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  1. Not sure if it's mentioned anywhere, but what is the size of the carboard terrein in the warcry box? Asking because our LFGS has gaming tables that are only 75cm (30") wide and it would be a godsend if those future battleboards are that size (also for those interested in running AoS meeting engagements, as it would be great if it corresponded with the minimum 30"x40" battlefield.
  2. Yeah, very limited order representation. But the whole point about the chaos warbands is that they aren't God focused, but realm focused. I personally love that there are no God specific warbands, although some might argue there's definite hints of the main Gods to be found.
  3. A bit of a rare model: Allied Undead giant inbound through merc system!
  4. I'm definitely going to be stocking up heavily on it. I'm also told that the new airbrush "clear blue" is the continuation of guilliman blue glaze, but I'll have to check that out for myself. Aethermatic blue is a bit too teal-leaning to be a complete replacement it seems. Suffice to say that I wasn't too thrilled when I first heard that news... With thinned down guilliman blue glaze (about 50/50 with lahmian medium or matt varnish, whichever pot is closest). If I want to make it darker, I just add a touch of dark blue artist ink into the mix, if I want to brighten it up, I spray a light mist of white ink over it with the airbrush, as that creates a very translucent layer that still shows some blue through the recesses.
  5. I've used Vallejo game colour "tin bits" for the dark metal. GW retributor armour for the gold and GW leadbelcher for the white metals. All of them are shaded with army painter dark tone wash and drybrushed with Vallejo model air steel.
  6. I don't have a wide enough camera lens at this point in afraid...
  7. More updates on endless spells and a new vampire lord to ally to my nighthaunt force! The last endless spell from forbidden power is also finished.
  8. Has anybody been able to make out the NH points then? The resolution of the pic you uploaded doesn't allow me to actually see what's there.
  9. Oh? I thought this game mode was done specifically with 1k matched play (tournament style) in mind as the community articles made it out to be. In fact, I've included the quotes from the original warhammer community article that pretty much says so. I thought the specific intent of this new way of playing, was to make 1k point games slightly more engaging and not just boiling down to "can you stop this deathstar"? But no restrictions whatsoever are placed on the type of behemoth you can field. " Meeting Engagements are designed for matched play" "In practice, this means that Meeting Engagement armies are pretty lean – rather than depending on a single, deadly unit or unstoppable Behemoth, you’ll need to pick your units carefully, using all of them in tandem to claim victory." I'll be waiting for the full set of rules of course, but it does seem like they kind of let something slip in their original design if I could just field my grisstlegore AGKoTG in a 1k point game (with the main nerf being, missing out on one turn to curbstomp an opposing 1k force).
  10. I like these rules, but... I also think some factions are just going to slip through the net of restrictions and still run a rampage on the battlefield. As long as they allow any behemoth in turn 2, 1000p games are still going to boil down to "can you stop this monster".
  11. These particular two are mentioned in the forbidden power book because of the narrative... I'm very happy they are also in ghb19. Duplicate rules annoy me far less than diffused rules.
  12. My Nagash now has new ways to troll my opponent! Reminds me a lot of this dude:
  13. I cast... ME! Who did it best? Working on the Forbidden power endless spells atm!
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