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  1. Are lifetakers not good? Has anyone used them extensively? I’ve seen allusions to them being worse than heartrenders, but am curious by what degree
  2. Would you not run any battalion then? How do you take extra heroes if taking slaughter troupe - doesnt it force extra battle line?
  3. Looking awesome! I was originally interested in Wanderers but put off by some of the older models. Looking at your conversions makes me wish I hadn’t been!
  4. What do people think about the battalions? Such as Cauldron Guard? I like the idea of battalions but the small unit selection within them seems to force you to take large squads of the same models to use in bigger points games. Eg cauldron guard needs 60 witches and 20 khinerai to fill in points, which prevents me from taking bits of this and that. I come from the Horus Heresy where we have Rites of War that offer thematic army benefits, but restrict list building (eg. the Night Lords can make their terror squads count as battleline and get some bonuses to cover saves, but they can only take a single heavy unit if they select that rite.) This allows for more flexibility to buy/paint what I want to get 2000 points. AoS battalions seem to pigeon hole me harder into only picking a few units instead, which seems painful if rules/points update annually and also from the perspective of painting the same things and running a samey looking force.
  5. How do you do your blending? It looks great. I struggle with blending the fairer skin tones - the whites are so streaky compared to painting red or green. Do you lay it on thicker then feather with a wet brush? Or do you just mix on a wet pallette and go up the spectrum? Also curios about your color choice. I’ve been starting at rakarth and moving up to pallid wych (I think? It’s close to white) and I’ve been OK with it but am keen to try other variations. I find adding the pinker tones to be tricky to get right.
  6. T_T Decisions decisions. In other news, how are people kitbashing their alternative hag queens? Where do you get the cups?
  7. Lore wise, are hydra the progeny of Kharybtar? I really want to hook into the earlier confrontation between Kharybtar and Morathi since my renegade temple should have a preference of alliance with others that hate morathi. Also how often do warscrolls forstuff like the Kharybdiss get updated? Does it happen annually?
  8. Question about the battletome rumours: do we think a new Daughters of Khaine book will come out in the next year? I’m slow growing a DoK temple and will probably take at least 6 months to have something usable. Thinking about whether getting the current tome would be worth it.
  9. Question - I want to run Kharybdiss because the models look cool and fit in visually with daughters. Does anyone have thoughts on how to make this work? I’ve never played the game before, so cant just look at the warscroll and know what they are good for. What would their battlefield role be? Sweeping chumps? Being tanky? Fighting other big monsters?
  10. I have some dark eldar witch models and agree - the propportions are different. The witch aelves are more lithe and fantastical whereas the dark eldar are chunkier and more “realistic” and of course, those high tech bits look like a pain to remove
  11. This sounds awesome! I am thnking of runnng a renegade temple anyway - a break away from the cult of morathi that has chosen to return to their khainite roots and now wanders the realms seeking to restore their god. No melusai - these would have been purged from their ranks early on during their awakening - but some of the khinerai are tolerated. Aside from Khaine they also honor Kharybtar; and his children often lend them their strength in battle, especially when they seek out their former brethren.
  12. Hey folks, been a lurker for a while and recently decided to pick up AoS. I am going with Daughters because the models are beautiful. It’s taking time to paint but honestly it’s really fun painting witch aelves! Question for folks: I dislike the masks on these girls, IMO the face sculpts are pretty and should not be hidden. Do you think players would mind if I used the aelf faces for units even if they are supposed to be masked? For instance - Sisters of Slaughter would just be witch aelves with whips.
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