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About this blog

The rants, ramblings and hobby projects of a plastic crack addict with a love for stories about his toy soldiers.

Entries in this blog


Kitbashing Continues: Need help for the wardrobe of the chosen

So I really want to run chosen, but really don't like the current sculpts for them. So now I have the bright idea of kitbashing my own. Problem is I'm stuck between two ideas: The first is to play off the greek theme shown off in some of the slaanesh artwork for mortals, my idea is to take Idoneth helmets and put them on the bodies of kairic acolytes, replacing the shields with marauder round shields and adding some slaanesh iconography here and there. The big axes carried by some of the ac

The Art of the Passive Hedonite

So I've finally tried taking my hosts of slaanesh to a tournament and pulled a pretty significant win streak of 3-0 with an 87 point total. You may ask what my secret to victory is, what crazy kill list I brought or how many daemonettes I threw at my opponent. But honestly my list was sub par and built around a joke strat that worked way better than it had any right to. I ran a single 30 stack of our favourite daemon ladies along with 2 units of hellstriders, a KoS, enrapturess, exalted cha
Kitbashing to Save Money

Kitbashing to Save Money

Hey all,  Back in January I started collecting a hosts of slaanesh army, and by collecting I mean converting my slaves to darkness as I was losing interest in our decisively indecisive chaos worshipers. Now that the newly renamed Hedonites and Darkoath are on their way, I'm all in on chaos this year (sorry nagash, looks like my LoN will be collecting dust for a bit) Being a recent college graduate money is still tight, so in a bout to save cash on some units that are overpriced or slaanesh
Wargamer Morale

Wargamer Morale

Hello wargamers, lore nerds, dice fiends and 'that guys'. I figured I'd open up the first post to this blog by talking about something I hadn't put much thought into until recently, player morale. Naturally we nerds like to share our hobbies with others and love to see more people get involved in our not so little game of toy soldiers, but sometimes people lose the enthusiasm that keeps us going through those downtrodden times of broken armies, sub par battletomes  or lack thereof.  My
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