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  1. Thanks for all the replies! Some updates! The Splintered Fang emerge from the swamps of Ghyran! I tried to give them swampy bases. I love the shield wall pose! Also managed to complete a Chimera! I tried to give it more natural colours than the Games Workshop 'universe of stars Chimera'. I recently finished painting Gotrek Gurnisson. I always enjoyed his novels, and love the idea of him roaming the Varanspire searching for something dangerous to fight. I'll try and get some pictures of him this week. I'd also like to upload some scenic photos I've taken of different warbands fighting over painted scenery. Next on the painting table is Galrauch the a chaos dragon and a Jabberslythe. Hope I get them done soon!
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  5. Finally finished all the models I started during halloween! First up, furies. I converted them all to have individual poses. I could have come up with more interesting designs for their wings, but I just wanted to get them done. Next, the Beacon of the Sorrowful, a nighthaunt warband. A band of lost ghosts that follow Uoloi the Dreadwarden's magical beacon. Uoloi is gathering the souls lost within the wastes. Some say Uoloi rounds the souls up for the great Nagash, others say Uoloi is a fallen Sigmarite, continuing his quest to save the lost into the afterlife. Finally, Bel-Oren's Grim March! A warband led by Bel-Oren, an Aelven mage who seeks to find the secret to immortality. He searches the wastes where few dare to tread, driven by a desire to save his soulmate from Nagash's clutch. Along the way He has learnt to bind souls to corpses, but the power to bring back his love eludes him still. Warbands of Death, Assemble! The armies of Nagash march on Chaos. The warbands of Death unite! Next up I'm working on the Splintered Fang, and the Corpsewrack Mausoleum. Hopefully I'll get them done far faster!
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    Warcry Death Assemble!

    The warbands of Death unite in the Varanspire wastelands. The realm of Chaos will soon feel the might of Nagash! A group shot of my 3 death warbands for Warcry: Nighthaunt - Beacon of the Sorrowful Legions - Bel-Oren's Grim March Flesh-Eaters - Seekers of the Sun

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  7. Aelven Mage, Bel-Oren, glides over the wasteland. His summoned minions march in his wake.

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  8. Through the grim wastes of the Varanspire marches the Beacon of the Sorrowful. The lost spirits are drawn to the gloomy candle light.

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    From the depths of the Varanspire.... A murderflock of ferocious furies!

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  10. Fantastic representation of Orion!
  11. For such small parts Any red glaze should work. I really like Vallejo's Glaze medium. Mix that with any paint to make a glaze! I think the dark blue glaze is what helps make the bright red really pop too. I'll be interested to see your warband when its done!
  12. I used contrast paints mainly. Here are the paints I used for the areas of bare muscle: White basecoat Blood Angel's Red Contrast Leviadon Blue and Contrast Medium (to shade the whole miniature) Vallejo Dark Sand (to make fine lines to give a muscle effect) Blood Angel's Red Contrast (not too much) Flesh Tearer's Red Contrast Finally, a Gloss varnish on just the muscle, the rest of the miniature was matt varnished. Hope it helps!
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