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  1. I’m actually surprised the Loreseeker can’t take a command trait or artefact.
  2. So, how's everyone feeling at the announcements this week in regards to Nighthaunt? I'm feeling rather excited. First up. the new Soulblight Gravelords book will provide some new allies for the ghosts. And ghosts may be allies for Soulblight. I won't really care to play them, but that at least will open up new options. I also think the announced changes for 3rd edition will really benefit the army. Having access to seemingly many more command points will allow Nighthaunt to do more fishing for Wave of Terror charges, more Dreadblade shenanigans, and more use out of Lady
  3. There's general rumors that faction specific battalions will be going away with 3.0 this summer, and instead there will be generic battalions for all armies. If that is the case, I wouldn't want to invest in more than my 15 Hexwraiths as I don't think they can make up the bulk of your force as their warscroll is without running the Death Riders battalion.
  4. Been a while since anyone added to this thread, so maybe the time has passed to think about what we wish for AoS 3.0. However, the recent updates for Nighthaunt provide two different ways to take a named character as a general, but to still have a second character also count as the general. I think it would be a cool mechanic if it was the norm in armies - you can take a non-named general and a named character that also counts as a general. This fits lore-wise while also allowing you to have command traits on your non-named characters. I've just really enjoyed the idea of the mecha
  5. @Loyal Tripper The list looks fun though after my recent experience, I'm worried about the size of your Hexwraith units. I will say that you should give the Pendant to one of your Dreadblade Harrows instead of the Spirit Torment. The Pendant with the Harrow's ability to teleport at the beginning of the movement phase means you can almost always have the extra movement where you want. That way you don't need to worry about trying to have your Spirit Torment boost Lady Olynder's movement while also wanting it to boost the Bladegheists. The synergy between Pendant of the Fell Win
  6. Sadly, you can't do this. The rules state, "On a 2+, you must allocate a wound or mortal wound to one of those models instead." This also made the new Knights of Regret rule not quite as good as Dolorous Guard, as I had to whittle down my Hexwraiths. The other thing to keep in mind with Olynder's battalion, is that it's just not as efficient as the Hexwraith rule in Emerald Host. Hexwraiths are 2 wound models (thus they only die every two wounds) and are 13 pts a wound. Myrmourns are 17.5 pts per wound and Harridans are 18/16. I think it has play, but the reason to play it is
  7. Hi everyone. I finally got all three of my battle reports typed up and posted. You can find them here: Game 1 versus Lumineth Game 2 versus Nurgle Game 3 versus Cities As a reminder, my list was: Emerald Host Lady O (general, reaping scythe) / Reikenor (shademist) / Dreablade (Pendant of the Fell Wind) / Krulghast (Shadow's Edge) 10 Hexwraiths / 5 Hexwraiths / 30 Grimghast Reapers / 10 Chainrasp Horde / 5 Dreadscythe Harridans Black Coach Death Riders / Chronomantic Cogs Here's some takeaways: I'm really sad to know (well, to hear the rumo
  8. After a defeat against Nurgle, my final game of the event was against a Cities of Sigmar force. I felt pretty good going into this matchup, as I have played against Cities the most of any army. The battleplan was Total Conquest. My opponent played a Tempest Eye list that was Dwarves (Duardin, sorry), with some interesting conversions using 40k models (that included Dwarves riding motorbikes as pistoliers). Here's his list as best as I remember: Runelord (general) / Warden King (on Oathstone) / Hurricanum with Battlemage / Auric Runesmiter 40 Ironbreakers / 20 Irondrakes / 10 Ha
  9. After the absolute bloodbath and feeling of victory that came from winning against a Teclis Syar build, I was then faced with dealing with a Nurgle force, playing the Scorhed Earth battleplan. To review, my Nighthaunt army consisted of: Emerald Host Lady O (general / reaping scythe) / Reikenor / Dreadblade (PotFW) / Krulghast (Shadow’s Edge) 10 Hexwraiths / 5 Hexwraiths / 30 Reapers / 10 Chainrasp / 5 Harridans Black Coach Death Riders / Chronomantic Cogs I had not played against Nurgle before and don’t have my opponent’s list. Here’s my
  10. Spent the day Sunday outside weeding (had a great day weather wise), but so I was only able to type up a report of game 1. Figure I'd post it and will post the other two later. Game 1 was a win against LRL. So here it is: Battle Report: Game One, One Day Event, May 1st 2021 - The Spirit of Nighthaunt - The Grand Alliance Community (tga.community) Also, @EnixLHQ, I'll have to take a look at your updates later this week when I get some time. When I do, I'll be sure to let you know!
  11. Howdy everyone. This past Saturday, May 1st, I got to play my first in person Warhammer in over a year at a small (8 person due to COVID) event at a board games bar in Grand Rapids, MI. I ended up 2-1 and finishing 4th out of 8 due to missing an objective. I beat LRL and Cities and lost to Nurgle. One note is that I played the Krulghast as only protecting against wounds, not against mortals. Another is this event was using the smaller boards that we've all heard are rumored for the new edition. The TO says he's been told to expect the smaller boards for AoS this summer by reps. I think t
  12. Just got back from a one day event. Tiny due to COVID - only 8 people. Had a blast though and went 2-1 taking wins against Lumineth (Teclis Syar) and Tempest Eye Cities while losing a close game against Nurgle (triple GUO). I ran: Emerald Host Lady O (general) / Reik / Harrow / Krulghast 10 Hex / 5 Hex / 30 Reapers / 10 Chainrasp 5 Harridans / Black Coach Death Riders / Cogs Had a lot of observations, but the Emerald Host + Death Riders combo is really strong while it lasts. Hoping to get more typed up tomorrow.
  13. Howdy y'all. I've got a 1 day event coming up this Saturday - it will be my first time playing in person in over a year! Anyway, I'm still fine tuning my list and wondering your thoughts on how to round it out... here's what I'm for sure planning on bringing: Emerald Procession Lady O / Reikenor / Cogs / Krulghast 5 Hex / 10 Hex / 10 Chainrasp / 30 Reapers Black Coach Death Riders That leaves me at 1800 points and 102 wounds. I'm viewing things as three different core blocks: 10 Hexes + Black Coach / 5 Hexes + Lady O / Reapers + Krulghast with Reik an
  14. After looking at the Daughters of Khaine rules and designer's commentary, and then listening to Facehammer call it an invulnerable save (which I don't play 40k but I believe that is a save that is rend proof but doesn't work against mortals), I'm starting to think it's just a 6+ versus mortals still but a 5+ against normal wounds. That's a shame, and takes away some of the utility of the Cruciator, but the model still has play IMO. I'm planning to use it exclusively to deepstrike with 30 Reapers or 10 Hexwraiths, so I'll be choosing what I throw its shooting attack against. And I'll just
  15. All right, I’m jumping in and buying a Black Coach today after liking it on TTS and wanting to run Death Riders now. I have a tournament a week from Saturday, so what tips do you all have on building and painting it? I’m not a good painter by any means, so I’ll just be doing a tabletop job. Also, and recommendations on basing it? My army had cotton on the bases to look like fog... but I’m planning on switching to a spooky fall themed basing pattern.
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