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  1. They better give us a non-forgeworld plastic mourngul or there will be trouble. 😡
  2. well, they added the totem keyword to the black coach, didn’t they? Perhaps they will add more keywords to different heroes/units. Time will tell. I hope we get our damned battletome soon. 😩
  3. I wonder, if the Bataillons do go away, perhaps some of their abilities are going to get baked into possible Nh subfactions (Processions TM)? also, what could the new rumor engine bit be? Questions over questions!
  4. Noice! That's Pretty great to hear that he might find some double uses in underworlds as well as in pitched battle. Is it possible to integrate him into a skal, since he uses the "Icebrow Hunter" Keyword ?
  5. Did anyone gave Hrothgorn's Mantrappers a go in their Roster? If so, what's your experiences/opinion's about him?
  6. Any thoughts on the Nighthaunt Battleforce? Asking for a friend. 😁
  7. That's the thread, there you go. And it is daunting indeed! Especially for me, since I am lacking a lot of experience. But Inspiration, is a nice thing.
  8. Saw a Pretty dope conversion on this site where someone mounted Greasus on a Stonehorn. Looked amazing.
  9. I'm still new to the Hobby, so your Feedback is really much appreciated. I love the idea, thank you so much! I'll try to figure out some more synergies, seems like like, with some Synergy, the firepower of the big ships can be brought to some use!
  10. Thank you so much for the reply! I was thinking About it as well, if I might use the KO's as an Independent tool in a bigger army. More replies like that are appreciated from, people who want to share their experience.
  11. anyone seeing toys from the Kharadron Overlords, like Ironclads/Gunhaulers in a CoS army? As of right now, I am not very sure if I want to use one of those in a possible CoS army of mine..but damn, the ironclad is so beautiful. x.x
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