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  1. mcfishstick

    Do you want to write for TGA?

    I would be quite interested. I'd be interested in writing about painting, modelling, basing, colour schemes, theming, effects (water/snow/lights). I'd also be really interested in world-building/fleshing our areas of different realms, maybe as a community/group which ties into campaign/battle rules.
  2. A really amazing and inspirational army! Your conversions and paintjobs are perfect and really fit your background!
  3. mcfishstick

    Huskard/Frostlord on Stonehorn

    Really interesting colour scheme! I love the Ogre's mask.
  4. Update at last! I've been busy with work, and I also was unsure how to paint some of the Khornish miniatures so these guys were floundering about my desk for a long time! A second unit of Bloodreavers, featuring some Khornegor conversions! A Bloodsecrator bearing a flaming icon. He is pictured cracking open the ground to summon a wave of blood and skulls! Skullreapers! They've come out really dark in this picture. I struggled to choose a colour scheme for these and ended up rushing them to get them finished. They are not too bad in the end. Next project! An amber wizard for my Freeguild. I was mainly inspired by the artworks of collegiate arcana mages from the core rulebook. Those artworks have the mages really embodying their lore. I therefore tried to make this mage personify the savagery of Ghur magic. She'll be painted wearing bone armour, she wields a bladed staff and carries skulls on her totem at her back. The dreadlocks and fanged mouth also convey the same thematic appearance. She'll be standing on a giant skull fragment. Hope you enjoy this update! I hope I manage to get another update in sooner next time!
  5. mcfishstick

    Amber Wizard WIP (2)

    Amber Wizard made from Dark Eldar pieces.

    © mcfishstick

  6. mcfishstick

    Amber Wizard WIP (1)

    Amber Wizard made from Dark Eldar pieces.

    © mcfishstick

  7. mcfishstick

    Amber Wizard Spell cast

    Amber Wizard made from Dark Eldar pieces casting an endless spell!

    © mcfishstick

  8. mcfishstick


    A group of Skullreapers wielding burning daemon weapons!

    © mcfishstick

  9. mcfishstick


    A Bloodsecrator cracking open the ground to unleash a wave of bloody skulls!

    © mcfishstick

  10. mcfishstick

    Bloodreavers second unit

    A unit of Bloodreavers featuring some wild Khornegors!

    © mcfishstick

  11. mcfishstick

    Endless Spells of the Harrowmark

    I really like how you used those old artworks to inspire your scenery! You've brought that background tree into miniature life!
  12. The Realm of Ghur. The Flame-Blooded. From the writings of Herr Jaeger. To the north of Kislavia lies a seemingly endless rocky steppe. Across it roam vast herds of grazing beasts and packs of predators such as the Ursus and the Urserine. Some of Kislavia's more nomadic tribes, such as the Kalisha, will often journey here to hunt for meat and furs. The fauna are not the only danger here. The Flame-Blooded are not so much a tribe, but a religion. They consist of a number of scattered groups. Some are bonded by blood, others by friendship. What truly unites the Flame-Blooded is the hardship they endure. Icy winds and freezing temperatures batter them, weathering their flesh and numbing their nerves. Each group or band is led by a powerful, especially tough individual. The individual preaches in the name of Khorrire, the Lord of Fire and Battle. The religion of Korrire revolves around fire that consumes material to release blessed warmth and fire that powers one's spirit and allows them to endure the dangers of Ghur's tundra. Fire is a dangerous element, and battle is one of the most certain ways in which to stir both material fire and spiritual fire to warm the believers of Khorrire. The Flame-Blooded are therefore a fairly aggressive people and often incite battle in the name of their God and in order to bring warmth to their ice-cold homeland. The Flame-Blooded's warlike nature and beliefs often reminded me of the followers of the Chaos Blood God. Indeed a number of the trinkets and markings the Flame-Blooded adorned themselves with were similar in style to the marks of the Blood God. The Slaughterpriest, wielding the fire the tribe worships. Its been a long time since I tried Object Source Lighting, but I think it came out alright in the end. Ten Bloodreavers made from a variety of parts. They are meant to look like feral/barbaric versions of my Freeguilders. Most of them are assembled using the Flagellant kit as it has feral robe wearers. The Champion. Each champion in the army will carry fire as a symbol of their strength. Only the strongest are trusted to carry their god's gift. Horn Blower that was created in the style of my Freeguilders. The Icon Bearer, also in the style of my Freeguilders. The Icon is a Khorne version of the Freeguilder banner. Well, that's it for this post! Hope you like them. I have a few more Flame-Blooded of Khorne to paint, so hopefully those don't take too long!
  13. mcfishstick


    Slaughterpriest made from a Bloodreaver in the Sigmar starter box. His head is from the Flagellant kit, and the pieces he is burning are from the Fireforge Steppe Warrior kit. My Blades of Khorne are themed around tribes from the Wastelands of Ghur that worship a God of Fire who is actually an aspect of Khorne.

    © mcfishstick

  14. mcfishstick


    Bloodreavers assembled from a variety of components. Meant to be thematically similar to my Freeguild army of Kislavia.

    © mcfishstick

  15. mcfishstick

    Bloodreavers Icon Bearer

    Bloodreaver Icon Bearer with a banner in the style of my Freeguild of Kislavia. This group of Reavers used to be a tribe from Kislavia before they turned.

    © mcfishstick