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  1. Knights are possible but could take some work to look vampy and not too chaosy. Drakespawn could work but I'd want riders from something else though. The doomfire could work but are completely unarmoured unfortunately. Chaos knights may be my best bet, would need the vampire shields though and possibly a headswap (maybe dark eldar wrack heads, look like they'd make good knight helmets) Know if there's any pics of conversions? as I've heard those mentioned before. Mainly wanna see how they've de-chaosified the horses.
  2. Vampires on foot as a unit and thralls would honestly be my favourite thing! I find myself considering remaking my blood knights and not using the dragon princes (they're so ruddy flimsy unfortunately) but I'm very much struggling to think on what cavalry to use as a base without going 3rd party for all of it (finding similar scaled stuff is a ******) I could try marauder horsemen but they unfortunately wear a lot of leather armour so be more ideal if I went pirate themed. Frankly I'd rather go witcher wild hunt themed which would be a lot of fun greenstuff additions and conversions but would likely suit a more heavy armoured base. What sort of units have people looked at for blood knights besides the dragon princes? I've considered stormcast palladors but they're such bulky blokes Demigryph knights have some lovely sized riders but rather large mounts (and would be an expensive option as it's 3 per box + bases on top)
  3. A wintery theme sounds super cool! (pun intended) The sylvaneth models really do lend themselves to some fun paint schemes for sure. If you haven't already definitely have a look around to see if there's a good local club scene for you and your friend to start playing at and meeting new wargamers. If you're around the Basingstoke area then The Bastion is a great place with a good AoS scene. Alternatively if you're in Southampton then Southampton Sluggers are a really nice club too (though unsure if they've got much of an AoS scene these days) if you've got a local Warhammer or gaming store in general you can always ask there if they know of any local clubs for whichever area you're in. Hope you enjoy getting into AoS
  4. Welcome to the board @Dammitt_Jim! As you have already seen we've got a nice friendly (and very active!) community here which is really great imo. Sylvaneth lend themselves to some really nice colour schemes depending on what styles of trees and leaves you go for (I quite like pale whiteish bark and colourful leaves) Khorne are also quite fun especially if you don't go full red because then you can have fun with blood for the blood god technical paint for blood splatters (Mine are being painted with bone armour) Hope you enjoy your time here and with AoS!
  5. I wouldn't say I'm a bad painter, I can with the time and effort have a lot of fun making really nice models. But I am a slow painter and I definitely find doing it often to be a chore, I like the idea of the contrast paints to help me get through my backlog and get those battleline units out quick and easy because boy do I have a lot of unpainted models. I have to say I am in love with how the browns and reds come out with the contrast paints they look really nice, vibrant and deep. I'm also interested in the new whites as I find corax often comes out a bit grey for my liking at times and doesn't have the nicest texture. Will be interesting playing around with these when they come out, I honestly can't wait because it might finally help me get a finished army out on the table.
  6. Getting there on my pledge! Almost finished though probably won't get the base done till early may as planning something nice for it.
  7. The first piece of my new idoneth project is coming along very nicely! Still not finished as i need to add more washes, highlights and then do my base. The idea is they're from outer realms of chamon and so the transmuting magics have begun to affect them, causing metal to seep into their bodies, replacing limbs and the like. Almost like a metallic infection.
  8. First thing I'll say is I wish the kit could do rider separate easily. Though was really hard to keep it separate with all my modifications. Anyhoo I'm quite happy with how this one has turned out. Even if my super thin drill bits are awful and a pain to use. I do plan to add some liquid drystuff onto her mechanical arm in order to make it fit in a bit better. Kinda figured it'd be a fun touch for chamon idoneth. Gonna paont metallic scales and bits of metal encroaching on the skin like tendrils of corruption as they live too far from the centre of the realm to be safe from its altering influence (which is also why mermaid tails are going to be a feature like on this model)
  9. I'm gonna pledge to paint my akhelian queen for my deepkin. The start of my armies on parade challenge and my entry for my store's painting competetion. Hopefully it will go well! Gonna go for some metallic scales for a Chamon feel.
  10. I mostly voted for more wargear/mount options for heroes/generals and that I really like kits that are easily convertible (e.g. the dark eldar range) but as an avid converter I know what I like Unfortunately that trumped me asking for any 1 particular battletome. But I did state that I don't like the idea of paint scheme restrictions because I feel it stifles creativity (looking at you pre-faq firestorm)
  11. I'd been considering looking into white lions. Maybe I should sometime.
  12. I was considering getting mistweaver for a conversion... That head would possibly be a good option. Though I do also like the idea of using her for a tidecaster. I think I'm leaning towards second one of those options too tbh!
  13. So I've been toying with some heads for my akhelian queen conversion. But I'm not sure on which one! Any help? A fourth idea is a melusai helmet with the snakes cut off.
  14. So anyone who knows me is going to read this title, let out a laugh and say "What? Lightbox paint to a deadline? That'll never happen!" and well... I mean I do have a track record that would prove them right but regardless I'm making this pledge. Even set myself twice a month phone reminders to keep up with it. THE PLAN: So I'm deciding to start a new conversion project for this one and that projects theme is going to be: SEA AELVES! And I don't just mean idoneth... i mean various aelves in blues, greens and turquoises led by a badass mermaid. Now I bet you're wondering "Lightbox how will you make a mermaid?" WELL BEHOLD MY AMAZING MICROSOFT PAINT SKILLS TO SHOW YOU THE MOCKUP OF HOW I PLAN TO DO IT!! May alternatively use a demonette head or greenstuff some hair onto it. Colours will of course be BLUE and frankly if I can build it with just the one fish tail I'd prefer that to the 7 billion. She will likely be joined by a mix of idoneth and wood aelves as I have some of the latter and I do actually plan on using semi-converted idoneth as the bulk of my force. But it should be fun to play with the colour pallette and get a really nice blue army as I haven't painted something like that in a long while I'll try and keep my progress updated on here and hopefully we'll see this project go from amazing MS paint edits to real life well painted models!
  15. Cheers both of you and yeah I am definitely thinking going idoneth with medusa ally for a lot of proper games but it would be nice to go mixed aelves sometimes too for fun more casual games. I'll check out the idoneth thread too for that side of things and keep an eye on this one for more mixed stuff. Will try and give updates sometime on how I find units play too.
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