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  1. As a player that started wargaming with AoS (2 months prior to GH release and stopped after 2.0 dropped) and never got a chance to play WFB i am pretty excited about this. Also to people saying this is 3+ years away, i believe its a marketing thing to get a census of people's opinions and reactions. It's hard to think that they would announce a product so far away, the hype would be dead till then. The product could be closer than the statement in the article claims to be. It's more realistic if we see beta rules in 2020 and a release date in 2021.
  2. I believe that fantasy is heavily based on reality, so the more a concept distances itself from the basic principles of our world the more it becomes estranged. Personally i prefer the tone and fantasy level of the the Old World. As far as AoS goes some armies are nice (looking at you KO) but in general it feels bundled with cheap ideas (SCE). Also the implementation of Endless Spells and some army specific sceneries were a step backwards for me since they interfere with my immersion, not to mention the extra balance variable.
  3. I have preordered the game because it looks cool but after reading the rules i got to admit that it looks bad on paper. One roll attacks, no save, no abilities or special rules on fighters, in general lackluster stats. That means differentiation will be harder to achieve between and within the warbands.
  4. The thing with the double turn mechanic is that it works with certain armies and compositions, favoring lists which got chaff/screen units to spare against it and/or fewer drops so they can aim for that double play onslaught. From my experience most armies don't do well against double turns and for that mechanic to exist they must start writing army rules and warscrolls around that.
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