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  1. “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.”
  2. Just don't mix them with stupid disney pirates or I'm afraid there will another youtube burning army video coming next summer. Old school vamps or schools out for summer
  3. Can someone explain to me where did the pirates part in vampires came along? Total War? that's fantasy battle and has nothing do with AOS...
  4. Whether is now or later, I still think we will see some Death/vamp reinforcements coming either before or around aos 3.0
  5. Would love to see some new vamps in next Saturday preview or failing that the usual xmas preview. If they don't show anything by January then I'm starting to think new tome is either after AOS 3.0 summer release or just community wishlisting....(I truly hope not)
  6. Wierd, looks like dryad/zombie/poor fellow that exploded when somebody shoved way-sign on its head. Looks like a trunk on its shoulder with branches.....
  7. Ok here goes hard wishlisting It has to be battletome not some random offshoot underworlds warband with couple models. If I can't get my old school heavy armoured vamps I want at least option for many sub lists of different themes. All plastic and different style models regardless of the theme they come up with at GW Horrors of the night and halloween ghoulies, though this might be closer to Legions of Nagash style book... Bring back all tiers of vampires from lowly thralls to full blown Vargheist style monster (centerpiece model if Nagash is not in this book) Different kinds of vampires from weak melee but great spell casters to dragon slaying blood dragon melee monster Mansion on a hill might be too much asked for terrain piece but something cool Shyish style undead farmers, or living allies Ruleswise: Hard hitting vampires with something to help big monsters to stay on table more than one round. Something to make it interesting to play, from summoning undead to making baby vamps from enemy heroes, not just your basic run to melee army Endless spell or warscroll ability batswarm, for either movement or prevent enemy shooting
  8. I would like to know what is your poison. If you were designer/s at GW what kind of theme would you go with new Soulblight? I myself would prefer old style heavy armored vampires and creatures of the night thrown in, but I have faith that whatever theme GW comes up with, it should be interesting at least.
  9. Just please no... Don't need and want any disney channel monstrosities in my soulblight
  10. I really hope it is actual release and not just Halloween hyping...
  11. I really hope we get Soulblight teaser at Christmas if not before, whether it's Warcry/Underworlds band or new battletome.... one can wish...
  12. Do we know anything about next "big" release, or will there be any battletomes before when the next edition probably lands around summer time? My wild guess is no and only releases we are going to get are campaign book with maybe couple model releases with them. Then new Aos edition in summer with stormcast and new army.
  13. I'm in process of building pure Skryre list and this probably should be in questions thread, but I figured Skaven collectors would know better..so here goes: Stormfiends are battleline only if every other unit in army is clan Skryre.... so the question is, can I take Gnawholes in my pure Skryre list as they are lacking the keyword Skryre? Seems like oversight from GW but you never know...
  14. Do we have any idea what will be next army after Gargants? I'm guessing it's toss between Kurnothi, Malerion Aelves and Soulblight at this point?
  15. Any idea will we get more Lumineth previews today, or is everything shown already?
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