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  1. Has anyone noticed that the crab appears cooked? I mean, crabs typically aren’t reddish orange pre cooking...🙃
  2. Been working on the cauldron of blood - I had the foresight to keep parts only partially built, which is good... But damn now I wish I had kept even more of it separate. Damnit, getting the shapes painted on the underbits is tough. I am quite enjoying the colors though. I had an idea to do alot of scarlet and gold, and it's coming along the way I hoped. Here's one wheel and the attached strut in progress
  3. Itsa cool conversion and nice paintjob! There’s purple in the cape, on top of what others have suggested, and the highlights go up to grey, which might be just a white mixed in to the other colors. For the armor, nuln oil is probably not going to get that effect. Glazing purple and some black will do the shadows. There’s some pink or yellow used in the highlights. I agree with previous post that Mephiston and evil sunz scarlet could form the mid tones. Skin looks like some cream colors going into white, with purple and green glazes. Flayed one flesh and pallid wych flesh probab
  4. Really enjoy the texture you’ve added to the head. Excellent paintjob, as always!
  5. Every step counts man! Enjoy the process; don’t worry about getting there too much!
  6. Got distracted painting a blood bowl model as a hag for the sisters It's a very nice forgeworld sculpt. It's been fun painting the nmm gold! Still have work to do on the base and clean up the skin which is pretty speckly on close inspection... Quite pleased with her pants too 😊
  7. I got some of my $@#-& together and did the undercoats for a bunch of additional miniatures this morning. The cauldron is intimidating so I'm going to paint it as I build it - otherwise it will be tricky to get at the inside bits. I'm thinking of doing alot of gold for this cauldron, for the slaughterqueen to ride on (she's already magnetized for a spot on it.) My other cauldron will probably be more steel and get setup as a medusa throne. Excited to paint something new! In the front row is model #26 who is still awaiting a varnish coat.
  8. Thank you very much for the kind words. I think that’s a good idea, now that I’ve finished the latest witch elf.
  9. Love the skin on the golem, and the nmm ironjawz wip!
  10. Thanks for the encouragement @LoofIsFool and @MitGas, it really helps! I really sppreciate the sharing, it’s good to hear of others getting back in the game.
  11. Thank you! Thank you MitGas, I appreciate your thoughts. I agree regarding the positive outlook and looking to do the things that bring one joy, especially physically. I am entering my middle years as well, and I really feel my body slowing down in terms of performance. Gotta hang on to what I can, and see if I can squeeze some more juice out of this potato. Yeap, relationship troubles are the worst 😔
  12. My painting has been quite sporadic this past month. Work has been busy, and life has been tumultuous. I recently picked up a brush again, to work on model #26 in my DoK painted collection, another Sister of Slaughter, this one with some slight conversions for variety. A part of it is like coming home to a space in myself, scraping aside the rust of the daily grind, restarting a conversation with myself. When I paint something new, there is continuous thought, imagination, testing. It is...tiring? Certainly rewarding when it comes together, but it is very much rooted in discovery and expe
  13. This is hilarious, probably unintentional, but totally valid per my understanding of the english language. I don’t think the rules writers saw this coming hahaha.
  14. Haha yes, if only they spread the buffs less restrictively.
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