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  1. Hoping Har Kuron still stands after the dust has settled. Really want a full unified dark elf army.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. That's dissapointing but what I expected. Did none of the old special characters ever have points? Could have sworn I saw some for Malekith once. Cheers.
  3. With the release of Har Kuron its got me looking at running a unified dark elf army again but i'd like to included squatted units. Ignoring that these units couldn't normally be included in a Cities army, anyone know where I could find points for these? I can see the points in the compendium and the legends pdf states they won't be updated but doesn't say if they exist or not. I'd mostly like to included the manflayers I got when they were made to order. Thanks.
  4. This may be controversial, but as someone who doesn't like AoS but sees the GH as a step in the right direction and with some more developement could become a game I could play here is what I would like to see in no particular order: 1) More custamization, mostly of characters. More magic items and full spell lores for each faction as per the Sylvaneth book. 2) Modify the rule of one with regards to spells. Multiple instances of the same spells don't stack, but the same spell can be cast more than once. This may not be necessary if everyone has multiple spells than can cast. Would l
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