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  1. You are making me think that sometimes I wish GW unified the Order Serpentis and the Order Draconis to create a cavalry army composed of aelf knights. They would have a 'seelie & unseelie' or 'yin-yang' theme and would belong to either one of two knighthood orders: the court of the Dragon and the court of the Serpent*. Those courts would have different philosophical and moral values (not 'good vs evil', more like 'idealist vs pragmatic') and yet they would be similar, sharing the same desire for martial accomplishment. Their codes of honor would share a common ground and their knights would be both rivals and brothers in arms. On the battlefield, when they would be close to a unit of the opposing court, they would fight with redoubled efforts as to show their nearby rivals that they are the best knights. *Instead of going after Dragon & Serpent courts, it could also be more interesting to create new ones (like sun & moon for example) so that we could mix draconis and serpentis in both courts. Would be interesting to see some drakespawn knights painted as idealistic and chivalrous guys along with some grim and pragmatic Dragon Blades painted with a darker color scheme instead of the classic white & blue from WHFB. Lot of conversion potential! Well, that's just a silly wish of mine for the future of the aelf knights in AoS. But I wonder if it would please the Bretonnian fans (or even at least some of them) if GW went that way with the orders draconis & serpentis: take the heavily armoured monted knight and combine it with existing minis which don't have any battletome at the current time.
  2. Thanks @michaelforster00! I will definitely expand on the mist wights later.
  3. Vanguard-Hunters from a custom Stormhost (the Stellar Champions). More pictures there: https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1947-the-vanguard-hunters/
  4. Here are my Vanguard-Hunters of the Stellar Champions Stormhost stationed in Ulgu. They tirelessly explore the wilderness of the Coast of Fleeting Hopes, in a radius of several leagues around the city of Port Stellis. Their mission has multiple objectives. First, they have to fight and eliminate the fiercest monsters who sometimes prowl a little too close to the city. They are sometimes helped by motleys of aelf privateers who are always interested in capturing these creatures or butchering them for commercial purposes (whether whole or in pieces, these monsters can always be sold to interested customers). Second, Vanguard-Hunters must regularly update the maps of the region, as it changes with the passing of illusions and fog. In Ulgu, the topography of a place can be as ephemeral as a fleeting hope or a fallow light... What seemed to be a mountain can ultimately turn out to be a shadowy and murderous abyss. Third, the Hunters keep check on creatures known as mist wights who are frail but ferocious. Sigmar's warriors regularly hunt them down and slaughter them before they become too numerous and dangerous. But it seems impossible to kill them all because they always come back, as if they were born out of the fog. Therefore the Vanguard-Hunters kill sufficient numbers of mist wights from time to time in order to prevent them from proliferating. They are sometimes helped in this task by Voredd the Ogor warrior who always enjoys fighting and smashing opponents. (you can click on the pictures to display them in full size if you wish)
  5. "What ze hell are ya doin' here?! Ze fog is coming and if ya don't hide quick, ze gray gnashers will come and devour ya. Ya won't run to ze city fast enough. Better run zat way, zere's an old tower very close. Hide in it and wait for ze fog to pass. Me gonna stay here and beat the hell out of the gnashers. Will be fun!" — Voredd, shouting at a careless traveller on the road to Port Stellis No one knows why Voredd, the imposing Ogor mercenary, has been banished from his tribe and no one had the courage to ask him. He came out of nowhere one day, walking the mists of the Ulgulands and introduced himself to the guards posted outside the gates of Port Stellis. "Me name is Voredd and I been kicked out of my tribe. Been wandering around fer a long long long time in ze mist and ze dark. Had to fight all ze time against nasty beasts in the fog y'know? But today I'm real hungry and tired and bored of being attacked all ze damn time. If you gimme something to eat and let me sleep in ya town, ya know what? I will work for you." Of course the city guards were completely caught off guard by this strange request. In normal times, monsters are obviously not allowed in the city, but Voredd was able to speak intelligibly (albeit with a rustic accent). And his intimidating physique frightened the guards, who could hardly find within themselves the courage to chase him away with spikes. So they chickened out and passed the situation on to their superiors, secretly hoping that their leader would call the stormcast warriors to rid them of this unwanted ogor. In the end, commander Isilde Brumehaut made the decision to let Voredd in and temporarily offer him shelter and food, despite the protests from some soldiers. And it proved to be a good choice because Voredd kept his word: he started working for Isilde, becoming a major asset for her. Unsurprisingly, after the word had spread in the city, the Commander of the Candle was treated with much more respect at the next Conclave meetings. To add with that, the number of citizens filing administrative complaints decreased significantly because rare were the ones who dared enter the Candle headquarters while the ogor was in there. For the first time in years, Isilde felt like she was on vacation. However the situation could not last forever. Voredd was getting frustrated like a lion in a cage because he was unsuited for civilized life. His skills were better used by sending him on missions outside the city. So the terms of his work were redefined: from now on Voredd would patrol outside the city, keep an eye on the wilderness around Port Stellis, look for possible threats, track down the most ferocious beats, help travellers coming from the misty moors to Port Stellis and return regularly to the city to make reports and stock up in supplies. Everyone, Voredd included, approved those changes. Nowadays the ogor spends most of its time in the countryside around the free city. He is actually very competent in his new job: having spent many years wandering in the Ulgulands, he knows many tricks and is an expert on how to face the dangers in Ulgu. If you plan to venture in the Ulgulands, you'd better ask him some advices before...
  6. The fane would look much better without the portal and the daemon head imho. We would just have to cut out the demon head with an X-acto knife, and then add a few bits here and there to customize it. If someone wants to put the portal effect but without the daemon head, they can replicate the normal side of the portal with blue stuff (or any other mold material) and some green stuff.
  7. That would be awesome but I doubt it'll ever happen. I may write a few Port Stellis short stories someday, but I will probably need someone to proofread it and correct my mistakes (since I am not a native english speaker).
  8. An article is up on Warhammer Community about Slaanesh in the Mortal Realms: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/18/apr-18-slaanesh-in-the-mortal-realmsgw-homepage-post-3/
  9. Warhammer Community - Slaanesh in the Mortal Realms
  10. Ha! I wish I was skilled enough to scratch build a scenery like this one. No actually the tower is a kit that GW was selling in the past (during the Warhammer Fantasy days). I bought it ~10 years ago and it sat unpainted in my attic for a long time until I came back to Warhammer thanks to AoS. You can sometimes find it on eBay. Search for "Warhammer watchtower".
  11. In addition to a Scourge Privateers warband for Underworlds, I also asked for a mixed warband composed of human, duardin and aelf mercenaries. Since Warhammer Underworlds is about small bands in Shadespire, I'd like GW to move away from the rigid army factions a bit and go for more eclectic motleys.
  12. Of the three heads you posted, my favorite would be the second one. A personal suggestion: have you considered using the Mistweaver Saih head? Her smooth mask is quite disturbing which is fitting for an army of soul-stealing raiders. And it doesn't reflect any emotion so it goes well with the Idoneth fluff where they try to feel less emotions so that they can avoid Slaanesh and the memories of their captivity.
  13. Same here! Glad I'm not the only one!
  14. Isn't today supposed to be the day GW launch the big annual survey?
  15. Although the Protectors of the Candle are responsible for maintaining order and security in Port Stellis, it hasn't always been their only duty. When the town was still young, the Protectors of the Candle operated both inside and outside the city walls. Groups of soldiers patrolled the wild land around the Port Stellis and had to hunt down the marauding beasts they found in their path. But the task quickly turned out to be complicated: Ulgu's mists and illusions misled several patrols, some of which disappeared forever, while the wandering creatures were sometimes far too formidable to be killed by a simple group of patrollers. Since that time, the Protectors of the Candle have stopped making patrolling rounds outside, focusing on security and order inside the city. There are still some lone hunters and loose members of the Candle, who roam in the wilderness. Most of them of them are antisocial and reject the comfort of the city. Apart from those, the Stormcast Eternals are now the ones in charge of patrolling outside the city and slaying the mist monsters. However, the watchtowers built by the Protectors of the Candle are still there. There are a dozen of them, usually located at one or two leagues away from the city. Some are still in good condition while others are dilapidated due to lack of maintenance. Nowadays they are mainly used by hunters and travellers who seek temporary shelter. And lastly, an amusing anecdote: although the Protectors of the Candle no longer patrol beyond the walls, they have never officially given up on this mission. This means that the city watch can at any time order soldiers to patrol the hostile wilderness of Ulgu. In fact, Commander Isilde Brumehaut sometimes uses this excuse to punish troublemakers in her ranks: unruly soldiers are ordered to go up in one of the watchtowers outside the city, under the pretext of strange activities in the area in question. This is obviously a false reason because strange things happen all the time in the Shadow Realm. That said, the prospect of spending an entire week, shivering in the cold and hearing strange whispers, inside a solitary tower surrounded by thick haunted fog is usually enough to discipline any hard-headed soldier.
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