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Found 348 results

  1. So Im thinking about playing a 1000 pt AoS league in my local club with my Stormcast Eternals. I would love recommendations and feedback about the list: Faction: Hammers of Sigmar Heroes: -Lord-Arcanum 180 pts GENERAL /spell: Azyrite Halo / CT: We cannot fail -Lord-Castellant 100 pts / artifact: Godforged blade -Gavriel Sureheart 100 pts Battleline: -10 Sequitors 240 pts / 5 two handed hammers - 5 liberators 100 pts / 1 greathammer Units: - 5 Evocators 200 pts / 5 sword and staff / spell: celestial blades Endless Spell: -Soulsnare Shackles 20 pts Total: 940 pts (1 extra CP)
  2. This is the thread to discuss about the new Allegiance which was added the „Forbidden Power“ Addon.
  3. I decided to keep track of my painting on here to help motivate me by showing my progress. I got started with Stormcast around 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. Since then, I painted almost 2000 points from the Khorne v. Stormcast starter box and the start collecting box, as well as the Tempest Eye box. I also have about 800 points of Ironweld Arsenal/Dispossessed from the Tempest Eye box and solo purchases. My next project is Moonclan Grots. I have 40 grots ready to be assembled. I played Hordes and Warmachine before, but never really painted my army.
  4. Morning my friends, This is my relaxed progress for Sunday's painting! Feel free to comment and criticise my work so far 👍
  5. Vanguard-Hunters from a custom Stormhost (the Stellar Champions). More pictures there: https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1947-the-vanguard-hunters/
  6. Hi everyone! I'm new here. I've painted for a huge part of my life, and one of my favourite things is following people's project logs and getting inspired by what others have done. Here's my attempt at a project log for a freeguild army. Hopefully I can keep adding to it, as well as inspiring others! First some fluff. The Realm of Ghur. Eastern Reaches. From the writings of Herr Jaeger. Towards the east of Ghur lies a region of deserts. They are greatly affected by the unstable magic of other realms, an effect I termed Realm-Bleed during my travels. The northerly desert is an icy, stone-strewn tundra where little thrives. The magic of Shyish bleeds into the northernmost edge of this tundra, ensuring that which does survive the sparse wilderness is truly hardy and fearsome to face in combat. The southern desert is a sandy region where waves of dunes ripple across the horizon. This desert is hot, and the further south one travels, the greater the effects of Aqshy Realm-Bleed. The two deserts are split by a strip where, against all odds, life thrives. This tropical oasis features a vast lake and rivers that feed farmlands before reaching the Eastern Sea. To the north and south of the bountiful lands are the Twin Jewels of the Deserts - Kislavia and Ajier. Kislavia is the city that lies to the north of the oasis. Its people are rugged and used to fighting the cold. They are experienced hunters and have tamed a number of the fearsome beasts that inhabit the northern tundra. While the majority of the population live in the city of Kislavia, there are a number of nomadic tribes that roam the wasteland for food, as well as dangers in the form of monsters and enemies. The tribes can be distinguished by the colours of the tassels their carry. Some tribes specialise in archery, others in trade, while a rare few focus on taming the wild creatures of the tundra. In times of war the tribes will band together to protect Kislavia. These occasions see a formidable force of spearmen, archers, handgunners and beast-riders marching in unison. These dangerous times even see marble-clad remnants of Sigmar's Stormcast and the reclusive Rieklings, or Ice Goblins, join the tribes of Korgoria to protect their lands. This army came from a desire to come back to Warhammer Fantasy. I wanted to create a freeguild army that decended from the empire. I searched my miniatures for suitable candidates and came across a number of miniatures I had bought to one day create a Kislevite Army. The miniatures are plastic Steppe Warriors from Fireforge. They are detailed and include a range of weapon options which covers the spearmen and archer needs for my army, The first miniatures I finished were five test archers, five test spearmen and a converted model to represent a general. What's that you say? Enough with the text? Ok then. No more rambling and onto the pictures! The Freeguild Guard fend off enemies with their shields. The Freeguild General preparing to draw his blade! The Freeguild Archers let off a volley! The Archer Champion surveys his men. 'Not bad,' he thinks. "They are overrunning us!" screams his second. Test scheme for marble-clad stormcast. Quite happy with it, and it was not terribly time-consuming! Win-win! Next up I'm finishing off the remaining archers and their pet hawk! Things to look forward to in the future include bear-ish riders and the elusive Rieklings! Hope you like them!
  7. I confuse with the base size of vanguard raptor prime with longstrike crossbow I saw the recommend base size in here https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/age_of_sigmar_core_rules_designers_commentary_base_sizes_en.pdf As I remember, base size of vanguard raptor prime with longstrike crossbow should be 40mm. But it is not stated in the faq, was the base size of vanguard raptor prime with longstrike crossbow changed?
  8. This is a call to lore enthusiasts! I am designing a small narrative campaign based around stormcast vs nighthaunt (for now) I have a good idea of the setting : secluded moutains somewhere in the realm of fire. The chaos armies have been mostly driven back and Sigmar’s main forces moved on. A small contingent of stormcast and freeguild were left there to eradicate the last traces of chaos. But the endless circle of war and reforging has radicalized the stormcast and they see chaos everywhere. They have turned into an inquisition of sorts, executng people for te slightest misstep. The repression has taken a heavy toll on the local population, and their dead have started to rise... So here’s my question (finally) : How independant are stormcasts? I know some of them get pretty strange after a couple reforgings, but would they be allowed to keep coming back to a place they are oppressing? Wouldn’t the guys in azyr lock them up or give them different orders after a while? Or are the stormhosts able to pursue their goals as they see fit, without interference from a higher authority? Maybe it would be better for this story if some kind of magical interference kept them stuck without access to reforging, their numbers dwindling, slowly going mad? What’s your take on it? I’m sorry if the question isn’t completely clear, if you have any question or feedback about what I’ve written please say it I’m also interested in any bit of lore that you feel is interesting / relevant for this setting
  9. Hello there! I am looking to trade as I want to change the playstyle and try something new. I have a studio painted mixed Destruction army approx. 1800 points and a fully painted Stormcast army to a very good standard approx. 3500 points. I will send pictures upon request. Looking for painted Flesh Eater courts and mostly into as many Crypt flayers as possible. Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone, I’ve bought the storm strike box for me and my girlfriend, so I’m trying to come up with a stormcast paint scheme that I like. I’m going for a relatively grim vibe, I see them as warrior monks worshipped and followed by various fanatics. I’m pretty happy with my basic color scheme but I’m open to honest criticism I’m thinking I need an additional spot color, for trinkets and such, and not sure I should keep the mask and pauldrons as bare metal or paint them white / cream or something else... what do you think?
  11. What do people run at 1K? I'm a fairly new Stormcast player. I usually run the usual gav bomb Gavriel Lord-Arcanum on foot or / Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-Charger 5 Sequitors 5 Sequitors 10 Evocators Sometimes opt for the cheaper Arcanum on foot so I can afford an extra CP Easy to play and win, but some matchups I struggle especially some objectives and I understand Gav can be gimmicky at times. Should I consider taking only 5 Evocators and replace Gav with something else so I can have more bodies like Skinks / Judicators for objectives ?
  12. So I'm a slow painter by and large. I need to learn speedy tricks. I'm not going to post what I've painted to date (I'll include one pic I put in the display army thread elsewhere) but things I'm currently working on. The past two and a half weeks my evening hour or two has been spent on 2 concussors. These guys are quite the challenge to paint! In effect it's another LCoD from the starter set with a few more details. The first one is 99% complete and here he (or she) is! The 2nd concussor is maybe 70% complete and is next up. After that I've got 5 x paladins to build and paint, 5 x liberators to build and paint and then 4 x liberators to paint. After that, well I'm thinking of a style and faction change. Plus I've got Silver Tower to paint. We'll see! There's months of work ahead.
  13. Recently I became the proud owner of a Stardrake and have been lovingly assembling and painting it. I'm not finished but decided to take her out for a test drive in a few matches. In my experiences that day I learned a lot about the Stardrake, it's capabilities and it's rules design. My first match was against some Sylvaneth led by Alariele herself. I found myself looking from her and back to my Stardrake and then back to her again in utter disappointment. It is my understanding she is not considered optimal yet she seem to me more than worth her points. At 600 consider her abilities. Very strong attack profile, a 16" fly move, 16 wounds, heals everything d3 and herself 2 d3 each round. Casts 3 spells. a free unit worth between 200 and 300 points. This is only improved upon by Sylvaneths incredibly cheap and effective battalion options. The Drake on the other hand... 40 points cheaper. Bad attack profile. 12" fly. 16 wounds. Additional damage output is locked behind highly conditional requirements like the Jaws and Tail abilities, these are near useless abilities that auto fail against heroes/monsters and likely to fail against elites. The ability that acts as it's shooting attack is alright if a little under powered on the thunderhead option. The arcane lineage ability is a nice addition that is lore friendly and useful, no complaints. A bad command ability. It's best attribute is obviously its 3+ rerollable save that reflects MW onto surrounding enemies. The only real value the Drake represents is an unkillable footprint provided you pour resources into it like crutch of a command trait Staunch Defender, throw a lantern on him and make sure you dont charge to keep your buff. Thats not worth 560 point if you ask me. The model is only viable as the Lord Celestant version because of its shield and then its just barely so if you exploit it. The biggest issue for me is the design is from the old system of Sigmar where being elite meant you had rend at all and units were not designed with abilities that made them death machines. It used to be elite units simply inflicted slightly more kills on average than Battleline to trigger battleshock more effectively (see: The Everchosen). Things have changed and the Stardrake has not caught up which is a shame because it's a beautiful and characterful model that only ever limped along as a crutch itself. The Mawcrusha is another example of something I think that is at least more fairly costed at 440 when you look at its abilities and damage capabilities. My point in bringing up these behemoths like the Everqueen and the Mawcrusha is not just that they are relatively effective for their cost but that they also perform in a way that feels representative of the units narrative profile. My Freeguild general on griffon is a better fighter with a better command ability than the Stardrake and he is only 260 points, I think the Stardrake should have better, more reliable damage output to justify it's cost. I do not think a points reduction is the answer alone as it still doesnt have the right feel on the tabletop with its current rules. I should not feel disappointed every-time I play this beautiful centerpiece model.
  14. Hello all. I’m a long time GW hobby participant that loves to convert and kitbash. Figured I’d make a place to share the things I come up with. Knights of the Black Chalice This is the start of my Soulblight force. I want them to be an army of knights so I’m converting a lot of counts as units to keep the knightly theme. The plan is to expand it to run as a Legion of Blood force too. We’ll see if I ever get there. Chaos knights as Blood Knights. Shield arms left off for ease of painting. I plan on having 2 more units of 5. This is the start of my counts as Blood Palanquin. Instead of a platform carried into battle by an ethereal host it is a war machine around which spirit hosts will cavort. My converted Knight of Shrouds for Malign Portents who madly believes himself to be a Knight Questor. More Death will eventually follow. I have plans for counts as Vargheist using Stormcast Prosecutors, huge vampire knights borne aloft on ethereal wings. Aetherwings painted as huge ravens to count as Fell Bats, Executioners with head and weapon swaps to be Grave Guard etc. Storm Scions (name still in flux) My custom Stormcast warhost. Taking my inspiration from Viking myth (Sigmar as a mix of Odin and Thor), the god Ulric from the World-that-was, and Space Wolves. First 6 Liberators. 4 more planned in a similar vein. Lord Celestant is still WIP, based on the Neave Blacktalon model. I had to stop working on my Liberators to make this guy once I saw the Warscroll for the upcoming Knight Incantor. Since they are described as stormcallers and I’m using some Space Wolf inspiration I knew I had to make me an AoS version of THE Stormcaller, Njal himself. So I took the leader of the Farstriders as the base since he has a bird on his arm. That gave my my Nightwing, Njal’s Cyber raven. I swapped the head and hands and voila. My Stormcaller Knight Incantor. Up next will be a Lord Relictor then the rest of the Liberators. Other plans include Judicators, Paladins, Raptors and Palladors. Let me know what you think so far.
  15. On the 1st and 2nd of December The Gamer's Haven in Spokane Valley, WA will be hosting "The Hammer". A two day 5 round AoS event with an easy potential of becoming an ITC Grand Tournament. Check it out here..... https://www.facebook.com/events/1102566106566204/ Now that the advertisement is done I need help tuning my list. Allegiance: Stormcast EternalsLeadersDrakesworn Templar (460)- Storm Lance- Mount Trait: Keen-clawedLord-Arcanum (180)- General- Trait: Staunch Defender - Spell: Azyrite HaloLord-Castellant (100)Knight-Heraldor (100)Battleline5 x Sequitors (120)- Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields5 x Sequitors (120)- Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields5 x Sequitors (120)- Stormsmite Mauls and SoulshieldsUnits10 x Evocators (400)- Lore of Invigoration: Speed of Lightning2 x Fulminators (240)Endless SpellsChronomantic Cogs (60)Everblaze Comet (100)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 103 General idea is to drop the evocators after the cogs are up and charge then in then next turn Arcanum can drop the comet on an objective since my model count is so low and hopefully Halo the stardrake. There are lots of ways I can move points around and at the moment I am using models that I own and like. I am not really against using Gavriel, but I am also trying to find something that works on own. We don't know yet if we can use Malign Sorcery artefacts. If we can then I think Ignax Scales on the drake. If not then I don't know what artefact I should be bringing. I do like the idea of the Lantern of the Tempest for the Castellant but I don't know if thats worth it. Also my favorite stormhost is Anvils of Heldenhammer, but I have only ever seen people say "STAUNCH DEFENDER FTW!" Thanks for any assistance.
  16. I have no idea what GW paints I need to replicate this skin color on the dracoth. If anyone could give me any tips i would be much obliged. Specifically the blue green to whiteish highlights. Thanks.
  17. I've been experimenting with spells from the lore of the Storm, the lore of Invigoration and the endless spells specific to the Stormcast. I've come away with some impressions and I'd like to leave this thread as a guide to new players as well as a springboard for some conversation from current SE players. Lore of the Storm- very much a hit or miss lore, this lore is all about dealing mortal wounds and not always in a satisfying fashion. Lightning Blast- A fine little spell that's quite reliable on your lesser caster heroes who don't have the "prime electrids" ability. Its cheap and it has UNLIMITED range! Starfall- this is a bad spell, it's cheap to cast but basically works like a shotgun arcane bolt (which sounds cooler than it is). The range is very limiting at 12", the 6" bubble is nice but you still need to roll 4+ per unit to hit them and its only 1 wound per unit. Thundershock- A personal favorite of mine, though it's not guaranteed to have an effect even if you successfully cast it. dealing mortal wounds is just icing on the cake, you really take this for the -1 debuff which is always huge, its like have another relictor thunderstorm prayer that can hit multiple units. Azyrite Halo- Another reliable pick for me, combos very well with our shield bearing units for which we are spoiled. Put on a unit of sequitors channeling into their shields for maximum value. Throwing back mortals on an unmodified 6 is really solid in most combats you will find yourself in. Chain Lightening- basically a better Starfall with 2 higher casting value. You get twice the range, better targeting bubble in my opinion and you're doing better damage right away if it goes off. I think the damage could be better for its cost but its not a terrible pick. Stormcaller- a bad spell, it has a high cost and is too conditional. every enemy unit gets rolled for which is nice but you need a 6+ to hit them for d3 MW. Think about how many times you've rolled 12 or more die and come up with ZERO 6's. Its too random and unreliable. If it was on a 5+ would be the only way I would consider taking it. Lore of Invigoration- your combat multipliers and a sold lore for a few reasons not least of which is that your evocators can pick a spell from here. Terrifying Aspect- it's ok, but you've got so many better options. Celestial Blades- better option #1. flexible and cheap with good range, you will never regret taking it. Plus 1 to wound is always great, will make your liberators actually kill stuff. Speed of Lightning- an excellent pick on Evocators, their one weakness is to rending attacks and the best way to avoid that is to getting into combat at the right time with the right enemies. This spell makes that happen, my evocators win me games alone with this spell, get into combat when they can be chosen first and make sure it happens that turn. Endless Spells- two spells that are just fine and one that's quite an investment but potentially very potent if used intelligently. Celestian Vortex- it's ok except against chaos where it's amazing. has an added benefit of reducing missile weapon accuracy so it can be used as a screen if you plan right. Dias Arcanum- a strange one who's effect doesn't match it's own lore. needs to be used by a 5 wound wizard, gives them plus 1 to save, 12" flying move and an additional unbinding pretty useful even if you don't need the extra unbind. Everblaze Comet-a pretty cool spell with a cool model. can be cast without line of sight and outside unbinding range. has an immediate mortal wound output that punishes close knit armies. acts as area denial because it continues to pump out mortal wounds over time and disrupts enemy casting attempt making the cast on a -1. the only negative thing you can say about this endless spell is that it's not a steal for points. you pay for it but if you are clever with it you can really mess with your enemy.
  18. Hi Folks, the new campaign system Firestorm for AoS is in the way and with it new allegiance abilities. The Anvilguard's Implacable March is the one I found most interesting. Anvilgard armies are made up of some of the hardier, more ruthless armies of Order, drawing from the Stormcast Eternals, Free Peoples, Devoted of Sigmar, Dispossessed, Darkling Covens, Scourge Privateers and Order Serpentis. Very exciting is the Battalion of the Scourge Privateers the "Realm Reavers". Here is a example army list: Allegiance: Anvilguard Leaders Black Ark Fleetmaster (40) Battleline 20 x Black Ark Corsairs (160) - Vicious Blades & Wicked Cutlasses - Scourge Privateers Battleline 20 x Black Ark Corsairs (160) - Vicious Blades & Repeater Handbows - Scourge Privateers Battleline 2 x Scourgerunner Chariots (200) - Scourge Privateers Battleline 10 x Drakespawn Knights (320) - Order Serpentis Battleline Behemoths Kharibdyss (180) Battalions Realm Reavers (180) Total: 1240/2000 Sadly we cant fit the Realm Reavers in a Allied Detachement, but some fast Drakespawn Knights made it in. The battalion rule says: A Black Ark Fleetmaster, 2 Black Ark Corsairs units, an unit of Scourgerunner Chariots and a Kharibdiss. Feared Taskmaster: In your hero phase a battalion unit within 8" of the Fleetmaster can do one of the following; move as if it were the movement phase (not run), shoot as if it were the shooting phase, charge as if it were the charge phase, or if there are any enemy units within 3" pile in and attack as if were the combat phase. Capture That Beast!: Re-roll wound rolls of 1 against Monsters. ...During our hero phase the enemy is forced to move 6" away from us (on a roll of 5+ that means 1/3 of the enemy units engaged are affected), but at the same time the Feared Taskmaster lets the Realm Reavers charge after the enemy. We cant do that immediately after the 6" move, but it can be used to encircle the enemy. Things get interesting with flying Units like dragons though, which can encricle the enemy easier. Whats your thoughts and armylists with the Anvilguard allegiance? Kaleun -> some teleporting Stormcast might be brutal in a Anvilguard armylist
  19. art by Darek Zabrocki I'm starting this plog and narrative thread to chronicle the creation of my Stormcast Eternals stormhost, the Empyrean Stormhounds. The strange lands of Noczver, homeland of the Stormhounds, and it's inhabitants will also be detailed here. "Of all the lands of the realms I have visited, none have been as dour a place as these: the gray wyrd-lands that lie on the bleeding edge between Shyish and Ghur. The Free Peoples here are hard and humourless, filled with cold suspicion and overcome with superstition. They do not venture out after sundown and they speak in hushed tones of dark monsters, hulking beasts, and pale vampyre lords who bend the knee to Nagash. Even the nobility I have treated with here are of grim disposition, and I care not for it. It seems as though the preternatural dread found in these lands is contagious, and I dare not tarry here long." ~ excerpt from A Diary of the Realms by Aurelia Octavenus
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