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  1. Long time no post. This time I'm posting a classic conversion of mine, which was inspired by the old marienburg landship forgeworld used to produce. This great kit was unfortunately long out of production at the time when I started working on this army. Nonetheless I wanted to do a model which paid tribute to it, and a steam tank conversion seemed a ripe candidate (fun fact: the original fluff in WFB for the landship was that it was created as something of a crude imitation of the steam tank, which they were unable to replicate). I searched for a super-long time for a suitable base model, because I didn't want to have to build the right shape from scratch from framing (I was concerned about symmetry issues). Luckily, a visit to a prominent hobby shop lead me to finding this bandai model kit, which made for a great basic shape to form the structure of the new model. Oh, and I was working from a steam tank kit that I'd partially painted and had lying in sub-assemblies when I began working on it, hence why some of the part already have some paint on em. First things I did with it was cut back a lot of the bandai kit and then gave it a flush, flat back part with a large piece of flat plasticard. After that I added some banding and basic trim, and then I added a whole heap of plasticard to cover up the original surface of the bandai kit because the detail on it was totally out of scale for Age of Sigmar. I also played around with adding a decorative mast from some left over dreadfleet bits, but I ultimately decided against it (too much clutter imo, and there wasn't a nice mounting point anyway). All the wood texture was just done by inscribing it in with the point of a hobby knife - quite simple and effective. Here's an undershot - all the rivets were carefully sliced off the hull of a kharadron hull that I managed to get for cheap on a bits site. A dab of plastic glue and job's a good one. Here you can see it finally coming together. I made a steam tank commander from greatsword parts (I had other plans for some of the original commander parts). As you can see I've added quite a few details and decorations to break up the surface. AND complete! (At least in terms of construction, not painting of course). On this pic you can see I've added some rungs (how else does the commander get inside?) leading up to the lowered part of the upper skirting/trim. I've also added back some viewing ports from the original steam tank kit, but I had to invert them just like I inverted basically the whole shape of the tank. I also added some decorative greenstuff heraldry with a creepy deep sea creature on the trim/skirting. Hope you enjoyed this entry, I'll be adding more entries soon.
  2. One of my conversions for my city of Krakenmund. I always wanted to have a monstrous mermaid-like creature in the army but I'd originally planned to base it on the DoK melusai kit. Instead I realised I had a nurgle nightmare hulk from the gellerpox infected side of the rogue trade kill team box, which had a wonderful tentacled arm. Combined with the top half of a sorceress and some other bits and greenstuff and we get the Sea Witch of Krakenmund.
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