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  1. Hello gals & guys, I am considering playing an Anvilguard force in a Path to Glory campaign since I have a few ex-dark elves units and I like the concept of PtG campaigns. However I noticed that the PtG section of our battletome states that while we can use the common battle traits of the Cities of Sigmar + the battle traits of our chosen city, we cannot use any other allegiance abilities (artifacts, command traits, spells, etc.). Does that mean that if I'm playing Anvilguard in a PtG campaign, I can kiss the Black Market Bounty/Dabblings in Sorcery/Drakeblood Curses good-bye? If yes, then that means the only Illicit Dealing I can use would be the Hidden Agents (+D3 command points). Additionnally, the Cities of Sigmar PtG section also limits the champion/follower rewards to 1 per unit (yes, even the champion can earn only 1 reward). I checked my other battletomes (Slaanesh & Stormcast) and saw no limitation to their allegiance ablities in their PtG section and no limit to the champion/followers rewards. Are there other recent battletomes that share those limitation or is it just a middle finger adressed specifically to the Cities of Sigmar?
  2. Actually Prince August is a french company which sells (among other things) molds and tools to cast specific sets of miniatures. It's basically like Hirst Arts molds but for metal miniatures instead of scenery/dungeon. So there isn't any copyright infringement really.
  3. @dekay Since the list you're suggesting includes a batallion (the Charrwind Beasthunters), it also unlocks an additional artifact and a second Drake Blood Curse (for the hydra obviously).
  4. If Excelsis is getting rules in a White Dwarf, I hope they'll add a warscroll for Arika Zenthe and a tutorial on how to kitbash her.
  5. What do you mean? I just checked and they still have 2 wounds per model (same as before). Edit: you probably mean their Save characteristic improved instead of Wound.
  6. Oddly enough the Executioners' special ability (severing strike) has been nerfed: it only inflicts 1 mortal wound per 6 to-hit (instead of 2 MW before) and the attack sequence ends. Meanwhile the Freeguild Greatswords gained a similar ability which not only inflicts 1 mortal wound per 6 to-hit, but also doesn't end the attack sequence. Not to mention that Greatswords have -1 rend and now hit on a 3+ (2+ with a hero nearby). So aelf Executioners are now less skilled than human Greatswords in slaying enemies? Color me surprised.
  7. "When will this damn fog dissipate?" Begodrek groaned as he tightened his cloak to warm himself up. "Don't speak too loudly," his companion whispered. "We don't know what might hear us." In response, Begodrek sniffed disdainfully. The duardin hated the damp dark cold climate of the Coast of Fleeting Hopes. Cursed be the Shadow Realm! For his part, Calestor, a a tall slend human around thirty, nervously scrutinized the mist that obscured the landscape. The two fellow travellers had been caught by surprise by the sudden appearance of fog and had to quickly take refuge in a dilapidated cottage, obviously abandoned for years. They were extremely fortunate to have found a shelter in the middle of nowhere in the wild lands of Ulgu. "If only we could light a fire to warm our bones..." Begodrek muttered. "Certainly not. It could attract nasty creatures. We have to stay hidden and wait for the fog to pass. Only after that will we be able to light a fire or get back on the road." The frustrated duardin glared at his travelling companion then turned his ear to listen carefully, just in case there were something crawling around the cottage. Not a sound. Only silence... "I hope your information is reliable, human. I'd hate to find out that I came all the way from Azyr for nothing. If that's the case, you'll wish you hadn't brought me into your business..." "Trust me," Calestor replied. "I have already checked and rechecked my sources several times. My documents do not lie. If we can find and enter the Citadel of the Starry Firmament..." "The Blinking Tower," the duardin interrupted him. "That one, yes," his partner replied in an annoyed tone. "So if we can get inside, my documents will help us find the magic treasure that is hidden in there. You'll see, my research in the Azyrheim libraries will be useful to us." In response, Begodrek gave him a look that seemed to mean "we will see". Calestor ignored him and pretended to examine the fog outside. This duardin annoyed him more and more with each passing day. In the end, he regretted having chosen him for his protection, but it was too late to turn back now. They were very close to the destination: the enchanted tower was somewhere in the region. All they had to do was locate it and they would soon become very rich. Calestor thought about what he would do with his share of the loot: he would buy himself a nobility title as well as a manor house and invest into one or several companies. He was smart enough to know how to invest his money wisely and if he played his cards right, he wouldn't have to work a single day of his life. As for the duardin... well, he would probably drink all his salary in fyrebeer imported from Hammerhall. This uneducated fool was unable to see beyond the tip of his beard. Anyway, Calestor would terminate their collaboration as soon as they split the treasure. But first of all, they had to wait until the fog lifted so that they could resume their journey. That damn fog that seemingly wanted to linger forever... Suddenly the duardin mercenary made a thundering sneeze behind Calestor's back, who flinched with surprise. "Aaatchooo!" "It's all dat humidity" he grumbled, blowing his nose in his cape. "Shh! Shh! Silence, you idiot!" Calestor whispered as he listened outside. He seemed to have heard something react in the mist. The adventurer stood on the lookout, his whole body tense. Nothing. No sound. Then a series of clicking noises broke the silence, soon joined by other clicks from different directions. Blurry silhouettes appeared in the fog, rushing towards the cottage. "By Sigmar, Grey Clickers!" yelped Calestor, panicked. "The guards in Port Stellis warned us!" In a glimpse, Calestor saw that his duardin bodyguard had already grabbed his axe, ready to fight. "Good reflex," he thought, while clumsily trying to pull the flaps of his cape apart in order to grab his sword. But before his trembling fingers could pull the weapon out of its sheath, Begodrek smashed his right knee with a well-placed blow of his axe, breaking the joint cleanly. "Aaaaaargh!!" "Aaarrhhh!! What the hell...!? "Sorry, human. Rather you than me." The duardin snatched the bag containing the notes on the Blinking Tower from Calestor before fleeing as discreetly as possible in the direction opposite to the approaching clicks. "Begodrek! You traitor! I swear I'll find you!" Calestor tried to crawl in pursuit of the thief but it was too late... The Grey Clickers were already on him. As Begodrek moved away as quickly as possible, he heard behind him the screams of his former partner who was being eaten alive by the creatures. If he felt a pinch of guilt, it was quickly dispelled by the alluring thought of getting all the treasure for himself instead of having to share it with a stupid human. † † † Grey Clickers Among the monsters that prowl around the Coast of Fleeting Hopes, the most famous are the Grey Clickers (sometimes also called Grey Gnashers). These humanoid creatures have a lean appearance and grey skin with purple parts. Their most striking feature is the lack of eyes: Grey Clickers are simply blind. They compensate for this handicap by a very good hearing that allows them to detect any prey over long distances, or even to hear heartbeats at short range. These creatures have another special peculiarity: they emit a series of very distinctive clicking noises, more or less like a stridulating insect. The scholars and hunters of Port Stellis have two hypotheses to explain these noises: either they serve as "sonar" for these blind creatures, allowing them to find their way around, or they serve to recognize each other. In fact, these two hypotheses are not mutually exclusive and could both be true. Whatever the real reason for these clicks, if you can hear them, it's that Grey Clickers are nearby... Clicks: local slang for "bad news". Example: "The messenger was hanged for announcing clicks to the lord." — Encyclopaedia of Port Stellis These creatures are easier to spot when the fog has lifted. Grey Clickers usually move in bands, so it is rare to encounter only one or two at a time. These creatures are spectacularly voracious and when they spot a prey, they immediately attack it, regardless of its size. Their movements are completely chaotic and without tactics, so a community with a properly organized defense can repel them without suffering too much damage. However, Grey Clickers are often very numerous and their ferocity makes them immune to fear, so that by the time you kill a clicker with a fork or spear in the chest, two or three more clickers are already on you, busy tearing out your flesh with their sharp teeth. As an anecdote, Voredd (the Ogor warrior from Port Stellis) claims to have seen a gargant being overrun, then knocked down and finally devoured by a colony of Grey Clickers. Although individually, they do not represent a very significant danger, when they are many, Grey Clickers pose a real threat to Port Stellis. No one knows for certain how they multiply, but it seems that they have asexual reproduction. The most common belief is that they are born directly from the mist hence why they are sometimes nicknamed "mist wights". One thing is certain: the clickers are considered a dangerous species whose population must be regulated. For this reason, stormcast eternals regularly conduct hunts in the wild in order to kill as many as possible (usually when a wandering colony has been spotted). The Ogor warrior Voredd also regularly kills some of them during his forest patrols. A few stormcast eternals versus a swarm of clickers. Voredd the Ogor is an expert at skragging clickers. But even he has to be careful not to fight too many of them at once... For the inhabitants of Port Stellis, the Grey Clickers are merely one of the ordinary dangers that punctuate their daily lives. Farmers living on the outskirts of the city have learned to take shelter in silence when the fog comes, while children are told scary stories so that they learn to fear clicking noises.... Fear the clicks in the mist...
  8. Although Port Stellis flourished and became a fortified city, not all attempts to build communities in Ulgu have been successful. Over the past decades, as Port Stellis developed, settlers tried to establish villages in the neighboring region in order to develop agriculture. But none of these projects succeeded: the wild monsters and the darkness made the settlers disappear one after the other. Sometimes half-devoured corpses were found, and some other times the victims simply vanished, leaving no traces, giving rise to stories of peasants being swallowed up forever in the mists and the shadows. To date, the duardin prospectors' camp near the Scintillating Mines is the only civilized post that has managed to hold in the Coast of Fleeting Hopes, with the exception of Port Stellis, of course. In the the present days, ruined buildings remain here and there in the wilderness of the Fleeting Hopes, as the last remnants of the villages that failed to survive. All those projects of warm hearths, big farms, livestock and crops are now nothing more than stillborn dreams... At least those ruins offer temporary shelter to patrolling rangers and passing travellers, as long as they aren't already occupied by mist monsters... * * * * * These 2 ruined buildings were printed by a friend of mine who happens to own a 3D printer. The files for these buildings are free to download on Thingiverse (all credits due to Terrain4Print). Note: I had my buildings printed at a 125% size so that 25mm base minis can move through the entrance and stand on the stairs.
  9. To be honest (and a bit selfish), as long as the updated warscroll allow me to play my converted general, I'm fine.
  10. Honestly I really fear that the dark elves have been spared because there is still a long way before the shadow aelves will be released. And meanwhile the other elves have been removed because the light aelves and kurnothi will be released "soonish". I'm afraid the dark elves will eventually be culled too when it will be time for Malerion's aelves.
  11. @Charloyou forgot this guy: freeguild general. For some reason, he is not going away with the other generals.
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