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  1. Oh wow Genie Gargants is a super cool idea that I wanna see more of! Very cool.
  2. She's fairly chill to build actually, I've left her little body and front piece off to paint separately, as I learnt from my drycha demon prince conversion that that's not easy to paint all stuck together! Super nice model too.
  3. Can I lie and say I've painted 70 billion armies? Okay so in reality October has been a terrible month for me hobby wise thanks to the wonderful distractions of video games (namely Balders Gate 3 and Black Desert) And then I also kind of got distracted painting a hellcannon up for my StD AoA hero... I do at least have a drycha built and a bunch of dryads secondhand that I'm hoping to begin doing some work on for November. I am loving seeing everyone else's submissions though, helps remind and inspire me about this project!
  4. Made some progress on my AoA chaos lord that will be mounted atop a hellcannon. Hellcannon has been sprayed and will need painting soon then will need to do crew. Not too happy with how the face came out but it will do, it's fine for tabletop quality at least, gotta finish her cloak still.
  5. My 5 spites and 1 arch revenant I managed for september. Going away for a week, will post a new pledge when I get back! Probably going to be drycha and 5 more spites. Technically still need to do the base rims but focusing on getting models painted first really.
  6. My lady of chaos, who will have options to be mounted atop a hellcannon or on foot. Still trying to work out how I want to build her warscroll. She'll need a little cleaning up when she's dried but hopefully all should look pretty cool in the end (EDIT): Made some changes so edited this to avoid double post, she will be removed from the rocks when all greenstuff is dried to be able to be put on her mount or on foot.
  7. Unless you're running knights of the empty throne you might wanna drop one of those varanguard units for some extra heroes? As they can help in battleplans (and more aura's flying around)
  8. This month I would ideally *fingers crossed* like to build an anvil of apotheosis hero or two for my slaves to darkness. I would also like to finish a squad of chaos knights and finalize my colour scheme.
  9. I've not managed to get my dad to help teach me to use the airbrush yet this month so looks like Alarielle won't be finished yet. On the bright side I've totally finished and based my 5 revenants and arch revenant so that's still a good starting pledge Will get pics soon!
  10. I love how colourful that is!!! And don't knock it on the decimators Progress is progress, no matter how small. Bright blue which deepens into a darker blue as it hits deep parts, gonna be using living city as my army on parade this year which will include some of my sylvies, so gotta take board placement into consideration for some of them. I've kind of fallen in love with basing a bit after seeing some of Vince Venturello's videos on it, built up bases look so good when finished that they feel worth the hassle to me.
  11. The good ol' fun of multiple month deadlines I can't say I can match your progress this month but I have now built my arch revenant and my spite revenants with some tricorns, hoping to get them sprayed up tomorrow morning and potentially some paint on them in the evening. Need to sort out my bases too, decide if I want them on the beach or in the water! What colour scheme are you planning for your aetherwings? They seem like a fun unit to be able to splash out different complimenting colours you don't normally have on your regular troops
  12. Good to know! I'll keep an eye out against mortal wound heavy armies, my local club is a bit of a mix of casual and 'competetive' (not tournament level thankfully for my casual self) so hopefully I should be able to have some pretty fun matchups even against tougher opponents. And yeah the shoot & move command ability looks pretty fun for a fair few units, especially for flinging a drycha or alarielle into a unit or onto an objective for a bit of a giggle. It was one of the reasons I wanted some bow kurnoths to allow that movement. I presume that since awakened wyldwoods have the overgrown wilderness rule model height for them isn't too big an issue? I was wanting to build some coastal themed ones to fit my army theme a bit better (coral colour scheme & tricorns) and probably won't be able to realistically get the height their trees usually go up to (unless i find some good scale palm trees), also less height makes for easier storage and transport.
  13. @Pennydude thanks for the rundown! It's always helpful to get advice and opinions on ways to utilise units and abilities Spites are something I was considering going large squads on as I quite like them but if I grab enough for the battalion I can still try them out at different sizes, I like the price of 20 but the 32mm bases and 1inch range is perhaps a point against that. Something to test out with the 15 for outcasts at least The more I'm reading and learning about sylvaneth the more it's looking like they can be built in a lot of different ways and be fun, that's definitely a big plus for me for an army!
  14. Thanks for the advice The bow kurnoths I have already as they were an ebay grab but I'll definitely pick myself up some sword ones too when I can (nice to have a toolbox of options for alarielle summons and general list building) Do spite revs work well in 5 man units? Or should I try and look to have the points to up them to larger squads in the batallion? And I presume the treelord ancient is pretty much mandatory due to the extra wyldwoods? Bit of a shame as I'd rather spend the points on bodies but having more woods for shenanigans can definitely be a big plus I'm sure. And finally is winterleaf generally useful for a lot of units? I can see spites loving exploding 6's with their volume of attacks but don't know if at higher points with more kurnoths such as scythe units I'd be better off looking into other subfactions.
  15. Hey all! So as part of my living city CoS I've been starting to get some sylvaneth (inc Alarielle because she's cool) to sort of give me a toolbox of extra units I can use and summon and realised that I basically may as well get the book and field them as a sylvaneth army. I have put together a quick 1k point list including some of the stuff I have / would like to get that I'm hoping should be workable as it contains a bit of range, two heroes and a fair chunk of bodies that hopefully will do me well in low points games. I haven't decided on traits / artefacts / subfaction as I have only just got the book really and haven't been able to sit through and decide which would work best for what I want to achieve. Any C&C would be welcome. Listy.pdf
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