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  1. Season 1 warbands got a few minor touch-ups and I'm done with them! I've finally purchased all of season 2, so I'll be trying to get that finished before S3 I guess..
  2. I got them via kickstarter. All was well at the start, sharp tip, not very large body though.... But these brushes lost their tip ridiculously fast for brushes in that price segment. I really cannot recommend them at all to people looking to spend money on good brushes after having used them for a while. It's downright impossible to do any detail work with them now and I can only use them to apply some somewhat controlled washes. I've reverted back to my Raphael 8404 series after this little fling with artis Opus series S....
  3. This LoG is dependent on the ruling for battalions. If it's an army with zero access to battalions, I'm not particularly excited for it. If things like shriekerhost can get added, it might actually do something that the other legions couldn't already do. Wait and see for the FAQ in 3 weeks. I'm still getting the expansion regardless. I want the models. But the rules side of it seems odd if you create armies without battalions.
  4. I'm so hoping the new Forbidden Power expansion releases the mortarch of the Abyss, Harkon! And that he brings his undead pirates with him! That's going to be one hell of a classic match-up against your fatties! Super skinny vs super fat on the battlefield.
  5. Not at all. It used dark reaper as the base, nuln oil for the shading, then touch ups with dark reaper, course highlights with thunderhawk blue and edges with fenrisian grey. I don't mind people copying it at all, because I recently found out Nick Bayton, presenter and painter for warhammerTV also copied this scheme apparently.
  6. That being said, you could have a poll on the internet to see if icecream is delicious and there would still be about 10% of the people who will hate on icecream...
  7. I would say this paint line has been pretty well received so far. But (as has always been the case with anything to do with painting), there are complainers or people scoffing at the idea.... And for no real valid reason imo. Airbrush paints are just pre-thinned, but they exist and get sold plenty for a reason (and I'm very happy they do). Washes can be made yourself too, should you so desire, but are still sold in a readily available package and this list can go on for a while. It's all about ease of use for the end user, and one other major point. This "new" formula being available to the masses is really good for one simple reason: consistency. And just for that reason alone, it's a win in my book. I've recently given a painting seminar to people in our LFGS who mainly play board games, but who wanted to give miniature painting a go. Even the most basic techniques like washes and drybrushes were already an eye-opener to them and now, they actually play some boardgames with painted models. Anything that lowers the entry barrier to painting, is a huge in in my book, regardless of perceived costs or ease by some hobby elitists. I really wish this product was available during that seminar... When I started in the hobby 20+ years ago, there was always TFG in the shop who didn't "just want to drybrush" his models, then he "didn't just want to dip or wash them".... Now, he probably doesn't want to "cheat" by "just airbrushing them" and soon, he'll "doesn't want to just contrast them". Ironically, the people I knew who were like that, often had a mountain of grey/metal/primer with a handful of models in them that could be considered mediocre at best as well. And I'm fully aware of being condescending to some people... But I don't give a flying f*** about being condescending towards people who are condescending themselves towards people trying to put in effort, but without wanting to master the art of paint/medium mixing.
  8. Yeah, I know it was there on show. It's just weird that those models were there, but it was hardly mentioned in the preview seminar (or warhammer community), so I'm afraid this box might also be "looncursed".
  9. I wonder if forbidden power had very little attention because it also got caught in the trade embargo debacle. Seeing as the models are effectively in this months white dwarf (the scenery), and seemed overdue for at least an announcement, I wonder if it's also an issue that they are produced in China.
  10. GGR in themselves aren't the problem... At least they aren't in a NH (that has very mediocre to weak allegiance abilities) It's just the interaction with LoN summoning that's problematic. LoN don't have a lot of "elite-ish" units with the summonable keyword, but when NH came out (and the dubious decision, at least from a rules pov, was made to allow GGR to be taken in a LoN army) that changed. I really hope the design studio sees this and doesn't just go around increasing the points cost of a unit that's fine in one army, but bent in another. As for your army: try playing with a NH allegiance instead, it'll be a lot more fun for your opponent and you can still use those models.
  11. That's all correct. The heads come from a bits maker from Europe: https://www.beastsofwar.com/news/puppets-war-start-sucking-blood-vampire-heads/ Sadly, those are no longer available it seems, but they do have 2 new vampire heads sets if you look around on the puppetswar website.
  12. Olynder done! Didn't care for the original white colour scheme that GW did (feels more festive than grieving), so I opted for a darker, black-ish palette:
  13. I do want an iteration of Tomb Kings or even Brets back... Mostly the monsters/constructs for tomb kings though or a clearly knightly army that might rival the nobility of the Flesh-eater courts... But not before the scattered remains of some other armies (like ogors and many of the greenskins) have been fixed. GW adding new factions is cool, but there's still a lot of "mess" to clean up after AoS' rocky start.
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