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  1. Welcome to TGA! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  2. I keep reading Mir Kainen as Mr Kainen... On another note once I'm through with my Soulblight and Lumineth projects I'm going to be looking at touching up on some of my older half finished projects including my OBR, would be nice to be able to try playing them again being a generally smaller model count army. I'm presuming Crematorium still focus heavily on Mortek guard spamming? Or is their exploding rare/negligible enough in practice that you can get away with any sort of build? I know they're definitely not the greatest sub faction but I'm in love with their colour scheme (
  3. Yeah I definitely don't see Brets getting point changes unfortunately (or the CoS keyword outside of players adding it themselves in narrative games, but it would be super cool for them to get it.) But yeah if like you say everything else goes up by an average of 10 that would be really nice for brets becoming better priced compared to them, definitely curious to see how AoS3 changes things. Definitely looking forward to seeing your Mousillon project too! Mousillon sort of themed was what I was planning when I eventually get around to sorting through all my bretonnians. Will be ver
  4. AoS 3 Bretonnia discussion? Tbh if the rumoured everyone's points generally increasing is true then it might put Bretonnia with the current points in a better position? Add in the rumoured generic battalions and potentially more generic abilities for all generals / heroes to do and that might actually be a nice little bonus for the Brets to help them better play against modern armies.
  5. And today I put together a model for Karyka! Pretty happy with it
  6. Made myself a vampire lady today! The sword looks super cool on her imo!
  7. So soon I will be running a narrative path to glory campaign with 3 friends. Our general will be made using Anvil of Apotheosis and we will each get 4 starting picks/rolls from our tables. The armies so far are looking to be: -Soulblight (Myself) -Lumineth -Ogors -Undecided (Choosing between FeC, Slaanesh & Soulblight) I rolled for my starting choices so I end up with: -20 Zombies -5 Grave Guard -1 Corpse Cart (Yep, rolled corpse cart instead of vargheists or blood knights... just my luck XD) So in order to make it feel more like a narrative campaign and n
  8. So I put together a WIP warscroll for a hero that I'm considering using in a narrative path to glory campaign I'm planning with some friends using 25dp Anvil of Apotheosis heroes as our generals who will get more points over the campaign. Still working out how to make some battleplans to encourage narrative rather than competitive playstyles (aka battleplans that aren't just smash opponent / smash opponent whilst holding objectives) but I'm definitely looking forward to it! Planning to make this character from a blood knight with some standing legs. Still debating whether to be curse of X or m
  9. Now that we have this dedicated thread it means we have a great place to discuss the new black knight meta, right? ...right? Anyway.... in terms of Avengorii looking over the warscrolls I'm definitely thinking that the Zombie Dragon just isn't great without a rider compared to the terrorgheist since it still has its potentially 6 mortal wound bite attack. Are there any situations where having a regular zombie dragon stomping around might actually be better? I know it gets lots more claw attacks and its breath will do more than the shriek against high bravery enemies but I'm not sur
  10. Radukar the Beast would be fine, yes. But the original post was referring to Radukar the Wolf and his court, all of whom have to be taken together for 700 points (aka the cursed city bundle).
  11. For my soulblight they are led by a pair of twins. Cassia von Ravenspeak who is my vlord on zombie dragon (also have a horse mounted version of her) and now I have a model for her sister Lucia von Ravenspeak. Lucia is my 'Vengorian lord' or rather she's the graceful vampire stood in front whilst her corrupted shados takes hideous form representative of her monsterous nature to destroy enemies. Still working on fleshing out lore for the twins but will definitely be making anvil of blood versions of them too!
  12. Yep! Lots of cutting/sawing to get just the top part of the plinth then just glued the zombie dragon head/neck onto it and added greenstuff lightning energy. Drilled a couple of holes in the steps and platform so that prince ducal can stand there for when I want to use it as a Vlord on Zdragon. Had to remove his standing rock and cut away some of his cape to make him fit nicely. Originally I had planned to use a realmgate but unfortunately my local GW had none in stock (online only now I think?) so I figured I'd try this. I would like to get a realmgate to have my spare unbuilt mortarch mount
  13. Decided to put together a warscroll for a vargskyr as a hero, I see it as being a vargskyr that whether due to some anomaly or magical means has managed to retain a shred of its former intelligence/personality, enough to allow it to lead others into carnage. Clocks in at 280points
  14. Tried my hand at making a fun little curse of lycan themed Hero. Clocks in at 190 points, no idea if she'd be any good but the idea is rush in make a flurry of attacks with her inaccurate but dangerous claws. Felt like bring me their head made the most thematic sense for a command ability for a character like this. Also I find it weird that martial vampire lords have the wizard keyword but no spells. EDIT: Errors in the warscroll: Forgot the hunger ability and natural movement for vamps is 6" not 5".
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