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  1. What image did you see that you are basing all of this off of?
  2. You mention that our basic daemonette/ battleline troops are outclassed by marauders but there is hope for some Warscroll rewrites with the new Daughters v Slaanesh box. IT would make sense to see our basic troops getting a bit of an overhaul.
  3. Gorebeast Chariot is such a great looking model but just doesn't cut the mustard on the tabletop
  4. Bring a huge blob of more than 20 warriors in Slaanesh and now they are making 2 additional attacks for each hit roll of 6+ . They are also re-rolling their saves until 9 are left
  5. Great work! What product did you go with for the water effect?
  6. Probably a couple units of eternal guard to act as anvils otherwise the wild riders or Wildwood rangers pack punch but will fall over to a slight breeze
  7. Finally broke down and am converting up 20 marauders from the bloodreavers kit. Gonna take some work getting the shields to look right but hopefully will be worth it in the end. A little sad that they stand taller than the ol' chaos warriors though
  8. One of the big GW rival companies just announced the release of their "Vampire Pirates" collection of models... They had done a similar daemonettes release just months prior to the Slaanesh release.... Fingers crossed that bodes well for a GW Vampirates army on the horizon. Not to mention a fair number of Rumour engines fit in line
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