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Found 11 results

  1. Every other city has a discussion, so why not create one for the best one in age of sigmar? 😉 Seriously though, I personally think this city can really help connect the different keywords we have and allow us to use each one effectively with all the chances to get command points. Plus, these guys could have some good combos with relics and command abilities and some bigger units. I mentioned it in the overall discussion, but having a stormdrake from this city rush an objective could be terrifying with the command traits and relic choices given to us. As long as you have him in your opponents territory and have a spare command point, that extra attack activation could turn the tide of a game!
  2. AoS2 - FREE CITY DISCUSSION AoS - CITIES OF SIGMAR DISCUSSION Recent news means that this thread is in for quite a substantial rebrand! I'll get on with properly updating the OP over the next couple of days, but for now celebrate and speculate I guess! 😁 If you're asking what the hell a Free City and is and/or if GW managed to sneak another battletome out without you noticing, worry not, you've come to the right place. The Free Cities are the settlements founded in the Mortal Realms by the races living in Azyr after the Stormcast did the really difficult job of beating Chaos back into it's rightful place as a second tier antagonist behind Death. If you like old WFB good guy factions you've come to the right place! The Free Cities do not have a battletome per say, but the seven best known ones to have their own boutique sets of mini allegiance abilities, usable in any AoS game included in Season of War: Firestorm, a map-based campaign supplement that's probably one of the best things released so far for AoS - check it out if you haven't already (Destruction , Death and Chaos also got one set of mini allegiance abilities each but they've got their own sub forums). These "City Armies" as they're termed by the Firestorm book all have an extra battle trait that you get on top off the existing grand alliance allegiance abilities for Order are unlocked by taking an army made up of only the required factions for that paticular Free City (for example an army from the Phoenicium could only contain Stormcast, Free People, Dispossessed and Phoenix Temple units), and no named (special) characters (I will be abandoning this thread for good when a Gotrek model is released alongside Realmslayer at the end of the year ?). I created this thread as a response to the discussion of Free City allegiances currently spilling out of the Dispossessed thread, and thought it would be cool if we had a community hub to share list ideas, tactics, awesomely converted and painted armies, and background for such a cool set of mini-factions. Without further ado here's a list of resources for current and aspiring Free City players: USEFUL STUFF: Season of War: Firestorm errata - IMPORTANT, updates the way Free City allegiances work and adds to the factions available to Tempest's Eye and Greywater Fastness. Community article confirming matched play "legality" - For use in the event an opponent, gaming group or tournament organiser claims the army allegiance rules in Firestorm are only for use in campaign games, and not "normal" games of Age of Sigmar. The Hammerhal Herald - Fun, regularly updated Warhammer Community offshoot site exploring daily life in one of Sigmar's Free Cities. Free City generator - A fun extra put together by the Warhammer Community team allowing you to randomly generate background for you own Free City, right down to name, size, inhabitants and what it's best known for. Previous Anvilgard thread - The old let's chat thread for the Free City with easily the most unusual battle trait. Contains a lot of useful advice and theoryhammering. Overview of the Free Cities - Quick breakdown of each Free City, who lives there and how to get the most out of their battle trait (literally the post below this one). "Lonely Realmsphere Guides" detailing how to get the most out of the battle trait and troops available to your chosen Free City: Discussion threads for the factions available to the seven different Free City allegiances:
  3. Hello, High Elves have always been "my" army in Warhammer, so I though I would give running it with CoS a try. This is my "new," round based high elf army, some of you might recognise it as Island of Blood or Spire of Dawn 😉 Allegiance: Cities of Sigar (Hammerhal) Freeguild General on Griffon (Adamae Prodigy, Saints Blade) Battlemage (fireball) 10x Freeguild Greatswords 10x Freeguild Crossbowmen 5x Freeguild Outriders 770p I try to use as much humans/freeguild as possible for the synergies, and I think it fits pretty good. For now the Lothern Seaguard will be used as Crossbowmen, but I will try to kitbash some new archers to use instead. And the Seaguards will probably be Eternal guard or Dreadspears. The base for the Griffon is a bit small so I'll make a larger scenic base to use instead. I have played it in half a game so far. They did pretty good! Any ideas or comments 🙂 ? Update Archers (will be used as crossbowmen for now) And the phoenix of the cool(d) variant A general on foot, battlemage and Anointed on foot A few more greatswords Demigryphs: Outriders: Demigryph Knight with Lance
  4. Greeting fellow free peoples of the cities! I am currently in the process of making spell and ability cards for the seven free cities and related units that make it easier to keep track of the vast number of spells and command abilities available, link is below: https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/brandt050/cards Let me know if there are any issues.
  5. Hi there, after a long time i was able to get myself a copy of WQ:SoH. Currently i read through the manuals to be ready as the GM for the first games night with some friends. Now my ideas and questions to the veteran GMs out there: As an ex MMORPG player first thing which comes to my mind was adding "interesting" bossfights cause the adversary part in the manuals sounds a bit boring (group of x acolytes, then group of x reavers, then group of x reavers again). I own a good number of different Models (Skaven, Khorne, ....) and bought the "chaos adversary pack" which is, if i'm not wrong, also the same thing with group of x blood warriors, tzangoors, .... My idea was to add to every layer of the dungeon one bossfight (maybe hidden portal in one of the dungeon rooms to not break the GW designed flow?): Something like on layer 1 a bloodstoker with two reavers as guards. If the players kill one reaver, the bloodstoker becomes "frenzy" and gains extra damage ... layer 2 a slaughterpriest which leaves a "boiling blood" marker on the field where he hits a player with a prayer so the room is getting smaller .... Maybe something like a boss which opens a portal, so the players needs to decide how many of them stay in the boss room to fight some adds and how many go through the portal (different room) to fight the boss. Do you guys think this is possible and could work or is the adversary part in SoH is that good that something like this is unnecessary ? Another thing i was thinking about adding the ability that heroes and adversaries with two-hand weapons (Lord-Castellant and Reavers with big axes) are able to fight over 2 fields. So the positioning of the models plays a big role. I know that the balancing will be also a difficult part (hoping that the stats from "chaos adversary pack" is a help). Some reviews mentioned that the replayability is not that great, so i don't want to destroy the "first" atempt for the playgroup with too much of my own stuff. Just want to hear your thoughts and opinion. Thanks :)
  6. Bit of a weird question but what do you think other races might call the city of Hammerhal? Especially the evil ones. Was planning a quest with a Skaven infestation under the city with a boss character in an established area hidden under Hammerhal. Hoping for some ideas of how the Skaven would refer to the name of the city. Also other races terms for the place would be appreciated. Cheers!
  7. Hey everyone, I am planning to get into Warhammer Quest (Hammerhal) this autumn big time. Once I have played through the main adventure in the game I want to have a go at penning my own custom adventures as well as provide a load of rules for running games out in the wilds of the Mortal Realms (a Hinterlands style fan supplement). In preparation for that I couldn't resist taking a shot at designing my own Adversary table. Take a look: The rules are untested and so will likely need some tweaks, but I think I got some cool mechanics for them. Let me know what you think! Cheers, Bottle
  8. I've started working on a custom Hammerhal campaign, with 5 levels. However, I'm not particularly familiar with the AoS fluff and armies, so I wonder if I made any obvious mistake in laying down the background. Can anyone have a look and let me know if there's anything obviously wrong in the overall scenario? The idea is to give players a few levels to optionally stock up on gadgetry, and then hit them with the big baddies as they fight to crawl their way out. I'll probably modify the stairs placement because at the moment they're a bit random; the idea is to have a series of continuous flights plus some back-entrances. Eventually I'll type it all up in the templates others have posted, and upload it somewhere. Any help is welcome! Training Day.docx
  9. Hi, I started playing Hammerhal with my kids, and they love it, but I found myself hating the ambush rolls - I constantly have to scramble for tables, doing multiple rolls etc. So I made a simple webpage to help me: http://static.pythonaro.com/ambushwhack/ It rolls for ambush, then for the type of adversary, then for the quantity, then for surprise, and if surprised it also runs for behaviour - so I only have to pick up the miniatures and look up the behaviour table. I made buttons big enough to be usable from phone/tablet and added iOS icons so I could "add to home screen" on my phone and it looks like an app. For fun I added some pics of my unpainted miniatures - I'm ****** at painting so if anyone wants to send me pics of theirs I'd be happy to replace mine. I hope it can be useful to others! Any feedback is more than welcome. I've not dabbled in GW miniatures for 20 years and it's been a lot of fun to pic the hobby up again...
  10. How do you guys handle fighting through doors? The rules are not clear on this point. Until now I let my players fight through doors, but this means they tend to just "swat": Lord-Castellan opens the door and moves away, then Cogsmith and Loremaster shoot the ****** out of whoever is in the room, then the Fleetmaster jumps in to clear up (and only because he's otherwise useless). We experimented one session with forbidding fighting through doors, but then it became hard for players to actually justify starting the fight. I feel like I'm doing something wrong but I'm not sure what...
  11. Hello guys!, I've been a player of Warhammer since... 1993 I think... and after a break of non painting or gaming came back to the hobby when AoS was launched. I also have been playing to Mordheim and Necromunda/Inq28. My main painting project is an army of Hammerhal, one of the main cities of Order, so really looking forward to the lore in the new Warhammer Quest I am slowly rebasing my Empire army, and painting also Stormcasts, these are a few of them: I am now finishing painting gunmen, spearmen, etc... Cheers!
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