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  1. What are folks thoughts on using corvus cabal as kairic acolytes? The acolytes are decent, even great models, but the corvus cabal hit the spot for me. I think they are a bit smaller than the acolytes tho. Alternatively, how about as Chaos Marauders, given that those are also battleline? I’m planning a painting project and am trying to get a minimum of battleline for a playable army.
  2. Not a fan of these shadow aelves, they don’t share the same feel as the rest of the army in my mind. There are some visual cues like the circlet on the leader and the greaves they all wear that are similar, but I’m really not feeling them.
  3. I would love for us to get a more elite unit. I also agree on the “we have enough monsters lets get some regular elves please” but think that is unlikely the way GW will proceed. It would be nice if we could get rules for the dark elf sorceress, since she is aesthetically very fitting.
  4. Thats a legendary face sculpt for LotR. Looks like a Rohirrim hero. Amazing - the FW studio really knocks it out sometimes in terms of high end sculpting. in other news, looks like lumineth are headed in a weird direction... a few of the earlier reviews put me off them, and I suspect today’s news will continue in that direction.
  5. Lumineth I’d say. Matches the aesthetic for Eltharion.
  6. You got 4 copies to replace 1??? That seems pretty generous/possibly overkill.
  7. While I love dragons, I think that is more likely to fit the Malerion aesthetic. If the Daughters were to remain independent, I would expect something in the vein of greek mytholgy to match the Medusa and Harpy theme we have going on. Alas, the other sources of inspiration that would be clearly Greek seem to be occupied by other factions or ill-suited for us: Cyclops, Minotaur, Satyr, Sirens... Sirens would make sense but are a little close to Idoneth design space. The others are already their own models. An interesting point of tension in the Daughters battletome is that there are Witch Aelves that question Morathi’s authority. This might not go anywhere if the Scatheborn are incapable of independent will, but I would love to see this explored further with rival factions amongst the Daughters. Perhaps a questing sisterhood uncovers a powerful relic of Khaine that brings revelation, perhaps Kharybtar the father of Kharybdii manifests himself as a champion amongst the Witch Aelves to sow discord and seek vengeance. Such splits would allow the designers to introduce new themes to the army and explore new model concepts. The realist in me argues that mawtribes and warclans set a precedent for small factions to get rolled up. It will be interesting to see whether Tyrion and Teclis are combined in one army. If so, it seems like further precedence for Malerion and Morathi to be joined (in terms of model range, not necessarily lore.)
  8. I think a new hero choice (I’m partial to the Khinerai for the sculpts) and a medium monster would be neat. I hope we don’t just get folded into shadow elves when those come out.
  9. Excellent. Sounds like I can accomplish what I want by taking a Medusa as general then. We could really use a second wave of models, although it feels like quite a few factions could say the same (Fireslayers, pure Ironjawz, perhaps Flesheaters to an extent.) An alternative Behemoth would be really nice, besides Morathi - I don’t really like her in the lore.
  10. Thanks @Overread. But, do battleline taken as part of battalion requiremnts satisfy the 3x battleline requirement?
  11. Might be dumb question. I’m also coming back to Daughters after a hiatus (to be honest I didnt get very far my first time round.) At 2k points we need 3 battleline - doesn’t that mean that we will always need 3x 10 Witch aelves or SoS at a minimum? And then if we want to get any use out of buffs, at least one of those squads should get beefed up to 30, which makes the core of our list 50 Witch Aelves/SoS? How do battalions interact with this? Lets say I took Cauldron Guard - does that mean that if I intend to add anything outside of Cauldron Guard, I would need another 3 battleline? Since Cauldron Guard has 2 Witch Aelf squads, does that mean that if I’m trying to add Morathi or any other unit not included in Cauldron Guard, I need to also add 3x 10 WE/SoS? Coming from Horus Heresy, the list building in AoS seems waaaaaay more strict. I like painting WE but I don’t want to paint 5 squads of them just to throw in a Kharybdis or something cute. Like, is there a good way for me to run Cauldron Guard + some Blood Sisters + a Kharybdis? The Kharybdis just looks really cool and themey for DoK imo.
  12. I’m really curious for rank and file actually. I’d be all over a lower model count rank and file game set in a “historical fantasy” world. Having flanking matter seems cool.
  13. Sorry to keep waving the Heresy flag, but 30k has a distinct aesthetic actually. A lot of 30k players find the 40k aesthetic too “busy.” Compare for instance the 30k grey slayers forgeworld kit and the 40k grey hunters - the former goes heavier on runes and has much less “wolfy everything” and the heads are all more sculpted to look more serious (leather masks, braided hair) whereas 40k has mohawks and wolf heads on everything, and things tend to look a bit more cartoony. It’s less true now with the move to different sculptors, but 3 years ago Heresy was very much distinct and you could easily identify the FW sculpts from the GW ones. If you are curious, the ageofdarkness podcast discusses this in their centennial episode (Myles from lillegend talks a bit towards the end about a shift in the aesthetic post Bligh) I would not be surprised if TOW gets a different aesthetic from AoS. The story has a different tone (just like Heresy has a different tone than standard 40k)
  14. I do 30k as my main hobby and yeah, most games I’ve played are pretty fast/loose on rules with a goal of having a narrative and fair game. Don’t hate on historicals guys. We don’t take the winning part seriously. (Or many of us don’t)
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