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  1. Hey, I know this post is old but I’m just about to do the same. What did you do about the backs? Did you just green stuff them? I used the plates for the Skullreapers. Thanks for the inspiration!
  2. The cogfort idea I really like. Having played both Silver tower and Hammerhal I really like that the rooms you leave behind disappear. That could fit a moving cogfort I think. It’s interiors shifting as it grinds it’s way across the land. I’d buy that.
  3. Really looking forward to this! In my “meta” a thousand points is also the basic army size. I’m starting my third as soon as my new stuff arrives. It seems that the battlefield size is 4x4 which is great for me! Again I’m building a total of three 4x4 boards and I got to say, sometimes adjusting that 6x4 battle plan isn’t always that easy. It isn’t always obvious how the map maker intended the game to play out so there is a lot of guesswork. I also hope this will tie-in with Warcry, and I imagine it will. Anyway - stoked!
  4. Congratulations! I feel you. I’ve been into Warhammer and miniatures in general since my teens but it’s no until now, when I’m 37 that I’m really getting into fantasy. I started AoS like 18 months ago after a very impactful visit to Warhammer World and have painted around 2000 points and made a couple of gaming tables (mats mind you). That’s like 40 miniatures spread across Stormcasts and Rotbringers. So there you have it, significant other but no kids yet though.
  5. In relation to my earlier post a few weeks back I’d really enjoy a miniature’s list for future adventure or campaign books, like on the back of the books or something . I know it’s an rpg but I would definitely buy an adventure book based entirely on if it would fit my miniatures collection . The more I use them the better (value for money and all that). 😊
  6. @Emmetation Great! Then for now at least I know where to start! 😄
  7. So looking forward to the release @Emmetation- in the meantime could you perhaps recommend some miniatures to add to the collection in order to be fully stocked and painted for the initial release? Perhaps in relation to any core book adventure we might expect? Such as the hero classes mentioned earlier in the thread and some suitable adversaries. It would be most helpful
  8. I really like the simple solution with a limited amount of “town portals”. I feel stupid for not thinking about that one... Anyway I played it through almost to the end during a single sitting (like 8 hours..). I’m sad to say that the game was somewhat lacking in depth and feel. There was also no real incentive to return to town other then to heal injuries - which never happened btw. So they never did other when I sorta convinced them to. The town thingies seems almost pasted on and there was no real synergy with the main game. At least that’s my experience. Here’s hoping that the next iteration of WHQ in the Mortal Realms steps the rpg aspects up a bit, mainly ruleswise.
  9. Nice. Would love something like that but alas, as far as I know i dosen't exist in SoH.
  10. Hi all! GM:ing my first session of SoH tomorrow… After reading through some of the comments its seems that there can be an issue with players returning to town as soon as somebody gets grievously injured. I might have a sort of narrative solution for this but I need the some guidance from the TGA community. The plan is to keep tabs on how many times the players return to town. By the end of the campaign, and/or even half way through (if that would work), check the numbers with a post-game chart that tells what parts of the city that were destroyed. I might even add in some places and tie those places in with personal backstories – like a dwarven family for the Cogsmith or the Fleetmasters lover and/or frigate. This is to make them care. We are all old RPG nerds but at times the power gamer pops out, so I want to have a "built in" incentive. The questions I ask to all the people whom have played through the Shadows over Hammerhal campaign is: How many returns to town per dungeon level would you recommend to keep the players challenged, but not discouraged? Also, how many returns to town in total would you say is fair? The questions are in regard to the gameplay, not the story-line.
  11. Haha, is that so? Yeah, I think I know what you’re getting at. He is a true hero but he’s pretty horrible - but more importantly: he’s painted!
  12. Well I faced Nighthaunt today led by Lady Olynder at a 1000 point game. Focal Points was the mission on a 4x4 table. I went with the Staunch Defender approach instead of Hammers of Sigmar. A 10 strong unit of Liberators really held out. Buffed by Warding Lantern and the prayer Divine Light they were nigh unstoppable. I had no wizard but a Knight Questor did some dispelling using the Spellsheild. It was a bloody great game which ended in defeat for Sigmars chosen, but it was a close call. We alternated between the Bloodborne OST and the metal band Hammerfall for background music. It was truly epic. I’ll build upon this experience and will continue with this “tight” tactic for now. Thanks for your thoughts and reflections.
  13. Thanks guys! I’ll look into the Evocators and try to play the Hammers of Sigmars strengths then - which I view to be the Redeemer units. I’m thinking several 5 man strong units to make the most out of the ability. Edit: Instead of focusing too much on Staunch Defender that is.
  14. Hi all! I haven’t played that many games so I’m not super on all the rules, so bear with me. Is there a way to combine a Hammers of Sigmar host with Staunch Defender? I’m asking because I get completely run over by Rotbringers. I can’t win a straight up fight, if I win it’s by playing the objective - hard. Also I just painted my Lord Castellant. So what I’m really looking for are synergies. Any tips are welcome. I believe I have a lot (liberators, hunters, Palladors, judicators, paladins, prosecutors, celestant prime, questor, celestant, relictor etc), from 1.0 except like Dracothian rider dudes, gryph hounds and long strike dudes and nothing from 2.0 except the Stormcasts from the new starter set. I have tried searching the forums but can’t wrap my head around search terms with spaces... ie “Hammers of Sigmar”. Any suggestions are welcome!
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