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  1. Almost month closing, it has been quiet here lately. How is everyone doing. Still on track? Well I am definitely not ...already had a month delay, but this month was even worse. Since my last post I didn't touch a single model, until this weekend. I was able to finish these two: a single Revenant And a hexwraith. I actually started my army with this particular model when I was waiting for nighthaunt to be released back in, what was it 2018? I bought a malignants SC because I couldn't wait starting with it at that time. I originally tried to make the horse look more ethereal, as I figured they must e ghosts rather than skeletons,, but my attempt, among others with fluorescent paints didn't really work out that well, not to say it looked plain ugly. I put it away once NH was released and didn't touch it since. Now I realized I had hexwraith on my list to complete so restarted it, choosing a more conservative scheme...not original, but still an improvement compared with my earlier attempt. I always liked the hexwraith, but must say next to the big and furosious steeds of the nigh haunt, they feel a bit out of place, as if they are driving pony's on a fancy fair...looking forward to the rest of them though.
  2. Yeah I think you are definately right about that. As you say it is the price we pay for the more dynamic poses (which is the fasion now I think) and therefore more complex miniatures. I have seen lots of compaints about new models being monopose, but personally I can understand why it is much harder to make these models fit with multiple built options than the far more static poses of the rank and file units we saw much more often in the past. I guess some people would be more happy with more static models for the larger baseline units, and more dynamic for leaders and smaller units. But that doesnt seem to be the direction GW is going. sttill, that doesnt mean there cant be a lot of bits for the base, as KingBrodd says it is a huge base, that allows for a lot of variation, would be a shame if if it doesnt have any options for it inside the box (the models shown have a rather dull looking base though)
  3. Fingers crossed, as you say it would make sense. so we exoect it to be be pre order on 10th , release 17th right. With a major Necron/space marines release for next week first?
  4. That is what i really hope for , It is one of things I like so much about the aleguzzler set too, and I kinda exoected the new mega gargant set to be something similar. i started to doubt lately. though. So far i have seen no sign of anthing else than what was on the three built options shown at the original reveal. I.e. the latest picture shared on facebook of the kraken eater ( named character, dont knw the name by heart), which is clearly a different paint job but doesnt seem to have any other bits than what was on the karaken eater shown at the reveal, or any picture of it shared after that. unless I missed it of course. And maybe it is also not realistic to expect more from a kit that already have three built options which are all quiet different from eachother. That is already a lot of plastic left after buikding one of them. is there any particular reason why you are so sure there will be any more bits in the box not yet shown? Please say there is
  5. I know there already has been a lot of discussion about the Teclis model. Don’t want to do that all over again, but must say with the photo in the recent article on WC, seen from a different angle, I actually quite like it. The way he floats above the ground looks so much better then when seen from the front. (missing depth.) pretty awesome if you ask me. Just to remind myself that you sometimes have to see the actual model before you say you like it or not. Looking forward to the first result from the people who bought it. Still not sure about the face, they obviously tried to give him the arrogant expression that fits his character, but there is something about it that makes me feel like he had a bad lunch or something. But like I said, better see how it looks in reality,, before dropping into conclusions s. Other than that I have no problems with it at all, not with the trousers, nor the stones
  6. Maybe not my call, but I can't see why not Looking forward to see your take on the Sylvaneth (and your Ararielle conversion), one of my favorite armies, and Arielle is such a great model imo.
  7. Thanks all for the kind remarks 🙂, Personally I like most of the scheme GW uses for NH, it is one of the things that made me start this army in the first place, but indeed i tried to give it a slightly more grimdark look, mostly using things I learned from Grimdark Compendium. Not as grimdark and bloody (or good) as theirs, but just a bit more spooky than GW's. Great to hear that you can see that from the results., I find that really motivating. sorry for the late reply... It is largely based on a scheme shared by someone on TGA (Sleboda if I remember correctly.) Prime with the black spray primer of your choice Lupercal Green drybrushed over entire base Drybrush Kabalite Green around the perimeter, toward the center but not all the way. Repeat #3 but with Sybarite Green and staying further out from the middle Repeat but with Gauss Blaster Green. Even further from the middle, but i touch all the edgesI use a smaller brush for this edges with Ulthuan Grey, all the way around, evenly Wash with nuln oil, to mute the tones a bit repeat 5 and 6 but just slightly drybrush it, only touch the outer edges. This to restore a bit of the (moon) light effect after the wash In addition I add some red rust pigment on the soil here and there and drybrush Gauuss Blater Green and Uthuan Grey over it again, just to give a bit more variation without adding to much color to the base at the same time. For metal parts like the fences, I pain over it t it with a dilututed (1:1) AK interactive rust streaks, and then go over it again with a slight drybrush of the two aforementioned colors.
  8. I don't get it, please explain what you mean?
  9. Photo's of what I was able to finish last month, making up the total of 650 point, still about 850 to go. With 2 units of Bladegheist on their way, I am more or less half way now. .
  10. I completely agree with @Aloth_Corfiser, I much appreciate thorough and long explanations like this, find them informative and inspiring.
  11. Well I am officially delayed now too for at least month as I wasn't able to do as much as I expected during my holiday. Plenty of excuses of course, for one we had a heatwave over here or more than a week, really couldn't get myself to do anything including painting, and moreover, even when I did it was difficult as the paint was drying right on my brush and I also ended up with some badly primed models due to the fact that the paint dried immediately after it left the can. Also struggled with building, especially with filling the gaps, my least favorite part of the hobby ( I really suck working with greenstuff, maybe I need some good tutorial on that subject.) I did however finish the GoS, Crawlocke and his chainghasts and a unit of Myrmourn Banshees. The bladegheist are work in progress. Will share the photo's later this week. I left Kurdoss in his box, untouched. If I can do Kurdoss and finish the Bladegheist this month, I will be back on track. @Kramer, good to hear you have work again
  12. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t my intention to make a statement or anything like that, I am everything but an expert in rhe matter. Cycles makes sense of course. Must say that it felt like it was ages ago AOS was introduced, but quick lookup learned it was 2015, so yeah seems to indicate a 3 yr cycle, if you can say that from just two editions. 40k last 3 editions were also 3 yrs apart, so guess that further makes it more likely. On the other hand both wfb and 40k earlier editions had a much less regular pattern, but ok, of course it makes more sense to look at he more recent history when making assumptions about a possible new edition. So yes, if I had to choose I would say 3rd edition next year would be the most likely, but it is not like I am totally convinced,, if you read some comment you would think GW already announced it, just a formality, but there can be many reasons for it to be later, not to mention the delay by the lockdown, and any possible lockdown yet to come.. I agree on that updating rules/BT shouldn’t have much to do with the rate of new models introduced, especially since they are not produced at the same location (China/Nothingham) , and probably also different development teams involved. Still I got the strong impression updating BT and giving everything a place (instead of allthese smalll BT-less factions left from the world that was) was prioritized since Sould wars, especially during 2019, and with reason imo. And somehow it felt like this was done at the cost of less model updates.Of course we still got plenty of new stuff, not complaining at all, some new armies even, but in general most factions had to do with a single new heroe via a dual army box. Kinda had my hopes set on now every model got a place in a 2.0 BT GW would start to give some extra love to faction that really need older models replaced or a bit more variety, Maybe it also just waiting for the new factory to be ready for production. Dunno. just my 2 cents
  13. Great reveals, will most likely have to break the promise I made to myself not to buy any new plastic till I finish at least half of my pile of shame though. The warcry set is a must buy, for me, really love the warbands, and with additional terrain, i guess it will be a good deal, like with the first starterset, have to wait for the price of course. Hope we can expect to see more new warbands with new models for other factions next year (not sure if it is a realisitic thought.) the dual army box is tempting, probably a good deal too with approx 180 GBP worth of models, new heroes excluded. Not sure yet, i might resist the temptation. Always loved DoK and they were already on my list of favorite armies that i might want to start next, slaanesh also have various models i would love to built and paint, but the ones in the box are not really among my favorites, so I am in doubt, still plenty of time left to let it sink for a bit. The broken realms, starting with Morathi is great news, hope it means most armies will get some love over time now, at least lore wise. Not sure what that means for a possible 3.0 release. Personally I feel it is to early for a new edition anyway, I mean we just had a year of GW focussing on updating all BT, with a new release that would all start over again, what are the reasosn so many people expect a new edition next year? Personally i would prefer them to at least start replacing the old metal and finecast still prominent in some armies, at some point these molds will be worn down right?, and need to be replaced anyway.
  14. I my goal for this month:
  15. Didn't post my last update for July yet. SO here it is. Actually just finished it last week.
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