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  1. For those who have been getting some games in , Is Glutos looking like a "must have" for the army or can another Keeper or syl eske take on the leader roll okay and make due without the benefits that Glutos offers?
  2. Building Painbringers and was thinking of converting up twinsouls using the leftover bits for them in the box . I can't tell if Dark eldar kabalite warriors or DRUKHARI INCUBI are too small for the twinsoul arms/ weapons. Does anyone have the dark eldar to size compare or perhaps a better idea of what torso might work? Thanks
  3. WOw seeing the photo like this and comparing the chaos warrior for size...Looks like he is gonna be a big boy!
  4. Was very pumped to go in on this release. Love the aesthetics was a little hesitant with how detailed the models are and the time needed to paint properly. But without effective rules and price jump out of pocket its a no go. Maybe we'll see what the second hand market looks like in half a year and an already rumored new battletome coming next year.
  5. Found my replacement for Glutos Orscollion, Lord of Gluttony: https://fullycycled.com/products/queen-naamah-archvillain-games?variant=31897695911978 Now if only there where a good way to figure out what scale she needs to be printed at 🤔
  6. Do you guys run Knight Azyros with sword or Bow?
  7. Who else is wanting to see our faction's monstrous cav back in this game?
  8. Any word on what this month's free model is when visiting/ purchasing at the Warhammer store? Or did they forget about their own promotion after only 2 months?
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