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  1. Ironbones and the Jaw Splitters sounds like a great name for a band
  2. This month I'm hoping to build & paint a Bull Centaur Taur'ruk for a friend I'm also hoping to undercoat and then paint 10 freeguild greatswords and start making a little dent in my free cities army. If I can manage those my stretch goals would be quite frankly to get anything else painted
  3. I'm looking at Cultist units to use alongside my armoured boys because I really do not like the marauder models (rip) but love the warcry models. Looking at the warscrolls I'm really considering unmade with the amount of attacks they can throw out (and the scythes on the blissful ones). My favourite looking warbands are the corvus cabal and the cypher lords but they just don't really look like they'll be able to do enough in terms of attacks unfortunately (though the fly on the corvus could warrant them as early objective grabbers) I know marauders are generally the go-to because they do the job better but is there much potential for something like the unmade to be able to throw down alongside an army? (rather than being the main focus etc)
  4. Mind giving me a rundown on what colours you used to achieve that? Especially the armour.
  5. So book scheme isn't too difficult (I used yellow contrast instead of iyandan yellow step but basically same effect) since you start with the light colours it's easier to get all the crevices as the black drybrush then won't go into them however you may need to rego over some of the sticky out skulls with your yellow. As for extra yellow in the recesses (as per book scheme) I found the recesses generally easy enough to get a brush into and for the ones that weren't they were small enough that having darker orange instead of light yellow wasn't too noticeable or much of an issue (I kind find you wanna keep some orange showing in them really else it looks too yellow and not burny enough). It's an easy scheme to paint for sure as it's basically just base yellow, wash orange, drybrush black (i'd then suggest drybrush dark grey over that black to make it less flat) and then yellow in recesses. The only difficulty is making sure you don't go too overboard on yellow in recesses and end up making it look like an odd wasp Here's an example I've done so you can see the general idea of how it looks: Unfortunately I've yet to snap pics of the smaller guys I've done but will try and put them onto my blog asap. This was also me being quite messy and not too careful with the scheme so if you're more careful with the recess yellow and such it'll probably come out looking even better
  6. How do people find Katakros in legions outside of Praetorians. I'm looking at how to expand my crematorian force and I'm considering getting either him or Arkhan, I know Arkhan would be really good for magic and such but I've got 2 boneshapers currently already and Katakros is a really nice model (expensive though in points and £££). For reference the current things I own: -2 Boneshapers -1 Harvester -30 Mortek Guard (swords) -5 Deathriders (swords) -3 Stalkers -2 morghast archai (halbards) -2 unbuilt morghast I don't want to go just infantry and harvester spam because the lists for that look a bit dull for me, I'd like to be able to use a bit more of a range of units (like the fact I love the look of stalkers & deathriders) But I do totally plan to have at least a 20 guard + 1 harvester combo in most lists because it's pretty useful! A bit of advice on what sort of things I could look at would be nice (I know I'll probably need a liege kavalos). Also as a sidenote I'm really enjoying painting up my Crematorian guys, the scheme is pretty simple and quite fun. It might end up being my first fully painted army (above 1k)
  7. That's really weird people got mad because the first knight incantor (from the starter set) was already female?
  8. I really like some of the new faces myself, they've made the hair look better. I also love the canoness one with the hood, what you can see of the face and hair look well sculpted and the overall look really comes together. I'm less of a fan of the other faces but I'm not gonna berate them, they're options I may or may not use. It's not like I walk outside and every woman looks the same anyway, variation in faces for male and female models is always welcome as why can't my heroes (or even rank and file) look different from one another? Edit: Also i may be misunderstanding (apologies if I am) but as someone who legitimately has confusion regarding their gender identity I'd much rather people not make comments about 'loud few on social media' as it makes it seem like poking fun at people who do have confusion regarding that aspect of their identity. Thanks.
  9. This is a really nice point and one that I've never really considered but definitely bears worth mentioning. There's so much to learn from other cultures and viewpoints that it's honestly a shame that you don't always get as much cultural sharing or exposure as you should. Definitely a pity. Speaking of culture though one thing I have liked with AoS has been the different cultural motifs they've put into some armies, it's made for really nice and varied aesthetics.
  10. I do really like the way they've done it actually. I plan to get a box of each myself to then create loads of D&D and mordheim models out of. I think it would be a pretty good way to go if GW decided they wished to address gender disparity in older kits e.g. if they wanted female stormcast liberators they could do a kit of them instead of having to go through shadespire to get a sculpt etc. One thing I actually kinda dislike with the sprues that have 1 or 2 females on them is they're actually really difficult to swap parts around on. This is in part due to the way modern GW kits sacrifice poseability for dynamics but for females it's an issue because they're generally made with smaller sculpted limbs meaning that for example with my idoneth eels if I want a female squad leader or a male musician it ends up looking weird because of arm size. But on the other hand I much prefer having that issue than having no female models at all for my elves.
  11. But It's okay for you to claim we should impose "this must remain a male dominated hobby" on everyone? Because that's the general vibe I'm getting from your posts. Saying it will always be male dominated is a really silly statement because: Why should it be? And even if it does why does that mean we shouldn't be able to discuss representation like adults? Every time someone throws out 'sjw' as if it's a meaningful thing I have to roll my eyes a bit because It's literally only ever used for people to boo and hiss at equality (god forbid we all feel equally comfortable in a hobby huh?) The hobby is changing as It has been since the 80's in various ways and as it will continue to. Noone is forcing you to accept people into your group or to use female models or whatever but that should be no reasons to decide no one else can have them. I really like this response, everyone throws around SJW as a filthy thing because the internet has tried it's best to make pushes for equality look like a terrible man-hating shove into some matriarchy, same with the term 'feminist' which any real feminist will tell you is just a push for equality for both women and men (regardless of what word you choose to use for such) It's something that really irritates me because It's just people spewing misinformed bile and I hate that it's had to rear its head onto this thread (which otherwise has been quite a civil discussion for the most part) But yeah I digress. I like this response because I think wanting the hobby to be somewhere safe and comfortable for your daughters is a really noble goal and definitely kudos to you buddy. EDIT: Back onto topic of female miniatures I think armour wise the sisters of the thorn are a good example, pretty feminine in appearance but no massive silly boobplate. Also I love the long wild hair they & wild riders get. The sisters of the watch kit also have really nice light armour and as someone pointed out earlier are a great kit you can mix and match the bodies with (with a bit of work)
  12. My harvester Is now painted! (Needs one or two small details still) Hopefully will get some further work on my deathriders & boneshaper tonight.
  13. I absolutely love this view on chaos, I've always quite like the more tragic aspects of chaos and how damnation can stem from just trying to save people or from unintentionally veering toward it, which also is something that can make for super dark stories (fun fun) I think there's definitely a lot of scope for the underdog rising up to crush those who oppressed them with chaos.
  14. I'm so mad I've run out of reacts today... this is 10/10 XD
  15. I honestly wouldn't agree that the barbarians or khorne mortals are sexy, but that might just be differences in preference. Stormcast though definitely look like they're modelled to be attractive and well defined etc, which could be deliberate on sigmars part to make them look heroic and inspirational? But would be nice to see some new humans in general who aren't super jacked up bodybuilders.
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