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  1. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Ironweld Arsenal Discussion

    Sounds like a great idea would love to see it happen!
  2. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Ironweld Arsenal Discussion

    Cheers! Unfortunately I don't have a steamtank to compare. The servohauler is definitely smaller and thinner than the tank would be which is why it has the armiger body as the turret. Generally as long as the base size is correct and it's at least tall enough you should be okay. I wouldn't recommend the servohauler bits I used on their own though as I used the small section however if you can have it pulling along a carriage or something with a turret on that'd probably work very nicely. The kit itself comes with lots of cool bits if you want the more industrial mechanical feel.
  3. Lightbox

    FeC Ghoul Heads and Shoulders success

    Wow! These are super cool.
  4. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Oh wow that's amazing!! I'm gonna have to try that sometime.
  5. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Brb buying 70 billion pots of GW grey & white to drybrush my scheme with that pot. Those all sound like terrible options! But I have 30 made and figure I should use them because apparently 3 terrorghiests and a zombie dragon can't take objectives (obviously the rules were written by losers who don't understand that monsters are way cooler than puny people) I might need to get a dice shaker for all those ghoul attacks.
  6. Lightbox

    Tzaangor-heavy: Beasts of Chaos OR Disciples of Tzeentch?

    I too am wondering the same thing here! Tried them with beasts of chaos yesterday and the herdstone is really helpful for keeping them around (ruddy low bravery...) though with DoT you do also get access to some of the non beast mortals if you wish to use them (I know I like them) such as curselings, acolytes and the ogroid. If you're just doing pure tzaangors then it could be worth trying out both and seeing which you like more. I've never liked destiny dice all that much myself but that's because I'm bad at knowing when & when not to use them. Good for skyfire sniping though.
  7. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Nah tried that, can't fit it in the paintpot Also if I wanted to take some ghouls in gristlegore to have some objective grabbers / something that isn't just a monster would I need to have exactly 40 per unit and courtiers to make use of them? I figure that if you can gear them up with super attack amounts surely even a unit of 10 could have uses? Or is it way to squishy to be of use that low?
  8. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    If you ever work out a good way to do this besides buying 7 billion boxes of eyes of the nine do let me know!
  9. Lightbox

    Equipment for Kairics and Tzaangors

    I thought Kairic could mix and match? Since it says each unit fights with a variety of weapons and then goes on to say 'some of the acolytes are armed with' instead of 'some units' or just 'some'. And the fact that the box comes with like only 2 paired weapons at most (I really dislike the box forcing shields on everything, especially glaives who can't actually take shields. Gets confusing) EDIT: They also have the exact same wording for mixing equipment that tzaangors do.
  10. Congrats man! You are living my dream. I too hope one day to have a fully painted army. Though my issue is technically less of a time one and more of a motivation issue... and the fact I keep hopping between projects *sigh* Tbh I'd settle for a fully painted 1k army at the moment... I'm very terrible at this whole finishing projects thing Even my mordheim warbands never get finished. Anyway best of luck in future painting endeavours! I look forward to seeing pictures and one day hope to join you in the painting hall of fame that only those with at least 1 finished 2000 point army can join.
  11. Lightbox

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    I for one am very excited. But then again I am also a chaos fan so the chaos only aspect doesn't put me off. But yeah it definitely feels very necromunda gang, with them all being variants of the same kinda race (imperial humans for necromunda, chaos humans for warcry) of course hopefully like necromunda they'll have more added and hopefully a bit quicker (a year long release for all 6 of necromundas gangs really killed the drive for it at my club) I'm interested to see more of the factions, so far it's seem to shown a beast-like clan similar to the darkoath we already have, a gladiator style clan and lots of chaos gribblies. Hopefully it won't be too long till more news. But I could wait release date wise... gotta buy theatre tickets next month so can't have GW throwing more expensive starter sets at me and critical hitting my wallet I'm gonna predict starter set will likely be 2 10 man warbands, either 2d board like necromunda or a couple of 3d ruins like kill team. And probably priced around £95ish Looking forward to seeing more clans definitely, the serpent symbol intrigues me greatly. Possibly a sneaky poison clan?
  12. Lightbox

    The Blood King rises

    How did you do the red bloody spectral style?
  13. Lightbox

    Do hags dye their hair?

    White fading into the pink or blue could be really cool! But I mainly suggest that because I really like the pink and blue but you said you wanted to go more white so a gradient would likely be cool. Depends whether you're comfortable painting that though.
  14. Lightbox

    New FEC Tome List Thread

    So my 1500 point list consisting of: 2x Archregent 1x Gk on TG 1x royal TG 1x royal ZD 10x ghouls Did very well against my opponents spiderfang. He had 3 big spiders (one with a shaman) a boss on smaller spider which managed to do 20 morral wounds in one go with his poison against poor Terrance the terrorgheist who only had 4 wounds left. And 2x10 spider riders and 1x5 spider riders. Our scenario was the one with 4 objectives (one in your zone, 2 middle etc) and i managed to win with 22 or so VP to his 5. We both made some mistakes ajd forgot things as we're new to our armies which could have cost him the game. He'd mostly deployed on one side so I rushed up my TG's to slam his spiders hard and stop them getting past and as such was able to capture 3 objectives turn one after summoning flayers. Against goblins the screams were pretty good, even if my poor dice rolling hurt. Flayers also proved nice at killing his little boss in melee with some lucky sixes and my ghoul king going first always helped me as well as rerolling my maw attacks got me some nasty 6's and ate a big spider. I forgot about our feeding frenzy command ability until toward the end unfortunately which would have helped more earlier. I found TG's aren't as tough as I'd hoped but were able to stall him enough to get me objective points. Their big bases are nice between terrain for blocking it. I do think in most games I'd prefer horrors as they're very punchy. All in all feels like a good core start, will just have to work out how to progress to 2k. Maybe with a 3rd terrorgheist
  15. Lightbox

    3D Print Success Bits for FeC „Knight“ Armor

    Oh awesome! I'll have to pick some up now. Any clue when your terrorgheist plates will get in so you can show them off too?