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  1. Blood knights are obviously the best because they are blood knights. Which are the best. They are vampires, which makes them cool. They are also knights, which also makes them cool. That means they are two times cool, which is more than one so therefore they're very cool. Also they are on horses because they are too cool and awesome to walk. I am definitely not biased and this has nothing to do with blood knights having been the first unit of AoS I fell in love with. On a more serious note I don't think there is any single best battleline, and if there is it would probably change very quickly as often seems to be the case. If discussing battleline options I would second cities of sigmar due to not only the amount they get but the fact that you can build incredibly different playstyles due to the battleline all being quite different. As a non competetive player who barely looks at a lot of armies I probably can't comment on any particularly strong battleline but I would like to give an honourable mention to the battleline for Lumineth being in my opinion pretty good in terms of internal balance between the options, which I think has to do with the fact they have similar abilities (mortals on 6's), it makes for less versatility in playstyle but allows multiple options to achieve the same sort of goal in combat but in different ways and with different additional versatility. Aka spears make great defence, hammers/picks can be taken in small units and receive different synergies, bows allow to attack from range and can ignore line of sight, and cavalry give mobility to get key targets or grab objectives a little easier. But none of these options are blood knights so... y'know...
  2. For when you use them in narrative games have you considered adding the Khorne keyword to them? It may not see much mechanical use but it could make sense considering the legacy of khorne ability? Also the abilities you've added look pretty cool story wise. Though the magical feedback hitting every Skaven looks pretty painful buuut will make for some very funny moments. Do you have a particular story reason as to why it only affects the Skaven and not everyone else?
  3. Anvil of Apotheosis, also known as the one thing that was missimg from AoS for me. When I used to play 40k my favourite thing was always making my heroes and converting them up with their custom loadouts and what was cool. So of course as soon as the anvil dropped I quickly sprang into action making, and painting a hero for my daughters of khaine using a miniature I had wanted an excuse to get for ages (jain zar). Selaina Ravenheart, my ranged rampaging head of my daughters of khaine force now named 'The Shadows Dance'. Warscroll is to 20dp and may be changed but its a good idea of how I envisage her for now as the ranged commander overseeing the battle firing arrows of death as she leads her cults in their dance of death spraying blood across a battlefield like paint on a canvas. She has been a fun project and is definitely a stand out and unique looking character in the army, armed with her magic bow, her 80's glam rock hair and a go getting attitude. You may notice a magnet in one of those photos, that was to test the strength of the magnet hidden underneath the base. For campaigns or games where she eventually reaches higher DP I worried she'd be lonely on that big base on her own. So I made her a friend, which those who have seen previous entries on my DoK may notice that he's a much smaller version of my bone snake avatar of khaine. And both the big and now little ones were scratchbuilt entirely from skulls from the gw skull kit. I look forward to getting him painted too Aaaaaand getting a bunch of girls ready for our Anvil of Apotheosis hero led path to glory narrative campaign that's being put together. Should be fun to begin telling the story of the shadows dance.
  4. Thank you She was fun to make and paint. (Also ignore the magnet i was testing strength through base)[upload butchered the quality a tad, sorry. Only difficult to see bits are the small red lines coming out of her eyes as this pic makes them a little fuzzy]
  5. Ta-da! First warscroll draft & finished paintjob
  6. My daughter's of khaine hero, still thinking up story details but will probably have her as a priestess of sorts and likely the leader of my temple or someone high up within at the least (need to remind myself of the heirarchical lore) Will work out a warscroll tomorrow with the full book (or ebook pdf) in front of me. Still deciding whether I want a bestial companion or not, though the model might be busy enough without one.
  7. Soulblight getting some fun with cheaper blood knights and anvil of apotheosis fun eh? Well damn... now I'm gonna need to repair my dragon knight blood knights I already made and work out how to convert up some more. Finding a kit to convert that's less prone to snapping would be very nice. Edit: I'm wondering actually if Kavalos deathriders wouldn't work, undead horsies and it would be easy enough to pop some vampirey looking dudes atop them.
  8. So quarentine unfortunately has me sapped for motivation when it comes to building and painting... HOWEVER i have totally done at least SOME stuff. So whilst I have pretty much no list in mind for this army anymore here's some of the cool undead city or sigmar pirate conversions I've done. (Apologies for bad photos my phone camera is literally cracked. When I finish these I wanna get some digital camera shots of them done) Hurricanum: As you can see he's changed a lot from my earlier posts and blog post and he's looking pretty mean! Still a far cry from being finished but he's definitely one of my faves. Steam tank: My banshee possessed steamtank walker. This will be the basic conversion for any regular steamtanks I do, I have a converted mortis engine pirate ship steamtank thing for my commander one though. Little bit of a disconnect between those models for sure but this is mostly a 'for fun' project so it's not too big a deal if they don't look that similar. Kharibdyss: He's pretty and you can't not have a sea monster if you're doing pirates. Probably not a good unit but once again... Super pretty. I'm also currently wondering whether I could make a stardrake work so I can stick a vampire on top of it and finally have a big meanie dragon. But the answer to will it work is probably not if I go greywater (and is it really fun undead pirates without having enough points for artillery?) I'm also planning to make some pistol wielding spectral Siren shadow warriors as my next conversion unit so that will be fun. Just generally looking for some fun melee units to compliment my beasties and handgunners, I'm not too worried about being competitive as like I said, mostly a for fun project.
  9. I don't paint as much as I'd like to but I absolutely love using my contrast paints. They make it more enjoyable for me and I love the bright popping colours you get with wraithbone. Though I have found grey seer is great for models I want to be darker in tone. It has its own strengths and drawbacks like any technique but I am happy to say it works super well for me being non time consuming, enjoyably vibrant and fun for me to paint with. It's definitely an each to their own sort of thing (like any painting technique)
  10. Lightbox

    War Mammoth!

    You guys are really making me want to buy a mierce mammoth now...
  11. I've been slowly grinding through painting my pastel blue 40k wych cult and making silly zombie pirate conversions for my recent cities project. Unfortunately xbox MMO's have been stealing my time a lot recently so I've not worked on them as much as I should whoops! But I did get to have my first game with the cities. My vampire general on griffon did a lot of killing (and a lot of whiffing) whereas my zombie handgunners did very little beside finishing the last couple of wounds off arkhan the black. Teach that guy to be a skeleton and not a zombie! Hoping to get some more pics up on my blog soon now that I've sprayed some bits up for painting and have added a cannon onto an old pirate ship mortis engine to make it a steam tank. Just needs zombie crew I'm very glad to see that ramshackle pirate ship too, it looks amazing and it's nice to see other embracing the pirate theme. Arrr!!
  12. Mermaids you say? Well now I want that faction...
  13. I too have only just seen it. I shall attempt to get something painted for it Edit: Does the model painted need to be an AOS model / representing an AOS unit?
  14. So progress is going slow but steady for greywaters most rotten of rogues with 20 handgunners now finished and other bits coming along. I'm still debating different avenues to try out especially since it seems converting my big ship monster into a hurricanum and not steam tank will be easier and cheaper with my bits I own... (my slightly smaller big ship mortis engine however may still become a steamtank because honestly what else will I use it as?). I'm wondering however If any of the start collecting's may be worth my while especially the greywater one, it would give me an engineer (cogsmith) gyrocopter and the 10 irondrakes may be my best shout with it and I can zombify them all up, then I have a warden king though dunno if he's worth converting into something else. I presume these are all useful units to add in? Or are the irondrakes / ironbreakers just generally worse than the freeguilders usually? I am also going to see how many pistols I have left after my pistolier conversions so I can potentially make some sword and pistol shadow warrior zombies. Because bows are for losers who don't have dangerous gunpowder.
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