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  1. Hello, I am interested in purchasing between 1 and 3 Forgeworld Elf Monoliths/Waystones. They were produced by Forgeworld from 2001 to 2005. I am looking to use them as scenery for my Eldritch Council army. I mean, all armies need their own scenery nowadays right? If you have any you would be willing to part with please let me know. I have attached a picture to see what it looks like.
  2. Hello, I am trimming down my collection of models. Some I could be interested in trading. I have the following for sale. Listed are my asking prices, but I am listening to all offers. Shipping will need to be paid for by the purchaser. I ship internationally, either the same day as payment or the following day. A tracking number will be provided. Age of Sigmar8 Beasts of Chaos $200 Beast lord Wargor Battle Standard Bearer (Ltd ed.) 2 Great Bray Shamans 2 Preytons (1 missing a horn) Host of Slaanesh $800 Forgeworld Keeper of Secrets (I think re-cast) Daemon Prince with wings 3 Daemon Princes (Keeper of Secrets) Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount (old Morathi) Lord of Slaanesh on Foot Masque of Slaanesh 2 Hearlds of Slaanesh on foot Eternal Enrapturess 2 Seeker Chariots of Slaanesh 1 Exhaulted Seeker Chariot 60 Daemonettes of Slaanesh (Juan Diaz) 25 Seekers of Slaanesh (Juan Diaz) 20 Furies of Slaanesh (DE Harpies) 6 Fiends of Slaanesh (boob snakes) Codex Chaos Daemons (not pictured) Assortment of Pink Dice Wanderers $300 8 Sisters of the Watch on sprue (9 cloaks and 10 legs) 10 Eternal Guard (9 on sprue) 1 Nomad Prince 5 Kurnoth Hunters (missing hair) 5 Sisters of the Thorn 1 Avatar of the Hunt/Orion 1 OOP Spellsinger 1 Limited Edition BSB 1 Waystrider Orion The Vaults of Winter book 2 Great Eagles (LotR) Bonesplitterz $225 (if including gsg) Bonesplitterz Battletome 1 Wurgog Prophet 10 Savage Orruks (9 on sprues) 1 (Savage) Orruk Warboss on Wyvern 1 Forest Goblin shaman Gloomspite Gitz Fungoid Cave Shaman 2 Madcap Shamans 1 Loon Boss 1 Loon Boss with Giant Cave Squig Skarsnik Novel Army of Albion (Fimirs) $600 2 Fimarch Nobles (re-cast good quality) 18 Fimir (re-cast good quality) 6 Albion Fenbeasts (River Toggoths) 1 Dark Emmisary (Fungoid Cave Shaman) 2 Great Knarloc (Giant Cave Squigs) Skaven $40 Skaven Grey Seer and Warlord NiB Seraphon $40 Tehenhauin - Prophet of Sotek Tomb Kings $100 Tomb King on chariot Monsters Re-cast Encarmine Dragon - good quality Tzar Boris (missing hat and wings) Warhammer 40,000 Black Templar $300 1 converted Chaplain 5 scouts (no heads or arms) 20 Crusader Marines (templar tabards on all and comes with a variety of weapons/shoulder pads/heads) Black Templars Venerable Dreadnought (I think re-cast) Land Raider Crusader Predator Tank Razorback Land Raider Terminus Ultra (lascannon) Land Speeder (heavy bolter/typhoon ml) Other Emperor's Children Sonic Dreadnought (re-cast) Legion Fellblade (re-cast, one lascannon cable is broken) Books Ravenwing Gilead's Blood Iron Hands Deathwing
  3. Small update. Flesh is . Membranes are done. Scales are done. Bone areas are almost done. Next up is leather straps, armour and the base. These have been very fun to paint. I am not feeling confident about finishing the Loremaster. We will see how this week progresses.
  4. The Archmages are from last month and the dragons are this months progress. The white flesh has been finished and now working on the membranes in the wings. 2 dragons seemed like an easy pledge, but it is very time intensive.
  5. Thank you for the insight. I imagine he should be fairly survivable turn 1 as long as I keep him clear of any threats until I can begin buffing his save with magic.
  6. My first army is almost complete. This month the pledge will be: Archmage on dragon Loremaster Unit champion Stretch goal: Drakeseer
  7. This was a very productive month. Painted 2 archmages, single swordmaster, built and primed an archmage on a dragon a drakeseer a loremaster and a new unit champion. In addition I finished the conversion for the frostheart anointed. It's not mounted on the phoenix, but it is on the base. I will need to take individual pictures tomorrow and glue the head on the archmage. For now though, here is a group photo from when I joined this awesome group of hobbyists.
  8. Hello, I am nearing the completion of an Eldritch Council Hallowheart army. The finishing touch is a debate between the aforementioned units. I have 300 points remaining to use. I can add the drakeseer for 3 dragons (1 archmage and 2 drakeseers) or add in the anointed on frostheart and soul snare shackles. The other features are 4 swordmaster units, 2 archmages, loremaster and 3 endless spells (pendelum, swords, palisade). I feel like the Dragon can put out more damage, but the phoenix can help the survivability of the army. I am very inexperienced in AoS and need some help. This army is intended to not be competative, but fun to play. Thank you.
  9. I needed a small break from eldrit h council this afteroon. Decided it was time to start a Dreadlord on black dragon conversion that I had been thinking about for ages. It's just a start, but I was able to re-purpose some of the bits from the Malekith miniature. The actual Seraphon body had been lost to time, but all the metal bits were set aside.
  10. Beautiful work. You can really feel the contempt from her expression.
  11. Some good progress early in the month today. 2 Archmages are underway. The Alarielle one is giving me a few fits though. It's a struggle to imagine how I can tie her into the other units. There are not enough other surfaces on her to bring all the colours together. Thankfully I have another Archmage ready to go if I am not satisfied by the end results. The final Swordmaster is also underway, but I figure I have shared 29 of them already. One update on them though. I have begun the conversion process to make their old unit champion into an Anointed for the Phoenix base. The sword has been cut off and I am building an appropriate looking halberd. That squad will need a new champion. I may add that into my monthly pledge as a bonus. The other Archmage is really.coming along nicely and I can see the connection with the rest of the army! His head is waiting to he primmed. The old one was kinda ruined, do a new head is on the way. I think it will look better in the end anyways. The dragon is also ready for primer. All the pieces are cleaned and ready to be painted seperately. As for the rider, its currently an Archmage but I am cleaning up the parts to also make a Drakeseer. I am not sure which is the better choice yet.
  12. A nice simple pledge this month: Paint 2 Archmages and 1 Swordmaster Build 1 Drakeseer on Dragon
  13. Well guys l, last day of the month and I think I can officially give a completed for the monthly pledge. I have to paint some dryad bark on the silver bases then the texture paint. The glue/wood filler is curre rly drying on the bases. They will be finished later this evening. After picking up the malign sorcery box for the endless spells I have read a cool piece of fluff that will result in a small change to the painted miniatures. The gems mounted on their headgear hands/weapons will be painted to resemble aetherquartz. The gems on their bodies will remain painted to resemble "grave-sand" forges into gems. The fluff for it will be added to my plog as well as unit pictures in the coming weeks. It's been too cold to prime the swords for the sister so they will need to wait. I thought maybe I could get away with a quick prime in the basement and its a massive no. The lone silver guy was my attempt and the fumes in the house was brutal. Alas, that will be applied to next month. I was reading the warscroll of the anointed on frostheart and it makes zero sense to not include that over the unmounted Phoenix. Therefore, the champion for the 3rd Swordmasters unit will be converted to an anointed and I will glue it on the base on the phoenix. His sword is missing the full hilt anyways so he is a great candidate. Time to think about next month! Maybe a simple goal or a reward month.
  14. Not a great photo, but a small update on the sisters. Spent some time working on the gem stones. I forgot how much of a grind this is with the old high elves! The pupils for all the eyes will need to wait until a get a proper brush for them. I think I need to give the bows a blue glaze to tone down the white a little. What do you think? Still to do is: prime the swords for the sisters back (tomorrow), and continue with the bases on all 40. It is looking like this months pledge will be completed. I also built/converted another Archmage for the army. I think this one is more visually unified with the Swordmasters. So he will probably see more time on the table. I think he will also get primed tomorrow.
  15. May I request the teal colour recipe? I love the tone.
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