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  1. An update! Two units of Crypt Flayers completed. I really enjoy when units are created with a narrative in mind. I loved creating unit fillers for the old square-based miniatures in movement tray that told a story. It is harder to do the same with these circle base miniatures since you cannot have a larger base stand in for a couple of smaller bases. I have tried to tell a story with these ghouls though. I really don't like the original poses of the miniatures (running with wings? ooook), and found it quite challenging to come out with natural looking poses. I also really enjoy building on an army's culture and background. Things like the infernals wearing armour/trinkets made from bones of their long-dead friends/foes help add character to the miniatures. This unit is themed around preparing an attack or ambush. they are posed as if watching. The left-most, Sir Longclaw, points out the route the enemy is taking. The unit's leader, Sir Scarbrow agrees as he stands in a relaxed position. The right-most flayer, Sir Snaggletooth, can't really see what is happening but peers on nonetheless. This unit is themed around leaping to action. I like how the left-most ghoul, Sir Spineback, came out with his outstretched wings. The infernal, Sir LanceAnOrc wears the skulls of many defeated foes as pauldrons. The right-most flayer, Sir Smoothspine, is the newest recruit to the privileged rank of flayer, which is shown by the lack of spines along his back. He needs to work hard to prove himself and earn a non-mocking nickname! Hope you enjoy these, and I look forward to completing my ghoul civilians within the next couple of weeks!
  2. Crypt Flayers - This unit's poses were themed around surveying the enemy lines and planning their line of attack. I really like how the pointing Flayer and the Infernal standing in a thoughtful pose came out.

    © mcfishstick

  3. Crypt Flayers - The goal with this unit was to give them a dynamic appearance as if they were rushing towards the enemy or in the process of taking off.

    © mcfishstick

  4. It's been a long time since I updated. I did a couple of mages/wizards and then got distracted by Necromunda. However, Carrion Empire has brought me back to the Realm of Ghur! The Realm of Ghur. Eastern Reaches. From the writings of Herr Jaeger. In the icy wasteland north of Kislavia rises a new faction. The Blisterskin. These ghoulish creatures swept in through the Gate of Aqshy and bring their religion of fire and warmth to the frigid wastes. They travel in a nomadic manner. Led by the Prophet, a winged beast with ebon flesh and the Saint, who many say is more human than he appears. The caravan of ghouls are protected by the blessed knights, great winged ghouls that scout the surroundings and keep a lookout from above. The most gallant of these warriors will adorn themselves with the bones of both ferocious foe and fallen friends. The majority of the caravan consists of lesser ghouls. These tend to fall into two categories; the militant and the civilian. The militant types will be festooned with various make-shift weapons and follow the largest of their kind. The civilian type will carry out the same sort of functions civilians of other races carry out. Some of these civilian ghouls will even carry and sell relics, meat or drink, advertising their services in a morbid and grotesque fashion. These ghouls are based on the Blisterskin faction. The pictures have not come out well. The light was far too bright! A closeup of the speckled pattern on one ghoul's back. A ghoul warrior, wearing a fallen Kislavia Freeguilder's helmet and wielding a magnificent club (bone). A ghoul contemplating mortality, or perhaps talking to the skull of his old friend. Who knows? The Crypt Ghoul boss, wearing the skull of a defeated foe and carrying a book of scripture. I don't think he can read though, but none of his followers know that! My favourite conversion! A glimpse into civilian ghoul life! He is inspired somewhat by the Resident Evil 4 merchant. 'What'cha buyin friend? Got relics of all kinds here!' The pack of warrior ghouls! Crypt Flayers! I love the models, but hate their original poses. I spent hours working out some interesting poses for these two. I love the pointy finger on the left Flayer, and I didn't scuplt it! It actually comes on the actual model! Another angle of the same two. I have some more of these fellows in the works. Hopefully I can get them done soon!
  5. A ghoul wearing a helmet from a fallen Kislavia Freeguild Guardsman. The helmet is from the Fireforge Mongol kit, and is hollow so sits on the ghoul's head pretty well. (I did have to trim the helm's edges and the ghoul's ears to make it fit nicely though!)

    © mcfishstick

  6. A ghoul contemplating the mysteries of life and death... 'To be or not to be'...

    © mcfishstick

  7. A civilian ghoul. He sells relics to his fellows. His mask is based of the Resident Evil 4 merchant. 'What'cha buyin'?'

    © mcfishstick

  8. mcfishstick

    Crypt Ghast

    A Crypt Ghoul Preacher. His helmet is made from a fallen foe, and on his back he carries the bones of a fallen friend. He has a book of sermons in one hand. I'm not sure he can read though...

    © mcfishstick

  9. I spent a long time experimenting with poses for the Crypt Flayers and really love the way these two came together. The one on the left points out a danger to his brethren!

    © mcfishstick

  10. They are Fireforge Mongols! It was a versatile kit since you could make archers, spearmen or swordsmen. Frostgrave barbarians would be a great choice too. They might look good with some skull masks made from the skulls kit. I look forward to some updates! I've been working on Ghur-themed Blisterskin Flesh Courts and should update my old thread, It'll feature some of ghouls wearing Fireforge Mongol hats!
  11. I really like the conversions and colour scheme. The Dark Steed horses are a great way of making those Reavers appear more feral and wild! I also really like your basing scheme. It's quite similar to my own Ghur basing style. I can't wait to see those big bases with their minis!
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