Hey folks, what do you think about the white dwarf preview of the legion of tithe? It's mentioned that there will be 3 warscroll battalions do you think there will also be new subfactions abilities? What rules do you think ossiarch bonereapers would need right now to allow for more diverse play style ? (I would trade my +1 save for something built around resurrection)
  11. Here is the Pic showing the tithe legion preview
  12. Hi folks! Given the preview for the white dwarf of next month what do you think will be the rules for the "tithe legion" ?? Do you think we will also get new battalions as well??
  13. Hi folks, this is my 1st post actually I was just wondering who do you think is going to win the battle for the eight points? I think that since the Ossiarch just got introduced with Katakros depicted as a one of the greatest generals who has ever lived, they need to make him suceed to establish how threatening he can be. On the other end Chaos has been on the defensive since sigmarines got into the fight and they could also use a victory.. What do you think? Is this going to turn into another stalemate or a decisive victory?? Can't wait to read your opinion!
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