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  1. And one day if they actually reveal anything at SPIEL this extended weekend.
  2. Took my Wild hunt in a different direction than the GW colourscheme: I immediately had to think of the night elves from World of Warcraft when I first saw the Kurnothi!
  3. After LoN (the soup tome essentially) and then the MASSIVE expansion of both the malignant creature type(being nighthaunt) and now, the reanimant creature type (being the bonereapers), I really fail to see how you can jump to this conclusion.
  4. I disagree... I like the cross pollination. GRR was just messy because GRR were undercosted for how good they are, and that's now fixed. I'd be mightily surprised if another Nagash + 2*30 GRR lists float to the top of tournaments now.
  5. I will surely pick up quite a few of the models, the cavalry just looks awesome. I also like the "smaller guys" (apart from the helmets, but that's beating a dead horse at this point), but I want to see just how big they are. A lot will depend on what battleline manipulations can be done. I like the smaller infantry, but after 80 skellies, 60 zombies, 40 chainrasps, 60 ghouls,... I don't feel like having to add a ton more weenie troops to a new army. I'm really hoping this can be one of the first undead armies that actually plays well as a highly elite force (sadly, the vampire heavy LoN lists are fun, but they aren't amazing on the battlefield).
  6. There's also one thing I noticed in the video... The scenery. There's a scene with the army laid out in front of repeating wall sections made of bone and skin. Either their bespoke terrain team made something that they were able to replicate several time (pretty much flawlessly), or we might be looking at a new necropolis wall section for potential use in siege games (like the old Khorne fortress).
  7. "These are not risen warriors or malignant spirits – they are bespoke war-constructs forged from harvested bone and gifted the soul animus of great warriors and heroes. " I'm not even going to try to be humble... called it! I'm just hoping Morghasts are also used in that new book, because that'll make me even happier than I am now!
  8. I'm not sure they are skeletons even... I'm looking at the video and these guys feel too "beefy" almost for skeletons (except ofc the mounts): That, and the armor being identical to the Morghasts, makes me lean more towards reanimants as opposed to skeletons.
  9. I've been saying on the FB groups for a while now, that I suspect this will be more about reanimants than about deathrattle... Especially seeing how the armor resembles that of the morghasts so much. It would also tie in a lot more with the end times releases for death: Nagash and his three mortarchs --> LoN Spirit hosts --> complete nighthaunt/malignant rework Morghasts --> complete reanimant rework.
  10. A full unit of Myrmourn banshees also joins the army! Also, now that my balewind vortex is finished, all the endless spells usable by death, have been finished! Crazy how all of this was released in a year by GW.
  11. Lots of Skeletons backed up by constructs powered by souls captured in shadeglass (think eldar Wraith constructs who are powered by the souls of powerful eldar soldiers). Basically an old 40k trope, but reimagined in AoS, like the soul-raids of the deepkin are heavily inspired by the dark eldar.
  12. Not sure if it's mentioned anywhere, but what is the size of the carboard terrein in the warcry box? Asking because our LFGS has gaming tables that are only 75cm (30") wide and it would be a godsend if those future battleboards are that size (also for those interested in running AoS meeting engagements, as it would be great if it corresponded with the minimum 30"x40" battlefield.
  13. Yeah, very limited order representation. But the whole point about the chaos warbands is that they aren't God focused, but realm focused. I personally love that there are no God specific warbands, although some might argue there's definite hints of the main Gods to be found.
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