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  1. The Golem

    The Rumour Thread

    For your information, the website Warhammer Adventures has been updated (you know, the stories with the kids in AoS and WH40K). The first chapter of each book is available to download if you're curious.
  2. The Golem

    Moryelle the Loremistress

    "My colleagues want to see concrete results before we can decide whether or not to renew our support to your enterprise. So you know what you have to do, your Lordship Somberheart..." — Moryelle, Loremistress and Eminent Emissary of the Eldritch Council of Azyrheim This aelf, who came directly to Port Stellis from Azyrheim, plays an important role in the city as an emissary of the Eldritch Council (she is at the moment the only member present in the free city). Although she is not a member the Conclave of Port Stellis, she attends their meetings as an esteemed consultant on magic and all things supernatural. A role that sometimes puts her in competition with the Astromancers' Guild and its Grand Master, Caius Lorentius. In addition to her role as emissary, Moryelle also works for the dreadlord Sicath Somberheart, commander of the Order Serpentis army currently stationed in Port Stellis. She officially assists him as an advisor and provides him with magical support. But what everyone (except Sicath) doesn't know is that Moryelle is a double agent. Although she is a member of the Eldritch Council of Azyrheim, her allegiance goes first to the Darkling Covens. She acts as the liaison agent between Sicath Somberheart and the sorcerers of the Covens. Her mission is to help Sicath and his knights of the Order Serpentis to regain their lost fiefdom in the north but also to monitor them and send reports to the Covens who are closely observing the situation. If Sicath succeeds in taking back his domain which is currently occupied by slaaneshi, then the Lord-sorcerers and the Queen-sorceresses of the Darkling Covens will begin a large-scale military campaign, with the help of the Order Serpentis, to reclaim all their lost territories in the realm of Ulgu.
  3. The Golem

    The City Watch of Port Stellis

    The Protectors of the Candle "We protect the light in the darkness." — motto of the Protectors of the Candle. Like any other major city of Order, Port Stellis is governed by a Conclave composed of representatives of the various factions, guilds and corporations of the city: the aelf corsairs, the miners' syndicate, the knights of the Order Serpentis, the astromancy guild, etc. Each of these groups seeks above all to protect and develop their own interests. As a result, there are often rivalries and tensions between them. However, there are two factions that do not participate in this game of political influence because they exist primarily to fulfill a duty: the Stellar Champions and the Protectors of the Candle. The first are stormcast eternals stationed in a fortress on the edge of the city and they live to accomplish the mission that the God King has given them. They are not involved in Port Stellis' internal affairs and will only intervene in cases of war or chaotic corruption. The latter are none other than the city watch who ensures security inside Port Stellis. They are men and women who have chosen to enlist, wear uniforms, enforce laws and maintain public order. While it should be prestigious role, it is rather an ungrateful and dangerous job. Soldiers with several years of service are generally considered particularly tough and stubborn. The budget allocated to the city watch is very limited, so the hierarchy is forced to be cheeseparing over every expenses. For example, the uniforms are all the same size, each soldier having to sew it up if necessary. In addition, the city watch is lacking men, especially for a city the size of Port Stellis, which makes the work considerably more difficult. And as if that wasn't enough, the soldiers' pay is rather poor... Nevertheless, the inhabitants of Port Stellis must admit that without the Protectors of the Candle, the city would quickly fall into anarchy. Isilde Brumehaut "We're not giving up ground! Hold your positions! And remember: we protect the light in the darkness! Let's show them what we've got! For Port Stellis! For Sigmar!" — Isilde Brumehaut The Commander of the Candle is Isilde Brumehaut, an upright soldier descended from a noble lineage of azyrite origin. Not only does she command her soldiers and supervise the security of the city, but she also serves as a member of the Conclave. While she never falters in her task and never loses her seriousness, the days spent arguing in endless debates in the Conclave and mediating conflicts between guilds make her regret not being on the field as a normal soldier any more. Her desk is invaded by staggering piles of administrative paperwork that seems to renew themselves every day and her drawer is filled with migraine medication... But sometimes, when the city is in danger, she can gladly abandon her administrative duties and lead her soldiers into the action along with the champions of Sigmar.
  4. The Golem


  5. The Golem

    Removal of compendiums

    Actually the Seawarden mini can be used in the Swifthawk Agents faction as a Skywarden (on the flying cutter).
  6. The Golem

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I have a question: has it been clarified if a player gets 1 command point every turn (no matter whose turn it is) or only during their own turn?
  7. The Golem

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I noticed that. GW did the same thing with the Dark Elf Bolt Thrower in the latest Dark Elf Compendium.
  8. The Golem

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Basically because there were rumours the rules for close combat would become similar to WH40K: as you can guess (or perhaps you already know) in the dark future, chargers attack first. I don't think chargers attacking first will be a thing in AoS because close combat doesn't have the same impact in AoS and WH40K: in WH40K, fighters choose one melee weapon to attack with, while in AoS fighters attack with all the melee weapons they have at their disposal. Thus the idea of chargers attacking first is a lot scarier in AoS.
  9. The Golem

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    The Faction Focus for the Stormcast Eternals has just been posted on Warhammer Community: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/06/06/faction-focus-stormcast-eternals-part-2gw-homepage-post-3/
  10. The Golem

    The Rumour Thread

    @RuneBrush @Infeston @Vanger Thanks a lot guys! 🤗
  11. The Golem

    The Rumour Thread

    Question: is there a charitable soul here on TGA who could write a transcript of that video for a poor deaf Golem? You will be rewarded with a lot of internet hugs.
  12. The Golem

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I think it's just too early for GW to tease any new moonclan grot. Remember that before we see new moonclan grots, GW has to release and sell the next box "Soul War" + Nighthaunt battletome & new minis + Stormcast battletome & new minis. It is only logical that they won't reveal any new grot before that.
  13. The Golem

    Hardest kit you've built?

    I even heard some people attached the blades to their gyrocopter using a soldering iron because otherwise nothing works. o_O
  14. The Golem

    Hardest kit you've built?

    That old metal gyrocopter. The rotor blades were a nightmare because they were always falling apart.
  15. The Golem

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    In my opinion it's only logical that the spellcasters draw magic from the realm where they are currently located. I mean the Mortal Realms are basically the Winds of Magics from WHFB made into separate magical worlds. The wizards have their own spells (on their warscrolls and their battletome) which represent their training, and then there are additionnal spells that depends on the environmental magic.