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  1. I have a question for those who actually suscribed to Warhammer+: are subtitles (for deaf/hearing impaired) available in the videos?
  2. Hello gals & guys, I am considering playing an Anvilguard force in a Path to Glory campaign since I have a few ex-dark elves units and I like the concept of PtG campaigns. However I noticed that the PtG section of our battletome states that while we can use the common battle traits of the Cities of Sigmar + the battle traits of our chosen city, we cannot use any other allegiance abilities (artifacts, command traits, spells, etc.). Does that mean that if I'm playing Anvilguard in a PtG campaign, I can kiss the Black Market Bounty/Dabblings in Sorcery/Drakeblood Curses good-bye? If yes, then that means the only Illicit Dealing I can use would be the Hidden Agents (+D3 command points). Additionnally, the Cities of Sigmar PtG section also limits the champion/follower rewards to 1 per unit (yes, even the champion can earn only 1 reward). I checked my other battletomes (Slaanesh & Stormcast) and saw no limitation to their allegiance ablities in their PtG section and no limit to the champion/followers rewards. Are there other recent battletomes that share those limitation or is it just a middle finger adressed specifically to the Cities of Sigmar?
  3. Actually Prince August is a french company which sells (among other things) molds and tools to cast specific sets of miniatures. It's basically like Hirst Arts molds but for metal miniatures instead of scenery/dungeon. So there isn't any copyright infringement really.
  4. @dekay Since the list you're suggesting includes a batallion (the Charrwind Beasthunters), it also unlocks an additional artifact and a second Drake Blood Curse (for the hydra obviously).
  5. If Excelsis is getting rules in a White Dwarf, I hope they'll add a warscroll for Arika Zenthe and a tutorial on how to kitbash her.
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