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  1. I have been waiting for wood elf models to get new sculpts, but I feel like the ones spoiled are kind og ugly 🙁 Maybe it’s just the paint job, but I feel like the DoK models are much prettier.
  2. DoK warband would be cool. A khinerai, 2 witch aelves, a sister of slaughter. Hell I’d buy it even if it had a melusai as long as I got new sculpts to mix in for my units. Barring that, my wishlist is wanderers, then any other aelven faction. No, I’m not fixated on pointy ears or anything.
  3. I suspect if running large amounts of witches or sisters of slaughter hag narr and draichi ganeth are the way to go. Khailebron is designed for snakes. The other two get layered buffs on battalions and rules that really help the infantry.
  4. No idea, Only played 2 games so far, both at low points and no endless spells 😅 However, I imagine our 5++ rerollable fanatic faith helps there if you run Hag Narr and pick the defensive prayer (which I have done, and is pretty OP in low points much to the consternation of my buddies)
  5. This would be amazing and make me regret starting AoS this year with DoK. Woooooooooooooddd Elves!!!!
  6. I don’t see myself picking these up - the output looks really messy for the stuff GW has painted and if I had to spend time glazing over it again I think I mght as well have just done sketch style to begin with. However, I don’t play the games that much anyway, so can’t say I’m the target audience. I think this will be good for the community; its a much lower barrier to entry compared to the current base/shade/layer/highlight approach and folks who want to go further can always learn. I also recall from my first painting class ever (with the awesome Matt DiPietro) that he expected most folks would need to unlearn base/shade/layer/highlight if they wanted to compete (I’m paraphrasing here based on my recollection) and switch to thinking about volume/contrast anyway, so I don’t know that adding this new methodology will be pulling the legs out from under all the new folks starting out painting. Now what I’d really like would be for them to throw out the current bottle design and switch to dropper bottles so I don’t knock out half my agrax shade in one go.
  7. Eh, if you have not tried zenithal priming you havem’t lived. I also hate black primer because my eyesight is poor, but the zenithal white makes everything clear and also allows you to place shadows correctly.
  8. How are folks building their witch aelves and avoiding duplicates? I’ve noticed that all the heads are interchangeable, although the hair has to stay the same for each body. I’ve found that with some slight chopping and green stuff some of the arms can be swapped around as well. Interested to see what you all have come up with!
  9. Yeap. They didn’t edge highlight the first model, tis a trick!
  10. I’m by no means a veteran, but as a newbie I’m planning to build and paint as I go. The next handbook is probably going to shake things up a bit based on all the comments I’ve seen, sommay not be wise to go all in right now. My hope is that we don’t get nerfed into the ground and instead get some rebalancing/buffs on the less popular units.
  11. I think it is romantic to think that this is done over some sense of history and ownership. From what I’ve seen, in publicly traded companies that sense of history and ownership is at best internal advertising. The folks who make high level decisions in a publicly traded company are generally focused on short term profit and long term sustainability of the ability to make that profit. The nice thing is that such goals usually coincide with retaining your staff and avoiding lay-offs - but we shouldn’t lionize them as the necessarily the same folks for whom the work was likely about more than profit, or as really being interested in employee welfare as anything beyond a means to an end. Which is not to say anyone is evil or that it is objectively immoral to use the tools at your disposal to crush your competition - simply that they don’t need our defense. In fact, they probably couldn’t care less what we think on the matter as long as we keep consuming.
  12. I think it would be amazing if legacy armies were maintained indefinitely. Is it practical? Maybe not. But thats not really our concern as consumers. For folks jeering at the TKers and Bretts - One day your favorite army could be TK’ed and then you’ll get to enjoy the irony of watching someone else prattle about how you should get on with the times. Unless your stormcast I guess, in which case that probably means Age of Sigmar is over. I don’t personally have a stake in TK or Bretts being supported again, but I can empathize with their frustration.
  13. My original plan for starting AoS was to go into Wanderers, though I ended up picking up DoK because I didnt like glade guard models and loved witch aelves. That being said, the new direction they are taking with sylvaneth does make it feel like there’s less and less room for classic wood aelves. I really hope I’m wrong and Wanderers get fleshed out down the road.
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