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  1. Agree. I think boiling the wax paper will help with this if u can't get ur hands on baking parchment.
  2. For folks who don't have airbrushes - I recommend using Halfords or Rust-Oleum spray cans for priming and/or undercoating. The GW primers cost 3 times as much and aren't any better. In fact, if u ever want to strip ur models for repainting, the GW primers are a huge pain in the doodoo because they bond chemically to the plastic. Other money saving tips on the hobby side - GW brushes are expensive and short lived. Don't bother with them. Cheap synthetic brushes are fine, or get any of the high profile sable brushes and clean them after using them. Use a wet pallette. I've been painting for years and haven't run out of any pots of paint. Dry pallettes are incredibly inefficient with paint. Don't need to buy a wet pallette - just make one with wax paper and kitchen rolls or sponge.
  3. What the actual f@@k. Thats just stupid pricing. EDIT - ok i see it comes with quite a bit of terrain and 2 rulebooks, so thats not an outrageous amount from that perspective. I do think they overvalue their rulebooks though, those get invalidated quickly. Honestly the only thing I like about GW is the quality of their plastic. The rest is overpriced in my mind. @Milano if you like snakes the Start Collecting seems like good savings, relatively speaking. You will want the Cauldron anyway, so you are basically getting half off the Melusai. Also factor in the FLGS discount and its pretty dollars to points efficient compared to trying to collect a block of witch aelves 😆 Theres basically no reason to buy a Cauldron of Blood kit by itself if you are also going Melusai. Personally I love the witch elf sculpts so I’m committed to getting at least a small block of them done.
  4. These new khainite shadowstalkers are a mixed bag I think. I love the variations with the witch aelf and Sister of Slaghter, as well as several of the male sculpts! I’m not so keen on the frowning dude with the wobbley cloak thing, or the faceless boss lady. Might pick them up, but will plan to swap her head out if I do...
  5. I love elves as well, and I honestly don’t play much of the game anyway, so you may season my thoughts to taste depending on how much you care about playing games of AoS with your models: If you love the models, you may regret selling them off. How likely are you to be able to recollect them in the event you change your mind in the future? Does the availability of space and money the models would free up matter to you? The Old World is coming. If Horus Heresy is anything to go by, it will likely be huge, gorgeous, boutique, and include elves. (Heresy started with just a few astartes legions, but quickly expanded to include Mechanicum, Auxilia, Militia...) Your models may find a home in that setting. In the Heresy community, folks usually embrace the old RT era metal rhinos, land raiders, speeders. In fact, the “new” FW sculpts are draw heavily from them (the Deimos Rhino from FW is just a bigger old school metal rhino, the Land Raider Proteus is just a bigger old school Raider, ditto the Land Speeders, old armor mks, etc.) Unless you’re getting into competitive gaming, people usually don’t mind that your models might be smaller as long as you aren’t being “gamey” about it. This last bit comes down to the culture that develops around the new game, but I’m hopeful it follows the “historical” and “narrative” path the Heresy has taken. If you love the models, you could enjoy them as a long term hobby project, painting each to the best of your ability. Personally, I lean into this philosophy alot - I dont enjoy the gaming that much beyond an excuse to laugh, tell stories and drink with friends. Having models I am proud of increases the enjoyment I get from this, and so I would view the broad expanses of time between games as an opportunity to enjoy the oainting process. If I get lucky and get games in once a month, great. If I don’t get a game in for a few months - great, now I’ve gotten another 100 points painted! From a purely aesthetic standpoint, if I were to collect older midels, I would keep them with era specific touches. That means square bases. I think the historical context helps tell the story of what I would be trying to achieve - a beautiful 8th ed. army, proud of its heritage. I think it would be tacky to try to “modernize” just the bases - I dont need this army to look like something from 2020 AoS. If i wanted that, id just collect an AoS army.
  6. How do you transport the pinned models? They wont stand right, and if you lie them sideways theyll just roll around and destroy everything? I have the same battlefoam magnaracks you have, so good to see it can work here.
  7. Im using primal horizon, which dont provide an N rating but appear to be commonly used for miniatures. I’m wary of foam from experiences of dark eldar bits getting caught in the past, lol.When u say warrior are you referencing witches?
  8. Guys, what transportation options do you use for your shrines/cauldrons? They are so tall, I’m thinking of keeping the avatar magnetized. The problem is that the Avatar is also very top heavy, and was prone to falling off even with 2 rare earth magnets on his feet. In a perfect world I would just glue him on, but then the whole shebang becomes unwieldy to transport! I want to see what you do!
  9. Those are like, next level european/spanish competition level paint jobs. They look stunning, but sometimes it becomes hard to see what the models look like without that level of skill 🤣 I find the GW in house paintjobs usually to be a more fair representation of what things will look like painted 😆
  10. We would be enemies, you and I! But a more complete answer - I find that TMM relies heavily on lighting to look good (even if you are layering the metallics with shades.) I do enjoy TMM although I like the punchiness you can control with NMM. Also I like the specific fantasy feeling it evokes - I stick with TMM in my Horus Heresy models, and use that with weathering, etc. Now in my mind, the one hobby thing I dislike is edge highlighting without respect for the direction of ambient light or material 😄
  11. Woah woah woah... you dont mean non metallic metal there do you? What could anyone have against NMM? Wouldn’t it be great if someone painted a full NMM mega? Mmmmm the amount of irony there to stick in the faces of stormcast players... 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Painted a face this morning, and was happy to have gotten it to an OK spot after a tricky start where I realized too late that I needed to switch brushes (the point on the old one wasn’t really holding up so great.) I’ve noticed recently that its hard to keep my colors consistent, so I’m going to try to set out at least a log of the paints I am using over time so I don’t deviate too much unintentionally. For the skin, I need A black primer GW Flayed one GW Pallid Wych Titanium white GW Reikland flesh GW Evil Sunz GW Caledor sky GW Abaddon black The gold is GW Doombull brown Vallejo green brown GW Flayed one Titanium white GW Yriel yellow GW Warpstone glow Scale75 Eldandil violet I need to figure out what the hell is in the blue next.
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