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  1. Confirmed Lumineth and Broken Realms prices in Euros: - Broken Realms Teclis: 32,5€ - Lumineth Battletome: 32,5€ - Lumineth Warscrolls: 20€ - Scinari Loreseeker: 22,5€ - Scinari Calligrave: 22,5€ - Vanari Bannerblade: 25€ - Starshard Ballista: 40€ - Lyrior Uthralle: 42,5€ - Hurakan Windchargers: 50€ - Sevireth: 42,5€ - Vanari Bladelords: 45€ - Ellania & Ellathor: 35€ - Hurakan Windmage: 30€ - Shrine Luminor: 45€ - Mortevell's Helcourt: 65€ - Horrek's Dreadlance: 90€ - Invidian Plaguehost: 70€
  2. Everybody expecting vampirates... and instead we got a vampiRAT. Well played GW 😆
  3. FAQs are up guys! On a fast first glance, it seems there isn't any points updating 😥 https://www.warhammer-community.com/faqs/?orderby=post_created&order=desc&lang=en#warhammer-age-of-sigmar
  4. After a lot of fighting with the forum, many 504 ERROR messages and almost giving up, here it is: The Final Edit. I have added the last story (DIG DEEP) and fixed a few formatting errors. Now, onto Broken Realms, that has had a spectacular start with great stories and and huge and cool lore advancing.
  5. The Briar Queen obviously, who can resist such beauty?
  6. Great find! @HorticulusTGA I’ll check it later and add it to the main post. 😁
  7. It took longer than expected, after some fighting with the forum, but finally I got it: all Malign Portents stories, included the White Dwarf prelude one. Personally, these are some of the greatest lore pieces in AoS until date, so flavourful and with varied protagonists, hoping Broken Realms new arch and stories pick up the baton (first one was really good!). Finally, dunno if this is the correct subforum, if a mod needs to move the thread, feel free to do it.
  8. "Signs are everywhere, but few can determine their meaning - and those who do speak only of horror..." Malign Portents was the prelude to Soul Wars and Warhammer Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition. In 2018, GW released a campaign book and a website that included short stories that told how this portents affected the different armies before the Grand Finale in Shyish. Sadly, that Malign Portents web is already defunt, and all that great stories (community reponse was really possitive) were lost. To preserve these great pieces of lore and celebrate my 100th post on TGA, I will
  9. I don’t like to derail the thread to a “GW is so expensive”, because we all know this is an expensive hobby. But they have arbitrarily raised the price like 2 or 3 times just in last year (besstgrave warbands for example). I know inflation is a thing, they’re not our friends and brexit didn’t help but they’re having a dangerous pattern of increasing the price on every release, making this hobby less and less accesible to new players, which in the end will hurt not only our wallets (remember we’re in a global crisis) but also our hobby communities, I already know about people who will
  10. The "not so surprising" rise of Kharadrons, the incoming Lumineth Sentinels spam and ranged mortal wounds everywhere, have me worried. No tourneys here right now cause of the situation, but I'm theoryhammering about a list with TONS of wounds. If we can't kill them, maybe we can try to flood the objectives , pray to Nagash, bore them, and then have a little chance of winning. Very basic idea is trying to sit chainrasps on objectives with chars, Dreadblade + Spirit Hosts, and do some scalpel attacks with Grimghasts and Revenants. Without further ado, the list: Allegiance:
  11. I'm not writing off MSU, I've been playing it, but in this meta, at least where I play, anything with less that 30 wounds will evaporate (ethereal or not) in a turn. Tzeencht flamers and magic spam, salamanders, Slanns dominating magic... mortal wounds and wounds are rainning... And the future looks even worse, Lumineth are coming with ranged mortal wounds spam and strong magic. 20 Grimghast will do good damage, but when only 3 are left in the combat phase, theyll' do nothing sadly 😟 On the possitive side, I like the challenge of winning against odds, playing with our ghosties i
  12. Well, some random musings after a post-COVID 20 players tourney (using GHB19 rules) and GHB20. + Battlelines scoring extra points in battleplans: Like it, 60-75% of our army are battlelines, and some top armies just have the 3 obligatory battlelines. 40 chainrasps unit more mandatory than ever. + Leaders scoring extra points in battleplans: Nice, none of my armies have less than 4-5 leaders. + New Realms Rules and artefacts : Great, even if we lose the Aetherquartz Brooch, we'll stop seeing Ethereal Amulets and all the other shinies that hurts us more than the brooch helps us. E
  13. In lore we are defined as a shock army full of durable ghosts, but in game we are neither. One easy fix would be making Nighthaunt units fight first on the turn they charge and keeping WoT as of now (maybe lowering it to 9+), giving us both an offensive and defensive buff. We also need some improved healing, and giving every NH hero deathly invocations would be a nice start, that way non-buffing heroes will do something.
  14. Well before the inevitable confirmation of disappointment with the FAQ points adjustement, I'll ask some input about a list for a 2k tourney next January. It's not gonna win the event (I'm playing ghosts, with spirit hosts and no special characters) but don't want to get swept. The list: Allegiance: NighthauntMortal Realm: UlguLeadersDreadblade Harrow (90)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Spirit Hosts- Artefact: Midnight Tome - ShademistKnight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed (120)- Artefact: Pendant of the Fell WindGuardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140)- Lore of the Underworlds: So
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