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  1. So the only point of having multiple projectors is to attack multiple units? or is it if I have enemy unit that has 5 models within 8" I roll 4x5 dice?
  2. I wonder if there is a snowball chance in hell that GW will update 9,20 euros metal acolytes with 25mm square bases to something from this century. I was thinking one unit of acolytes and 2x 3 stormfiends for Skryre starters....
  3. Las Vegas Open next weekend so don't think we have to wait too long for the next patch of releases/rumours...
  4. Skaven don't have enough plastic models to make an army with just book release (IMHO)
  5. If you want direct quotes what he said: They are getting a Battletome release in March. I know just as I know Fyreslayers are getting love in Feb. Just go with it. Trust in the Horned One.
  6. Battletome, armybook whatever you want to call it
  7. "Thomas Holdsworth" on Facebook Skaven group: BT March, Fyreslayers Feb. Unknown rumourmonger to me but hey it is something at least...
  8. Skaven have too many characters and other units (like globadiers for example) as only in metal or finecast, so I don't think just a battletome will suffice...
  9. I wonder if there will be a way to make troggoths battleline in new book...?
  10. Gotta love that voice acting... My wallet spoke to me once...It said it's empty🤣
  11. I really hope Skirmish update is more than just points and 2 scenarios...
  12. Some of the things I noticed between day 3 and 5 pictures/banner: - more shrooms - icon of bad moon on top of the house - cave has lights on and has bad moon icon just outside - the moon in the sky is beginning to have bad moon shape - Grots in the house and broken window maybe?
  13. Didn't january white dwarf already leak or something that said Skirmish?
  14. New Skirmish would be so good if it took notes from Kill Team
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