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  1. One of the big GW rival companies just announced the release of their "Vampire Pirates" collection of models... They had done a similar daemonettes release just months prior to the Slaanesh release.... Fingers crossed that bodes well for a GW Vampirates army on the horizon. Not to mention a fair number of Rumour engines fit in line
  2. Cambot1231

    Living City Durthu

    Spirit of Durthu Living City
  3. Cambot1231


    Sigmar's Light!
  4. Thanks! I had been sitting on this one a while and so happy to finally get the sucker painted up😄
  5. Do we really need a AoS version 3.0 so soon or is there just a lot of 40K envy going on right now with their new edition? For Sigmar's sake we just finally got all the faction books released and you want to throw them all away for a new edition already? Wth?
  6. Word on the street there is a way to include Chaos Hellcanons in a list within wrath of the everchosen. I don't own the book, but was wondering if anyone experimented with this or know more details regarding the parameters of their inclusion?
  7. Anyone have any experience/ luck using the Fateskimmer, Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot? I have heard a few podcasts saying he is underpointed in the new battletome but I would like to hear from people who have used him on the tabletop.
  8. If I have a Unit of horrors composed of say 12 Blues and 6 Brims can I cast fold reality on them and then just add D6 Pink horrors back in including a pink horror banner bearer?
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