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  1. Oh, the matt medium should work just fine. A bit of thinning with water might be in order, but you'll see... A slightly thicker wash is what I aim for.
  2. The rust is done by hand and a very easy process too: It's a basecoat of leadbelcher, a wash of army painter dark tone (agrax will do just as well), then a mix of matt varnish mixed with vallejo rust pigments (essentially a wash that dries in a "powdery way". A final highlight of steel or silver is then applied, and some micro scratches if I want it to look slightly more fancy.
  3. Work still continues on the endless spells: I'll do my best to get proper pictures soon, but my other vice (World of Warcraft) has a new expansion dropping tonight, so I'm going into a typical binge gaming session...
  4. I used vallejo model colours Grey blue and pale Grey blue. Both thinned down with vallejo airbrush thinner and applied in a zenithal airbrush layer.
  5. No, I'm Belgian, but the name originates from France. I'm part of the Dutch speaking half though, so my French is fairly basic.
  6. *gasp* Peachy and Duncan apparently picked my ghosts in last month's soulwars painting competition.
  7. It's not a brand. It's a mixture of Sodiumbicard, PVA glue and white paint. It makes for a fun little paste to work with.
  8. Working more on my endless spells and theming them to various subfactions of my army! I used a lighter to make the plastic slightly bendy on the soulsnare shackles, just so they don't all line up in a straight line anymore. Hope you like it!
  9. Started on the endless spells to match my undead force:
  10. Elmir

    6 Nations take aways

    It's borderline painful how they attempted to see how the game devs now opened up old wounds again with a FAQ that should have never happened. A rule of 1 for spells already proved good, making 1 exception is enough for something broken. A rule of 1 for command abilities is also needed as a blanket rule, rather than having months of "cat and mouse play" between playerbase and devs to see what command abilities end up being problematic when spammed and which aren't.
  11. Elmir

    GB Spirit hosts.jpg

  12. Elmir

    GB mKoS 4.jpg

  13. Elmir

    GB mKoS 3.jpg

  14. Elmir

    GB mKoS 2.jpg

  15. Elmir

    GB Spirit Torment.jpg