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  1. Morathi back to being best buddies with Sigmar...I just don't get it I thought they would finaly kick Khainites out of Order or something for 3.0
  2. If these are the new starter/launch box destruction army then my interest just went from zero to hero
  3. Oh the teases, don't think I can take it much more...
  4. Back to rumours, stealing this from Jabber who got it from Reddit:
  5. What I want? That everyone gets what they want...copout🤗
  6. I'm so confused. 2 months it's nothing but it's bretonnia stormcast its bretonnia rumours... Now it's primaris stormcast instead and some other old world style? Kislev? Cathai? gah... Or maybe people are seeing too much and think we get horse riding stormcast...when in reality it's just different armour style sc...?
  7. Tinfoil hat on. Not a single AOS novel in todays preview?
  8. These rumours give me hope that they are not pushing 3.0 to the next year or something like that
  9. I have not heard anything about "big/primaris" stormcasts. Only rumours I have seen circulating are bretonnia style and new chamber opening... about Valrak:
  10. Anyone still hoping for 3.0 saturday?
  11. More 3.0 rumours: https://twitter.com/AoSListLab/status/1388827326557917189?s=20https://twitter.com/AoSListLab/status/1388827326557917189?s=20
  12. And I'm less confident, if they spend whole monday on Kragnos and saturday on vamps... Please please let me be wrong and saturday be 3.0 day. I'm so done with this edition already.
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