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The Art of the Passive Hedonite

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Lucky Snake Eyes


So I've finally tried taking my hosts of slaanesh to a tournament and pulled a pretty significant win streak of 3-0 with an 87 point total.

You may ask what my secret to victory is, what crazy kill list I brought or how many daemonettes I threw at my opponent. But honestly my list was sub par and built around a joke strat that worked way better than it had any right to. I ran a single 30 stack of our favourite daemon ladies along with 2 units of hellstriders, a KoS, enrapturess, exalted chariot herald and had the bright idea of running a gaodsworn champions of ruin battalion consisting of 15 warriors with greatblades, a unit of 5 knights, exalted hero and a lord of chaos on foot. By taking advantage of the gryph feather charm, realm walker greaves and the allure of slaanesh I was able to use seeker host shenanigans to almost consistently turn 1 charge my opponents locking them in their own deployment zone for most of the game. Pair this with hellstriders and other means of ****** with my opponents hit rolls and spells I managed to hold down my opponents for the majority of each game and have my cheap heroes hold objectives. The godsworn battalion also helped deal with big threats such as when an ironjaws player brought a rogue idol to "inspire" his orruks. 

I had a real stroke of luck going against 3 armies that all have multi-wound models having faced ironjaws, stormcasts and gutbusters. The ironjaws put up a good fight and neither of us had much left on the table by the end, the gutbusters player had smashed his way clean through the left side of the table only to have lost due to my surprising survivability due to the near constant -1s and -2s to hit. The stormcast player I miraculously had managed to table thanks to sniping out some key pieces such as his lord ordinator early on.

In a way I kind of hope hedonites fully embrace the theme of ****** with their opponents dice as a sort of mirror of tzeench's ability to mess with their own dice. Anyone else managed to pull wins recently in ways they hadn't expected to work out?

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