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  1. Managed to get my admiral and her doppleganger cloak painted up as well as a good start on some of my arkanaut company. Happy with my paint scheme though.
  2. Lightbox

    What does levelling cards do?

    Before release it was stated that you could scan in your cards and level them by using them. It's difficult for much to be said due to the NDA but I will say in the app check your cards and scroll along to the physical tab for them.
  3. Lightbox

    I want to play a vampire army but I don’t know how.

    How big were his blood knight units? I've never managed to reliably delete an enemy unit in one go with 5 in a squad. They do perform much better when a VLoZD gives them rerolls on hits. Generally it seems that vampire themed competetive just means VLoZD with all your regular bread and butter units like skellies, doggies or reapers etc. Which makes sense as vampire lords are supposed to be lieutenants. There were some rumours about plastic vampire lord and blood knights coming but not sure how valid those are or when.
  4. A lot of greenstuff and perseverance went into making this. I'm happy with it, can't wait to get it painted. Might not be the best artifact for her but looks damn cool!
  5. Lightbox

    The Painting Contract - September 2018

    Aiming for a fully painted unit of kharadron arkanauts. I'm really bad at doing full units but since I'm getting going on my shadow pirate project I'm gonna get these boys done. Even told my gf that she needs to force me to paint them up when we're on holiday with the family next week. I will also aim to have the admiral painted. Stretch goal: -1 x Aether Khemist -Another 10 arkanauts
  6. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    How do people find frigates and gunhaulers? I know some folks just prefer ironclads at 2000 but I feel like an ironclad might not be feasible at 1000 point games or such. I mean we're all in this for the boats really so I'd love to know how they hold up. The guns do feel a bit unreliable for their points alas D: but at least frigates and ironclads get to carry happy chappies around. Still trying to get an idea of what things work well in the armies and what I want for conversion fun.
  7. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Cheers for the advice. I'm thinking 1 or two. I suppose their bettee utilised with deadly skyhooks or aether saws to maximise the damage output of those rather than giving an extra shot to thunderer rifles. Makes sense. As for skyport there's a good chance I might go with a custom one as I want to give them their own backstory and paintjob etc. Though i doubt there's any hard and fast rules against taking named skyport for custom ones, like how DoK and IDK get to choose whichever fits most. That's fair tbh. I'll probably try them with saws first and see how it goes. They'll probably be used primarily for melee as our only real melee option so probably best not to split their role.
  8. Lightbox

    Forbidden Colours - A Lahmian Army Plog

    Even without the chariots if your skellies are still tomb kings ones and you can get tomb king heads / weapons for conversions then I think the theme will be kept nicely. Just have your tomb kings skeletons play like LoN regular skeletons. As for the chariots obv you can use them in generic death or you could possibly have them as counts as black knights possibly? Though you'd need 5 for that. I think things look really nice so far and it would be cool to see that theme progress! A lot of stuff (like morghasts) would probably fit in well without much conversion just by keeping the egyptiany paint scheme.
  9. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    So since Khemists are pretty integral how many are recommended. I don't have my book on me but they only affect one unit a turn correct? So would you want a couple (say 2 or 3) to buddy up with some skyhook arkanauts or rifle thunderers? Also having looked at endrinriggers their melee attacks do look potentially nice if khemist buffed and I will be wanting a squad of some balloon men personally. Yay or nay on giving them special rifles? I'm not personally sure if any warrant replacing the pistol and saw.
  10. Lightbox

    Shadow pirates test model: The admiral!

    Head: Stormcast easy build sequitor Body: Coven throne handmaiden Legs & sash ends: 40k Commissar Upper arms: Sister of silence (barely noticeable) Lower arms & backpack: Arkanaut Admiral Base: Shattered dominion And thanks :) I'm really excited to get started on this project. So hopefully more should be coming in the coming months!
  11. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    So put together a quick potential list for a 1k core to my army. Main issue being no frigate or the like so may need to tweak. List.pdf Some C&C would be very much appreciated, I am at current rather ignorant to how kharadron play these days and best ways to run them. Figured mixing guns on thunderers was bad due to range issues. I also completely forgot to set the gun on the gunhauler, oops. Probably would take drill cannon as it just seems better. Doppleganger cloak on admiral is mostly because I have a really cool conversion idea for it. But I plan to make that removable so I can also run different artifacts. The one that gives +2 attacks could also be useful for the admiral. Realm is shadow because they are my shadow pirate conversion project so that is unable to be changed. This is a very quick first draft, and as such is likely more heavy on bodies than it should be. Cool drop some stuff for a frigate? Big boats are cool after all. Though I do also like my balloon men!
  12. So decided to make a test model for my shadow pirate project I'm planning. Aka a mixed race pirate force counting as Kharadrons and being from the realm of shadow! Anyway here's wonderwall... I mean the admiral.
  13. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Heh thanks. And tbh I'm tempted for 2 units of skypikes as extra ones should be easy enough to make with my conversions and also because I do like a good bit of STAB STAB STAB. Only problem will be remembering not to just charge them willy nilly into something like blood warriors because they will not survive that. Better to shoot dedicated close combat units to pieces first. I might grab the start collecting since I'm sure I can make use out of all 3 units in it, even if the gunhauler isn't considered as useful it's another mobile flying gun platform / distraction which will probably be nice. And also another ship to practice converting with ;)
  14. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Hey guys, I'm planning to do a conversion project soon (mixed order race shadow pirates) and planning on rocking Kharadrons with it but I was wondering if anyone could give any tips for someone who's never tried them before? Especially some good early purchases to get a force together. Will clarify that I generally play friendly as opposed to mega competitive. I already have 1 box of arkanauts which I plan to mix up with some human and elf bits I have to make a squad. I'm thinking since they have 3 weapon options to have 3 squads each with a different maxed weapon? Aka 3 skypikes in one & 3 skyhooks in another etc. I've heard light skyhooks are generally the best choice but I was wondering if the others can also be used for fun, read a bit in the thread about skypikes being respectable with 3 of them. It will be a slow project so will probably look first at a 500 or 1k core and then start expanding from there.
  15. Lightbox

    Need advice picking an 'elite' army

    Battline steamtank when??