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  1. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Ironweld Arsenal Discussion

    So I am slowly being tempted into maybe possibly trying some stormcast at some point to go with my lord ordinator kitbash. But regular stormcast are icky so obviously the only right way to do it would to be to have them there simply to support MASSIVE BIG GUN CANNONS Now that all being said has anyone tried using the celestar ballista in ironweld lists? I know it's a much shorter range so may not work too well as it won't be able to be buffed by the same heroes buffing the cannons. I will get back to my ironweld properly but got kharadrons and nighthaunt to knock through first. Hoping we'll start seeing some more batreps for the big guns soon
  2. So yesterday my dastardly nighthaunt fought against my dads villainous beastmen and won a close fought victory. We played path to glory using the malign portents rules for some extra pizazz. We picked our portents at random and I ended up with the falling star which gave me some surprisingly useful save shenanigans. Gavespawn beasts can pack a punch! I'm very glad of my etheral since his doombull was capable of doing 5 damage with his axe and was really gunning for my mounted knight of shrouds. At the end of the game I had just 2 chainrasps left who valiently knocked the last 2 wounds off of his summoned bullgors. Chainrasps are a great little battleline Malign portents was a surprisingly simple and fun addon, we played the they came from below narrative mission from the book which I think was a good fun one. Lots of good shenanigans were had! Even if he kept making me charge on d6 and i kept rolling 1's and 2's... my poor dreadblade harrow barely made his charges. Unfortunately I have no photos but my list was: -1 x knight of shrouds on ethereal steed -1 x Dreadblade harrow -5 x Glaivewraith stalkers -4 x Myrnmourn Banshees -10 x Chainrasps
  3. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    @Lucky Snake Eyes just remember the shrine can't change buffs in game. You have to select what mark it has at the start. But otherwise yes it's useful to buff archaon as he does get to be a khorne hero. The juggernaut lord is good for buffing his wound rolls if you have one so he can get slayer of kings easier.
  4. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    I'll be honest. I don't play in a competetive envinronment. Nagash is not going to be something I'll encounter. My main opponents will likely be khorne mortals, mixed elves (with a frostfire pheonix which is annoying for Archie) and possibly deepkin eels (they'll be a pain) I'll agree on low buffs, it'll come down a lot to spells really alas but I'm not entirely sure on how much buffs tzeentch can really throw out. If they do have some good stuff I've somehow forgotten about do tell! Otherwise I know nurgle can pack some nice buffs for archy but I'm sure he can work in other alleigances too. As for damage 20 tzaangors can be surprisingly effective at knocking down units, they've yet to let me down. And spear varanguard can really pack a punch on the charge. Though it is a small amount I'll agree. I do find archaon difficult to build with, even in my more casual environment. Just need to get used to working with lower points. Also cheers on the no juggerlord, rarely have my books to hand when I'm able to check tga ? As much as I like to get archy using his command ability I am thinking the whole 2 fatemaster gimmick is too costly for what it could possibly do. May be better to drop them for more bodies. Taking some of that on though here's a list rewrite potentially packing a bit more punch and threat. Alas I've had to drop my beloved Varanguard TzeentchArchaon2.pdf
  5. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    How's this for a Tzeentch archaon list? Trying the idea of the 2 fatemasters for shenanigans with rerolls from their command ability. Can't say I'm sure it'll do much though. Good beatstick potential though! ArchaonTzeentch2k.pdf My only problem though is the lack of giving any + to wounds to make destiny dicing for slayer of kings easier. One of my friends brings a frostfire pheonix so -1 to wound is a realistic problem for me. Though I suppose vs him I can swap out the varanguard to ally in a khorne juggerlord. I also need to look through spells again as been a while since I brought out my tzeentch.
  6. Lightbox

    Will there ever be New Human models for Order?

  7. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    I did some modifications to the Yncarne from 40k myself. Added a large demonette claw (from a seeker I think) some demonic stuff protruding from her etc which I think works well. Definitely has a good slaaneshy vibe. Here's the only photo I can find of her. I should try and get a better one.
  8. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    Considering the size of them possibly they could be a bit more of an anvil? So can be a tough (for slaanesh) roadblock unit? Either that or fast high rend monster killers as you say. I feel like slaanesh already has enough stuff to deal with horde units at least and a fair amount of -1 rend thanks to our demonettes. They could do more with the soporific musk debuff perhaps? Like make it an aura? Also better to hit and wound rolls could make a lot of difference.
  9. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    Archaon had his first outing today. My list was: -Big Daddy Archaon -Mighty lord of khorne -chaos lord on juggernaut -Bloodsecrator 20 bloodreavers 20 bloodreavers 20 marauders 1 chaos spawn 5 chaos warriors 5 blood warriors 3 varanguard (allied) Was an odd but interesting list. The marauders did very well holding an objective against some bleakswords but bad luck saw them removed later. Archaon absolutely fluffed his first lot of attacks pretty much costing me any chance I had of catching up on objectives near the end. We played shifting objectives, a difficult one. His list was: Anointed on frost pheonix Sorceress Archmage Anointed 10 bleakswords 10 darkshards 10 darkshards 5 dragon princes 10 blackguard 10 executioners 5 doomfire warlocks 30 pheonix guard Game was actually pretty close but we both made some mistakes. High numbers for me was interesting but had reavers over 12 away from secrator so were on 2 attacks instead of 3 alas. Think trying to get archaons command ability going at 2k is too much, mighty lord of khorne wasn't really worth it. Juggernaut lord was nice though and Varanguard certainly hit hard with Archaon with their spears! I think more blood warriors would do well as they are a solid unit and more resilient than marauder/reaver spam. As a test it went pretty well, i am finding Archaon a bit hard to build with though. Might try him in slaanesh to go with cheap demonettes and get the double attacks from command abilities. He and Varanguard are a fun combo but very expensive in points! Varanguard really need to do well to make up the points with how much they take from other stuff. Archy though can really delete units when he doesn't ****** up his attacks which is nice!
  10. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    Recently picked up Archaon so plan to start using him a lot more, already seeing some nice synergy with khorne generals but It's hard to mix heroes/synergy units with boots on the ground. Should be able to see how he and the varanguard play tomorrow along with a good amount of 'boots on the ground' to run with him. See whether I need to go more on bodies or buffing him and the varanguard. I've noticed a few lists using lots of marauders or generally low units. Are these designed more for doing summoning for you units? Or just relying on archaon and heroes doing heavy lifting? Also if anyone has sny recommendations for models to use as marauders I'm all ears. I dislike the base ones. Have tried some conversions of mantics basilean sisterhood into stuff more akin to warhammer onlines zealots though that obv works better for tzeentch than some other gods.
  11. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Bretonnia Discussion

    Skeletal battle pilgrims sounds like an odd idea XD A consideration though! I'd ideally like to keep conversions fairly cheap, especially as buying many boxes will leave me with lots of random stuff I may be unable to use. But regardless I do need some idea for grail knights ? something to set them apart from common rabble... I'll have a think about it and look through the different horsemen options. Could do them as a unit of mounted vampires possibly, though I'd like to keep the army still looking bretonnian, just with some shyishian themes. Horses I can use black knight ones to help set them apart. I'll have a proper look and think soon. Meanwhile I'll try and get some stuff built and painted looking forward to this! Also thinking a coven throne vampire on an undead unicorn might make a cracking enchantress!
  12. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Bretonnia Discussion

    Ooh that's really cool. As for knights errant I technically only have knights of the realm but they're the super old ones with like mega thin lances so if I wanted to field with realm I could try and get more modern ones or something. On their own it's fine. Alas Errants also don't feel worth the 200 points though i suppose saving the 20 points can be useful, though they do prefer to have a damsel. Grail knights I planned to convert though finding unbuilt 'modern' brets is a tad hard and I only have enough for maybe 5? Also if I don't go lord reikenors pegasus can still work for the sacred protector, he's ghostly and can fly. I've always liked the lord's though, good save and damage output for a 5 wound model. And super mobile with the peg. I was thinking for grail knights doing them on skele horses to make the look different. Might need to find some different riders though, bit stuck on that one if I can't find lots of bret bits. Double enchantress is nice though, she's a brilliant spellcaster for 160 points provided you have the spell lores.
  13. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    So thinking a list for 1000 points: Heroes: -Valkia the bloody - 140 -Bloodsecrator - 140 - General Units: Blood Warriors (5) Goreaxe & Fist - 100 (only B-warriors I have currently) Chaos Warriors (10) Greatblades - 180 (adds in some rend, should be nice with secrator attack buff) Marauder Horsemen (5) Javelins & Shields, Damned Icon - 90 Blood Reavers (10) Reaver blades - 70 Blood Reaers (10) Rever blades - 70 Chaos Spawn - 50 Behemoth: Chaos Warshrine - 160 1000/1000 points In theory it gives me some good tough frontline, some disposable reavers to also pump out lots of attacks. Fast moving horsemen to accompany valkia or nab objectives. Hit buffs from the shrine and extra attacks from the secrator. Obviously not the most competitive of lists but looks like it could be fun in a friendly game and feels like a solid core to start learning with. Can easily drop the spawn for an extra command point in some games. Or eventually drop the spawn and replace the warriors with blood warriors for some weight of attacks.
  14. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Bretonnia Discussion

    So a quick 1K list I've just put together Leaders: -Bretonnian Lord - Etheral Amulet, Legendary Fighter, Pegasus - 140 -Enchantress - 160 Troops: -8 Knights of the realm - 220 -16 Men at arms - 120 -10 Grail Knights - 360 Points: 1000/1000 Wounds: 62 Not entirely sure it would work XD And I'll have my work cut out for me trying to find a way to convert grail knights (perhaps giving them a fancy paint job or something? Also not sure I have enough bret knight models left to build, oof. Possibly kitbash them from another model base? Or scour ebay.) I'm kind of wanting to do a repanse de lyonesse style conversion at some point. An undead joan of arc for the army Thinking also Reikenor the Grimhailer's undead Pegasus could provide me a lot of fun for a lord conversion Already got one regular lord on a Pegasus but hey why not 2? I'm still upset Pegasus knights lost their pile in and attack twice ability, I struggle to see much point to them now for their cost alas Okay so I've just seen some stormcast with bretonnian heads and they look great! I now know what I'm doing if I ever start a small stormcast band... (and if I ever get enough bret heads)
  15. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Bretonnia Discussion

    Heh that sounds awesome! Glad to see the brets giving the poster boys a run for their money ;) I think my main thing now is to get more brets or convert some up, the shyish theme should make that a bit easier! One thing I will ask... how useful do you find men at arms? I may have converted 10 of my 16 into zombies... (though zombie men at arms is still workable for my theme XD And don't worry I'll be sure to post up here when I get stuff made and painted.