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  1. They can have better rules than us... but nobody can compete with our miniatures, we have the best model range in whole AoS! 😀 About deploying in the Underworlds, what units do you usually leave there?
  2. Personally, I'm on the fence with obligatory terrain for all armies. They look so good on the table, and they are great and special when they make sense, but don't like them too much when they feel forced or shoehorned. Also and not least, they are usually BIG, and unwieldy to transport.
  3. They have finally clarifed how the Soul Cage spells works, and they errataed it in this article: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/03/21/who-fights-first/ Now it's clear that affected units attacks AFTER all of our units, small buff!
  4. Adding our units to Legions of Nagash is the worst thing that could have happened to the Nighthaunt battletome. I don't mind that Nighthaunt aren't OP or easy, but it's infuriating that our units works way better in an outside battletome. That makes the Nighthaunt allegiance, as cool as it is, a subpar option if you want to play competitively, and worst of all, it has the side effect that nerfs directed at LoN (Nagash and Grimghast Spam lists) will affect directly our army, weakening it. I hope that GW presses the correct key to fix this, but I'm curious of how they'll do it, because pointwise, NH doesn't look that expensive, and making Grimghasts more expensive while decreasing the points of Glaivewraiths won't do it.
  5. Just to clear things up, sorry English is not my native language. In an example of just 4 units fighting in CC ,3 of our friendly units (A,B,C) and only one enemy unit affected by Soul Cage (D), what would be the correct order? 1) A, B, C, D. or 2) A, D, B, C.
  6. I'm sorry for asking again, but didn't get an answer, and don't know what's the correct interpretation of "all other enemy units" on the Soul Cage Spell: 'Soul Cage has a casting value of 6. If successfully cast, pick an enemy unit within 12" of the caster and visible to them. Until the start of your next hero phase, that unit cannot retreat. In addition, until the start of your next hero phase that unit cannot fight in the combat phase unless all other enemy units that are eligible to fight have already done so.' When you use the Soul Cage Spell on an enemy unit, does the affected unit attack last after all the other units (including ALL nighthaunt units) or is just the last one of the enemy units activating? (meaning if we have more units engaged in combat than the enemy, it just affect the order in which they activate, but they still get to fight before ALL our nighthaunt units). Thanks in advance fellow Knights of Shrouds.
  7. The preview is up on WH Community: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/02/08/8th-feb-flesh-eater-courts-preview-endless-spells-and-the-charnel-thronegw-homepage-post-4/ Throne is great, free and with free summoning to boot, but at the cost of getting your king static. Spells seems a bit bland, but they seem to tie Ushoran to old Bretonnia (wall talking about forgotten civilisation, Ushoran getting the Lady's Grail on End Times?).
  8. After reading this whole thread, still don't get a clear answer: Does the affected enemy unit attacks last after ALL the units (both ours and enemies) or that means that the affected unit is the last enemy unit fighting (for example if we have 5 units and they have 3, the affected unit will attack before our units 4 and 5). The spell, for reference: 'Soul Cage has a casting value of 6. If successfully cast, pick an enemy unit within 12" of the caster and visible to them. Until the start of your next hero phase, that unit cannot retreat. In addition, until the start of your next hero phase that unit cannot fight in the combat phase unless all other enemy units that are eligible to fight have already done so.'
  9. Maybe I'm alone on this, but I don't like adding a piece of terrain to EVERY army for the sake of it, moreso when all of them are similar (Buff + summon). I'm completely all in when they fit the thematic of the army btw.
  10. List looks fine, but I personally don't get comfortable with that few wounds, some armies at 1000 pts can wipe them easily. I would get more bodies, maybe upping/removing myrmourn and/or banshees and getting somewhere some 20 chainrasp/grimghast blob, possibly removing 1 hero and hexwraiths.
  11. Problem here is that Grimghast are going to get a price hyke because of their use on LoN lists, not in Nighthaunt. It's like if GW nerf Liberators because they are OP on Sylvaneth lists. They deserve to go up in points, but maybe losing the horde discount off is enough. Unluckily I fear that they are going to apply them the Skyfires treatment, and the collateral damage would be great on Nighthaunt armies (who aren't at 70% win like LoN or DoK), while LoN will just substitute them with 300 skeletons and be fine. I just use one unit on my army, but points are so tight that just upping them 1 poing would make my list weaker and illegal, and I don't foresee that many Nighthaunt units that deserve a discount to compensate.
  12. Well there it goes, new Slaanesh fiends revealed! Fast reaction or it was part of Tzeencht's plan?
  13. I've seen a lot of Darrakar's online, but haven't seen yet one played. Have anybody tried the Guardian of Souls with Mortality Glass? Movement spells and messing with enemies units charges is always useful, but I don't know how much. A Guardian of Souls with nightmare lantern is an auto include (healing and +1 to wound) in all my lists, but I'm curious about his brother with the glass. Is he worth it? Would you run the duo?
  14. I'm in the process of finishing my army, but can't find a lot of battle reports of Nighthaunt, so I'm asking for opinions/experiences from some battlefield experienced generals here. We're talking about 2000 pt matched play: - Why nobody plays Dreadblade Harrows? Are they bad? Better options? - Are 20 Grimghast Reapers enough or it's worth it to get the full 30 unit? - Myrnmourn Banshees looks great, but are they worth it in an all comers list? - Are Cogs mandatory on non- Deahtriders lists? - How may heroes are enough in a 2000 pts list? I find 3 too few, but 4 are tricky to get points for. - Are 2-3 wizards/spellcasters enough? I know a lot of these questions are hard to answer in a vacuum, but it will be very helpful to get some ideas about these units and spells. Thanks in advance.
  15. After some brainstorming, I decided to make a battalionless list. Reason is, in my opinion, that the only competitive battalion is Shroudguard and Deathriders and Chainguard are playable. Also, these battalions doesn't lessen dramatically the army drops, so withour further ado, there is my last iteration on 2000 pt battalionless Nighthaunt: Allegiance: Nighthaunt (2000 pts)LeadersKnight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed (140)- General, Ruler of the Spirit Hosts , Midnight Tome (Soul Cage)Dreadblade Harrow (100)Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140)- (Shademist)Spirit Torment (120)Battleline40 x Chainrasp Horde (280)20 x Grimghast Reapers (280)5 x Hexwraiths (160)6 x Spirit Hosts (240)Units20 x Bladegheist Revenants (320)12 x Myrmourn Banshees (210)Total: 1990 / 2000Wounds: 141 Some thoughts about the list: - Probably going first almost every game, deepstrike helps to lessen the impact on shooting. - 2 Mages and Banshees for dispelling should be enough magic. - Nice variety of units (not a boring looking army). - Mortal wounds (Spirit hosts, Hexwraiths). - Fast units: Most of the army can at least move 8", deepstrike, Dreadblade Harrow, all good for objective grabbing. - Damage: Bladegheist buffed by Spirit Torment, Grimghast Reapers against hordes, full unit of Banshees (can be buffed with mKos command ability) - Anvils: 40 Chainrasp are hard to delete from an objective. Any glaring weakness you can see? How would you improve it? I'm planning my last buys, would love some opinions on the list.
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