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  1. I would imagine so. The fusion of souls and bone looks amazing on the crawler and those mounts, so I hope they take that design to the max! I love the OBR, but the options for the choice are a bit limited for now.
  2. And Mir Kainan and his merry band of men are also finished! The hero looked amazing, but I was even more enamored with the archer... God I hope this army gets archers and chariots... I do hope they just push forwards with Nagash recreating the tomb kings as his ultimate fighting force... It would be such an AoS move to do!
  3. My FEC: New monsterrules are awesome from grisstlegore, but only a single trigger on 6 means the terrorgheist is now a less obvious choice to a zombie dragon imo. Flayers and horrors in a very rough spot now. SBGL: will be fine. Was written with the new edition in mind. I can see bloodknights causing a lot of teeth gnashing in the near future. OBR: wait for the FAQ of course, but a lot of funky new mechanics are generic CA abilities and they can't use them... Mortek guard are some of the strongest infantry in the game now I think (with 25mm bases as "hidden stat" and battleline for tri
  4. There are also rumours some units would (and in the future maybe even could) receive a SINGLE battlefield role addition... Preventing them from being reinforced. So that could be a strong balance mechanic to prevent deathstar units too.
  5. 100% agree with this last line. 40k got dropped like a rock where I live because they reduced "rules accessability" by removing PDF format. It was pure piracy before, don't get me wrong... but at least people didn't feel like they were playing gotcha hammer before. So a lot of people ended up feeling like "I don't know what the hell is going on" with 40k rules did not help at all. People who played the armies still bought the books for their armies before... But nobody was insane enough to buy every single book they ever released, just to flick through it once and never touch again.
  6. I never understood why people insist on following the matched play limitations religiously when their main priority is the narrative element... If that's what you are looking for, there is a different mode of play for you. They aren't giving up on it, it's just moved to a different mode of play.
  7. That's not true... He did change. They stripped his PRIEST keyword away now that it would actually do something...
  8. Good lord. I'm also starting to be pushed into the camp of "these rules reveals are killing my excitement more than boosting it". Shooting already divides the game into haves and have nots without the need of more out of sequence shooting. Couple this with more awkward combat formations because of the new coherency rules, no significant changes to vulnerable low wound heroes getting sniped and it's all just causing me to dread the next article. There was a lot of discussion on twitter about how the new coherency rules don't always have to mean you lose a lot of CC attacks with certain
  9. Well... Black knights already had a few eyebrown raising decisions in the upgrade. Everything with the old shield rule, just had a flat +1 to their save. They seemed to completely forget about that with black knights. If they had that, the warscroll could find itself in the middle ground between those two, with a little points tweak. But as things stand right now, this warscroll would have to insanely cheap to even consider it.
  10. Personally, I'm happy we will be seeing an AoS third edition coming up... Even if second edition didn't feel like it lasted very long due to lockdowns. That being said, I don't think AoS3 is going to help a lot to fix a lot of balance issue the game faces right now, as most of the NPE/balance issues right now are heavily tied to single warscrolls/allegiance abilities and not so much the general rules (except maybe excessive shooting). I'm also not a big fan of Psychic awakening style books bringing a couple of pages of rules for multiple factions... This type of rules diffusion killed
  11. I used an airbrush, but it works with rattlecans too. I used it on the punga miniatures team and started with a black primer with white over the top. I then hit it with an all over black wash and a quick white drybrush to pick out the edges. Applying contrast over that, pretty much made the models look like they were given proper highlights, even though they didn't. This doesn't work for all contrast paints though (it looks horrid with colours like apothecary white or aethermathic blue). Thinning the contrast depends on the power of the contrast paint. Some of them are very pigment dense,
  12. Good lord. That warscroll sounds like it's hideous to face... It's not like you can't do anything about his charge mechanic, but for a lot of monsters, this guy can just smash a keypiece by just charging it. Bit swingy. If Nagash has been bumped to 975, surely this guy has to be very close to that amount.
  13. The vengorian lord is also finished! Tried to make a smoother transition from beast to vampire through the paintjob compared to the box art.
  14. And the Cursed City box is complete! Amazing models, just such a shame about how the release was handled...
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