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  1. Elmir

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    All of this sounds very understandable. I wouldn't be surprised if that low 15% "aftersales" number is because the second hand market gets flooded with cheap half assembled or NoS models from projects that were just an impulse buy in the first week and the original buyers realize it just added to their pile of shame... My views on the main topic: AoS is a game in full development. Extra rules layers are still being added and invented. Endless spells and terrain are just the latest arrivals in this. Subfaction rules (stormhosts, clans, grand courts etc) are also a reasonably new layer. Spell lores are an old layer (FEC V1 still didn't have that for instance). So yeah, because of these changes to game depth, newer releases will feel quite a bit stronger compared to old ones who don't have them. This game almost needs a flurry of V2 books + expansions at this stage, and I believe that's going to be exactly what we are in for (or V1 for major factions that don't have a book yet, like ogors). However, If somebody says: the latest models have the strongest rules, they are full of sh*t. Some of the more recent books also turned out to be duds in terms of gaming power (Nighthaunt being the most obvious example), so I don't think there is a clear 100% powercreep indicator. But a V2 book is always going to be more powerful than a V1 book (or no book)... I don't think they necessarily invalidate "older books" that did really well in the past though.
  2. Elmir

    The Rumour Thread

    So this is necromunda, but instead of imperial gangs only, they've opted for chaos gangs only. I'm not sure I have any interest in the game itself, but the scenery might make it worthwhile to pick up, it'll be dependent on the retail price.
  3. Elmir

    What am I doing wrong??

    Tip: Rub the brush clean on the back of your hand (bare skin). If it's no longer "streaky" on your hand, it's ready to be flicked across your model's. Also: pick up some cheap make up brushes (the large kind) for drybrushing and thank me later!
  4. So the endless spells are completely finished! I also set the white balance a bit better. The previous pictures balanced it very much towards the red end of the spectrum. These pictures with slightly lower lighting is more like they appear irl rather than bright lightbox: Also, the Archregent's base (and minor blood effects) are also finished:
  5. It was a super quick and easy paintjob... Everything was just painted in bone, drybrushed and highlighted, shaded with army painter dark tone and then the skintone was done with tamiya clear red. The whole thing was super easy to do. *edit* the nighthaunt were not a rushed job though... It's the subfaction that I'm really taking my time with and putting in a bit more effort compared to the rest.
  6. More finished stuff. Finally gathered the courage to start on yet another horde unit...
  7. Better pictures of some of the recent additions and some brand spanking new ones:
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