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  1. They pin you. You can’t get more than 3 inches to them and then you can’t charge them as they move out of charge range after you movement phase and before your charge phase. When there’s enough of them, they can effectively trap your army. So Sevireth isn’t really a problem IMO. Even playing a melee army (Nighthaunt), I don’t mind playing against him. But when there’s enough foxes that my army can’t do anything, then that’s a problem. Can’t get to objectives or do battle tactics. (I play Nighthaunt and Lumineth).
  2. I haven't tried Reik's Condemned due to only owning 10 Chainrasp Horde. I'd have to make a sizable investment to give it a fair shake. Being command trait locked doesn't bother me as Lady Olynder is my general - and I'd rather be able to take Pendant and Midnight Tome than the Candle you have to take in Reik's Condemned. Generally, I position my block of 30 Reapers supported by the Krulghast / Spirit Torment / Guardian. Lady Olynder and her Hexwraith guard typically deploys on one flank of them, within range of the buffs from the heroes for one unit of Hexes and Lady Olynder. The Harridans I always deepstrike in once I see how the game is going and Mannfred is a freelancer, doing his own thing in another area of the board. With 6 casts, I can usually get some spells off as well. I don't have any screens, so I rely on the Krulghast's Ward and sometimes Grief Stricken / Soul Cage to make the Reapers durable, and then use a combo of the Spirit Torment / Lady O / Guardian / Rally to bring Reapers back to my blob. It's worked out well and my opponents have been shocked at how difficult the unit of Reapers is to shift. The Reapers don't get their re-rolls against small units or monsters, but with All Out Attack a Spirit Torment and their 2" reach I find that my big blob is still doing a lot of damage. Their shining moment was taking out a Mega-Gargant in a single turn (and the guy with the Gargants I've been playing against a lot just took out 1st place at Brew City in Milwaukee). Lady Olynder is also difficult to shift unless my opponent puts everything into it, which means she's a bit of a mortal wound bomb. On a turn when she's in range and I get one of the Mortalis Terminexus or Mannfred's Wind of Death spell off, I'm dishing out a decent amount of mortals at range. The new ruling that bodyguard units can't take a Ward Save has hurt the list though. Also, the -1 save to a hero of my choice at the beginning of the game has been great in this edition. It's sad it doesn't effect the save stacking, but it essentially makes my Reapers -2 rend against their biggest bad which can help mitigate save stacking a bit. The downside is that I don't have a lot of wounds or units on the board at all since I've gone for elite units. My fear is that with the Power in Numbers mission (and to a lesser extent Feral Foray and Savage Gains) where there are more than three objectives, I may not have enough units on the board to challenge objectives. Power in Numbers in particular says that if there is a battleline unit contesting the objective, other units that are non-battleline don't count. So in essence in my second list I'm dropping the Harridans and splitting the big blob of reapers into two units of 20. I have found a big difference between 20 and 30 Reapers in terms of survivability though, and am not sure if I should just go for it with my current list. As for games, I hope to get 2 more in before the tournament. So yeah, not many at all.
  3. Howdy friends. I know I just posted, but this is different content so I thought I'd do another post. I'm going to my first 2 day event in just under a month (Michigan GT) and the TO just revealed the battleplans for the event: Feral Foray / Apex Predators / Power in Numbers / Savage Gains / First Blood I just played Apex Predators for the first time last night - and disliked it for a lot of reasons. However, I felt like my list was actually in a good spot to play that mission though if I face Sons of Behemat and they go first... it's going to be nigh on impossible. I've also played Feral Foray and loved that battleplan but haven't played the others. I'm currently most concerned about Power in Numbers as the list I've been running features 30 Grimghast / 5 Hexwraiths / 5 Hexwraiths as my battleline. Here's the list I've been playing. (Which I've gone 2-0 with now after switching things up when I went 0-4). And here's a list I'm considering switching to. I'm willing to hear general list advice too, but I don't have too many other units that are ready/close to being ready for a tournament, and I have limited time to finish painting and basing everything beforehand. But my main question for those with some experience playing, is which of those two lists do you think would be better for those battleplans? Thanks!
  4. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about bringing Big Drogg in a Nighthaunt list. He’s just a great fit for an ally with his high rend attacks, bravery debuff, that he has more wounds than any unit we can bring, and that he’s a hero/monster combo which is huge. In addition to that podcast I mentioned, a list with him went 4-1 recently. Mat Tyrell (sp?) has been running him (Borderline Wargaming is his YouTube). I’m focused on using Mannfred as an ally and have been having a ton of fun and success, but the gargant has play too I think. EDIT: Adding some links: Below should link to the segment on Warhammer Weekly where they discuss Reikenor being a hidden gem and briefly discuss NH as a whole. Tom Lyons earlier showed off that he was painting a Mortalis Terminexus as well. And here's a video from Borderline Wargaming that is a TTS match in an online tournament with a list feature Big Drogg, Lady O, and Reik (they're in Australia which is in a lockdown):
  5. Was on my phone earlier and posted in the wrong thread... but there was a nice breakdown of how a Nighthaunt list performed at a two day event in the US called NashCon (it's a fairly big event over here) on the Cubic Shenanigans podcast. The list featured the Mega Gargant mercenary.
  6. Just wanted to give a quick shout that I the latest Cubic Shenanigans podcast, one of the hosts talks through his 5 games at NashCon with a Nighthaunt list featuring Big Drogg.
  7. The model did get slight improvements, now debuffing enemy units and not models. In addition, it's bracketing got slightly better. I don't think it's unplayable or a flat out don't take the way something like Glaivewrath Stalkers are, but at 300 points you have to have a clear plan for it. I could see it as part of a moving castle/deathball as it does have 2" reach and could reach over a 32mm or two rows of 25mm. I'd want to buddy it up with a Krulghast (5+ ward gives it survivability) and Spirit Torment. I know Tyler Mengel plans on running multiples of them at a tournament I'll be at as well in October, so I'll be curious to see how that build does. It's not something I'm personally excited about though, as I already run an elite list and don't see where it would fit for me. I'll second that I haven't seen too many people putting the Mourngul into Soulblight, or seeing it in too many lists doing well at tournaments in the US/CAN/UK. I have a local guy who does it from time to time, but that's all I know of. I'm not so sure - there really wasn't anything I expected to get changed from the battletome. I had hoped they might add "Warmaster" to Olynder at least in the Emerald Host, but alas.
  8. The Mourngul is now legal and 300 points.
  9. Yeah, that seems to be it. I was so married to playing aggressively coming out of the underworld and fishing for Wave of Terror; I just need to really in my mind tell myself I have to play differently. So I used the extra cairn wraith to be the champion in a unit of Hexwraiths, as I had trouble identifying the champion of the unit and champions are more important now. I also used my regular Cairn Wraith model I had (as I'll never use in this edition unless it gets new rules) as a champion for another unit of Hexwraiths. You can probably pick them out in the image I've attached.
  10. So after only losing and then reading/listening to success stories people have had with Nighthaunt in 3rd edition, I retailored my list to the following: Emerald Host Lady Olynder (general, Soul Cage) / Mannfred / Guardian of Souls (Spirit Drain) / Spirit Torment (PotFW) / Krulghast (Midnight Tome / Shademist) 30 Grimghast Reapers / 5 Hexwraiths / 5 Hexwraiths / 10 Dreadscythe Harridans Mortalis Terminexus And then I went and won a game against the new Stormcast (well an army based on the Dominion units)! Some thoughts: 30 Reapers supported by the Krulghast (5+ ward), Spirit Torment, Guardian of Souls (spell), and Lady Olynder (command ability) proved to be a major tank. They definitely suffered on turns when I didn't have a command point to give them All Out Attack - I feel that's necessary to really unlock their offense. I had imagined running Olynder in the midst of the Reapers as my moving castle, but ended up putting her and the Hexwraiths on the other side of the support heroes, which created two bubbles for me. I was also able to keep everything in range pretty easily that way (one unit of Hexwraiths kept slipping in and out of bubbles). Mannfred unlocked a lot for me. His warscroll spell in conjunction with the Mortalis, and Lady Olynder's abilities, allowed me to deal out a decent amount of mortal wounds. He also allowed me to easily score the battle tactic Monstrous Takeover and was able to just be a presence on his own, unsupported. He can also literally be anywhere he wants and has enough offense to take on strong units (though I wouldn't run him into true offensive powerhouses). Overall, I was very pleased. I only own 10 Chainrasp Horde, and don't feel like collecting more for a horde in Reikenor's subfaction, so I feel locked into Emerald Host. The Hexwraiths I find much more lacking in this edition, but they do keep Olynder alive so that she can dish out some offense. I don't know that I'm in love with the list, and would be open to more tweaks, but I do like what it's got going on after one game. I also only put the Harridans in the underworld, which was weird. But without Cogs and/or Death Riders, I just find deep striking to be a lot more limiting. And I do miss the Black Coach and to a lesser extent Reikenor - both more so visually than what they actually brought to the table. I'm looking forward to getting in more games with this list soon!
  11. As someone who chose Lumineth as a second army after Nighthaunt… yes, this is true.
  12. Yeah the ideal death star / battle ball / moving castle composition will be very meta dependent I think. I thought about what you mentioned above, then realized it will have pretty much zero game against the many Sons of Behemat lists in my area as it won't take down Megas and the Megas will outscore me on objectives. Otherwise though, I do have to say it's a great anvil.
  13. Thanks @CaptainSoup and @EnixLHQ for the podcast. It was a great listen and I found it a bit recharging after losing four games with NH in AoS 3.0 and switching my focus to my Lumineth. I did want to bring up a couple things: Sotek was calling his list a death star, but that's not quite right, as his "death star" is a combo of the Chainrasps/Reapers/Olynder/Kurdoss all doing damage with buffs from the other heroes. I'd best describe as an aggressive mobile castle. He mentioned some weaknesses. One specifically that he didn't mention is Sons of Behemat. I've been on the receiving end of their impact hits on the charge hitting multiple units in a castle and it's not fun. Plus, then they're big monsters with a limited base size for you to swing at. Overall though it was great, and provided a lot of food for thought.
  14. This has been my experience too. 7 out of 10 getting in. It's why Reapers got a hypothetical buff - though I've had trouble with them too as there aren't as many hordes running around now.
  15. As someone who was drawn to LRL as a second army due to the different types of playstyles, I found it interesting after listening to The Honest Wargamer's stats show this past Monday that there were 3 very different LRL lists that did really well this past weekend, all at least going 4-1. The other two were at Mancurain Carnage and were: Helon Sevireth / Windmage / Calligrave 15 Windchargers / 30 Wardens / 10 Sentinels 10 Sentinels / 10 Sentinels Warlord / Hunters in the Heartland / Spell Enhancement Spellportal and Syar Teclis / Lord Regent 10 Wardens / 10 Wardens / 20 Sentinels / 5 Dawnriders Starshard Ballista Spellportal Battle Regiment
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