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  1. So quarentine unfortunately has me sapped for motivation when it comes to building and painting... HOWEVER i have totally done at least SOME stuff. So whilst I have pretty much no list in mind for this army anymore here's some of the cool undead city or sigmar pirate conversions I've done. (Apologies for bad photos my phone camera is literally cracked. When I finish these I wanna get some digital camera shots of them done) Hurricanum: As you can see he's changed a lot from my earlier posts and blog post and he's looking pretty mean! Still a far cry from being finished but he's definitely one of my faves. Steam tank: My banshee possessed steamtank walker. This will be the basic conversion for any regular steamtanks I do, I have a converted mortis engine pirate ship steamtank thing for my commander one though. Little bit of a disconnect between those models for sure but this is mostly a 'for fun' project so it's not too big a deal if they don't look that similar. Kharibdyss: He's pretty and you can't not have a sea monster if you're doing pirates. Probably not a good unit but once again... Super pretty. I'm also currently wondering whether I could make a stardrake work so I can stick a vampire on top of it and finally have a big meanie dragon. But the answer to will it work is probably not if I go greywater (and is it really fun undead pirates without having enough points for artillery?) I'm also planning to make some pistol wielding spectral Siren shadow warriors as my next conversion unit so that will be fun. Just generally looking for some fun melee units to compliment my beasties and handgunners, I'm not too worried about being competitive as like I said, mostly a for fun project.
  2. I don't paint as much as I'd like to but I absolutely love using my contrast paints. They make it more enjoyable for me and I love the bright popping colours you get with wraithbone. Though I have found grey seer is great for models I want to be darker in tone. It has its own strengths and drawbacks like any technique but I am happy to say it works super well for me being non time consuming, enjoyably vibrant and fun for me to paint with. It's definitely an each to their own sort of thing (like any painting technique)
  3. Lightbox

    War Mammoth!

    You guys are really making me want to buy a mierce mammoth now...
  4. I've been slowly grinding through painting my pastel blue 40k wych cult and making silly zombie pirate conversions for my recent cities project. Unfortunately xbox MMO's have been stealing my time a lot recently so I've not worked on them as much as I should whoops! But I did get to have my first game with the cities. My vampire general on griffon did a lot of killing (and a lot of whiffing) whereas my zombie handgunners did very little beside finishing the last couple of wounds off arkhan the black. Teach that guy to be a skeleton and not a zombie! Hoping to get some more pics up on my blog soon now that I've sprayed some bits up for painting and have added a cannon onto an old pirate ship mortis engine to make it a steam tank. Just needs zombie crew I'm very glad to see that ramshackle pirate ship too, it looks amazing and it's nice to see other embracing the pirate theme. Arrr!!
  5. Mermaids you say? Well now I want that faction...
  6. I too have only just seen it. I shall attempt to get something painted for it Edit: Does the model painted need to be an AOS model / representing an AOS unit?
  7. So progress is going slow but steady for greywaters most rotten of rogues with 20 handgunners now finished and other bits coming along. I'm still debating different avenues to try out especially since it seems converting my big ship monster into a hurricanum and not steam tank will be easier and cheaper with my bits I own... (my slightly smaller big ship mortis engine however may still become a steamtank because honestly what else will I use it as?). I'm wondering however If any of the start collecting's may be worth my while especially the greywater one, it would give me an engineer (cogsmith) gyrocopter and the 10 irondrakes may be my best shout with it and I can zombify them all up, then I have a warden king though dunno if he's worth converting into something else. I presume these are all useful units to add in? Or are the irondrakes / ironbreakers just generally worse than the freeguilders usually? I am also going to see how many pistols I have left after my pistolier conversions so I can potentially make some sword and pistol shadow warrior zombies. Because bows are for losers who don't have dangerous gunpowder.
  8. Another 10 zombie handgunners ready for the painting table! This makes 20 in total now meeting my 2 battleline for 1k next steps will be to finish the ship constructs, make my black knight pistoliers and possibly make some shadow warriors using pistols and swords instead of bows. Stealth Zombpirates
  9. Thanks for the quick response! Loading up on sisters of slaughter and some harpies sounds pretty fun though not being able to really field morathi is a bit of a shame (I do really like her model) However I do like the idea of utilising SoS more than witch aelves for now but do you recommend I keep the whip & buckler for the 30 man unit or do some changes on 10 of the prebuilt and go with knife and whips on the big blob?
  10. So I'm looking at getting back into my daughters of khaine as I really enjoyed their glass cannon high damage playstyle but never really properly finished my project of them. So I'm wondering what my best options might be with what I currently have and expanding on it (ideally keeping costs down for now but it's also good to consider what to aim for in the future) My current collection is: -Morathi -1 Blood Cauldron with slaughter queen -1 Bloodwrack Shrine -2x Foot hags -1x bloodwrack medusa -2x Avatar of khaine on foot -20x Sister of slaughter with bucklers & whips -10x which aelves with double knife -10x Blood sisters Any suggestions on where to take this? I mostly play a mix of casual to casual-competitive but I have plenty of 'for fun' armies so it would be quite nice to run this one with a bit of teeth to it.
  11. Look awesome. I'd love to see some closeups!
  12. So playing vampire coast on Warhammer total war and seeing another gallery post using CoS to make them inspired me to do the same. I've always wanted to do a wraith fleet army and I really like zombies so this seems a perfect fit! The first of my works in progress is my boat based monstrosity, which will either end up as a steam tank or hurricanum. Struggling a bit finishing this one but it's coming along nicely enough. I also made a black coach ages ago when they were tiny, its mast has fallen off but with a new one and some crew I could probably use it as a chariot. And finally we have ZOMBIE HANDGUNNERS! No explanation needed really.
  13. I could totally see the same unit (or kit at least) having options for 2 handed swords, hammers and axes together. Possibly one of them being a special weapon in the unit.
  14. I gave my liege the spear from Zandtos because I thought it looked way better. I'd say go with whatever model you'd like for whichever profile. Just be clear with your opponent and there should be no issue. I personally don't use Zandtos because I like to give my liege a relic. For most subfactions the liege will gain some fun stuff from the alliegance that Zandtos won't unless you use the legion he's from. The regular liege also has a different command ability (and points cost, very important in our small elite faction) so that may also contribute to why he's taken.
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