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  1. I think even more so than counters, it's hugely beneficial for battle tactics to have a difficult to kill monster. Gaining access to Monstrous Takeover as a battle tactic is huge. Getting an extra point here or there from achieving a battle tactic with a monster is huge as well as I have found that game scores tend to be close more often than not. Then there's what Big Drogg brings: the most wounds we can have in a unit, the highest rend we have access to, the most damage we have access to, an additional -1 bravery. I also still think there's a good list out there with him and a unit of 20 Harridans with buffs in place (Krulghast/Torment/Guardian... RotSPH and Black Coach and Emerald Lifeswarm if you have it). That combo would mean anything bravery 8 or less (hello Maw-Krushas and Stormdrake Guard) would be at -1 to hit. He could also stand behind two ranks of them and still probably get off his 3" attacks. If I had the model, I'd try it. I'd even look at buying it if it didn't look like all of a sudden we were getting a new book sometime soon with new models.
  2. @EnixLHQ This happened a couple months ago (August) and we discussed it then IIRC. It was a 30 person event in Washington state. A more recent 4-1 list was run by Mathew Tyrrell in an online tournament in Australia. He's the one that has the Borderline Wargaming YouTube channel that features some Nighthaunt battle reports. A link to that list can be found below: TTT | Mathew Tyrrell - List (tabletop.to)
  3. So I think I can file my first 2 day event as a tremendous learning experience and a lot of fun. I lost all of my games Saturday, and won both on Sunday. The two other Nighthaunt players managed to go 3-2 (one running the staple death start list and then Tyler Mengel running 3 Mournguls). Overall, I was left wishing I had one more unit more often than not. Mannfred was my MVP (quickly followed by Krulghast) and I never lost my grand strategy of Prized Sorcery (Mannfred stayed alive every game... I also had Olynder, a Guardian, and a Midnight Tome carrying Krulghast). My list was: Emerald Host Lady O (general / shademist) / Mannfred / Guardian of Souls (soul cage) / Spirit Torment (PotFW) / Krulghast (Midnight Tome / Reaping Scythe) 20 Reapers / 20 Reapers / 5 Hexwraiths / 5 Hexwraiths Mortalis Terminexus A short and sweet rundown: Game 1 was versus Hallowed Knights in Apex Predators. The list didn't have any of the new Stormcast in it - a lot of Sequitors and Evocators on Dracolines. I was given first turn and had a great first turn, getting off the Mortalis and Mannfred's Wind of Death for a lot of mortal wounds on his MSU units that were castled up. Controlled each objective with a unit of Reapers in the middle and Mannfred and Lady O on each flank. He only had two heroes and wasn't able to claim a single objective on turn 1. He got one on a Turn 2 and at that point it was 10-5. Then we messed up. I sent a single Hexwraith and my Guardian into his deployment zone for Savage Spearhead and he thought he could Unleash Hell from a movement instead of a charge and I didn't catch it, thinking I had just make a huge mistake. Didn't end up realizing our mistake until after the game. Losing that battle tactic was the beginning of the end for me as I couldn't stop his Evocators from tearing through my troops. I hadn't played against them before, and definitely underestimated them. I ended up losing by 1 pt for a minor loss (pack rules), but should have won the game had we remembered how Unleash Hell worked as he scored max points the rest of the game to get the 1 pt win. So that was frustrating on my part. Game 2 was versus an all Squig Gloomspite Gitz army in First Blood. I've never played against Squigs before, and was caught off-guard on a turn when they had all of their buffs up and some really good rolls. They bounced over my units and killed all of my heroes... and then I was toast. That was a learning game for me as it was an army I hadn't ever played against or really read up on as they're not that common or strong. Game 3 was against a Petrifex Elite Ossiarch player in Savage Gains. This was my worst loss. The list featured one bubble of 20 Mortek that was supported by a Harvester and Arkhan. I've never seen that type of castle before and thought a unit of 20 Reapers supported by the Spirit Torment / Guardian / Krulghast would be able to go in and just keep that unit locked in combat with similar casualties on both sides. Wow, I was wrong. With how many Mortek were healing from Arkhan and the Harvester plus some good shots from the catapult killing my Krulghast, that flank collapsed quickly. So then that block eventually made it into the middle and then I was doomed by a pincer. Game 4 was against Slaanesh on Power in Numbers. This won I ended up running away with as I was able to burn 3 objectives on turn 2, removed an objective on turn 3, and then burnt another one. This time a blob of 20 Grimghasts with their support system (Krulghast / Spirit Torment / Guardian) along with the Hexwraiths and Lady O were able to lock Gluttos, an allied Mega-Gargant, Sigvald, and a Keeper of Secrets in combat for several turns. This allowed Mannfred and my other unit of Reapers to play in my opponent's territory. Game 5 was against Ogors in Feral Foray. This was a close game that didn't finish, but I was able to raid two of his objectives while he still didn't have access to any of mine which allowed me to get far enough ahead on points. As I said, it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. I do feel like I probably would have been fine doing a blob of 30 Reapers and a unit of 10 Harridans as I had been doing, but look forward to going to more events.
  4. Yeah, I’ve been having some luck with a blob of 30 Reapers / Krulghast / Guardian / Spirit Torment. Had a funny game where they got into it with Yndrasta / Praetors / Annhilators and the two forces just exchanged blows the rest of the game as neither could punch through the other. I’m participating in an 80 person event (Michigan GT) tomorrow and switched to two blobs of 20 Reapers. We’ll see how it goes. There’s two other Nighthaunt lists too.
  5. @Btimmy Bummed to hear you didn’t have fun. Nighthaunt, even at their best, are certainly a trading army where you focus on the scoring and objectives instead of raw damage. Definitely not the alpha strike force their lore makes them out to be. My hope is that a new book allows for both play styles.
  6. Honestly, I think Cities of Sigmar makes a lot more sense than Stormcast to get the Space Marines treatment where different subfactions (cities) get different distinct books. I'm very interested to see what their next update looks like.
  7. She had it temporarily available via a battalion in BR: Be’Lakor. That went away.
  8. I tend to agree that Hexwraiths should get their Ward, and the TO thought the same until he noticed how similar the rule is to the Fyreslayer one that is specifically called out in the FAQ. There's differences, but it's my first 2 day event and I'm looking to have a good time and meet people - not ruffle any feathers. It is what it is, and doesn't really change my goal of going 2-3 and aspiration of going 3-2. I only run 2 units of 5 Hexes and they're literally just there as a wound pool for Olynder and to make my opponents think twice about going for Slay the Warlord, with the benefit of being fast enough to have utility if needed. Here's hoping for OIynder to get the Warsong Revenant / Yndrasta / Celestant Prime treatment and gain a 4+ ward (with an appropriate points increase) so that she can be used more freely without 300 points of bodyguard.
  9. Sadly, not consensus. I’ve had opponents tell me both ways. I’m also going to the Michigan GT this upcoming weekend and had it ruled that my Hexwraiths don’t get a Ward.
  10. So the issue here is that Bladegheists make for a poor main blob. They're too expensive, can only be taken in a unit of 20 max, and too inefficient in large groups. Any of Chainrasps, Grimghasts, or even Harridans or Spirit Hosts make for a better main blob. Typically, you'll want your Spirit Torment with your main blob, so that it can be bringing back models to that blob. This allows your main blob to act as an anvil. Obviously, it will also boost the hitting power of your main blob. Due to this and that taking a second Spirit Torment is often not in the cards, it may make sense to have a unit of Chainghasts to buddy up with a unit of 10 Bladegheists that are meant to threaten an area outside of your main blob.
  11. Hey all. Just been thinking a bit about the next Nighthaunt book. Obviously, we don't know when this will be and it's all just speculation, but I think there's a few things we can maybe guess from recent releases: Aura of Dread may be buffed to be like Soulblight's Reanimated Horrors, where having more than one unit near the enemy results in -2 bravery. Myrmourn Banshees and Glaivwrath Stalkers may follow the lead of other small infantry units and become 2 wound models. Any of Lady Olynder, Kurdoss, and Reikenor may gain a Ward Save. We've seen this happen to several low wound but important heroes (Warsong Revenant, Celestant Prime, Yndrasta). Lady Olynder may gain Warmaster (but they've had opportunity to do this already, and have not). Going back to Yndrasta and how command abilities are getting removed from warscrolls, Lady Olynder's command ability may just become a generic ability. Spectral Summons may become one of several command abilities we can choose as an enhancement, and may become once per game. Different sub allegiances may unlock units as battleline. The army will probably have less army rules. We could see the army have two rules overall (Deathless Spirits / Aura of Dread) and then you can choose one army that gets Wave of Terror and From the Underworld They Come and one that is essentially Legion of Grief. This is how the Stormcast book is setup. Subfactions won't mandate certain command abilities. The army will get specific Grand Strategies and Battle Tactics that won't be better than the generic ones, but will provide more options. Both Knight of Shrouds will lose their command abilities. I would guess they might become generic abilities or they might get updated rules. Dreadblade Harrows will become a 2 model unit. There's been a movement to make units better represent what you get in the box, and that would likely mean Harrows become a unit instead of a single hero. If this happens, I'd have to imagine they become the Emerald Host style elite cavalry (but probably not that elite) while Hexwraiths, being the oldest model, get phased out with poor rules/points cost. With the disappearance of battalions, subfactions will provide one rule that battalions provided previously. Overall, while some of these may be reaches, they are all based on what we have seen from recent releases and not on things that I want to see. I'd be fine with some of these, and less fine with others. I do think it's a decent idea of what realistic updates we could expect to see. Do you agree that these seem realistic? And if so, do any stick out to you as being particularly game changing for us in a positive or negative way? Personally, I'd love to see a 300 point Lady O with a 4+ Ward and her command ability as just a generic ability to put her about the equal of Yndrasta. Meanwhile, I fear about how much dust my 15 Hexwraiths may collect in the future.
  12. Small world! Yeah, I played against him three times this summer - twice in 2.0 and then once in 3.0. I found it to be a good matchup in 2.0, but in 3.0 it's a really tough one as the Megas are so difficult to shift for Nighthaunt. Battles tend to last a couple turns (as you're right about lining up defensively outside of taking a charge) and I'm never winning objectives those turns if I'm fighting on them. And most matches just don't have enough objectives to spread them thin. IIRC, the Gargant one-shot was due to a Wave of Terror roll on my unit of 30 Grimghast Reapers against the Gargant I had done -1 save to already with the Emerald Host ability. Reapers boosted with All Out Attack or Grief Stricken (on the target), a Spirit Torment, and a Guardian of Souls, can still do some work on single models. It's hitting on 3's, re-rolling 1's, and then wounding on 2's. Thanks to my Wave of Terror, I think I got close to 100 attacks in on him.
  13. They pin you. You can’t get more than 3 inches to them and then you can’t charge them as they move out of charge range after you movement phase and before your charge phase. When there’s enough of them, they can effectively trap your army. So Sevireth isn’t really a problem IMO. Even playing a melee army (Nighthaunt), I don’t mind playing against him. But when there’s enough foxes that my army can’t do anything, then that’s a problem. Can’t get to objectives or do battle tactics. (I play Nighthaunt and Lumineth).
  14. I haven't tried Reik's Condemned due to only owning 10 Chainrasp Horde. I'd have to make a sizable investment to give it a fair shake. Being command trait locked doesn't bother me as Lady Olynder is my general - and I'd rather be able to take Pendant and Midnight Tome than the Candle you have to take in Reik's Condemned. Generally, I position my block of 30 Reapers supported by the Krulghast / Spirit Torment / Guardian. Lady Olynder and her Hexwraith guard typically deploys on one flank of them, within range of the buffs from the heroes for one unit of Hexes and Lady Olynder. The Harridans I always deepstrike in once I see how the game is going and Mannfred is a freelancer, doing his own thing in another area of the board. With 6 casts, I can usually get some spells off as well. I don't have any screens, so I rely on the Krulghast's Ward and sometimes Grief Stricken / Soul Cage to make the Reapers durable, and then use a combo of the Spirit Torment / Lady O / Guardian / Rally to bring Reapers back to my blob. It's worked out well and my opponents have been shocked at how difficult the unit of Reapers is to shift. The Reapers don't get their re-rolls against small units or monsters, but with All Out Attack a Spirit Torment and their 2" reach I find that my big blob is still doing a lot of damage. Their shining moment was taking out a Mega-Gargant in a single turn (and the guy with the Gargants I've been playing against a lot just took out 1st place at Brew City in Milwaukee). Lady Olynder is also difficult to shift unless my opponent puts everything into it, which means she's a bit of a mortal wound bomb. On a turn when she's in range and I get one of the Mortalis Terminexus or Mannfred's Wind of Death spell off, I'm dishing out a decent amount of mortals at range. The new ruling that bodyguard units can't take a Ward Save has hurt the list though. Also, the -1 save to a hero of my choice at the beginning of the game has been great in this edition. It's sad it doesn't effect the save stacking, but it essentially makes my Reapers -2 rend against their biggest bad which can help mitigate save stacking a bit. The downside is that I don't have a lot of wounds or units on the board at all since I've gone for elite units. My fear is that with the Power in Numbers mission (and to a lesser extent Feral Foray and Savage Gains) where there are more than three objectives, I may not have enough units on the board to challenge objectives. Power in Numbers in particular says that if there is a battleline unit contesting the objective, other units that are non-battleline don't count. So in essence in my second list I'm dropping the Harridans and splitting the big blob of reapers into two units of 20. I have found a big difference between 20 and 30 Reapers in terms of survivability though, and am not sure if I should just go for it with my current list. As for games, I hope to get 2 more in before the tournament. So yeah, not many at all.
  15. Howdy friends. I know I just posted, but this is different content so I thought I'd do another post. I'm going to my first 2 day event in just under a month (Michigan GT) and the TO just revealed the battleplans for the event: Feral Foray / Apex Predators / Power in Numbers / Savage Gains / First Blood I just played Apex Predators for the first time last night - and disliked it for a lot of reasons. However, I felt like my list was actually in a good spot to play that mission though if I face Sons of Behemat and they go first... it's going to be nigh on impossible. I've also played Feral Foray and loved that battleplan but haven't played the others. I'm currently most concerned about Power in Numbers as the list I've been running features 30 Grimghast / 5 Hexwraiths / 5 Hexwraiths as my battleline. Here's the list I've been playing. (Which I've gone 2-0 with now after switching things up when I went 0-4). And here's a list I'm considering switching to. I'm willing to hear general list advice too, but I don't have too many other units that are ready/close to being ready for a tournament, and I have limited time to finish painting and basing everything beforehand. But my main question for those with some experience playing, is which of those two lists do you think would be better for those battleplans? Thanks!
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