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  1. I'm considering sticking with the bone theme but a nice deep red for the armour/shields and possibly for the faces as well or maybe silver for the faces. But I am super excited about walking chair priest/priestess though I would like to see more melee smashy smash heroes.
  2. After an evening of being unsure how to proceed and then just saying '****** it I'll work it out as I go' I finished my conversion of Brokk (well i may add more shadowy tendrils but probably not) I repositioned his arms, gave him a tricorn (because -all- of my shadow pirate heroes need tricorns) and gave him a nice shadow doppleganger friend just like my admiral (since I'm probably no longer gonna always want to go dopple cloak on my admiral giving all my heroes dopples makes it more of a ulgu theme thing than a relic thing) and his little minion holds his cannon because I felt it looked a bit too busy beneath the balloon (everything on brokk is so compacted into a small space, especially with his original pose). I'm looking forward to painting him up soon too
  3. So recently I finally finished the energy arcing for the realm gate on my ironclad! I'm incredibly happy with how it looks. I also redid the skin, hair and shadow doppleganger on my admiral and I'm much happier with the results! I just need to finish the base on her (also the pics don't really do the model justice I think, it looks better in person)
  4. Whilst they will look amazing with skeleton horde there is part of me tempted to paint them up like the necromongers from Riddick... if only because my dad reminded me of this:
  5. #AOSShowerThoughts Also back onto topic of the models I find it a little visually odd how the catapault has such a massive frame but looks to be hurling some small skulls instead of something like a giant flaming bone skull... Though the idea of these things following behind the front lines and yeeting skulls at enemies is quite amusing. Even more so if you imagine a legion of skeletons behind them just handing the crew their heads to fire. I really really adore the cavalry featured though. I hope they have good rules, and I'm also hoping this army does become an elite one ala stormcast. We have enough horde in death as it is!
  6. Boss fights vs chimera's sound like a great twist to throw into campaigns And mercenaries will be interesting, lots of potential conversion fun there to match them to your warband!
  7. Had my first two games with the cypher lords yesterday and ooh lordy were they fun! First game was basically capture table quarters and my opponent was Iron Golems. It started pretty intensely with us both launching people into each other to try and take out models. I managed to eradicate his ogre using our quad ability on my leader (the amount of attacks we get makes crit fishing great) and in round 2 I managed to get ahead in scores by clever use of shadowy recall. I then managed to start whittling down his forces enough with crits and using my mobility to stop him being able to bring the game back on turn 3. Second game vs same opponent but he swapped to his flesh eater courts. It was the scenario where you earn points by being on top of terrain, his army was smaller (2 flayers, 1 horror, 1 crypt infernal, 1 ghoul) but he had a lot of potential to eat my larger force up and make me lose my model advantage because cypher lords are kinda squish. Suffice to say his bad luck combined with my obscene amount of crits that game... (my luminate managed to do 37 points of damage to his crypt infernal in one activation [2 attacks with onslaught]) Unfortunately for him he struggled to kill off my models whilst I kinda somehow mulched his big beasties. I'm looking forward to get more use out of them as I'm really enjoying their playstyle and with my fickle luck having lots of attacks is helpful for me (I did get a couple of attack activations with no wounds on 5 or 6 dice) shadowy recall also is really nice to have in ones back pocket for objective manoeuvring.
  8. Go on now go, bleed on the floor Just pay your tithe now, Else you won't be living anymore
  9. EDIT: Whoops joke too slow and messed up my edit by posting extra instead
  10. Man these look super cool, and being bone constructs perfect for conversions! I'll probably have to get at least a few!
  11. As well as branding you could also look at putting collars or just chain around their necks with a little bit draping down like a leash to show that they've been taken and subjugated by your warband as opposed to roaming free etc. Also something like runes on parts of the skin or wings to basically be like magical symbols that bind the fury under the command of your leader etc. Also another way to capture the enslaved thrall beast feel would be using blood for the blood god or other paints to make little wounds or bruises on the model to show where its been beaten into submission etc. Stuff like that all kinda helps reflect the brutality of chaos whereas the brands and runes show a more refined way of taking control etc.
  12. Great dive into cypher lords! May have to pick some of them up now as they sound fun. Looking forward to seeing more
  13. I'm still building mine up (doing greenstuff rollers on my bases so will have to paint everything separately before putting them on bases) but I'm really keen to start hearing how people do. Looking at the cards they seem pretty squishy but I'm expecting a lot of their strengths is going to come from their abilities and getting extra attacks. Would be good to see how they do on boards without much levelled terrain as well just to see if that hampers them too much.
  14. Would have some interest. Free cities are such a great army for sharing conversions too since with their lore they could look like anything!
  15. Speaking of warcry warscrolls (for our Warhammer wargame) I definitely like the look of iron golems for holding objectives, cheaper than my chaos warriors and with that nice rerollable save, I can definitely see myself gravitating toward them. I'll admit I'm disappointed with the cypher lord warscrolls as they just don't seem all that useful, the 4+ chance for a -1 to hit is a bit disappointing but as I want them for warcry I'm sure I'll give them a go in AoS and see if they can support some of my other units well. I'm interested to see what the warscrolls for the new bands will be like as all the warcry units seem to be based around some kind of ability to add to your army as opposed to just being beatsticks.
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