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  1. Do we have any idea what will be next army after Gargants? I'm guessing it's toss between Kurnothi, Malerion Aelves and Soulblight at this point?
  2. Any idea will we get more Lumineth previews today, or is everything shown already?
  3. If someone is actually on the know, it's good to stop these trolls at the starting line...
  4. Sometimes I just don't get GW. Is it so hard to give rough estimate of the release like pointy aelves "spring" for our space dinos? Would give more hope of support in the future rather than just "they will get their book eventually" For what it's worth I heard three different rumours now from different places. 1. They should have been released by now. 2. March. 3. Gw doesn't even themselves know aka not very soon. I have no clue how reliable these sources are but at least better than nothing imho.
  5. Do they know if they retain the old high elf style or will this be complete revamp?
  6. Aos as a game whole maybe but that really doesn't help Seraphon players... If you are really positive thinker now you can at least hope they are the next release after these two...
  7. Banner doesn't show any aos releases, which is either good thing or bad thing...
  8. Now hoping they make rules that don't suck... models are great though #teamchaossince96
  9. I hope battletome has more this "mature" kind of gritty artwork instead of pastel pictures of Archies Fortress of DOOM.tm
  10. They have been teasing light aelves from the start and now suddenly its light gargants, what is going on? Seraphon, KO and Tzeentch were on the rumour list for next books, I really hope they update those armies before making some shiny gargants
  11. Marauder and Chaos knight artwork in Bonereapers battletome, not that artwork means anything....
  12. Can we finaly bury the Settra back meme plz? These don't look like mummies to me...
  13. I'm not sure if forum members will stay sane until 28th, when there might be previews on nova open....
  14. Not a throne, you can see it in the first part of the video
  15. Wasn't Thomas just reading from the 4chan list that was also linked here though?
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