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  1. It would be pretty cool, to discover that Sigmar is actually a flawed, deeply dislikable character, driven by his own narrow world views, making terrible decisions that ultimately cleave his empire apart into warring factions. There would be a civil war, and eventually the renegade stormcast will turn to chaos and the galaxy will be set in flames as brother fights brother. Eventually Sigmar would be challenged by his his once most loyal son, who, now seeing the failings of his father, resolutely attempts to smite him down, only to fail in the very end, leaving his father a catatonic wreck and himself, dead. The empire endures, but barely, forevermore languishing in an eternity of slow decline, with only the laughter of the chaos gods echoing through the passage of centuries, until, finally, civilaztion is snuffed out and the galaxy plunges into a final dark age of silence.
  2. Lazy to use my airbrush this evening (it's also very noisy to run in an apartment at night) so decided to do some underpainting with a brush. Not as smooth, but quite satisfying. Need to smooth things out with an airbrush next, and then start laying down colors.
  3. Thank you for the kind words @Okman! A small update - finished the 5th melusai, so now I have finished painting over the course of a year: 10 witch elves 10 sisters of slaughter 5 khinerai 5 melusai Cauldron with Avatar and slaughterqueen and attendants Morgwaeth and her blade coven Next up on the list for painting: Ironscale 3 Endless spell/prayers Hag queen Bloodwrack Medusa Bloodwrack Medusa on shrine with attendants Avatar In conclusion, I’ve got another year to go here lol
  4. Has anyone found the bladewind unreasonably difficult to build? There’s only 4 diagrams for it and it took me 40 minutes to figure out where all the joins are, including time spent looking at different angles of the conmpleted model on their website.
  5. WIP on the fifth medusa I think iv settled on a reasonable balance on the scales where I don't need to spend forever painting a pattern but there's a nice play between blue to green that's interesting
  6. I want more flat surfaces lol. Sometimes I just want to paint a nice gradient with some shadows. Having a lot of detail just obscures the overall shape. I don’t have a problem with this in AoS since my army (DoK) doesn’t really seem to suffer from this IMO, but it’s definitely a trend in Horus Heresy, to the point where I am, like @yukishiro1 picking up old kits instead, or, in my case, kitbashing so I cannspread all the fiddly bits across more models and reduce the density of clutter. I play Night Lords and while I appreciate some spikes and chains as much as the next chaos dude, I don’t need my terminators dripping in doodads.
  7. Wow it’s been a month since I’ve painted anything for the Daughters. I painted some Horus Heresy for a palette cleanser, but generally didn’t paint much. Finally sat back down for some fantasy this evening. With marines, there’s much more kit variety and conversion potential, but the painting itself is much more muted and less ... creative? Since after the first few squads I generally expect the units to share colors. Compare this to the Daughters with their limited kits, the build for fantasy is not as fun. However, I get to have fun on the painting since I’ve already established a wide range of colors on all the girls. It’s super refreshing to come back from chipping weathering and pin washes and try to paint some brushstroke style. 🥰 Working on the fifth medusa now. Will need to bust out the airbrush again once she is done to underpaint some heroes and spells!
  8. I feel like painting a bloodwrack medusa this month.
  9. I enjoy building when it’s possible to create alot of variation. Horus Heresy space marines benefit from this - there are so many interchangeable bits that you can make the models your own during assembly. It becomes a creative process. A well built custom marine can look far cooler and more dynamic than the booklet build. I don’t enjoy assembling monopose models, or models where there is very little room for creativity. I find it boring. However, in many cases, it’s still possible to do conversions to try to tweak the standard pose. Witch elves come with 5 unique bodies. It’s pretty fun to try to adjust them while keeping the aesthetic similar (greenstuff skill helps.) My converted poses don’t look as good, but I enjoy them for the little bit of me I gave on to them in their making.
  10. This won’t happen, but it would be amazing to use warcry to introduce a bunch of alternate sculpts for smaller/older factions similar to what Underworlds has done. They don’t need to be constrained by unit sizes and can fit a mix of stuff on the sprue. Eg. 4 skinks, 3 saurus guard and a saurus knight or something. New sculpts will tempt people into older armies and encourage folks who have those armies to expand, but without invalidating their existing models. For painters, it also offers a compact package to paint something new without getting a bunch of duplicates sculpts. Alternate poses, genders, faces, heraldry/banners/instruments. Nomnomnom
  11. When i first got into the hobby i legit thought it would be cool and thematic to do a monochrome black and white paintjob. For something like warhammer quest on the baddies for instance, to add contrast to heroes painted in other colors. For all the folks who mention the hurdle of painting (both skill and time) - I wanted to share the simplicity of the sketch style approach: http://www.contrastminiatures.com/learn/sketching/learning-to-sketch-an-overview/ Cut back to it’s core, sketch style is like zenithal + controlled washes (aka dont drown the miniature in wash as advertised by GW.) I learned this approach a few years ago and it’s very fast and satisfying. Contrast paints are sort of a branch of this style. Sketching easily expands into more advanced painting as well - the way I’ve heard it described is as fundamentals for more advanced painting, because it teaches you about light and shadows as you work the sketch.
  12. Finished the 4th Melusai Now to seal 4 of the models, and to start preparing the next batch for paint: Some thoughts for today: 1. The bloodwrack viper is a pain to build since it comes in so many pieces and is hard to fit tigether. There are still a bunch of gaps that I’m going to try to use green stuff and varnish to fill. 2. I haven’t made up my mind where to expand further. I have the endless spells, a bloodwrack shrine and a medusa hero to paint, but feel like I need to expand my actual units instead of just having 4 minimum sized squads. I think I will enjoy painting another 10 sisters of slaughter and am leaning that way, although painting 5 more medusa is probably a faster way to be able to field a 1k list. (I think I’m really close!) The medusa are also newer sculpts, and I suspect will be more useful if the rumors about dark elf soup come true next year. Malerion will bring his own battleline, and I might not want a redundant/bigger pile of witch elf equivalents if that happens. I expect there will always be a reason to run a reinforced block of elites though, so Medusa are a less risky investment if we get souped. 3. I’m a bit unexcited about the khainite shadowstalker sculpts. However, they would be a chance to continue to paint different sculpts. There was definitely a point where I got tired if painting witch elf equivalents earlier this year. 4. i need to get bits to improve basing. I made a duplicate green stuff pillar from the Medusa captain’s base, but I need to get back on the basing train more. Msybe make some more broken wall bits like the one I did for a khinerai.
  13. Are you aware that there are people who do nothing but paint for the enjoyment of painting and don't play at all? Personally I don't get to play because of lack of time, and painting is something I can squeeze in at odd hours of the day so it is more accessible than gaming. I also would say that my love of the models far surpasses my love of the actual gaming - the latter is more of an excuse to hang out with friends and drink beer. Ain't nothing wrong with that. Also, that's like 70% of the Horus Heresy community 😄
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