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  1. The Golem

    What products do you base your models with?

    Well, as for the other Vallejo textures, I mainly use desert sand, grey sand, grey pumice, white stone and water texture, so I don't know about the rest of them. However, for a rocky land you can just use the black lava, let it dry and paint it the way you want. That's what I do anyway. Allow me to share a bit of my AoS painting project. Here's what my gaming mat looks like: (source) It's more or less a rocky land (albeit a blue one). To match the minis with the mat, here's what I do: I usually starts by gluing bits of cork and/or small pebbles on the bases. Then I cover it all with black lava texture. Tip : if you want it to look less rough is some areas, you can smooth it a bit with a wet brush. Once dry, I paint it with the appropriate colors. I add and paint small details (grass tufts, skulls, weapons, etc.) Here's an example of the result. Now I don't know if this the kind of texture you want to achieve or not, but it's easy to do and a Vallejo texture pot will last longer than a GW one.
  2. The Golem

    What products do you base your models with?

    I use Vallejo black lava texture for my bases (along with some pieces of cork and some paint). I never had any problem with it. No falling or flaking off. I also use other Vallejo textures for other wargames and hobby projects and never had an problem with it. Actually I prefer using Vallejo's textures instead of GW's.
  3. The Golem

    The Rumour Thread

    As a deaf golem, I'm super glad they've put subtitles in their video for once. Also, very cool trailer!
  4. The Golem

    The Rumour Thread

    Could be funny if Malus came back but fused with Tz'arkan, basically becoming a new daemon character for Chaos. And when people bring up the made-up story about Malekith fusing with his dragon, we could correct them and say "no no no, you got it wrong: it was actually MALUS who fused with his DEMON." I agree.
  5. The Golem

    The Rumour Thread

    While I liked Malus Darkblade, it seems his soul has been annihilated by Tz'arkan, the demon within him, during the End Times So no soul = no coming back?
  6. The Golem

    The Rumour Thread

    Hypothesis: maybe because the Dispossessed is a faction of very traditionalist duardins who are very suspicious of modern weapons? Things such as organ gun and gyrocopter are considered as too 'unorthodox' while thunderers pistols and rifles constitute the limit of what they can accept? Maybe the Ironweld duardins are even considered as brazen youngsters by the Dispossessed duardins. And in the same way, perhaps the Dispossessed see the Fyreslayers duardins as a bunch of weirdos, and the Kharadron duardins as flying freaks. And perhaps the Ironweld, Fyreslayers and Kharadron duardin see the Dispossessed as a bunch of old-fashioned grumblers who cannot get over the loss of their great ancient empire even after several centuries. But fortunately, all duardins can put their differences aside when it's time to smash grot heads and to drink beer.
  7. The Golem

    The City Watch of Port Stellis

    Apart from Statuesque Miniatures, I know Maximini.eu which also sells head bits. You can also search for "28mm heads" on eBay.
  8. The Golem

    The Gunmaster

    Nicely done! And I love the animated gif.
  9. The Golem

    The City Watch of Port Stellis

    Thanks! The heads come from Statuesque Miniatures. I am not the only one to have used those female heads by the way, I remember there was a someone on TGA who posted conversions of Stormcast using those.
  10. The Golem

    Eldritch Council - Loremistress

    Moryelle, the Loremistress
  11. The Golem

    Shadowblade Assasin - Nocturne

    Nocturne, the deadly shadow
  12. The City Watch of Port Stellis
  13. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1659-the-city-watch-of-port-stellis/