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  1. He's still a bit of a WIP but I get what you mean. Another drybrush coat of black over him and some more work on the bronze would definitely help for sure. I've tried doing the yellow in the recesses to help get the inner glow a bit but it's proving somewhat difficult so I might try and get some more in to make it pop a bit more. But I'll start with thickening the black first and see how that goes. Cheers for the advice. (I'll also try and get better lighting for my next photos so the colours look less blended as it looks better in person (always the way huh?))
  2. So I've begun trying out the in-book colour scheme for Crematorium (though changing the initial yriel yellow for iyandan yellow contrast) and whilst it's a bit of a messy scheme it's quite quick and fun enough to paint. I'm pretty happy with how this big boy turned out and I'll have to see how the smaller stuff ends up but it's a good start
  3. I pledge to paint: -1 Mortisan Boneshapers -1 Gothizzar Harvester (almost finished, started today) -5 Kavalos deathriders Stretch goals: -10 to 30 Mortisan guard -1 More boneshaper
  4. I'd forgotten about that boxset! I'd been meaning to pick a set up for sure.
  5. This! Just more female models for factions in general. It takes an awful lot of effort (and difficulty with lack of kits) for me to add some mixed genders within my units and especially for free cities where I get the feeling it becomes a case of every able bodied man and woman are more than welcome to sign up to fight (I mean if they have no issues with the elf females fighting in those cities why not the human and dwarf ones?) As for battletomes once everything is updated I think any new releases should be more split fairly amongst the alleigances (as much as I and many others all love elves it is a bit unfair to get loads of quick fire order releases when everyone else gets a new faction release/update either once a year or once every x years. I'd love love love soulblight to get a full update with plastic vampires because man I want to field a vampire heavy army, I'd also like to see zombies/deadwalkers get an update of sorts so they actually become viable (but this gets more into just wishlisting). I think adding small additions to forces is a great thing and easily done with warscrolls (that's how the heralds were introduced) I'd like to see not too many brand new factions made purely due to the standpoint of too many small armies could create a lot of game clutter (however releases new ideas and aesthetics that can be linked into existing armies would be super cool and easier than some might think, especially in terms of chaos [as demonstrated by the range of aesthetics in warcry])
  6. So since dragon princes are gone now (and because the lances on mine keep snapping) what alternatives (GW or 3rd party) have people been using for their blood knights (and vampire lords, I'm curious to see) and do people have any pictures they can share? I presume chaos knights are now the go-to but I struggle imagining them as looking vampirey and not just chaosy.
  7. It's the cost of heroes too that really hurts me. Especially the liege kavalos. I'm looking to convert my vokmortian into a boneshaper just to avoid having to buy 2 at their price lol (also would make them look different too)
  8. My hopes as well. For the price of them it would be wonderful for them to be a very useful unit to have for sure. If they remove the battleline option it would be a really big blow for the everchosen fans for sure. And make them harder to include in archaon lists with having to balance battleline too.
  9. I like building my Varanguard with lances, I recently tried them in a 6 man unit (no archaon but managed to get hit bonuses from generic chaos command trait and reroll 1's from unmarked shrine) and they did some damage for sure! Would have done more if I'd remembered about the pile in twice when I charged XD I haven't tried demonic weapons or ensorcelled but ensorcelled kinda looked better though I was building a demonic weapon unit because they look gorgeous so will have to try them with archaon sometime tbh. Honestly I think they have a decent warscroll, I'd like to see demonic blades get a buff for sure but the ability to get allegiance abilities with new slaves to darkness will really help them, especially if they can end up getting the buff from the chaos sorcerers spell (would need either std keyword or the spell to be changed to affect them too) I think they could maybe see a points drop but depends on how good allegiance is, they have a lot of potential for sure. Archaon I really want to see changed, currently the best thing he does for me is give +1 hit to varanguard (which really really helps their spear damage output hitting on 2's) and gives god keywords to varanguard (great for +1 attack from bloodsecrator on those charging lances) I'd like to see him made worth his high points cost or get a fair amount cheaper.
  10. So whilst I know that petrifex in general will be far superior I'm not too worried about not having the best allegiance as my local club varies between just-for-fun friendly to a sort of casual competitive. But like I mainly wanna do crematorium because I really like the idea of the paint scheme (though I've also considered a similar one with green or purple for 'necrotic energy' instead of fire to make them more subfaction neutral) I think a harvester could be a good option for sure though and do eventually plan to get 2 of them for my 2K. Though if I really find crematorium to be a bit gimmicky / hard to build around I may opt for a more cavalry stalliarch list or something but that seems potentially costly £££ wise for all the cav boys.
  11. 1k list So whereas I have some ideas for my 2k list I'm thinking of this as a dropping it down to 1k sort of thing (also cheaper/easier start to it) Subfaction: Crematorium Liege Kavalos - 200 Boneshaper - 130 Mortek Guard - 260 Kavalos Deathriders - 180 Necropolis Stalkers - 200 This puts me at 970 points, might add the prismatic palisade or bone tithe shrieker to take me to 1k. This means that along with my feast of bones I'll need to buy a liege kavalos, box of deathriders and box of mortek guard (also possibly endless spells box) to get to this list. I may or may not need a boneshaper depending on whether I convert Vokmortian into one (something I'm currently considering as I don't plan to use ol' vokky)
  12. I am excited by the prospect of Archaon perhaps finally being worth his points (Give dorghar rend & better damage 2k19) and getting fun new ways to beat people over the head with varanguard spears Hopefully there'll be some really fun support spells and buffs for the wizards and shrine so that I can really gear up my everchosen elite into true heavy hitters!
  13. Yeah that's kinda the plan. I'm definitely not wanting to just throw them away and I may end up swapping the crawler for a second harvester but it's just trying to fit things in for points... Not being able to get the stalkers as battleline certainly hurts a bit in that regard as I'd rather not have 3 units of guard. Will consider some cavalry though as they could be good besides just kersploding. If I go for two harvesters I'd want 2 units so I wasn't just pinning everything on one unit as I find that is a risky proposition (many a time I've had my key units get stuck somewhere). I'll mostly have to decide on whether I want to build around the 5+ boom for crematorium or build without it in mind and see it as a bit more of a little bonus. As depending on how much you go for exploding attrition really changes how your list will look.
  14. So using a bit of the explosive recycling list on Warhammer community as inspiration I'm looking at my own Crematorium list So presenting the lightbox initial draft of Mister Arkhan's Wild Ride: Arkhan - 360 Liege Kavalos - 200 - General Bone shaper - 130 20x Mortek Guard (Swords) - 260 - BL 20x Mortek Guard (Swords) - 260 - BL 10x Mortek Guard (Swords) - 130 - BL 3x Necropolis Stalkers - 200 Gothizzar Harvester - 200 Mortek Crawler - 200 Emerald lifeswarm - 50 Points: 1990/2000 So my ideas were arkhan and the bone shaper provide some nice resurrection though the shaper does have that nasty 6" range limit which could be hard to work around but he should be able to keep up with the guard. Arkhan also obviously provides some nice spellcasting and unbinding. The emerald lifeswarm also adds to the theme of recycling my guard for splosions and just generally war of attritioning my enemies out though it can be a bit double edged due to enemy being able to use it too but I should still be outressurecting them with all my healing put together. The guard I put in units of 20 partly to save points for other fun things (I don't want a pure guard list) and whilst I could have 1 unit of 30 and 2 units of 10 instead I don't like the idea of putting all my eggs in one unit basket (though I'm open to suggestions of why it might be a better idea. The Kavalos has his command ability for the nice +1 attack and he's not bad in combat (if a bit expensive) but he does add some useful mobility to the force too. The stalkers are a bit of a unit I can let run off and do their own thing as they won't need all the resurrection support though only 3 of them could be a bit too few but they are also gorgeous models I want to use. The Gothizzar gives some more resurrection potential and a smashy monster (though the 3" range could be a pain but he does at least allow for recycling from enemy units too). The crawler is another really cool model and provides the list some ranged support and hopefully the potential to shoot some backline targets if my guard struggle pushing through lines. I think the list provides some decent numbers whilst also having a few different options of punchy units and even if exploding doesn't do too much having the recycling to give me more staying power could be pretty nice. I'm very much open to (and looking for) C&C on this list and what might work better for crematorium in general.
  15. So I'm definitely torn on what subfaction I want to play but leaning toward crematoriam because I like the sounds of their lore (slowly becoming aware they're throwaways) and exploding on death sounds super fun. I quite like the idea of the list on Warhammer community with lots of guard running around blowing up and getting healed but as stated that may be hard to pull off (and I don't like running massive units...) As I play more casual I'll probably very much just get what I wanna build/paint and see how it goes. Whilst I love the look of the spears the swords will probably be a better choice so I'm thinking I may very well just replace the sword blades with the spear tips which could look pretty swell. I'm also gonna look at back banners to add to the samurai esque theme they kinda have going on, will possibly do the masking tape and brass rod method since they seem difficult/expensive to buy (and would be hard to find in the correct scale) I also may paint their faces like masks as opposed to being skull faces to get a bit of a mempo theme. Colour wise I'm considering the idea of the contrast with black drybrush over mentioned in the stormcast podcast for the flambe fellas but instead of yellows and oranges I might try blue, purple or green so it's less explody fire and more spirit energy so they can potentially be a different subfactions. I can also totally see that working well with a metallic drybrush instead of black for chamon. It may be finally time to go and buy arkhan since the ressing and spells could be quite useful.
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