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  1. There's this sentence in the rules that I donot understand. I don't think it's correct. It in the shooting phase - enemy units paragraph: -A unit can shoot when it is within 3" of the enemy, but if it does so it can only target enemy units that are within 3" of it with its shooting attacks.- That doesn't seem to be right. The range of a bow can be 20'' but how do you use it if you can only shoot when you are within 3'' of the enemy? Do I have the right rulebook?
  2. So in my town there's a warhammer shop and I visited it monday and today. I was looking for some archers or models with other cool ranged attacks. I couldn't find any archers. I had a conversation about this with the salesman and he said elves are not in the game anymore, orc's don't use bow's, dwarfs use some kind of steam pistol or rifle and there may be some birdman that use bows. So I found it very difficult to find some cool archers. I understood that there are freeguild archers but can't find the models. So do you know any models that use bows or other ranged attacks?
  3. Ok thanks for the replies everyone. I've brievly looked into the three other wargames you mentioned and will try to find out more about them. Actually now I think that together with the warscrollbuilder, the app and the free rules I have everything to make two small armies of dwarves knights skeletons and archers and play a small game. I still need to cast the miniatures though. About the remark of copyright; I don't think casting Prince August miniatures is an infringement of copyright. It's just a separate branch that makes moulds for their own miniatures.
  4. The problem is I can't find my way in the scrollbuilder. I can't find ANY of the units I'm looking for and don't know where to start finding anything.
  5. Ok. I plan to order moulds at Prince August to cast tin miniatures of: Elven Archers, Dwarfes with axes, Skeletons, Skeletons mounted on horses, Armed Men and Knights mounted on horses. I would like to have warscrolls that I can use for those models. I've searched the warscroll builder and I cannot find any of these units. Also looked in the new warscroll compendiums and can't find any of them. Where do I find the warscrolls I need for the models I wish to cast with costs to make armies of equal strenght?
  6. So if the warscroll compendiums I used are obsolete and the new ones don't have points yet, how do you create two equal army's?
  7. So I'm new to Warhammer and I don't know what your awnsers mean. What does proxy for Freeguild mean? What does move to Legends mean? I only have the warscrolls compendiums from the official site rules page. Are there others? How do I obtain them? https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Warhammer-Age-of-Sigmar-Rules
  8. It doesnt seem to make sense. Also if I compare the Battle Pilgrims to the Men-at-Arms both from the Bretonnia warscroll compendium, the Men-at-Arms are more expensive but their bravery and save roll are worse and for the rest it's kind of the same. The game doesn't seem to be balanced. How do you create two armies that are more or less equal?
  9. Hi folks, As I compare Highborn Archers from the High Elves warscroll compendium with Peasant Bowman from the Brettonia warscroll compendium I notice that the Highborn Archers are twice as cheap. Also it seems that if you compare their characteristics they seem to be slightly better. More movement and bravery and better to hit roll on the missile weapons. How can this be?
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