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  1. @Lowki I had it printed by a mate with a resin printer. I've heard from others that it could be quite expensive if you use an online service because of the size of the model... The tomb stones are from Renedra.
  2. And this big badboy has been finished: Some chainrasp for scale:
  3. The next big project. 3D print from Fleshcraft Studios as a stand in for a mourngul. It's quite a large model, this is on a 60mm base (same as the Mourngul ofc). I decided to get this one as it matches the updated nighthaunt aesthetics more.
  4. The first foambuild house for the vampiric town board is ready for the table:
  5. Yes, I have to say, I was incredibly happy to see my models featured in Warhammer Community. Cool to see the pictures with that watermark of them!
  6. I've not really made tutorials all that often. I lack any decent recording material as well.
  7. I want a soulblight inspired town... So I'm going to make it out of foam. Foam building is pretty new to me, but I do enjoy it. I've decided to go for manually cut bricks that get build onto full foam blocks for the first levels (I've not access to foamcore right now due to shops being shut down anyway). It's a longer process than using rollers or carving the bricks, but I'm happy to have put in the effort, as the final result does look nicely solid and aged/undead-ish! Anyway... Pictures! One of my models for scale: Guarden of Morr size comparison: And finally, lifting the curtain a bit on how I go about painting things in a step by step: Last picture has the army painter dark tone quickshade applied (turpentine based)... Dries rockhard, but shiny. I do hope it can keep the foam save from the rigours of the battlefield though!
  8. Added a few more elements to the nighthaunt: The two limited editions. A conversion using the leftover parts: And finally, an attempt to speed up the painting for units that I definitely like the look of... But probably won't see much use. These glaivewraiths were suprisingly fast compared to the others, but still mix in well enough... Probably something I might explore further to flesh out the army more:
  9. Mannfred is now done too: This means all the mortarchs are now finished, so that calls for a group shot! It was hard to fit them all into the lightbox though!
  10. I just use PVA glue the very fine sand they use in bird cages. It has little shells crushed in it, but it's super fine with the occasional chunky bit. I just paint it with vallejo scorched brown and just let the snow provide the contrast on it. You could drybrush it, but these days, I don't always do so because the grainy snow draws the eye away anyway.
  11. Worked on an Arkhan the Black conversion. With Mannfred soon getting done, all five mortarchs can be fielded at the same time!
  12. I did, lockdown started on 16th of March where I live though, so it might not be the same amount of weeks as other countries... It's been over 3 weeks here.
  13. I tried to offset the bright, warm gold with either dark, subdued colours like black and burgondy red or bright supercold blues. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out myself, glad you like it too.
  14. The SCE half of my soulwars boxes finally got finished:
  15. So, my lockdown project has been finished. These models where assembled, but locked away into a shelf for a loooooong time... I never seemed to find the time to get them finished. That is... Until now of course. I've decided to for a custom colourscheme/stormhost that I decided to call "the Templars of Solitude". Seems fitting for these times.
  16. That's essentially how every teaser video has been so far...
  17. A teaser perhaps, but with many aelves still up in the air (if there are several castes), I think they might keep that ace up their sleeve still. They might keep it safe in case they just push back all the releases instead of a product dump.
  18. Well that's the thing though... Compare it to AoS... Do you feel like armies are really "left to rot" for several years before getting an update? The game hasn't even been out for 5 years and it feels like half the armies are already getting updates to bring them in line with the current edition. Like I previously said, I really do feel like battletomes/codexes are what is holding back the current GW rules systems (although AoS seems to be more streamlined then the absolute mess of beta rules, PA updates, FAQs etc that 40k is). I LOVE how well different death units all integrate with each other for instance. It allows for amazing list building flexibility and truely like what they did in that Grand Alliance. However... I hate the fact that if I want to field Arkhan the black in a legion of Grief army (perfectly possible nowadays), I have to grab FOUR books: Legions of Nagash (for any warscrolls that aren't NH), the nighthaunt book (for any NH warscrolls), the forbidden power expansion (for my allegiance, traits and artifacts) AND the friggin OBR book because Arkhan got changed compared to the original LoN book. Sure, this is one of the most extreme examples... But it could have been just a single binder with warscroll cards in there (and so far unreleased allegiance cards, magic spell cards and artifact cards) that allowed me to make my own army without any clutter... This might just be an unpopular opinion, but I say DEATH TO THE BATTLETOME as a rules source. It's holding wargaming back.
  19. I disagree... Not with GW clinging on to books as their main source for gaming rules. Carrying an enormous army to a game is already hard enough without the need of several books to play with a single army. If they actually swapped to a full card based system for rules (with a binder to keep it together and to allow players to make their own battletome with only the units/rules they are using)… I would love PA style expansions. Right now, 40k is an absolute mess of rules diffusion... What they set out to fix at the end of seventh ed is back with a vengeance in less than two years. I actually still feel like I was ripped off buying most of the 40k rule books.
  20. Glaivewraith stalkers gets my pick too for most useless warscroll. They don't do anything useful within that army that other units do better. They are the prime example of GW putting useless units in starter boxes.
  21. The Yak (not just a cow) is often used as an animal symbolizing steadfastness and stoic resolve. I'm getting a massive "mist of Pandaria" aesthetic vibe mixed with oldschool elves. If I ever paint these models, I would be going for a more jade/teal green colourscheme because of that. Anyway, that eastern inspired expansion did have different animals associated with different combat roles. I suspect this army might go for a similar route... We'll probably see another elemental aspect (water would be my guess) next week.
  22. Very different approach to painting these. Underworlds is pretty fun to experiment with though.
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