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Found 10 results

  1. AoS2 - FREE CITY DISCUSSION AoS - CITIES OF SIGMAR DISCUSSION Recent news means that this thread is in for quite a substantial rebrand! I'll get on with properly updating the OP over the next couple of days, but for now celebrate and speculate I guess! 😁 If you're asking what the hell a Free City and is and/or if GW managed to sneak another battletome out without you noticing, worry not, you've come to the right place. The Free Cities are the settlements founded in the Mortal Realms by the races living in Azyr after the Stormcast did the really difficult job of beating Chaos back into it's rightful place as a second tier antagonist behind Death. If you like old WFB good guy factions you've come to the right place! The Free Cities do not have a battletome per say, but the seven best known ones to have their own boutique sets of mini allegiance abilities, usable in any AoS game included in Season of War: Firestorm, a map-based campaign supplement that's probably one of the best things released so far for AoS - check it out if you haven't already (Destruction , Death and Chaos also got one set of mini allegiance abilities each but they've got their own sub forums). These "City Armies" as they're termed by the Firestorm book all have an extra battle trait that you get on top off the existing grand alliance allegiance abilities for Order are unlocked by taking an army made up of only the required factions for that paticular Free City (for example an army from the Phoenicium could only contain Stormcast, Free People, Dispossessed and Phoenix Temple units), and no named (special) characters (I will be abandoning this thread for good when a Gotrek model is released alongside Realmslayer at the end of the year ?). I created this thread as a response to the discussion of Free City allegiances currently spilling out of the Dispossessed thread, and thought it would be cool if we had a community hub to share list ideas, tactics, awesomely converted and painted armies, and background for such a cool set of mini-factions. Without further ado here's a list of resources for current and aspiring Free City players: USEFUL STUFF: Season of War: Firestorm errata - IMPORTANT, updates the way Free City allegiances work and adds to the factions available to Tempest's Eye and Greywater Fastness. Community article confirming matched play "legality" - For use in the event an opponent, gaming group or tournament organiser claims the army allegiance rules in Firestorm are only for use in campaign games, and not "normal" games of Age of Sigmar. The Hammerhal Herald - Fun, regularly updated Warhammer Community offshoot site exploring daily life in one of Sigmar's Free Cities. Free City generator - A fun extra put together by the Warhammer Community team allowing you to randomly generate background for you own Free City, right down to name, size, inhabitants and what it's best known for. Previous Anvilgard thread - The old let's chat thread for the Free City with easily the most unusual battle trait. Contains a lot of useful advice and theoryhammering. Overview of the Free Cities - Quick breakdown of each Free City, who lives there and how to get the most out of their battle trait (literally the post below this one). "Lonely Realmsphere Guides" detailing how to get the most out of the battle trait and troops available to your chosen Free City: Discussion threads for the factions available to the seven different Free City allegiances:
  2. Surprised that this isn't already a topic this is for armies that use Allegiance order. What combos do you think are good and what are must haves? What are the best choices this army is a huge open book. Not sure what else to put here. Maybe ill just start putting tournament lists I find and try to find trends.
  3. Hello all. So since I dusted off some decade-old horribly painted models, I decided to make my first full AoS army and had a little fun writting a story that would fit the theme. I expect to update from time to time, as minis are not all that ready yet and the fluff itself leaves many questions unanswered! Had a good time doing this and think that keeping track online through a forum dedicated for the occasion would be cool Here it goes... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Introduction: The Free Principality of Veriithas lies in a remote location of Ghyran, concealed to the eyes of many. In an enviable geographical position, this peninsula of vast fertile grasslands is surrounded by the natural defenses of a mountain range in the north and the immensity of the ocean elsewhere. The activity is mostly centered around the major urban capital known as the Glimmering-City, the Jewel of Veriithas. Resplendent towers and busy market streets all contribute to the magnificence and prosperity of the region, while its inhabitants boast of high moral integrity, intellectual brilliance and formidable martial prowess. The very name of the capital is testimony of its greatness, as even in the darkest hour of the night, it may be sighted from many many leagues away, its incessant activity granting an eternal glow of light. The older generations assert this was all true in the past, nostalgic of greater times. For in the current age, not all that glitters is gold. +++ The Myth: The events that shaped the Free Principality of Veriithas are concealed in half legends, disputed historic facts and hyperbolic bardic tales. All appear to state that the seeds were cast centuries ago, in an undisclosed city in Ghyran, the Realm of Life. The Benevolent Founder of the Principality, recalled as Lord Veriithas, was said to have been a stern anonymous citizen that carried out a simple and humble existence among his community. However, the Kindly Lord was unlike his peers. Indeed, Lord Veriithas had turned his back to the Gods long ago. On a daily basis, he swallowed the bile provoked by the religious fanatics that sickened his entrails, barely containing the rage of their sight. Their very presence, lies and hypocrisy slowly eroded his existence into a sour well of unconstrained hatred. If the legends are to be true, some tales justify the mishappening by placing the hero as a dweller of an establishment were the religious fervor of its inhabitants surpassed by far the rational thought of sentient beings. Countless promenades and plazas filled with statues and temples dedicated to the God Pantheon, each searching to outdo the previous in sumptuousness. The very core of the urban life revolved around worshiping and praising the entities that had delivered them from the grasp of the Chaos Gods. Zealous processions, week-long celebrations and extravagant banquets on the streets gathering the whole population were common features of this devoted estate. Lord Veriithas spat upon them all. +++ The Founding: If one wanders the darkest alleys or the most deplorable taverns of the Glimmering-City, Jewel of the Principality, one might encounter wretched old figures that claim to known the truth behind the Venerable Lord. In their words, The Glorious Builder would speak about how many a times had he stood among the religious zealots in their frantic celebrations and the spark of revolt germinated within. The essence of the Free Principality of Veriithas emanates from this very principal: revolt. The Great Benefactor could not concede the submission to the superior entities that his peered deemed as “Gods”. As an individual, these were not Gods nor deserved to dedicate one's existence at their service. The Savant Lord would argue that no entity was worthy of praise if they were subject to lowly emotions and fallibility of mere mortals. “Why would I place my faith in you?”, he was often heard to solemnly express among the sea of idols that plagued his entourage. Mortals such as himself were but tools to the superior beings that would scheme, conspire and keep their backs to the lowly earthlings that would blindly follow them, selling their flesh and soul with little to no regard for their own self-awareness. This process of thought would eventually take its toll on the ability of Lord Veriithas to strive amidst people abandoned to the mindless worship of celestial beings that would mock their ignorance, if they were ever to pay attention to such pitiful acts. Such was the nature of the Great Deliverer. Ostracized by his people, preyed upon the authorities that would not tolerate dissidents, the self imposed exile was nigh for his companions and himself. For Veriithas would not undertake his journey on his own, but accompanied by a group of faithful individuals that formed an unlikely group that spent countless nights discussing and exchanging ideas of a better future within the murkiest of watering holes, often attracting unwanted attention during endless sessions filled with intoxication and street violence. Thus came the day were a motley crew of would-be adventurers and heroes ventured into the unknown, deep into uncharted territory, free of the grasp of the so-called civilized world. Along the way, struggle for survival would be fierce, enduring the hostile land and slaying beasts that the wildest areas of Ghyran granted unwelcome guests. The recollections of this struggle are scarce. Suffice to say that beyond a low peaked mountain range, unknown to them, the companions set the first landmark of the Free Principality of Veriithas. A vast depression extended itself almost beyond sight with what appeared to be an endless ocean on the horizon. The intrepid travelers ventured into what appeared to be a hostile-free peninsula. The first charted map of the region mentions the absolute lack of dangerous species or inclement weather condition. The land was fertile, the shores calm and the skies a cloudless radiant blue. Without doubt, this enclave would be propitious to establish a new settlement and so thought fitted the exiled companions. However, the skeptic and uncompromising nature of Lord Veriithas would make him susceptible to this apparent new found paradise. Some phenomenons could not be explained and reveled unusual by rational means, the air infested with the foul stench of magic. As attests the oldest scripture regarding this discovery, the end of the narrow canyon pass that leads into the depression is guarded by a monolithic stone were one may read “Land of the Primeval Truth. Free of the chains of Gods”. +++ The Flourishing: At this point, the myths and legends regarding the magnificent upbringing of the Free Principality are lost. Scholars debate on the odds of forming such a rich nation over the course of a couple of decades, let alone on the practical possibility of a group of men being able to thrive from nothing. Even the fate of the initial founders remain a conundrum, as no trusted source provides such answers. Only the words of the Bard Nostradimus give an indication of their following steps, if the drunken charlatan may be considered veracious. According to the old fool, there are four key figures in the formation of the Free Principality, starting with the Illustrious Lord himself, who first established the very foundations of the Glimmering-City, Jewel of The Free Principality of Veriithas. Situated by the strategically placed delta that opens the Principality to maritime routes, this large enclave is the center of all commercial and political activities. Accompanying Veriithas would be the skilled builder Iohsefov, edifier of the bastion that arbors his name, an inexpugnable rampant situated at the only entry point through land, baring passage to any threat descending from the mountains of the north and beyond. This septentrional area situated beyond the range of the Iohsefov Bastion, known as the Savage Lands of Ravage and Ruination, are home to malefic creatures such as Greenskins, Tree-spirits, worshipers of the Dark Gods or worst of all, malevolent lackeys of the Tyrant of Azyr. The virtuous knight Forganegorix was mentioned to be the most skilled warrior of the group, swiftly organizing a military force that would later become the Order of Paladins of the Light Tower, regrouping the most noble and finest warriors of the land. Last of the heroic figures to form the foundations of the Free Principality, Terris the farmer would undergo the monumental task of establishing an efficient agricultural structure that could feed multiple times the whole population of the region. The Grassplains, large extensions of prosperous grass fields and fertile soil, were most probably the source of such thriving and flourishing of civilization. These four men are still held in highest regard, hailed as the saviors of a truthfully free city, away of the conventions and menial obligations that other similar establishments have. The constitution of these pillars that sustain the province, with a strong economic trading center, a formidable military force, complex defense systems and endless supplies are the hallmark of a golden age that is long forgotten. Today, this seemingly idyllic enclave deep within Ghyran is but a pale shadow of its glorious past. +++ The Cult: It was mentioned previously that the region was subject to bizarre occurrences, with presence of the unnatural growing strong. For among the vast depression may be found three vast geological instances that resemble bottomless pits, as black as a dragon's maw, leading to the insides of the earth. Situated at a equal distance from the Glimmering-City, they form a triangular geometrical disposition through which emanates flows of raw magic, apparently invisible to non-supernatural practitioners. These pits, large circular black holes of a hundred meters wide, emanate a strange haze that alters the air that crackles by the pure concentration of energy. The origin of such pits is unknown to the inhabitants of the Principality, nor the scarce chronicles of the Founding Fathers mention anything related to them. The reputed historian Faustur assures to detain the proof behind these geological accidents, and how they were pivotal in the upbringing of the Principality. By his doubtful account, these Pits were gates to another plane of existence were shady figures would emerged from them, back when Veriithas and his companions first arrived. These entities of smoke and sulfur would speak tongues unknown and softly whisper in the ears of the mortal men during their sleep, instructing them in knowledge and secrets far beyond human comprehension. Initially a godless land in nature, the first official accounts of the recorded history of the Principality following the loss of Founding Fathers mention the concept of Primeval Truth as a cult-like following. The eloquent Faustur claims the revelation of the Primeval Truth marks the start of History of the region, for it is with this knowledge that these men were able to perform the memorable feats of their legend. Shunning aside conventional Gods, the Primeval Truth is centered around meditation and interior harmony. Do as thou wilt. Individual strength and rationality are held in highest regard, all contributing to a greater good. Their belief is more cosmic and spiritual than the formulaic Pantheon worshipers of the Mortal Realms, a hidden force that guides them and imbues them rather than being servile to powerful beings that use them as tools for a subjective agenda. This may have been the case when the Principality was first established, in line with the thoughts and standards of Lord Veriithas. The truth is far uglier. Throughout time, the initial concept behind the Primeval Truth has degenerated into yet one more of the countless mind-numbing religious cults that plague the Mortal Realms, the vision of Veriithas shattered. The whole society appears to have left behind the noble principles of spiritual freedom and replaced it with barbaric acts of sacrifices and idol worshiping, concentrated on the powers emanating from these three Pits. The elderly and infirm are cast into the Decaying Pit, which oozes a foul stench of rot. The corpses of warriors and casualties of war are thrown into the Sanguine Pit, whose constant red mist sets into a wild frenzy those fool enough to stay within its influence for too long. Mutants, dissidents and heretics that question the Primeval Truth are swiftly defenestrated into the Revelation Pit, as a last act of mercy for their own enlightenment. Random acts of devoted fervor such as flagellation and hours of praying to motionless statues are all too common, the citizens in their ignorance mocking the Founding Fathers. If the descent into this hollow parody of Lord Veriithas' vision was not enough, rumors affirm that a fourth Pit, much smaller and from which purple-like fumes of drug-inducing effects emanate, lies deep within the governors castle of the Glimmering-City. Successive Princeps, rulers of the Principality ever since the mysterious departure of the Founding Fathers, have always denied these allegations. The inhabitants of the Principality however are reticent to these excuses, as it is no secret that the nobility and high powers of Veriithas are all corrupted and insincere to the core. Citizens well know these thoughts may only be expressed behind closed doors, as speaking too freely in public might earn them a visit of the Order of Censors, who that will drag them away never be seen again. The dream of a land of rationality, free of blind dogma might have been a reality when Lord Veriithas set the foundations of the Principality, but has since deteriorated into a society that is subject to the same flaws every mortal carries within. Greed, lust, violence, corruption and hypocrisy are all the daily basis of this region, while maintaining an immaculate appearance of opulence and tolerance on the outside, welcoming any stranger willing to join them as long as they abide to the rules. The apparent devoted rational beings, submitted to the greatness of the Primeval Truth is a farce. For which Lord Veriithas and his companions might be cursing for eternity in whichever hell their souls may lie. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Follow up: social structure, political administration and current personalities of the Free Principality. PS: As a bonus, a lame map with my limited graphic design skills
  4. (apologies for shameless clickbate title) So it’s my first post here and I’ve been procrastinating it. I’m a mid 30’s closet miniature gamer/painter. In my teens and 20’s I was very big into 40k and traveled to many tournaments here in the U.S.A. I would go with my gaming group who were “try hards” (not meant as an insult, just very competitive) and I was the painting/sportsmanship guy. I did very well in that regard winning many sportsmanship awards and painting titles As time has gone on we have all grown up and gone our separate ways, but the community calls to me. I WANT BACK IN!!! Ever since AoS came out I knew this was a system I wanted to play. Great models, decent enough rules and a great community following. In my nievety I picked up a huge lot of Bretonnia, luckily at a steal of a price. Here is my quandary. I’d love to play with these models. If you name it, I have it in my collection as far as Bretonnia and I’m willing to pick up other options. Yes, I could play the compendium, but I think we can all agree that by itself it’s extremely ... lacking. I’m not going out of my way to find the most amazing list, but I’d like to have the odds a little in my favor. I’d love to have a list that included, but not required: King on Hypogryph Enchantress Sacred protector Damsel Bretonnian Lord on Pegasus 10 Grail Knights My idea is to have this Army as a call back for those who loved the models/army and miss seeing them on the tabletop. I’m obviously having a hard time figuring the battleline. Thinking Free Peoples guildguard with swords and boards could fill-in and converted to men-at-arms. The BL knights and MaA just seem too weak even for nostalgia. Any help would be greatly appreciated bringing this list to 2000 for match play. All the best and keep those brushes wet.
  5. Hi all. Thought this would be lost amongst the mixed order list thread, but really I'm keen to see how people are building lists and how they are theming them in Order. I've got a 2k Order Serpentis list built and working through and a 1k Daughters of Khaine Melusai based-list in the works. However, my mind is always ticking, hobby-wise, for new ideas. Particularly if I can mix up models I already own or can't use because of the faction splits that happened in my time away from the hobby. My idea centres around Ulgu, where my Serpentis and Daughters lists are based. It's cold, misty, shadowy and dark. I've got about 15 or 20 dark riders that I would love to use, and 5 assassin models. Shadowblades are a pretty rubbish faction, but as a mixed order list with an Ulgu theme, I'm thinking (RULE OF COOL OVER ALL APPLIES): Frostheart Phoenix - convert a dark rider to be the rider of it Tenebrael Shard Mistweaver Saih Assassins x3 Dryads [10] x3 Dark Riders [5] x3 Khinerai [5] x2 ... Then the list gets a bit stuck. The Battleline options are giving me the biggest headache, and thematically I think need to suit. A nasty little forest seems very applicable to Ulgu - it would be cold, misty, then out of nowhere it starts attacking as trees turn to dryads, assassins pop out and riders and birds/Khinerai flock from the trees to assault. Could add some Aetherwings, I've got Hydras, Doomfire Warlocks, Shades (not usable as Shades, but can be used in other ways)... Keen to keep it 'Aelven'. Any ideas? What Realm themes do you run? EDIT: Also thinking of AoS2 in mind here. Using realm spells or artefacts and so on, command abilities of heroes, summoning rules etc.
  6. Hey all- So I'm finally biting the bullet and doing my first tournament (a one-day in Massachusetts) in July. I know points and things are going to change between now and then, but I wanted to start thinking about a list now as I still have some drybrushing to do and I'd rather start with models I'm bringing. Here is my inventory: Swifthawk Agents: High Warden 10 Reavers Eldritch Council: Archmage 20 Swordmasters Fyreslayers: Runeson on Magmadroth (Wyrmslayer Javelin) Runefather on foot Runesmiter on foot Grimwrath Bezerker 5 Hearthguard Bezerkers (weird flail things I can't remember the name of) 30 Vulkite Bezerkers (picks and shields) Kharadron Overlords: 9 Skywardens (all three units with Volley Guns and Drill Cannon) Aelves: 2 Tenebrael Shard In most games I've been running the following list (my friend and I usually play 1.5k since he doesn't have all his Skryre assembled). Magson (General) High Warden Runesmiter Grimwrath Bezerker 2x5 Reavers 20 Vulkites 2x3 Skywardens 5 Hearthguard Bezerkers Tactic: Magson rushes towards a key objective to support the charge of the tunneled Vulkites. High Warden is a sacrifice piece, jumps onto a vulnerable flank or keystone piece with fire support from Reavers and Skywardens. Grimwrath and his Hearthguard maintain the back line, and Reavers use their insane movement to cover the retreat if the High Warden lasts through the turn and can retreat. Any list advice would be super helpful. Seeing as though I'm not running anything particularly dirty make it as filthy as ya please. Tactics advice also appreciated. If there is one box that I absolutely NEED to unlock some synergy I've yet to see I'd be open to it but I'd prefer to just use what I have since I've still got a box of vulkites and a box of skywardens to build and paint. Thanks for the help, collected denizens of Order.
  7. I got two SoD boxes two start AoS because a friend really wanted to make an army of communist Skaven, and it seemed like a good way to test the waters of AoS. Now I'm hooked, and I'm looking to get to 2k. My initial idea for the next step was to grab a Fyreslayers SC and a box of Vulkites to make a sweet Aelf/Duardin mercenary force, but the more AoS media I watch the more I worry that "20 Vulkites and a Runesmiter is the New Black". So I'm back to the drawing board (I'm famous for this, ask my RPG group). The following is what I have models-wise (technically I also have 10 Spireguard put together but I have an irrational hatred for them I can't explain, and I cut the other 10 up to convert an Archmage to a Tenebrael Shard). High Warden (Technically 2 but I wouldn't want to run two and one is missing a claw because I made a really cool standard for my Swordmasters). 2 Tenebrael Shards Archmage Mistweaver Saih 2x5 Reavers 20 Swordmasters If I used all of it (not including the Spireguys or the One-Taloned Warden) it'd come out to 1340. That leaves me with a lot of wiggle room and I was curious what other folk running mixed order are going with, if Smiter/Vulkites is hacky or I'm being crazy, etc.
  8. So, my friend and I split a couple of Spire of Dawn boxes, and both added a couple of things from there. We've gotten 4 games in at this point, and I'm batting a .250 so far and he's quite smug about it. I don't have the complete sets of the Spire of Dawn because I cut some up for conversions (he also hasn't painted a single model whereas I'm done but for highlighting and vanity work so I'm winning the moral victory), but this is the list I've been running. High Warden (General) -Legendary Fighter (Starwood lance) -Obstinate Blade (Starwood lance) 2 Tenebrael Shards 1 Archmage 1 Grimwrath Beserker 2x5 Reavers -Captains 1x20 Swordmasters (Sometimes 2x10, I can't decide which I prefer) -Command 1x5 Hearthguard Beserkers -Lanterny flail things that I don't want to look up I also have 10 Spireguard that I'll get around to painting, but I cut the other 10 up to convert my High Aelven Tenebrael Shard. I also cut up the other High Warden to beef up my Swordmaster champion, make a better scepter for my Archmage, and a better standard topper for my Swordmasters. The 2nd Archmage became the other Shard.... so I don't have alot more to work with at the moment. I'll be getting some KO Skywardens and a Fyreslayers SC with some extra Vulkites after I spend money on my partner and dog for the holiday. He's running 1 Arch-Warlock 2 Warlock Engineers 2 Skaven Warlord 1x40 Clanrats -Hand weapons and shields 1x40 Clanrats -Spears and Shields 1x3 Stormfiends 4x1 Poison Wind Mortars I might be forgetting something that but that puts us both in the 1400 -1500 range I think. Basically, I beat him the first game and then I explained to him that he could just wrap his clanrats around his artillery and it would stop me from dropping Shards behind his lines and tearing them the shreds. It occurs to me that I should have waited for him to figure it out on his own because he's been obliterating me ever since. Fact is, I pretty much just can't kill them fast enough in an objective based game, but I have to engage them in order to get at them mortars so I'm kinda caught. What I've been doing since he started this bubble wrapping thing is using the reavers to create a bottleneck that the Shards can escape on their combat phase retreat until the swordmasters and Fyreslayers can take over and the Reavers can retreat to objectives and provide ranged support. Except it all just dies a slow death to mortars and clanrats. Does anyone have a tip or trick that might help me? Or a suggestion of some (preferably Aelven, KO, or Fyreslayer) model that will help me immensely? Or is the answer just "get better at managing your resources"?
  9. Hello guys and gals, First official post up here, looking for a nice chat and some friendly advice As well as recently starting a Kharadron Overlords army I am looking at trying to run some viable Mixed Order lists as I think some variation is fun. I currently own KO, Stormcast, Sylvaneth and a handful of Elves. Ive just recently acquired a hurricanum NIB off a friend for a reasonable price so want to try piece something together. Whats your guys thoughts on the following, who may have ran mixed order or may see something else ive missed? Allegiance: Order Leaders Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage - General - Command Trait : Master of Defense - Artefact : Phoenix Stone Luminark Of Hysh With White Battlemage Aether-Khemist Knight-Azyros Archmage Units 40 x Arkanaut Company - 12 x Light Skyhooks 5 x Liberators -Warhammer & Shield - 1 x Grandhammers 5 x Liberators -Warhammer & Shield - 1 x Grandhammers 5 x Judicators -Skybolt Bows - 1 x Shockbolt Bows 5 x Judicators -Skybolt Bows - 1 x Shockbolt Bows 1 x Gryph-Hound Total: 2000 / 2000
  10. Hi, I have been collecting a mixed order army themed to Realm of Life since the last spring. It all started with a Kurnoth hunter box bought in a whim from the local GW store and has evolved from there quite naturally in to eclectic mix of units. One thing that I really like in AoS is the freedom in the army building, from which this army is a good example. The core of the force are the people of the Greenwater, a small city on the Realm of Life. Living there is harsh, the harvests are great, but keeping the settlements clear from the rapidly growing plants keeps the people busy and the growth is not limited to the ground, but everything gets its blessing. Even the people have branches growing out of them. Othwerwise the people are organized in traditional feudal fashion with the knights having their castles and the peasants working on fields. When the times are dire, as they often are, the people from Greenwater trust in their allies: the Duardin from the Mountains of Mist, the Aelves and Eagles from the spires of the same mountains and the Foresfolk called upon by the Druids. On to the troops. First the knights: The Fair Duke of the Greenwater (bit shaky photo): The Briar knight: and the Grail knights: Then the townfolk. The city guard: The hunters, accompanied by the Tracker, mysterious Aelven ranger: And a mystical mummer, claimed to be an assassin, but those are only rumours: Then to the noble Duardin from the mountains: The hammerers of the King's guard, guarding the old Runelord: And the iron breakers: And finally The Druid of the forest: The forestfolk: And the Aelven prince from the spires, with his eagle companion: So here are everything that I got ready, but I have plans on expanding the aelven part, where everyone will be mounted on flying steeds. I have some warhawks riders and I'm planning to et a dragon and maybe a Phoenix. Also the duardin part will be expanded (as I'm building it also for using in LotR) as will be the Sylvaneth part. Also, the new GHB screams for painting 10 more halberdiers as they cost only 40 points more. Also I would like to do some skinks in robes. Anyhow, I wanted to share this army to give an inspiration what the mixed army can be.
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