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  1. Ooh that's gorgeous! Unfortunately I don't have a 3d printer so just STL files aren't so useful for me :(
  2. Hi all, So I'm still pretty set on playing Avengorii monster mash but I don't want to be running around with an army of identical models so I'm wondering if anyone has any good third party links or conversion suggestions for making terrorgheists? Thanks in advance!
  3. Of course it's set to release whilst I'm away at a larp weekend XD Though I'll probably wait a week or two to spread out costs anyway, and because I want the dragon cavalry! Do we reckon it will be just a 2 week spread or do people expect all the units to take a few weeks to all come out?
  4. Vindenspite is home to all manner of people, from righteous warriors to dubious scoundrels, from cocky duellists to cunning tacticians it truly is a city of different people all united by a desire to survive and flourish. Though even in such a melting pot of people there are still those who are looked upon with scorn, fear or pity. One such individual is the woman known as Adalia Neverfall, the woman who should be dead many times over, the woman who most believe is damned, the woman who's innermost demon towers behind her manifest for all to see. Adalia was once a normal woman within the city, possessing a keen Mercantile eye and a strong right hook though eventually like many others she awoke to the dream of the Glimmergate. In the dead of night she stood before it, her eyes meeting the swirling energies the held the future of her fate. She hesitated for a long while, she was no hero or anyone special really... but the gate had chosen her and she knew she had to answer its call. With a deep breath she took her steps into the gate and vanished. It was years later when she finally emerged, though for her it had been but days, such is the potent magics of the glimmergate. She had been forever changed by her experience, where once stood one now there were two; the elven girl many had known and this new beastly monster that towered behind her, a horned creature of muscle and magic far unlike any beasts that had come to the call of the chosen. There was a darkness that lingered in the back of her eyes, one that unnerved all who saw and caused many to believe she had been possessed by some malevolent force within the gate. It was only her new ability to call forth the fabled blade of fire, Incandescence, that stopped her from being run out of town for it was a sign that no matter what forces she now shared her soul with she had at least emerged as some form of chosen from the Frostflame glade. Adalia's new powers didn't end there, she had gained a strange form of immortality for whenever she was slain in battle she would rise again later in a burst of flames like a phoenix being reborn though every time she did the beast that tailed her seemed to grow more ferocious. Noone could decide whether she was blessed or cursed but all gave her a wide berth, avoiding her out of fear and mistrust. On the battlefield Adalia fight alongside her beast with an otherworldly harmony of fury and strength, each part of the duo fighting together with such skill as if both shared the same mind like puppets held aloft by the same strings. Nobody knows how the story will end for Adalia but many believe that either one day she will either die permanently or lose herself to the beast she is forever linked with. In game Adalia and her little (big) buddy will be an anvil of apotheosis character.
  5. *facepalm* I have played 3 games making the same misreading mistake... whoops. Misread it as +1 to the dice roll rather than an extra dice rolled. I suspect that's what happened on the wh+ batrep
  6. This looks like a really fun warscroll and honestly? Even with it being turned up to 11 it doesn't look horrible to play against for its points. I'd definitely love to see any models for this or the chaos galleon should you ever make them. You could make a really cool narrative mission where some opponents have to try and take down this flagship or some such as it sails toward a battle.
  7. Gonna be honest I've been tempted to sign up ever since I saw Louise Sugden is doing one of the Masterclasses, I would love to learn how to do her vibrant painting style! Also anime Sisters of Battle? Heck yeah! That and I've always quite liked the inquisition so at least 2 episodes the hammer and bolter series looks really fun for me, less interested in angels of death though as I'm not too big on its animation style or Space Marines in general. Though I definitely agree with the fact it's a shame the lack of content at launch, but if they stick to their new content being added each wednesday then I could see the subscription being interesting especially if they start pushing out some actual AoS content and ideally some animations not just focused around stormcast (though ngl I do look forward to Blacktalon and it's nice to see the first announced stormcast animation having a female protagonist) Loremasters could be quite an interesting series for sure though if anyone was interested only in AoS lore then honestly I'd recommend 2+ Tough to them on youtube/patreon as Doug does an amazing job with that. I think for most people there will need to be a mix of content they're interested in to actually warrant the subscription because whilst it's cheap for a subscription it's also for much more niche content unlike Netflix where you're bound to find something you're interested in watching. Model wise it's a bit of a shame that the AoS one is for an army I don't collect (and that you have to wait a full year for it) but they are still gorgeous and characterful models which is actually really nice as they very easily could have made really basic boring looking hero models and charged a premium for them, so hopefully the trend of well designed subscription models will continue. As for the vault, I'm not sure how much use I'll have for a lot of old books or white dwarf content but hey at least old white dwarfs had cool conversion guides I can look at! I'd quite like to see recent white dwarf's being uploaded too as it would be great to have them in digital format in one place rather than having to go out and get a physical copy any time I want a few anvil of apotheosis rules etc.
  8. My leftover free guild bits, I will need to probably find 3d printed bits for future ones though as these were difficult conversions (and I'm out of guns) the swords are a mix of free company and greatswords though, you get looooads spare in a greatsword box which is nice.
  9. So whilst for Vindenspite we have the wonderful crimson watch, the deadly gunslinging sisterhood of elite shooters their numbers just aren't enough to fill out the entire armed forces for Vindenspites attack and defence, and the Chosen and Silent Ones are far fewer in number still, as such the bulk of the Vindennian armies are filled by those of the Crimson Guard, all the brave, daring or downright crazy soldiers who train in different roles to create a well rounded force, though most of Vindenspite are skirmishers and rogues there are those who take the roles of disciplined heavy hitters, the Greatswords of the Crimson Guard. Below are some pictures of the WiP greatsword squad along with some painted pictures of the Frostqueen
  10. Thank you!! I do plan to keep them up as I'm finding them super helpful for fleshing out the ideas in my head and it's nice to share conversions.
  11. I have what'sapp again, mind shooting me an invite? It didn't save my previously joined groups
  12. Some conversions of sisters of the watch but with magic guns because #vindenspite
  13. I uhh may have decided to start working on one of my stretch goals before the main stuff I'm supposed to paint...
  14. The Crimson Watch Amongst the various soldiers of fortune and swashbuckling warriors in Vindenspite there is one regiment that stands above all others in both renown and skill, the Crimson Watch. The Crimson Watch is a sisterhood whose origins date back to the founding of Vindenspite, a single squad of Aelves who were the loyal retinue of the Frostqueen herself. This sisterhood train using rifles that magically enhance their shot with flame and frost, working to unleash their volleys with deadly accuracy to stop any would-be attackers before they have a chance to get close. Due to their high reputation and peerless skill squads from the Crimson Watch will almost always be hired into Vindennian armies for both attack and defence. The Silent Ones Not all who return from the Glimmergate do so without the experience having drastically changed them, whilst many survivors find themselves shattered or confused from the experience of having failed to reach the frostflame glade some return as beings known as 'The Silent ones'. These people return with lips sewn shut and a dullness in their eyes, empty husks that no longer eat, drink or sleep almost like walking corpses however this is only their 'dormant' state. It was not long after the first Silent Ones began appearing that their true purpose became known, as when the scent of blood is carried in the ear and the sound of battle rings around these Silent Ones spring to life with the fury of a raging tempest. Armed with deadly spears and riding great stags of the forest these beings have been put into units of raging beserkers that smash into the ranks of foes with superhuman strength and ferocity. In game terms the Crimson Watch will be Sisters of the Watch and the Silent Ones will be wild riders.
  15. EDIT: Changed some of my painting and stretch goals to fit with what I actually ended up getting inspiration for! (And because my month time frame is lessening) Now I've managed to get myself back into painting I'll see if I can try and set some goals! Painting: -Nomad Princess conversion -10x Converted sisters of the watch (Boy I sped through these) -Finish 5x Vindictors Stretch: -Build 5x Wild riders -1x Draconic Gyrocoptor Conversion -Start on evocators/lord arcanum on dracoline
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