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Found 84 results

  1. ~ I got that Old Black Magic, rolling in ~ More Pics: Work in Progress: After a year of mostly not working on it, I've finally finished painting my old school Arkhan on flying chariot conversion. I'm honestly really quite happy with it. Now I just need an army for him to lead. I'm not lacking the models for it, I’ve got like 20,000 points of warhammer undead in varying states of assembly & painting, but shamefully I only have exactly 5 fully painted models. ~ behold, the entirety of my collection, if you only count the stuff I've finished painting ~ Every couple years I’d throw together a ‘manageable starter army’ from the shame pile and pretend like I’m going to get it painted. And I'll make some progress, but never actually finish anything, and that’s probably how things are going to go this time too, after all it’s not like I don’t have four or five other projects waiting on hold, but w/e, finishing my Arkhan conversion has me feeling motivated, so I’m ready to try again. This blog seems a good enough way to track my progress.
  2. So I want to paint up a 1,000 point starter army for Arkhan to lead, but Arkhan can be used in a lot of armies - Bonereapers, Legions, and Grand Alliance Death. Plus in Tomb Kings armies 'Arkhan on a Chariot' has officially been run as Settra or 'Tomb King on Exalted Chariot' since the Compendium days, so there's yet another way to run him. And my shame pile is sufficiently massive that I could easily put together any of these lists, and honestly I like all of them, and hope one day to paint all this junk, so the question is less 'which will I try to paint' and more 'which will I try to paint first', which I guess I'll throw up a pole for here and see if anyone has suggestions for me. Here are the options I'm looking at right now: ... Null Myriad ... Legion of Sacrament ... Tomb Kings ... So those are the three options I'm looking at, and really I do like all of them equally, I think, and if I can sustain the effort I'd probably try to get all three done before expanding any one army out towards the standard 2k range. But that's putting the cart way before the horse, I have to get at least one of these three done before I worry about what I'll do after, so which one do you think I should start with?
  3. Hello there... I'm an old player of Warhammer Fantasy. And as a nostalgic one, I can't forget that amazing world that made me fall in love. And now, I'm here in this new world... or worlds. And I wonder if I can play with my beloved races; especially the Chaos Dwarfs and the Tomb Kings. I want to know who is a better option... Can you people help me please???
  4. Hi everyone, wanted to share my Katakros to Settra-conversion with you. The idea was Settra returning from the realm of Chaos with his promised body of gold. Hope you like him. C&C welcome. Best DD
  5. deadlydeceiver


    More views: https://www.reddit.com/r/ageofsigmar/comments/dz8oj1/all_hail_settra_katakros_conversion/
  6. My name's Tristan and after many years away from the hobby I've picked table top wargaming back up in a big way. My local scene is small and new. Our local gaming store dropped GW about a decade ago and only in the past 5 months started stocking and a dedicated group started building up the community again. After getting back into 40k, some of my newfound pals talked me into giving Sigmar a try. Billing it as a quick game to get into, I gave it a shot and was hooked. Realizing that I could finally play with the Tomb Kings that I've always wanted was a big draw too. Then the other shoe dropped. "Oh they cancelled the entire line" "...****** it, who needs a savings account anyway?" I'm going to use this space as a way to document my progress, make some fun backstory in the Endless Deserts for Tomb King Ahomtep and his city, and hopefully have some fun back and forth with y'all about it. ------ The Spear of Kahtep The Necropolis of King Ahomtep is one of wonder and no fixed point. Placed upon the floating desert spire known and the Spear Kahtep, its largess and glimmering towers are known to slacken the jaw of even the most hardened Duardin. It's Pyramids, obelisks and streets woven into the great rock's surface, busy with activity.It is known to mostly drift between the edges of the Sour Sea and the Carrion Isles, but it has been spotted near the bastion of Bétone. The great spire blotting out the sun as it passes. Only the liche priests of The Spear truly understand how it traverses the deserts wind. When the unyielding suns of the Endless Deserts are darkened by the shadow of The Spear, all know it is their demise made shade.
  7. Hi-- I have finally finished painting my Legion of Blood conversion army. I'll be posting up pictures of it here. For reference, the army list is: Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon 2 Necromancers 3 Tomb Banshees 30 Skeleton Warriors 2 units of 5 Dire Wolves 5 Blood Knights Terrorgheist Mortis Engine Everything is fully converted and totally WYSIWYG, because I was super ****** about it. Tomb Kings are done when I say they're done.
  8. So I'll be starting a Skirmish campaign that'll grow into full scale battles, and I saw there aren't any rules for Skirmish/PtG in our amazing Battletome (THANK YOU MENGEL). I'll be getting the ebook skirmish rules soon, but since I don't know what other factions get, I assume we're missing something. I'm just putting this here to ask about possible rules, advice on how to run a campaign, and if there are any plans to continue updating the Battletome with rules such as these, and to change with the future updates that will surely come to the game.
  9. The right of a King to rule over his people is a dual edged sword, for that right can just as easily be taken from him if he is not careful.- Friso Rathenau, Glymmsforge philosopher. Hello internet! let me just start off by saying that I love the Tomb Kings, it was this army that got me interested in fantasy, so I was devastated to learn the only way to get the original models was to hunt them down via eBay. So I figured I would work my converting muscles and try to fill in the gaps in my army, while I'm at it I might as well create an epic narrative to go with! Bear in mind that I'm also using player created stuff, such as the endless deserts rules by Tyler Mengele( @Mengel Miniatures), and the Suneater Tribes by Ricki Smith( @Melcavuk on this site), as well as my own creations. So I'll finish this first post by posting the Dramatis Personae The Monarchy Toyerse the Generous- High King of the city of Kertaten, and Patriarch of his dynasty. In life he was a kind and humble king, a quality that he carries on in undeath. His four prized horses where destroyed by a Wildfire Taurus known as "The Corrupting Flame", so he had his mortuary cult bind the spell to his will so that it may pull his chariot. Lately he has been showing signs of senility, a fact that is not unnoticed by both his allies and enemies........ Omar the Austere- One of Toyerse's twin sons, Omar was once known as the Kind, and was often scolded for being too lax with the punishment of his subjects. This was before his twin Khusef betrayed their dynasty by turning to the Usurper, becoming a Knight of Shrouds. Since then Omar has raised his city's armies in preparation for war, and to redeem himself in his father's eyes, as despite Toyerse saying nothing could be done, he believes that Khusef's betrayal was still his fault. Sinse the Blessed- When Morathi was revealed to have been tainted by her imprisonment in Slaanesh's gullet, she fled to hide herself in shame. Toyerse came upon the Serpent Queen while exploring Ulgu for signs of the Lost Pantheon returning. When he came upon Morathi, he bowed as he believed that she was Asaph, in an act of (rare) gratitude, Morathi gifted Toyerse with a Melusai to be his daughter, Since has become one of Toyerse's most beloved relatives and has made strong alliances with the Dreadfleet(custom faction I'm working on) as well as the Daughters of Khaine. (More to come later on....) The Mortuary Cult Hadibib the Scholar- The grand hierophant of Kertaten's Mortuary Cult, Hadibib is considered Toyerse's right hand. Though he now only appears at important ceremonies and whenever war threatens the city, as old age is beginning to takes its toll on the priest. Otherwise Hadibid can be found maintaining the cult's Casket of Souls and renewing the wards around Kertaten. It is said that Hadibib has made a deal with the Scarab Prince known as The Dagger of Usirian, though none have lived to discover if these rumors are true...... Khensu- Hadibib's second in command, and chosen successor for the position of grand hierophan, as well as Omar's closest and oldest friend. Khensu lost most of his body during the Malign Portents, leaving only his lungs, stomach, intestines, and liver which were in canonic jars, and his heart. Never the less his spirit preserved, and he had one of the city's Necrotects build him a new body to better contain the energies release during the tumultuous time. After the Necroquake Khensu became rather interested(some would say obsessed) with the phenomena of Endless Spells, and has begun to store certain spells away in special containers, so that he may study them later. Ephen the Penitent- Once a scholar of the Collegiate Arcane, Ephen's war party was destroyed by a rogue Khemric Titan. Ephen survived, only to driven mad by the scorching heat, when he was discovered by Toyerse's scouts he was muttering about "the great father" and had gouged his eyes out for he believed himself unworthy. Since being inducted into the Mortuary Cult Ephren has become one of Kertaten's brightest scholar's and has been blessed by the gods with Witch Sight. I'll post pictures as well as allies later on today, until then!
  10. I didn't see anything in the rules against eBay here, so here is my Tomb Kings listings: Tomb Kings Battalion Box w/ Extras: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273424898334 Tomb King w/ Great Weapon: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273424904490 Tomb Kings Liche Priest on Foot: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273424907833 Tomb Kings Mounted Liche Priest: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273424912565 Tomb Kings Mounted Liche Priest w/ Fixed Weapon: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273424910708 Tomb Kings Tomb Scorpion: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273424901471 They finish up next Friday. Get in whilst they're hot!
  11. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/25/new-and-updated-faqs-forge-world-warscrolls-and-compendium-pdfsgw-homepage-post-1/ First impressions: -Named Characters like Settra are now generic. You can now field Settra with the ring of immortality and a command trait. -Using Settra's command trait does not allow you to stack "My Will Be Done" or certain other command abilities. -Sacred War Statue (Warsphinx, Royal Warsphinx, Necrosphinx) now halves damage of weapons instead of damage suffered. They are now more easily killed by damage 1 weapons -Lost deathrattle keyword (no more using tomb kings to buff grave guard) -No battalions -Plenty of point hikes And the one that stood out the most to me... -NO MORE SUMMONING TOMB KINGS UNITS Thoughts?
  12. Are skull catapults affected by the blessing of accuracy Given that the crew of the screaming skull catapult are dessert legion and the crewed war machine rule implies that the catapult is a range weapon the crew may use, will the shooting attack made by the catapult be given +1 to hit when the command ability blessing of accuracy is used?
  13. Hey there I really love the theme of the tomb kings and i really want to make a tomb king army. Problem is the models is out of production.... Do you guys have any resolution ? Great day!
  14. Offering my TK army for sale: I have: Settra on Chariot 1 Warsphinx with Tomb King (sphinx painted, tomb king not yet) 3 Necropolis Knights with a slight conversion. 11 Chariots (some slightly converted), 5 chariots missing riders. 5 to 8 Horsemen (see pictures)
  15. I am selling a unique and out of production Tomb Kings army. I’ve extensively converted and kitbashed the army adding a couple of models which were never created or I simply didn’t like. The army was designed to play with with eighth edition (so everyone is on square bases) and I’ve used unit fillers and blank bases to make the army look like a rambling horde and make ranking up a LOT easier! The army contains: Necrosphinx Tomb King on Warsphinx Kitbashed Heirotitan Kitbashed Casket of Souls 3 chariots 3 Necropolis Knights without riders Queen Khalida Tomb King on foot Lich Priest Three converted Lich Priests (one has a slightly damaged staff) 8 Skeleton Horsemen 2 kitbashed Necrotects Prince Apophas 30 kitbashed Tomb Guard (with enough blank bases and characters to make a unit of 60) including champion, standard bearer and musician. These are constructed out of Dark Elf models with skeleton heads, arms, and shields with the sea dragon cloaks painted to look like a desert lizard. Enough skeletons and unit fillers to make four units of 50 each with standard bearer and musician. Each unit will typically contain one or two 15 man bases with some shambling skeletons and/or a bit of temple, a couple of single skeletons on a 40mm base (equivalent to 4 individuals), some blank bases, and a good selection of individual skeletons. I’ve found this unit filler approach worked extremely well in 8th because you could move and remove large numbers easily. Please a look at the photos so you know exactly what your buying - I don’t want anythine thinking these consist of 200 individual skeletons! Using the most recent Games Workshop army book (not included) I’d say you could make a 4500 point army with ease, probably stretching to 5000 once you’ve added magic items and upgrades. Overall the painting is to a good tabletop quality, I’m not a professional painter but I spent a very long time on the army so that it looked very good when deployed all together. I’m based in Leeds, UK and am looking for £350 for the entire army but will consider reasonable offers. Any questions please do get in touch!
  16. Can I be cheeky and ask the Death collective a rules question? I did post this is the correct rules question forum but received total silence in response. I’m hoping I’m more likely to find a Tomb Kings expert here.... I’m a bit unclear on when Carrion lose the benefit of Circling High Above. If they declare a charge (a Scavengers Dive) but they fail the charge roll, are they still Circling High Above or not? All help welcome.
  17. As in the title - do you think TW2 might have made it possible for GW to consider returning TK as a faction? What we know so far: 1. TK were squatted, but they are still in the lore, under "Crimson Kings/Monarchy" (taken from the book Godbeasts) - "a dynasty of undying kings that had ruled the Voidglass desert for 12000 years. When they were attacked by ogors looking for food, they led their skeletal legions to war. Before a week was out, the ogor skulls adorned the Crimson King's chariots." 2. TK DLC seems to be really popular and has spiked interest of lots of people (only to find a sad lack of models) - TW Warhammer in general is really popular -> anyone has perhaps any data on whether the game spiked some interest in the hobby aspect itself? If such data is even possible to gather lol 3. TK were squatted 'cause they were too generic - however, GW has shown that it's possible to create some models for them that are unique, I'm mainly speaking about Sepulchral Stalkers here (sphinxes as well, but you could say that they too were too egyptian); also, their sale figures were too bad, mostly because they had super outdated skellies (it doesn't mean that GW couldn't redo them lol) 4. Death needs a new subfaction - GW could expand on Nighthaunt (l'd gladly take it, being a Nighthaunt player myself), add more skellies, maybe do the crazy, frankenstein-like deathmages expansion (wouldn't it be too generic though?) and maybe do mortal followers of Nagash (which l wouldn't like to see tbh, it just wouldn't scream "death" to me), HOWEVER, imo, we need more proper, undead stuff - and TK are here, waiting to be resurrected, maybe with Khalida as one of the main leaders (during End Times iirc Neferata was last time seen with Khalida, so there is a chance of her having survived the whole jazz) - players are thirsty for more Death and, judging from the general response towards Daughters of Khaine, any faction with really cool, new models will sell (I assume DoK WILL sell well lol) What do you think about this happening? Do you think that it would be a good move from GW to reintroduce TK or should they rather go with something totally new? I'd probably buy a lot the second l'd see them, but I just like them too much lol PS yes, I've seen too many TK gameplays lol
  18. I’m a bit unclear on when Carrion lose the benefit of Circling High Above. If they declare a charge (a Scavengers Dive) but they fail the charge roll, are they still Circling High Above or not? All help welcome.
  19. Hello, I am new to AoS and noticed there are specific rules about “mounted” units, and how these mounts don’t bennefit from certain abilities and bonuses that can be triggered by characters and such. my biggest question is about Tomb King Chariots— are they considered Mounts? every cavalry unit says in the description they are “mounted on” whatever it is they’re riding... but the Skeleton Chariots say they are “pulled”... Would a Tomb King on Exalted Chariots Command ability for +1 to hit and +1 to wound apply to the Chariots horses? i’ve spent The better part of the night trying to find an answer and have been unable to! Am I overthinking this? thank you to anyone willing to answer!! - HKTT
  20. Hello there So again i am considering starting tomb kings, but i don't know what models to buy for a competitive list.... Any thoughts from some Tomb Kings Players? Have a great day
  21. While wandering around the forum, I noticed there are lots of Let's Chat: Insert Army topics in all the Grand Alliance sub-forums. One that I noticed was conspicuous by its absence was Tomb Kings. Considering how well they did during the first year and some of Age of Sigmar's life and their apparent popularity that seems a bit strange. Tomb Kings are a great army (and my second AoS army) especially for the returning Fantasy player who already has the models. Even newer players can grab a kit or two from eBay if they fancy a mixed Death list with an Egyptian flair. With the GHB 2017 and the update to their entire warscroll range, I think it might be worth a thread discussing how Tomb Kings function now, their strengths and weaknesses, play styles and such like. Also perhaps a place for discussion Desert Legions lore and their place in the Mortal Realms since we all know they've snuck into the background lore a few times in spite of being "squatted" Oh, and about the title of the thread...for some reason I really like the change to Desert Legions. The name suits them very well!
  22. After some consideration of what I want in my list, I've come up with this build, I still need to pick Artifacts however. Leaders: Mannfred - General Wight King with Battle Standard and TB Necromancer Battleline: 5 Dire Wolves 40 Skeleton Warriors with Spears 10 Skeleton Warriors with Swords 10 Skeleton Warrior with Swords Behemoths: Mortis Engine (Mannfred) Battalion: Legion of Death Other: 10 Black Knights 10 Grave guard 2 Morghast Archai Total: 1980 points The Tomb Kings build is pretty straight forward: Allegiance: Death Leaders: Tomb King on Exalted Chariot - General Tomb King Lich Priest Tomb Herald Tomb Herald Necromancer Battleline: 6 Chariots 6 Chariots 10 Skeleton Horsemen Other: 3 Necropolis Knights Total: 1980 points
  23. Hello everybody, I have started a new Death army and planning to build it with an eastern theme. Originally I planned to make a samurai deathrattle army, but with the fact that most skeletons wear a shield of some sort it was becoming far too historically inaccurate to make it work. Instead I have now decided to simply make a blend of most asian historical warrior classes, mainly aiming at Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Mongolian and a bit of Indian styles mashed together into something that looks nice on the table and is still legal to play. Unfortunately I do not own a dry brush, so a lot of OSL effects take time to build up Some of my work in progress: Necromancer: Counts-as wight king or tomb king (depending on list): Counts-as Tomb Herald: #1 #2 Counts as Dire wolves: Skeleton warriors (shields not attached yet):
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