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  1. For such small parts Any red glaze should work. I really like Vallejo's Glaze medium. Mix that with any paint to make a glaze! I think the dark blue glaze is what helps make the bright red really pop too. I'll be interested to see your warband when its done!
  2. I used contrast paints mainly. Here are the paints I used for the areas of bare muscle: White basecoat Blood Angel's Red Contrast Leviadon Blue and Contrast Medium (to shade the whole miniature) Vallejo Dark Sand (to make fine lines to give a muscle effect) Blood Angel's Red Contrast (not too much) Flesh Tearer's Red Contrast Finally, a Gloss varnish on just the muscle, the rest of the miniature was matt varnished. Hope it helps!
  3. Thanks for the positive praise! Always helps to keep up my motivation!
  4. The Stalkers of Kur'esh burst from the misty depths of Ulgu! Their skinned faces adorn their belts, and the more experienced a tribesman, the more flesh they sacrifice to the Lord of Joy! The whole warband and their misty bases! A trio of Awakened Ones. I love the pose of the spear wielder at the fore! I do also like the charging Ascended One on the right and his armoured sleeve! Another of my favourite models from this warband (I do like them all! Brilliantly creepy!) Tribesmen with skinned arms hanging from their waist are painted with skinned arms. The higher the rank of a tribesman, the more flesh they sacrifice. The Joyous One leaps into the fray! I tried to keep the mist to a minimum so as not to overdo it. The thought of these bursting through a claustrophobic, fogged forest is terrifying! The Blissful One in all her gory glory. Another delightfully creepy miniature! The creepy body horror of these miniatures is great! They are some of my favourite Warcry miniatures. Hope your like them! Not many warbands left for me to paint! I would like to work on the Death warbands as part of this month's Halloween theme!
  5. From the misty forest of Kur'esh, deep in the lands of Ulgu, come the creepy Stalkers!

    © mcfishstick

  6. One of Ascended Ones makes a throat-slicing gesture with his hookhand!

    © mcfishstick

  7. A trio of Awakened Ones flank a charging Ascended One.

    © mcfishstick

  8. The Joyous One leaps into action!

    © mcfishstick

  9. The Blissful One towers over her minions, surveying the battle and planning her deadly strike!

    © mcfishstick

  10. Fantastic terrain! I love how cohesive it looks thanks to your colour scheme and the overgrown bits!
  11. I don't tend to play much, so fashion over function suits me well!
  12. From the realm of Chamon, where shimmering rivers of molten steel flow through natural volcanic forges, come the Crimson Anvils! Their skin's hue is warped by the metals they work. Over the years their hands and forearms blacken as the fierce heat of forge-work takes its toll on a member of the Crimson Anvils. Dominar Khaddun raises his warhammer as the ruined remains of an enemy warband's equipment are piled at his feet. His burnt-black hands contrast against his sickly metallic-blue flesh . The Chaos Duardin, Drakur Dvalhir, waves his twin mallets. Behind him stomps the muscle-bound, armour-plated Ogor, Gul'ok Khar. The agile Drillmaster, Borscha Greel, sweeps his great flail around her to protect the icon-bearing Prefector. Beside her a lowly Legionaire, Drann Stalis. Hope you like these metallic monsters! Hopefully I can get some pictures of my favourite warband soon. Hint: They are creeeeeeeepy bunch who wear masks on Geheimensnacht as their faces are far too scary!
  13. A warband from the metallic depths of Chamon. Their skin's hue is warped by the metals they work.

    © mcfishstick

  14. Dominar Khaddun raises his warhammer as the ruined remains of an enemy warband's equipment are piled at his feet.

    © mcfishstick

  15. The Chaos Dwarf Drakur Dvalhir waves his twin mallets.

    © mcfishstick

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