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  1. Lightbox

    What I learnt from trying and failing 31 days of hobby

    Thanks! ^_^ I'm hoping to get my first painting of 2019 started tonight, got some khorne and 40k stuff to put some washes on and then start highlighting. Hope your year gives you plenty hobby time too!
  2. Hi there! Some of you may have noticed that I attempted a 31 days of hoby challenge in December. You'll also notice my blog has far from 31 entries. The objective of this challenge was to work on hobby for at least 1 hour a day, though as I knew I'd be at my girlfriends at least 1 weekend in December I added the rule of if I miss any days I make up for them with extra time on other days. Now I did not manage this challenge at all, but honestly? I've learnt one hell of a lot from trying it and I'm going to share those lessons. POSITIVES: So lets begin with the positives I gained/learnt from this challenge: 1) It gave me motivation: Now this is a big one, normally I have 0 motivation to paint because honestly I find it very intimidating at times. I'm still not used to batch painting or doing lots of models so as much as I love painting a hero or two any squads are instant turn offs because I'm too used to spending hours per model. This challenge however gave me the motivation to attack my unpainted pile and frankly really helped, which also moves me onto point 2... 2) It broke it down: What I'm saying here is basically that doing only an hour or so at a time was the best thing for it because it taught me that no, I don't have to spend an entire evening doing painting or modelling. The hardest thing for me is fitting hobby around my other time consuming hobbies and the fact I generally don't have weekends available to myself as much anymore as I'm often visiting friends or doing tabletop rpg's with my girlfriend and some of our friends. The fact that I got to experience the idea of just doing small chunks each day actually really helped remove the intimidation factor and let me still do gaming or other stuff in the same day. 3) I learnt how to batch paint: This came from having to try and get 10 kairic acolytes ready within a week for a big game. It also taught me I hate batch painting but that's another story. I also coincidentally learnt... 4) I learnt that I don't have to paint every model like a hero: This mostly came from doing the batch painting but I finally actually got myself to try just doing bare minimum quick and easy tabletop standard. And y'know what? It looks pretty damn good in a game and isn't hugely different from my nicely painted heroes. Go figure! 5) I learnt that I still love doing conversions: But y'know whats even nicer than those conversions? Getting to start painting them and seeing them start coming together. 6) I learnt new techniques: From this challenge I got to try new things and techniques especially when painting my varanguard and archaon, most notably for archaon I got to try my first time doing a flaming sword. And goodness I think it came out spectacularly well! I also learnt that nuln oil over gold armour is probably better than reikland fleshshade for getting those shadows/shading in. Freehanding eyes and face makeup is still hard but good to practice too. 7) Most importantly I learnt that it's okay to fail: I did not manage this challenge and frankly? Who cares! I did this challenge in order to give me the motivation to paint and try and just start getting into a habit of doing some hobby. And honestly? It worked! Even now it's over I finally have that itch to want to get stuff painted, something I never really had before and I'm super stoked about that. Just gotta make sure it lasts But at the end of the day I learnt a lot and had some fun, and that's really the point of challenges isn't it? It's to give yourself a new way to enjoy things. Now there were also some negatives unfortunately: 1) I found it sometimes became a chore: Having the forced 1 hour a day both didn't work and sometimes demotivated me, I would also feel crappy when I missed days which also didn't help. I think it's good to try and set time to do painting each week but you need to allow yourself to be flexible else you'll struggle to fit it all in. 2) I still couldn't stick to a single project: Whilst this was initially done to try and finish my kharadrons I had I ended up quite quickly swapping to painting up my chaos force because frankly I felt like it and kinda enjoyed it a bit more. I've always been bad at sticking to any one project for an extended amount of time and alas that doesn't look to be stopping anytime soon. 3) I got ill!: A big issue with this was being too ill to paint for the first two weeks of December, meant that I missed the early motivation and didn't manage to get it into habit. 4) I couldn't manage it consecutively: As you'll likely see from my blog posts I was unable to do that many days which whilst it's okay to have failed still feels kinda sucky. But I know I cannot paint every day, just need to try and do at least once a week I think. 5) I learnt I still don't know how many days are in each month: You'll notice some blog posts are 31 days and some are 30 days. Apparently I am still a child and can't remember month days Though tbh that's always been a thing for me... All this being said whilst it did highlight a lot of issues I have when it comes to army projects and painting... I am glad that I tried the challenge because as I said earlier I've really gained some motivation from it and some new insight. Frankly I'd like to put the challenge to you guys as well. Can you manage an hour of painting each day for a month? Maybe try it and see what you learn/gain from it. If nothing else it's a great excuse to finish some of those models you really want to see painted
  3. As much as I'd love to contribute to this as you know Azamar, me and painting have a rather complicated relationship... though I should have some finished pieces lying around that I'm proud of. I'd like to say though that everyone's gorgeous models here already are some amazing inspiration for me to pull my finger out and get painting! (preferably painting with a brush though because finger painting models is rather difficult) However for 2019 I am certainly going to try and throw down the challenge. Finish an army. And by that I mean get at least a full 2000 point list painted and based. 2019 should also be the year of learning to freehand but that will more be 40k based (given myself the challenge of painting st Celestine onto an imperial knight shoulder pad). Should it work however I might try similar on unit banners! EDIT: Found some of my highlights of the year! Archaon: Cassia Von Ravenspeak (my vampire lady) And my admiral for my mixed race kharadron force w/doppleganger cloak I'll also have to try and find morathi when I get home as she's the one I'm most proud of. But yeah I need to get some basic units done too to go along with all these heroes!
  4. Lightbox

    Do you want to write for TGA?

    An interesting idea for sure! I'll see If I can come up with some fun ideas and send a DM. But looks like we have a good amount of people willing to try so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what people produce
  5. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Looking forward to seeing the warscroll for the archregent! Might be time to start dusting off my ghouls again and getting the FEC in order.
  6. So Friday did not have any building or painting due to being at Warhammer world all day alas and Saturday I was also out and busy most of the day. However I did manage to build valkia the bloody and half a unit of blood warriors. Not much but still something! And that's what counts. My chaos force is building up nicely. Now just need to get more paint on stuff.
  7. So yesterday I didn't get much time to paint but I got some good stuff done. Finally got some paint on my priestess and lady of slaanesh as well as getting a bit of paint on some blight kings and doing more work on archaon! Still plenty left to do though. (Apologies for picture quality. Light in the room was not the best for photos and I was tired)
  8. Lightbox

    30 days of hobby: Further details

    Today unfortunately I didn't manage to get much done. I've done further drybrushing work on archaon but it won't show up enough in pics to warrent showing really. But I did start getting some metal detail on my green varanguard. Tomorrow shall have to be more productive.
  9. So today being Christmas and living with my family meant that I didn't have too much painting time today. But I still got a decent amount done!! First I added blue to my acolytes and even did their scroll which I'm rather proud of. Now mostly need highlights and basing. I also managed to wash and drybrush my varanguard, something different compared to my last unit but certainly an interesting style. And a rather different colour scheme. Need to start getting detailing and other colours on them. And finally this evening I managed to get started on the big mans horse(monster thing?) himself! Dorghar!! Still lots to do before friday though!! So shall get cracking again tomorrow.
  10. So as per usual I have continued to work on my beloved varanguard. With 2 of squad 1 almost finished and squad 2 now base sprayed caliban green for something a little different. Figure hey why not really differentiate the squads, get that proper multiple bands coming together as everchosen feel. Whew that's a lot of photos of beefy horsemen!! So let's have something a little different. I started on batch painting my 10 kairic acolytes I'll need, doing them very quick and dirty because I need to teach myself not to spend hours on single footsoldiers who are gonna be surrounded by lots of others and die in droves. They're far from finished but definitely a good start and mostly now just need smaller details, feathers and then highlights. Though I plan to do more later I am taking a break for now in order to play a game against my dad to try out my list for Friday's Warhammer world 2v2 where me and another man of the same name playing khorne will square off vs my dad and another guy playing bonesplitters & ironjawz. (Fun fact, all 4 of us have names beginning with J) Wish me luck!
  11. Lightbox

    30 days of hobby: Bring forth the knights of ruin!

    Yeah I was thinking of putting her current base on a new one. Easiest way. Skull pile would be good so she won't look out of place atop the shrine when used as my shrine priest. Aspiring deathbringer could also work though. Cheers for the ideas
  12. On friday I did a little bit of building a nurgle gnarlmaw which isn't worth a photo really. On Saturday I was too busy tabletop roleplaying for painting alas but today... Today I have continued to give glorious cover to the strongest of all chaos warriors!! THE VARANGUARD! This first squad is slowly but surely getting there. I can only hope it'll prove quicker for other ones so I can try and get them ready for friday!!
  13. Lightbox

    30 days of hobby: Bring forth the knights of ruin!

    32 mm. I'm gonna need to now check my actual slaughterpriest to see what base I should have 😧
  14. My goal of 9 varanguard is nearing completion... 4 of the 6 i was building are finished! Decided one unit will have daemonforged blades, I know they're kinda crappy but I love the sculpts and I can always count them as ensorcelled weapons sometimes too. That will give me 6 spears and 3 who don't care about charging (If I need someone tough to objective sit) I've also done more work on the slaughterpriestess, couldn't find a good head with hair to hold so instead she's torn out the spine too!! I'm very happy with it And finally I have almost finished my lord of slaanesh on foot, some escher legs gave a lovely punkish slaanesh feel may have to shorten the sword though but I do love her dancing esque pose All in all I'm really happy with how this lot are coming along
  15. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Bretonnia Discussion

    Enchantress wise I was thinking about the realm spells to have her with but yeah two definitely wouldn't help in a non realm based game. I can definitely see the flying 14" damsel have uses that an enchantress might not.