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  1. Cambot1231

    Living City Sorceress

    Actually this is the only brittonian model in the army. The best alternate sorceress model I could find
  2. Cambot1231

    Living City Sorceress

    Finished a Living City Sorceress to help in the Quarantine against Nurgle
  3. If you can teleport a block of Chosen behind enemy lines they can smash through most things. A unit of Varangaurd buffed by Archaon on the table allowing +1 to hit and Reroll 1 to wound and to hit against an enemy are pretty brutal as well
  4. What is there a bare minimum of flamers to take in eternal conflagration to get your money worth? Can I get away with 2 units of three and exalted or is having 9 flamers with exalted the ideal loadout. I feel the changehost army starts getting pretty fragile with 9 flamers and an exalted especially if I'm not willing to paint another 50 wounds of horrors after the first one.
  5. A little food for thought for people trying to make a Cabalist list work... The Blue Scribes have a spell (boon of Tzeentch) that allows reroll all spells within 18" for TZEENTCH WIZARDS meaning mortals too! Might be worth a second look for an ally over Kiaros fateweaver in the magic department.
  6. Which is the better 2 cast wizard: The curseling or the changeling? Seeing a lot of lists with the blue scribes too. I don't have any of these models nor fatemaster and having a tough time choosing which to pick up next. I'm entertaining a list with some flamers, and a Lord of change if that helps point things a certain direction.
  7. I hear an update of vampires with mortarchs and vlozd ahead of their own personalized subfactions is somewhere on the distant horizon
  8. In this list they serve as a threat. They are usually out on their own from being teleported. I honestly don't have much luck with the slaughter leader ability since there are so few other units. I could see it being good with the double pile in from the chaos lord though , allowing you to reroll your wounds on the second swing. Chosen are also great for the sorcerer lord reroll save buff if Archaon isnt around.
  9. I've been having a great time with this list 3 sources of threat You have to play without any mistakes against the top tier stuff but overall the double fighting Archaon can be pretty brutal. The list does struggle a bit against slaanesh summoning. There are extra saves against magic with Chaos Rune Sheilds, and Archaon's Tzeentch head dispells. If facing against shooting I go full nurgle Keyword, but otherwise I've had great success with the slaanesh Keyword so that I can reroll the charges on the Varangaurd. The Chosen in a block of ten can ussually take a punch and still do great at half capacity and amazing if they are all allowed to charge in. Also they are a great unit to deepstrike in with Mask of Darkness spell.
  10. Riddle me this... If a Varanguard from the 6th circle, marked nurgle with the ensorcelled weapons attacks, hits and then rolls some 6's to wound, would those attacks count at 3 points of oncoming damage each?
  11. My local store has been sold out of the battle tome, but according to podcasts and YouTube reviews I was under the impression that the Archaon force was barred from taking artifacts.
  12. For legions of the everchosen I just wanted to confirm that you are not allowed to take any artifacts on your heros as a legion restriction. Not even those offered with malign sorcery artifacts
  13. Word of Caution for players using Varangaurd and going up against Bonereapers! IF they are running the catapult never deploy your Varanguard in a straight line during setup. The catapult has a shot that can target the center model, kill it and you lose coherency thus losing 200 points of Varanguard first turn. It happened to me. Be sure to stagger or set them up in a "zigzag" formation so that if one is shot neither of the others must be killed to coherency.
  14. I've been hearing a lot of groans about Darkfire demonrift being bent from podcasts, forums, etc. People saying that this spell takes entire ARMIES off the table. is this really justified? I look at it on paper and think okay on the higher average you have 4 wizards in range? The spell moves over one enemy unit and ends within an inch of another enemy unit. So Bam two unit take 6 mortal wounds. That is powerful but not unlike other tzeentch mortal wound spells.
  15. All this talk of flamers being glass cannon ... I think we are forgetting the -1 to hit locus buff from your horror hero nearby.
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