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  1. Cambot1231

    Who was to blame for the death of the world that was?

    Could have all been prevented if Mannfred didnt betray and ruin the ritual
  2. Cambot1231

    Which sylvaneth army looks better

    List 3 or bust!
  3. Cambot1231

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Hey Shinzra, off the bat a small but effective change might be to combine two units of glade guard to get the +1 to hit. You could break up eternal guard into two 10 man units to cover the battleline requirements (wanderer battleline only)
  4. Cambot1231

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    I was under the impression that he would still get his shot with the starcaster along with his normal round of shooting
  5. Cambot1231

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    The command point idea is a pretty good one, though I'm still hyped from endless spells and want to experiment a little more with them. The other problem i come across with the re-roll charges is having a hero close enough to the teleported unit in order to use the command point for the re-rolls. This is a one drop list and all of the units are included in the battalion. I have not had much luck getting the points worth out of the sisters of the thorn and i think that replacing them with wild riders and maybe throwing in another unit or two of eternal guard or rangers could be a viable plan. As far as traits go, I use Stalker of the Hidden Paths on Nomad, Viridescent Shawl on Spellweaver, Starcaster Longbow on Waywatcher.
  6. Cambot1231

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Here is the list I've been experimenting with for 2.0 Any ideas on how to squeeze some use out of those missing 30 points? Maybe another good endless spell or roster change? Recommendations would be appreciated!
  7. Cambot1231

    Are Hellcannons Legal in Matched Play?

    I think they are awesome too though they seem to be on the decline, who knows we might see a re-release with darkoath of the hellcannon😃
  8. Cambot1231

    Lord Castellant is obsolete

    Whispers from Kairos "yes, yes throw him in the bin"
  9. Cambot1231

    Help starting tzeentch

    Tzaangor seem to be where its at. Definitely grab a tzaangor shaman. A small pack of tzaangor enlightened instead of soul grinder might suit the army better for aesthetics and synergies. The daemons are great to have on hand for summoning. If he is into the magic chicken there is a summoning build for him using mark of the conjurer artifact and Cogs to triple his summoning output. All this maybe a little too high level for a new player just starting off, but there it is
  10. Cambot1231

    The Darkwood Court ~ The Eyes Of The Nine Crows

    Great job! They have an awesome WW2 vibe to em
  11. Cambot1231

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    (Here is a little tantrum i'm throwing based on the list i posted up top) I'm not sure how other tzeentch players experience has been since the update but i find the Lord of Change pretty lacking at 380. You really have to push heavily into either summoning or making him a combat beast to make his points in my opinion. Another issue is tzeentch armies that lack a battalion. Correct me if im wrong but it is pretty tough to cap objectives when you have the opposing army crashing into you first turn. Your hiked up price wizards sit there praying to the chaos gods that their now diminished shield wall holds and that your opponent doesnt have a deepstrike mechanic. You get some of your awesome spells off sure, but will it be enough to incinerate the hordes bearing down on you? You hope that perhaps your melee fighters can help take the edge off... but then you realize you didnt purchase enlightened and your pinks, chaos warriors, you name it are already getting roffle stomped. Ah maybe the infusion arcanumed ogroid can get in and smash face.... hmmn wiphs again... how can a 2 up 2 up... nevermind. They attack back and his 5 up save turns him into a fancy hood ornament. Are people having similar experiences or is tzaangor spam the only way to play tzeentch these days?😜🐏
  12. Cambot1231

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Does anyone know if there are any straight up generic order battleline in the wood elves compendium anymore? I think i recall glade riders being battleline. IF i was looking for a generic order battleline unit for a mixed wanderers army with hurricanum (now that eternal guard are not generic battleline) would glade riders be effective? Perhaps there is a better battleline in order that combos better with hurricanum?
  13. Cambot1231

    Summoning slaanesh daemon question

    I think you are fine as long as you can mark them all slaanesh allegiance. Chaos warriors count as chaos battleline no matter what their mark.
  14. Cambot1231


    Welcome! This site is a great resource for inspiration in the hobby. Also Vampire lord on zombie dragon is a beast!
  15. Cambot1231

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    Having a tzeentch archaon list with 2 Fatemasters to insure re-rolls could be a thing. Gives you more opportunities to delete heroes with king slayer and they each can keep up with him and are pretty tanky.