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  1. I'm really torn because I really like a lot of them! I can really see some of them being great conversion bait for mordheim and D&D too!
  2. I've never found him to be too beaty unfortunately. If you can find points then the ogroid may give you more bang for your buck in being beaty and casty. Otherwise a tzeentch marked daemon prince could work, though depends if you want explicity arcanite units.
  3. Morning all! I have been considering beastclaws as a potential new army (Because destruction is the only grand alliance I don't currently have anything from!) Whilst I know they are long due for an update I'd love for anyone to give any good pointers toward a good way to start collecting them. I'd presume the start collecting box would do them well? And is it better/more fun to go pure monster mash or do their yhetees, cats and cavalry do them well?
  4. "Do you even lift-carry man-thing?" I'm really looking forward to seeing these BUFF skaven painted up (I also now want to see the JoJo's pillar men with skaven heads after this...)
  5. You've definitely got good number and the enlightened with shaman will do you well but you may crumple a bit if you get hit by something hard though 40 man units along with destiny dice or command points for ignoring battleshock will go a long way to help keep those big units around long enough to tarpit your foes. Do you get much use out of the fatemaster yourself? I've never found him to be all that useful besides his high movement.
  6. I do think it's a darkoath/everchosen rumor engine. Though undead would work really well too. I don't think its destruction because I don't feel they'd really make the distinction to carry trophies of kings since they live to just smash up anything and everything, human kings wouldn't mean much to them unless they were good fights.
  7. The current wip of my daemon princess from the realm of fire. The 'branches' will be painted up like flames as will the wings and ravens.
  8. Don't tempt me with that keeper of secrets man 😧
  9. Ahh yes, that is certainly a big offset for getting 2 of them I need to use my current one more though, might get to this weekend. I will say though it's low price was a really big draw for it as it looks absolutely gorgeous. I will also say I'm struggling to decide what to get next when I visit Warhammer world in august. I'm thinking something for my chaos but I'm not all that enthralled by a lot of the remaining stuff as I already have skin wolves, sayl and the dragon. Maybe the manaan's blades for my freeguild 🤷‍♀️. Chaos dwarves would be an interesting possibility though, since everchosen now just have 'chaos' as allies I could slot in 20 ironsword and 20 fireglaives into a list with archy.
  10. Well he works in a 2k game as that's 400 allies. But yeah I'm usually full on allies with my varanguard :(
  11. @Overread it's because he's unfortunately just not all that good :( but I love him anyway... I still need to do his wings (I don't like painting wings) and I want a second one to paint like a dragon age archdemon but have literally no use for a second since he rarely sees play :(
  12. I'll try and post up my WiP warpfire dragon, ironside handgunners and skin wolves when I get home!
  13. Hi Guys! So part of me is considering picking up the forgeworld blackshard warhost since it's quite a nice savings and using them either as allies to my everchosen for some cool looking bodies to grab objectives and because COOL GUNS! Or to use within grand alliance chaos to march alongside my other chaotic goons. Their units seem fairly nice for their points cost but I was wondering what people think of them alongside other chaos armies, can they pull their own weight in a more casual / casual-competitive setting or do they rely too much on their allegiance abilities? I'm trying to get a general idea of all the forgeworld chaos stuff to see what would make nice little slot-ins to my mixed forces so any help would be appreciated.
  14. So I have my annual trip to Warhammer world next month for some games. I like to pick something up from forgeworld when I'm there usually and wondered how well (if at all) the tamurkhan units perform in more casual / casual-competitive play. Looking at the warscrolls unfortunately none of them jump out too hugely as great picks but I totally may be missing something or not considering some cool uses for them. I'm considering Tamukhan himself but he's also a rather pricey boi.
  15. Hi Jack, I'm afraid I can only answer a couple of these as I've never used the gaunt summoners within my everchosen. 1) I do believe his command ability explicitly states that it's command abilities found on the units warscroll. 3) Personally my suggestion is all fellspears, you want to be charging with them and the amount of damage fellspears can put out (especially if getting hit & wound rerolls or bonuses e.g. archaon being present and then using an unmarked shrine prayer to reroll 1's for hits and wounds, or a bloodstoker whip for reroll wounds) fellspears really will hit hard and nasty with their higher damage and superior rend. If you do want to mix then maybe 2 spears and 1 ensorcelled? But spears are very tasty, especially if you can get extra attacks on the squad (e.g. bloodsecrator) Hope this helps!
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