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  1. The Golem

    The Rumour Thread

    Since the text mentions the "nine" realms (in the first paragraph), I don't think it is official work but fan-made concepts instead.
  2. The Golem

    The Rumour Thread

    Assuming this is for AoS, I'd say it will be for the sylvaneth, probably when they will receive their updated battletome. Either part of an endless spell or a new unit.
  3. The Golem

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    Sorry but Asuryan is dead since the End Times, his remaining divine essence going to his true chosen one: Malekith, now know as Malerion. Seriously I hope the angelic light aelves won't be similar to the current ex-high elves, otherwise it will give GW a reason to squat them. I really want the light aelves to be something new and original, like the Idoneth. The books mention the realm of Hysh to be filled with mind boggling logic, bizarre symmetry and impossible geometry. Perhaps the light aelves will be alien minded creatures, detached from common thinking.
  4. I admit that if Black Library decided to launch a book (or a series of books) about Settrus that depicts him as the reincarnation of Settra and a ultra badass stormcast who doesn't necessarily remembers his former life but still retains his old personality, that would definitely grab my attention. Settra/Settrus could give a lesson even to the Knight Excelsiors about "never making compromises". Edit: I love Settra from Khemri in the World-that-was. He was a real badass and proud beyond measure (Nagash even called him "proudest of kings" during the End Times). However, IF Settra is to be brought back in the Mortal Realms of AoS, then I think we need to let go of a bit of fanboyism and accept the character to become a little more malleable because otherwise there's no way he can fit in the new universe. The old Settra cannot be brought in the Death Alliance, because he hates Nagash with passion. He cannot go into the Chaos alliance because he stands against the chaos gods and knows their promises are just lies. He wouldn't fit into the Destruction alliance because Gorkamorka and Settra aren't exactly compatible. But he would fit in the Order alliance just right, if it were not for the "Settra does not serve, he rules!" part. Like I said, if we want Settra back in the game, we need him to be a little less rigid. So him being reincarnated as a Stormcast is quite a good explanation for that. If Settrus didn't remember his former life as Settra of Khemri but still retained most of his personality, it would allow the Black Library writers and readers to explore this familiar character in a new light. Which would be really interesting methinks.
  5. I agree. I love the Tomb Kings and I would love to see them back in the mortal realms, but in my opinion the mention of Lord-celestant Settrus and his Imperishables is nothing more than an easter egg. I think that if GW wanted to bring back Settra in AoS, they would do it in grand fashion. Like Morathi who became a huge winged snake lady. Or Archaon on gigantic three headed Dorghar. Actually the fact that GW let David Guymer write this little nod to Settra in Champion of the Gods is probably a sign that they don't plan to bring him back.
  6. Absolutely, we will still need them. I just love Free Cities and mixed faction armies like this one (by Chris Peach). As a matter of fact, what I'd love GW to do is to update the Grand Alliances books with new lore, new mixed faction batallions and Free Cities (or their Chaos/Death/destruction equivalents) rules. No need to copy/paste all the unit warscrolls though. An example for an updated Chaos Grand Alliance book, I'd love to read stories and rules about a dark anarchic city inhabited by weird and varied scums who worship the powers of the ruin. Like human mutants, daemon-possessed madmen, corrupted ogors, runt beastmen rejected by their herd, drug-addicted skavens, etc. And apart from the basic lowlife inhabitants, this forsaken city would have its own militia which would work, in game terms, as a mixed faction chaos army with its own allegiance abilities. Similar stuff can be done with the other GAs. Like Undead Dynasties for Death. Or Waaagh! for Destruction. And something else that would be really awesome: GW could publish exclusive warscrolls in the White Dwarf for city related heroes. Like the top aelf corsair of Anvilguard for example, or the chief of the sylvaneths of the Living City. With hobby tutorials about how to create and convert those heroes.
  7. The Golem

    Hag progress.

    I agree with @zedatkinszed: the headswap really improve the mini. And so does the weapon.
  8. The Golem

    The Rumour Thread

    The battletomes we are sure to get in 2019 so far: Gloomspite Gitz (Destruction) [already released] Skavens (Chaos) Flesh-eater Courts (Death) Khorne (Chaos) Slaanesh (Chaos) Dark Oath, perhaps mixed with Slaves to Darkness & Everchosen. (Chaos) Seems like Chaos will be busy this year.
  9. The Golem

    The Rumour Thread

    I agree, the classic aelf factions only need a decent battletome and maybe a few endless spells and they would sell like hot cakes. Squatting them would be a big waste of potential and money. There are many people, myself included, who are waiting to see what GW will do with the aelfs before buying them.
  10. The Golem

    What products do you base your models with?

    Well, as for the other Vallejo textures, I mainly use desert sand, grey sand, grey pumice, white stone and water texture, so I don't know about the rest of them. However, for a rocky land you can just use the black lava, let it dry and paint it the way you want. That's what I do anyway. Allow me to share a bit of my AoS painting project. Here's what my gaming mat looks like: (source) It's more or less a rocky land (albeit a blue one). To match the minis with the mat, here's what I do: I usually starts by gluing bits of cork and/or small pebbles on the bases. Then I cover it all with black lava texture. Tip : if you want it to look less rough is some areas, you can smooth it a bit with a wet brush. Once dry, I paint it with the appropriate colors. I add and paint small details (grass tufts, skulls, weapons, etc.) Here's an example of the result. Now I don't know if this the kind of texture you want to achieve or not, but it's easy to do and a Vallejo texture pot will last longer than a GW one.
  11. The Golem

    What products do you base your models with?

    I use Vallejo black lava texture for my bases (along with some pieces of cork and some paint). I never had any problem with it. No falling or flaking off. I also use other Vallejo textures for other wargames and hobby projects and never had an problem with it. Actually I prefer using Vallejo's textures instead of GW's.
  12. The Golem

    The Rumour Thread

    As a deaf golem, I'm super glad they've put subtitles in their video for once. Also, very cool trailer!
  13. The Golem

    The Rumour Thread

    Could be funny if Malus came back but fused with Tz'arkan, basically becoming a new daemon character for Chaos. And when people bring up the made-up story about Malekith fusing with his dragon, we could correct them and say "no no no, you got it wrong: it was actually MALUS who fused with his DEMON." I agree.
  14. The Golem

    The Rumour Thread

    While I liked Malus Darkblade, it seems his soul has been annihilated by Tz'arkan, the demon within him, during the End Times So no soul = no coming back?