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  1. I love them... although I do think the super bright paint schemes can be improved. Can't wait to see a more grim-dark take on them.
  2. Since when is 50 old? yeash... If you think it's normal to have significant cognitive decline at that age you should really speak to a doctor and look at your lifestyle and diet. Seriously.
  3. They really are damned if they do, damned if they don't. They sell out each boxed set release in minutes, so order a massive amount more so everyone can get one and then you have clowns online "iT NoT SoLd OuT In TwO MiNuTeS FAiL!!" so stupid...
  4. Just because something becomes slightly less useful than before does not make it "obsolete" and the idea that entire armies become completely "invalidated" is, and always has been, a complete nonsense.
  5. 6pm really is an ideal time for it in terms of UK viewers as well.
  6. Pfft. GW Orks are based on 1980's football holligans. Men running around drunk starting fights.
  7. I'm looking forward to it. I could easily have gone another year or more with 2.0 but in terms of models and lore, its a good time.
  8. Can you elaborate on that a bit please? I'm confused.
  9. I really like some of the models and I Vamps are solid and Krag is interesting. To be honest I would be kinda ok for Beasts to be moved from Chaos to Destruction, have his return break the beasts from Chaos and follow him. Would add a lot to the Destruction Grand Alliance and Chaos already has a lot going on.
  10. Well this was a surprise! Looks amazing!
  11. I really like ther knights. I think a black base rim might crispin them up a bit but great work!
  12. A starter box featuring Seraphon or Cities Of Sigmar/Beastmen or Skaven. I like the look of the new CoS witch hunters and I hope they explore that side of things more for Cities. I'd like to see updated kits for flagellants and other fanatics. Priests, Witch-hunters and the like (Think the Witcher on steriods) Death - Vampires Destruction - Ogres. I also think, that perhaps with the exception of one last Duardin faction to represent the more tradional Dward Asthetic and an additional Destruction faction to bring something fresh to the game, I don't think there should be any more factions added. Having 10 x Order, 7 x Chaos, 5 x Death, 5 x Destruction makes for a total of 17 factions. A clear focus over the coming years of retiring older models, replacing resin could have AoS in a very "complete" state mid AOS 3.0.
  13. I think people might be surprised at how popular LotR is... especially among collectors.
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