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  1. I think the thing to know about Nighthaunt, and this goes for everyone that is complaining about their heroes getting sniped, is that your heroes aren't meant to survive. And really, that's fine. Heroes are support units for the army, not the main threat that your gameplan should be based around. If it's your heroes getting blown up, then it's not your units, which are what will win you the game. The exceptions in my mind are Lady Olynder, Reikenor if you take Cogs, and a Harrow if it's your general and you're planning to use spectral summons on later turns. Lady O and Reik both can be made very survivable by taking the Dolorous Guard battalion, and the Harrow can literally hide anywhere on the board you want it to.
  2. No matter the size, Chainrasps don't have offensive power. They're much more a defensive unit that is there to sit on objectives. So you get 10 extra bodies to do just that for only 40 points. I like to run Chainrasps is small units of 10 or in full blobs.
  3. I really don't think this would improve Nighthaunt at all. One of the few things that Nighthaunt has going for it as an army is a great selection of battleline. There's many a game where I don't even bring non-battleline units. Bladegheists are simply better on paper than in actual gameplay in my experience, while Harridans being battleline would be fine, but wouldn't really change much. Yeah I agree here. I'd say the army could use another caster that isn't a special character, but even then it wouldn't be anything that would change the game for us. And that's fine, I don't really think an army should have one auto-include hero that makes or breaks their lists.
  4. Very true! Though if a KO player wants to focus on them for a turn... you'll probably be taking a scary battleshock test or using a command point. Really? I just started playing them myself, but both me and my opponents weren't under that impression. The rule on the warscroll for Disengage states: "This model and any models in its garrison can still shoot if this model retreats the same turn, as long as there are no enemy units that can fly within 3" of this model at the start of the retreat move..." The way that is written suggests to me that models in the garrison count as having retreated. Either way, preventing the ships from shooting is still a worthy tool in our toolbox!
  5. Howdy all. I've added a new blog post about strategy when facing off against Kharadron Overlords. If people are interested, I'll keep this series up for armies that I face regularly. Let me know what you think. Here's the post: Strategy: Nighthaunt vs. Kharadron Overlords - The Spirit of Nighthaunt - The Grand Alliance Community (tga.community)
  6. In this series, I’ll be highlighting how to play Nighthaunt effectively against different armies. I’ll only be doing armies I have faced multiple times. The first I’ll start with is Kharadron Overlords, an army I know particularly well as I’ve also started playing them. Quick Matchup Thoughts While many armies and players dislike the gameplay against KO, I find that Nighthaunt versus KO matches are a lot of fun for both players and make for a pretty equal matchup, though I’d honestly give a slight edge to Nighthaunt. Prepare for a game that requires a lot of decision making by both parties, with a ton of mobility that will cause the focus to potentially change every turn. The General Tactics Table Your Opponent: In my opinion, this is one of the rare matchups where Nighthaunt players should make an honest attempt to wipe out the opponent’s army. KO armies are typically low model count and rely on their mobility to focus fire on the opponent and to get out of the way of dangers that the enemy presents. That reliance on mobility instead of screens often makes for appetizing targets to attempt to deepstrike and charge. Most of your units should be able to take on the likes of Arkanauts and small units Endrinriggers. For the ships, you’ll want harder hitting units and against the Ironclad your best bet is hitting it with mortal wounds. In fact, the army as a whole struggles against mortal wounds, making the likes of Spirit Hosts and Hexwraiths invaluable. Deepstrike: Apart from Total Commitment (the less we talk about that battleplan, the better), it’s always important to utilize From The Underworlds They Come, however, it’s essential to beat Kharadron Overlords. I recommend that you hide your best units in the underworld during this game and deploy things like units of 10 Chainrasps on the board. This does a few things for you. The first, is that it prevents your opponent from having an obvious target to focus their fire on. KO tend to focus on a target each turn, and focus their firepower on it to delete it. They can’t do that if there isn’t a good target on the board. A second reason is if they are Ziflin with the Warp Lightning Vortex endless spell, you’ll want to avoid giving them a target area as that spell hurts a lot. Being able to stash half of your troops off the board and spread out your army really mitigates the strength of that spell. Max Your Heroes: I definitely encourage trying to take 6 heroes in a game against KO. This army will be able to delete your heroes (with one exception) at will, and you’ll want a hero or two to help with Deathless Spirits and re-rolling charges. Mortal Wounds: The true weakness of Kharadron Overlords is dealing with mortal wounds output. Spirit Hosts, Hexwraiths, the Black Coach, Lady Olynder, Reikenor, Cairn Wraiths, and even a Tomb Banshee all can bring some hurt to KO. The goal here is to hit critical mass. Re-rolling good saves doesn’t help against mortal wounds. Blocking Ships: Don’t forget that all of your units fly, so any unit in combat with a ship means that if that ship retreats (via Fly High or a regular retreat), the ship and any models in it can’t shoot. This is an absolute game changer. MSU: Running multiple small units is the way to go here. A unit of 30 Reapers or 40 Chainrasps will be deleted in a single turn. Units of 10 or 5 though provide a challenge to the opponent in figuring out just how much firepower it will take to delete, especially with the ethereal saves. Units that Excel All of our units are ethereal (ignoring the high rend shooting of KO) and fly (able to tie up ships and prevent them from shooting), so in some capacity all of our units excel against KO. However, there’s a handful of units that I have found do particularly well: Lady Olynder with Dolorous Guard. This battalion makes Lady Olynder a target, but a target that even KO will have trouble deleting. It’s also not a grouping that your opponent can avoid, as Lady Olynder and her Hexwraith companions can take down just about anything KO have. If your opponent spends a turn trying to take out this group and fails, you just caused them to focus their fire away from the rest of your army and you’ve probably started to run up the score on objectives. Meanwhile the extra attack on the Hexwraiths on the charge typically means an extra mortal wound, which can make all of the difference. Dreadblade Harrow General. If you aren’t taking Lady Olynder as your general and the Dolorous Guard battalion, I would recommend this tried and true choice of a general. This allows you to match KO somewhat with their ability to teleport around the board. Now you can do the same with this model and bring another unit for a command point. That makes life a lot tougher for KO. Spirit Hosts. This is the one unit I would take a max of when playing KO, though I also found small units of them to be effective as well. The multi wound models plus plethora of attacks that can do mortal wounds is a nice combo against KO. Hexwraiths. See the previous entry, with less firepower but more movement. Reikenor and Chronomantic Cogs. Reieknor’s mortal wounds potential, spells, and speed all make him a valuable commodity in this matchup. Getting off Cogs is also huge, as it really helps you match KO’s movement and allows you to charge in from the underworld to tie up ships. Just be wary of facing an Ironclad with the battering ram. Units to Avoid Grimghast Reapers. Honestly, apart from Stalkers which should always be avoided, I’d say this is the only unit to stay clear from even though they’re my favorite unit. KO rarely have units of 5+ in my experience, and when they do they’re one of: 6 Endrinriggers which you should handle just fine, Thunderers in a ship which isn’t a good target, and Arkanaut Company which any of our units can handle. Summary Matchups against Kharadron Overlords are very winnable matchups for Nighthaunt, however it will certainly be a game that will test you as a general and a tactician. These games will involve lots of movement shenanigans for both players, and lots of punching/counterpunching. Hopefully this helps if you go up against this army!
  7. The new Nighthaunt model isn't a standout for me, and will be something I'll need to see the rules for before buying, but still it's an exciting development. I don't dislike the model, just not a must buy. I know on the preview show they said some new heroes were being released as part of Broken Realms, but we already know that it doesn't look like Nighthaunt rules feature in Broken Realms: Teclis. We know that LRL are getting an updated battletome, and we know much later this year it looks like there will be a Soulblight: Gravelords battletome. We also know that Daughters of Khaine received a new battletome with just a relatively new hero and endless spells as new models. Due to this, I'd be surprised if there isn't a new book for Nighthaunt (and Stormcast) to go along with the hero models. Games Workshop wants to make money, and they know new books is an easy way to make money. They also want releases in their schedule, and even with COVID I'd think there's more army books coming than LRL and Soulblight. So, I'll be surprised if there isn't a new Nighthaunt battletome this spring/summer.
  8. Based on this preview, I’m guessing a new Nighthaunt battletome after the release of Broken Realms: Teclis. So Spring or summer. I’d guess Gravelords will be a massive release late summer or more likely in the fall.
  9. Howdy all. Inspired by @EnixLHQ, I've started my own blog on Nighthaunt. I'll touch on tactics and thoughts on strategy, but for now I'm focusing on changes I'd make to Nighthaunt. I've come up with some changes overall and to battleline units that I've been playtesting. I'm sure most won't agree with my changes, but seeing different perspectives is part of the fun! Anyway, feel free to check it out: The Spirit of Nighthaunt - The Grand Alliance Community (tga.community)
  10. One of the strengths for Nighthaunt is that the army features a really strong group of battleline units. Chainrasps are a great, cheap horde unit. Grimghast Reapers make for a good elite, anti-horde unit. Spirit Hosts are resilient and can surprise an opponent with mortal wounds. Hexwraiths are really fast, and have some play in either battalion that they're featured in (Death Riders and Dolorous Guard). Still, I would make changes to each unit. If you read my previous post, that won't be a surprise as I would make every unit in the army low bravery in exchange for always having a 6+ DPR. Yet, I would still make more significant changes. The most significant changes I would make though will probably come as a surprise: I would make Bladegheist Revenants battleline and would make Grimghast Reapers and Hexwraiths no longer battleline. In this post, I'll cover the specific changes I'd make to Chainrasps, Spirit Hosts, Bladegheists, Grimghasts, and Hexwraiths. Chainrasp Horde This is one of the few units in Nighthaunt that I think work exactly as they should. They're a cheap horde unit. Their lore is that they're some of the worst souls from the mortal realms - and I'm sure there's a lot of those. Still I'd make the following changes: Reduce Bravery from 6 to 5. Dreadwarden: A unit of Chainrasp Horde may be lead by a Dreadwarden. While a unit features a Dreadwarden, you may re-roll charges for that unit. In addition, that unit has a bravery characteristic of 8 instead of 5. So the reduction in bravery to the unit overall and to the Dreadwarden is part of making the army a lower bravery army. The re-roll charges ability nicely syncs with Wave of Terror, though I still doubt anyone is going to fear a charge from a regular unit of Chainrasps. The extra attack at that point just seems unnecessary, and the model doesn't look like something that would get an extra attack. So little has changed for this unit, that I don't see any reason for points changes. Spirit Hosts I wasn't a big fan of Spirit Hosts originally - at least rules wise. Their models have always been one of my favorites. However, I've come around on them. Still, their rules don't quite match their lore - they don't play like spectral shock forces. As such, I'd suggest the following rules changes: Reduce Bravery from 10 to 4. Increase Movement from 6 to 10. This unit may re-roll hit rolls if it has charged this turn. So, these are big changes and turn the unit into a glass cannon, which I think fits their lore. As loosely formed spirits that act as shock troops, I think they should be our second fastest main unit after Hexwraiths. The ability to re-roll hit rolls on a turn when they charge gives them solid potential at doling out mortal wounds that turn. If they manage a Wave of Terror, then their charge is truly something to be feared. The flipside of this is that battleshock tests would be very painful. In my changes, I made it so any hero can use Ruler of the Spirit Hosts for a command point, which would help, though this army has a lot of ways to spend command points. I'm thinking the points would stay the same for this unit. In playtesting with these rules, the unit can be devastating on a charge, but once it starts taking damage it really starts to fade. Bladegheist Revenants So making these battleline is probably a surprise to most people. But they're a unit that just doesn't work for me rules wise or lore wise. Rules wise, they seem to be the top dog in the army. In reality though, their large bases and 1" range makes it really hard for large units of them to be effective. I've seen them used quite a bit in two units of 20 in the Shroudguard battalion, and they just never do enough to justify their cost. Lore wise, they are spirits that died horrible deaths, and are frenzied as they are trapped in the last moments of their lives. I'm pretty sure that would be a lot of spirits in The Mortal Realms. So, I would make them battleline. And I would change how they work significantly: Battleline Attacks reduced from 2 to 1 Reduce Bravery from 10 to 5 Whirling Death: This unit can run and charge on the same turn. In addition, add 1 to both the Damage and the Attacks characteristics of this unit's Tomb Greatblades if it made a charge move in the same turn. Finally, this unit's Tomb Greatblades have a Rend characteristic of -2 if it made a charge move in the same turn. So, the unit loses the ability to jump in and out of combat, which seems like a lot to be asking tortured souls to do. Instead, they run full steam ahead and charge. That's a 26" threat range, that can be boosted with Pendant of the Fell Wind and Chronomantic Cogs. They're lethal on the charge, but if they get bogged down in combat they aren't doing much anymore. I'm not sure what points change would be appropriate here. They still suffer from the short reach and big bases and honestly might need their range to jump to 2" to work correctly. But this is what I came up with. Playtesting them, they remind me a bit of Eels from Deepkin with their charge... but otherwise not so much. They're another glass cannon, though losing models doesn't hurt nearly as much as it does with Spirit Hosts. Grimghast Reapers I'm a huge fan of Grimghast Reapers. So much so, that I even ran the Death Stalkers battalion at local tournaments. But I just don't think this unit should be battleline or that the points are currently justified. The lore of the unit is that they are schemers and plotters - not the type of spirit that would be in abundance IMO. And we all know the points were changed not because of how they played in Nighthaunt, but because of how the played in Legions of Nagash. So I'd do the following: No longer batteline Extoller of Shyish: A unit of Grimghast Reapers may be led by an Extoller of Shyish, which is armed with a Death Knell instead of a Slasher Scythe. While a unit features an Extoller of Shyish, it may re-roll charges. Reaped Like Corn: You can re-roll hit rolls for attacks made with this unit's Slasher Scythes if the target unit has 5 or more models. For Whom the Bell Tolls: During the shooting phase, if an enemy unit is within 3" of an Extoller of Shyish, roll 2D6. If the roll for the unit is higher than its bravery, it suffers 1 mortal wound. Reduce Bravery from 10 to 6 A lot of changes that don't add up to really changing how the unit plays. Reap Like Corn gets cleaned up, the bravery is reduced, and the Death Knell works slightly differently (similar to one of Lady Olynder's abilities - I'm a big fan of redundancy in rules to make them easier to pick up/remember); however the most important changes are no longer being battleline and having a baked in ability to re-roll charges as long as they feature an Extoller of Shyish, fishing for Wave of Terror. They're a slightly better unit now, so I'd leave them at the same points. Hexwraiths You could leave this as battleline if you want, but most armies don't have a knight type unit as battleline. Either way, I think they need to be made more elite. Here's my changes: No longer battleline Spectral Scythes now have a range of 2" instead of 1" Reaped Like Corn: You can re-roll hit rolls for attacks made with this unit's Spectral Scythes if the target unit has 5 or more models. Spectral Hunters: After this unit has successfully charged an enemy, roll a dice for each model in this unit. For each roll of a 5+, the enemy unit suffers a mortal wound. Reduce bravery from 10 to 7 This unit now has some offense without being in a battalion. They'll need to go up to 140 or 150 points. So there you have it, that's how I would change Nighthaunt's battleline. Let me know your thoughts!
  11. So while this blog is going to cover a lot of different things, I wanted to start by talking about what changes I would love to see for Nighthaunt. It's been discussed on the dedicated army forum on this site ad nauseum, but the army as it is does not do well at tournaments typically. This makes sense as the book is an older book, features weaker units, had some of their points dictated by how units played in a different army, and is a difficult army to play. So we all know the army needs changes. However, in the forums, nobody can seem to agree about what those changes should be. Some people want the army to play like Legions of Nagash/Legion of Grief. Others want more offense. Still others want better magic. Personally, I want the army to stay the way they are. Their playstyle as much as their look/ease to paint is what drew me to them in the first place. That said, there are some minor tweaks I would make to how the army works. I'm going to just go over the army rules/abilities as a whole here as this will play a role in how I view everything else. So here we go: Aura of Dread: This rule stays the same! It fits the lore/fluff and isn't overpowered. However, the army needs more mechanics and tools to take advantage of reducing enemy bravery. Deathless Spirits: I'd make a significant change to this rule - give all Nighthaunt units a 6+ DPR save. No longer would they need to be within certain distance of a hero. This makes the army a lot more user friendly, though I would keep the wholly within ranges for just about everything else. It also makes sense with opponents not necessarily being able to harm ghosts the way they would other enemies. As a tradeoff with this rule, I would make the army overall a low bravery army. This makes sense to me as ghosts are not brave, and the lore describes Nighthaunt as being shock troops more than anything else. They're really not meant to stay in battle. TLDR: 6+ DPR for everyone without the need for a hero, but the army's bravery is significantly reduced as a tradeoff. From the Underworlds They Come: No change! This rule is the signature of the army, and is important for their gameplay. Losing this rule would likely cause me to lose interest in the army. Feed on Terror: I honestly forget about this rule more often than not, and I think it could be deleted without having much impact on the army. I'd keep it for now. Wave of Terror: After much consideration, I'd keep this rule as it is. There's a lot that could (and probably will) change with this rule such as making it easier but making it fight at the beginning of the combat phase; however, I think the rule currently works well as intended. It's swingy, but very powerful. I would however add more ability to the army to re-roll charges. Spectral Summons: Keep as is! Ruler of the Spirit Hosts: I would change this to a second army-wide command ability instead of a command trait. This would be a detriment as it would no longer be free, but honestly it's too powerful to be free IMO. It just makes the other traits insignificant. As a tradeoff, any hero would be able to do it, so your RoTSH general wouldn't get sniped and leave you without the ability. So that's it for the army wide rules! The only changes I'd make are to Deathless Spirits and Ruler of the Spirit Hosts. Meanwhile, I would make the army a low bravery army. This wouldn't change how the army plays at all IMO, but would make them slight more efficient at what they do. Now that I've gone over my general thoughts, I'll be going over battleline in my next post.
  12. Didn't see a stream of it. But yeah, it's a really interesting list. Even with all of the additional attacks in that list, I don't think Hexwraiths have enough offense to get the job done. They could really use their scythes matching the rest of the army with Reaps like Corn and 2" reach. And you made a good point about not enough ability to bring them back. A Black Coach and Spirit Torment would really help that list.
  13. Ha nope. Here was the list... looks like it wen 1-2 beating a Tzeentch.
  14. There’s an interesting list playing in the Hammertime 7 tournament on TTS this Saturday. 45 Hexwraiths / Dolorous Guard / Forogtten Scions / Guardian of Souls / Vampire Lord Not my style, but I’ll be curious to see how that list does. Talk about being able to pump out mortal wounds. Are any of you the person running that list?
  15. I'd like to see the rules simplified. There's so many extra rules that it really makes it hard for people to get into the game - I've been trying to get some friends into the game for a couple of years now. I love the simplicity of the core rules, but wish things like realm rules were part of narrative play (the concept is really neat!) and not part of matched play. I could also do with less terrain rules. The game is really fun and will always be extremely complex with the different armies and interactions, however it could be more approachable.
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